The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 2
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ifornian 1C very :-sfk j M, C;ty and County ; bm Sundays ('' nnt , California. *"- > *•-! -f •" in i'<.-f,""ie< , .is S< . '.;i-!--M- ' - • i 11 i / • M f •' . ,' t 1 I J- : '>)'-'» v Official Paper Saturday, Nov. 7 TOM:Gruenhagen's Candies ., ft fJi M.-iiJ .Matter. Year in Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Mnm 31 are received fresh every day at Meroney' B . That Is Why they so good. Try *em. Berges ^^^WV^^^^^WiHBiAfll^HHHiHMII Wholsale Wines, Lie d Cig •-r*i BILL i he cream o s serve mp rv It r j v\TI AMENDMENT BEATEN. th.-'l iii«- VIC' 1 ('( ( t*|''' This i< a forma. ;• lunate t'' hi t :;i us I'roni I h» i more p<»p- lifs of (lit siale .show amendment nnmlf'T* 1. msi-il to revoiutmui/c nl' taxing puliiie ser- falions. h;m been beaten. h-rtunatc thin^ for <'ali- ;.! particularly is it for- i i- iv-rn county. This j>a- u vote failed to materialize. Even the s made a umeh bettor iie !>('rrinr*rals have to he thankful for in study, the ivt urns of the hite election, but the vote the ITearstitus'didn't hdps liii- hurt n little. J " ' < Los Angeles City lately boasted a registration of 102,000, but it develops that but 05,(KK) vote* i ,. ( , (mt ™- cast. H is easy to add mime* n,- .-o.intv w,i.l.l b«> i,,- to the B r..«t roister for boom pur- • , t ,i noses, but to him men to vot ; : - i»roiioseu eimntre. anu • . A ,..« . .. 11 " ' is quite a ilmi'vont matter. fa<-t that the blu corporations the state were fijrhtm«r for the : Th(> ^j.^ Sj||J| shortrid^e, is* was sufficient reason tn b(1 choson to cnrry the elcc . the people to vote the. other | toral V()tp 1() Washington. Who Quotations and samples sent on app Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street SLE SPICE cm i t THIS EVENING be.M way. th* h l> '^ , \\u' has so woll farnod the honor. H -<'—•«• »•-»»» » ' ' ••%•<*•»••• tP* V * ' • » » T 1 * 4 ^^ TlHT.' is lid question about -,.,„,. ? No ()tjll>r ,„„„ in the party I J ] KA »—-•-» L - ^ ' ^ V e mnueiH'e mi exerted in its behalf, newspaper support ^iven it at the; The Examiner continues to in- eleventh hour and the influences' s ist that Fred Maunel was elected generally exerted, show what was to the assembly from Kern county, in the corporation mind on the j$ U j | na t paper cannot make Mr, question, and the people are to he' Mmiiiel believe it. congratulated that the ani"tidment ; — ^-^* A Hearst party supporter opines that the Democratic party is dend. J \Vell it may be said in that connection that the so-called Inde- was defeated. ON'S VIEW. , - , I t\. \ \ l^r H U« J <* ts t 1» l> »TV/-VyfllH-V^ -ft I J Henry Watterson, the iriited ed- - p< . m i<, ( . j jW ,g m * appears never itor of the Louisville Couricr-.Jour- j u|V(J j |fJ(MI | K , rn nal. once an opponent of Bryan, «~^» < to t once an opponent of Bryan, but his warm supporter in the iate Mr. Roosevelt is <roirij/ to edit a ' ij story "The Mowynx'onej's" combines tn one i fascinating entertainment all the I Cohan excellencies and the verdict of New York is enthusiastically endorse<] e\ When Allen Lowe and George E. Stofldurd wrote the book and lyrics of the "Isle of Spice," which will appear at the Bakersflelti opera house this evening, they laid the scene of their clever story on an island In the Japan sea, where all sorts of funny things are likely to happen. Very shortly after the opening of the piece they do. There Is the funniest kind of a king with a desire to reform things, which to him means simply to change existing laws. He has a beautiful ward, Teresa, who has received an American education and desires to have a young lieutenant of Uncle Sam's marines thrown in for good measure. The king, who accumulates wives, as the average American boy does marbles, desires to wed his ward, but there is a law which makes it necessary for his betrothed to first spend seven years of her life in the 'tomb of silence.' While his majesty is endeav- orlng to devise ways and means of THREE CARS RACE FROM M hit of "The Honoymoonors" in,- !v;;\ \v;»y the M'tlnitO of New to -h" ^nhi.