The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 20, 1971 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1971
Page 8
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Page 8 ; The Tipton Daily Tribune 221-223 E.Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone675-2115 j ". By carrier in city . 45$ per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year $11.00 6 months i .............. 6.50 • 3 months . .......... 3.50 •«] Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription' accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. i Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act Of Congress of March 3,. 1897. • I SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND.' PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY j 0 nun IQounJ. . ^Joi and ^Jlic Clinch Willi l/ic Driltu inc THE TIME BILL By RD. Money NOW THAT THE HOUSE has overridden the Governor's VETO of the TIME bill. . .and it is expected the SENATE will join them. . .HOOSIERS may really be able to find out "what time it is".. .airover the State at any time.. .and the blocks of counties which varied will be a portion of the State of Indiana once more. THIS WRITER rather enjoyed the long hours in the SUMMER* TIME, when fishing was in order, with darkness at about.9 p.m. or later, it gave one addicted to the disease.. .extra time to 'do his thing* with the rod and reel. However, we must admit the "getting up" in darkness. did not, and does not, appeal this Irishman, seems like the middle of the night in the a.m.! BUT, maybe the change back will do some good, after all things have been a little haywire off and on, and all things considered, normalcy is what we really need and in the worst way at this time. Now, if the SENATORS and CONGRESSMEN don't go color blind on us, maybe they will press the right buttons and we'll be on the right path. SINGLE DAYLIGHT was enjoyed. . .also double daylight at times. . .but the DARKNESS in the a.m. was not enjoyed by the moms and pops and the kiddies, .-.especially the latter.. ,whc . often boarded the buses in darkness.. .just a wee bit dangerous! ROUND TOWN • • j • • " ROUND TOWN the 4ocal merchants will be having a Clearance Sale this weekend, Friday and Saturday; The participating stores have some real bargains.. .and they will be carried in Thursday's edition of the Tribune. So, if youwere thinking of driving:in this COLD weather to some other area.. .to try to save a few cents, stay home and visit the downtown area of Tipton on Friday and Saturday. Watch for Thursday's paper and hold onto that wallet in the meantime! 'SNUFF SAID! HEY. YOU ex-filthy weed smokers, who must still smoulder at the sight on the BOOB TUBE commercials,. by 'do-gooders' showing cigarettes 'getting to' people, you might just be interested to know that tobacco chewing, snuff, and pipe smoking are on the boom in Indiana. •. P * | IT SURELY must be true. . .since it comes from New York, where newspapers and word of mouth is supposed to be gospel to us natives of Indiana, where the New Yorker who has never been out of his state, still expects to find us fighting the INDIANS in these parts! . j AFTER A GOOD LOOK at the situation here in Tipton, we don't believe word has gotten this far from the big town as yet, as we observe the weeds being smoked about as much as ever here, with everybody, including Grandma, 'doing their thing*! In fact, we would, say the word has failed to penetrate the minds of many • here. • •' j • THEY SAY TOBACCO CHEWING and snuff are booming, although we have failed to note the fact; maybe the PONY EXPRESS from the big city] has been shot up by the savages on the way!. Haven't noticed any users of snuff as yet, and pipe smoking seems rather normal here. . .while tobacco 'chewers' still are in evidence, but then, they always were. More cigars are also being . sold, they claim, j ' j NOW THIS FELLOW smoked until last February, when a bit of nasal trouble, plus some throat trouble.. .performed a feat which many cigarette smokers, say they can't do. We just up and quit; they didn't taste good... .and we have never smoked since. But - we don't like people who are 'out to get rid' of something other people enjoy, to us this is 'do-gooderism*. . .and people who practice it, do so for lack of something better to do; as jwe see it. It is of course a matter of opinion. j WE NEVER INHALED very much through the years, as'a smoker . .. .and we do feel that those who smoke too much.. .are'not helping themselves.