Durant Weekly News and Bryan County Democrat from Durant, Oklahoma on February 4, 1927 · 4
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Durant Weekly News and Bryan County Democrat from Durant, Oklahoma · 4

Durant, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1927
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I It hur (vat tart" ut I hr laa make it mnrn ill ft luul to Wenn 11olt 44 mitibm soul ton Ono o nle 1100nnooll to tvrane I he Pcrat Inn ut ja‘t toe tn t he Ilan or P mow h vrimaml h yurs and Jaskol s semi 14 Mk too t rrupt lt tit' I Clinic iv) this 4-citifry has as-iiita41 !the 11-"1101rlis charae:cr 4 a h it mill Ie 41valt iih 1la 11144 t elferalitig '‘ stitch tilom a life of crime its iitttly (wily in iNvry IVA tt 11 ti 141' 14 in it !eitivtr I Uutt frititivilens ft 'flips it i prulty Atft conchal that III i- letctl tairit t" he at lar-4 ttarefee tiputs the 441100n y i jatilov1 41' Atitting ret tom fir a the Mtattiv law lira a Canadian Boy's Grit Admiration must be fclt for the plucky Canadian George Young only 17 years odd who vain the channel lietwen this California mainland and Catalina Island being the only one of 103 contestants to finish the course Of the entrants 22 were women oungs time in crossing Wit 15 hours and tit minutes For his feat he received the prize of $25000 offered by Villiam Wrigley Jr to the first person to the 22-mile channel Two women Margaret C Hauser of Long Beach Cal and Martha Stager of Cortland Ore swam about three hours longer than Young but failed to finish They were each given a consolation prize of $2500 for their brave efforts The Canadian lad traveled from his home in Toronto to California by motorcycle to win the prize and honor in competition with some of the greatest long-distance swimmers in the world Ile will now have the opportunity which comes to all out standing stars of the athletic world to go into the movies or vaudeville Asked about his future plans while resting in a hospital Young said: "I'ni going to build a home in Los Angeles and bring my mother to California to live" Blue and Gray Reunion Congressman Edgar Howard vif Nebraska recently brought to the attentien (Jr the Itouse or 11ita the proposal for a final joint reunion of the tlratal Army of the Republic and the United Cenfederate Veterans to be beld in the city of wnIiinitton in Ite 11:4 advocated Ily 1) Richards a istitezuklied Union soldier of Prt twilit Nett and others hile hi Plan not been approved by these N'tt great tuitional organization it has been widely discussed ltIl may be brought before them for offieial consideration this ye:tr an editorial en the subjeet ill the Fremont Tribune the rguatent is made that each year the recurring reunions with their fatigue of travel and entertainment is a severe S t ra on the remaining strength of the veterans many of whose lives have been cut short thereby Approving the suggestion of Mr Richards the Tribune said: "He proposes in brief that a final grand reunion of all the veterans of the Civil War be arranged and thus mark the final closing of the breach that once threatened the very existence of our nation that the age bowed hosts of the Union and the Confederacy march down historic Pennsylvania Avenue this time join-I ed in a harmony and patriotic broth erhood that will for all time symbolize the lasting unity of our people" While there may be dissenting opinion to us it seems that this would be a wonderful demonstration of patriotism and brotherhood which could not fail to make a lasting and beneficial impression upon the whole nation IMIEi C M SHAW TO ST IMUIS MEETING MONDAY C M Shaw manager of the Buster Brown Shoe Store here left Monday noon for St Louis Mo where he will attend a meeting of Buster Brown More men It was said that around 500 persons would attend the meeting In Mexico practically all laundry work is still done by hand THE FEATHERHEADS City Plants Sold Accon lint to a reeent bulletin lira ntunicipal tleetrie and power plants tf tiortnar the past year in I any one state is reported from teor igia where 211 sere sold 