Nashville Banner from Nashville, Tennessee on September 26, 1901 · 7
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Nashville Banner from Nashville, Tennessee · 7

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1901
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T w - If 3cu want CIC2111113 to rata about your haus° woo - i rra n r611 fD fir::)71 Cori tiligm It tremor's dirt grease smoke-stains arid grim' from ant ekusi6 lumina ing clean and new looking It doss not injure bands or fabric& It is better and cheaper than soap - TIM N IE rAiRSANIE COMPANY (Uwe $A Lamle Sint Tot PEIII1ANT WILL T WAVE OVER ATHLETIC PARK Nashville Has Won Flag and No Juggling of Fig ures Can Cheat Her Out of it Standing -of -the Clubs Blared Woe Lost Pot Nashville 121 77 44 At Little'Roek - 76 44 633 Memphis 125 76 60 100 New Orleans 124 62 54 541 Shreveport 123 54 0141 451 Chattanooga-" 121 47 74 ' 39 Birmingham 1141 45 71 JIM Sebnit 117 32 7$ 333 - --- The Southern League ponant is Nash vine's own and no leant ea challenge her proprietorship successfully Michael Jobosephat Finn the man-eating lion of II Rock continues tb beef and storm de' airfoil with unction that the Rackensark delegation won the pennant and that he fa being robbed Instead of lariat claim to games which be has neither won nor secured by forfeit the Arkansas magnate shotdd more properly kiss his dumb idol and sing e paean for the reason that the eneroaltyof Nashville end other teams allows his team to stand so sear the leadrs tittle Rock in reality has a lower percentage than ASS while Nsabville has a higher percentage ihan AIL Omitting the series beginning' with Lit tie Rock Moadny September It on game Of which Nashville will get beyond the shadow at a doubt Nashville's percent age would give her the pennant it she stoat to get oil the games she has won and Little Rock were to be charged with all the games she hu lost If Mr Finn will shake up his think-tank -he can probably get the idea into his dull pate that Liqie Rock lost one game to Memphis by Whit on August le This was the time when the Travelers were ever la Jackson catching a couple of defeats from tee independent team of that place This game is not included in Little Rocks lost column It properly should b : ii Mr Michael Johosephat Will run a dise harrow over his gray matter he will ' probably bring to the surface the recollection that Ur George Reed of Shreveport has it in his power to take still anther game out of tits Arkansas teems won column The 1 I brtveport and Little Rock teems were playing In Shreveport and Plans tribe found themselves up against the real thing Aliemang was in the ben for Little Rock and the torrid PRELIMIIIARY TULL Or Almarto ItA00I0 AZ SITLTS IN r1180112$ BEING Bt :Anarchist Who Predicted That Proo idout 31eKlnloy Would Bo '11boot4quo Septitittor Antooto Maggio alleged attarchlat wbo Is Said to bare declared several months ago that Ite know President McKinley Wetild be killed befcre October 1 tad a preliminary trial before United Statist CAnt imissioner Newoomb at Silver City "ester-day and was bound over to await Um se tioa of Use United States Grand Jury at f1As Prs xy twIttat moot ottOottAbr under tiumd bonds' He could not furnish -bill aad was remanded into 'melody of Deputy United States Marshal Vernet who will bring tb prisoner here fir safe-beeping Several mpectable citimas tee' lifted that Maggio staled Da the streets $ad In saloons In Sliver City loss than three months ago that President McKin lay would be killed before October 1 and that the person who would kill him bad boom selected When put ow the stand Maggio denied these statements but admitted be was an saarchist not tosointet the United States but against every crowned boa& N DETAILS COMPLETED Youko 'of Col-Await awl York to Bo Croatia Brine of New York keptember dispatch to the Herald Irons London