The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 9, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, November 9, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, JIONDAY, NOVEMBER !). 100S. GOTHAM'S POST MASIER IS SHOT DOWN ON THE STREET NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Postmaster that his mail had been tampered with Edward w. Morgan of this city was and that some one turned out the shot down on the street as he was electric light while he was reading by leaving his home in 146th street tor \ it in the corridor of the postoffice. the postoffice this* morning by Enrich I Mackey received a reply saying that B. Mackey, a stenographer employed no evidence of the tampering with in a downtown law office, who then shot and killed himself. A single bullet struck the postmaster and entered the fleshy part of the his mail could be discovered and that the turning off of the light was an accident. Mackey besides the pistol also car- right side ot the abdomen and passed; r i e <i a knife and slugshot. He was out at the left side without penetrat- j an Englishman 31 years of age. The shooting took place ic the presence ing the walls of the abdomen. Morgan will recover. The only excuse Mackey had for j O id daughter of Morgan, committing tne deed was that he had starting to school, complained to the authorities at the postoffice department at Washington of Miss Dorothy, the fourteen year who was SAYS GOMPERS WILL HOLD "Are you Postmaster Morgan?" asked Mackey, as he approached Morgan. Morgan answered In the affirmative and the man fired, Morgan falling to the sidewalk. Then Mackey lay down on the sidewalk, opened his vest and fired one shot Into his head and another into his breast, the latter piercing the Heart. Morgan worked his way up from a letter carrier. He Is the Republican leader In the Washington Heights assembly district. DENVER, Nov. 9.—At 9 o'clock this morning the delegates of the American Federation of Labor formed in line and inarched to the auditorium. Governor Buchtel and Mayor Speer addressed the gathering and there was •a response by Samuel Gompers. The report of President Gompers Treasurer Lennon were received and referred to committees. Opponents of Samuel Gompers, president of the federation, of more or less strength within the federation, are < place on the official ballot because It working together In an effort to out- • failed to poll even the paltry 3 per Hearst Party a Dead One The Hearst party has lost Us NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—The World yesterday printed an exhaustive interview of tbe revival of IndUBtry/fol- lowing the election, showing tlrat 1,000,000 men are marching briskly forward to reopened factorie8,4»usy looms and spindles, and to railroads and other branches. From every section of the United States the whistles of shops and factories are shrieking rousing welcome to battalions of employes, who are responding promptly to the call for more help to man plants which have been entirely closed or practically out of commission ponding the- result of the national election. In each quarter of the nation smoke pours from the chimneys of establish ments which have been working reduced forces of men at half-time. Rush orders for additional equipment have poured Into offices of the machinery builders in a' volume sufficient to swamp them, and creating nt once a tremendous demand for addition;)! em- ployes. All along the line word has been passed that prosperity has arrived, simultaneously with the election of Taft, and, like' a giant, business and manufacturing Interests have roused from their lethargy, and, shaking off uncertainty :md distrust of radical changes in economic conditions, have ordered fires rekindled and forces doubled. Fvery barometer of trade has channel rttfrly within a week. Tho first newd from the polls sent the glass CHURCH AND FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR THRIVING MARICOPA Work on tho Congregational; while the perforators were at work Church, the flrst house of worship to ' continued to throw oil In a good a a id PlaU " ed f ° ! \ he Mari k, OI "nd °l" 8trcam - The well of the Monte Crls- ! novAeing hurried. ^The^rame* 1 ^ up . to, drilling on the aoutheast quarter road lines. Contracts Involving the ex-1 am j before rnauy weeks hace passed of «ectlon 32, also went into the sand PANItIS ABOUT OVER pendlturt! of huge sums for equipment ind labor, and which contained clauses condltoned upon the election result, lave been put Into effect by telegraph. In many manufacturing centers, the full strength of the labor -army Is practically called Into action. Not an Industrial captain but has signaled the magic slogan, "Get busy." The World then folows with nine columns of dispatches from all tho Industrial