The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on December 28, 1938 · Page 3
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 3

East Liverpool, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1938
Page 3
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4 f 1 I ft I - 1 1 mm c' - r - 35? ) I WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28, U3S, EAST LIVERPOOL REVIEW :lANG0CK PICKS JURIES TO SERVE January term PAGE THREE Scientists Produce Changes In Life Process Srand And Petit Venires To Begin Duties Jan. 10, 16 At New Cumberland Special T The Review. NEW CUMBERLAND, Dec. 28 Selection of grand jurors and petit jurors for the January term of cir cuit court in Hancock county were announced Here today. Grand jurors are to report Jan 10. and petit jurors Jan. 16. The grand Jury includes: Clay district: Leslie Cuppy. Ed ward Milton and E. E. Brinkmau. Butler district: James Bowers. i Albert Leon, Edward Milton. Don D. Caldwell, Andrew McLaughlin ? and Michael Grody. m (irant ritntrw - Inhn Alvia n a I Bond. George P. Clapperton.' e! L. Jackson and George D. Wilkiueon. i The petit jurors are: Clay district: James Bechtold. John Gibson, Harold Jones, Milton iiuff, Isaac Matthews. Jay Cham lers. William McLaughlin. Richard Cillis, Loren Long and August .penumacker. ? Butler district: G. M. Briscoe, W. B. Elder, Ray AllenberK. Geonre A. Freeman. Edgar Flowers, Nick L! W0' Carl Bryan. Gerald Clark. ' SbP Decker. John Cutone, Hen ty Fike, Carl Crooks. V. T. Bock, Charles Kirschke, E. R. Crow and JS. H. Drebert. Grant district: George C. Silver - morn. William Bowers, K. D. Smith. John Craig. Fred Werkhel er, Lawrence Callahan. Charles B. Starr, Gerald Clark. Harry Cochran, William Arnott, Lewis Snider. S nomas Cunningham, Raymond ryan, Clarence Clutter. Clark Cronin and Thomas Allison. Jury commissioners are Leslie , P. Turley of New Cumberland and Fred Lawrence of NewelJ. By STEPHEN J. McDONOUGH x Associated Press Science Writer RICHMOND. Va.. Dec. 28. Two scientists announced today that they had produced changes in1 the most fundamental life process on earth. ' By the use of x - rays on living plants it has been possible to change the nature of chlorophyll, the green coloring matter of plants which converts sunlight into matter and energy, for the first time, Dr. A. F. Blakeslee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and Dr. O. L. Inman of Antioch college. O., declared in a report to the Amer ican Association for the Advance ment of Science. In converting sunlight into mat ter chlorophyll is the chemical which makes all other life on earth possible, since it has provided man with coal and oil, supports the ani mals which provide him with meat, provides his vegetables and grows the trees which furnish him with a home. Until recently only two kinds of chlorophyll were known. Then in a chance experiment, the scientists used x - rays to treat seeds of the common jimson weed. It caused the chromosomes, or character - deter - mining factors within the cells of the seeds, to create a third kind of chlorophyll, "a modified form which is scientifically unusual," Dr. Blakeslee said. So far as is known no other form of the chemical has ever been found, even in plants brought from the equator and the Antarctic. The discovery may prove helpful in the treatment of human diseases since chlorophyll is closely related to "heme," the iron - bearing red portion of blood. AIRCRAFTS LEAD RALLYING STOCK To Aviation Shares The crow, which is greatly despised by farmers, and the magpie, equally detested for Its constant chattering, actually may be saving many lives in the United States by halting the spread of sylvatlc Defense Plan Art A nnr Plaguy one of the scouraes of the C,C,,C r,dn MCl MS PU middle ages. Dr. William J. Jelli - son of the U. S. public health service station at Hamilton, Mont, de - Plague has been gradually spreading eastward from the west coast through infections of ground rodents by fleas, he explained. Two specks of owls have been found to aid in spreading the disease by carrying small animals infected with it for many miles. However, he added, the crows and magpies as scavengers "actually inhibit the spread of plague by rapid destruc tion of rodents dead of the dis ease." Br TIm Ameiate rrm. NEW YORK, Dec. 28 Aircraft shares charted a rallying course ror tne stock market today and led the way out of an early de cline. Speculation for the rise in the aviation group again felt the spur PITTSBURGH PRODUCE Butter Firm: extra, 2SJc; standard 2S - 2Sc; 89 score. 