The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 5
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN Have You One of Our Catalogs Yet? P.y ill) rn-.'nis don't fail to _'et tin". \\eYe e-).!n| to si 1 ! 1 so ninny tunny j'e<v|Me ni'ier them, and l'K;ised 1., le;irn luiw well 'hey fili)>reejjitc a Well gotten ii|) biiol; like ours. < )ur (vifiiln;/ will be n rov- elii(i<iji 'io yi.,i - I'm 1 you'll he Mirprisvd to .•••.• how many lhin<rs yon e;ni n'et here for a snuill amount nf immey. ; OtfLV 8 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS. Araarican Jewelry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street xxygagoopffloacaa T >VHUBUBk«VHJMUOH»JOUO*M»*w»»»*w»w*^ J (Kern City) Kern City ' BAIL OF SHOW MEN I MAY BE FORFEITED. I Harry Jlomilian, Robt. Fnrrelly, and Hurry Warner, Hie (inns-Nelson i>ic- tu re men. who lutil trouble with Ooo. Mny some Mine :•:•() an.l who wore ,-ir- 1 i rented in Vlsiilln, tailecl to :ip;'«ur ho- 1 | fore .1 U!;;c .Marlon t;ih; nioniitm. They ilunl a casOi hail of *7o deposited wiih | :':•• courl. \vl,!.'h \vonld luivn tieen ! forfeited had lint tlu- jntlfii. 1 continued j the linn; fur them to appear nniil Hie 2lnl of the iiKinlh, owinu' to the fact | that the bail was put. up by outside parties. If the parties tail, however, to product 1 tilt 1 men at the end of the two weeks the ball will he <lechnv.l ! forfeited. NOTES AND PERSONALS. f Money to Loan We have unlimited fun-Js to loan on improved farm property at 7%% per annum, and on long terms and easy payments. If you are paying a high rate of Interest this proposition should interest you. Bakersf ield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, M0r. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. IN THE KERN CHURCHES ON THE SABSATH. St. Barnabas Episcopal— Sunday- school tit 10 o'clock; evening service at 7:l](). St. Joseph's — Mass will he oelebrat ed tomorrow morning at, S o'clock b> Father Cauley. • Methodist Episcopal — Sunday school at 0:45 n. m.; preaching at and 7:30 p. m. Epworth Loague at fi;.'!0 p. m. KIder Peck will conduct (iveuing services and all are cor tUally invited to Httend. Rev. Damon pastor. — • • » Dr. YV. S. Fowler and his bride have returned from the south and tak en apartments at the Southern. Too Laic For Classification FOR SALE—One hundred and fifty dollars down buys a fine little 5 room cotage, half hlock from street car; large lot, 50x150. Balance small payments. Good bargain. Suiter & Co., 1920 I St., Main 1434. 85 FOR RENT—Furnished front Inquire at 2313 K street. room. 90 FOR SALR—A few choice breeding hogs, males and females. For further particulars call up Farmers 120. 90 SATURDAY —TWO DAYS MONDAY Days of ^Bargains in ladies' hats.—Not old out of date goods, but The New Large Flat Shapes trimmed in the most approved fashion, colons and shades blended to a '•hecomingness" only possible by an artist jit the profession. They will do your eyes. LMIH! to look at them, and fit your purse to a nicety. Regular $7.00 values for Satin-day and Monday—$5.00. STEVENS The Leading Milliner. The quarterly conference of the .Methodist Kplscopal Church will be held tiiis evening at 7:3U o'clock in the Methodist Church at the corner. of King and M streets, and Elder ; i'eck will be present. The new Southern Pacific time card will go into effect Sunday, November &th. There are no particular changes, only a few minor ones for the Santa Fe. I You can get a lot In any part of Kern. You have 2000 to ;iick from. Terms easy. Prices $35 to J'J.50 A. J. Woody, 816 Baker street. t.t Bert Sloan of Stockton was In town today on business. J. L. Semorile, Frank Day and Albert Caneo will take a baseball team to Delano Sunday. Miss Kela Schafer returned to the California Hospital in Los Angeles today after spending a few weeks visiting in Kern. Miss Isabel Waldon, teacher of the Vineland school, is In town to spend Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Waldon. Assistant Superintendent J. H. Dodds went south last night on No. 8. I have 2000 lots In Kern City for sale. Prices from $.