-- of the brilliant •_• .riMior ;:nd composer who in Hont-yinuoners" has done the work'of his marvelous career. i'i-t ;it Cohnn *ou« nlay conies with the complete New York produc-, tion ;iM'l n powerful Broadway ctist. j There are two ycore of pretty girls, i«-d in Paris ^owns; there arc nj ot typical Cohan song hits and i> action every second and a that carries one away with li.l acter and use of the largest and most modern of the tracks in the Metropolitan district— Belmont Park — which according to current reports is to he devoted in (he future to automobile racing and converted Into a motor drive. COFFEE The best name for coffee is one that tells where the money's to come from, if you don't like it. Your f roter returns TOUT mow H yov tal ftk*S<bJmn«'i Beit; wa pty blm. eadqua battle, discusses the outcome of mji-raxine. Wonder if the tug the election ulontf a lijie peculiar stick will be a part of the editori- to himself. His words are worthed equipment? M. lie snvs: I LOS ANGELES T:J PHOENIX Ohio, Indiana. Minnesota, Coi "The resut o uesays ecc- o, nana. nnesoa, o- tion shows conclusively that a orado and Nebraska hnve Demo- threat majority of the jie(»ple ofieratic governors. That is some-' j-^ - wr • « • r 1lie controlling seetion of the conn-, tiling to leaven tiie lump <ii defeat. try ;in- well eonlcnt with things they ur*'; that it is better to endure the conceded shortcoming of keeping his ward from this ordeal, an JrlHhman and a Scotchman, who have deserted from the U. S. navy in a bal loon, are precipitated into the midst T.<~>S AXGELES. Xov. 7.—Three cars How to Cure a Cotd. He ,'i.s careful ns you ran you will oc- • _ ^ - T-— »-^- — -^^-Tl^J- -M_v thcpiirty in power than emlwrk tip- casionaJly takf* cold, and when you <lo, on an unknown sen of c(mtinnons ' «"' •' «»•<»«*»<» of known reliability, ., .« .. . i. .,» 4i-., , "i> () ''iat has an established reputation agitation; thnt Bryan meant this, : ;tlM , hat is (1(irU , in t() (tffV(M ^ qul(;k while T.'ift meant rest; in *lmrt, a ' nir- Sueh a medieino is C'banibevlain^ dollar thouuli tainted, i:i hitntl. is ''ou«h Uetnedy. It has t<aine<l a world - . ' ' ' worth a Imsh full of jmti-ii'ti'- stracti<ms. "The idiosynera'-y <•!' the IS COjJlTJlt'ree. A 1 -* ill Ul (> ''i v1 turv il was lint-i-i v r- ;;>:MMv % q after ili^tittLl \<niu\ i i e»-d«-)n in< i (iisural»iv attaininu it if jx »u:d n/»\v "?uar1<eis. he better rdue;Ui«'U and in i »• takes no th<»ii."ht <*i' the and N even t. i t i*. i P u t lie* b.-I'et i'' ''•" ii i I " *'. * '.vide ifputation by its remarkable cures of this most common ailment, arid can always be depended upon. It aets on nature's plan, reHovc.s the Inn^s. aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring th.' 1 system to a healthier condi- li''N, DiiHiiq l)je uiiiny years in which if Ii.';* IjttJU IN jLM'nera) use we have fn 3e,irn of ft filtmle, case of cold oJ the xriji having ri'MiiHc-'l In -i '.vhen rblfl ;'emei!y WMM i|st-i| -•hows coiifhiriiveTC 1 tlU't U i»l uj Ill-it <!.! 's ('oii--,h n:;i!!!s MM opium or other narcof ic i sticcess in a; 1 IK- ^iven ;is roufidentlv ft; a ' M. T'oll-tn' of his cogitations, and he gives them the choice of taking her place in the tomb or being beheaded. They choose the former, but the scheming court treasurer, who wants Teresa out of the way, liberates'them and introduces the pair to the fcing as a noted magician and astrologer. After many mirth-creating impositions on the king and the court, they introduce the game of faro and they proceed to diminish the bulk of the funds of the state treasury and the royal wallet with great success. Then the yonns lieutenant, whom Teresa regards with more than ordinary favor, arrives tn search of the two deserters, who are from his ship. He discovers Teresa instead and eventually carries her off an Klniorc, a Kissel and a White steamer, will leave Uos Angeles to- ni^rlit a! midnight for a race against time to Phoenix, Arizona, for a cup to be dven by the vM'i/ona Republican to ihe car finishing first, and a cup given by the Finnen's Fund Insurance • past, whom the conspiring court urn- lias hc!roM:''(l him fo seven yi*arsi pn/vlou.sly. T!le stniy is set to ;iuisic ttt' thai iJelj^hti'uJJy r*'fresh i UK kind by I'anl Schliuller an<) Fien M. ,ler- DJMH, Honey mooners Sunday. Company to the second car. Never before in the history of Southern California ban a race over such roads bt-en run. The road to Phc.