The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on December 22, 1964 · Page 1
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 1

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Tuesday, December 22, 1964
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WEATHER FORECAST f Cloudy Tonight rHE BRIDGEPORT POST COUNTY EDITION With FilrfeU County NtWf VOL. L X X X I , NO. 300 Uhta Dallx *l , Bridgeport. Conn. 06602 BRIDGEPORT, CONN., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 196-1, second Claic 1'oslaze Paid at Bridgeport, Conn. GEN. KHANH WARNS U. S. STAY OUT OF VIET AFFAIRS ORDER BACKS REGIME PURGE BY GENERALS Ignores Washington Demands to Undo Damage SHOWDOWN~COMES Pledges Continued Mili. tary Support to Civilian Ruler By MALCOLM W. BROWNE SAICOX, Viet X a n i -( A l ' ) I.t. On. Nguyen K l i a n h . conitnaiiilcr of South Viet N'am's armed forces, t h r e w down the ^ a m u l e t to N \ ; i s l i t i f ; t o n t o n i g h t in an order solidly backing lhe t h e H i » l , N a t i o n a l Cnnncil K h a n h ] o i n t c l l y w a r n e d niMiii-l f o r e i g n i n t e r v e n t i o n j i n V i e t n a m e s e a l T a i r - a m i ' made it clear he would not KU along with American t\e- mamls lhat tile p u r g e be un- Copter Crew Hugs the Ground The four-min crew of this U. S. helicopter lie* Bat behind dikes of a landing Hoa. about 15 miles west of Saigon, yesterday alter a Viet Cong sniper shot at approached Ihe 'copter for takeoff. Vietnamese troops Marby returned the fire, unhurt and Ihe 'copter undamaged. them as they The crew was I Regime Tries to Head Off Dock Strike As Wildcat Walkouts Hit East Coast XI 1 .\\ \ O K K -- ( A l 1 ) The Johnson a d m i n i s t r a t i o n moved today to try and hea( ' l a n t i c to f o i l f roast dock strike as wildcat walkouts crippled pier'operatiotia off in \cw York and Baltimore. ·We Make Sacrifices' "We make sacrifices [or lhe country's independence and the Vietnamese people's liberty, bi not to earn- out the policy of any iorcipn country-," Khanh said in a radio address lo the nation. The ex-premier pledged thf continued support of the armed forces for civilian chief of state I'han Khac Suu and Premier Tran Van Huong, but reserved the right of the armed forces lo change governments if they lell things were getting out of hind. This was a direct challenge to American demands thit the Saigon civilian government have supreme authority over Ihe armed forces, and that the armed forces I should not have the right to upset' the government whenever they' . . . -tee fit. ' L. b. I'oitmasicr General J o h n A. Gronouski an- "Atthough the military always nottncccl in Washington today t h a t a new garage for supports a clean civilian govern- 1 Bridgeport IV-t O f f i c e vehicles will bc c o n s t r u c t e d on -i the^ask" h of n a n c"" 5 a7a^ a v e n u e sue owned by the \ a K a m a r Realty diarv to set up (settle) 'al"dls- · cor l )Orat ' u " OI which the l'o»t Oit'icc department has ail rnnes and differences il they ere- "I""" 1 ate a situation favorable to the " Cogswell Si. Site Oul The Post Office department decision favoring t h e Housatonic avenue property was J reached yesterday, eliminating a second optioned site at Cogswell and Horace streets which Ihe city's Common Council last night Approves Plan opposed as a location for the P. O. Garage to Be Built On Housatonic Ave. Site the common enemies: communism and colonialism in any form," Khanh said. Khanh's speech presumably was broadcast partly to allay rumors sweeping Saigon that he had been arrested. Normally reliable sources reported earlier TRUMBULL EYES SPECIAL STUDIES Schoo , Fie ads for Houston KOKTV-KIOMT PAnKS FOLK SECTIONS SEVEM CX.ST3 JOHNSON SETS FINAL REVIEW OF SPENDING 'resident S e e s Military Chiefs on Future Defense Outlays KNIFE LOOMS Some Cuts Expected in Various