The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 21, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1971
Page 6
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Page" 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE East and West swap adoptions By FRANK BUI.LARD WASH INC.TON "(MM) Tin- Ylirronosiaiis adopted Mrs. Susan l-il.- in. I«>60. In 1970 Mrs. File --adapted a Micrpn«- sian. r all started when Mrs. File and her husband. Jerry, went to .Saij>an in August. 1 •)(>(>, when lite was appointed Peace Corps Director there. Mrs. " Kite became ..close friends with a. woman working in her husband* 'office. Joanir Kekemesek. a native of the island of - rVlilu. . She -.later' visited another island, l'alau. to meet Joa.nie's parents and learn about their culture. Su^aii was'-warinly received. More . s|K-<\. _ sl'e was adopted liv the Palatum family. ""I.. didirt know what was happening. " Su.-an recalled. ""I don I speak I'alaiiau. and llie'v didn't -peak Kngli.-h. It. wasallverv iutoruial." Kxchanging gifts, was part ol the ceremony. "Ihev gave nie 'women's money,' "Mrs. hjlr said ih an interview, dis- ) playing a brown, band-rubbed tortoise shell. After three THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1971 ' Sai aipan, Friday Night, Jan. 22, 1971 7:30 P.M. SHARP Repossessed - Bankrupt, Consignments, New & Used Furniture, Appliances & Household Goods. Famous Name Brands-Buy At Your Price. —> USED . 3 pe. Modern bedroom suites, box springs & mattresses; 2 pc. Modern living room suites, green naugdhyde sofa, end tables & lamps, 5 pc. dinette sets, 7 pc. dinette sets, Monogram 80,000 BTU oil heater, G.E. washer & dryer (extra sharp), 30", 36", 40" gas & electric ranges; 2 dr. bottom freezer refrigerator (sharp), odd beds twin or full size, sewing machine, dishwashers, old chairs, bunk beds, etc. 2 pc. Early American living room suite, end tables, lamps, rugs, 3 'pc. bed room suites, box springs & mattresses full, twin, queen sizes, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, solid maple or oak bunk beds, odd chest, solid maple dinette sets, solid maple hutch, 7 pc. dinette sets, 3 cushion sofa & matching love seat, 3 pc. black nagau- hyde Spanish living room suite, Mr. & Mrs. chairs, etc. Hundreds of items not listed! SELECT ANY NEW or USED ITEM FOR AUCTION, FAMOUS NAME BRANDS — UNBELIEVABLE SAVINGS. YOU CAN'T BUY FOR LESS. I now many New Year resolutions did you hear people make? How many, if any, resolutions concerned individual action for the. good of society as a whole instead of improve ment or gain for self? For example - how many people-promised to change their! goals? To lessen an. interest in quantity of personal posses--! sions and strengthen quality of character in dealings with other people? To replace dislikes and hatreds with acts and evidence of love for their fellow man? To strive for. agree'p ment and union as a replacement for stubbornness or contrariness? To abstain from retaliation for alleged or actual wrongs by others? To tell ".the 'truth instead of seeking'ex­ cuses for errors with the use of-false of idle words? To decrease doubts; despair and fear - and increase hope, and faith? To seek strength and calmness through daily prayer instead of occasional pleadings to Heaven when earthly props fail? • • ... . - } These are the sort of resolutions that only you can make for yourself. No one else can make them for you. And certainly no one else can keep them for you. Are they worth while? Only you can answer that..... May we mention again that your' comment by letter, phone or person is always welcome - and appreciated - be. it pro or con... PHk NICHOLS, Young-Nichols Funeral Home / Pho^e 675-4780 216 W. Jefferson St. the Fitcs returned \ to Washington. . t The two women continued to correspond. : Miss Rekemesek became an airline stewardess and •then a bride. Then lier aiint — the liivli priestess of Palaii - 'was killed in an aeei- dent. "Joanie returned to Patau to help lake .care."of her aunt's < children." Mrs. Kite said. The Palatums take care of oneaiio- tlu-r." Tribe member I As an 'honorary member' i>f the tribe. Mrs. Kite also wa> deeply eoncerneil. *"H liirt; Joanie '.wrote' me almul tiff Madias" (priestess") death. I though-of'adopting one ol' her si\ ehildreu."'" she said. ; • Mrs.| File called lier husband :il work and . di.-'eusseil < the -.matter wilh him. -ealled back in three hour.-, and said okay, she recalled. • \h>. File was 'off'for Micronesia when'. she. went .