The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 9, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN MONI5AY, NOVEMBER 9,190*. Every Kvcning ?»ut Sundays at Monday, Nov. 9 ,,rrsHeM. KVMI County, California, i QEAR TOM: - C ty and County Official Paper) in Pnstoffleo nt 'ill., ;is Sccoii'l-rlaKs Mall Matter. ft ct-ntnu nioiith; $r> u Year in Advance CftndifiS Do It tonight j .. TaKe * 4 her ; • a box of Gruenhagen.s fine ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop, i Telephone Main 31 , MONDAY. NOYKMMKK <>, For cash. Or for cigar checks. At Meroney,si BILL GOOD TIMES HERE. \Yh"th'"' the fruit ;in«l tin* wool able Tho ^r. M'.r:t1n*f Ram f.. Mo?np f n on thf <•;,!«.mlur for a ri"\v Trial, the * * u * H. C. l.illj is .'iMotlipr Mi;in who will firm t p t i rv fit H i > »•) i j>< >i 11 M i* -I I-*, ii 11 In i • — Tt«w r* d; ^ ' *v f " «"nmv cti* <u»i , t>n trlo'i HP j.s nr'rusotj of ('ncloftlii" to sell tln-ir Ijii-ifT protected prod-; ttovorni»*-:tt hinds, Tlu* raao nginst nets or not tins wiiitt'r. 11 is i»vi- (Jooj % r(i T. KiuKn<lo of McKlttrlck IH a dent to th- most i-asunl »(»srrvcr t ';, Ut<l t!: ' s '' '"''''' !lllt>1 U) s? " on lhe tlo( ' I: " ihflt BjlktTstti'iil :m<l the rnnntv ' -._ d that Biikerslielil and the county HP*' still iroiuir to rience jtti cni "f im'*.\>miplpf| prosperity 4(111' to lot-ill conditions. The price of oil is stimulating in nil the tields of tin* eoimty. and Ihe next JVw months vv^i v, ,;jj>.-.; f-vrij iM'»;i1<T activity tli.'tn is no\v ttKinii'"^*'*!. L;ihor is lin<r rc'iu'ly fmp]oyhi.-nl us result oi' -inerensed business with the oil indnstrv and Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liq d Cig _.___._ ^^^^^^^^ The .1 . f m a g s served in mpie room otations a mpies sent on app Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street . . "I —• —-» —. •_—-—-4 t - — -*-* -*_, ..! fl Francis Church THE tho city visiting with Mr. and Mw. Paul Galtc-s on Truxtun avenue. The tisters are the Reverend Mother Proof tlie order and Sister Mary ;>;;'. the latter being the daugh- i>i Mr. and Mrs. Paul Galtes. The 'sut.-rr. an- uici'tiy picked with the activity muniiV'bteil in Jiakersfleld. Notes By Tfether Frund. at St. Francis yesterday Are you ready tor the big bazar were uf MM* usual hours, namely, low.n ( '>-'. Monday? mass, uini KaMx-r Frund celebrant, Mr> O. Castro and Mrs. E. Krausae 7:-I." n. m. rhiMron's 'mass, Father ar>- in < liar*:*. 1 of the refreshments Peter Caul^y oelcbrant. At 9 o'clock, <lu !•::;_: the baxur. That is enough; during which the St. Francis Girls' Tho pnymont, nf sheriff Kelly's bet < ' n ' )i " 1 ' " ; " !illi '>' reived in a body, ' s "^ *• " •• in. the hlRh mass was cele- '.i- i-.:...\\ ihcir success. \i: <;.•<•.]•£<• Krey win be in charge . nm-M'y and which involved n vh.'i.n.arrnw ri.lo with Kelly at tho t>);!nil ,"> ,' a "" l '?"• 4 . • » »i j OL LIU.- . . i, i ^., nronrnftn tho on**mr\r* .ns1n*'SK end of tho vehicle rtrew n. * ' 1'icMuu.a me sermon. v v ** > *i I ** " tl \ f w T )* ' 1 - ; M I! f I i'"*Il t*f 1 lf\ LlOt' Hie I'jilnilfes of the WiliTt* ('JU'nei'S } n,» be I,,,,,*,! in Bakorsfield or liir^^^ ^•n\n'ons. AH HM jwimrdintr re- J'nd tho IVatnre was made tho or- ''" "'' "'p .e nu im Carhona ' suit, residence buildm- is in I'-.ill f '^ of a party Jolllflcatlon .ovnr* A( 7 oVl M^- ovoning'with sm>o Hwin^iln- mnnher of houses^ in ^Vn; 11 ^^/^. T^^^L" 1 - lal di',: nlnM^n?1ho wSKVt^o Ihe-pulmy days of Ihe' first oil PrUidentlal voto had only ' -'-' ()|!