The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, November 7, 1908
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Vol. XX. BA_KERS1^ELD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, NOV. 7. 1WS. No. 84 A LAKE UNDER LOCK WILL DELAY THE PANAMA CANAL NEW ORLEANS, Nov. ?.—A report from Colon says a iinnean lake has been found under the site of one of the proposed big locks on the Paiinmu canal at Gnfiin, and the result will be to -delay several years the completion of the canal and u much larger cxitilny of money than was anticipated. It Is said the discovery WHS kept a secret by the engineers who declined to dlseu«s the matter during the absence of Col. Goelhats ,who is In the United States. TAFT HAS 321 THE MACHINE BRYAN 162 WILL RATIFY HELD TO mm HOLD-UP MEN WERE ABROAD P. J. Grlnes, a stableman In the { employ of the Union Stable Company, NKW YORK, Nov. 7.—The splitting of Maryland's electoral vote, whereby Bryan gets sis and Tart i two, as Indicated by the result of tho | official count of the state,, will make the electoral college stand as follows : TaCt, 321; Bryan, 162. CINCINNATI, Nov. 7.—President- elect Taft, Mrs. Taft and Fred W. Carpenter, private secretary, have left this city for Hot Springs, Va., where Mr. Taft will remain for rest recreation until Thanksgiving. While no official announcement has been made, It Is known j authority that Frederick W. Carpen- Fred Bedello, a Mexican 23 years of tor, who has been Mr. Taft's secre- 1s In Jail charged with the at- j tary for many years, will be his sec The officers of the local Republican machine are arranging for a grand jubilation tonight In front of the Southern Hotel to celebrate the party victory. Frank Short of Fresno la coming down to make a speech and S. C. Smith will likewise deliver an address and receive $he plaudits of an admiring county. A feature of the evening will be the payment of the hot whereby Sheriff Kelly agreed to wheel J. R. Docsey la a wheelbarrow through the streets if Taft carried the county. The Union Band has been engaged f ° r tlle even| ns, and fireworks have cm, uoo , on reliable ' been P urcn ased by the exultant local machine. George May Is erecting a v. I,*— TiIT r " ''s e ' ls 'n jail cnargea witn tne -ai-i"*'/ '"i many years, win "« "'=> DDV; was held to answer this morning In tempted robbery of Mrs. D. A. Jack- retary to the President, succeeding In Justice Black s court for the rob- Bon , n front of the Annett e Bakery'that position William Loeb, Jr., who bery of Dan Hallahan, a boiler maker i ast evening. The crime was partlcu-1 It is said may have the position of Rivernehl"early SSS-L^n, 6 ^?™ • la «y. bol d an << Bedello's capture was [ secretary of the navy If; he_so desires. Jug. affected by the prompt action of (Johnny Reed, driver of Frank Kel- The prosecution, conducted by As-, ler's automobile, who, with two com- slstant District Attorney Irwin, es-,panlons were attracted by the tabllshed that Grlnes was the driver, screams of Mrs. Jackson, and in the Mr. Carpenter was with Mr. Taft In the Philippine Islands and has been his secretary In the war department. Wendell Mischer, assistant secre- - . - . , _ _. „„.., „..„ „ tary, retains that position and after •of the buggy obtained at the Union automobile followed the running I» leave of absence will rejoin Mr. ••Stables to take Hallahan to the lease | thief to Chester avenue and Wall! Taft this fall, and that It was paid fpr by Hallahan ( street, where he was arrested and the NO Texas Trip For Taft. and Lon Ransbottom before begin- loot, consisting of a hand satchel CINCINNATI Nov 6.—Judge ming the trip. Reese Elder, the sta-, containing a small sum of money, a said today that there was hardl., .... bleman, testified that he had also in-; diamond ring, gold pins, bank books slightest possibility of his going to lormed Qrlnes that the rig had been and certificates of deposit valued at Texas to hunt any time this winter, several hundred dollars, returned to ] He added that no arrangements ot .their owner. Mrs, Jackson lodged a any" kind had been made looking to '*""' u ~ assailant this such a trip and that none were cpfl- Taft THE FORESTRY SERVICE TO BE BROUGHT CLOSE TO PEOPLE WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.