The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1908. Wait For Geelan's Millinery OPENING Our Motto, Quality Style, 1 and Moderate Prices. 1329 19th St. WBHKS! Known the world over as the irrcatest piano. A. B. Chase, Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling ami others. Also Player Pianos. Largest .stock of fine pianos constantly on hand ever seen in Bakersfield. Low Prices. Kusy Terms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fiah Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager SKATING DREAMLAND RINK Cor. G and 19th. Street Hours 10 a. m. to 12 m. 2 p. m. to 5:30 p. rn. 7:30 p. m. to 10:30 p. m. TUESDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS LADIES NIGHTS Music by Prof. Carriere's Orchestra I I Special Professional Visi^ of New York Phvsicians and Surgeons biMti- "OU PRE SICK CCVE 1\: ,.,S '• M ' I ' t ' .. ' ' ' , ',- . I • .'.'-. '•:' i|;e tnwu. Many ' .' i I :'c; !u I'ecos ,'1'V In coining :» •<- y;,'i ;i:<ve the satii" ;"lvrii'.K:--- n; pi.i;|j'.. in New York oro'ber lane (-itie.--, minus 'lie e,.Jt of -,,HK', tiu-ie. THIS WEEK ONLY \Ve give free con>u!l;i'.iun,'', examinaiiun ;<ml a<lvl,'e. Ho collie at once—TODAY. We will !"• i: ! iii; ( .<i liiiv'- y,,u call a'ui cuiisiiler i( a favor to us as \vc ,."(_' iiliMOtis )u JIM . ) t-V'-iy one \vlio is till in,e-. Electro-Medical and Sviraical Institute. Grand Hotel Bakersfield Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Ovfice nc,v open. 10-1, 2-5, 7-9, and by appointmentc. Hobo Parade and Social ..In.:, November 9, '••". woclal nn:\ en- \Y'icitlriien of thu i;-.- '!!'•• ;i;ira'1i> Is In <!!'• •:.'••< illlfl will 1)O A i 1 1.'- WinUiiieu's hall ; ,i 'ill I'm ni-.-ili music THE ONL" EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. Next Mon lay .the bl« "liol.o pi! lertnlmm nt or' !•> Worl.l t-ike;- ;<!;i;-. charm- of K"' rt novel af!':ilr. Kuehn'is in ( i. at Interval* 'hi'iir; The follow fiu 1 . in'i...i;ir;i }n.a \nn-n ar- ratiKcil by Hi" en'niuiite.. In charpo, consisting «t \\'. .'.. i;<>|eniif;r, O. J. Bundy and T. F. AlVn: Japanese l.'oxin-; nmiest* by local Japanese experts: \vrentlInK, local talent; music by the oro'nojttni; blindfolded boxing remarks on woodcraft, by Orn.\ui/.er Craw; boxing contest, by local purtles; mesmeric, hypnotic oxhtbttlon by A. Neighbor; song, by Clarence Puller; heavyweight boxing contest, by contestants weighing over 22<( pounds each; Japanese wrestling mutch, by local Japanese experts; distribution of prizes;; supper, big hobo feed. Members are requeste,! to Invite their friends with a view to getting them Interested to join the camp at the big class of 250 or more December 14th, for which applications for membership are now being taken at the reduced rate prevailing under dispensation of the brad consul. A Thing Your Tailor Can Hardly Do For You NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given that Yee Lee has bought the Valley restaurant, situated at 1313 19th street in the City of Qakersfleld and has assumed all bills owing by said restaurant. AH persons holding any such bills will please present them fo.' payment to the undersigned on or before November 15, 1908. 91 YEE I.ER. ' A GOOD STOMACH I!, re is a tlmm- Hint Stem-Bind) can do for 'ii that y»ur tailnr, probably, fann'-i. Certain ,,!"!s iitm.tu- the Fall and \Yit;H'.' overcoats .'