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The Chattanooga News from Chattanooga, Tennessee • Page 1

Chattanooga, Tennessee
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The Dollar You Earn in Piaffa noogs Should Be Spent in Chattanooga THE' nnm AN 00G-A Read the Desirable Offerings of Chattanooga Merchants in The NEWS Today VOL XXXX tfo 21 NIGHT FINAL CHATTANOOGA TENN WEDNESDAY EVENING JANUARY 25 1923 THREE CENTS 66 SAYS Compel Sinclair to Talk for Oil Probe FIGURES IN TRIAL OF YOUTHFUL MURDERER CHAMBER ASKS DELAYNEWROAD TO SILVERDALE 4 Directors Think More Imnor-tant Projects Should Be Fin- Isjied First INSIST ON STATE AID FOUR CHILDREN KILLED BY TORNADO SWEEPING MIDDLE TENNESSEEi Holmes Creek School Building Collapses Much Damage ejtorted in Many Sections (By The Associated Press) A wind atorm that spread wreckage rott eastern and southern states con Inued without abatement today and Ihe weather bureau warned that a dle-1 urbane of great intensity centering over Maine would r'auae west and noth- William Edward Hickman (upper left) today cam into court In Loa Angslea with an insanity defenaa against oharget of kidnaping and alaying little Marian Parker (center below) Heading counsel for either side ar Jerome Walsh of Kansas City Hickman's lawyer and Asa Keyes Los Angeles district attorney shown at the upper right Judge Carlos Black (lower left) preaidei Welby Hunt (lower right) confetted companion of Hickman in ths killing of a Ross Hill Cal druggnt will testify against Hickman IYSTERY BOND DEAL CLEARED UP BY BANKER Son-In-Law Tells How Sinclair Transferred Huge Sum to Cabinet Officer MORE FACTS HIDDEN Walsh Seeks to Look Into Books of Corporation That Oil Magnate Favored Washington Jan 23 (A P) Exerhart told the senate oil committee today that when Harry filnelalr turned over (233000 In Liberty bonds to him and his father-in-law Albert tall In ex-rl'-inge for an Interest In the Fall-Everhart ranch holdings the oil man took In return no tangible evidence of his newly acquired Interest in tbe property Washington Jan LA Harry Sinclair the oil operator against whom criminal contempt charges are pending here will be called today before tbe senate oil investigating committee but Senator Walsh of Montana the prosecutor expects! to make no effort to compel him to testify Instead Senator Walsh will five the man who leased Teapot Dome an op portunlty to voluntarily tell about payments totaling 268000 which he made to former Interior Secretary A1 bert Fall (n 1022 after ths lease had been stgnid Yesterday the com-mlttee heard testimony by Everhart Fall'a sob-in-law that for this payment Sinclair was to receive a one-third Interest in ranch holdings Fall Rays Btory In Part At hla ranch home in New Mexico Fall confirmed las night Everhart's story of ths ranch deal as correct but declared the transaction had no connection With Teepat-Dom The former cabinet member said however that Everhart had bandied the details whereas Everhart testified yesterday that the arrangement was made be-tween Fail and Sinclair Senator Walsh said today that his primary concern was in obtaining tbe books and records of the Hyva corporation a company organized by Sinclair James Reid of New York vice-president of the Hyva concern has been summoned by the oil committee to produce the books snd Senator Walsh hopes to trace through them certain Liberty bonds bought with the profit made by the Continental Trading Company Ltd In the purchase and resale of oil' In this country During the oil investigation four years sgo Sinclair refused to produce these books or to submit himself to further questioning by the committee and as a result he is now under sentence of three months in the District of Columbia jell for contempt of the senate Everhart's Story After a lapse of four years the senste lands committee has learned the senate lands committee haa learned that the 230500 in Liberty bonds received by Albert Fall after he had leased the Teapot Dome naval oil reserve to Harry Sinclair came from Sinclair Vhe disclosure was made bv Fall's son-in-law Everhart Colorado banker who gave his story freely yesterday although he had twice before refused in court to reveal the source of the bonds Apparently relieved by the knowledge that recent legislation had lifted the possibilty of his being prosecuted on the basis of his own testimony Everhart told readily of financial deals between Fail and Sin clalr He said he also waa concerned with the transactions and that they Involved a division of interest in New Mexico ranch Everhart teatlfled that