— The forest service announced todar * that beginning December 1 aa a definite date, work will begin on + establishing headquarters of six new administrative districts into * which the national forests of seventeen western states hare been + divided, and that thereafter all business which has been carried + on between the public and the forester at Washington will be * transacted by district foresters. ^ The headquarters will be: California and Nevada, at San * Francisco. Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, at At- + buquerque. Northwestern Arizona and other sections, at Ogden. *>. paid for. Dave Gray and Lon Rans- the Princeton the complainant possession. had money grandstand by the Southern corner, and Secretary Black, George Tilton and other enthusiastic Republican managers are busy arranging details. The program for the evening Is not yet complete, hut In addition to the speech of the distinguished Fresnan. there will be several Interesting numbers. To help the grand ratification along the following suggestions offered for the consideration of the committee: Address—"Why We Didn't All Carry the County S. C. Smith Solo—"The Machine Handed Me a Lemon" Fred Mannel Monologue—"How the Organ Boosted Me—Out" .. Supervisor Corsett "Me Too" Supervisor Peterson Recitation—"Never Again" Major DEADLY GAS KILLS THREE WASHINGTON. Nov. ".—tiaa tumes tho origin of which Is puzzling everybody, yesterday killed throe In one family In this city, Clarence Bremerman, a stenographer employed In the library of congress, returned last ov- are j enlng to his home and found his moth- tho eri Mrs. Helen Bremerman, aged 50 and his wife dead on the floor of the kitchen. The lifeless body of his 18 months' old child lay In a crib In the dining room. There was a stiflllnt odor of gas. The three had been dear for hours. It was evidently accldcnta but. the source of the gas Is as vet un fou ml. AND CHILD Hallahan's testimony was to the ef- morning. It was shortly when the jtemplated. r • "" ' [ before 8 o'clock. Judge Taft said he would apprecl-1 r . ,,.,•, T , ho!d-up occurred. Mrs. ate very much If the erroneous 1m- Grlnes tried to make him • Jackson was walking in company pression could be corrected that he that the rig was from the with her daughter and was carrying owned any land In Texas "The ranch ables and that he had or-, a hand satchel. I n front of the bak- i referred to," he explained, "belongs He f,,?fhpr , . ,, I\f f*.l Jthe rlde -.'f. ry the j; e w ,f re two mcn - » n <1 on e of j to my brother's wife, Mrs. C. P. Taft. I He further stated that the defendant. them, Bodello. quickly approached r ,!„ r,,^ ™ n „„ „„,« „* i™.i —*, n ,.J JJuajtette— Closing Ode ' Basso Jesse Dorsoy Baritone George Tllto n -'The Same Old Machine' Tenor Judge Kaye So'prano Ernest White Director— Colonel Blood. e a e eenant, em, oeo. quickly approached t do not own an acre of landnor have ' < Words as follows to be sung to the pressed a revolver against his body and grabbed the satchel. Mrs. Jack-! I L Interest In"the ranch." | tune of "The Old Oaken Bucket.") fiUCl ETOin? t.n rnilfJ'n Vl Ita nnnbAt n tnnl*- ann fi*a ntt sin 11 _«.iAl»*,«.Jll_..— i i-s__j> . _ . . _ * _ ._ ll \Kfn r\n v+\r\A *l*n n m.«.i.. e*~. fi^v. -.«. POLICE MAKE 11 EAST. P1TTSBUHG, Nov. 7.—HI* wife In bed with her throat, cut from ear to ear, his 6 year old daughter on the floor with her head almost se\- ored, uiul a razor dripping with blood beside the dead woman, was the ghastly sight that, confronted William Casey when ho returned home this morning. The scene was In the room of Geo. I-T.T'tzell, Casey's son-in-law, whose wife wns mysteriously killed a year ago, and who boarded at the Casey home. Hartzell was missing, but WHS found an hour later In a trunk, with a chloroform bottle at his nose. He died shortly. ThQ indications are that he murdered Ihe woman and child and then committed suicide. He was under suspicion for his wife's death at the time she was killed but was discharged for n odd son frantically retained her hold and | No demands were made on the time was n the short struggle the Mexican of Mr. Taft today except those relat- cents. | tore the purse loose from the handle. i,, K to his correspondence, and pre- ln a statement to the court Crlnes' He n«'ckly ran down the side street, paratlons which are being made for ""- 1 *'•"* ' " "--'" '-•- ' ' ' Mrs - -Tackson's screams attracted the his departure for Hot SpHne-s Vu f>- nttention of Read, who was passing 1 night in the auto. WIrt Macmurdo and S. A. Monroe, who were near, jumped into the machine and the three lads Hot Springs followed the Mexican. At Cheater The office