.,\vn in " SMI/I rt ness," the style imoh, de..,1 lor tliei • e,>rreet lit and style ii|»'ii exnet- > ii,.' proper adjustment of skirl t<> \nn\yr of . ; ,,|,| to skirt. To achieve this re,mired the -lose study ol' half a dozen highly skilled tail- ,rs. The problem was properly solved alter • ••veral sample overcoats hii^l been made and -Tiidied and tested. When properly adjusted. .lie patterns were made to correspond and the •.tats were declared satisfactory to oMVr you. If ymi should ask your tailor to duplicate iiie "t' these coats, would he b<> n a position to ifo about it ns Slein-Hloch went ,!,i,ut it .' AVould he have the patience, or the [i-iic. or the staff, to say nothing about the -kill and the knowledge? And when all was inished, what would it cost yon? Stein-Bloch do these things as a matter of •oursc, as a pal< if the day's work. And be- •aiise they have these resources, can uft'ord o do it and still <;lian?e you a just and rcnson- ,1'le jii'iee. Means Good Health, Cheerfulness, An> bition, Persistency and Success. Ml-o-na will cure your dyspepsia or any other stomach trouble by building up the flabby walls, nnd making the stomach so strong that it will digest food without pepsin or other artificial aid. In other words, Ml-o-na cures dyspepsia by removing the cause. Haer Bros, are the agent for Ml-o-na in Bakersflelil and they say to every reader of this paper whose stomach is weak, who has Indigestion or dyspepsia, that Ml-o-na is guaranteed to cure or money back. The price is only 50 cents a large box, and one box is all you neeil to prove that you are on the right road to health anil happiness. "I can't Hay enough for Ml-o-na tablets: they have done more for me in one weeks than all the doctors have for I lie two years I have been under I heir care, and I will do all I can to recommend it to my friends. Yon can /also use liy name in your nil. if yon '•";e, for .Ml-o-na is better than s o nil'. I a)!) li.ivi. a ii.-w man. and am ! ahl,'' to work orce n.ore fur the first lime in over a year."—-\S'. A. Knnis, llliS (Ireon-Kt., Syracuse, N. Y. * Series of Addresses on the Making of Our Bible Tomorrow evening Rev. Edgar R.-Fuller, pastor of the First Con- Erreuational church will begin a series of addresses on the general subject. "The Making of Our Bible." The course as now outlined <• is one of eight lectures tracing the story of the manuscripts, translations and versions, through the Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Syrinc and KiiL-lish to the present American Standard Revised Bible. The work of the men o!' the Great Synagogue and the Massore- \i-f as well as that of later Bible scholars is a story of fascinating inteii'-M. Such a course should ii'.it only be of historical value, but hi'-'!:!y iiuirnc-ii\,' an-'. • nt"r;ainiag and will undotibleilly attract many many hearers. The special topic tomorrow evening will be "The Souices of Our Hlblo." The first of a series of parties to> be given by the young people of Sa. Paul's church will be held tonight in guild hall. Dancing will be the order and durlns the evening refreshments will be served. i CASTOR IA For Infants and Childi«n. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears tbe Signature of Grenada Hotel Sutler Hyde St<r,. S?n Franci'.-.o. Absolutely Fireproof An , :.,- ci |il;.!i. $:'..',,, .*.i; VM,- i ..• ,,. T.-i, -.-, .., .^ '-..".-I.,:'. Co-i-.;"-. •;-. > . First Congregational Church. topic, "The Test of Dif=eiples)iip." On Seven'centh street, between G | Evening worship, 7:30 p. m.; sermon and H streets. Bible school, MM 5 a. | topic, "The Power That Rules." m. .Morning worship, 11 a. m. Sermon; Bible school, 10 a. m. theme. ••rri.-ler.-itan.liri!:." Chines j Young Men's Bible Study Class, mission Sunday .-ichool. .:::» p. m. Y. Mo a. m. IV S. C. K., t;:::i> {,. I.-,., leador. MNs B/V/P. U., mission study, G:30 p. Blanche Curtis. Regular eveiiinij wor- j m sliiji, ~:'-'.» |i. )JI. At lljiw iii, ur the !i:.s-| ',, ,, ,,, , _ OA tor will beL'in hip M.rb- of ,,-iuht a.|-i T raver m «''-i"g, Wednesday, 7:30 on th" t-eneri 1 >ul jc.'t, "The'P-J"- .... , M;, kin- t.r On,' Hi!,!,- " The ^ Teachers training class ^ ednesday -nbj(-ci toriorrav ev,-;-'''... v .-''ll !„-. ! s ::; '' 1'. ' 1. f'onie with us ami \vo will • "fee s.-.i'rc. , <,< 1! ,i,-- .' t b ; --h f '° thee 8° 0<1 ,',.. ., uruiim :.-,•: ..-:!!;_• prvi,,.;-. T"e Episcopal Churches. -j.rcial nvi-ic wii! !.ie i- u '<•}•:•< !,y t'l-t Services will be held nt St. Paul's '•ii'iru*. A i:-,f!'