Agencies as Economy Drive JO1IXSOX CITY, Texas -- ( A P ) President Johnson meets w i t h Secretary ot Ue- 'ensc Robert S. Mc'.Yamara and the m i l i t a r y chiefs today or a final review of the Pentagon lud};et. D e f e n s e spending a c counts for about half ot all ccleral outlavs. $50 Billion Mark McNamara has predicted the defense budget will not exceed [50 billion and may even be a ittle less. This is about (he same as in the current fiscal year and determine whether Johnson spending for the year starting July 1 within the S100 billion mark. The latest esiimate of spending this year is $97.2 billion, bul Johnson has said he does not know if he can keep next year's budget under 5100 billion. Other visitors to the LDJ ranch for budget talks today included Secretary of the Treas ury Douglas billon. Director James E. Webb of lhe National Aeronautics and Space adminis (ration and Najeeb E. Halaby who heads the Federal Aviation agency. Weighs Cuts NASA's spending this year is estimated at $4.9 billion. Then has been some talk among gov ernrnent officials here that John son is considering cutting ou some low priority space project in order to hold down the budget Washington sources, meanwhile reported Johnson has ordered th Budget bureau to get tough with James J. Reynolds assistan B overnm ent agencies which le secretary of labor, headed forj l h t ' I r Payrolls grow by promoting Houston to sit in on stalled nego- ! , more and more ""ployes into thi liations between representatives'"''!' 61 ' S ra des. ol the AFI.-CIO International! J ,! rr y Klullz . a reporter spa Longshoremen's association and c '? llzln S in federal employe af AF AIDE AT AVCO KILLED, 2 HURT IN COPTER CRASH shippers. Washing toi ordered had gone out to hold ths aver settle- mg to it" that there is ment. Reynolds also will discuss problem involved in talks Galveston, Texas, Wirtz said. The New York walkout, now in its third day. centered in a downtown section of Manhattan piers. Other docks in the port were age pay of federal employe* a es yesterday, John y completed wor Ion the Interior, Labor and Com merce department budgets. A though figures were withhek Figures in Pound Ridge Copter Tragedy 3 SURVIVE MINE CAVE-IN " o u r t h , Buried Under Tons of Coal, Declared Dead WJLKES-BARRE. Pa. -- (AP) Three of four men survived a ·ave-in at a coal mine. The ourth, buried under some 60 or 0 tons of coal more than 300 eel underground, was declared dead. State mines officials said today workers would continue dig- Sing on a snow swept mountainside near this eastern Pennsyl vania community for the body of Lawrence Malachefski, 37, of nearby Plymouth. They said workers would keep digging an underground tunnel in an effort to reach the body, a ask they estimated would take several days. Malachefski was caught directly beneath yesterday's rock fall, mines official! explained. The three others were some feet away. Two of the men had been drag ed to safety an hour after thi cave-in and were reported in goo :ondiiion at Wilkes-Barre Genera lospital, with lacerations ovei most of their bodies. They wen Albert Kotch, 42, of Larksville and Anthony Saitta, 59, of Wes Pitlston. Pulled to Safety The third man. Peter Byczkowski, 54, of Plymouth, was pulled! to safety around midnight, after being trapped for some 10 hours Police Find Stolen Car Near N.J. Holdup Scene PATKRSON, N. J.