- Chewing? Well...we'll tell you.. ."swallowing" some at about the age of 17-per the DAMPER on that. Snuff? Well. . .can't say we'd be inclined to do that old boy. ».sorta out of our line don't you know! I . THE PIPE we have rather enjoyed at times, mostly at home whem we were smoking. Too hard to keep the darn thing lit, ; . - and a little hard to hold a pipe in the mouth with 50% my own teeth. . .and 50% hatched up by a designing practicibner of the Art of Dentistry! T WE DIDN'T COTTON to the OUTLAWING of the weed advertising on TV, although it may help some in the advertising area of the newspaper. Like PROHIBITION.. .it was a direct jab which we predict in the long run.. .won't work. Naturally the cigarette companies have diversified their business.. Many have gone Into foods, we understand. . .and there have been mergers and consolidations. They are trying to make SNUFF lady like j They are coming out with a MOIST snuff. . .which they say. is a fine-cut brand of chewing tobacco. Our guess is that milady, addicted to cigarettes perhaps, wilL. try the moist snuff, thus'keeping the beauty parlors from having to place the OLD FASHIONED •GABOON'in the parlors. : !| THEN TOO, there is the question of 'SNUFF BOXES'! and these are expensive, if the snuffers want to be In style, at least in the feminine portion. . i! WELL, in any event. . .just a simple An... .ah. L .ACHOOI Warm-Up Coming . By United Press International Indiana experienced another cold night, but moderating weather was-only hours away. The temperature dropped to I below zero at South Bend and zero at Chicago this morning. It was 2 above at Terre Haute, 3 at Lafayette, 4 at Indianapolis, 5 at Fort Wayne, 8 at Evansviile, 10 at Cincinnati and 12 at Louisville. The snow which plagued the winter prone area around the southern tip of Lake Michigan Monday night and Tuesday was trailing off. Seven inches of snow lay on the ground at South Bend this morning and an inch at Fort Wayne. However the upstate area . was expected to get a little; light snow through Thursday, while rain will fall over the remainder of the state Thursday, mixed briefly with a little snow in the central area of the state. High temperatures Tuesday ranged from 19 at Fort Wayne to 25 at Evansviile. Today's highs will range from the mid 20s to 37. It will be somewhat warmer tonight, with lows ranging from 17 to 26 -in the north, 21 to 26 central and .24 to 30 south. Highs Thursday will range from 30 to the upper 40s. The extended outlook called for a fair to partly cloudy weekend with highs from the 30s to the low 50s and lows from the 20s to the 30s. * Nash & Sons (Continued from page one) . second place in the July gilt class. The first place gilt, a daughter of Venture, was champion and top selling guilt. She sold for $1,600, going to Fred Haley, Canton, Ga. Lindskog and Pritchard, Prophetstown, 111., paid $1,500 for the second July gilt, another daughter of Venture. In the barrow division, Larry Thorsen, Morris, Dl„ took top* honors, winning the medium- weight drive and the championship with Jan entry by Hawkeye. Lee C. Norris, Fremont, Iowa, was in the reserve position with his first place lightweight sired by Mr. Boone. Wm. G. Nash and Sons, Shar- psviUe, Ind., won the carcass championship with an entry of Husky CMS. This barrow that placed twelfth on-foot, had an adjusted live weight to 246.20 lbs. and cut; length, 31.57; back- fat, 1.00; loin, 6.46; per