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Nashville Banneri
Nashville, Tennessee
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HVILLE BANNER TUESDAY E'VELNIS-677Al2-1'11-1 1157-7 lb COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL THE NEAi'S FROM OVER THE CITY cheap as putting the expression now that modern enterprise have made it so easy to be clean introductiog 1 ea iness putting the expression now that modern r- enterprise have made it so easy to be clean introductiog IrtN I freh satents were served Thse rent were: Misses Marie Cola Anna LAY' Dello Cayce Lela Wilkerson PearlPerryberry' Nora Matlock and Freed Myers Randolph Albert Davis Charles Palmer John Gone! Tinsley and Seivally Mn Kinston and children of South Col lege street who have been visiting reis4 tives near Sandersville have returned home Miss Mary Kate Harley of South College street is recovering trona recent illness Miss Estelle Courtney of Franklin is vie-sting relatives on South College street Mr Paris of the Murfreesboro road after a business trip Routh hits returned home Mn Nat 104 Dortch Jr and little Marlon Jennings Dortch of Goodlettaville are via-Ring relatives on Rutledge Hill tt a i a 11 L''' a I 1- I- ay Day Entertainment to Be 1 Given Next Saturday eeting of the Epworth League At Carroll-Street Church I EAST NASHVILLE As Is the new way of thought effort and Since the As 1 is the new way of thought effort and I Since the i I "-folobm) Asc clean 6 the new way of thought effort and Since the An Entertainment at the Home of Mrs Randolph on Hazel Street Washing Powder Washim owder 3 NORTH NAIIVILLIC 82 25112 75 per mut graded 1450 per ease I RASPBERRIES-2-lb cans 2 dozen in I tau 82 25 per case The feed and grain busIness Is fairly ac- 8TRAWBE9RIES-2-lb cans 2 dozen In Hee and would be more so but for the lack "s-e 1225 per eta I mused Vesetabi of receipts Wheat la In strong demand at fi 72 cents but there CORN-2-lb cans 2 doze in case rst eems to be none left In I grade 4 the courtry New wheat promices to open 82750410 second I per ease at 75c or higher Corn brings 55e readily on the 'wharf dozen cans ease In a i Receipts are connned elmost to the river cant al11 Lau trade The demand ie strong 75 I per case gallons 824300 per dozen I flaws laud racket Millet is moving heavily at the high prices To wegone 35 STICK 54e per pound 11 i bid and stores are selling at 1150 The market Is firm large 5c pails 8180 triangle 61410 twenty and thirty-pound Wheat straw hes advanced recently and boxes XXX butter oyster and soda crack- le from wagons at selling f7 a ton era 47 450 per lb ginger snaps 71se per The grocery trade hat been good this lb cracker meal 6c per lb graham wafer week and staple values rule high and steady 10c per lb assorted jumbles 10c per lb There le no demand or fancy and canned lemon cream 7le: per lb penny cakes be goods per lb stage-plank 6c per lb Sultana Shoe merchants have advanced prices log 10c per lb tea cakes ac per lb Vie per pair and are having good trade and lemon wafers 13c per lb crackers and Dry goods men report business quiet Just cakes packed In 1-1b cartoons in advance now Drills and all cotton fabrics bare packed in 2 or 1-1b cartoons 14e advance advanced Clothing is selling lowly now rutin mud II enetabora but prospects were never better for fall 600 per trade gallon Hardware prices are firm at the recent ad- 8275 per Ime Cal Vance and trade In good Merchant bar Hernia seedlings 121A1 per boxl navels Iron Is quoted at 8160 2300 per box There is some movement In broomcorn I Baldwin 1510 per bar at rather close figures but the demand rel No 2 1150 per barrel Ben Davis fan- for peanuts is slow cy 1600 per barrel Eggs are quoted at 8c and the supply Is 60e choice 8100e more -then equal to the demand as there 150 third 401 50e per bunch are no shipping orders and Messina choice Spring chickens are worth 10e per pound 8400 per boa fancy 8150 per box In first hands and are wattled Hens are 1450 per Mobile quiet at 6e crate Butter is feelitg better but most re- IRISH from receipts are of an Inferior quality and corn- atom 82 Hoosiers 1200 new moo mend only inside figures 450 per barrel Southern cabbage in large Mobile crates SWEET Queen Is worth 8450 Florida crates are 81 less from stores shipping Mite per barrel Tennessee peas are very cheap and straw- eating from wagons 8150 per barrel 1 berries are plentiful in market per barrel 8300 per -Beans cucumbers and squash still come bushel 1125 imported 811 4 per crate from the South and arc quoted at 110160 1125 per bushe't box per bushel beg 1125 per barrel Bananas are selling well at quotations Dried Fruit