>I1V (l boom. More ne\v homes \\ill lieidur-od fino I •\t i: ii. ln'aitil \'\ Kat)ii. i r Leo, assistant rec-, :.Mr - ^ Rachel and Mamie Hewitt i j . MI Japan for a week, beginning ' i \. Their Jap booth will be and attractive. f . built in Bjik"rstie!d mid Kmi ihii- winter tlnut in lhe i\\o yr;irs Ihitl have tors and maferial men j \s tu profit i result of lliis activity. .Another feat MIX* Hiat is not to 1 4 }>/• o\'crloo!\ed, and the one that will make foi to , . ... inomhPrK of the Italian P^' i if this city took place in-St. r<1 - - Kranris rhnrrh. Father Frtind performed tho ceremony, which was wit- n charge of Miss nil] he the place for bar Kn.-h groceries each day. .Mr.-. I'aul Galtes will greet us at >• faiify J.oe-th and we know wbat f has each year are of the best. '" he house of sweets will be pre-! ,, 'm! T I, £ °y I ncssfd by a large number of friends, side,] over by Mrs. Phillips. Candles ana .1. ic. uorsey. hrm.^ -r,,,. h ap py couple were Mr.' Peter el' nil kinds, yet of the best, will be . ,'iini of the Pasquinl Brothers' MI ^ !t ;it Vf 'y moderate prices, •til <-o !eom7 Hmo \vh"/m n " 'T i a . , . fn«»t store on Nineteenth street, and Vmi may re;i(l books etc., but let '. Ti !<\/«r,nMn TI ?VM, f* M p3 \ ly ' Hl ( -^' J1K n<l!lfl Carbona of M street. The Mrs. Moore read your hand at the ''* 41leme AM w«, TH" . !( ." 10SP : h'MW young couple left on the 10:20 n i u on l.m-ky street in St. Francis " u'e y j "t w Uf] \\ith en- t r ;i\n for Los Angeles and will be at haxar. n soemrd nimnst nun old i» lfl i« cn M stret after the 16th. Mr-. Paul Corti will show you the again, rolonel Ttlood. who has rontrUnit- Coffee H. 0. With J. W. Brocxiran Real Estate and Insurance Horn 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bukersfleld, Cal Bazar Ball Being Arranged. This morning a delegation of work l;it» M in art. The art booth will be with valuable prizes for the one NTHi'im-nt m-osuer nil *n m m } Vn *i "« W« i t" UMU ,'• This morning a delegation of work- filled with valuable prizes for the om 11 f !s "•" ""'"<~r<^ : ^ riHfrr sv S C'" sMxrj^Jk^.rx"""""" m -• -° to are coninig julo tlie county to oc-1 t, ernpa p ar f nfavna aho s!ffn * J ak 7^^1c^ large and art!sUc booths wlll be ra!ilorn! M, the land of flowers, will enpy our eh.-ap lands. A ride Kfrn Connty Is linw —-— ' Y-» . t " n *-' *^ * * *^" » » • ** W ^ ^J "-**r»-*fc.««*rf VTAAA fc_T"J Kepuiiiicnn; I erected, and tastefully decorated by i i l|' M'Ctl about Missouri?" Ujacii Prosperity," etr/thing omocrat, cnrrlort hck* ni ax g never seen in this city, The; other booths as surprises are be- bazar opens with special seremony i inu < n rted, so rlon't dare forget your 1 ntl ??? r ^ e ncxt Monday, November 16th, at 8 p. i many friends in St. Francis hall next so conspicuous. t T . m. Tho hall will be filled with the way and James Arp wore manv valuable donations from the tt\ • hants of this city. A full list through tlie eiHinti-y soutli oi' town or to the west will prove u revelation to uniny n ri'sidcul oi' lhe city who j/oes out of town only infrequently. The ern of Hie small farmer is coming and eoniin«r rii[t- idly and the evidenees are manifest in every seel ion of the eounlv • f from tin- northern line to the '1 hachapi foothills. Every small far,,,,,- is a In,,!