-'through an ollieial cercmonv . to adopt I 7-inonths-old Vlit- 11 Temingill. There was a hew . hitch immedistelv". Mrs. File needed papers certifying the adoption to bring the child into the Fnited Stall's, but "it was a Micronesian holiday ! aiiil rxer\ thinsr was closed. She •'finally gol a judge, and .hi.-- >i 'crelar\. to make out the.'. necessarv forms. The little liron/.e bab\ finally arrived at his new home here willi a case ol bronchitis and a new iiu'me — David Temingill File. - - . • X. CERTAIN FAILURE OF RACIAL INTEGRATION It is I my observation, the America i people are given to "nobleexperiments'' impossible of attainment This, national one supposes, people for trvi •penchant is a form of youth and idealism, and though a should not be faulted ytng. it does seem we \lbuld li; to set bur goals at an elevation that holds some he pe of realization. It certainly seems so. but we haven't yet learned the lesson. We tried prohibition, you will remember - the government was gong to make us not drink - and \yhat came of that was a and near-criminal flout- !avv that lives on to this general ing of 'day.' ". And on the foredod now we are embarked race thing. It. too. is rried to failure and for Plenty Of Seats. Financing Available. Early wine's Furniture First and Main Elwood, Ind. J. T. EARLYWINE, Auctioneer Not responsible for accident PHONE 552-5315 TURN YOUR USED ITEMS INTO CASH THE FAST WAY. (Open Everyday For Retail Salts) THROUGH TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1971. 20 F REE WEBB- ST AM PS with S3.00 or more gas purshase DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY WED. & SAT. 215 So. Main Tipton Jim Rush, Mgr. WEBB Gins For less K limit one PANTY HOSE 390 ST P 88c with gas purchase HEET -25C the verV same reason: The government has resorted to force rather tjhan reasonr. . ***•*'. .'.'. No bovernment can successfully, or for long, pursue a policy contrary to nature. The races are inherently different (and , therefore unequal) and there is nothing ihe government nor •anybody else can do about tiiai. So. it [isn't the attempt, per se. that should concern us; if that were the end of it there would be no [cause for alarm.' We could sit and await collapse of effort. But it isn't the end; failure won't mark the end of •this "experiment, noble in purpose" The evil of the attempt, as that of prohibition, will live long after its checkered bones are interred. Therefore. I want away, soonest; the quicker the better, the quicker the less qamage to us all. That is write of it — sometimes )j]ng length. ***** simpl .N) the why to. bo Wej hear incessant' talk of equah opportunity, particularly in the field of education. The argument being, since "all men are created equal", then equal oppo'luriity must result in the equality of all men. "I hat argument - and it is the -argument the whole push is basec upon - is specious from begir ning to end. enneiff January Bargain Days JOHN J. SYNON . This is the fact: The native skill of some races, in certain areas, e.xceeds.the native skill of other races in the same areas. Time after time, after time, this fact has been conclusively 1 ", demonstrated. •' Take, for instance and for a change, certain known differences between the Chinese and the Jews. The Chinese, psycho-' logical testing discloses, have their strongest skill in what is .. known as "space conceptualization" (the ability to imagine) and their weakest in verbal ability (the ability to write and argue). The Jews are just the 1 reverse; they are best, at writing and arguing; weakest in conceptualization. ***** Now. then. Let us represent the strong points of each of these two races with the figure. . 3. And the weakest with the.. figure, 2. And let us give to each of them "equal enrich-., ment". let us double their strength (the purpose of-educa-- tio.n). Do that and the strong points of each race come out at 6. and the weak points at 4. And the significance of.that'.' This: With "equal opportunity" the differences between the two races have increased (from one to two): the races are more different (unequal)-after "equal enrichment" than they were before "enrichment". As it happens, the Chinese .and the Jews are the intellectual equals of.any people on earth (perhaps superior in some re- . spects). But what of a race whose abstract intellectual skills, •those most critical in a White culture - are universally below the White norm? You can . "enrich" such as these until you are blue in the face and - unless you invidiously handicap, the remaining races - you will never make the substandard the equal oft he standard. Never. 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