The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN Champion Interchangeable Range—The Greatest Stove Out It hns made n hit with the people of Kern County. Just think of having an elegant range that you can instantly turn from coal to jrns or vice versa. The operation is simple—and is something absolutely new in cooking and baking apparatus. Snves fuel, no matter which you use—coal or pus. Hakes well and is satisfactory in every way. It's time you were calling qn us and letting us show you how this fine Champion range works. Come anytime—you're always welcome. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. Over The Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno 8:50 a. m. Arrives Los Angeles 8:35 p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:35 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Go* VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR Now try and roncelvo a cur almost as silent as the photograph Itsolf— car vibrant with pent-up power under flinger-tip control; a cur that will slide noisek'H.sly up alongside the aristoerucy of. motordom and luck nothing Unit tho latter possesses except a ty I slier price—and you will have formed a fair mental picture of thu revelation that awaits you. Dismiss from your mind the Idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was In the same class as this jlufii) four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars nt a low price, you will now see a his car at a low price. ^ Where you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see size and strength and dignity. Where you have seen Indifferent material slumped" and saved to mal;e possible a low'price, you will now set- u car built of the finest .steels money can buy, used in full and generous measure—and the same painstal-.- ang. conscientious system of construction, down to the last nut an'! holt, that has been typical 01 the Cadillac plant from tho first year of lu history. Deliveries early next month. First car load already gold. 0. E. Getchell, Agent, Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7'.—Practically complete returns from thirty- six counties out oC 58 In the state give thu following totals on constitutional amendments which were voted on last Tuesday. No returns have heeii received trom the following counties: Alpine. Uutte, Del None, Humboldt, Inyo, Mariposa, Modoc, .Monterey, Nevada, Placer, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Sonoma, Sutter, Trinity and Yuba. No concerted attempt was made to gather the vote on the amendments and In the counties which have not been reported It will not be possible to obtain the vote until' the returns are officially canvassed next week. The figures at hand, as gathered by the Associated Press, give the following results: Senate N'o. 1—For, 77,094; against, 78,090. Senate No. 14—For, 75,038; aaglnst, 76.5SX. Senate Xo. 16—For, 56,478; against, 32,090. (On this amendment the votes ties are missing.) Senate No. 20—For, 70,898; against, «7,881. Senatu No. 29—For ,6u,055; against, ?. 1,421. (Los Angeles missing.) Senate No. 31—For, 93,100; against, 60,896. Senate No. 32—For, 77,794; against, ii4,771. (Los Angeles missing.) Senate No. 33—For, 67,049; against, 32,491. (Los Angeles missing.) Senate No. 34—For, 76,448; against, 62,095. Assembly: No. 3—For, 119,223; against, 32,120. No. 7—For, 45,362; against, 34,934. (Los Angeles missing.) No. 8—For, 62,770; against, 31,947. (Los Angeles and Alameda missing.) No. 24—For, 45,469; against, 72,035. (Alamedii missing.) No. 28—For, 61,977; against, 20,623. (Alameda and Los Angeles missing.) Removal of state capital—For, 74,638; against, 110,820, Seawall act—For, 53,365; against, 32,879. (Alameda and Los Angeles missing). India Basin act—For, 59,485;, against, 46,346. (Los Angeles missing.) Stevenson Will Contest. CHICAGO, Nov. 7.—The re-election of Governor Charles S. Deneen will he -contested, according to a signed statement issued last night by Chas. Democratic central committee. The statement follows: "I am convinced that with a correct count and an honest canvass, Adlai E. Stevenson has a plurality of the vote cast in the election last Tuesday for governor of Illinois. We will demand that the ballots he recounted." Governor Deneen's plurality is estimated at 23,011" to 20,000. 'Ben Atwell, secretary, explained that errors hud alrea'dy been discovered In sev- ral precincts and It was calculated that if only three ballots In each of the 4,040 voting precincts in Illinois were taken from Deneen and given on recount to Stevenson, tho latter would seem to have won the election. Tammany Supported Bryan. NEW YORK, Nov. 7.