The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 7
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When the Furnace Fails 1^55^55^ KSS >:< On many a cold winter morning you wi u W! fc c , 0 ji n j , he j ires " OU ,;- What are you going to do about il—shiver 1 ^Prepare now for the emergency with a PERFECTION 00 Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) and you'll have genial •glowing heat—instantly—wherever you \»»nl il—without smoke >or smell—smokeless device prevents—turn the wick as high or as low as you like. Easily canned about. Brass font holds 4 quarts o! oi!—bunts 9 hours. Handsomely finished in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. by the supervisors pending an invest!-! I gallon ns to whether the price is reasonable under prevailing market rate:--. I New Kern River Wells. The Hardfson perforating Company Is today cutting the pipe in well No. .'1 of the American Crude Oil Coiiip.i- ! uy. I Potomac well :ti! was perforated y< -• I tor.lay and dny before yesterday wi'll | No. I of the Akron, and No. 14 of tUV j Hill 1 KagU- wev made n-a ly l-r. puiiiplni:. (tfioil K'sult.s arc being dii tnlned 1:0111 tin- two. Object to Unio". Objection hiis been file;.] with tin- Fresno city council uKainst the CM struetion of the propose.1 plant of t! " Union Oil Company in the ElnMt :. tract. Property owners In the rM.stri. which Is a rapidly growing residen addition, declare that the proxlin: 1 .. of the oil plant will injure the valiii s of tlioir property. The council !i;i> tnUen the matter tinder consideratiop. .lames Hryce, well known liere, Is n p resenting the t'nion In Fresno. UEGAL. LKQAL. UMAb 1 California sum Association, trustee for Dickinson. Win. '' Kxtt 11- -tei H. at (he time of the opening of said j C bi<ls any responsible person, flrm. or j baiYfoVnVVohie lOxten-' corporation present or represented I sionAssoeiation.trustee may bid for .aid franchise or prlvl- e^niia^onle'Kxten: l"ci' ;\ sum not less thnn 10 per cent sioiiA^ociatHm.trustee above the hluhcst sealed bid therefor. ..for.Crow ton. Cvrus ...25S and s-aid bid so made may be raised nrit loss thai! l n per cent by any other responsible bidder, and said bidding •o co'.,i iiiuo until finally said fran- IM- slmil 'e struck off, sob!, ami • irbii by ^ rd Hoard of SUVM-VIR- ; to 'he bk'.br-st bidder therefor in •: i.oiu of the United States. "'a'.ed tbis ir.ih day of October, 1',»)<;, l'al« !-.«(!.•!!. Kern County ,Cai;for- i. • I. U MILLER, •rk of rho ttoarj of Supervisors of K' - rn County. 11-2 litbrnia llmnf 1 chin. 37 •'2 l ji-U '11:88 5.00 "Th« 10 10.00 fornln. . , tour weeks ln« ' in ihe l KerE to law . successively io-r> Judge -of -the SUMMONS Sunerlor Court of the Count v " lifornia. ~ In the _ ol Kern. State of .). Q. Hodeens. n ... «. ..v,,.^,...,. , /aintfff vs. Silver; — Bow oil ConiMiiv. Defendant. NOTICE. To v.l.inn it may (oncr;n u.ivuii> (irimaud. my wife. having u.>.'intoned me on ilir 2!)th day of October, I'.MIS, ui'huut any justification or any rea*- - is to notify you that I will not miislble for any debts contract- her whatsoever from said last ti.-id clptp. PIERRE OH1MAUD. rcflelf!, Cal.. Oct. 30, IMS. SS b Kxlen- . .. .. -\si«ocliiii»a. trustee for Kviins. l.'i.uis A. . . California Hun;' 1 Kxttni- for i'ivans, Lumisi A. . . California Hume Kxieii- siou Associate in.t i iiHieo for Kvans, l.umi^. A. .. 