says: It Is trspotted os most stcellent authority that all rho details IS connection with the gram Hos of tho Hutto of Cornwall and York as Print of Wales are completed and that rho dignity will IPS 001tertlki on hie roturts swats of Reed's Roasters made him look like a well-chewed piece of dog meaL Stanley who uausually doex stunts in right field was substituted for Al lemang who went to the beuch The outfielder got his bumps with a little more frequency than the pitcher bad done so Mr Finn with his usual unsportamanlike policy directed hie geld captain to put All- mug back In the box and Little Rock won out in the ninth inning This game Is counted in Little Rock's woo column but It is in fact a game for Shreveport as the replacing of Allentang in the boa wan directly contrary to the rules of baseball Manager Reed has the power to protest this mime even now and this is another place where the Arkansas manager's bacon is in danger In Other words Little Rock has a game in her won column that should be in the lost s No one has forgot that Nashville won a game in New Orleans with Sample in the box while his services were under protest This game was thrown out but if Justice had been done it would have counted as won by Nashville Without the last Nashville-Little Rock series the pennant race Justly stands: Played Watt Lou Pet Nashville 121 ' TT 44 AIM Little Rock 121 TS 44 422 The Memphis forfeited game Is not taunted in the standing of the clubs which ads this column Including the game forfeited to Nashville Monday September 111 at Little Rock ber percentage would take a still further lead Many shucks have been chewed Into fragments over the question as to whether Nashville would get th game at Little Rook forfeited Moaday a week ago The doubt all hinges on the point of who was the enthoribed umpire Lest night the Banner rent President John B Nicklin the following telegram: "Nashville September 25—Did you authorise Johnstone to umpire the last Nashville-Little series? Answer quick ° "Nashville Zenner" is less tban a hour the answer cams flashing over the wires: 'Chattanooga September 25--Yes (Signed) "John B Nicklin" That is official and the pennant Is Nashville's own as correctly figured in the standing at the bead of this column There is no appeal no nothing but a silk rag to wave over Athietio Park WILL BE TRIED 70R HAVING ORDERED KITRDER 07 CORPORAL YIELDNER MELT INFANTRY GenIsidore Toil's' Who Sumndored Te American Forces Itome Months Aga Torres who sumadered some tuolths ago was arrested yesterday and will be tried for having ordered the murder ot Corporal Fieldner of the Twelfth Infantry at ilialolos Province of Hulsey" lad Oc Sober 1 'that Gmt 1 a GO pro e e an driad WUj -dliortir 1st frrostpc Atting ender bli rders' many of his officers banged or otherwise killed Filipinos who sYmPathieed with the Americans Col atleare with his entire staff has surrendered to Capt Pitcher who hod been in clog pursuit of him pine Lieut Hazzard captured the deserter Howard in his camp Capt Pitcher ales has been capturing email bands of insurgents and receiving the surrender of ether Marines Ana and Villains the last Ia urgest officers in the Province of Routh Camarines have surrendered to Capt Williams putting le Oild to the insurrection in that province ' AFTER FACTORIES Amortcau Tohacio Compauy Makes Igor Purchase& New York fleptothher bl--Aeeording to the lAndoq eorrespontlent ot the World the Americaa Tobacco Comliany wants live factories in Great Britain and having acquired Ogden it Is cow after Gallaher and Plaverk two of 'the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world NNHMMMIIMIMNIInigM7VMMiWW 4 Ciabrtforts all HTtzt-tp - 4 41 44 Rapidly Reduces and Relieves all Manhattan at 25 I and Iullatutnationasiti 110111:rta asinvlitia 0 DAisINEito Tiiuusnix iVitnNG SETE3IB1It 20 '1901 Season Ends Disastrously For Nash