—Charles F. Murphy, leader of Tammany Hall, dictated a statement last night in which he denied specifically that Tammany did not support Bryan. "It Is silly to accuse Tammany Hall of knifing the national Democratic ticket, talcing all the circumstances into consideration," said Mr. Murphy. "Many persons who are making the charge know better, but hope to make political capital at Tammany's expense. "There Is plenty of proof that Tammany was absolutely loyal. The fact the county ticket received far Ies9 than tho normal Democratic majority Is proof enough In Itself that Tammany was not in any way responsible for the Bryan slump. The county ticket suffered because of Bryan's weakness. "Before the convention we knew Bryan could not carry New York and there was nothing to change this belief. Bryan ran so far behind hern Just because the people were against him. "I notice that Ohio and Indiana and Minnesota elected Democratic governors, but Bryan lost them and I have not heard any charges of treachery to Bryan there. And iti Rrie county, where Mr. Mark Is a leader, I notice the county went for I Chanter by a Rood majority, but Bryan could not carry It. I have not heard anybody charge Marl: with treachery. on "There was no treachery. The whole result was due only to Bryan's weakness and the strength of Taft,' which pulled Hughes through." Democratic Control Narrow. ST. Louis, Nov. 7.—Returns compiled by the Republic (Democratic) give Taft the electoral vote of Missouri by a plurality of 3172. These returns are complete from all but three of the 114 counties of the stato and include estimates based on par- iiai returns from the missing counties. Thu Globe-Democrat (Republican ) places the Taft plurality in excess or 3700. The plurality of Hadley, Republican, for governor, is placed at 17, 051. •The legislature Is Democratic joint ballot, by four votes. Maryland Vote Split. BALTIMORE, Nov. 7.—Calculations of the official returns from Tuesday's election, not finished until well alter midnight, show that the electoral vote of Maryland will be split, Bryan getting six of the electors ami Taft two. On the popular vote—the vote cast for the elector receiving the highest number—Taft carries the state by 561 votes. HlB elector polled the highest vote, re- ••elving 1 in.471, and the highest Bryan elector received 115,910. Will Grab Ohio Offices. COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 7.—Governor Harris decided to certify to the' Ohio senate, when It is called to or- [ der in extra session next January the appointments of commissioner, flre marshal, labor commissioner, oil Inspector, highway commissioner and a number of trustees of state institutions. The senate is expected to confirm these appointments at once and it is said by the Republicans that when Governor-elect Harmon sends In his appointments the senate will be In a position to say that the offices are already filled. Nevada Democratic. RENO, Nov. 7.—Democratic central headquarters say Bryan carries Nevada by 150 or 200. Judge Norcross concedes the entire state to the Democrats excepting one regent. Two More Republican Congressmen. CHICAGO, Nov. 7.—Yesterday's re. turns from Congressional dlatlcta throughout the country resulted In a Republican gain of two as compared with the figures of tho day before. Albert Douglass, Republican, was elected in the eleventh Ohio district and Mnses P. Klncnld, Republican, in the Sixth Nebraska district.' The eon- test in the Fifth Nebraska district Is extremly close and It will require tho official count to determine the result. According to the reports already re- reived the next house wll consist of 17.1 Democrats and "IS Republicans. ASSIGNMENT OF A DESERT CLAIM IS FRAUD. LOS ANGELES, Nov. r,._To file upon desert land with the intention of Immediately assigning It to other parties. Is held to he fraud, by Judge Wellborn, of the I'nitod States district court. In nn exhaustive opinion handed down the court overruled n demurrer In the case of the United Stutes against H. B. Oakley and other charged with land frauds. It Is held that the statute Is unequivocal In that It must bo the Intention of an applicant tr> reclaim when he files his deciara-. tlon on government land owned by' the government. It Is prescribed that the entryman. under oath, must declare that he Intends to reclaim tho land by conducting water over it REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. ' Peter Mr-Curt and wife, to J. P. Mar- tlnto. $10, lot •!(;, west 330 feet lot 47, section 1 •::<!.27. Lewis S. Rogers anrl wife to F. O. Bratt. gin, south half lots 7 and 8, block !5!»5. Bakersfiold. Amaranth Land Co. to the Emvealch Co. $10, lots 71, 195, 196, 78, 269, 44, 202, 2S6. 