eon Nuts and lemons are becoming scarce London layers old Wool and hides are in steady demand 1125 new 8160 2 crown loose 5e Feathers and ginseng are offered in small new quarters from lots and aci taken but the demand is limited brat bands le from store 8'4e cleaned 84u per lb Grain and Yeadatatra grade $271000 second per case dozen cans ease In 2-11) cans 1145V160: 3-1b cans 1175j210 per case gallons $2754300 per dozen stlidiit and knickers STICK INic per pound large 6c pails 1180 triangle 6140 twenty and thirty-pound boxes XXX butter oyster and soda crackers 4V450 per lb ginger snaps 714o per lb cracker meal 6o per lb graham lifers 10c per th assorted jumbles 10c per lb lemon cream 7tte per lb penny cakes be per lb stage-plank te per lb Sultana 100 per lb tea cakes 9c per lb vanilla and lemon wafers 3b per lb crackers and eakes packed In I-lb cartoons in advance packed in 2 or 2-1b cartoons 14o advance mite exetabies 600 per gallon 1276 per 'box: Cal-Hernia seedlings 12tAi per boa navels 1300 per box I Baldwin $510 per bar rel No 2 1460 per barrel Ben Davis fancy 1600 per barrel 60c choice 8100e 150 thirds 40b 50c per hunch and Messina choice 1400 per box fancy 1450 per box 1460 per Mobile crate IRISH from atom $2 Hoosiers 1200 new 13500 450 tier barrel SWEET Queen from stores shipping 1190 per barrel eating from wagons 1150 per barrel per barrel 8300 per bushel 1125 imported $115 per crate 1125 per bushel box 1125 per barrel Dried Fruits end Nuts London layers old 2125: new $160 I crown loops bc new quarters from brat bands lc from store 8'4o cleaned 84o per lb IP 1 Eti L) 16r I 1- 4 It I -----p--- 2 (47)4'1111143 -p' iis tiiit 0 '14r A '-11 (YRI N8 1 4 mlamjel alo 1 5 i it is not only possible to keep a house clean but with its help this can be done without the housekeeper working herself to death Alarge package of GOLD DUST costs only 25 cents When you buy look out that it is GOLD DUST You will be all right if the package is like this Bold everywhere Made only by THE FAIRBANK COrIPAN it is not only poss clean but with its without the housek to death Alarge pa costs only 25 cents out that it is GOLD be all right if the psi Bold everywh THE FAI to keep a house this can be done working herself of GOLD DUST ben you buy look iT You will is like this Made only by ANK COrIPAN CHICAGO LOUIS NEW YORE BOSTON PHILADELPHIA RRNFZatnrtWtrvVZCggtrr't1WZ--aAEAYrrglnTrrlgti cHicA00 St LOU azorwansvl kIEW YORE BOSTON PHILADELPHIA' wzqprracatIgl14-inwrivantrirazzr Krrotellil Lo it 1Cr Loc3kcou-r VIC)UNIVIEN TENN THE CREAT SUMMER RESORT OF THE SOUTH Lockcmrr VIDUNIVIENo TENN 1 The miseion meeting of the Christian Endeavor which was to have been held at the Rime II-street Cumberland Presbytertan Church hag been postponed on aceount of the meeting at the Tulip-street Methodist Church Mr Harris of 'Watson street has returned from a visit to friends In Columbia Mrs Freeman and little dentitter Lillian of Main street are visiting in Brentwood Miss Florence Preston of Woodland street II visiting friends in Ashland City Mr Miller of Russell street haa gone on a business trip to Chicago Mrs Reed of Chattanooga hail returned home after a visit to relatives on Russell street Mr Craig of Centreville la visiting the family of A Craig of Boscobel street Misa Minnie Waggoner is visiting friends on the White's Creek turnpike Miss Eleanor Martin of Woodland street has returned home after a visit to friends In West fashville Miss Ethel Tryner of Bloomington I the guest of the Misses Freeman of Fatherland street Mr Weak ley Ruth of Shelbyville spent yesterday with friends on Russell street Mrs Mann of Hendersonville has returned home after a visit to East Nash-Ville friends Miss Gi Bock of East Mead is the guest of Mrs Burton Morten of Russell street Mr Roseoe Matthew has returned from a short visit to Chattanooga Mr George Stubblefield Is quite ill at his home on Russell street Prof Robertson of East Side Academy has been in Chattanooga for the past week Mr and Mrs Robert Orr of Woodland street have gone to Columbia The ladies of the Edgefteld Baptist Church held their regular weekly prayer-meeting Monday at 3:30 o'clock in the lecture-room of the church Mrs Beale and children of Oshkosh Miss have returned home after a visit to Mr and Mn Joy of Lischy avenue The young ladies of St Stephen's Mission will give a May Day entertainment next Saturday afternoon in the mission yard for the benefit of the Sunday-school The feature of the entertainment will be the crowning of aI'day Queen May-pole dance fish ponds grab bags and peanut huntz The admission fee will be 5 rents Mr William Baird of Tullahoma is the guest