Tille PELICANS WIN BOTH GAMES i RESULT MAICES NO CHANGE DI LEAGUE STANDING FISHER CLAIM'S THE PENNANT Manager Tinn Contonda That Little Ascii is Zutitled te 77 BOARD WILL HAVE TO DICIDIL New Orleans September St --Seven thousand peopis saw Npw Orleans defeat Nashville in a double-header yesterday afternoon Fisher claims that Nashville is ahead is a eorrect-count having won one more game than Little Rock The visitors were analOUS for at least one game and Shields volunteered' to pitch both contests as he has proved most etloctive agalast Now Orleans He pitched lino ball in the lirst game but Kellum pitched better and received doer support and Stanlers battiag streak cast the deciding vote in Savor of the home team Nothing daunted Shields went in to pitch again aid held out for eve inning Then Lb sluggm pounded him the Nashvilles went to pieces and New Orleans rolled up thirteen runs in two Innings Fisher regretfully threw up the sponge sad made the locals a present of two innings The two teams will Play live exhibition games for as Immense silver trophy The official scores follow: rind Gams Now Or Wage- AR It Pmitb A Mullen a 0 (Minium 0 4 Stanksy r I 4 etaffofd lb I 0 Hot !meteor 4 o Abb9II O 1 Ats ab Ko Hulk p Total 2 27 $ AL R Abballecbto lb 4 Kennedy S a Sample I 4 I Parrott lb 'Anson V 1 inaIt 4 I limber Lb 4 00 4 Goodenough 3 Reit lb 3 4 t 3 Total e IS 1 11 15 1 Score by being— Nashville A 1 0 1 0 0-1 New Orissa 1 1 1 1 1 --1 Illuenntary—Iterned ronsNew Orleans 1: two bits Stanley Stafford Kellum Latinos thrlo-boan Int—StaitleY: owl's bases Gilligan and Holtnelater eserifies bits Sono Stafford and Sellout struck out by Sellout I Shields 1: bases oe balls by Kellum''' by Shields I drat base on errors Shields: left on boons New Orteette7 Subville nosood ball Fisher Otos of game 1 boor and 41 militates umpire Mr Ciark flocond Now Grimm-- SR PO A It Smilb s e t I 1 1 1 1 Mullen 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Gilligan S I e 1 1 0 1 Stanley p Ielle S tafford lb 1 4 I I H offlsttSb I 1 I 1 Abbott e 1711 Aut M S 1 1 0 Deis'' r I 4 1 1 0 Total Nashville— Abbatterhio lb 4 Kenagdy S s 4 Parrott lb 4 LA111011 1“ WilMati J It - I Hill r Goodenough it Reitz I p I 1311POA E 0210 1100 1101 3100 X11110 1060 01100 0110 1010 u 1111 PO-A- IL 1030 0 1 0 0 I 0 13 I 0 1 3 0 0 t t : : 1 It 0 O 0110 88 IS II 21 4 2 AB R 111110A Z 1110 4 14 4 4 1 II 0 I I 010 I 1116 6 14 0 I 610 I I Total ns Tnu Score by hiatus— Naaboillit 111161111111—a Now Orleans 4-14 Suntraary—Saratod runaNow °floats two-bass bits Stafford Abbott Ala Parrott Hilt Goodenough lbrfe-baso bits Stanley Gilligan Abbott stelae bases Hoffmeister and Abbott Bacilli° bite Mullen I Smith S Shields: etrurit out by Stanley balls by Stanley 11 by Shields I poet bug on errors atillgan Abbott and Loosen: tett so bases Now Orleans I Nashville 11: tints of tom I hour and X ottoutoo umotro Mr Naabollie vivo up 02 aessnia inning DOWN THZ CORRIDORS OF TIME -Th pored yeetectiorinorti ittricie 'bit and nthuied the fans 'Resides players Of both teams dozens of feu were le lino with hicks At 11 o'clock one hour before the gates opened BOO people clam-'rod for admission If made to order there couldn't have been better weather The sky wu clear and bright and it was fairly cool ''' Submits to-dev Nothville Marts a si ries of eve exhibition games two on Sunday la which the Plamhville players take all their share of the receipts Yesterday's ttendatic st the doubleheader was slightly over 9000 Sample &clubs he is throwit with playing ball after this he will follow railroad braking' Carrollton Railway Company of this city has offered a SOO silver prise cup to be contested for between New Orleans and Nashville loin xhibitios series of Su games starting to-day Mayor Captieville and all the city oft title were out at the game yesterday the Mayor having a decorated bog and making