99 California Home Kxten- Sion -'ssoelatinu. trustee tor Evans, l.iimi.s A. ..100 California Hume Kxten- sion Association, trustee, tor Fimlon. V. alter ...280 Kriedlunder. Max 414 I'oster, John 415 California Home Extension Assoclat lou. trustee for Gardiner. II. 11. . . .210 California Home Kxten- sionAssocfation.t for Url Callforn DIVIDEND l.ioiiriu'il NOTIUE. At an adjourned meeting.. Hoiird o!' Director:-, ot tho S. !»7 20 20.00'on m. held Oct. lis. 11MIX. a _^ i was dei.i;ire;t of fuiii 1 cc'riis ii B«W*. tin 1 Mock oi the company, imvuble M-nibci- 1:;. l»os. at the office: of_ eonipanv. r.ii;: Chester avenue. ersllcld. Cal. 11-2 IT. W. THOMAS. Secretary. S)S Hi 1(1.00 i 1G.OO 20.00 SUMMONS. the State of Action brought' in the Sunerior COIIM ol the C'fiunvjof Kern._ Settle of NOTICE OF "fiia send Greet...- ._ Company. Defendant. You are. her.eby reauired Thc jR&xfo Lamp ±,^.1^ >M«ii ** light lor rudinj or uw> Ing. Mule ol \nia, «iA«l pilled <nd equipped with lli« I«M improvni centnt (Irifc knrntr. Every lamp wimntcd. II your o'ulcr doeui'l any ike Perltrtwn Oil Hula and Riy« Lunj.. wiilt uki ncarect tgtucy lor descriptive circulir. STANDA-RD OIL, COMPANY (Incvrpotatcd) Oil Men Meet Today to Discuss a State Agency LOS ANGELES, Now. 6.—Preliml-, las nary to the organization of an independent oil producers agency for,all California, a meeting -will be held at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the office of the McQuIgg Investment Company in the Laughlin building. The movement was launched at the last meeting of the Coalinga agency, when a committee was appointed, consoling of M. V. McQuigg, vice president of the Coalinga agency, and first president of the* Kern River agency; T. A. O'Donnell^ superintendent of the American Petroleum Company, and an independent pro- has visited the greater -.part of the state and that IB still unorganized and reports encouraging results from his talks with the operators. The situation is simply this: When the two organizations were formed in the San Joaquin Valley fields, jrnla. and tlie Complaint in i 'f-' c ^!P^ °i;§te!LT3 JJ* office of; l.orhiiTln'Sn'S'Kr. lie Clerk of said SuiwW Court. , The People of the State of Calif01- I fiia send Greetlnir to Silver Bow Oil i PROf Superior PERSONAL State of Cal- S -antv state iountv ol Kern. " of Haluh i.. ec Notice is siijitiee of to appear / .,_ •ou bv ! California 1C Su- Oct ' of Kern.i <*e the Ip an action brpueht against v< the above-named ulalntiff. in th uerlor Court of the Countv of State of California, and to answer the Comnlaint filed thei'ein. within ten davs (exclusive of the dav of service) after service on vou of this Summons, if served within said Countv: n served elsewhere, within thirty davs. And vou «re herebv notified that If you fall to so apnear and answer, the Plaintiff will take ' — aiitprnia. made on thi 'ctooer. A. D. 1908. In ie estate of Ralnh Bo' se undersieneu admlni S oi'ey or <lam.,~- amnlRint as arisl ludcment for anv J ges demanded in the sine noon Contract, or vill iniplv to the Court for anv other relief demanded in the Comolaint. JVitness mv hand and the seal of said Sunerior Court of the -County of Kern. State of Callfornln. this 2nd dnv " " >vemt " k. \VhiUt' oTNpveniber.'A.' • Seal). matter of deceased. s hereby given, that in mir- -. an order of the Superior of, the Cguntv of. Kern. State of the 26th dav of the matter uf ,ower, deceased. :nlstrator of the <'."iiue ot said deceased wlfl sell at nrlviite sale in the ofnce of the public administrator and coroner of Ker.n Conntv. sit ' * v tbe Citv fount v. to the highest bldde. ._. ... lawful monev of the United States on the inh dav of November. 19(>S. at the bour of u^clocjc D. .m....the uersona] tv. situate In the. court nouse. In itv otBakersfleld. In said Kern tv. to the hlehest bidder for cash. 1 - i .t i. .. | g . . i90! the pppi-tv "belotiKfnij"to"the esfate""6"f Id Ralnh Bower, deceased: Three nail houses: 1 gasoline engine: 1 • -- - • - a t e r ti ' iqrral. sei id pipe: 1 barn: \ssoclation, trustee irlffln, Edw. W. ... 