--(AP) A stolen Tar that may iutve been used by bandits in the half-million dollar casl robbery of a bank panel truck has been recovered, polio announced today. a Within Blocks Police said the car was foun Central Grad in Crew Of Crippled Freighter Paul Woodworth, 34, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Fernly Woodworth, 2407 Main street, today was listed as a member of the crew of the crippled freighter Smith Voyager which is in danger of sinking off Bermuda. Woodworth. it was reported, is among 34 survivors picked up last night by a German freighter which is headed for San Juan, Puerto Rico. A graduate of Central high school and a member of the Merchant Marine s e r v i c e about seven years, Woodworth formerly was an employe of the Fairfield County News company and the Union News company. He is a bachelor. (Related Story on Page 4.) !asl night within a few blocks of Ihe church rectory where the holdup was s t a g e d yesterday morning by three masked men. The vehicle, a 1964 aqua-colored Chevrolet, had been reported stolen more than a month ago, Police Chief Marinus Ritter said. Until now, two jackets, a pair of pants and a ski cap were the scant with. CRAFT FALLS FROM 200 FT. ONN.Y.ESTATE Maj. Robert L. Meinhold, 38, of Stratford, Dead WIFE AWAITS BABY L. L. Middaugh, R. P. Opilz, Lycorning Workers, Injured Air Force Major Robert L. Meinhold, 38, of 2130 Broadbridgc avenue, Stratford, was killed and two Lycoming civilian' pilots were injured seriously when a UH-IB Bell helicopter crashed in Pound Ridge, N. Y., just over the New York-Connecticut line yesterday shortly before 5 p.m. In serious condition at Northern Westchester hospital, Mount Kisco, N. Y., are Leslie L. Middaugh, 47, of 275 Wilbar drive, Stratford, chief of-flight tests for Lycoming, and Rudolf I : clues police had to work and being said. The car was impounded checked out, Kilter Police said today they had no description of the men--except that they were white and, in the words of a witness "appeared to be past their youth." The clothing, identified by the victims, was found lying on a road out the outskirts of this city of 143,000 ten miles west of New York city. The men, wearing Halloween (Continued on Page Four) 2 Bank Robbers Captured 1! In Wild Milwaukee Chase they apparently stuck closely t o ' i n tnc underground chamber. this year's totals. Secretary of Labor W. Willard (Continued on Page Four) Combining T e c h n i c a l , Academic Courses Weather Data H u r I TRU.MBUU.-Two specia, [grams were approved by ... ..._, Tile Longshoremen s union ex-wirtz predicted his departmenr property is owned ecu"TM council and negotiating w m s h ow a cut m spen ding f r o m D'Addario. committee prepared leaflets, this year's esiimated $511 million n^i rwfir,, ,(,,,,,,. w ?" cn w "e distributed on the, Secretary of Commerce Luther struck docks today, saying "don't; H . Hodges said, loo, that his de- be misled-ignore rumors." iparlment will show a decrease .by F. Francis D'Addario. Bmh the Post Office depart- the on the selected property. Gov- students in the high . ,:,,,,._, K . A ,? " c u l u m wtl ° do "» "* -- Board ol Education last nighl ernment officials noted the land BRIDGEPORT AND VICINITY aimed at aiding a limited number P r ' c e will be a factor in bids by -Clouds, with seasonable lem- o f sludents in the high school ^ n v a ' e .interests 10 acquire me peralures and occasional lighl '"" v ""'- 1 -l - --' snow today; high in the low to rnid-30s. Tonighi, partial clearing; low in the 20s. Tomorrow, becoming cloudy with a chance , " m'sl""" " as "f eI VP"P ose ° tonic avenue beiween Congress of snow developing later in Ihe ,J I; i s . m B ra TM?,. 9 l n r o u E n !and Lumber streets, and corn- day; high in the low 30s. l - who . are , h * v ' n E d'f'cuHy w,th| pr , 5es one and a haU acrcs ,, LONG ISLAND SOUN'D-Winds ^L^ ^Lil" 1 ^"" 1 ; ^,'. orm « 1 y w « 'he site ol the will be northeast at . , : 51le - build the garage and lease plans 1( 10 lhc Posl O f f j c e - lcr (urlh " education or training p l t r £ ra °uation. The Nagamar properly is situated on ihe west side of Housa- The leaflets noted that the cou cil unanimously recommended acceptance ol the contract, "the best in ILA history." Yesterday, the walkout involv-i ed 6,700 of the 12,000 dockworkers normally employed in New York on