°.5 to $330. Ter'ms easy. A. J. Woody, 816 Baker st. tf Jack Stevenson and wife left at noon today in their auto for Merced. Trainmaster G. W. Croy returned from the south this morning. Get a lot In Kern, Two thousand to pick from. You can't miss getting what you want. Terms easy, prices rlpht. A. J. Woody, 816 Baker st. tf Geo. T. Klnkade of McKittriek is a guest at the Metropole. E. I. Epman of the superintendent's office and J. Barthlstle of the master mechanic's office will spend Sunday In Fresno. F. L,. Burkhalter went to LOB Ange-1 les last night on No. 8. W. O. White, traveling car Inspector of the southern district, was In town yesterday. Professor Durable, who has been visiting here for the Past few days, returned last evening to his home In San Francisco. General Manager E. E. Calvin, of he southern district was in town yes- :erday and left special last night for Los Angeles. • G. A. Whltaker left last night for Los Angeles to be gone about a week. Dave Hense of the Kaar meat market is laid up with blood poisoning n his hand caused by a small scratch. Trainmaster Harry Klnch of Fresno was In town yesterday. O. West expects to leave Monday for a short business trip to Los Angeles. Fred Hnmmlston returned to Los Angeles yesterday on the noon train. "Good hoiiKf Kfi-pi'i's ilon'f lui" ground coffee." says Mrs. Brown. "It loses iis sireiipth—is not near ns good as Folger's Golden Gate whole roast, ground just before using." Men's Club Monday—Next Monday night the Men's Club of St. Paul's Church will hold its postponed meeting. An Interesting program has been arranged. CORRECT APPAREL OF WOMEN OF' MANY DISCRIMINATING TASTES AT- UAMILTON'S PHONE MAIN 309 j 2000 Chester Ave. at 20th St. The must essential roqiiisiii 1 In well <!ivsse/| women is cor reel style --style of the highest degree. The style of suits, costumes or millinery is that which distinguishes it from the ordinary. In mi other things is this characteristic more than in women's wearing apparel and millinery. We are estahlishing n reputation for selling correct and stylish models only—-and you will always find our showing distinctively authoritative. Our assortments arc now at their best; they excel in completeness and beauty any of our previous efforts. We cordially invite- your inspection. necessary .MILLINERY Many New Effects Now Ready Many new arrivals will go on display today, making a beautiful exhibition of correct stylish millinery. We are showing numerous jaunty street hats especially designed to wear with tailored suits. Our dress hats have a becomingness and a blending of color that must be seen to be appreciated. Refined elegance and individuality Is our keynote—you can buy here with the full assurance of excluslveness. Our hats at $5, $7.50 and $10 are especially attractive In many Instances they are worth 50 per cent more.' $25.00 WILL BUY A SWAGGER TAILOR MADE SUIT GUARANTEED TO FIT PERFECTLY The styish women—the women who are exceedingly particular—will find this'line decidedly attractive. There are several distinctive models to choose from, comprising many late style inova- tions. They are serviceable, stylish and thoroughly tailored throughout—made of this season's newest and most popular materials. If you are in need of a new suit you should see this line—we, guarantee satisfaction in evwy particular. x YOUR DOUBTS WILL CRUMBLE v.-hrn yon fee a suit of clothing or ar> I <iverco;it that, we have cleaned .'iii'M preyed if you think \vf can't in:il.< '• ;-nir .!.•;:rnic-nt.^ Icol: just like now. Our pKicess cit' eleanillK is the acme n! ;ir- f,-;i<- work on cl:.thing, fine- di'csse--, i',.iintv v.'iiists and plumes. Our dyo i'\- r.-M- all the rich colorings that < .!>. s in the fines! goods when do'ic .'! ;he Pioneer Dye Works. Mail "V:':• .15 promptyl attended to. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Office. 1519 19th St., Phone Mnin I7r, Vnri-e, 129.133 20tb St. Pbonn Mnin it/S I •i/ A Good Bed Is not a luxury i» ih;< .i.