in addition to the 230500 Fall received from Sinclair 250 In Liberty bonds and 36000 in cash an ''loans' He did not know whether the loans were repaid Acted as filnelalr Agent Testimony at the brtglnal Teapot Dorns Inquiry now being resumed and at subsequent court trials bas established that after Fall retired a lnte- (Continued en Page 15) CURTIS IN FAVOR OF DRY PLANK IN PLA TFORM THIS YEAR HAGGARD YOUNG GIRL MURDERER GOES ON TRIAL Wish the Whole Thing Was Butcherifig Child Killer Tells Jail Guard a PLEADS CRAZY1 Policemtn With Bombs Patrol Corridors of Court Building' in Los Angeles 4 Los Angal Jan (U- PJ Edward Hickman stood at ths bar of Justice today to answer fop th kidnaping and murder of 12-yPld Marian Parker daughter -of a Loa Angelas banker 1 Th csss th youthful 1 criminal was called bsfor Judg Carlos Hardy in superior oourt at 9:30 Th on isius in th trial waa I that of sanity A jury will hear th vidne and th teatimony of alienist for th itat and th dafns and than determine whether th youth is sans or insan 1 if found sane Hickman' will hanged for his crime If found In- sane hn will be sent to a state boo pital for the criminally Insane In a confession made by Hickman shortly after his arrest In December Hickman admitted abducting the girl and dismembering her body after he had choked- her to death in his apartment In Uttar Despair Hickman was in a state of utter despair as the trial opened He waa haggard after sleepless hours last night spent in pacing the floor his cell in the Los Angeles coun jail swing" hs told his guard as was being led from ths jail to th oourtroom "I know swing I wish th whole thing wai over Hours before the session started steadv stieam of sensation-seekers flowed Into the hall of justice There were many women some with children In their arms in the crowd Courtroom Packed Practically all the space In the little courtroom was taken by those actually connected with the trial and newspaper lepresentatives Hickman waa led Into tha building through a rear entrance and only a few saw as he was rushed into th courtroom Temporary oak barriers had been elected in the corridors to prevent the crowd from getting out of control A heavy detail of policemen armed with gas bombs patrolled th corridors watching for demanstra-tinns of hostility toward Hickman Hickman took hi seat almost unnoticed beside Jerome' Walsh and nielinrd hi counsel Walsh set the trial actually In tno tion by requesting that he be permitted to introduce Into evidence th depositions taken In mlddlewebtern stales mmn which the insanity plea is to be based In part Trial Suddenly Halted The trial ws halted suddenly at the very outset todby by an unexpected defense move Walsh offered an objection ta Judge Cailos Hardy presiding at the trial Court was recessed until 2 pm ta permit state and prosecution attorneys to confer on the question of a trial Judge alsh'a objection was In th form of an affidavit contending that Judge Haidx xxas prejudiced in th rase and imild not give Hickman a fair trial It xxis also contended that because he seived as arraignment fudge le xx as not qualified to hear the trial The white-haired Jurist ruled to tho rnntinrv hut reserved final decision until late today as to whether he xx 1 1 1 vacate the bench Trial Testa State Law Ioa Angeles Jan (A California Justice today set out on a voyage through unoharted legal seas as It undertook to determine the punishment ot William Edward Hickman youthful confessed kidnaper and murderer of 12-year-old Marian Parker The trial which will determine the sanity of the killer will follow new and untested state laws governing Insanity defenses Hickman has pleaded "not guilty by reason of tacit admission that he committed the offense charged but was not legally responsible Armed with depositions and other forms of evidence designed to support the insanity theory the defense hope to save tha young criminal from banging by having him declared criminally Insane and lodged In a state asylum State Manta Death Penalty The state expect to send Hickman to hia death on the gallows for what It regards as one of the most vlcloua crimes In the history of California Hickman' aanity defined aa the ability to Judge between right and la the sole Issue and on this the Jury of twelve la required to reach a unanimous verdict It found sane tlje young defendant will sentenced by Superior Judg Carlos Hardy either to life imprisonment or to be hanged If Hickman were found Insane now or to have been insane at the tim ot tha crime some legal authorities have declared he would be sent