-'; Soa"s TT'WRhlVort""^"P"' wiiZ ^V^ ^"f 1 " 9 *'" ^ a co "P le l J>i ^ ||| "' || i ^*- -i - \» injp, of tno evonlnffa whilp thp Tnimf*p&l ness asset, nt.t tor tins year, but { Dan Mack and others as vice prosi- ( . omm ittoc Is arranging for the oth- for all tinu". our oil tields ar.> 1 ilo " t ^- ,. _. . (1 t nii t ^ or evenings 1 'entertainments. T-ianU Short, tho brilliant Fresnan, Big Dinners Thanksgiving Week. l*et, all nrpnnro tn tnVo thoit ^ nd to the flower booth where nfn% h0 wmi n «°nn wfls «i«°l l ^ n i s 0tl J^ I thefr VoBpectlve'hVads anda"ssistants. ! Mrs. W."xewhonse"i9^n charge. Her "raft, si?^ W1H be D0vel - and - odd ' ™™e-; honth will be a dream l n reality. Californlan want ads.; throe days, 25c. GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle torsos that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. EATLIFP Cor 21st and X Sts Tel. Main 88 PASQWM BROTHERS Capital Paid U Surplus, $25 soon to appear In these columns of Father Frund announces that the rule of no canvassing In the body of the hall will hold good this year. a m.« T m , permanent wealth prnttueers. at* , nU Sh( * rt ' tho l^lllant Fresnan, least so far , w tms 1 ,,,,,,,-,,,,, is ! ^'^^ Z? ^ ^^ eoneenied. S',;ik*'iNiieh| i« «r 4MM ,r t«, porlty for tho rounrty. Ko Rcnlded and tho articles and their nrisoo acted Knorini program each evening from Californian want ads.; three days, 25c, take Dlace . Thc _ 6 _^._ 5 _ EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Kuenlyplns Land iind Tinil>er any, KdwurU r. (.Vibb, Pres. linve not i»nlv oni • year, litit. many <•}' f Thanksgiving dinner at St. Francis \V. S. Thiitf^her, S*M*'((. 12:^ So. hall . The menu card to be published Mromhvnv, Los An<Mes, Cal. • t ^ ^h ^ ^ f ^t ^L 1 M ^t « ^^ j nnnounc-e.J J usiness '.,;>s!'1tp peop]o of Ker n County for not, ,., 'f^J'ne Prrni.l of ConffroHsman Smith j-mywh-n'. Koasf tnrkev and .nd «MnR him mnn majorlfy. an,! , roast pi^. J.oBi.Ins fried rhfrken and jIojibMoss tho rro\v,l f ( .|t properly re-M n fact &U k/nds of good things. Din' \/' ( '- ,, ... .... . , IM |n«»i-s WIN (><> Hfirvod Tuesday, AVedne**-. MI s mini foJMwod wrid said w«> day and Thanlfsfflving day. I wi-ro t-oine: (c ho nitebt.v prosperous! Sisters c,f Holy Name. IKMV, rind a pruno grower nnd n wool 1 Two prominent members of the. man who have not yet been able to j Sisters of The Holy Name are in *»!] fheii- prodnro of last year, shook hands over tho proilirtlon and folt •:^ they already had tho money in If you are not satisfied with the groceries you have had for the last month give us a fair trial and be convinced that we carry the best goods found anywhere. Open up an account with us. A few words about our liquors. We carry all standard brands of wines and whiskies. HO I EL ULE COFFEE H '•in nil M 1 tn Mr. Uiiyam jiroposf'rl tbroo or Tafi runl Hie vnlincntlon i f > . i I n' 'M in i>i •:• •:- .;• .> .;. .> will In I I * * J •- • J PAJNT VOUR iiiKf* pnlntlne !H T I XIHO nothing IM ^'-'Th Ulini :uitno > .v »> Why Schilling's Hest? Because it is best and STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. S1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkin SAN FRANCISCO Headquarters for Bakersfiel people. GROCERIES & Q 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery, Callfornlun want ads.; three days, 25c. your money ours A. checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in yonr financial affairs. * If you have not already auch an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open .one and test it for yourself. NATI NK I I ' I n M i ' T- .» r ^r ^H • t •"• •"» h Prime Wain 172, 4 •!