force avenue and Wall'street " admitted that he had his hands In Hallahan's pocket, but tried to explain by saying that Hallahan' had lost a meal ticket and when he had linen accused of stealing It, he {Grlnes) put his hands In the boiler maker's pocket and found the ticket In the lining of the coat. The coat was exhibited, but Grilles' statement WHS disproved by the fact that the pocket was In perfect condition and there was no way for the ticket to have been lost In" the lining. He was admitted to bail in the sum of The offices in the SInton hotel are being dismantled and their Contents made ready for shipment to We carried the county for Theodore Roosevelt ' they caught IIP with him. He was held until Officer Morfenson was summoned. As (he officer wns approaching Bodello ' look the satchel from its hldlncr place- beneath bis coat and threw it. over the machine, but the plan was of no; avail. The purse was returned to of there will consist Fred W. Carpenter, private secre- 1 tai-v, and Mr. Hendrloks, his assis- ! taut. Whiir there it fs the intention ,' of ,Tude;p Taft to devote himself to j polf and exercise. He win transact I as little business as possible and e.v'-J pressed n desire that It might bo Known that be wished as few confer- Tho pollcf' Officers after the two I robberies reported last nl^lit, made a „. . , ,. . . _. ,'cleanup In the lower end of th<5 town, And w e done it again for General rnltllnK ., niimber nf hobo ,-,,,,-eai.s mid • lone opium smoking place. Six men "But for congress, assembly and three ; were gathered in tho first clean up. supervisors • i They were registered at the jiiil as "Our best mar-bine efforts are'Sam Greene, G. Moreno, Juan Argctix, counted as nil. i .lose Arratta, A. Wbeplor and Cosm;i "In the flght of '06 and of four years' Mor.yiilaz. From the opluir den a before It | China woman named Llda and a Mox"Us singers who sing you this ditty fcnn were taknn. The sinokhiK 0111- tonight ' " f v * :ls M'cured. Officer truly bear witness our machine -"«wou made (he arrests. FAST POLO GAME IGHT A Juvenile Court. Rddlo Prlndlville, one of the boys •accused by Fir e Chief Gundlach of breaking into the fire alarm boxes and ringing In false alarms, appeared before Justice. Black this morn- given a stern lecture o'clock last night n ear the works. The Ing. He was and sentence was postponed until highwaymen stood the two bottlers next Saturday. Young Prlndivllle's llp at the point of a gun, taking $8 but Mrs. Jackson, who resides at the ; <?iices as possible. He will remain at Southern. Nothing wns missing from ; Hot Spring at least until Thanks- it- j siviiiR, and in the meantime will del-ou Kissman Robbed. ! cide where the wnter Is to be spent. Lou Kissman and Jack O'Connor, j Augusta. Ga.. has been recommend- who are employed at the Fred Gun-j ed as furnishing tho desirable pit-1 thev Company bottling Works on North M street were held up about S conduct In the meantime will decide Tiis case. He promised the Judge to fceep a diary of his actions and his and a revolver from Kissman, not molesting O'Connor. Kissman at one time had his hand on his gun - - ".»»-"-^* »»<u •• v* iiij wii u 10 r3 u *' lionor Is to render a decision accord- hut <as the ho!d-up man had the drop Jngly. Wants Divorce for Desertion i on him he thought better than to use | It. The mater was reported to the | officers, but no arrests have been made. 21 years, was today licensed to wed Delia. Cabono, a native of Turkov. aire 15. Both are residents of Balcersfleld. NEW AMBASSADOR HAS i AN AMERICAN WIFE. mate for outdoor exercise during'the winter, and the situation as to accommodations there Is being looked Into. STOCKiiAOE BIG JUMP NEW YORK. Nov. buying orders poured in •A flood of on brokcVs , "Can Is a winner "Except whon it tackles a Kern County flght." Chorus— "The samp old machine, the dear old machine," etc., etc. *-»-• Official Count onj/londay On Monday next, the supervisors will, under the law, begin the official count of the returns for tho late election and the work wjll consume several days. Interest attaches to the count, on account of the closeness of tho vote on President. In computing the vote unofficially tho highest vote cast for during the nitcht and sent prices soaring on the stock exchange today. Such scenes of activity on the floor have not been witnessed In many months. The hii!Hg1\ senthv.i-vit was Here Writing up Oil Industry K. Kotho, United Status mvl foreign