1tva repfirt I eI I 4 lHinii $ Florida 7 North Car iolma t Texas it ()klahomn F and !New York 11 tint tho mit wens Iseatterej among amout other etates I From nevcpnittr accounts tin file ath the National Electric Light As Isociation in practically every rase 'municipal ownership as abanilonett late an oventhelminir vote tf the ctomtinities concerned Uneconomic epcia'nn doe lot-rely to politit al in ifloo ore vtas if I VP ri as the cause for Idiotic Ihd Tape talotte Alit I apc 1 ! tot t! !1ti Itt41 exaper !tome red tape tozuktions devised by r“vvrtimultt bureaucrats in Wash-Melon :hose dealing with loans to :war veteran- most bear gt I the palm In miler to negotiate s Lain ed !per cent of the face value of his ad sevi certificate the veteran and the lending bank are 'vomit 14 t exis ate nulliPrOttA forms affiflivaits am! notifications Ti enumerate all of these reuse less requirements would lake the equivalent of two full newspaper columm of space When it is umlerstood that at the present time no loan which may he made exceeds $711 or Pot tis an average the stupidity of the required procedure is more plainly evident The regulations might well be entitled: "Regulations to effectually hamper veterans in securing loans provided by law" HAPPINESS There are two ways of being happy We may either diminish our wants or augment our ineans—either will do—the result is the same and it is for each man to decide for himself and do that which happens to be easiest If you are idle or sick or poor however hard it may be to diminish your wants it will be harder to augment your means If you are active and prosperous or young or in good health it may be easier for you to augment your means than to diminish your wants But if you are wise you will do both at the same time young or old rich or poor sick or welt and if you are very wise you will do both in such a way as to augment the general happiness of society —Franklin PIONEER ADMITTED TO STATE BAR WAS INDIAN ATTORNEY it proof that he as at one time an "Indian lawyer" W Ward years old !odds a cer issued on January n 1t127 !:idititting him to the practice of law 1"liefli i all state courts of Oklahoma 5Ir Van! 1 a 'whoop citizen of Johnstim county Ills home is nt Tishomingo and he practived before the Indian courts long bolor state hood in the old Chickasaw capitol building that stands today and is still being used as the county courthouse of Johnston CO 11 When the so-called "Curtis Act" of June 28 1s98 went into effect in the Indian territory the jurisdiction of all tribal courts was so modified that Ithere was little or no litigation hand-:led by Indian courts Then it was that Ward laid aside his activities as a lawyer and served his tribe as superintendent of public instruction and as national treasurer of the Chicks saw nation up to near statehood when he acted as clerk of the house of representatives as long as the Chickasaw legislature continued to meet During the intervening years Ward has kept up his study of law with the intention of some day going back into active practice That day has come now and backed by a university education and a life of hard and prac tical expereince he plans to estblish an office in his home city O P C TAKES GAME FROM GOLDMIDDIES The Oklahoma Presbyterian College basketball team took their game from the Oklahoma City University Goldmiddies here last Saturday night on the Teachers College Court 23-19 The game was a thriller from Mart to finish At the end of the first period it looked very much like the locals were doomed to defeat During the remaining periods of the game however they made tb remarkable comeback resulting in the margin which gave them the game IrV XL State's Schools disk Legislature For Large Sum I '10eal Teachers (allege Ls For Sit0000 Seek New Libre') and lassreent 11111041ot auwommmmb The Institutionat IilI fl” in the legetiative hoPPer assks 1r $1001'- non which sum is to he partialleil out to the various State itioltutions including the State Teachers colleite Funds reetommentle(1 tr the home University total $270400t The ban' for the A