a Monday. The water- Ed Schrode, a reporter for The] M I L W A U K E E -- (AP; A mad scramble t h a t sa\v Wilkes-Barre Record, said weary, s h o t g u n - t o t i n g policemen warily .searching a hospital rescue workers were elated they maternity ward, rooin-ly-rooin. finally ended in the cap' Hfe Strode "aid t u n armed Caliiorniaiib. *' The girls in the getaway car His conditio'n was reported Ira^red'Ar 11 "*' ^ tractured rib. front chcppy. Visibility lair lo poor. TEMPERATURE (Municipal Airport Readings) Low today Highest yesterday Lowest yesterday Highest (Dec. 21, 196.1) .. Lowest (Dec. 21. 1963) Harbor water temperature Degree days yesterday ... Degree days since J u l y 1 . PRECIPITATION Today (12 hours to S a.m.) .Trace For month 10 t o ] 5 rr ° B " m ' be S'TM'ng Feb. 1 w i U ' o C a n i e l d c o m p a n y plant commission reported ships berlhed al 40 piers, but only SO ships being worked. ' Two passenger liners sailed ', without difficulty. A series of meetings in Baltimore involving thai port's six 11:15 a.m. to 2:la p.m. in Eng! lish, history a nd science, and then be transferred to Bullard- 26 II "'" (Continued on Page Four) Route 25 expressway project. Bridgeport Postmasrtr Russell F. iNeary said in comment cuciay that he was pleased wilh the decision selecting the new Housa- R C P n C T P C f f M M C » i r » c : lonic a v e n u e location. K t r U K I K t O U M M t N D S · He said il is "ideally loca'ed C O U N T Y PRO J E C T S tar , the besl ir " er « ls ol lhe P°*- la[ operations here." Nagamar longshoremen's locals broke up (Continued on Page Four) Today's Index (Continued on Page Four) PRIVATE CHECKUP IN SCHOOL DENIED Trumbull Complainant's Plea Hie mine scene Opitz, 54, of 1606 Nichols avenue," Stratford, a. test pilot. In 'Serious' Conditions Mr. Middaugh received severs scalp and head lacerations, possible internal injuries and a fractured left arm. Mr. Opitz received a fractured left leg, scalp and facial lacerations and broken ribs. Hospital officials today said the two pilots were in "serious 1 * conditions, but had a "fair night." The two pilots had taken tlia :urbine-powered helicopter, owned jy the U.S. Army, to Stewart Air Force base in Newburgh, N.Y., to pick up Major Meinhold, who had been assigned to duties with tha Air Force Fairlield county contract management office at Lycoming since November, 1963. They left Bridgeport Municipal airport in Stratford about mid afternoon and had traveled about 50 miles on the return trip when the crash occurred. The single rotor helicopter (Continued on Page Four) COURT WEIGHS DAR1EN APPEAL D e f e n s e Seeks to Equate Lawn Drinking P a r t i With Religious Rite NEW HAVEN . nthia three. They were where his wife and npwbnrn P |aced m the TM"n'y h""e for In describing the rescue opera- ', dal)gme r were being cared for Vependent children. NEW HAVEN (AP)-Does lion, Leonard Statkewicz, a board, The olher was c a u o h t at a nea ' r _! Police gaye this account of yes- Connecticut law recognize a dif- member of District I, United Mine by bus term i na | ,terday's bizarre incident: jference between a communion ouch C and TM m a e i| iCa i' h?1 "" "'"i But before lhe chase enlied ' the shi TM TM 1 "^ ^ ***k about 5e ": ice a " d a , cocktail P arly? touch and go aU night long. , two sle p daugh[e r s o [ one of the 11:30 a.m., shoved a portfolio to-! The cocktail party in question S mcn ' and their " monke ot ward teller Je ° ccurred last summer in the had since to Photograph Alleged Safety Violations Barred been at 4 p.m., men, and their pet monkey, got ward teller Jean McConahey, 24, a wild ride in a getaway car; a and said, "Give me everything." ic had a gun and com- a getaway car; a and said, i abducted, and She saw Irolman. plied. 