73 ID 10.00 i.rnla Home Kxten- • .277 'JO sion Association, trustee for (!reen, Alfred ... California Home Kxten sion Association, trustee for Drwen. Henry W. ..310 California Home Exten- ;lonA ssociatfon. trustee ,, for Harve ', J. M. 54 California -fome Kxten- Vssoctatlon. truhtee J. M Superior Couit of U ifornla. Countv of Kern. Southern Pacific Railroad Com Plaintiff, vs. U. il. CcHintiss. Jo i Stoiisland. Henrietta N. HoUtm. J. ; \V. I'ercv. Clarence W. Hobba 20.00 i minor), and John Ooe. DelenduBfU. I Action broucht in the Sunerlor 'of the State of California.,In an the Countv of Kern and the plaint filed Jn the olhce of the Cler. n the said Cc Ie ot the State iirfi aid C The said Court n 10 10.00 5.00 J H Co ettaJN. 1 ,. \V. I'ercv. Clarence ,W. In nilnori. and John Doe. defen v —- '•••rebv reauired to John . til v ira ereby reauired to an uroiijfnt aKalriBt vp nied I'mlnufl. In tn« of the State of Califo ome Kxlcn- tfqn. trustee -_.r Hefnr- "-'— California T ,_ sionAssociation.trijsteB „„ *or Hevden. Edw. T. ..179 ^.errman. D. M. .,. t!74 Ca-Hfornla Home Exten- elonAssocfation. trustee for Herrnian. p. M. Herrman. w **^ Merrman. D. M. t allfornla Home Bxten- 20 20.00 You are hen-bv In an action brou •he above-name' perlor Court of t... .in and for the Countv of to answer the Coniulaint nl 1 within ten davs (exclusive or uie o of service) after the service on yo» this summons if served within the IB Countv: or. if served elsewhere. thlrtv davs. •«...»•.•,• And you are herebv notified tnBt.K " " nnnear uniT . apulv „ marided ....... unde.r my han f the Superior Court ol California. In and on " i; U' lJPlL 8 LER.. Cl ikcr. Attorney 'for Plajn- 11-5 SUMMONS. of Bow of the County Silver Action brought in the Sunerior Court f the Countv of Kern. State of Cajl- id the Complaint filed In, said and the C of Kern, f said Sl , in the office of the ai th prices were 11 to 15 cents and producers were facing utter ruin. The agency brought them finrt 18 cents from the Associated, thend 27%, an now 60, with 62% guaranteed for next year. Then no one really knew anything about the market, about the production, about any other district or. Indeed, anything about what his ducer himself, and A. J. Walace, all j neighbor was doing or what he was Angelenos, to take the matter up in! receiving. He simply had to take this end of the state and at Santa ! the statements of the big buying cor- Maria. For several weeks they have I poration and was utterly at its mer- been at work, assisted by R. W. Dallas, secretary of the Coalinga agency, who is now in the •city. Mr. Dal- MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST It is made here in California and hi'in^ made here it follows that it is host adapted to tlic climate conditions. Then n train it costs no jiio!'e than imported paints, that art- made tu suit any climate, (Aistinp; so littti 1 ean yi-n afford to Jot your buildings I cy. Now ail this Is changed. ! Here in Los Angeles, producers are totally unorganized. They are right at the door of the market and no big corporation can control them or stand between them and the consumer, yet they are getting less proportionately than Hie Kern River anil Coalinga producers located a'way In land and remote from the Santa Maria, too, right on the ocean as it IK, is iriomni-/«d. and 50 cents, or 10 cents less than the inland fields, is the highest figure. When the agencies' contract price goes up next year the Santa Marians, accord- inn to the present outlook, must remain satisfied with the same as now, uvb'us the new wells ill Cat Canyon bring about a slump, which Is jpot impossible under the present, condi- fprnln. an County ot ... Clerk of said Sunerlor The People of the S. n „__ nla send sy;eetlne to Sliver Bow Comuanv. Defendant, You are nerebv reauired to appear an action broueht aeamst vou bv ned Dlalntiff. In the Suor the Countv of Kern, rnla. and to answer the the'.'above-named nlal ; or Complaint" filed 7the.rei.rir "w.Hhth .ten —, perior Court State of Cali davs (exclusive of the dav of service) after service on vou of this S If served within said Countv: elsewhere, within And vou are " " to so ancea summons, if served .