anti M Celt re it ttle The Ventral Teachurs Concre at tiklahoina aks for s new gymnasium citiline for f !Inman and a tont appropriation t The tit eat herford Tearticr asks for $1230on itli 111114! $121moi H nw lihrary The Soy heasturn Stats T-ncle rs 'dirge here is asking 1i $1'i19t111 in chilled in which is $12'$1011 ("r tlLeary mot 1“ T:4 14) cal tenchurs Convey alit mly hit the t Gymnasium in the tat” it is pointyI it The AA Teachers f 1110te liskA4 for S701010110 invitoiod in is $ ilo- f r a gymnasium atill $111oon for new lands tither appropriation loStlit ICSS him the above some more EITFAT OF' PLANTING DATE AND SPACING ON GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF cot With the acquisition of more definite information concerning the hal) its Of growth and fruit development of the cotton plant under the various climatic and season conditions Of the different cotton-growing regions of this country says the United States Department of Agriculture methods of controlling the boll weevil and improved cultural practices can be more intelligently stAied ar1 applied With these objects in view the department conducted experiments during 1923 1924 and 1925 at the Unite States Cotton-Preeding Field Station at Greenville Texas to determine the effect of different dates of planting and different spacings upon the growth and fruit development of cotton plants The results have been published in Department Circular No 401-C "Growth and Development of Cotton Plants at Green ville Texas" The interval between the appearance of successive fruiting branches and that between the appearance of successive squares On fruiting branch es was not materially uffected in the tests by date of planting In the unthinned rows however the intervalsl between the appearance of successive' squares on fruiting branches were longer than in 12 inch spacing of each date of planting The rate of Square production seems to be directly Mated to the twetative vigor Of the plants and not necessarily affected by the advance the season T early planted cotton was usually slow in germinating came up to a poor stand and tnany of the plants were injured by sore shin tomosis black at in and plant lice The 41 disorders and pets killed in of the seedlings anti nnowed the others mow only very slovly On the other hand the later plantings entountered more favorable weather eondit ions and therefore germinated rapidly and I ittle affected by disease and aphids The maturation period of bolls was found to vary from 33 days for those set early in the season to about Z15 (lays for late season bolls with no consistent differences between varieties A copy of Department Circular No 401-C giving details of the experiments may be obtained as long as the supply lasts upon application to the Departmentiof Agriculture Wash ington D C Peter 3 year old Crown Prince of Serbia is the smallest heir to a throne He weighed only a little more than 4 pounds at birth I Final Report ! Boundary Case 1 Is Before Court 1 --- The fourh report said tt two the final one in the' Red iv rer ItotinIsry lease is now talon the United Sta 1 leq Stiprv'Me Collet having been Ole 0 ed before that body Monday 4 bis iiseek completing dispute tn the 'botandary bytWern Tr IV and Okla i ihoma as it existed lOtt years air I The court in the Red River ease 1"tiltinallY filed aizainst Texas by MI lahoma for possession of Oe ritxr ItteI which had ltivottits valuable in !oil and tra!t held that the treaty lieteten the tnitell States and Spain inutile in l'1!0 but effective in Isi21 fixed the boundary as the P nigh cut I bank 10 the river existed in the last Intoned year The north half r thi 1 ri 14 t A' coirt hell to be Ole 1 l'I'10'llY of the oklationia riparian outlets and the are betWeen the center of th truam and the '1' nith ibatik to lo put land of the Uniled i :titles Oklahoma It tit teritory of tht suit it had originated The -mr p deeiston arrett 11 the river lietWeeit the !with meridian I boundary between Oklahoma and the 1Texas l'itWaindltI and thi eastern State line of oklahoria a distance of almut