.t cor. 1 '-..! .,v •:.•',•,.,• is j tomorrow as follows: Holy Commun e\ieu:(e.l to .ill. ivif. i I'.. i':; : i ,. ,, c- ! if,.-.. S a. m. Morning prayer and ser"""• i mon 11 a. m. KLOUR 1% "U £ cour-:TV i ?, KF.HN RIVIT.H V. IL' --, i KERN RIVER WILLS FLOUR „ i!''Hy of Uakersfleld, luit i.o%v a r^l- • In Kei ' n n t st - Barnabas— Sunday e> :n of Alameila. , si-hool at 10 a. m. Evening prayer First Baptist Church. ; ;llu! seimon, 7 p. m. Twentieth ami (5 streets. L. C. ' Christian Science Services. Sn.itb. A. M., niinisti'r. Residence,! .\Kseiv!,ly hall. Producers Bank "M'.i C. streit. Phone Main 7i;!). ; building. Sunday morning at 11 Morning worship 11 a n: ; sermon "'' ' i '"' lc - Puhject. of the lesson ser....... — .-. ' . — ....... mon, "Adam and Fallen Man." Wedi iK'si!:'y i.-veiihiK at S o'clock. ..... ------ »-»*- -----------(-•>-.v to a S^rjin. j Su.-ains. ^•.vellliiKS nnd biL-eiK'ss are 1 pro:);. •!' • r-lieved l>y rhiiivi'ir.rlaln'H , l.iiiinii •'• ••. I'M-; lininie'.f v !>K'e^ iu- , (iiim'.'iatifir. ati-l soreness-- so that a -'• 'tin ' '.v be ..-ui'eil in aboi't Kin-'-third : ; ."."- >!:,." r.-ipiirod by the u:-ii"l treat! in lit. IT, ;•!),.! fill cent v-izes for -'i'le by ' H;>er livo--., !! -,.1,-ersfieM ; Kern i>rm; Co.. K'f-ra. * FRA LUCIUS THE EMINENT SCIENTIST AND MASTER ADEPT PUNDIT. Founder and Director General o , the International! Institute of V!t ology, author ill "T h e Bool; ofl Life," "Vitolos.vl the True Science! jUfe," "Life HertJ Heretofore and! Hereafter." by request, lec| ture on "VITOLOGY, HEALTH AND SUCCESS," At A. O. U. W. Hall, Sunday, November 8th at 8 o'clock, p. m. Admission free to ladles and gentlemen. No collection. Physicians and scientists especially invited. Ho appears In the gold wore silken robe.-i and jeweled "turban oi' a hisli caste Braluuu Master Adept Pundit, and Illustrates each leeluro topic with I.right colored paintings,, which IK- in.;l;e." off-band while you .listen, and gives occult demonstrations and phychic life and character rtescrlptlons after the lecture. Min,ilii,kc Wd|-k*rli of For f'i, i.ll ,, «,,-j com i«uli»rly «ub- SCHENCK'S "Liven the Liver tul iimurt- ,|,' ril8 - I'tin-ly V.-g AI<M>lttt<-ly liurmlru. Kur wile i-vi'rywhn,'. I'lnii, i.r Sugar Cualcil *2b ci'iiU tt 1-,'X or tj- n, Dr. J. H. Schonck & Son, Philadelphia, Pn. I ^ :^DA.Y FVCNING ..^ -*.- - - ••"-• »- JW • —— & cA ? ^P ^ BRING YOUR HOBO FRIENDS HOBO A ft 11 IA/ HA ,,.. . 5 i 1™1 V V m t W V| R • f^H GOLDEN WEST HOTEL ••<r Cor. Pov/el! anr) Eil's Streets FRED P. PLAGEMAVj, P.-y;.-,. . TK" LANDMARK 0" S •'• N FRANCISCO—NOW CPr.!i N'l.-v-- )'\n!:i:iic-. Moiliv.! .'. ,-',-• ory r,-. ih'.-t. l:,(i !..i,'!i:. (IjHiosite Uailre:!.! ;i!,-! S'< .;! > sliip nli'u'e;-. Ksuef-i. i,y .-(-un-:.lent for foiuiuei'i-ir-l tv.'ivlr'--. IN TIII-: MI:AHT ov THI-: CITV Free liui- rneets a'l tr 'n,-. ;inil boatw. Take Market F' fur.-; or Fourth iinO Kills e.-ir to hr:t"l. Kahler Says Now is the time to buy Rubber Goods Buy them now and make \ise of them these (-old mornings. An Absolute Guarantee for ,)]'.>• year- with every IT"t Water Bottle or Syringe fl'< ';] Sis. Denver Restaurant Regular Meals, 2")e and up. Eastern Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Chon Mean. Pineapples, Chicken, and ('hop Sucy. flood- Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfield. BMERSflELO DRUG GO. Kahler Bros. PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A I Cits, Annett'sBakery WE SERVE HOT DRINKS AT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. COME IN WHEN YOU'RE UP TOWN AND TAKE A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE OR BULLION. THE BEST OF MATERIALS ARE USED IN OUR SERVICE. W~ KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH A TRIAL. 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 \

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