to a state hospital for a year and then could demand a sanity trial If then found sane these authorities contend would given hla freedom Indicted on Two Cbunts Hickman who graduated with honors from a Kansas City high school In 1826 was indicted on two counts charging him with th kidnaping and murder ot Marian Parker whose mutilated body he delivered to her father a bank official her In exchang for 11500 Youth versus maturity waa the alignment presented by op losing courueL District Attorney Asa Keys who directing the prosecution will asaUted by men peat or near middle Jerome Welsh' 35-year-old Kanaaa City attorneygHe chief of defense counsel I MARKETS GLANCE uwms NfcW kOUK Storks weak: priced slump badly Bonds east goternment lower Foreign exchanges easy: laps rise 9 points Cotton firm trade buying Sugar easy commission hou ing i Coffee steady some trade luting i CHICAGO Wheat easy selling eastern houses Corn easy larger receipts Cattle steady i Hogg easy 1 LATE NEWS ITEMS Washington Ian (A By a vote of eight to six the senate elJ tlons romlttee today dismissed the petition of contest brought by William Wilson democrat against Senator-elect William Vare republican Pennsylvania uf I Sheepsliead liny Ian (l Joseph Quagline 31 was arrested today after the body of his 72-year-old father Lewis Quagline had been found In their home here The father had been slain with an axe Altoona Pa Ian (A Forced down twice by heavy winds and snow on an attempted hop from Harrls-buig Pa to Altoona Clarence Chamberlain transatlantic blrdman finally armed herg by train late this afternoon i Ihe aviator said his plane a as not rtiininged when he was forced to land at Mifflin Prior to that landing he was forced down by snow at Newport he said Boonton I Jan (A After careful Inxestlgatlon Boonton police announced their conviction late today that the girl who came here from Long Branch and who police there thought might be Mlsa Frances fit John Smith was not the missing Smith col lege student Gadsden -Ala Ian 25 (Special) Thirteen people In Whorton bend eight miles south of Gadsden Wednesday afternoon were recovering from food pole onlng as a result of eating flour scraped from the side and bottom of a tin lard can that had been In use for ten year at the home dt Neal I Wood Mrs I Freeman 74 was still In a serious condition at 1 hut was thought to be out of danger AFE PRICES MAY BE RAISED AFTER BAN BY PACKERS ocal Meat Houses in Move to Compel Restaurants to Buy From Retail Butchers Unless they are allowed to continue buying iheate from the wholesale pack lng houses Chattanooga restaurant keepers say they may be forced to in crease the prices on their bills of fare Keepers of ths restaurants and calcs say that all packing houses have recently refused to sell them meats virtually forcing them to pay higher prices at tha getall meat markets This condition It Is said may lead to the opening of an Independent packing house that will cater to the supply of ths restaurants and hotels It Is asserted in some quarters that ths recent action of the packer has been prompted by the practice of some of the larger butchers and restaurant of buying their masts from other cities Shipments of meat to tljese places have come from Kansas City StlLouls find Clhclnnatl and In soma Instances restaurants era openly advertising Their Bay Trade Unprofitable Packers bold- that inasmuch as their business Is wholesale the small quantity of meat demanded by tha cafe is not only unprofitable but unfair to tbs retail markets was coming to ths point" said tb manager of om packing bouse "where they would soon be wanting us to slice pork chops for them "In tbs small quantities they'ordered It did not pay us' to send a truck We do1 not pay retail license and therefore cannot cater to the sort of trad tht demands such small quantities as a pound of butter or two pounds of sausage We will continue to sell to anyone who uses sufficient quantity to justify a wholesale pries but we can not run a bqtcber Proprietors of some cafes however declare the action to be a move on the part of the packer to boost prioes and to check tbe practice of the larger con-turner of buying meats from other cities The Immediate effect they say has been to Increase their coat on meets from 05 to 60 per cent For ex ample they now pay 45 cent for ham which -formerly cost 22 cent and 80 cents for steak which formerly cost 17 cents CHINESE GENERAL AND 4 EXECUTED Peking Jan (A Execution of Gen Chen Bhu-Chlsng chief inspector of the Peking -endarme and four of his officers was announced offi daily