-.y im ,i a necessity of life. . One of our famous Sanitary Iron Beds The New Store Our Angelica and Muscatel Wines ! ju 1 " very popular no\v. You reiii'-mher \ve had such ;i successful run <ui them at t!n : Fair -everybody -who sampled il liked it. and many have bought since. If you like swi.'f-t wines, trv j-'ome of these line Ani?e]|r:i," and Muscatels—they're splendid finality—superior, we think, I" iiiiy wine'.-' you have ever boiiuht at the prices we'ro asking. Fred Gunther Co. Family tni'ie solicited. Store and waverooms 1511 ISth .street. No bar ;itta>'He,l. Phone Main 99. Bartender's Smoker—The Bartenders are planning an enjoyable smoker for Monday night when they meet In Labor Council hall. There will be n program of music and entertaining numbers and refreshments and smokes galore. All of the bar boys arc requested to attend. NEW PLAY AT UNION WELL PRESENTED. The Cimmnsimtn Company aca:n presented a change of program last night. "Rip Van Winkle" was played to a good sized nnd appreciative audience who much enjoyed it. Mr. r Tcdd Brnekett in the leading role I acted the part of Old Rip very pleas- I ingly and Miss Roberts likewise per- I formed her part as Gretchen very J well. Monday night begins "How t Baxter Butted In" and the play has ' a laugh in every line. COMMENDATORY. Exchanges speait m terms of praise or the lectures of the celebrated Kra Liicin.s, who appears at A O. T T . W. hall Sundny night, Nov. 8th. The following is a sample: Last night Fra Lucius, an eminent scientist, and author, gave a highly Interesting leetnre In (he newly-titled up "Vllology Hall" on 1 street, f>|, pnslte the poBloftice. to a remarkably large an<l intelligent audience. Mis subject was "Vitology, Health and Success," which he made doubly interesting by painting off-hand pic- turcR In bright colors, of the chief Ifctnre topics a g he talked. At the! close of the lecture lie gave blindfold' test descriptions of subjects from the audience that were truly remarkable.—Modesto Herald. 84 PROMENADE CONCERT. A promenade concert and dance Riven under the auspices of the St. narnabas Episcopal Guild will be Riven In Kaar's hall in Kern on Thursday evening, November 12th. Admission £5 cents. Prof. Keuhn's orchestra will furnish the music, tf 'll itt Company, iiw or nie Snft- will bo at tbto P. Kice. .pet Realty Southern Thursday, Friday and Safc- urday of tliis week and will give sill Information about 10 acres of land tat sale at $25 per acre as per ad of C&tt Sunset Realty Company on the c£»- sified |Hi.m> of this paper. 'Jt Office Telephone Main 731 Residence Telephone Farmers 1«rt 2035 Chfster Avenue. • • '• * ~ ~~ .*. McCaron's Art Store Orders by Phone Attended to Promptly Pictures, Frames to Order, Latest, Beat of Workmanship. WE NOW HAVi: STEAM HEAF .: WAIN 12d PRICES lOc, 25c, 3ic, &0c MATINEES SATURDAY, ICC, 25c. years is a necessity and still M luxury. Y<ru •••,-.>\'{ aiV be wilhout, one. Philip W. Niedereur THt. ONE PRICE STORE 1408-10 19th Streel Phi The Little Racket Store The liltlc, store of I,. T. (frulley & Co.. conier l-'h and Cliestei 1 nvenne, is -.(ii! aildiii'j 1 in",v lines (>f ">, 1(1. 1"> nnil \l~>f tli'y jMniils tuid iiii- tid'! >|i.'eiil!( ies. ( )lll' lale>t will lie tin- Richardson C.'M- liniid"i'y m,I fits, \\-liicli is the iiHisi |in|iiilar eiiilii-diilcry line in lh" \vuHci. \Vc invile the ladies to call and inspect a few samples, already receiv- t'd. .Iniii a HiehanlsDii Chili ind learn the heaiitifn! art nf cmhroidcrin^. \\'<- triv special nricos on many useful articles. C. J. Planz, President Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. CONSTANT AND CAREFUL !:tf riltm.l is i,'i Veil (ll ( lie IlltS- iiievi iif ) Ms llaiik hy its ol'li eel's. lvvel\ investment, is appi'iived hy tlie hoard <,(' 1 >ll'ei'tms, TIlllS yoil can Nee h'i'.v sate yn;iv money is when di'jnis'ned Hank 'if Kern. THIS WEEK Friday, Saturday Matinee and Night and Sunday • Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday $20 Cash Prize Saturday Nov.

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