a lipstick before the game 'Menus pitched tour halls In the first inning and retired the sit AI 'rho bluchere Were packed before the Brat game Marta& Just before the grit game Mayor Cando-vino tailed the players of both teams before his private box which 'wag decorated for the (canton and presented theta a silver cup for the exhibition sortie Abbott won a $40 suit' or clothes OS a prise slid Mution a line suit case Oilligan's Bolding during the aeries fiercely rotten and was the main help to Nashville 111- run-making In the sixth inning of the Ord tams Stafford bit the ball lute the crowd la left field clue to the foul line scoring Stanley Fishermen thought it wee a foul ' and In the wiçangle which followed Kea nedy attempted to hit Clark and was put out et the game end off the grounds 11 The crowd tompletely nitrated the lb-geld even interfering with the backstops ' Fisher made a gorgeous snug of a throw from Least) in the fourth tuning Every appearanre of Lento's was "mt id by a storm of hisses on accOunt of his blocking tlilligan Tneedsy ' Horns were as'plentifel so the leaves in the Motor' Vellumbrosa ' The arather was perfect end a tinge Of Chill le the sir made It pl L - °nese' - error in the- iiird laved Nashville from a idiot-out' Shieltle and Parrott blundered badly in the °ponied of the second !Smith bunted to the territory of the latter sato looked for Shields to cover the bag but the pitcher twos too A doses Little Rock enthusiasts as down hers to see the Nashville series ' Clath's umpiring ht the series was practically perfect Moth Fisher and Powell emelimented him en his WIWI work Fisher was unwell sad made way tor Latium behind the bat In the wood same The sixth Until' of the seconi gam was disastrous for the Fishermen They blew up when Shields was pounded Tb 'kismet Street team defeated the Vine 13ttests by s -seem of-14 hat eeriest Tim Mooney and Howud Ford for the Meismotes sad Tette and Anderson for the Vine Street& TWO PUT GAZES IL nun Claims Pennant and Ex pacts Tar Treatment Little Rock Ark September St —Is a telegram received her last night President J B Nicklia of the Southera Bass- ball Aseociatioft states that the two disputed Nashville-Little Rock games scheduled for September 11 and II have been referred to a board of arbitration teenager M J Finn claims that Little Rock has wen the pennant ea tbe face of the returns He expresses no doubt that Little Rock will be -treated fairly by the e ssoclation ndAsays be etanal's nothing but good mishee for the ether clubs and their assuagers He states that es far as he knows officially nothing has been done with the alleged forfeited game of August 10 claimed by Memphis against Little Rock but his understanding us-officially is that it hu been thrown out bY the board: - Last Day in South AT SHREVEPORT The season closed as it opened with a feat for Shreveport Fisher was pounded all ever the Said by the tail-enders Winters hitting was the feature Out of e tillus' up be secured home run two doable and three singles Seers: - RIC Shreveport 03000 1 0 I— 4 II Selma 4 0 11 Batteries—Pisber sad McGuire Crib-bens and Leighton AT MIIMPHIS Memphis closed the laminae yesterday with a shutout end Chattanooga held the abort end of the score It was a fast game but the Seldiat was listless on the part of Chattanooga The feature of the game vas a pretty stop of a line drive by Went's Bruner was bit bard while Rhoades was not Score: it MIS Memphis 4 1 It el 41 II I Chattanooga 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-- I 1 Batteries—Rhoades and Armstrong Bruner and Harkins ' S AT IIITLIS ROCK 1 IrLittle Rock won two games tress Birmingham yeeterdayafternoon in the pros-Saes of 1500 spectator Great enthusiasm prevailed over the claim that the pennant comes to this city as the result of to-days games here and at New Orleans A smoker and banquet will be