cent ham, 19.'28 and ham loin index, 158^60. * Lost November (Continued from page one) "I had heard that if you crawled under the snow you could keep warm. I dug down and" stayed in the hole throughout the night. I was cold j when I got up in the morning,: but I didn't freeze." He said he stopped at four cabins along the way and found food. At one cabin he rested a few days before resuming his journey. "I'm just fine," he said Tuesday from, his hospital bed. "The doctor has one foot- bandaged where he cut away some desd tissue. The feet were only frostbitten. I expect . to be going home tomorrow." Bailey, along with' Custer County Sheriff Burt Meecham, flew back into the primitive area where Baiiey left his truck and hunting companion, but Conquest was dead. ', = THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS • 1.0n 5. Englishman 11. Split 12.-^ Tebaldi 13. Nickname for Rome (2wds.) 151 Main artery 16. Indian mulberry ' . 17. Merry month 19. Base 22. Gem 26. Assistant 27. Opposite of . a hayseed (2wds.l 29. Toward shelter. . 30. Cling .'• 31. Thrice (mus.l 32." Stoops to Conquer" 33. Siamese coin 35. Ascended : 40. Nickname for Paris : - (3wds.) 43. Vindicate 44. Opera highlight ' 45. Cheap whiskey (hyph.wd.) 46. Time before Easter - DOWN 1.Field 2. Yugoslavian - leader 3. Beyond 4. Vivacious 5. Lingerie item (colloq. i 6. Type, of race 7. Old Peruvian empire 8. Caudal • 9. Baseball " great, . Mel — .10. Negative vote 14. Appellations 18. Islamic deity 20. Euro- :• pean river 21. Used to be 22. Shoo! 23. Heap 24. Repeated 25. Comedian, Louis 26.-^, him- mel! 28. Per-' fectly envisioned 32. Cheap cigar 34. Northumberland . river 36. Iranian monetary unit |S.T!ft.Aif>| p AU!L!A| l T N-S;T I YCWE'SI I NCA I CMP LUS te"E;Dl£P6 'l IM ,T NEl bMR'E'P l : A : y' E_D BUTT O N;SB ANE'VVi t> VERL-l BEL-1 El ENEWYI Ymterd.y'a Anewer 37. Monster . 38. Part of the leg • 39. Coup d"— ' 40. Auto 41.'" Got Sixpence" 42. Professional . charge Pilot Uninjured As Plane Crashes GREENTOWN, Ind. (UPI>Michael H. Lucas, 29, Kokomo, escaped; unhurt late Tuesday night when his small plane crash-landed on. a farm near here. Lucas, en route to Kokomo , . from Wadsworth, Ohio, told police engine trouble forced his four-seat Cessna down' in a plowed field on the Robert Phares farm. the plane, owned by Sky Park-of Wadsworth, sustained minor damage. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 20, 1971 BEATS THE HABIT PRESTON, England (UPI>Terry Wheland, a 23-year-old crane operator, found a way to beat the his pack feet from machine, "It wa$ for just without^" 'smoking habit the day of cigarettes fell 165 the cab of his 7 i m s •S T 6 9 f - It - ••• .1 IS ' \*, . 5 - & . i H :7 :9 Z 22 2* 2* 25 H 26 17. 29 m Si' P si - m m m • P M M w si 17 • 56 41 44 9- 44 « I ; 44 »«8 too far to, go down 0nej cigarette so I did he explained. The Inejxt day he deliberately threw his • pack from his 'machine J- and so began a daily ritual. | Wow; Wheland does not smoke an/ more. > MEETING SCHEDULED > MEXICO ; CITY (UPI) - Represettatives of U. S. and Mexican Triple-A Baseball leagues '»iU meet-Wednesday to work oiik details for! the first minor | league World Series next September in Mexico. CONTRACT RETURNED . CARACAS, VenezueU (UPI) — Houston Astro catcher Larry Howard, who led' the Venezuelan Winter League with 12 home runs, has returned his 1971 contract to the club unsigned. Hospital News ADMISSIONS: Warren Hubert Fearnow, Frankfort; Mathew W. Campbell, Kempton; Frieda Guntin, Hillsburg; Scott M. Newby, Arcadia; frma G. Pritchard, Tipton; Janet K-. Hiatt, Greentown. DISMISSALS: Richard K.Keel- er; Windfall; Trina Carey ..Tipton; Robert Sutton, Forest, Ind.; Lulu Shwely, Arcadia; Charles Wann, Arcadia; John Wanner, Tipton; Cora Jones, Goldsmith; Elizabeth Cooper, Tipton. DAILY GKYPTOQUOTE —Here's how to, work it: AXVDLBAAXR Is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In. this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc: Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the, words are all hints. Each- day the code letters are' different. A Crvpto&ra" 1 Quotation CQKTPCTB ISCPTJAJ CT QSAUP- J P G A H S A H W Z H O B. BPBMH FT A J ZFMV MVA ISAHMABM LFCWATGA. — U A X X SAO Yesterday's Cryptoquote: A SEWING CIRCLE IS A GROUP OF WOMEN WHO MEET REGULARLY TO NEEDLE THEIR ABSENT FRIENDS.