of relatives and friends on Fatherland street a I i I I I 1 I I i I THE IN Is a mammoth of elegance Finished in quartered oak and decorated by rtista of national reputation A wail( through the niain IiaU and return in niorn than ari eighth of a mile Its table and service are the best Its plunining and drainage are perfect Daily Ratting anti Evening Concerts and Lsidig in the Music Room LAMM: BoWLING BILLIARDS TENNIS CROQUET The Drives and Walks cannot rie surpassed In AMPriefl The Scenery Is the grandma the nun ever shone upon GEoltt IIANCHWI the eminent historian 14t the ago of said: "This is the tlrandest View I ever saw In all my travelo I have never seen any scene to ereel It in Sublime Granileur" to-Hourly Cars from Chattanooga Railroad Depots to IRE INS ifrWrite for Terms and Full Particulars for SummeriDt 1895 FOURTH NATIONAL BANK' NASHI MLR 213ALSSEIS I-lb cartoons 640 from stores 70 per lb 6e new Hallow' 9 perlb i layers 11812c Eastern bulk 6c per lb 1225V260 per bun dyed 7c per lb from stores Terrine 16e per lb: California 15V16e walnuts California 12 614c Chili 12c filberts 12c: cream mutt Inc pecans small size 1112 medium I3c large size 150 feeds FIELD top 60070e timothy $629: orchard grass 11606'186 Ube) blue grass 8130: extra clean 75c Alfalfa $660 German millet from wagons 1135 from stores $180 Hungarian $110 Bouts WILD free of tops off the string and washed before drying 1225 pink root 110c yellow rout or golden seal 12e Seneca root 26e per pound Liquors APPLE 1291 11164200 of 1890 1225 PEACH 1893 1225 of 1292 $250 of 1881 1275 of WO 1300 of 1325 WHISKIES Robertson County sour mash whisky new $14011 160 one year old 1155V165 of 18se $300 18S1 $4001t480 Lincoln County sour mash whisky new 11404 1 60 one year old 1165165 of 1888 $2600171' of 1153 1425 1882 1460 of 1181 ttontno Hardware Sondrieo AXLE per box to 1 tbs 6c 2 Ms Vie I plain $200 No 2 plain $165 No 2 fancy $175 No 3 plaits 1110 per dozen COTTON bundle $160 HORSE horse $260 mule $410 Pei-lane bores 2380 mule $440 Juniata bOrse 1340 mule 1390 per keg bar $160 per 100 Tbs base regular advanee for smaller sizes LEA I pound Sc trimmed best 26c: No 1 25c No 2 24e: good damaged 20c: untrimmed best 25e: No 1 23e No 2 22c good damaged 20c damaged 10c per pound teak sole heavy A 30c 28c 26e 32c per pound Medium A Ito Ito 25c 30e per pound Country harness best hltavy 27c best medium 25e best light 23c per pound cut 1120 base wire nails 1130 base HOltSE 14ff Itto per lb Clinton litt 12e per lb accordine to aloe 104e sisal Sc New Zealand 9e: cotton 11013e per pound 8126 buck and all sizes larger than No 1 1150 per 25-lb sack SHOE PE0S-35e per peck 215c smooth black 1175 galvanized 1225 per 100-tbs poetry Produce kliss Lizzie Lush entertained a large 'number of friends at her home on North 'Market street last evening in honor of the anniveraary of her birth The guests spent the evening in pleasant diverelons and were served with dainty refreeLnienb Min Lush reeeived many handsome presnt' The following were present: Masi Florence Link Emma Feldman Etta Link Polly Carson Ella Eaton Minnie Craig Addiee Overall Helen Welch Minnie Much IL Mary Harrington Sallie Burt II CsVine Lush Pauline Duch li and Lizzie Lush Messrs Joseph Haney Linua Freeman Charlie Burgett Lloyd Carson Robrt Aldred Ed Phelan Arthur Saxon Edward Fox Jere Hagerty Frank l'atton William Lingner Llinum Demonbreun I Charles Feldman Charles Garner Jatnes I Lush Frank Decker Rufus Harrington and William Schutt A revival meeting was begun it Edgar Presbyterian Church last evening Rev Charles Sullivan pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church preached an impres sive sermon The meeting will continue tor I days and will be conducted by Mr Suutivan and the pastor of the church Rev A a Alien The Ladies Aid Society oi St Peter's Church will giVe a 'lawn fe7tival et the church on Mc Lemons street Tuesday night May ge The price of atimteelon will be 10 tents including refreshment' Mr 1 Hooper was given a pitaunt surprise party at his home on North High street a few evenings- ago the affair being in honor of the thirty-second anniversary of his birth The evening was pleasantly spent in musie and con vermilion and an elegant' supper was enjoyed by the guests Those present were: Meadamee Mattison Clark Whitehead Sparks and Hooper Misses Susie Mattison and AddiCTrogler Messrs James Hooper Clark rfoopor Alley Cobb Baker and Troller and Masten Charles Whitehead Baxter H000er nd Raseoe Treater The ladles of the North High-street Meth- )mom Church will hold a prayer-meeting at th residence of Mr Mays on Madison street to-morrow afternoon A surprise party