given the Little Rock club at the Board of Trade ton ight Skopeo and Popp were invincible against the visitors in the two games yesterday Score: - Irirat gams— IL 111E Little Rock 0 4 011110 0 e— I IS S Birmingham It 10 010— I 11 4 Batteries—likeness and Lynch Wilhelm and Kalkholl Second game— - R ILE LittleRock 110000011-4 1 Birmingham 1 0 0 I 0— 1 4 1 Batteries—Popp and Lynch Lipp and Kalkholt IN THZ HOSIZ STRETCH National Leairus At Pittsburg— R It Z Pittsburg SO 0014046-1914 1 New York 1009121--1111 4 Batteries—Tannehill and Zimmer Mathewson and Warner At Cincinnati— R a I Cincinnati 0 1 0 1 a 0— I 4 11 Brooklyn 1301l4a44-911 I Batteries—HaissmaL Buttholt and Bergen Donovan and Farrell At Chicago— j R MIL Chicago OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a 1 Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 2 I 8— 4 I 4 Battries—Hughes and Kling Dugglaby end Douglas r At Bt Louis— R H 111 Pt Louis 11100004011111--2 I 1 Boston 0000101100411-1 a a Bottaries—Harper and Schriver Willis and Tenney American League At Boston— R H I Boston —4-11 0 a 1 0 1 0— 7 4 Chicago 16110400011-2 I Batteries—Young and Critter Callahan and Sugden At Washington— 11- H M Washington 403004111061"NI I 7 Dtrolt ISO1S1—t 4 er Batt twePattime ant Oro71081m mit McMlister: At thiladalphis ' R H IL Milwaukee 401106641-- 4 12 1 Philadelphia 11110601191-611 Batterles--Husting and Maloney Bernhard ant Powers At Italtimore—' R tr a Baltimore 2 4 17 Cleveland' 4 06011 3 e 4-11 I S :Batterien--McOinnity and 8:sambas Deviling sad Connor LOOKING TOR SHANROCX MONTT New 'Yorkers Offering Odds of ? to 5 On Columbia Now Tor lt Soptembor 211Wa S Street la still looking for Shamrock rooster The largest bet reported rociontly wan 12000 put up by Frederick Brooks of Bello Vert' Co4-tho bankore ea the Columbia against $1500 by Prod Oakes on the Shamrock The lottu amosint was provided by number of Canadian yachtsmen1 A pool hoe hose forthed by asembore ot the Stook Exchange of $10090 which will h placed In a lump sum against $1600 or divided up into MOOG wagers at Odds of I to None of this cooper wag covered by backers of the Shamrock up to the tilos of the tnarkot " BFCBT IZATITILELESS Vary mi1 Crowd WitztososOokley Clurinnett SePfsfoSos Ste-Not Over $OO people attended the Oakley Park grand circuit mooting yeeterdaY The sport was lesttireletss 3:3 pace purse StDOCe—Ottorge Castle won Straight heats Best time 11:11 roue is Badge To Ronne Green line Tommy Macke Twilit:lorryAd Lady Belle Brook finished kg gamed s 215 trot porno 21000—Major atom wol In otrolitht boots Reit Um 21214 Balite Simpson Monts lia'yord Korobor Desoto K Moo ttargarat H Ebb CamImola Old and Oneonta Ontobid so sototri LIS p co puree 110o0 tunlinishodj— t ' - - -4 og" This Ballot is Void it Not Received at Banner °Nide Within One Week From its Date ' I CAST THIS VOTE FOR 17 2 w aow 4 0 Ego Ptg iiia 2411 ' ' it' 14! -s '1111 MINIIIIMMIN tilli A OZIIAdoWe Z4S‘' SVai 443 III 111114 el 111 slt Iipg' lAili --A k3ri1 pica SZ 11188 "ElOtt 'It It t7421r ai W CI1112 et imio WrItio Plainly ere I In knowing where your food comes from and who handles That's one of the good things about' biscuit and wafers ' packed - in the 4 In-ei-se' al Patent Package' You know they vere baked in the - cleanest bakery in the world you know they were sealed in the In-er-seal Patent' Package 'right at -Abe door of the ' oven You know they have not beenhandled by any one between you and the baker It pays in many ways to buy' biscuit snd wafers In the In'-erseal Patent Package s: - - ' ' When you ord' er Soda' Milk Graham Oatmeal Butte' r This and Seltine Biscuit Vanilla and Banquet Wafers Ginger 4 Snaps Sultana Fruit and Bea Foam don't forget to salt for the kind that opine in Ow novelial htent Package Look fur the tadoinark design én the end of each package pp-7rIcKET:QNTST Isoon natnes es limo Waite land