—id vou are herebv not you, fail to so ancear and „ Plaintiff will take nidement,.fqr trough: on the west one-hal West three s auarter, (33) In ranee and M.. small .... .pumn.and pipe: 1 water tank: 1 hprs corral, all situated ., ..«.f <V4) of,the north(Vil of,section thirty, . ... ..i township thirty (30) putli ot ranee thirty-seven 37) east, jtl. p. B. and M.. in Kern county. Call- And. notice Is hereby clven. that sealed, bids will be received Dy said administrator for said nronertv un to - 1 hour of s;iU- thereof, and that all s must be accomnantea bv cash certified check in an amount eaual ten net- cent of tlie Dlds rij"'ie. Administrator of the pst'ate of 'K'nlnh Bower, deceased. 10-UO sion Association, trustee for Herri " r Cnllfornla bids or _ . to ten ...105 en- stee 1 Cnllfornla Home sionAssoeiation. ti for Herrman. A. J. California Home Kxlen- SlonAssocIatfon. traslee Herman. B. w. .;. ornia Home Exten- Association, trustee Tor Herman. B. w. off. C. F. .\ fOvlO. J. W. ...v, allfornla Home Extension Association, trustee 20 20.00 20 20.00 Cali 211 20 20.00 In thlrtv davs. And you an •ou fall to so 'ialntlff will he relief dere the Given ear and ana ly to the C ed in the Co hand, ami ourt of tne. and for the County " .nd Uie^-.the HtutJB ' attorneys for «lnnA88Ocfati6n«.tr,UBtee .. Jor Kcenev. J. W. .... 161 Cfallfornla Home Exten- 20.00 20.00 davs. ..-titled that if nd answer, the ... _____ ..._ement,.fqr anv monev or damaees demanded In the complaint as arising iiuon contract, or will nnolv to the Court for anv other re*lef demanded In the complaint. \vitness mv hand and the seal of said Suoerlor Court of tbe Countv Kern. Ptate of California, this 2 dnv of Oct.. A. D. 190S. 10-4 I. L. MILLER. Clerk. of 2Sth NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Notice is hereby given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice Is hereuy given lint the annual meeting of stockholders of the McKlttrlck Oil Company will be held at Its office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, Bnker- sfleld, California on Monday, November 9th, 1008, nt 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BROWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Btink building, corner 1.9th and H streets, Bakersfleld, California. 10-26 :or Keenev. S. W. \... 173 20 20.00 California Home Kxten- sion Association, trustee Jor Keenev. J. W, ....174 California Home Exten" isociatlop. trustee 20 20.00 enry th as. as. cCartney. Harry ..-cCartney.Ben.iV Onluornia J'. slonAsspcfation. trustee NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereby given that the mi- meetinct of Ibe stockholders ot elo\v named tuna! comnanv for nual, . the IK ttie nurp ise.ot electinc directors, as niav'Ve Virouuht b'e"" and the transactlori of siich other business ' ' I'fore the meetine. will he held at the office of said Com;; — —.""" """ —;" c "i'»<"v»...~.. -~ ^ nnnv. Kern Countv Land Coinnanv s Board of Supervisors of Kern County, | offhe Imlldinc. corner of l»th and ,H State of California, for a franchise to ! streets. Bakersfleld. California, at the i, Q ».o^,««,i »„ vt^ /v,i- 1,^1.0 -o. l date and hour set opposite the name: i * ifn iui|iainted and eay .' '.' 'inc in and let mi the iul). urh the • i n iM-fi of (bo Pioneer Mercantile Co i rjuue Main 98. GUI Kchamblin I eilhet& Taylor FOR The best that fall offers to eft is apples and we offer the b?st apples you can w. r . any plsce. Thsry're sound, rr.