was given at the home of Miss Itora Wilsey Lon North Cherry street last evening complimentary to Mines Viola Wilson and Tampa Cavnar who have been her guests for several dam A large number of friends were present and the evening was one of much merriment Musical selections by several of the guests were en enjoyable feature Refreshments were served The revival which has been in proerese at hicTyetre Memorial -Church for nverat days is increaling in interest Much good Is being accomplished There have been many conversions and many new members have been received into the church The pastor Rev A Clement is being as- stated by some of the pastors of the city Misses Viola Wi loon and Tempe Cavnar who have benn visiting NIKPI bora Wilson of North Cherry street will return home this evening Mr James Adams has gone to Mein-pills to engage in business Miss Bessie Chamberlain of North High street is vieiting friends at Beilvue Mrs Louise Karach of North Vine street and Miss Jennie of North Sum- mer street have gone to Memphis to at- I tend the drill Miss Kate Shafer of the Charlotte road is the guest of Miss Bettie Burch of North 1 Cherry street I Capital Paid in $1000000 Surplus and Undivided Profits 400000 Th Bank has Larger Combined Capital Surplus and Profits than any other National Bank in the South All Branches of Legitimate Banking Transacted-imeeattiL KEITH President FALL Tiee-President HOWELL Cashier AVILRLY PLACE "WELL BRED SOON WED" dIRLS WHO USE Pit LI '11' ARE QUICKLY MARRIED TRY IT IN YOUR NEXT HOUSE CLEANINC 7- 7 CITIZENS' 661) I-JLUSIN-) LOAN MONEY ADVANCED ON OFFICE atchea itiantonda Furniture Plan 01 Ruggles Bicycles Jewelry AU Articles of 1 slue Bargains in I nredeenien Fiedgea Large Amount at ktedured Kate NO 316 CEDAR STREET--TWIN TENN Mn James McNealy returned last night from an extended visit to her daughter Mrs White of Kentucky Miss Mary Beaumont of Prospect avenue Is visiting friends and relatives in Franklin Mrs Ed Center and little daughter have returned home from a visit to Mrs Martin of Decherd Misses Marjorie and Christine Caruthers of Kentucky are the guests of Mrs John Linda ley of the Franklin Turnpike Mr and Mrs Clarence Alexander and little daughter have been visiticg the family of Mr 'Lawrence of the Charlotte Turnpike Miss Annie Huggins who bas been the guest of Miss Fannie Turner has returned to her home In East Nashville Miss Louise Herndon has returned to her home in Columbia after a visit to Mrs Yarbrough of Douglas avenue Was Jamie Ross has returned home after a visit to her uncle Mr Lawrence of Charlotte Turnpike Mrs James McAlister Jr and little son have returned from a visit to Murfreeeboro Mrs Conner and daughter have returned from a visit of neverei weeks to friends and relatives In rnion City Misses Mary and Sarah Spurlock have been visiting Mrs Joe Knowls of Tennessee Street Mrs Ed Smith of Lawrence avenue has returned from a visit to friends in Murfreesboro Mrs Davis of Arlington avenue hu gone to Franklin RIDDLE CO Building Materials Windows Doors 5 Blinds Frames etc Paints Oils Varnishes Brushes Window Class Special agent for Heath ec Milligan's Best Prepared Paint Lowe Bros' Dayton Colored Leads White Lead Etc Corner Broad end Cherry Fhreote Nashville Atno NOUTII NASH VILLE WHEAT-In ear lots No 2 72c No 3 70e: No 4 damaged 65c per bushel from wagons 2e less CORN-Dealers are paying 55c for corn sacked and are selling at 60e including sacks delivered on cars In earlots Smaller quantities 2 to 3e higher Ear corn 8260 per barrel from odagons with or without shucks MEAL-Cornmettl 'hinted48 tbs to the bushel 56c 46 lbs 64c gormless pearl meal 48 tbs 72e 46 Tbs 70c per bushel germless grits 196-lb barrel 8290 per barrel from nintil HAY-Timothy No 1 oar lot $1400 No 2 $1400 ear lots $1 per ton less from stores wagons $160 less OATS-Delivered in depot Barked white 40c mixed 18e bulk car lots 2c per bushel less BRAN-Car lots 180-lb sacks 81600 0 email lots 8100 per ton additional Groceries GREEN COFFEES-Peaberry 21022c Golden Rio 22423c choice Rio 21t 211ic prime Itlo 20(920c good Rio 191S1941c fair Rio 1718c Java 294130r: Mocha 294 30e: Maricatho 26127c Laguayra 210 21c per pound ROASTED COFFEES-1-1b packages in 100-lb cases Ariosa Lion Jeraey Cordova and other standard brands 2235e per lb in 60-lb calm 22450 per lb in bins 1e per lb more Bulk masts In 25 69 and 100-Tho bags 214e1 Zbe per lb SUGAR-Cut loaf 514c rubes 5e Pondered be granulated 453c standard A 44c 311314c clarified white 414e yellow 3tp4e per pound open kettle 3) Vile in-barrels Pt more SYRUPS-Corn 23c maple per gallon FLOUR-Fancy patent $360 straight 3340 extra fancy 1335 fancy $330 choice family $325 family $110 per barrel from mills to consumers 40c added GRAHAM per barrel WESTERN MEATS-flacon aides 70 Sc strips 81814e sugar-cured hams 10xp 104c shoulders 7 4t bulk sides clear 7111c: extras Vic dry salt bellies 740 714e per pound LARD-Fancy leaf Pic: choice leaf go: pure 714e choice family 63ic family refined 51e per pound MOLASSES Refined sorghum from ores 20e New Orleans open kettle common 15e: good 22c priine 34c choice 27 300 per gallon RICE-Louisiana medium Ici head 60 614c per pound CHEESE-Full cream Young American 1214e full cream cheddars 13c full cream flats I3c full -cream twins Mite three-quarters cream 10c half cream 90c per I pound PICKLES-In barrels of 2400 1700 1- 200 $6 00 half barrels $400 600 $300 SALT-Car lots Michigan 7 bushels $145 64 bushels- 8116 Ohio River 7 bushels MAO per barrel small lots 7 and Se advance rock salt $12 per ton MACKEREL-In 200-pound barrels No 1700 No 2 $1600 No 3 $1400 per barrel in 70 lbs in half barrels No 1 $650 No 2 $575 No 3 $525 per barrel in 11-lb kits No 1 8110 No 2 1100 No 3 90c per kit VINEGAR-Apple cider white wine of assorted fruit one year old 15c per gallon 2 years old 16e 3 years old I8c imported malt I year old 30e per gallon I years old years old 40e SODA-In 112-1b kegs loose pc per pound in 1-1b bag $10: in 60-1 boxes 1-lb packages $300e 345 per box: assorted 1-11) and peekageo $3450360 per box Canned Goods SARDINES-American per ease 1360 mustard 132514340 imported 11040 WOO OYSTERS-Per ease of ties dozen rank light 1-lb cans $110t125 2-lb 8225250 standard weight 1-1b cans 1160'4165 2-lb cans $10011305 SALMON-Alaeka stueto Columbia River SI 5011175 extra 15020c higher LOBSTERS-1-lb $225 2-1b 350 per dozen cans MACKEREL-1-lb C5flI 2 or 4 dozen In case $1000110 per dozen cans WHITE FISH-I-lb cans 3 dozen In ease 125 2-lb cans 2 dozen in case $225 per dozen cans half-barrels SO lbs $150 HERRINGS-25 centa per box 90 cent per keg California Canned Frnita APRICOTS-3-lb cans $300322 per RC CHERRIES-White $4600500 per case PEARS-Bartlett $375 per case PEACHES-Yellow $375S400 per We White Heath 13750400 per case PLUMS-Damsons 8300 Gold Drop $325 green gages $350 per case 41 alined Fruits BLACKBERINES-2-lb cane 2 dozen in Can $11100160 per case PEACH ES---Seconds 2-lb 8225 per case 2-lb 27511300 per case standard 3-1b 1250 per case 3-1b $310 per case of 2 dozen cans pies 3-lb 8225 per ease CHERRIES-2-lb cans I dozen in-case 824014 350 per case PINEAPPLES-2-lb cans I dozen In ease Sheriff's Sale Chancery Sale FOR SOUND MONEY The Meeting to fle Held in the Chamber of Commerce Too-N la ht By virtue of a writ of vend ex to me directed and delivered from the honorable Circuit Court of Davidson County 'Team at ita hiareh term IAA I will expose to public sale the highest bidder for (sash at the eourt-house doer kill the city of Nashville on Saturday the 25111 day of May 095 within lawful hours all the right title claim and interest that hire hiartila Mach has in and to the following desoribed property to-wit: A certain parcel of land situated in the Seventh Civil Dietriet of Davidson County boundsd on the east by Bandere Minton on the south and west by Mark cm the north by Chadwell Whitmore and being levied On the property of Mr Nash to satisfy a judgment sgainct Mn Manila Neigh and in favor of hi Miller Agent for $4151) besides Interest and coats listed this Rath day of April le45 apJ0 tu lL JOHN sliNtr Sheriff Pursuant to decrees rendered by the Chancery Court at Nashville Tenn and entered of record on page 29s of minute bock No 22 and page 422 of minute book 30 in the case of 3 I 1dcGavock and others vs A 8 Lindstey and others notice is here given that I will sell it public suction at the south door of the court-house In Nashville Tenn at 12 o'clock noon Wednesday May 22 1895 the following described property to-wit: A lot of land in the city of Nashville Davidson County Tenn beginning at the corner of Spruce street and an alley south of Church street and connecting Spruce and Ale Lerners streets and running north with Spruce crept to Claiborne's mow Sags line) and thence at right angles to McLemore street thence to said alley and thence to the beginning For more particular description see deed or record In book 39 page Al At 0 Terms of of 4 11 It and :4 months Interest bearing notes with approved personal security required and lien retained Sale free from redemption TLIOS WEAVER Clerk and Master Py SOS WICST 1) Al 10421-7-2821' Helms Attorney 01y71421 All men who are in favor of sound money who are interested in the preservaion of the high standard of the national currency are Invited to the meeting