today --v Chan was arrested recently charges of blackmailing wealthy cltl een by arresting them on false charge and offering to relsas them on ment of larg sums snd his four subordinates were i executed Sunday I Will Co-Operate as Soon a County Can Finance Road on This Basis Th East Chattanooga-Silverdale road should be made state aid project and its construction should be carried out after the important projects slready under way fn the county are completed This in substance is ths action taken by directors of the chamber of commerce in session Wednesday morning This road was turned down last year by the voters who refusedjto approve a bond issue of $225000 for the project It was pointed ou that while the road will prove an asset to the county there aie certain other state 'aid and important county road projects underway which should be completed before a nevy road is started and that under no condition should funds be diverted from these other undertakings No vote is necessary if it becofnes a state road The chamber of commerce went on record to aid the East Chattanooga boosters in every way possible to secure tje making of this road a state aid project and in line with this action a committee was named composed of President Mercer Reynolds Hubble and 8 Honsky to go to Nashville and urge Gov Horton to so designate the road The matter was first presented to the chamber of commerce for Indorsement at the last meeting a committee composed of Chapin and Mdrcer Reynolds being named to Investigate and make recommendations Mr Reynolds presented the report for the committee in the absence of Mr Chapin The committee report was then adopted Urges Co-epsration In making the report Mr Reynolds 'stated In part: "Your committee made a very careful study of the imposition and In the opinion of oth Mr Chapin and me the chamber of commerce should co-operate with these people for state aid for this road We suggest that a committee be appointed to go to Nashville to persuade Gov Horton to carry out a promise of the late Gov Peay I am reliably Informed that Gov Peay made such a promise "The committee does not feel that the county should or would put up the money at the present time There are some other highways which have the preference These other projects should not be delayed but they Should be carried out to completion recognize this road la an important thing It would shorten the distance to Chattanooga from that Action toward Tyner by about two miles The committee finds that some excellent work has been done on getting right of way and that this work la complata except lor two amall stripe of landa We recommend that the road be under-dertaken as soon as It can be financed I do not think It Is the function of the chamber of commerce to tell our officials exactly when they should under take construction They have their work to be done and they have not the finances at the present time to complete the roads already started" The new proposed road has Its city and at Third street and passes through East Chattanooga going through ths gap In Missionary ridge at practically no grads and then tapping ths Cleveland highway Report on Campaign General Chairman A Porzellua of the chamber financial campaign reparted that to date 714 new members had been secured and a total of 41-687 had been subscribed He outlined plana which will result in the raising of ths full 160000 needed within the next two weeks Mr Porzellus thanked 1 the workers the newspapers and others who have aided In the undertaking A vote of thanks was extended Mr For sellus and others taking a leading part la tbs successful campaign President Mercer Reynolds suggested that ths annual meeting of the chamber scheduled for March ought to be held earlier so that the new officers and directors can assume responsibility for carrying out the enlarged chamber program at once This was referred to a committee on by-laws headed by Borisky Against Madden Bill The chamber of oommerce will voice Ita opposition to ths Madden bill' by wire to ths congressmen from this section It was decided President Reynolds stated that there le danger of bringing about ths postponement of upper Tennessee river developments for another nine years if this bill which he charged Is In reality ths cynemld bid for Muscle Bhoaie is adopted by congress He pointed out that ths bill gives ths government right to etart work on Cove creek and certain other dams within a period of four years If chooses while If ths government doss not start work ths cyqamld company la given another flv years in which to start