-td and ji'-cv. Phone an ord-^r ii- today fc:- good applts to e:t this tv- -4?S 19th St. Phone Main 401 -"•ile-wldc- ni'sani'/ation ap to enable nl: fo aft annihilated and in touch '•'• '",. 'iii'ilher. in provide a means ' ; :")tl'i"'hiir ni^il L'iviu:: out Correct •' '''f"'m;tUnn nn the state of Ihe in- '!:!"(rv in ptii-h district nnd each mar- '.-r- r . fit *he nrn-Micerp will not be nt " d'-'Ddvintji.m 1 ' in bar'.raiiilng with •'K' big foinpnnlep or with consumer?. :• i^ <>\r>"Pt('d tint incrensed prices v, ; ii fdliifv and tint a slump conse- ci" 'it nt'"n anv iv.ovr 1 in tbe miirket \v-M bf f!<"-i;pd Todav there is 1 -.... ;,- ei'niiub nil punivK'il for actual iiei'Fd. but if their exist un means of l;c,e|iinc this face before the producer it mlcht not be impossible to make it :—ear a? if there were an overproduction, nnd thus, with scores of -"•>all operators bidding against each i )'•(•!•. iir'"" 'lovt'n prices Tbe ro'"n>;ttep l"i= ."snatched to "ri'-h prfidii''"!- a (strong letter urging him to attend without full tomorrow or to nenil a representative. be granted to him (his heirs, success- market | ors, or assigns) for the period of fifty years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances theron fo r the •purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power, and other neccesary and useful purposes, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano in said County of Kern, under such restrictions, and In accordance with piich directions as said Board of Su- pervlsors .shall, by proper ordinance •e=! is not in that behalf, provide. proposed. K j s proposed to grant said franchise date Kern - 'R"iver ' C'niirif"'and "Trfiiratlric ^ "••••" •"F.Y-.MITXZER. Sec. to above named Canal Comuanv. Kern Countv Land Conmanv's office liith and H Htreets, er. Branev Ann .....ForniH Home Txten- slon ABsocfation. trustee for Myrj?n Kavmoud . .151 " " obt. Jr. cert, obt. J. . .no cert. «-n. ivobt. j. . .no cert. ......'ornia Home Kxten- slonAsKociatipn. trustee for Nelson. Geg " N'elson. ./ .Fra, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that taxes on all personal property, one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable <m second Monday In October, and be delinquent on the last Monday Ifa November next therafter, at 6 o'ctodk p. m., and unless paid prior fifteen per cent will be added <n amount thereof, and that It Bald half be pot paid before the last Ho*day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. »» an additional five per ceut \jrJU Mi added thereto. $.. 1. That the remaining one-ftatt « the taxes on all real property nWtt *» payable on and after the first ISsfc- day In January next, nnd will b« delinquent on the last Monday 1ft AfOi next thereafter, at C o'tiocK • p. •»• and that unless paid prior tbe five per cent will be added-;;*!*> ti amount thereof. ., : -' 2. That all taxes may be. p&U he time th first installment,, as 1 n provided, Is due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid la office of the Tax Collector" in county courthouse between the of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 f. TO. p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector., 10-1 Kern County, Callforol*. STOCKHOLDERS is herejiv mve MEETING, .at. 'lie tl'p"st(icklolderH nn : Company will be of said .corporation for"Pentle"r"(1e6."" I'alifornfa Home Mxten- M. 20.00 20.00 20.01 20.00 20.00 20 On 20.