which will be held in the Chamber of Commerce rooms tonight at 8 o'clock Mr It Webb of Bell Buckle will address the meeting Ws style is clear and vigorous The coming sound money convention at Memphis will be discussed and the delegates who are to represent Nashville will be appointed A sound money club will be organized and members enrolled Sheriff's Sale I If your rookery Is faulty the fault is not always with the flour Look to the baking powder? Use Prire's and all will be well The lecture-room ot Carroll-street Church wee filled last evening with friends assembled to witness the interesting programme prepared by the literary department or the Epworth League The room was decorated with the colors of the and spring flowers and trailing vines were used to good The social feature was enjoyed by Il present The programme was an follows: Prik 1er RPV Adams': Wesley Hall Quartette Messrs 'Adams Lambuth Herbert and Cumningham paper "The History of the League" Miss Julia Hollowell: piano duet Misses Annie Weaver and Beulah Dickens: paper "Carroll-street League" Mr Carr: Wesley Bail Quartette "Sweet Galileo:" 1r coil solo Miss Julia Tanksiev: paper "Suggestions to the League" Miss Id Phillips Quite a number of young people gathered at the home of Mot Randolph 15 Hazel atreet a few evenings ago and had a pleaseurpriee party complimentary t3 Annie Dabbs and her guest Miss Stella Bee of McWhirtersville Mr Jeff Pullen of Pulaski is visitni Mn Sneed of South Summer street Mies Florence Abernathy of Buford Station ts the gueet of South Naahville friends Mies Baugh of University street after a stilt to friends on the Murfreesboro road bas returned home Mr MeKnight of Giles County is with friends in South Nashville Mrs Gormly of Lafayette Ind is visit Ing Mrs P'Pool of South Cherry street Mre Sam Childress and Miss Mary Suttle of Pulaski are visiting Mrs Sneed Mrs Abernathy of Giles County is visiting Mn Campbell of South Summer street Mn Robinson awl little daughter of Louisville are 'lotting Mrs Steele of South Summer street Mr Booth is rite ill at his home on Maple street Mr James Jolly of South Cherry street 1 who has hewn spending several weeks in the country has reterned borne Mtge Irene Lochridge of Marshall County is vialting relatives on South Market street Mrs Spaulding lis quite ill at her home on South Summer street Miss Beanie Odle of Marshall County Pal visiting friends end relatives in South Note hvil le A noway of yelling people enjoyed a moonlight drive on the IAbanem read a few Oven-in en ago to the home of Mr Allen where re By virtue of a writ of vend ex to me directed and delivered from the honorable Ctreutt Court of 011Vi4linn County Tenn at Us March term 105 1 will expose to public bale to the higheet bidder for caah at the court-house door in the city of Nashville on Saturday the 25th day of May DCA within lawful houre all the right title claim and interest that John A Williams has lu and to the following described real iodate to-wit: Lot No 99 fronting 31 feet Allison street Nashville Tee in the plan and running bar-k 131 feet and being levied on as the property of John A Williams to starkly a judgment against John A Williams and in favor of Donigan Weak-ley for 11671 besides interebt and costs Dated this 30th day of April ap3O to 3 JOHN silAktr Sheriff Sheriff's Sale first bands per dozen chickens 10e per lb large chickens and hens Se per lb roosters ite per pound fresh 12Mc per lb common first bands 1241130 per gallon wagons boulders Se sides Se: hams 9c lard Sc from stores Te advance live geese feathers 35c: duck feathers 150200 per lb to choice 44 per pound pound BEESWAX-27c per pound first bands well 100 lbs ic per lb salted No I and No 2 Stie: green hides unsalted lc per pound less: dry flint over 8 pounds ile dry salted ovet 10 pounds 7 ic: dry small stock 74e unwashed wool 14c coarse unwashed 10411e slightly burry 70ac moderately burry efre: hard burry 44t6e choice tub-washed 19U20c dingy tub-washed 174318e lambs' unwashed at) 90: washed 11415e per pound wagons none Fmm store Tennessee 91504175 Northern 8215 from wagons 8100 grey-eye $100 lady 1140 stock Sae mixed 10e less white 303c recleaned red 2181324e farmers' stock white good average to best 142 1c red 111114ie per pound wagons straight red tipped to medium color 30e medium color to best green 44 4 io per pound crooked half price common 11758100 medium $250b300: good $3000360 leaf common: 13507450: medium $550e650 good 870042850: fine leaf none These quotations Cr for old tobacco Is the bread bitter? It contains alum you may be sure Bread raised with Price's Cream Baking Powder is always sweet and wholesome