Tosokers saes es Uses below Birctibutt took two boats Nappy Wilkes woa two boats BM Clippor was Das boat Best time JAL Anterose Damn IL Frank Mc tanner Jobs H 4nd Violation finished as named ' ' ' ' " iii Prince Alert oquallad Abe world's pacing record of IL04 on a half mile track at the oemi-Contesalal Anemia's Ps b Fair yosterdar &Bantam The race wait a special match betwma Littiello7 sad Priem Alert PROITZD 1711111ATISTACTOBT9 alffts 211pall4 Plat Used far Tirst Time Ilistropolitam Track New lark September litid-The "tie tall" system et Mitrting used in Selland and California was fried for the first time on metropolitaa tracks at Gravesend 'eater day In too ot the three times It was tried borne was left at the post and la one tate it was Whisky King a favorite in the setond race Advance Guard won th one end one-quarter bandicer but was disqualified for forcing The Ro gent over en Morniagside at the last sixteenth pole The feattires of yesterday's sport at Delmar wee the riding of Dale who had Ova mounts and put tour of them over corning third on (be other - 9 NATIONAL iliscurT COMPANY laserS is ce bale Hoe Nu is tbsee 'IDS& Vote below for wooly Waldo tow Vote below toe grouped tows& sfaction Na Ward Teacher at ' Towbar at 1Naciter al Walter at 'reacher as Tows Perfect smother "Tooted a largo crowd at Hawthorne yeaterder but the card Wall recticaily without teeter No o :' The rime wingers st thédiSoroat tricks yesterday fellow ' - 4 At Oravesend—Autoliglitll to 5 masked 1 to 1 Gold Hosts 11 to 10: La CrImu I to I The Regent Ito 1 Plico 1 to t ' ' At Hawthorne—Kohnwroath 4 to I: Santé Teresa 15 to It Uncle Tom 11 to 1 Jaubert I to I Al 1 to I Obis 5 to L At Delmar—Pomalia 0 to I Boots 1 to 10 Joe Doughty 4 to I Miss Mao Dar 14 to II ILanett° 4 to 1 Chagpaqua II to ' At Toronte—rtosit Alice Wagtail Pin rota Topmast Lop Wing Dais? Prince fleceiele I '' Welthour Defeat" um Providenco R 1 September St —Habil Walthour defeated Harry Hikes In the twenty-live-WI' motor-paced rase at the Coliseum last alight by on seen atotoxia CAtraltit leftfOlYalltota &eye 'restelfes cai Totdo 111110Tell muss ap13 tatbota eat - Home Minion Society Thi Woman' Home Mission Society of West End Church will meet to-a3orrow 1 aftornoon at I o'clock Ware City of Nashville Ward City at Nashville Nome et licbool DON'T DeTACH THU 'THREE COUPOSIL Pub lie School Public School Public School Public School Public School MA District sear Veaderbilt end bet C end O W Plits lath Dint ineltaling Waverly Place and east of Q W Pike lath Waled lac !Wag West Neake1114a ISAh Ristitrl taslualas Wool Nashville Elattupeath Dietrkt Rural Route No -- Is Da' al DON'T DEITACII -run Milt&IE coueozmas -- la Ds' videos County State Town Sumo County that& County outside toy Stoic Torn BMW Follow Instructions Carefully ind Place 2o on Entfalope If Mailed p 41- 0 0 0 Il 41 Sn Sn Sn 0 - -4 0 Sn to rn ) x ) A m P The Banner will dietribute free 180 reserved seat tickets good for both performances of the Metropolitan Grand Opera company to be given is Nuirrille October U and U The Basner Ifl expeadabout $2000 to enable 1Z 0 ladles to witness these performances Transportation and hotel acoommodations tree for out-of-town guests "Carmen" and "The Barber at 4- Bovine- grip lb operas selected with Mme Calve and Mine flembrich in the leading roles to be accompanied by a boat of ether leading artists unequalled le the world The wet seats trill sill for $8 for each performance but the Banner will give away absolutely free 1511 tickets good for both:nights ' V V V A The selection el theseests of the Banner will be made by coupon votes cutfront the issues of the Banner The first coupe appeare)have end will be InIerted in each issue of the Banner for the cities and couatry towns outside of Nashville UU Ostober 20' sad for Oa Itjot NukUItUl October 20 Vote td-day mid each day hereafter