work This might mean another delay of nine years Mr Reynolds was instructed to wire the congressmen to the effect the chamber la opposed to any disposition of Muscle Shoals which will delay Tennessee river development Borisky of the fall1 committee reported that as yet he has not been able to hold a meeting with the Chattanooga Interstate fair directors relative to learning exactly what tha fair organisation wanta the chamber to do In aiding It Re stated that unofficially he had been told the county will give Its financial ild to ths 1828 fair and also that it will help make up ths deficit for 1827 Chattanooga may get excursion rates to baseball gains plsyed here it was reported One Wading carrier has ten tattvely promised this concession Bee re'sry Keiiem reported on eev cal jobUiis niaticn west gales In Tennessee a rural schoolhouse was blown over and four children were killed In several counties trees were uprooted snd houses unroofed Wind reaching a 70-mlle velocity swept across Maryland and Delaware and in Delmsr a town straddling the border of the two states damage to houses were severe Electric light was cut off snd lor a time communication with the outer world was destroyed From Rhode Island came the report of a schooner being borne toward rocks from which nothing could save It despite all efforts of the coast guard New York state felt the full force of the gale with a wind that approached 70 miles an hour In the Coney Island section of Net York city a two-story untenantei house was torn from its foundation snd rolled along ths street until it tell apart A section was torn from the roof of the Hotel Ansonla at Broadway snd Seventy-third street and pedestrians on the crowded sidewalks were Imperiled by the falling debris Children Killed Nashville Jan (A Four children were dead fifth dying snd a score of others were under medical care today as the result of a tornado which destroyed the Holmes Creek school In eastern Tennessee meager renorts received nere said The dead are: Edward Atnlp 8 Harvey Crlpps 6 George Smith 14 Ruby Hayes 6 Aubrey Smith 14 is thought to have internal injuries and It Is said cannot live Grady Carter teacher sustained a broken ankle and numerous cuts and bruises but his condition Is hot considered serious Tint -news of the casualties cam when Houston Webb a bus driver arrived late last night from a mountain trip He said ths storm descended suddenly while a class was In session in the little mountain school and that ths building was shattered before the principal Grady Carter could herd his chargee to safety Carter was pinned beneath the building with a broken hip Borne of the class escaped uninjured Webb said but many were caught under the crashing debris No communication by wire (Continued on Page 15) WILBUR ORDERS PROBE OF SALES OF NAVAL OIL Wants to Know if Royal Dutch Corporation Buys California Field Product Washington Jan 25 (A Secretary Wilbur has ordered an Investigation td determine whether oil from naval reserves In California Is being sold to the Royal Dutch Shell com pany a British concern by the Hono lulu Consolidated Oil company Ths secretary acted after he had received a report from Rear Admiral Rousseau head of the oil service relating that such sale were being made He appointed Rosseau Rear Admiral John Hallgan chief of the bureau of engineering snd Rear Admiral Edward Hale Campbell judge advocate-general to make the Inquiry and consider remedial legislation for recommendation to congress Mr Wilbur declined to go Into details of the report except to say that It Included several recommendations by Admiral Rosseau one of them that none of the products from naval oil reserves should be sold to a foreign corporation Hs explained that ths Honolulu concern is one of several holding lessee to reserve No 9 In California whera oil production la con tlnuoua Tha main question Involved hs said was ths disposal of naval oil to foreign corporations apparently for export to foreign countries 1 know Mr Wilbur said "aboux tbe relation of tbe Honolulu oompsny to other companies except what I bsv called attention to in con' nectlon with the proposed lnveetlgS' tion namely that It is reported that they are eelllng the products of the naval reserve and also the royalty oil which they are now purchasing from the government to the Shell OU company" GRANDSON DIES IN FRANCE Edward Sartori Former En voy Buried at St Nazaire Paris Jan' (A Algernon Edward Bartorla grandson of President Grant died at hla home at Bt Na-salre last week and funeral services were held there Friday Sartorls