(id 10.00 5.0(1 NOTICE TO CREDITOf SENT THEIR CLAIM THE ESTATE OF J. .... . SON. DECEASED, TO •PALMER. JR.. AbMINIS' OF SAID ESTATE. of In (ho Superior Court of the C6«ott. Kern. State of California. Xotici K 1 ern-Utah""~Oil belli at Ihe offlci - .... ;it the sheriff's office, la this citv. on Thursdav. the "rd dav of December, l'.MIS. iii the Hour of S u. m.. for the purpose of electlnu directors for the . ,, j'lisuinj; \'ear. and for the transaction | g<, ol - . . ... _ ion Association.! ruslee for uickerHon. C. A. I'allfornia Home Exten- slonAssociat' for Prcwltt. Walter 188 20 .sum Association, trustee dunr D. .?S8 2o.oo PAVNF & SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBILACNE Phone Answered Day or Night Hnrry Black, Silver Bow Oil Company in ' ^f lb(> McKlf- nnd sealed bids will be received tliere- !'o«-. and Paid franchise will be award- ' I'd to the-highest bidder at the time] find In the manner hereinafter set lortb. namely: .Sealed bids will bo received for said franchise up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the Oth day ( ,f lleccmber. 1!>OS; said bids to bo filed with ihe Clerk of tlie Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, ut his office in the court house of siiiil county In the City of TJakersfleld, California, >md the successful bidder for said franchise, and bis assigns, must, during tho life of said franchise, pay to the County of Kern 2 per cent of the gross nnn'ual receipts of the pi-iron, partnership, or corporation to j whom snld franchise is awarded, arising from Its use, operation, or pos- ! .session. No percentage shall lie paid j for the first five years succeeding tho . ilnto of the franchise. Each sealed bid must be accompanied by cash or n certified check payable to tbe Treas- i nrer of said County of Kern for tho ' ol such qUier business as mav nroiier- lv come before tbe meetlnf. .1 W KKU.Y President. T. A. Raker, riecrelarv. 11-2 ASSESSMENT NOTING OakUiUii Oil and nanv. Location of urin '.'ijlifornla lloine Kxten sion Assocl at ion. trustee forSchlueter. F'red W. 7S 10 10.00 ' ' "er, Robt 53g 20 20.W) >J|. K 605 2'A 2.Fin _.(>ii. W 11 2% S.r.O f'j'llfornfa Hi>hHLB sioiiAss-oclatiorTrN for Terrell . bauiel 5x1 on- litiloo >otioe is hor.eliv tlven tliat .'it a ret:- r Ilieetlim of tllP Uf);'i'f| ot Directors d oil the 15'h dav of October llm.x assessiiient of one rent per sbare -• levied UDOti Ilio .silb.scj-ibed caiill.'il clc of tbe corporation navable iiji- dUiteiv In I'liited StMte.^ irold coin the Kecreuirv of t,:\\i] f'dinnaiiv. at od'ee. room 72. at !'"!', liroadwuv. in C'itv of Oakland. California. Anv s'or-1; uiion whicli Hils assessmeni ••ball remain iiiinaid on the iT'h dav of Novciiilit.-! 1 . 1HOS. will be delltuiuent ati'l a'hertised for sal' 1 at uubllc auction, and unless iwvmem is made before, will be sold on Moadav. the 21sl dav "'-December. 190S, to pav fhe 'le- llnnuerit assessment, together with thr; California Ifoiui 1 IC.vten- slon Asvocl;it ion. trustee for Tlft. Fieri . Reuben lluebi.-n *.Ot tfi ' Home Exten- 269 20 1 u:i.: 72 ... 535 for lifornla JIM lao 44 ith ~ Home Kxten- slouAssoclattfin.truHteo for Wolodarskv. Mover 202 'alifornia Home Kxten- ^i ( ,,i AvKociatlnii.lruHtee '• " '• '" •'»•*• U. -..,317 10 21) ?(» To 20 20 to 20.00 10.00 20.1*0 5.00 In the matter of tha-estate of J. ML Patterson, deceased. Notice is Jierebv irlven Ijv the rnit sinned administrator o( tne «st«t .1. M. Patterson, deceusedlo the < Itoi-H of. iitiil all nerspns navt rlalins against tli^ said oeceasea. exhibit iiteni with the Decease yoiicbers within four nionthi after ' llrst, iiuhlication of tins notice tc> adnilnibtrator at the liMfc-Tn i honuiH Scott. No. 'liilfil Ktreel, rpoins 2 and 4. Bnnli of hester poins tiuilyi Ciillfornia. for t)n Chester tv c. StaW; ...-...„. 2 and 4. . liullyiptr. corner 2oth street, in th., , fount v of Kern, o the same bolrit: tb "lie lu'suld Kern Coum?.' Dated October ]:!. 