mind Tom Thursday The sale of seats for the 131ind Tom concert at the Vendome Thursday night opened this morning Tho appearance of the musical phenomenon this time la under the direction of the Lit bete Hermitage Association which should prove an additional drawing card hos changed very little since his last tppearance here it is said and those who remember his amusing and interesting performance will have an opportunity of seeing it repeated Sheriff's Sale By virtue of a writ of vend es to me direeted and delivered from the honorable Circuit Court Of Davidson County TOM at Its March term 1895 I will expose to publie Bale to the highest bkider for cash at the court-house door in the city of Nashville on Saturday the Vth day of May la95 within lawful hours all the right title claim and interest that James Dunn has in and to the following describe I r-alty to-wit: South half of lot No 3140 Mary street in McGavotit plandescribed in deed book Mo l85 page 436 It and being levied on as the property of James Dunn to satisfy a Judgment 8(Iti Ma James Dunn and in favor of Sue Duval for $11360 besides Interest and emits Dated this S)th day of April 1ci6 ap30 tu St JOHN SHARP Sheriff Ituninems renionall Mr Charles Levy le now showing a fine line of clothing at the well-known house of Filth Weil 230 and 232 fik Summer street Festival Postponed Sheriff's Sale By virtue of a writ of vend ex to me directed sod delivered from the honorable Circuit Court of Davidson County Tenn at its March term ISX5 I will expose to public sale to the highest bidder for cash at the court-house door in the city of Nashville on Saturday the 21th day of May as': Rhin lawful hours sit the right hilt claim and Interest that Jarrett has In and to the following described property to-wit Loth Nos I 2 and 2 In OIelI addition to Esst Nashville on east side of Merl rrin ILYPTIUS feet eaeh sod being levied on ao the property or Jarrett to am-tidy a judgment against 1 hombson and Jarrett and in favor of Charles Faller for tOoti besides interest and Dated this this atith day ot April ISktn atold tu JOHN SHARP Sheriff Chancery Sale The strawberry and lee cream festival which was to beve been given to-morrow evening in the Ventry room of the Vine-street Temple has been postponed until the 22d Instant on account of the cold weather I By virtue of a writ of rend ex to me direeted and delivered from the honorable Circuit Court of Davidson County Tenn at Its March term Path I will expose to public sale to the highost bidder for cash at the court-house door in the city of Nashville on Saturday the 2rth day' of 1895 within lawful hours all the right title claim and Interest that Rhine has in and to Ike following described real estate to-wit: Lots Nos 5 6 7 end 2 yolucea and A Stevens subdivision of lot )6 in tlwenats Buena Viet plan as recorded in book fa page 130 Lots Nos and front 106 feet On west side of Nanee street and run back with Cass street feet to an alley Lots Nos 7 and 8 front Lk feet on east 'side of Webster street and run back with Cass street 135 feet to en alley it being a part of said lot 16 conveyed to said Foluee and Stevens by 0 Asheraft and same conveyed to Rhinee by deed in book 166 Paw 67 It and being levied on as the property of Rhine to Satisfy a judgment against Mines and in favor of 11 Larkin for Y41 besides intermit and costs Dated this 20th day of April 1666 ap30 tu St JOHN SHARP Sheriff 4 all baking powders tested ROYAL IS4 the richest 04 0 and purest yielding the largest amount of leaven- gas It contains neither lime ammonia nor alum 01 SAN14-E WOODY Professor of Chemistry Kentucky School of Medicine 1 i (4 0 el 05 IV THE A rtionat convention to Meet sit ban Ante olo Tex- In June The national convention of the Travelers' Proteetive Association will meet in Ban An tont Tex June Round trip tickets will be sold from Nashville at $2411 good to re" turn in Ilfteen days with privilege ofaurther extension of fifteen days- At this rate Nash- villa should be well represented at this gather Mg Any one desiring Information regarding the trip can get full particulars from et Traveling Pursuant te a deeree rendered by the Chancery Court at Naehvilie Tenn and entered r) reeord ort Page 34 of minute book No 44 in the CAM) Horace Hard vs Martha Beaty and Others notice is 'hereby Risen that I will sell at bublin a uet ion at the south door of the court-house in Nashville Tenn at 12 O'clock Noon on Wednesday May 22 1895 it Maier rreisiousay zumiennee aflymnna irmolii Protective A130010011 111 Cle'451-arrf-Te- 3 Sadler President Tennessee Division Place slIces of apples bowl with sugar I movs it then taka off cover