271c; 88 score. 27c. JSggs Firm; nearby current re ceipts, life; white standard, 29c; hennery white extras 32c. Poultry Market firm, heavy hene, 18 - 21c; Leghorn hens, 14 - 16c; old roosters, 1112c; young turkeys. 27S0c; old torn turkeys. 20c; ducks. 16 - 18c; geese, 15 - 16c; Rock springers. 18 - 20c; Red spring - era. 17 - 18c; Leghorn springers, 14 - 15c. CLEVELAND PRODUCE CLEVELAND, Dec. 28. Butter firm; creamery extras la tubs, 82; standards SI. Eggs Market firm: prices of headlines on administration de - Daid n(PPr 1 100 - case lots; fur - Furred Fish Colorado Claims Support Fo" Fur - Bearing Trout FRANCE (Continued from Page One) ftudden emphasis on the so - called Ukrainian question was not worry ing Soviet statesmen. YOUTH PLEADS GUILTY IN EXTORTION CHARGE Ohioan, 20, Trapped In Auto While Awaiting $25,000 By Th AuMwiatrd Pre. WAUSEON. O., Dec. 2b. Paul Simmons. 20. of Delta, today pleaded guilty to the charge of attempting to extort $25,000 from Fred Longnecker, retired Toledo and Delta businessman, under threat of death. Simmons was held to the Fulton county grand Jury by Justice of the Peace H. H. Hamm under $10, - 000 bond. Unable to furnish it, Simmons was remanded to jail. The two charges to which Sim mons pleaded euilty are threaten' Ins to kill and attemntine to ex - recently from Platte, Kas.. by Wil tort. fr rosnay, secretary of the Salida Sheriff Harley Loveland said Chamber of Commerce. the youth was arrested last night Said the Kansas request: "An Bwer collect If you have fur bear Ing trout in the Arkansas river." Forshay, after a long search, un earthed a picture of a fur - bearing fish and mailed it to the curious Kansan. forshay said the photograph. wntcn shows a large trout with an even distribution of pelts over its pio Br The UnltMl PrM. CALIDA, Colo. The mountain town of Salida has announced officially it has found "pictorial proof" that trout with fur on their sides once swam in the waters of the Arkansas river. Tales of the furry fin - flippers have circulated here since Zebulon Pike first glimpsed the Rocky mountains. Old - timers swear that trout with fur plainly visible on their sides once were numerous. A request for proof of the fur bearing trout story was received on charges of attempting to extort money from Longnecker. Loveland eaid a penciled note, found by Longnecker on his doorstep Christmas night, threatened death to the 60 - year - old former industrialist unless printed instructions were followed. Using Longnecker's automobile, three deputies drove along U. S ma . . m mm . I t 1 1 ft.. route su until near Aiaumee mey euure mmy, was taxen by a saw the lights of another machine ueer balida photographer. blink out a code contained in the Thfl iPirend is that the photog - extortion note. ranher unnnncrl ho !,.,. The three, John Wierick, Alfred nroVB tn oominir r.nAniHnn. . Slini't an1 T,Autsr Irwin ttnn thov I - . ... Tho rvi trt,.a.. T" J o7r." . L" f ,or' 01 Tne iur - Dearm fish. - ' 1? id .11 IGbVl I 1WA .11 III 11 1 If 11 1 LI VJ III IIIQi VM f BlfU I Vnshliw .nl1 JIfria nf Dm mr,at '1 ...... t .,, ; t. I i v.. ui i - j..n i mi ""J oniu, iiuui minim itTuiiu - i iiruiiKiiL 111111 in mil ut - re. i mf r ttcs of the Soviet Union, a power - other officers trailed the deputies In another car. Jul and impregnable fortress of so dalisrn," the journal said. HEALTH HEADS RETAIN THREE C0UNTYNURSES 4?i si' i Special T Tht Review. LISBON. Dec. 28.The Colum w county board of health held jwinual meeting Tuesday night discusKed the year's wurk And reappointed the health com 3isioufr for the three county nurses. am Dr. Seward Harris, commissioner, Was retained on a month - to - mouth pasis pending decision on the pro posal to employ a full - time health iK'ad, and Nurses