who was ths son of Neills Grant Jon' was born In Washington snd served as an aide to Gen Fitz-hugh Le during the 8panlah-Amerl can war He was American charge d'affaires et Guatemala In 1808 snd resigned 7n 1808 because of 111 health During the World war hs served In ths French foreign legion In recent years spent most of hi time In Franc BOOM FOR MANY POTENTIAL 1928 CANDIDATES ON New York Scene of Much Po litical Activity for Five Asp rants for Presidency New York Jan 25 (A National politics held a prominent place in to day's New York newspapers with can didates for president and vice-president in the forefront Organization of a nationwide Hoo-ver-for-presldent association was announced by John A Stewart former president of the state league of republican clubs Republican headquarters announced that Col Theodore Roosevelt would start Friday on a lecture tour of the middle west and the Times said that the tour was "with the hope that his candidacy for the republican nomination for vice-president mav be promoted but by no means abandoning hope of the nomination for governor of New York" Butler Mentioned Too At a dinner In his honor at the New York Young Republican club President Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia university was Introduced by Ihe club's president as a potential candidate for the republican presidential nomination In reaponse he told the members that "to aspire to the presidency ons must he old unemployed or bored or a combination of the three 'I feel very youthful I am veiy busy and my waking hours are quite excit-lng" he said besides I have not opinions but convictions and they are not for sale" George Olvany leader of Tammany Hall expressed complete confidence that Gov Alfred Smith would receive the democratic nomination end expressed the opinion that either President Coolldge or Vice-President Dawes would be selected bji the republicans fitanley for Reed Smith A Stanley former senator from Kentucky waa quoted by the Times as naming Gov Smith and Senator James A Reed of Missouri as the two outstanding men of the day The Times said that former Gov James Cox of Ohio Is under consideration for temporary chairman of the democratic national convention In June and that hs has the Indorsement of many Smith supporters Others under consideration according to the Times pre John Davis democratic nominee In 1924 and Roland 8 Morris former ambassador to Japan The Times said that Gov Smlth'a friends were uncertain whether he would go to Houston for the democratic convention and that opinion was about evenly divided Milady Aspires to Wear Masculine-Like Lingerie New York Jan 25 (A P) Spring atylea In lingerie tjave been displayed at Hotel Aator under the auspices of the United Women's Wear League of America Most of the models featured a waistline a close-fitting bodice and a full-fl'-ng silhouette Flesh pink wot the outstanding hue while there was also a noticeable array of printed tllks In underwear and pajamas Ths bridal lingerie set comprised four pieces with Ivory satin for the negliges and nightgown and cream satin lor the slip snd combination Novelties In ths pajama line In-eluded vagabond trouaera and a three-piece affair constating of a seven elghths-length coat of gold lac with shirred peach-colored satin sleeves a urpitfv satin bodice and satin trpu sera II THREE CHILDREN STOP DIVORCE PLAN OF PARENTS Breakup of Home Derricked in Favor of Old-Time Matrimony Cieveisndr Jan (A divorce" an Innovation In domestic relations Invented by Mr and Mrs Florlan Hummer of Cleveland to Dt their apeciai problems stood derricked in favor of old-fashioned matrimony today because the Hummers decided their differences weren't so different after all The Hummers experimented thirty day with their "companionate a tentative decree which removed the responsibilities of husband and wife but allowed them to live together in their 45000 home here Yesterday however they found their disagreements unimportant and SRked to be reunited In matrimony Then they found Common Pleas Court Judge Ewing confident of their eventual reconciliation had neglected to enter their "divorce'' on the court Journal and to their tormllty of remarriage was unnecessary Uhder their "companionate divorce" granted after Mrs Hummer brought suit on the grounds of cruelty Mr Hummer wes the "managing financier" who paid the bills and "boarded" In hla own home Mrs Hummer the "managing housekeeper" attended to meals and house duties i They wanted to remain at the same home they said so both could be with their three children Estelle 18 May