Wu miles About 'oni miles of Ithe distance is elivered in the three prio 1111'14 Of the 4'011inti‘siotiera Arthur 10 Kidder of the Federal land ' office IVashingion and Arthur A Stiles former Texas reclamation tngineer Austin The final report deals with the strtant bordering on all of Red River and half of Bowie Cowls ties Texas and all of McCurtain and port of Choctaw Counties Okla GREAT INTEREST IN l'011 TRY SCHOOL AND SHOWS Poultry and egg day on February 9 will be an important occasion in Bryan county according to E It Robbins president of the Bryan county poultry axsociation Greott plans are being made for the Bennington Bokchito Caddo and other larger centers where the business men realize that poultry in many instances has saved the day this year In addition to the school feature premiums will be given for the best chickens turkeys and eggs brought out on this occasion The best posted poultry men in the county as well as a number from outside the county will be here to assist in the school phase of the poultry shows Premium lists have been printed and distributed by Bokchito and Bennington both carrying a nice line of prem Mons Premiums are being offered at all places These schools and shows will be held at Bokchito Bennington Caddo Kemp Colbert Utica Mead Calera and at Cobb Consolidated school Every one interested in poultry raising is urged to attend some one of the schools and shows They will all be hold on thca same day Feb ruary P The big county show opens in Dor:oil on February lu for three days all winning birds at the township hows will la brought to the county :low Du February 8 Professor iire of the A and M College :11 be in Durant Wlnsday February $ for' the purpose of bolding a one day school for judges This will be held in the county agents office Every one interested in poultry raising is urged to attend and take I part hi all these meetings as much valuable information can be obtained MIT APPLE SUCCEEDS STRANGE ON POLICE FORCE ANNOUNCED Wirt Apple Durant has taken the place of Glen Strange on the City Police Force the vacancy having been made recently by the resignation of Strange The City Council in meeting Tuesday night selected Mr Apple to succeed Strange Yellow Butter is prohired by feeding Choctaw Red Seal Brand mixed feed Durant Cotton 011 Mill 5wa1 103 South Second Exclusive Agency This District Nebraska Certified Dry-Land Seed Potatoes PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW J W C BELL By Osborne 0 rwmkt Durant Okla Ei Vi $ 1 Si 1 1 - - TM° MEN ForND LINYTING DENISON stoRtt oNic KILLED —— A mean who wag titter illentifiett am thear Ito liant Ate 3 AA ohot death and l'AtrAnisn T W Ilrive AAA prahahly fatal4 wounitial At !ten awn Teta lately Tuesday mortillit when tWob men were deteete1 looting a atoms in a rnailential itertion An other man rwapeti in the dnrkneaa Ati the offieer twirl y oble t medoly himaelf fir e4 At the fheing man who dropped in hi a trAcka A bottle a !Num Neveral petiniea Anti A rabbits fool niale up the item fowl' on the INblir Ile n4 t) IIVO near thn aim IA levaa A Wift -Me 101 s I f I? isoN 1'4 FIMIIER L I I Er 111111 iwa 4t at141 MN W H Iwriali Darant a At iIiit at M141111)1111 1'11114'1411y ha 14441 seteettA a a member ill the Men'p Gee Club Tile erotaiza I :Ion A III VIM It in OW :161111 t t Wei flail Camp( tit:0 :it $ t Louis i a flirmer 01111 tit at the Sow lwaltern $tale 14'aeitC1! riolleve here w!wre ht V8S pti111ta ni :ti Wet' Utah iVit MISOSLLALSOUS hABSNWIAAMM S'S11:11:1) PURE BRED CHICKS From our prize winning pens White Rock and S C Rhode hland Reds that are first prize winners in TOMS and Oklahoma Day old baby chicks hatched every Monday at half price 17 cents each until March 10th Also special half price on eggs Per bundred $750 setting $125 and $250 If interested will be glad to have You visit our farm so you may see for yourself They have no equals Bred to weigh lay and ri Cooper's Red and White Poultry kacia C la Cooper Manager 1023 West Main St Durant Oklahoma Phone 937 GINIAtf Strong vigerous dark uniform FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4 1927 single Comb Reds and Crrsetal White Orpingtorins Bli00 pp ttine POO per hundred Sallie Prism Sao Route lothront Ma Phone 1142-112 54 Burroughs Adding if aohine with stand and work table Will list firm es up to 1E99929 and total up to itt) pittlpo Machine may he seen at Durant Chamber of Commeree Stand at Durant 1Veekly NMI Bargain for rash See E M Evans 4 3 FOR SAM—Hatching Egli and Ilaby Chicks trnm heel' to lay White Ircherns Chicks $111011 per 100 Ertes 875n prr loo Get chicks every Sat trday G F Hagood Durant Okla l'hene IV14-j evenings FOR SALE—Bright r4 Forg000n oped ontg Na John lion grokg 14 C tVotking Colors ‘vNTED—Goo1 middle aged unineumbered Worn lin ttl keep house for man and Pon Good homr pleasant surroutulings If Interested write box 121111 Itolichito Okla 2Watf MO111 AND ItErrEn chicks from 11eur °an eggs cheaper than you can hatell them Mammoth 60000-egg In rillotcrs now going Make reservaLona early Bring eggs Saturday and Telblys Chicks off Tuesdays ilmt Thursdays Catalog Price list Smith Matthews Hatchery Box 23 112 ranbio Arilmorts Okla INAtt — MARRY IF LONELY for results try me best and most successful 'Home Maker" hundreds rich wish marriare soon strictly confidential most reliable years experience descriptions free The Successful Club" Mrs NASII Box 556 OAKLAND CALIFORNIA BABY CHICKs—Thoga big happy fluffy purebred money-makers that live and grow now ready White Brown Buff Leghorns and Anconas 61400 per 100 Red Rocks Wyandottes Orpingtons $15 per 100 Safe delivery by prepaid parcel pod and highest quality guaranteed Catalogue and price list sent free 60000 egg incubators for custom hatchingSmith-Matthews Hatchery Box 23 112 Caddo Ardmore Okla 1NAtf Youll LAST CHANCE To buy Staton's High Grade Footwear at 'A PECE i Next week we expect to move into our new store and we are sacrificing these rather than move them We also have quite a few articles of boys clothing and wash suits left which we are closing out at about WHOLESALE COST Wash Suits Values to $340 98c Sleepina Garments Values to $200 49c Boys two pant suits $295 Boys wool pants 49c VA TONS ‘ftiff BOOTERIE FOOTiVEAR SPECIALISTS Talking to An Empty House OSWOim 1 11 IL I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I o I I I I I I I I i 1 5 5 n R E ! R E k fi n R a m R m R R a m R ! ---- !! II T 110111111101111111111 1 i 1 L 11 !I I I I mos rtimcKss coNcLuoiNG 1 1F1-ANO SCOUPPE -141 I NUMBER 11114 'FLACZFUL014 t I 1 LiAW lit eucastr ItiPock-T3- i i uk4- AttO A viicit tRom iii 11 1 FEARFut IS HE --Atio toDP4 t7 N StittI-Sami o& il PLEeksE sThNo EN omit' crge- Sot COMING im 1 oet m RI pttchE-- i ! CITY ft 3UST OM 1WE Icts3 I 1 II 11 III - I 1 OP ttAltoolk -b Mk NA— 9gOttOtiti ! rit4t 60040 Now I Nitih g 4Prs t 1 I Z - --- I at) 1 - it II i ' I "A 41 ' ' - 'Ilia- :)47 1 b1 (Pol 1 ' 1 t 11 — — i II i --1 ii4i ‘ 14 eiNtia AIM t 1 II - z I 1 tenyityl ) I I 1' 0 i ' '' '' : I " rJrTJzrLrkrJzrrffl I Ionia - Talking to An Empty House t( 1 I v °LIZ UNV 50u14c4(E'T --- 11(11 AKINi c)() T T " AtdriatiG ELSETo FILL IN Wili4 SUIToAED 'tto 1121 U41061 SIAZW ONILAE C" AND Wr MOM MOGS4AM CIONEZA IALL 9 ON AN PC04 AMIE 1 AGOit I 011 erf$ —k 8 el 4' tie t: tftll C4K1 rL‘- 16' b 714v pr tr4 tr - A ookA 'r( or I taint 0111 liv USW:X:411pm P aidolave I 11 t' mgoon gMCIASSIFILI) AnS II V t b? II 01 4 rt- k 1 t mf ” !I 1 I II ' 10 4 AM at Ctit s he I Atti 1 : he P listl war Ear and 0 j1 v as only rent A eng I ha 17( m he Inili w or who ham Ti I hilt cy deat a d( are r E I ri and 4 ters i-:' T I 'Pk the ''1 :Veal ind i 0 Cur '-'4)chui cept AI - sold eo eon r Rep Ten wha II the A the mas II O ( ed i II Agt ecss fan II grol diar abiC the cros assi She of c frie fedi Jud II tinv tive sitii con' of was UM Sta ed I as mei the Lib I sch lag Ho at pt( ( I ht 4ct ine f1 -i a ' Th tir kit Bu Ve cc gil his Ca I& mi 1114 GU ta th th a 104 St ex fiz F' c d n ' — 41 -I 1 i4 t -t t -I 1 r sk 4 t - ( r ) v I J 1 t 1 I ( Hi I i m I ( I 1 e I 1 1 I I 1 I i I I I I a i i to I i 1 i t R : L 1

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