centers In all parts of tbe United States showing unusual activity, and quotes bankers and business men as predicting the greatest era of prosperity the country has experienced for years.' The trend of all Interviews Is that the country feels firm ground under its feet, with no obstacles In the way of progress. the oil fields peoplejtiope to be hold when completed will stand as a mon- 1 ument to the spirit ol the people of Maricopa. It is a departure in the method of erecting most church edifices. Every cent of money that was estimated would be necessary for the building was subscribed before the first null wag driven, and when the building is ready for occupancy not one debt will bo outstanding, an was landed Saturday. It IB flow- the Adeline says that the claim it made that the well is doing at least 400 barrels. Charles Dickinson, the Adeline superintendent, is In town today. He has completed a handsome residence on the company property and will oo- cupy it shortly. The Adeline continues to run along smoothly. Lumber line a plan of battle against his reelection. They are charging him with pernicious political activity and using other arguments to convince delegates that Gompers has lost his standing as cent vote required to give it official recognition. A dispatch from San Francisco says: Doodledeeism as a California institution, sang its swan song last Tuesday and breathed its a leader of workingmen and that the i as t. i n the absence of William Ran- working class need expect nothing from congress In the way ol legislation if Gwnpers continues at the head •of the federation. Among those who dolph Hearst, the chief mourners were Hugh Mclsaac, Daniel O'Cnn- nell, Edward Rainey and Ai Murphy. The technical cause of the death atb expected to lead the fight on the . n)£ly be state( , ^p,^ ti falled to federation's president is Daniel Keefe i po] , 3 per cent of tj)e total vote cast of the Longshoreman's Union, who i , n h)a gtate The tota i vote ot the was charged with deserting the fed- j gtate , n round numbers wag 32 0,000. 'Oration's executive committee and coming out for Taft in 'consideration •of the promise of political office. Although It is difficult to get th« •temper of the delegates at this time, local leaders who will participate in the sessions of the convention laugh •at the idea of Gompers being turned •clown, but declare their certainay of opinion that not only will he be upheld, but that Keefe will be removed from his place as a vice president of the federation and all his followers -will suffer like deleat for whatever office of preferment they may seek. They point to the fact of the defeat of certain candidates for office known as •enemies of labor as a distinct victory to the cause and one to be joyful over In spite of the federation's unfruitful support of the Democratic national ticket. In addition to this leading question there are a number of mat ters for decision, mostly relating to internal dissensions of affiliated bodies, quarrels over Jurisdiction, etc, Half ;i dozen cities are after the c»>n ventlon for 1900. The popularity of (tampers was at-; tested when he appeared. He was j Florida cheered for several minutes. .».» Official Count is in Progress Today achievement of which the church builders are Justly proud. Charles Dickinson, superintendent of the Adeline, and M. Mouciief, of the Moni arch lease, are the building commlt- ! tee; j Regular services are not held at i Maricopa. An outside divine is in- vitea to preach there from time to ', time. Sunday schfiol classes have j been organized and although a regular pastor will not be secured for some time yet, it Is desired to use the church building regularly on Sundays and during the week for meetings of the Sunday school. No date has yet been set for the dedication ot the edifice. A flre department is the latest public improvement that is being planned for Maricopa. The progress ot is now on the ground for the eighth well and well No. 7 is about to sink into the sand. the hustling little oil town makes It gomc attentlon be The official count of the vote cast on Tuesday last began in the room* of the Board of Supervisors this morning with Chairman Jastro and A. J. Woody taking turns at wrtlng h » he event of flre and Clerk Miller and Deputy Smith, doing the recording. given to protecting property from flre. Nearly every lease has Its private all hands turn out to battle the flames. I It is now planned to organize a vol- to the "fair weather" mark, umj within a weel: tii'nnen». conditions from coast to cotist have become wonderfully settled. FTOM financial headquarters the sis,- ciucts niaking up supervisor districts. engln08 w j l j < .i, w m CO st more than! consume w>me weeks. It is likely nal ha.s been Pnsheil to business firm's Nos - J aml 2 nud