Gladys McCreary, JJadine Nace and Arlene Brinker, 11 of Lisbon, were reappointed for S year. f Members of the board present mr the business meeting that followed a dinner in the Wick hotel Were H. O. Stanley of Damascus, Willis Boone of Winona, and Dr. Marry Bookwalter of Columbiana, and Dr. Harris. Absent were Clar - nce Robinson of Lisbon and John jliferd of East Liverpool. JAPANESE GIRL FOUND CREMATED IN FURNACE By The Auwiatrd Preta. VANCOUVER, B. C. Dec. 28 The cremation of Eniiko Yamada, 16 - year - old Japanese girl, was investigated today by police, who said they had not determined whether the girl had taken her own life or had been murdered. Her body was found in the fur nace at the Yamada family home and officers estimated she was cremated early yesterday. An autopsy showed death was caused by burns. A bruise was found on the fore head but autopsy surgeons were unable to say whether it had been caused by a blow before or after the girl entered the furnace. Her body was found by her 15 - year - old brother, Eichi Yamada, and her father, G. Yamada. A fire still was smouldering in the furnace. The body had been partly consumed by the fire generated from oil soaked paper in the firebox. "The pioneers say he was not a trick artistand that fish with fur once were a fact. All I know is what I see in the juncture." Pioneers of Salida. who never have advanced a theory as to ori gin of the furry trout, do have an answer to the question of why the strange fish no longer are seen in the Arkansas. "I don't know whether they were mistaken for beavers and exterminated by trappers," they say. "or whether the flow of hot springs into the river has caused them to shed their fur. If there are anv left they're not as fur bearing as they were. Not near." GREEN CLAIMS A. F. t. VICTORY OVER LEWISl To Democratic Party plans. More aggressive demand was apparent, for dealings expanded considerably on the upturn. Also credited as a factor in the mt or prices was a thinning out nished by the Cleveland butter and egg board; extras 57 lbs and up, candled light, yolks clear. 29 a dos - en; extra firsts, 66 lbs and up, 25; current receipts 55 lbs and up 24. Live poultry firm: fowls heavy 21 lb: medium fowl lfl - lejrhnm prime $11 to 111.50; 750 - 1,100 lbs. choice $9 to $10; 600 - 1,000 lbs. choice $ to $10.50; heifers $7 to $S; cows $5 to $6.25; bulls $6 to $S. Calves 200 strong; choice $11 to $12. Sheep and Iambs 800 strong; choice $9.25 to $9.75: wethers $4 to $4.50; ewes $3 to $4. Hogs 800; 15 higher; heavy .'50 - 300 lbs. $7.40 to $8; medium T20 - 250 lbs. $S. 40; butchers $8.40 to $8.50; yorkers $8.50. FRAUD epecttlon th. market Mon would .i!ir. tk Si 'J . . f. b. ire, of ,hl. m, .f ..,uM...o. Zorliri'.XSZ ls Especially active on the upside ducks 6 lb and up 18; average ruu were Electric Boat and Bendix. 15: ducks, small 18? tnrkov. Mim. c nin i j . , Other outstanding gainers were hens and toms under 18 lb 30 - SeeS CIO Leader AS Threat Bethlehem. Boeing. Douglas. 17. S. hens and toms over li lb 28 - old wiminRViuu esi - luiua. i; oia nens is; no. Z, 15; ingbouse. old roosters 13; leghorn 11; ea - Most bonds and commodities re - Pons 8 lb and up 28; geese, fat 19; mained on even keeL with a slirht ordinary geese 17. edge on the upside, I Local fresh dressed poultry firm; Foreign currencies Improved in neav rowl medlum roast (Continued from Page One) beard during the trial at which the government charged Continental's operations resulted in the closing of two banksthe Commercial Bank and Trust Co. of Union City, Ind.. and the Ghent Deposit bank of Ghent, Ky. Wise entered into the case by reason of his actions during the time he was serving as manager of Continental from May 14 to June 4, 1937. MOTOR TRUCK Daily Service To and From Pittsburgh, East Liverpool, Wellsville, 0. Chester, and New - ell, W. Va., and inter, mediate points. East Liverpool Pittsburgh Motor Freight 715 BRADSHAW AVE. Call 871 By Tht AsftociatM PrtM. COSHOCTON, O.. Dec. 28. William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, was of the opinion today that the A. P. of L. had won its fight with the Congress of Industrial Organizations headed by John L. Lewis. Green, addressing 200 of his hometown neighbors last night, said. "The A. F. of L. has won its fight. It is stronger now than it was when the CIO was formed." He declared the A. F. of L. had the largest paid up membership in its history. Green did not refer to Lewis by name, but added that "the leader of the CIO loudly and insultingly terms of the dollar with the resumption of trading in British mar kets after the prolonged Christmas holidays. This tended to ease returning fears of war complications as a result of Italian agitation for rrench territory. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Dec. 28 Influenced by forecasts of a second cold wave Chicago wheat prices rose cent a bushel early today. Failure of offerings to increase from the southern hemisphere was also a factor. upening unchanged to cent proclaimed that he proposed die I higher. May 68 - 68 July 68 - 68V4. tatorship for America. Chicago wheat futures held near i He set up a black list of can - ,nen to these figures. Corn started didates In the recent election. Now he say he's going into the next Democratic party convention and pick its candidate for president. If that happens, I pity the Democratic party. If that happens it will be the kiss of death." You mark my words." - H up, May 52 - . July 53S. PITTSBURGH GRAIN Prices quoted are wholesale and in carlots. Wheat No. J red winter, 72 - 73c. , Oats No. 1, white, new, 89 - 39ftc; dium $1.35 - 11.50. ing chickens, large 28: averaxe 25: ducks 25; ordinary 22; leghorn fowl 21; young turkeys under 18 lb 36, over 18 lb 32; geese $5; capons 35. uovernment graded eggs U. S. extras large white in cases 83; U. 8. standards large in cases 31; u. a. extras medium white in cases 30; U. S. standards medium white in cases 28. Apples Bu. baskets 75c - $2.00. Beete i bu. baskets 25 - 35c. Carrots bu. baskets 30 - 50c. Celery Pascal, I doi. bunches fl 25 - 12.00. . Celery cabbage Baskets 40 - 50c. Leeks Per bunch 10 - 121c Lettuce - 24 qt. bsskets 60 - 80c. Mushrooms Pts. 13 - 14c. Parsley Pks. curly 25 - 35c. Parsnips Pks. 20 - S0c. Potatoes 100 - lb. sacks 85c$1.35. Radishes Baskets, 2 dos. bunches 60 - 85C. Squash Hubbard, per lb. 1 - 1 Jc. lomaioee s id. Dasuets, me - ! '0ST0FFICE DEFICIT LAID TO FREE SERVICE No. 2 white, 38J - 39c; No. 3 white. 35 - 36c. Corn No. 2 yellow. 64 - 64tc: No. S yellow, 59 - 60c. EAST LIVERPOOL PRODUCI Wholesale 28c . 82c Retail Butter 33c Eggs (local fresh ............ 28c Yearlings 8pringers FOULTRV .. 18o 20c , 1 X (TODAY - LAST SHOWING) Honor Sarnoff PHILADELPHIA The Poor Richard club's 1938 gold medal of achievement will be awarded to David Sarnoff president of the Radio Corporation of America, at a banquet celebrating the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, the club's patron saint, in Philadelphia Jan 17, The medal Is given annually to the man whose activities have con tributed to American civilization and "raised the standard of living or Americans." 40 Years A'courting UPPER SANDUSKY, O. A 40 yea.r romance lasting since school nays has ended in marriage for Miss May B. Carter, Upper Sandusky, and James C. Poole, Woost er. The couple will reside in Woost - er where Poole is general manager of the Central Ohio Telephone Co Americans Robbed In China SHANGHAI, Dec. 28 Fifteen foreign men and women, mostly Americans, were robbed of money and jewels tonight in the biggest holdup in the Shanghai area in years. DONAHEY MOVES OFFICES WASHINGTON, Dec. 28. Ken. Donabey D of Ohio moved today from his third floor suite in the senate office building to one on the first floor formerly occupied by Sen. Lee (D) of Oklahoma. By Tht AnmkUus Prww. WASIHKT.TnV IW PS. Vnat. . .,,.. . muster (ieneral Farley said today I " hat free services caused a nnM ! twcai rreeo) office deficit of $43,811,556 for the 1!3R fiscal year. Otherwise, his an nual report said, the department would have shown a profit of $4. - 412,821. The free services. Farley said, in cluding carrying of mail free for congressmen, government depart ments and blind persons, subsidiza tion of air mail snd other "aon - postal functions." Receipt for the year ending