'Thank God He Lives'-- HARTFORD--Projects for sev- 'he Nagamar property hai. _ 1.61 cral Fairfield county area com- 66 - 000 square feet with 375 feet 1964 lo date 22.60 rnunilies including major develop- lr °ntage on Housatonic avenue. Barometer ( I I a.m. reading) 30.IS ment of Danbury State Teachers T h c building proposed lor Humidity ( I I a.m. reading) 90% college and development of lhc ' Silver Sands State park in NTil-l (Continued on Page Four) SUN, MOON AND STARS ford are included in a report) Tuesday, Dec. 22 submitted to Governor Dempsey Three hundred and fifty-scv- loday by the Stale Building Pro- cnih day ol lhe year. Second gram, commission, day ol winter. The Sun sets lo- Projects included for lhe 1965- day at -1:27 p.m. and will rise 57 budget period include $500,- lomorrow at 7; 15 a.m. The Moon 000 lor the Silver Sands park; rises tonight at 8:46 o'clock and S52.000 for an office and main- will bc in its last quarter Dec. tenance shop for the Shell Fish 25. Commission in Milford; $787,000 Regulus will be near lhe Moon for classroom and building exten-j tonighl; Saturn will be in ihe^sions at Danbury State college;] southwest al 6:46 p.m.; JupiterJS'0,000 lo converl wards at Bridge, Goren Classified Sec. Comics . . . . . County News Editorials Health. Dr. Brady . lleloise " Home and Fashions Obituaries Society News Sports Section Stage and Screen . TV-Radio Programs IS ....43-44-i5-W-47 ....40-41 ..,.22-JS 24 28 27 27-28-2J 42 28 .3243-34 pictures of alleged safely violations Page in Nichols Elementary school, a , Mr. Rich, a construction superintendent, told the board in his :opinion there are safety violations in the school but would not 'enumerate them nor state exactly what they are. | He said he wanted lo take pictures al night after the school is closed to accompany a ielter lo three^hours after the initial "W- I first arrived i n the . a s r o f .^ * Mesa, Calif.! charged with rob- CasM ' '" E °° s p i r i t s -t«ry of a federally insured bank, 1 ^ a m a t t c r 'and Frank Michel. 21, with "aid-' panel truck ' TRUMBULL - The Board of.TM n c we wcre about 20 ° Education de-rued a request i r o m i u n A - A ,. . . Anthony Rich of Nichols, at i; 5 l", E f d 'f n ' c °^ pl ^: ' meeting last night, to take ni ,. of . f . ac .'..he helped h,s own rescue.!, vid Reddemann d a H k doo? an? saw a red fashionable commuter town of Darieti and it was followed by an auto accident in which il 17- year-old girl was killed. It's now up to three Circuit Court judges to determine ile we prepared ;o Pete from the mine. Ihere was evidence of another movement. We quickly made Pete as safe ing. abetting take s f l m n whether the law Under which 1J aduUs were P rosecuted (or serv- and his car and They waived preliminary hear- blocks away, the truck ing before a U.S. commissioner ~~ ~ heading toward a ing )iquor ^ minors cou!d ' yi L whose counseling" rreeway ramp^He 'jumped ^J^useSTto p}o^cme de^ym"e^ jai , ed u n d e r to d f ? ,, as we could by placing some eac ^ HS^'"^"^^-TS, 1 ? Pr °- s »-^ »·«*. Kathleen. 22, who tect him from another There were other falls, ho (Continued on Page Four) grandfathers and men i wives are under 21. anmn got out and climbed into The law s(ates that it Js u , a parked car which took off with 1 lcfial for a n y adult (o 5ervG Reddemann in pursuit. i ] i q u o r lo any m j n0 r-unless the Reddemann, spotting a stale adult is the parent or guardian, patrol car, tried to pass the sus-|or unless he's doing it on a The board denied his request but recommended that he w n t e :his report to Major Shaw. The rs $22,000 FOR TRUMBULL LftND TRUMBULL - Town officials V i r g i n i a ' s Santa Confirmed By Newsman 67 Years Aso board pointed out the mar;riali h a v e receive,! word tha: Ihe Fi- received a letter from the lov;n! nance and Homc agency o( lhc fire marshal, dated Oct. 27. t h a t : . ra j. B °l' e ", tl |SJ t has . Today's Chuckle When you borrow money, borrow from a