258, west half lot 180, 4th Home Extension Colony > A. J. Woody and T. B. Orr to Vicente Lelvas. $125 lo's 20 to 32, block 214, Kern. Pacific Improvement Co.. to W. V. Bower, $10, lots 7, S. 0,, block 58, Kern, Kern County Land Co. to Peter Koenol and wife $5 etc lots 9, 10, west IS feet lot S, block 42t>. BakerBfield. E-RU-SA: Th c only Lawful PILE CURE Because it does .not contnin narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous and injurious drills. Because E-RIT-SA CURES "ILES. U. 8. Dispensatory recommends every intrredient of E-RU-SA. Drug laws mnke "false or mis-leading statements'' a crime. All old or narcotic pile medicines affect the bruin and spinal marrow, produce- constipation, never cure and are therefore illegal. E-IUJ-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, C'al., July 3, 1908. Dr. L. Griffin, Dear Doctor: "\\Y certainly can NOT conscientiously recommend or loyally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or narcotic Pile medicines except upon prescriptions. Yours truly, Muller & DeMerritt, University Pharmacy. R. L. Reo.l, R. J. Taylor Graduates in Pharmacy. — ^ n1 n Druggists of highest standing sell and endorse F.-KU-SA. CRIPPLE CREEK AT rr;: TONIGHT "At Cripple Creek" which nbyti at Seribner's opera house tonight only has ben the most prominent melodramatic success of the east for thej past five year. The production Is different In every way from the average show of this class. The Interesting! story is told by n company of players of high standing In their profession, and it is HO cleverely and completely staged and mounted that It has heeii called the best of all plays with a western atmosphere. , It Is unhackneyed, different, and of a novel theme, which has never be-1 fore been woven Into a play. There ! is not a dull second, but It Is radiant j and resplendant in n scenic way, pos- laughable and sparkling comedy situations, and Is brilliant ami glorious with all that the threater- golng public clamor for. TEA The cost of good tea is so very little: only a third of a cent a cup! a cent- and-a-half or two cents for the family breakfast! Your tracer retnrnsj'our money It you don'I (Ike Schilling's Best, we par him. Colds and Croup in Child'?". NOW IS THE TIME. To inspect our siock ul' winter ruluts, liorsi,' blankets and st >rm aprons, our lini- is complete with every tiling needed 1'or the horse. Tents, all sixes and prices, carriage trimming and harness repairing a specialty^ "My little girl Is subject to col,in," -• lys Airs. Win. H. Berig, No. 41. Fifth St., Wheellnir, \V. V. "Last winter she •;n) ii severe s'pell and a terrible hough but I cured her with Chamberlain's I'ough Remedy without the aid of a •'nolor, and my little hoy has been. prevented many times from having the croup by the timely use of thlv yrup. This remedy is for sale by I'.aer Bros., Baki-rsncld: Kern Drug <'o., Kern. * COMPETENT JUDGES, j _ i Bounty Dot-Ion Fmloi-Jii- ll.-rplolcle. I \Vonion who muku ;i business of bo,iu- I tlfyhit: oth. r women re-no pretty iK'Ut knowing \vlr\t will hrlnjf ."brvit thfl best fvctiMs. I [•.•!••• arc letu.-rs from two, <;o;j- 1 cor.-iinjf IU'rr.1. ;•!•>; j "I can r •'•.•rrirrioii.J X.'wbro'.* ''7Ifl"i>l~ ' <"(de," .TJ '.'. .it ;;;H'! i.iv hair i'r<mi I'tilllng nut; and, aa u dp. naing ii han n<j silver'•(Signed.) n-rtt i A. TnilllnKer. , "(.'fiintil''\-!i-ri HpaulallHt, , "29'^ Morrison St.. Portland, Oru." ; "After ut\ng ono bottle of "Herplclde" ' my hair nan ator-:"><1 fulling out, and my ' scalp IH entirely fr«e from dandruff. ' "(Signed.) Cirarn r>mli;a, "ISoauty Doctor '196 Biitli R'., Portland. CV.-B." Bold by taadlna dnifrtnstti. Bend IQc, In itampi for sample to The H«rploHo Co.. RAKFMFIFin OPERA HOUSE Uni\L.IIVI IL.L.U ROBT. (,. 5AKTON. n«n»drr TONIGHT H.H. FRAZEE'S PIQUANT MUSICAL MIXTURE Isle of Spice FAMOUS FOR MUSIC FUN AND BEAUTY Sam Rose Harry Wateon Edwin Lang Harry Williams Percy Bacon Harry Leavelle Mattie Martz Roberta Wilson Loretto Convey TWENTY WHISTLING SONG HITS AND UNIQUE DANCES Book by Allen Lowe and Geo. E. Stoddard; Music by Jerome and Behind- ler; Staged by Gus Sohlke. ORGANIZATION OF 60 PEOPLE THREE SOLID MONTHS IN NEW YORK; FOUR SOLID MONTHS IN BOSTON; 221 NIGHTS IN CHICAGO. .................................. 50c, 75c, $1.00 $1.50 Tomorrow Night COMING! COMING! COMING! GEORGE M. COHAN'S FAMOUS SONG SHOW * HONE YMOONERS With WILLIE DUNLAY as Augustus Wright. SPLENDID CAST AND BIG SINGING CHORUS' THE COHAN HITS— "Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk"; "I'm a Popular Man"; "Make a Lot of Noise"; "Kid Days"; "The Mysterous Maid"; "Nothing New Beneath the Sun"; "In a One Night Stand"; "Honest, Little Girlie, I'm Strong for You"; "San Francisco is My Home" "Don't Go Near the Water, Daughter," etc. COHAN SONGS; COHAN MUSIC; COHAN GIRLS; COHAN BOYS; COHAN ENTHUSIASM; COHANISTIC. ONE OF THE BEST COHAN SHOWS EVER SEEN. DON'T FAIL TO SEE IT. Prices ............................ 25c, 50c, 75c, $1,00, $1.50 Tuesday, November 10th SECOND ENGAGEMENT OF KIRK LA SHELL'S Big Production of Henry Blossom's Character Comedy With the Same Excellent Cast, Headed by HANS EGBERT in the Title Role, and DAVID BRAHAM, JR., as "Push" Miller This is the same company ; ,iia production which opened this lltratrr i\\-o seasons au^, and tin- only company'which has ever [.resented this faseinatin ; r American play ot: Love and Luck, Prices BOc, 75, $1, a»d $1.50

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