The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 6, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORNIAN LEGAL. The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES may sn continue until finally said fran- ' enlse 'hail lie struck off, sold, anil anarli.i by said Board of Supervises t" 'he high-st. bidder therefor in Kold c( in of tbe United States. . I'.iti .1 t'lls- i.vii ,)ay of October, 190S, '<t l!a!:ersfield. Kern County .Callfor- < !••!•!< nf the Heard of Supervisors '(if ! n"!!l l ' ll ji'!;''¥^ n>i g" m Association, trustee for Crowton. Cvrus . . .S.'.S California Home Exten- sa "a Association, trustee tin Ulckinson. \\ in 10 lu.OO ?° 20 _.. , , -a. tour weel<8 successively next t' the (lav of hearing. Dated this 5th dav f TICE. Bvev/3rs of Celebrated Bottled Beers Red Ribbon Wurzburger A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfield and uarantee fcr purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. •":. aliil. 11!'- wi:e. having L> .. .Tidoni-d ' '•a •''<• I'M'; .|;iy of October, l'.m i >,j ihoiit :.n;.- MMirlciitlon or any n-as--; : '.': ; i ; in inrit'y you that 1 will nut i • -imii.-il•••• inr any debts contract.) ' I 1 .' he;- \\ atioevor from said last 1 ••;.'!i,aad .!, ie. I'lKHRE URIMAl'I). | '<'' •!i'-i".!' i (•,,!., Oct. :',o, inr.s, ss; NOTICE OF SALE OF~PERSONAL~ | PROPERTY. la ''.'.<< Sitoerior Cmirt. State of :i '. n 1 ,'. in iiii-1 for Hie Countv of Kern. j,;;,'/.'' 1 ','";""''' (if tilt' Kstatf Of Ralph -Vit.Ve i> herein- uivpti. that hi nur- "i an order of tho Superior tlie C'oitntv of Kern, State of 'e on the 26th dav of . ... I!' 1 '*, lu the matter of nt Halnh Bower, deceased, iam-'d administrator ot the d! said deceased will sell at of the public Sinn Association, in.siee for Kvans. Lumis A. .. '-allfornia Honn- l-:\t,. n - iisiee for KvaiiH. Unnis \ ( :|''*ornln Home I-:\I,>M. •rX'liASKOCiatloil. trnsiee fur Kvmm .iimis \ rMlfonil" ^011!" l5xl;.,i-' i' 0 " in the office OIL KING'S HOME IS • . i trance, and th! B is through a gate-. CASTLE OF MYSTERY.' wa V- The house is built backward, I -_ too. What appears to be an imposing OTW YORK. Nor. 8.—John tt colonial front, looking in the direction Bockefeller hu Uk«X potMMloa o| of the Hudson river, Is the rear of the MB new $1,000,000 home at Pocintlco house Hills. Ho has arranged to station eighteen watchmen, U/o detectives and one bloodhound to guard himself There Is a sub-basement, besides the main basement, and broad walks lead past the terraces to what might and his family from annoyance. be taken {0r maln entrances. Instead Tbe new'house, as it stands com-i the y lea * to blln d walls - No 8te P 8 Dieted, with the surroumrtng terraces are discernible whatever. The visitor and high stone walls, is one of the suddenly finds himself standing on most inaccessible homes in the coun-1 tne terrace, looking up one and a try. It has a laayrlnth of winding naif stories over a series of stone walks, blind passages and hidden steps. They were constructed with walls, to what appears to be the living part of the house. the idea of confusing any day or mid-1 The side approaches to the board night Intruder. I piazza which half encircles the house Even the "playhouse" which is In- are concealed, and only one very fa- tended for Mr. Rockefeller's grand- mlllar with the secret of the labyrinth children, is connected with the rest- could gain access to any part of the dence by a tunnel, or half sunken covered passageway. The whole building seems to have been plannod to make approach by an outsider almost Impossible. There is only one main en- building unless he went through the gateway. The Inaccessibility of the house is common to all sides except the front, which faces the red brick stables. * E. H. LOVELAND + Wholesale Produce Merchant + * Hay, Grain. Potatoes, Beans, + * Eggs, and $11 farm products. + MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST It is iiuid'' here in ('iiiii'or- nia and hi-in^ made here it follows that it is hcst adapted to the elimalc conditions. Then ajrain if costs no SPARKLETS FROM THE STAGE. Ethel Barrymore says she did not say that society women were pigs H. 0. HARNESS With J. W. Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block administrator and coroner of Keni <( oiinty situate in the court house. In UH- Citv (it'.Ba.Uersneld.. In said Kern for cash, tales on " at th nrpriertv belomiihe"'t6"""""~ Dpl - 8onli said Rjilnh Bower. • small mi mu Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal SUMMONS. -.-- .f— .. ., .Action brought, in the Superior Court pf the CountV oj Kern, Sta.te.o.f Ca erk of said Suu-<.._. The Peon e of the State la send 1 wipanv 1C nia Co ._ __ _.ate o ereetine to Silver . Defendant, •e IM~ - -- Bow ou are nerebv reciiilred to annear an action brpuent against you bv e. above-named nlaintiff. in the Su- ^Qtirt of the Countv of Kern. .--• Court of th< •tatetof California, and to answer the 'om Dial nt pled .th.ere!.n. wjthin i else~where. witnin~"fhi"rfv"da_vs," And vou are herebv notified that if >u fful to so annear and answer, the aintlff will taKe ludpment tor anv - . . . t g e Cou"r'rfbf"any"otner —. I therein, within ten vs (exclusive of the dav of service) >er service on vqu of this Summons, f served within said Countv: if served mere, within iLl ' ' money or dnmaees demanded in comulalnt as aflsine unon contract will apnlv to, the. Court for any ot relief demanded In the comnlaint. Witness mv hand and the seal of said Superior Court of the Countv ot Kern. State of California, this 28th dnv of Oct.. A. D. 1908. 10-4 I. L. MILLER. Clerk. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR. AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Notice Is hereby given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the Wnat Ethel needs Is a more refined \ Board of Supervisors of Kern County, press agent I state of California, for a franchise to -The Barber of New Orleans'- had a ! ^"2. S$V£ Iffi ^dTfiTy very close shave from being a flat fall- : years, to erect poles and stretch wires ure. Oh, lather! j and other appliances theron fo r the Wilton Lackaye is flghting for sue- 1 P'irpose of conducting and transmit- cess in "The Battle," but he looks a Ji nrg ,,± ctrlclty ' an , d e !f trlc current ,,,,, . , ,, . . . . for light, power, and other neccesary little too weighty to put up much of an(] useflll pnrposes over> a ] O ng a bout. upon the streets, alleys and avenues , Report lias it that Nat Ooodwin. tl,pj <)f tne unincorporated town of Delano i blonde comedian, lias struck it rich In in said County of Kern, under such , ,. , restrictions, and l n accordance with a gold mine in Nevada. Now, Maxine sm -h directions as aald Board of Su- Klliott, Roe what you have missed. I pervlsors shall, by proper ordinance . » • It might also be mentioned that ; '" tnnt behalf, provide, more than iin]M,fte,l paints, j;! nool . gie Cohan can , oot his own horn i If is proposed to grant said franchise llial are jnadi.' In suit any climate. Costing SO little |.;p.l YOU afford to let yum- buildings fjo impainti'd and into decay? <'nnic in ,•(;;<] let us figure on the ji/h. FionserMercantile Co 08. '"'••« a-'hamblin the, cc j'sneld County'. td'the'hYiirhest bi<fder"foi lawful monev. of the United Sta ihe titl, diiv of November. 1908. hour ot 5 o'clock n. m.. the ne the estate of eased: .Three houses: 1 easolfne engine: 1 and tiloe: 1 water tank: 1 horse n: l barn: 1 corral. 