last June 30 were $72K.634,051 and expenditures $772,445,607. Farley estimated that 232,974 parcels went to the dead letter of fice i n 198 because they - were poorly wrapped or addressed wrongly. ITALIAN BANK BANDITS FLEE WITH $250,000 GMt Br Th AuicltM PrM. TRKV1SO. Italy, Dec. 28 Po lice today sought a band of gunmen who held up a branch of the bank of Italy here and got away with 6, - 000.000 lire (about $250,000) after wounding five bank employes. The raid occurred at dusk yes - terday as the bank was closing. The gunmen fired when the employes put up a fight. YOUNGSTOWN PRODUCE EGGS Extra white ....r...... 82c Extra white 81c Extras 80c BUTTER Firsts , "Sic Rolls POULTRY PRICES Leghorn bens 12 - 14c Heavy hens 16 - I7c Roasting chickens 16 - 19c Ducks 14 - 16C Turkeys , 28 - 30c Leghorn broilers 18c 1214c WHOLESALE DRESSED Leghorn hens ............. 19 - 23c Heavy hens 24 - 25c Roasting chickens .......... 34 - 28c Ducks 27c Turkeys ,,,,, f 3.38c Leghorn broilers 24 - 25c Geesa ,, i. Turnips bu. baskets, 25 - 40c. PITTSBURGH LIVESTOCK PITTSBURGH, Dec. 28. Hogs 700; 15 higher on few here at $8.75. Cattle 50; best steers yesterday $10.00; calves 60; 50c to $1.00 high - er ;good and choice vealers $12.00 - 12.50; selections $18.00. Sheep 100; lambs 10 higher; top $10.25; good snd choice $9.75 - 10.25; otner classes nominal. CLEVELAND LIVESTOCK CLEVELAND. Dec. 28 Cattle 200 steady; steers 1.200 lbs. up A Three Days9 Cough Is lour Danger Signal wo; matter now many medicines you have tried for your common cough, cheat cold, or bronchial irrt UUon, you may get relief now with CreomuUion. Serious trouble may 09 Drewws; ana you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulsion. which foes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel germ laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, dont be discouraged, try Creomulsion. Tour druggist Is authorised to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulsion la on word, ask for It plainly, see that the nam on the bottle is Creomulsion, and youH get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.l 1 111 111 11 I 111 M, - if. is - - I mmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmwmmm' - '2 Uhoovir spiciai f(f&am ' (Modal 541) or of Hoover's fa - U L J3 Eft moot cleaners - guaranteed for J" - J j( HOOVER DUSTING TOOLS L, O'lisJ acet tricluding a blower, 9! mm bi - ' - . ami w - mm u Sm niw hoovir - MOTHIMIZIR HOOVER MOTH CONTROL BOOK latest scientific facts on moth - protection, especially written by Frozier Hunt. destroys moths In furniture ond dosets. nc HOOVER Retail FIRE DESTROYS 7 COTTAGES TOLKIKJ. O.. Dc. 28. Fire early today destroyed seven cot - tarfs. owned by Toledoans. at Al lan s Cover, near Erie. Mich., with a ioss estimated by the Erie fire department at $15,000. Sll eggs direct from your door with Want Ads. Hlfli Nit Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum, Curtains, and Draperies Prices Lower Than The Market Value 3 DAYS STARTING TOMORROW DOORS OPEN 6:30 SHOW STARTS 6s45 She Rose To the Heights and Broadway Cheered . . . Then Like Comet She Disappeared! KAY FRANCIS IAN HUNTER JOHN LITE DONALD CRISP MfwtMl ky R8Y KNCELET GROWING WARMER Official reports from explorers show warmer weather pre - vailing In Arctic and Antarctic regions. During recent years, the entire world hss enjoyed higher temperatures. During recent years, noteworthy changes have taken place m mortuary prsctices. The addition of every recognited Improvement hss kept our service on a high modern plane. OUR SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO ALL REGARDLESS OF FINANCIAL CONDITIONS AXMINSTER TYPE ' - - . - t .. - ;.,..., - - ..,, Marvels of construction! Reproducing even the delicate shading the rich color - ings and intricate designs of costly Orien - tals with their soft, lustrous pile - - - Yet priced well within limited budgets. RUGS $33.00 ON TERMS Quality Goods Priced LowTerms Reasonable Coming Soon "Outwest With The HardyVf"' WE ARE NEVER UNDERSOLD EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO The Rpsl Plnr Tn Ah All t 1 J

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