and Rae Mr Hummer a railway mall clerk left on hla regular run for Syracuse last night puzzled over the latest quirk In hla domestic affair Mra Hummer admitted she would never have tried to get a divorce had he apologized for a squabble nearly two years ago Lake Forest police was the enforcement of the regulation calling for lie capturing of all unmuzzled or unleashed dogs The dog squad possessed no dog net or other paraphernalia and so set out In an automobile with nothing but "Come here nice as a weapon for entrapment It worked on the firat dog but thereafter all tha endearing dog term that game to their tongues fell on deaf dog eara One of the officers suggested -that a cat be used at bait but after one experiment In which the cat lost a close decision and part of his hide the plan was abandoned As a final resort a supply of pork chops Was used to entice the dogs into tbe police car The chops however attracted muxxled as well as unmuzzled animals and the squad finally returned to headquarter! to abandon the hunt until proper equipment cotfid be obtained Kansas Senator Comes Out as Presidential Candidate on Avowedly Dry Platform nsliingtnii Jail 25 Pi-Senator t'urtls of Kansas who is a candidate for the republican residential nomination deelaied today for a plank in the next piitv plat form pledging strict cnfoi cement of the prohibition laws He also announced Ills opposition to Ihe stales' delei mining what alcoholic content should he pennitted and said he was against icpeal ot either the Kighteenth amendment or the Volstead act Senator Cuitls' views woie stated In a letter to Scnatoi Urn nil nt Idaho who Is questioning all tepiib liean presidential candidates on the wet and dry Issue Want Lawa Enforced "While I have no desue in dulite wlint shall be In Ihe next repnhIUan national platform" Curtis winte "1 personal! fax or a plHnk lefenmg to tha Eighteenth amendment and the lawa enacted to carry it Into effn I and 1 fax nr a plank pledging the nnmlne to a fair vigorous and faithful enforcement of them "In mv opinion It Is the gientest mnial Issue of all ages and puhlii sentiment demands that both of the political putties declaie themselxea unequixniallv upon it Should I be nominated anil elided piesident 1 fnvm meeting the Issue aqniiiely luul bellpve In the strict and eneigetie enforcement of the laxvs to carry out the constitutional amendment Opposes Stats Interference "I am opposed to a policy wlilrh will allow any state to detemune for itself the alcoholic content of to be manufactured sold and transported throughout the count ly but I believe the states should join with the officers of tho I'ntled States In enforcing the laws of congress as waa contemplated by the constitutional amendment you aie a former citizen of Kansas I have no doubt you remember my iernrd as prosecuting attorney of Shawnee county Kansas fmm 18X5 to 1889 You will recall (hat when 1 took the office the saloons were mnning wide open in Ihe illy of Topeka and that 1 had pi unused If elected to enforce the laxv This promise was as you know fulfilled and evety saloon waa closed within thirty days and remained closed for the four years I waa county attorney "I believe In meeting the Issue squnrelv and am heartily In favor of faithfully enforcing all our lawa and 1 am opposed to the repeal of the Kighteenth amendment or the Volstead act" CITY WANTS QUIET Santiago Chile Bans Noises During Night Time Santiago Chile Jan (A P) War has bten declared on noise here An ordinance passed by the city provides fines and jail sea tences for those "who conduct their activities without due regard for psac and quiet Among the unnecessary noises men tloned are sirens on factories music by merry-go-rounds and ths shout of pushcart vendors After 11 pm phonographs must be shut down snd playing of pianos and singing 1 prohibited CHICAGO'S CANINE-CATCHING COPS USE CATS PORK CHOPS IN PLACE OF OLD-TIME NET Even These Inducements Prove Futile Attractions to Unmuzzled Chicago Jan (A Dudley Field Malone the International lawyer and the police force of Lake Forest have found out to their separate chagrin that the new antidog campaign hereabouts has Us disadvantages Mr Malone was hurrying through to California and hi pet Irish terrier prince Pat waa with him The dog quarantine established to curb rabies would permit him to take the dog out of tftij He went Into conference with a brother barrister here and finally got the dog through the lines by having him ex' amtned and Inoculated The trouble experienced-.

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