-nix is, for much of the distance, sand that makes speed nn ini- possibility. After crossing the Colorado river ihe running is better, but still had Tim** will be taken out while the ears are crossing the river and all anantenji-nts have been made for tin:* i.t-f ( ,Hrs ;'.ir1 checkers at differ<-nt while the kin"' ( 'i ;it ' s Uirouuh which the cars will p:ii-s. The three cars havo lieon can>A change of drivers on probably all three cans ' will be made at Banning, Cal. Tho cars will arrive in I'hfu-nix -!nr- fnii the territorial fair and their condition penuiHiiiL', will be entered in the faces to bv run on has to content himself with Asbena.j :i lady of the vintage of many moons ! tull >" »»ri'i>im*d for th* race. the Phoenix i-t -i "TilM! \Vi-!..::, I '• 1 1. i • K» i to {in adult. For i ^lii'ld; Kern An fveryene fcfuu^ ft summer MIC , HORSE RACING~MAY cess in »\v York is ?Jie hardest won- YIELD TO AUTO CARS. l)i*.' show business, fje.,.j NEW YOHK, Nov. 0 HoneymooiierM" which ; which tins fallen upon hy M.M-I-j eomes lo th.- Il-tkersliria opera I r --'; us tl.r result of t>-( 1 tomorrow e\eniu- r . ran all summer ar : ri r.jce trtick Mbe N-'W Amsterd.ini theater. v/ovk a tr. --Tbe horse UK of ttu !;i\v is ex]K n in the oh c • ;'•••!' i i r i t { T • \ ' I ' H 1 I I . lunik-; ' ! Uollti • I'll ' 'V',. -I M. ;!i- i i \ t „, - >-; i: 7 . , r *• i * ' • • i - \ i ' L 1 f V/i' r ( * i J' ' 111 ••VM : !' \ - t 1 M t - V -Mi' ' ^ . . I ' « ' i i i r ill! if- world '• \ : * H .. , v* •' - i 1 T i , ,' . I i t : ^ r . i * 'SM-: er iluin o • > .:: ;• .' \^' •) n 1 ' . ' ' ' I - } ' ' r V !'< I' 1 «i • -• ! i » • . \ t •NI- :; I;; I 1 *! 'M i i. - r \ r.. \ i t ! j i' •\ \ \**\* ,* I jo Hn* ;A * tf ['hi v»- i thau oiii- thin- v ^ l -< ' v " L » 1*1 1 ot t I' ' M :!•••! of <lu:y will iiv M ur - * Hryan M!,-.- 'M Mr • •• , , f . , •••(I ?> 1 V,'. now ; that sol hi> ;nul that -\vith el' ;•: [>tit \v.-ul ••• \vii :t « \v' ; t h tli-' I !' ' h 'l of pnln<» ,,., vs Ih'it . iti:: 1 t< 4 I I ba; N lu-a;-t tir- 'i i -r- Hi' •- The Bon Bon HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 257 PASQUINI BROTHERS If von are tint satisfied with thf frroecrics you have lijul i'(tr i thf last month give us a fair trial and be convinced that we earrv the *^ hest u'(mils found anywhere. Open up an ai'fount with us. A f''\v \vnrd,s about our ]i<(i'or% \\%. carry all .standard brands «>f wines and whiskies I GROCERIES & 1209 19th St. RS Main 655 Prompt Delivery. 10 NEW YORK THROUGH Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton V 'I* Fields of Texa* FOUR AND ONE-HAuF DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED BTEAMERB ANV •* _ J* rt Wv' .1 H. 0. HARNESS With J. W, Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 26, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal V We always have on hand safe and gentle horses that ladies can drive.- You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc,' etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATI COP 21at and .< 8ta Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,' A checKing account with the First National Bank baa so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If rou have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo* yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. I * * •:* 1 CHESTER AVENUE NUKSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, Surubhs, Hoses, Cut Flowers, K1(V- aJ Designs. Orders promptly filled Corner Sixth St. and Chester A»-e. f Ph»ne, Main 745 * •5- *;* i *:* *!* *^ •* *• ** *** SWEET BROS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything in thu nursery lino . ec them at their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Beurdwloy canal. \Vrlto thorn Rural No. J ( Box S. Or call th«m up, Black 511. *% v * * * •;• V * * ><w®&&&%^ DR. LUNG CHOW i DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19tH and Q. BakersflctcL OLD EXLUBLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. lutarior Decorations a Specialty. CAREIAQE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1136 1627 Wail »ak«r«fleld, Cal.

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