pessimist; he never expects to get it back. Defense jby Patrolman James Stock came Dr. George S. Hughes, a Barlo a halt. The holdup men forced ien psychiatrist, and his wife Reddemann and Stock at gun-, have been found guilty of vio- ' point to get into their car, which 1 lating the law and fined 5500 Ibore Utah license plates. The lit-, each. tie girls were in the front seat. the school was 'after renovations for classrooms were completed inspected i a of S22.000 lo aid in the (Continued on Page Four) By DAVE HARRISON N.Y. -Douglas, will be high in the soulheasl at'La ur el Heights sanitarium. 7:13p.m.; Mars will bc low in the '" » long-range program cov- cast at 11:44 p.m., and Venus ering a six-year period the corn- rises at 5i32 a.m. I whose childhood question has be- much of the as holly and THE TIDE Today Tomorrow I i l 7 a . m . .. High .. 2 : 1 2 a . m . ):35p. m. .. .. 2:32 p.m. 7:24a. m. .. Low .. S 21 R. m. 8:02 p. m. I mission recommends, but refer- Ired action on projects at Danbury Slate that include new dormitories, a science building, a closed circuit television sys- 3:56 p. m.'race. tern and a $1 million parking ga- come nearly Christmas spirit mistletoe, celebrates her 75ih Christmas this year--the 67lh since she asked the New York Sun Claus?" Thai question undoubtedly has been raised about as many limes as 7-year-olds have become worldly 8-year-olds. But it is doubtful whether any parent ever answered better than Francis P. Church in his editorial reply: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Sania Claus. He exisls as certainly as love and generosity and is there a Santa devotion exist . Alas, how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. H would be as dreary as if there (Continued on P«ge Four) additional! purcl ' asc "' w acres "' ' anl lrom Mrs. Anna M. Bartosik off Lake avenue. The grant will replace lown funds appropriated earlier this month lo complete lhe purchase! of the land. A stale grant of $44,000 has been approved towards the purchase price and the town has appropriated $44.000 also. The total price of the land was $110,000. The land will be used for conservation p u r p o s e s , wildlife 7 SHOPPING DAYS f c T I L L C H R I S T M A S Growls Too Late-- (Continued on Page Four) habitat, park and recreational use. 11 wa s recommended f o r purchase under lhe open-spaces program by the Conservation Dog Obeys Master's Order, Lets Holdup Man Grab Cash NEW Y O RTr^AP)~Yo~u~~d!rTd~Tcirfhe dog to lie still,",CNB B R A N C H couldn't really blame Dobie, the how was Dobie to interpret Ter: RV P6.IR IN Will f*f\TT Dobcrman Pinscher. for just sit-man's command of "sit" as r H i n in MUL.OUI I Their appeal was heard Monday before the Circuit Court's appellate division. The Hughescs' lawyer, Robert M. McAnerney, argued that i£ his clients were guilty, then so would be the man who serves ling there when a holdupman meaning, ."sic "em." Dobie sat. AI a Brooklyn police station, WOLCOTT-An estimated $3,000 lo $4,000 was taken in a holdup today at a branch of the Connecticut National Bank here, i A bank official said two men. lyn furniture dealer, from rob-! "I spent J500 training that mutt wearing hoods over their faces, took S3.740 from his master yesterday. Dobie has been "trained" to Term an looked disgustedly at protect Philip Terman, a Brook- Dobie and commented: bers. But the dog also has been; and what good did it do? trained to obey Terman's commands--to the letter. I entered the bank shortly after At lhat moment the Dobermanja.m., carrying nickel-plated re- began to growl viciously andivolvers and staged the holdup. So when a robber walked up to lunge at anyone who got too There are four employes «t lha branch. commission after a study of its possibilities for this purpose. Terman's car yesterday and or-!near.

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