1!iOS. KonnuT .1. :»• with law and f Direc 10.00 ". an adt> costs in.'':; Kl ,ie oi advertlaintr T ntr and X'VIS -N.Mh. d nxDem-es of . . f ' • •'•!'. .rd of Directors m nn the L'fitll d:iV »if Aucust 1908. KO manv sliares of each parcel of such k as jnav be neccsBarv will be at. the office of slock as jnav be >-'.old at auction . !, ll 'V s> r rf '' -"th dav , ' tf i lh " October. ! th at the hour NOTtCE. ' To whom It mav concern:—Notice I s herebv clven that we. tin- under- | ignod. have thin Ifith dav of Octobi'r < :ins. filtered Into articles of atree- ' iiem and co-partner-ship for the nur- nose dl conduct me a ueiiera! merclian- deliuiiiient assessment thereon, toirelb- er with cosls, of advertising and ex- liensf's of sale. Af.K-KKn B. .lOHDAN. Secv. \Vascf>. Kern C.ountv. Cul. 10-3 trick, is in ni'.vn for a few d'.\" W. H. (Irahain. 'be Fresno oil man, is: !''••<re for a f ••" i ' V!i \V. F. V.'e 1 -" '••' ' e- •>.'! '•!,- . i'll.'l 111- to:-i--'>.-l !-, '-. •• il i.-l .•• !iievt : ' s, came U|i .'.'-JT.I •; i- v,,u;!i - V 11 "". Din-. Associated Asks $1.30, Tbe As-snc'ated OU Coninaiiv Was the lone bidder yesterday In Fresno to furnish fuel oil 'for the Fresno county institutifins. Tin/ price fur courthouse '.•wagon deliveries was $l.oO and for i the county howuiial |1.2"> per barrel. I The hlil Wai taken under advi^f-nit-nt full amount of such bid, and no seal- I 'Use and. store-lu-enlnii business at and unless said".'-' - 1 ' 10 lo . w S- ot Cyiintv .of POSTPONEMENT fd bid will be cash or check is enclosed therewith; and the successful bidder shall deposit at least 10 per cent of the amount of bis bid with the County Clerk of said County of Kern before such franchise shall be struck off to him. Snld bids will be opened and considered on Monday, the 7th day of Deromber, 1JI08. n't 10 o'clock, a. m., and said franchise will be. struck off, sold and awarded In the person, flrm, or corporation who shaM make the highest rash bid therefoi ; provided only that Kern. tale qf California, under j ' .1.11' the ".Mo- ' tlie firm name and stvU iay« .Mercantile Comoanv." Dated this iiith dav 10-27 Residing at : Residing at Mofave' toiier. UliiS. ''•illfornia. KNAP I 3 California. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. ._ Notice is herebv iriven that tho date of sale of delinquent stock of the Fourth Extension Coiiii/aiiv lias been postponed until Thumliiv. November 19. 190S. at 10 o'clock, n. in. Hv order of fho Board Of Directors. Dated October 19, l!»f>R. ALFHKI) H. JORDAN. Sec. Kern Countv. Cal. for f:st;»}*. ., DOG LICENSE NOTlCt. •Notice iii hen-iiv mvfii to all sons pwnlnir and keeiilnir dmi's. i ' the limits of tlie Cir\ of Baker that License 'Pairs tor tiie vesir _ are now re:idv for didlvi".-v at the flee of tbo City CjJer!,. in : ie baseri ol Producers Saviiifs )! nk build and tin i'l'er ({.(.. i:,tb lav of f al-v. I will proceed to impound dims found runnini; on t' o wtrecta •> are not wearinu the license tac" thy year J!»os. J. K. COX Poundmnstofe- Daled January ft, IfloH. NOTICE OF ... . Oil l principal ulai < eh]. California. Notice is herebv Cqmnanv. T.oc • business. of e is herebv alven e of the Directors nl .SeiiU'ijiber. thnt held 111(18. (tti of one and, one-cmarier in i 11, . , -i — -'•'' °C. (ll , f ' Cfiinnaiiv. rqo Water idiicerB Savines .Bank bulk n?r tdmre was levied urion the" cno 1 .itii- -• '-' to >a •••• .,-;', -i^,'' ,v»— '•' . l " erslleld. California. the offie. the coniorfttlon. navnhie I _ .* tl n r .V n Jie'l.?tntes trold col* 6f Vim an secretarv of" said coriioratlo ;' 1. Wii?ro. Kern Countv. Anv iiieni shall dav of Novemb llnnuent and a oubic auction slock unon shall rernain e ^ sale r Fourth Ext [.'