- **• •* .% .*. A •• you think you don't find •* * it so. 4 Yfitir ivnrer rt-turn« your money if you don't likt* n. we uav I.mi For Caiiffhs and Corner 19th and Street* -•• »:• •:• Tlie rrin.i- [I -t i exceedingly full for trial. il! ;,.' * •'• it - , r -' • ' * * I ;tr, will 1." '.; in In lid a: •A-)!' UUiiMllh ; i>- i o'* 'd i f V ' 1 I i \, ' ! — • v. Sierras ai iu- S;ni;• V'*' '\\\'\ Sim 1 . (Mini t n, ,- - ' )'H'» UK 1 -* • ^H\ ^> I H • ^ ^—l 4^.^ wr L ^^ J ' I 1 . ) i: the • I tlon a brought in OP, an . B ll the inU'i'Kt':ii«' r have bcvii Mil'iK before tlie runr? jmvt o* th*> novf A violation C car with Ms su:V k> a li:i« i arc I' ,), A, !/" •.'. n 1 appear u,u i^-t tl; • ^ Tho ;*M- 'rial .»-;: eled tills afternoon. TllO pr'stotlir* 1 I a.-IK sonu* tint* 1 tins A-M rival, the li^noh »'. t »'i ;•(!(<- 1 f" l.'i.' «> I)••'',' * •• • \. M. !iawlt;-y, ^.»v • , ('(nui' j ''tf,i \vi(h nvrcv •.•(nmnissicm. .'d ami will aptn-itr wlint'^st-.s c.t U.'o table Preparation for glheToi iomochs u fH in ino ))iiai)i c,s i]» a . I'ruotir. i. fi»'i!t U*. '' cfiu\tMn« i: Kirch v. : i . • . in I T r t t I L Promote sDigestioi\ f CI ness and Rest.Contalns Opium.Morphine nor KOTNARCOTI rrul- neltter Cldldren. RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE ' r , ' rj • .;« »;* »^ .;. »;. .j. »;* .;, ^ ^ ^ »j, ^. .j, ,j, ^ 4 ^ * CHESTER AVENUE *• NURSERY fc ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * First-class Nursery stock, Trees, fr Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Pk,.**• al Deaigns. Orders promptly filled *• Corner Sixth St. and Chester A*-e. f 'Ph*ne, Main 745 n +;+< rO NEW YORK THROUGH *;* ars -U.V. nat i ft Aprrfcct Remedy for (ion Sour Stomach,D \\onus .Convulsions ,t ever is ness and Loss OF SLl iairhoca NATURE'S We Recommand ^r- — ^r -• of Our Guaramccd COLD TABLETS A Curativ 2nd L xative Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton . ._ BROS. Are -Agents for * THE ALBANY NURSERIES < v If you need anything In the * * nursery line cr»o them nt their * <• ranch opposite Producers' Refln- *!* ery on BearUsley canal. Write .;«. »> them Rural No. 3 t Box S. Or * call them up, Black 521, . _»,_ — - — M ~ f ^^^^ ^ »-"* ~^^ ~ ^ ^ — ^fc ^ ^ A **« *;^ *j. »j.,;. ,3, ,j, ^, ^, »r, ^ ,», .j, .j. ^ 4 ., ^ Fields of Texa* r> iaua. xwww^^ N t J RED SPRUCE AND; w H PINE - - • . • , • . i i r i s '>« vnuvnt will '• - . lu. • i no •! U" iu the An;' to u> uuiUy him ;vi ( t;.-/*.:r U.i t. <• i - ll on TUa\*-r. It will IK* iteci'.siiu.v 10 Li-ing bring uction iu the state courts. J'.ACT COUY OF WRAPPER Is Take QCHTAUR OOMMNt. NCW Of Drug Store Bakersfil H ELEGANTLY QUIPFED 8TEAMER8 '• V • •*•> " V - 11 <,. >**ftf ^.' •&JW *V<w T. I >'^ ' *-*tf jf Aiv*< 'v* 1 AV "t" - *1 ..-M/;% A , ^-^>M<: i , V •'•*fclP» w ' ^ : .PJ tff +; - f "< rf* i * J . i * **j ' L ;v- v ^ : - j /• : i?v. i. . i" * !*• * *. H 'A/tfWii ift DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG 8TORK Cor, 19th and Q. Bakerafleld. ^•rk OLD KCX Painters DER & JACKSON Painting i» all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE ] SIGNS Phone Main 1136 1527 Wad 6t •tkertfleld, Cal. -i 1

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