representative for the Pacific Monthly, a national magazine published In Portland, Oregon, and R. Shaw, one of the best known statistical experts and authorities on the oil business In California, who have, been here for tho, past ten days are preparing matter for an article on the oil Industry to appear the Pacific Monthly early next year. It Is the purpose of the editors of the magazine to publish a true, accurate, conservative but comprehensive statement of the facts of tho oil Industry in California today. Tho entire The firsi polo game of thf; season will bo hold tonight at Dreamland skilllut> rink and a holly contested Kame IK expected. The two teams are , cdinpoHcd of thu best known of the Glenn* Mini I local players. Tho Sioux, who will bo j :-e))>ombeivd from tho season of last .-ear, have i'o-orn:inlzod and have ill-en priu'tlclnat for tho wool: past to fitfiiln get In condition. The bream- land rink is composed of a number of the allaiiilanl.s and several local players and are a very well balanced ag- grogatlon. Tho game is scheduled to begin at 8:-15. Following is how the teams will line up: Sioux—Emnions, 1st. rush; Frasier, 2d rush; Davis, ceutur; Cole, half buck; Dlxon, sonl tender; Hoenshell, substitute. Dreamland—C. Smith, 1st rush; N. Smith, I'd rush; M-ociuurdo, center; Koal. half back; Ftiggot, goal tender; Dunlap, substitute. Last, night was ladles night at the rink and one of the most enjoyable times of tho week was had. A fair sized audlenro was In attendance. The article is to be unbiased, treating nil of tho Holds of California from C'oalln- ga south for what they are worth and Harriet. Tutblll bus brought suit! BERLIN, Nov. 7.—Count Johann sigalnst Harry A. Tuthlll for divorce, j Helnrich von Berstorff, who until The couple were married lu Denver' recently represented the German In 1!MC!, and the the defendant now i government In Egypt, has been se- nlleze* failure to provide. Slip asU.s lected by the Emperor to succeed the ' nignest ever Known for thai for divorce airl restoration of her i n t e Baron Sternburg, as ambassador | Man - v p ther stocks jumped maiden name. ' Licensed to Wed. Peter Pnst|uinl. a native of Italy, ai>< to America. The Countess Bersiorft Is the daughter of Edward Tucke meyer of New York. any one of the 10 electors on either ticket was taken as the basis for the count, but inasmuch as there are len "lectors, and the vote in a single pro-1 written In the Interests of neither pro- clnct on such electors sometimes var-;ducer or consumer. . tvmui-.i-iii »«* ios » K mllch as <en votes, It will take! Tnc . i> ttc |fl c Monthly periodically so stront; that prices jumped upwtirds tnc official count to determine wheth- j treats of one of the great Industries points at a time on a single sale. or Bryan or Taft carried the county. O f tno }>, 1( .|flc slope. It in a magazine New York Central rose ', points und | In ,°a se ' n e result is very clone, It O f national Importance and recognition I'nltod States Steel rose to 5- r ,i.., the!""*/ he necessary to average the vole ' ' ' "of the ten electors In each party to reach a fair decision. Men who have bets on the result are awaiting tlio official count before paying. Two New Roads. By order of the board today, road two Men Who Like Good Clothes Find this Store the Place For Them! If yon are particular ahonl what yon get for your money; if you are willing to pay the* price' of good quality if yon can be sure of getting it; you'll find no clothing store in town HO much to your liking as this one. Yon can't get poor quality here; it's not here. Hounds good, doesn't it? You'll see how much better it. is than it sounds when yon come here. \Yc advise you to pay the highest price yon can afford, not for what we can get out of it, but for what you get. You'll find fancy weaves; all the new colors and paterns, THE TOGGERY VOWtU. • MAM ORGANIZATION OF A ILOB Over twenty-six boys of Kern met last evening in the club room on the corner of King and M streets, and with J. Rollins in the chair perfected the organization that was begun last Friday night. The constitutional committee submitted a constitution for the club, which was read and and monthly comes under tho obser vation of half u million readers. Hence It is HOCII that a reliable magazine article, such UK tho Pacific Monthly Is prcuiirliiK. with fiKuren and illustrations, will be of Incalculable value popularity of Dreamlnnd Is growing. THE DECOCRATS CLAIM . ENTIRE STATE TICKET. COLUMBUS, Nov. 7.