bcon canvassed, but| $1000j nre about , o , )C or(lere d. One; that the matter will be taken up by to hurry tbe btlldlng of delayed rail-j no cuan Se was noted In the unofficial wlu be gtat [ oneil ( n the north end of (the trustees at the meeting tonight Up to 3 o'clock the vote of the pre-1 uuteer conlp any, ana three chemical SEWER WORK NEARLY DONE The utillook on the sewer question now is that the main sewer will Oe completed bonic weeks before It will lie possible to form the new sewer districts und make* connection there- from to the mains. Contractor Fischer now hue his forc« at work ou the county road on the outfall, tho- mains In the cJty being completed. Ha estimates that tho contract will be completed by December 10, but even allowing for delays, tho work will surely bo done by the flrst of the your. In tin! meantime to provide for the laterals and tor connections, the city must bo districted, and the formalities noceSRary to bo gone through with will Swede Crook Lands in Jail figures. ! the field, another in the south and i Li. Johnson, a Swede 22 or 23 years of age, Is at the jail, having .been brought In from Maricopa Saturday night by Thad Cheney for passing worthless checks aggregating $65 on Thomson and Ross and Jewett Bros. Maricopa saloon men. Johnson was a newcomer at Maricopa. Friday night giving Houser a majority of 153. The count will go on tomorrow and Three per cent of that would be 9600. Doodledeeism polled about half tbe necessary number. In most of the counties of the state doodledeeism was snowed under by the Socialists and Prohibitionists. In San Francisco out of a toal vote of 61,597, Hisgen polled 752. Alameda County was regarded with peculiar pride by doodledees—before! he gave Ross and Thomson some of will probably be completed In the at- the election. Out of a total of 33,265, i the worthless paper, and Saturday Hisgen polled 717. That Is one-thlr- j morning Jewett Bros, Two of the tleth of the vote for Taft, and one-! three checks given Ross and Thornson were for $15 each and the other for $20. Jewett Bros, cashed a $15 check. The Traders Bank of Los Angeles was drawn against. Johnson evidently has been operating for some time past as he had in his possession a Traders bank book In the First district the party vote tno ^i,^ j n the center. A volunteer is Republican, there being: 305 for company to man each will be organ- Taft and 223 for Bryan. The Second ( | ze(1 atl(1 drilled. Tho merchants of district, with Tfhachapi, Old Town, Maricopa as well as the different and Mojave all giving Democratic | companies have contributed to ths majorities, Is for Bryan by a sub ' f, md stantla! vote. Randsbiirg Nos. 1 and j T WO now wc ]j s (jiat give every In- 2, Johannesburg and Goler gave Taft j t ]U-atlon of being sensational produc- 156 to Bryan's 84; in former years > _ were brought In at Maricopa Sat- the district vote was largely Demo-, ur d ay The Ruby Oil Company, which cratlc. The First district, by the official returns, shows the vote for supervisor to be, Houser, 359, Peterson 206 has landed a couple of good wells previously, brought In its No. 5 and tho new hole promises to eclipse Its tenth of the vote for Bryan, GOMPERS IS IGNORED BY PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT. WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.-—President Roosevelt has issued invitations to a notable "labor legislation" dinner, at the White House on November 17th. Mnny national organization members have been invited, but not Gompers, Morrison, O'Connel or Lennon of the American Federation of Labor. Labor legislation will be discussed. BIDS FOR BUILDING THE NEW BATTLESHIPS. WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.—The Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company was the lowest bidder for Installing machinery in the battleship by the government at Brooklyn, the bid being $1,517,000, with a speed of 20% knots. Tho New York Shipbuilding Company ol' Cum- den, N. J., was the lowest bidder Mr constructing the battleship Utah, $3,946,000, the speed being 20%. knots. The Full River Shipbuilding Company underbid the Cramps on n "1 knot ship, at $4,440,000. ternoon. New Time Card on Santa Fe JUDGE COOK MAY DEMAND A RECOUNT. Judge Carroll Cook is • considering the advisability of having a recount, satisfied yet that the voters of which was almost depleted. Cheney j placed two charges of felony, A now time card on the Santa Fe wont Into effect yesterday and the against the Swede this mornlnp. He ] time of arrival and departure of three found his man hiding in a box car at j of the trains Is changed. The differ- predecessors. It immediately began flowing at a lively rate and yesterday GOES BUS ""BROTHER WANTS TO GET TAYLOR BACK. A dispatch from Frankfort, Ky., says Arthur