finish by pak- CASES COMPROMISED mmv t-dfa 1 I "1 "1 119111 Place slices of apples ill bowl with sugar wine and extract with plate set in hot 30 minutes NON-RESIDENT NOTICE Mg fairly oven I the followtng property to-wit: A lot of land lot sled and mituated In the city of Nashville in Davidson County Tenn on Brooks alley betweep 4O11111101 street and High street South of litemonbreun street beginning at the corner Of a lot conveyed be moely to Charles Sheppard running there! with said Sheppard's line in a southweet Oen to the lino of the JahnJohnson lot 12j feet: thenee west Wi(II the 410i1111011 lot In a nouthern diretion 22 feet More or lese to the line of the TOOLIPIttlf0 ot Alabama Railroad ettnpacy thtnee eaatwardly with line of said raliroad 23 feet more or lie to the beginning Loving MON! fully deseribed by deed of record in book et pate 4i5 of the Register's ogle of Davidson County Tenn bald lot is known as the Beaty place Terms of nale---ene-third rash and hatanee on cpdite of and 12 moths lutermit-bearing notes with approved portions! aacurity requird for deferred payments and Hen 111- I aint ft Male free from redemption THOS Whl V)4t Clerk and Mister fly JOS -01ST it Al baLtels Vi'atta Atturueys ap30 my71411 cover aside to steep two hours then dip each slice In Common Batter fry to light brown in plenty of lard made hot for the purpose: serve with sugar BOSTOS1 BROWN pint 1 pint corn meal ti pint rye flour: 2 potatoea 1 teaspoonful salt I tablespoonful brown sugar 2 teaspoonful Royal Baking Powder pint water Sift flour corn meal rye flour sugar salt and powder together thoroughla peel wash and boil well 2 mealy potatoes rub thorn through ash diluting with water When this is quite cold use it to mix flour etc into batter like cake: pour into well-greased mold having a (-over Place It in saucepan half full of boiling Water where the loaf will simmer I hour without water getting into It Re -GRAHAM GRIDDLE CAKES--I pint Graham flour tis pint corn meal 14 pint flour I heaping teasPoonful brown sugar tealpooefut salt 2 teaspoonfuls Royal Baking Powder I egg len pint nitei' 1:: milk and water altt together Graham Boor corn meal flour sugar: salt and powder Add beaten egg milk and water Mix together Into I smooth batter without being too thin (il too thick it will not run but break oft and drop) Heat griddle hot pour batter Into cakes as iarga al a tea saucer Bake brown on one side carefully turn and brown other side Pile one on the other serve very hot with sugar milk cream or maple syrup APPLE FRITTERS-4 large Mind op' ples peeled cored awl cut Itch into 4 slices 14 gill wine tablespoonfuls sugar teaspoonful Royal Extract Nutmeg I Final Setilement1 of' the Tobacco Fraud Cases Special to the Renner Clarksville May tobacco cases have been finally settled The motion for a be trial in the case against Edwards and William McMurray was yesterday afternoon withelziswn and the case finally settled by requiring the defendants to Day sou fine jointly the costs to come out of this amount The twerty other cases were then disminsed law concludes tbe tobacco Caine about which there has been an much talk and there will he no further litigation in the matter Subscribe for tbe Banner 1 Clara Powell vs Walter Powell In Ms calve appoaring to the satisfaction of the courit that the defendant le a nonresident of the State of Tenneasee therefore the ordinary processes of law cannot be served upon him It is therefore ordered that said defendant enter his appearance herein at the next term of the Davidson County Circuit Court to be holden at the court-house In Nashville Ttnn on the fourth Monday in May it being May T7 and defend or said complsinants bill will be taken for eongeseed sa to him and set tir bearing ex parte therefore ordered that copy of Ms order he published for lour week" in aucceselon in the Nashville Banner a newspaper published In Nashville A HARRIS clerk Wickware Solicitor for Complainant apZ3 tu gt ENGLISH BISCITITS--14 (Ants dour 1 I coffeeetipful corn starch 8 tablespoonfuls (meet' large pinch salt 2 teaspoonfula Royal taking Powder 3 tablespoonfuls lard 1 egg pint milk cup currants 1 tablespoonful seed (if desired) Sift together Sour corn 'starch sugar 'salt and powder rub in lard cold add eggs beaten milk currants (well washed) picked and dried and eorfander seeds mix into 'smooth dough 'oft enough to handle Flour the board turn out dough roll to inch thickness cut with round cutter lay them on greased baking tin bake in rather hot oven 20 minutes Rub over with little but 4-- clean piece of linen when taken tram oven.

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