until tie contest Noose - TO NAIIIIVILLE—Nomber el Tickets—Pint Wart I Second I Third 1 Fourth Firth I: fillth I Reventh I Eighth I Ninth Taath 2 Clovikoth 2 Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteenth 1 Fifteenth I Sixteenth 1 Seventeenth Eighteenth I Nineteenth 3: Twentieth I Thirmeeth District including West Salami lie $ Tenth District rear Vanderbilt betwoon Charlotte sod Grn White 1: Tenth Distriet luctudisag Waverly Plikee and towvitory oast of Granny White pike 1 Eighteenth Instrkl 1 Rural Routs' in Davidson Count I Edit Tambora et Nashville Public Schools CITIES 00YETET TOWNE I 01111'41 or NASHVILLE—Numher of Tieltoto-1intioch Satyr and Laverne' Tenn 1 Morfreemboro "Inc It Dell Buckle Tess 1 Wannest' Tens I nhelbyville Tent I Tullahoma Tenn 3 Manchester Tenn 1 Mc- miaseitie weep t Sports Tenn Decherd ond Cowan Tenn 1 Willehootor Tenn I Beans Creek Hustiand and Minors 'Nilo I: Fayetteville Tenn I Lewisburg Tent 1 Stivritiee TeMs It Troot City Malbkol gleverigns sod pridsevark msg 3 "wok blirtiTens l Dominion Tolle Grove Mt Janet Hite tiormItaao sod Beckwith Tun 1 Lebanon Tenn at Tenn 1'Dick In Co Dkaaos) ti Hickmn a County I Ilumphreye County I: Denim' County I Huntingdon 1 Carroll Co (outside Bunting- 41010lthIS Count ILIUM City Teen I Fulton Couoty Ey 1 Perla Tenn I Lexington Tenn I Jackass Tens 3 Tenn S Erin Tens I Mites Tess 1 Humboldt T 1 Kenton Rutherford and Dover Tenn I: Trenton Tens 1 Henderson McNally and Helmer' Teem I Chinn Trimble and Newbern Teen I: Dyersbur g Tens 1 Coodiettevitte Bober sod Ommoubrlat Tom Springfield:Tens I Cedar HIM Adams aad SadloravOlo Tens 1 Outhrie Ky Elktos TrIntell and Pent- broke Ky HeIkluevills KY I Median Edgellei&Junction Hanaoraoavilla Bauadatavilla and Mt Hintos I: Gallatin Tens 4 I Franklin Tens I ' Weet HorPtik TbotaPmm 2MM011 goring Hill Carter's Crttek end Dark's 1411J Tenn I ColumbisrTen Mt 4 1 Lamroseaberl La nt oranes Cou 111BIL 1 Hurrico li ne witch Culleoks and Lynnville Tenn I Pulaski Tenn' g7ittashenallkiAarsD:s lii Decatur Al J NOW Decatur Al I Cullman Al 1 Sentiabore Paint Rock end Clidel AUL It Hestorille Ma 3 uniabere courtioad spd Leighton Als 1 Titecnishis Lii lit likelle14411t I Florence lind test FlosenceAte 1 ummwmt TRusTars BALL By Was of the power 'Mod In in kr III Couch by deed of trust which to recorded In the Rogisteri office of Davideos Constr Toon In book No 130 pass NM botico It hereby given that oa WEDNESDAY DCTO- NER 1S01 at ocloek noon at Ore out door of the coort-bouse in Nashville Toon I ' shall sell to the highest biddor for coil free Irmo imp °Sully of redemption all the right title ond interest of Willi Couch being a re malodor Interest la fes-simplo subjoin to the homostood ostato of Ma widow Amami& Couch in sad to tho following teal estate sit-sated In Davidson County Ti ueolvit: A Iota Wing ibe esters half of lot No II sod tho teeters half of lot I In filo subdivided moo original lots Nou I S sad to of Dr bort licNithirolodditiou so per plea retie- tor a soot l ed loteloo offies id hook No N pogo 113 and oat lot fronts T fest ea north aide of Watkins street gal runs book In het I so allu sell gOt HENRY WZINSAVN F ° ItLE-By outbority Dot's deed 0 trust rout Silvia Harney to nee so too t000tArd t tho Itosistor's adios of toold son Cmant 7 Tenn la book 4 pass IA will sell for nook wttboot rodosaption to tin biskoot bitidor la front of the south door ef the knurl-bonito of oalCreauty ell &toner 1904 st 12 olock in do wait In foot at lot d and tho awn le foot of lot b to frartar's Pub- divisloa in the Tairteanth thstrlet ht sold tounty frontlnit togotbof fd feet Do the berth old of Clifton pit and rusaind bock between parallel lines 93 feet to a Hay U J AK MAR Iruotro fiell12Moti 4 I t7 IIMIN67111M111ffite 11 1 4 ' ' 4 It '' 71' ' SA j 4' ' : 'Z' 7 e ' — ArZN r ' - 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