—Democratic officials claim* the election of the entire state ticket on tho returns that came In during tho night. WELL KNOWN FINANCIER FOUND DEAD IN BED. CHICAGO. Nov. 7.—William D. Cornish of New York, second vlco president of the Union Pacific and director of many corporations, was found dead in bud at the Auditorium Annex today. Heart was tho cause. . • ----- .to the industry. It will offor a world i-> was declared a public highway, and! O f infoiinutloii of absolute, reliability :lie same, order was made with rof •rence to road 270. wnMir PTTTTO/* A NEW PHYSICIAN TO iV/ j and circulated an tho Pacific Monthly • in, In tho channels or national cup- ''"'• wl " ( '" lll)lf ' capitalists with u loaning toward oil Investments, to con' slder^be different Melds of the sta to at losldenco at tho Little hotel and think* MI well of the west v\ le town that ho _... __ _... contemplates moving his family there (adopted. The nominating committee «hortly. Dr. Cain has practiced in nominated the following member* 1 - 08 Angeles and other southern cities, and they were unanimously elected l<aiil >'«"* r he was assistant of the to serve a term of six months: Prm-' '•<"">'>' hospital at San Bernardino. Dr. L. Al. Cain, a well known physl- j Messrs. Kelhe and Shaw will bo " ...... h«re for nomo (lino yoi. Tho oil men to whom their work ban become known, have voiced ilioir approval of the 'Pacific i\Ionlhly'« onterpri«o, real- ciuu of Southern California, him lo- '•itod at McKItlrick, beginning his practice early this w««k. The new omur has OHlabllnho-l his office, and Using that It will bo of much value to, tho'oil Industry of the slate. | vlted to go on the mat with him. Ill at His Home—James Goodwin, general manager of tho Power, Tran- Ident, J. H. Parker; vice president. . , , , ." ,", ."**"*" 'sit and Light Company, was serious- tary, Herbert '•' '•' v "•' v v '•' '•' v v v v '•' * * >: ' '•' ly 111 at his homo last nl*ht. He has L eather The Latest Conceits in Serviceable Material. this Harry Mills; secretary, Sears; treasurer, Gordon Baker; .... letic manager, Frank Cuneo. • >: ' CITY BRIEFS. * The next meeting will be held Frl- . . | day evening at 7:30 In the club hall, ^ •:- .;. •:• •:- ,;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .[. .;..;..;. .;..;. * ' to perfect future plans for club ac-1 ' ' tivltles. The primary object of the; Df> and Mr , Fowler Return—Dr. 'dub Is to promote healthy athletics (nlld Mra . w , S. Fowlor. who were among tho boya. Already plans have 1)llt r , !( . ( ,ntly married, arrived from , .. been laid to furnish and arrange com- ,iio south thls'mornlns and are dom-. was operated on yesterday by Drs, fortable club rooms where will bo jf . ik , ( | at tl)( , s ou thern Hotel. ! Crease and Schafor for appendicitis. been indisposed for several days paat ' t with the rather mysterious ailment which has been prevalent for some; tlnio, and last night ho suffered a ! severe attack which necessitated the attention of two phyHlcians. He Is | better today. Lost Appendix—Lawrence Hamraes and necessary apparatus. The boys expect to spend many pleasant hours during , Ihe long winter evenings at their comfortable quarters, The athletic | manager promises that there will be i B t | Game—Today are playing the second of tho high school league football games. Has Training Quarters—Jim Brown, the wrestler, has his training quar- a schedule of games arranged for! ters at tn ® Opera Cafe, and can be boys who will be interested In the seen there each day at work at 2 and different athletic sports. 17 p. m, Amateur wrestlers are In- Will Sing at Fair—Mis.s June B;i ber will sliiK Tuesdny evening «l the ' Chrysanthemum Kali 1 . The Vnli"s have I been promised Mowers from Stock- j dale mid from Hun Kniidlo for the i fair Tuewdiiy aflernoon an f i eveiilrisj. THE WEATHER. f Fair tonight and Sunday. You would hardly believe that such beautiful things could be made of leather as we are now showing. The following goods can be found horo In variety. No better gift, could be thought of than something from this line. Ladies' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Pursea, Cigar Caees, Card Cases, Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices are most reasonable on everything. Come In and let us .show you the goods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phones Mfjn 64 and 74.

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