—ANONYMOUS <© 1971 Kine Features Syndicate. Inc.) •Teeri Campaign (Continued from page one) organizational meeting. Sister Ann encouraged other teen-agers in the county from all schools to attend and participate in the campaign. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Jarre 11 whose daughter, Christine was named March of Dimes Poster Child, assumed the adult leadership role in conjunction with this year's March of Dimes Campaign. 1 Residents are asked to turn on their porch lights to indicate their interest in having the teenagers stop at their homes during the canvass. The fund raising project will be concluded with a Bake Sale on the Courthouse Lawn, January 30 starting at 10 a.m. Volunteers for the bake sale project are badly needed and interested persons are asked to contact Becky Aikman at 675-7127 if they can assist. SPOIL SPORTS • • • ! FOLKESTONE, England (UPI)—Customs officials have put a damper on a plan by divers to salvage 60,000 bottles of champagne from a 15-year- old French wreck and sell them ata cheap price. They told the men they would have to pay duty on each bottle. • • \ EXPRESSIVE. PAYMENT j MILLOM, England (UPI)— Retired farmer Victor Craven- Hodgson sent a 33 pound ($79.20) check to his local tax collector oh the side of a bottomless bucket because he said he resented "coughing up money to fill a never-ending bole." YOU SA VE HERE ANY DAY ON THE 'TOP GROPEMEffTS V—V w CUBED PORK CUTLETS 69< FRESH PICNIC STYLE lb LEAN MEATY lb FRESH PORK HOCKS lb. YELLOW SLICED 3 lb. aq a ENDS & PIECES for OVy Tray Pac BACON YELLOW CREEK HOT or MILD 3 ib. roll for only $|19 STARK & WETZEL FULLY COCKED SHANK PORTIONS BUTT PORTIONS CENTER SLICES HAMS ib, 39$ ib. 49$ ib .89t MEAT MARKET TAX SERVICE State & Federal Returns Farmer* by Appointment Open 8:3* AM. to S:30 pjn. Dally Tnea. * Thurf. 'tU 8 pjn. Sai. 'Ui Noon JIMMIE DEAKYNE Located 1H block, north of 4-way Stop, St. Kd. 19, WcitSld* none532-4965 Cicero Itlildiidof a western. He^ sort of a cowboy. mm tANDUaWMwa amnMHui "HHVf BmODS MX0EE" WITH Ums IICSMII [ PRICE ...when you buy first tire at our everyday low price! You Save M6 77 to $ 27 20 on Second Power Cushion Tire POLYESTER 4-PLYCORD • Smnothnp flat-spot riSe... Tough Tufsyn rubber • Le^w profile contour shoulder for good steering control • Triple- tempered 4J-pIy cord body for durability NO TRADE NEEDED Hurry—sale ends Sat, night! • Free Mounting! Hit Our Ram Cluck Pr(|rim: Because of an Mptcted htavy demand tor Goodyear tirti. it may run out. of iome ilies durlni this orler. but we will b«> happy to order your sue tire at the advertised price and issue you a ram check for future delivery ol the merchandise. , Whitewall Tubeless Siza nts 1st Tire Retular Price 2nd Tire 'A Price M«ril.El.Tn PirllrtJe Xn4t »ttHi 6.50x13 B-78-13 J33.55 $16.77 $t.76 7.00 x 13 C-78-13 $36.05 $18.02 $1.95 7.35 x 14 E-78-14 $37.55 $18.77 $2.01 7.75 x 14 F-78-14 $39.80 J19.S0 $2.14 8.25 X 14 G-78-I4 $43.60 $21.80 $2.32. - 8.55 x 14 H-78-14 $47.80 $23.90 $2.50 8.85 X 14 J-78-14 $54.10 $27.05 $2.81- 7.35 x 15 E-78-15 $37.55 $18.77 $2.05 7.75 x 15 F-78-15 $39.80 $19.90 $2.16 S.2S x 15 G-7815 $43.60 $21.80 $2.37 , 8.55 X 15 H-78-15 $47.80 $23.90 $2.54 8.85 x 15 J-78-15 $54.10 $27.05 $2.75 9.00 x 15 $54.40 $27.20 $2:89 GOOD0CAR 3 WAYS TO CHARGE 2. 3 rGSBBSf * Starred Location* Do-Not Honor Bank Credit Cerdt. • :E . 1 ? •?*? •f P«4X?^ A^*t Ti t CLIFTON and Y0UNCE Tire Service Two locations INDEPENDENT GOODYEAR DEALER St. Rd. 28 East (3100 Block East Main) Elwood 552-3231 123 S. Independence Tipton 675-6377

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