.'cation of ot nsjon Water Comuanv. i place of nusiuess. i ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. which this er. m^ dvertlsed for outinc auction anil unless paynw mil do before, will be sold on th* dav of November. inoS. to pav the iliuiuent assessment, .together v cost of advertising and expenses HU IP, Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies; PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET .«•"''«•..•• . a •» v.. i * • (»(•' > Ji;i I ll«l 11^' Ii V UD'fl the followine described stock, on account of assessment (No. onei levied on the 2nth dav of Auicust. i:m>. the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective 'ibui'-bidders-, an follows: List of shareholders with No of n-r- tltlcate, No. of shares and amount due: _ No. V'. Name Crl. Si'.-. An,t Ciillfornla Home Extension Association, trustee ti'i 1 Aii'.vust Anderson .'<"" -1" 5••" ' ' . unif'6 B. Anderson ,...::r.7 "•'" l .l.iinie.-. Ii. Anderson . ...:;!ifi ;.'•• M '.'"> Liilltoriiia Home ICxlen sion Association, trustee tor .1. !•;. Anderson ... 1 17 :.''"> . •••• i:>n.'er. John -I?" :• H«'anl. 'Phos. fieo "n I :>• ••'< Heckett. Alice M, . II.: L''i '"' Ueiim-'ii. .Mrs. Kiir.'ib ..:!!•. Jn : • "u ra.lifornia Home Rxfu- ' In the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. Stau- of ('alifornia. In the rnai'er.o' the. aiiidlcatjou of (lie Hiidniii Driving I'ark AsHoeiallon. a corporation, to chant'C it 1 ' mime to Kern County Agricultural Association." It satisfactorily ainioarlii,: to me tbai Ofllci IntfH Hi streets A. T. UflHfNfen. U' (i - , r( {°m ,T<o. V. Producers -fi Bank buildin' r '. corner tilth anfl its. Bakersfleld. California. 1 NOTICE .Mascot Oil Hid on tho Fifth .... an assessment of I , k of the corporal O inediiiteiy poraUoii. lflv t fur J<ower, SamiKO V'lll'ornia Home Exti-a- s-.lonAi-.-ui-ialliiii.tni: :. •>• lor Hf/wi-r. Saiiiii'') . iililoi ni.i Home Kxten- 71 1" for Hii'-'UN. California for Chafe California WaiTt;a !•'. ]!'.-. Home Exten-" * flozeklab . lome Kxttiii- ... b'J ti-.i- -Hiidnui Driving Park Assoc-lii- i of business f^i Hon." has filed this dnv -."< atMilicatloti \Vk TO'V n. shin »' ;<> fhrmiri- its mime to "Kern Countv Rer i Crmntv f \i.ri<ulnira! Association." and that v f lV.« R i said application or petition is sinned nie.i.-tfmc of the' -| M |'by a majority of the directors of the '!"' Mascot Oil l .;, (said "11111111111 Drlvlni 1 ; I'ark Assocla- '.'.on. he -' -, lion," and that, -aid petition states ,,,, Miflicjetit reasons for tho chitm;e of the " i tianie of' the said corporation, tltere- ' •" fore, '"', It I- heri.'bv orderr-1. (but tbe liear- "" Intr of Hie antdication for cbatitro ot name in the Ifireunlnt: |iroeeedlui;K be. and II." siirne is herehv set for Mon • "0 dav. ihe »tb dav of November. l ( t(ix. at |o o'clock a in. of said (lav at de- narlmcnt one at Its court, room thereof "" ' In tlii! ('ouj)tv court house. BalxirsfiMd ] ' allfornla. and that any and all pur- i sous interested in Hijld mattor to be : '"" and aiu;ear before this court nt the "-0" time and place aforesaid, and then nnd there show caiiHO. If anv, thov huve whv the ar'»lii:at,io« for the chanire of 10.00 name of the said corrwraMon should " " ' IB fi " ASSESSMENT.' ..Prlnc'lnal u! clvep that ixt rd or Directors " n.najiv v, a v of th* Secret- ;bc- branch Ociotwik. CelltH Bl»' ihe c.'iHitll i<avalue \Bit~ • of the ciw> •iillce of .'f*;,' .....Jen i any, thov huve ch ......... jifi c.orpora«lon tjot be crapti d. and,It IB further or- that a cuuv of this order to show 'lav or .\fiveinber '!!Mr • and nd'T-rt.isiMl i lie auction, and utili made before, will lie > dav of December, THIS liniment assess-inf-ut. saie.' Secretary of will b«i r sale at -;. oavmai Sank lain ilia. street

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