Goebel, brother of the late William Goebel, conferred here with Commonwealth Attorney Robert B. Franklin with reference to' requesting Governor Wilson to issue requisition papers upon Governor- elect Marshall ot Indiana, after he takes his seat, for the return of W. 8. Taylor and Charles Flnley for trial upon the Indictments ponding Sunset. Johnson also operated in linkers- ; otu-o In the schedule Is: j Number 8, the east bound this city actually meant to give him its judicial quietus, Cook Is thinking seriously of having the ballots unsealed In an effort to overturn tha results as hitherto announced. It Is Cook's notion that on a recount he might have a chance to squeeze In ahead of Judge Dunne and through Joe Stevens, his stenographer and political manager, he Is gathering the opinions of politicians on tho subject.—Call, INTERESTING PROGRAM FOR ST. PAUL'S MEN'S CLUB. The program for the St. Paul's I Men's Club tonight promises to be j one of unusual Interest. F. M. Page, I the well known actor, will give * monologue, "In a Southern Court Room," and Mr, Lapland, lately from South Africa, will deliver an Interest' I Ing talk on conditions, the peopl« country. field. He gave Johnny Swett at the ) a i 1( j i arrives at 7:05 a, m. instead of] Exchange saloon bank for $5 and $20. one on the same 7-10 a s heretofore , and Rupp Bros, one for 7.30 instead of 7:35. departs at COMPLETE MISSOURI RETURNS GIVE TAFT LEAD OF 1818. ST. LOUIS, Nov. 8.—Complete returns to the Republic from every county in Missouri but three give the Democratic candidates for minor Shirts Underwear Collars Handkerchiefs Overcoats Hosiery Neckwear Trunks Suit Cases Did You Ever Get Into a Store You Had Trouble in Getting Out? Where they keep "turning over" a customer from one salesman to another? Never in our store. We'll show yon what we have—i, r ood clothes and nothing else. Yon needn't buy unless yon \vai)t to. Every Rood color, pattern and style represi-nit-il in our assortment. All priees, here, too. THE TOGGERY Gloves The east bound local (No. G) from San Francisco, arrives at 7:05 p. m. instead of 7:20. The west bound overland, (No. 7) arrives at 7:30 a. m. instead of 7:35, and leaves at 7:55 instead of 7:50. The west bound valley local (No. 5 departs at 8:20 n. rn. instead of 8:50. against them In the Franklin county am , the proBpectg O f t i, a t interesting circuit court charging them with com- plleity In the murder of William Goe- jbel. Taylor was the Republican contes-1 tee for the governorship and Flnley | was secretary of state in the previous ; administration, his term having expired several weeks before the murder of Goebel ocucrred. Three Re-] publican governors of Indiana since; the murder have refused to deliver i the two mon to tho Kentucky author-! itleg for trial on the ground that they would not be given fair trials. ' Mufflers Suits Suspenders Suit case Trunks Hats LOWILL * H.OOM Vests Hos'ery stale offices, with the exception of nontenant governor, pluralities so large thai the missing precincts will probably n<n defeat them. The pluralities range from 1482 to 3109. Jacob F. 0. Melk'h, Republican, for lieutenant governor, leads by forty- two votOK and the official count will ho necessary to determine who IH elected to that office, Complete returns to the Republic Tuft a plurality of 1818. H. CLAY PIERCE HAS SURRENDERED TO TEXAS Al'^TIN, Texas. Nov. M. \\IiV the avowed intention of MiiTenilevin;; him• si-It' to Sheriff Matthews, H. C'lity ' Plerco, clnlrrniin of the Water* Pierce : Oil Compauy, and Attorney Priest, ar- WANT TO MAKE THE CITY OF SAN DIEGO DRY. A dispatch from San Diego says: After tho victory in the back country districts of San Diego County it is tho general sentiment among the members of the County Anti-saloo?i T>nagtie that thfiy will mobilize their forces for an assault on the city at the spring election next April. Tho ordinance submitted by the supervisors this year went Into tho question of liquor or no liquor in the county outside tho cities and Incorporated towns, and by a majority of more than ISO the anti-saloon forces won rived lien.- today, lie called latff on the sheriff and arranged for ball on the charge of perjury. Ills trial was hot for Nov. Ii3. Write Right Anytime, Anywhere A modern essential is the. fountain pen. A source of endless satisfaction if it l)e a wood one. Many people who need a fountain pen have as yet: failed to experience lite aid that one renders. We art; a cents for the WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without nsi-lcss attachments or complieiiled mechanism, '('lie our lli.'l.t writes riirlil all the timr. Drop in HIM! si'f ilii'iii.. $2,50 to $15. THE KODAK STORE. . A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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