911 situate/! AT trough: l barn: 1 corral, all situated on the west one-half CA) of the north^est Quarter, (U) of section thirty- hrce (33) in \ownshln thfrtv (30) south of ranee thirtv-seven 37) east. M. 1). U. and M.. in Kern countv. Call- And notice Is, led tilds herebv .slven. tha bv sealed bids will Be received DV sa xlmlnlstnitor for said Drooertv un to k " hour of sale thereof, and that all s must be accomnanied bv cash or certified check in an amount equal to ten ner cent of tjie DKla imade. . lNN. \V* A A(5r;;inlstrator of the estate"6"f"Kalr)h 10-30 Bower, deceased. NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereoy given ii»«t the annual meetins of stockholders of the McKittrick Oil Company will be held at its offlce, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, Baker- sfleld, California on Motrlay, November 9th, 1 90S, at 4 o'clock r. m. of said day, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BROWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld, California. 10-26 '.17 98 n<» um t'<r Kim or. -.'. .iliei . . .2Sr, I-riedliinder. Max .1-11 1-osier. John .... ..tir> Calil'ornln liome l-ixten- .K'fatlon. trustee ..liner. II. II. . ..210 California Home ICxten- Mon Association, trustee t"i; t.'rlmil. Kdw. \V. . :. 73 CHllforulii Home Kxten- ^ t! '-^{i" su ":277 20 1C in 10-5 Judce of theJhinerior Court. _ NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TH* CITY OF BAKERSFIELD. Notice iti l - eit:t»v uiveli Uiut CWf taxes for the veur 1'.>»X are due a*t liO.OO j navatile on tne Ulst dav ol Se.titfijui l liitis, ami will become deli run lent i the lid 'lav nt November. 1UO&. • ., HI.00 ta.xes are n.ivalilo at the office of t Citv Treason,r and ex-otticio Tatf ( loctor. IX^ Chester avenue. _. 10.00 A. VyRABEB jCltv Treasurer and 'lax C lector. 91!0 00 f Car Jor (ii-een Alfred Crtlifoniia Honie K .... xten- - slonAssoclutlon. trustee for Greet,, llenrv W. ..310 , . .. California Home Exten- sionAssooiatloti. trustee Tor Harvey. J. M ..... California Home Bxlen- ssoclatfon.truhlee 54 20 10 20 10 5 Sunerlor Court ot the State of -o.od iforala, Countv of Kern. -n.noi Southern I'acitie It-iilroad Cotr.tiaiKi, I'l.oo i Phiiniiil. vs. It. II. Count ISM. JuijU *. ! Stouslaiid. Honrletta N. lloUlis. IClvirtl 1 \\'. I'ercv. ('birtuice W. Hobbfl t* minor), and .lobn Doc. Defendants. Action broimtit in the Sunerlor CcociB. of the State of Calllornla. in ami l<aP 20.OH lo.oi) 20.0U 10.00 5.00 A Harvey. J an.truhlee . M the Coiinlv of Kern ami tbe Co«- nlalnt tiled in ibe otlicc ol tlie Clork vf said Court in the said Coiinlv. The 1'eople ot the State of State i ) k. 11. I'uriettu v, Clarenc hi minor), jiud John Doe Ilia send (in.'etlnK to John I. Stouslaiid Elvira \\ r . i'crcv n I. Stouslaiid. Henr. Clarence Vou an; iierebv reuiilrod to . in an action brouent against von ,V he aliove-nani(-(l Piaintiff. in 41: porior Court of the State of Calil in and tor the Countv to answer the Comolaln within ten days (exclus.. _ -. of service) after the service c_..,, this summons If served within the Countv: or. U served elsewhere. In thirty da vs. J nr Heyde. Birmai _4llfo.rn . trustee for Herrman. D. M. ... 9 Hen-man, D. M 4B Herrman. D. M. 46; CaJlfornla Home Extension Association, trustee cSlformaHqtne Rx 1 __ glon Association, trustee JW.Herri ^ v California onAssocia HI -,--' RiOl fo [o: ovie. J. w. ...... Jallfornla Home Extension Assocfat Ion. trustee „„„ for Huddleston. Hhas. 239 California Home Bxten- gKinA.8soefatl(j ' ' ixten- for Her aliforni for.Keeney. „. CalifornFa Home ...105 .„„ n. A. J. ...106 me Exten- Uin. trustee , B. W. . . .211 xten- slon ? Ion Association, trustee _ or Keene.v. J. W. 174 California Home liiten- slonAssoclatl n.trustee for Klassen. Tenry ...: 20 20 20 20 20.0d 20.00 20.00 20.00 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is herein- civen thnt the annual nieetine of the stockholders of the below named canal comnanv for tbe Diirnose of electlne directors and the transaction of such other business as mav be nrouent before the meeting. will be held at the offlce of said Com- nanv. Kern Countv Land Cpmnanv^s t-e reet te and hour set onnosite tlie na Kern River Canal and Irriuatine . streets. Bakersfield ner of . Cali . fornia, at the rn tli Sec. to !<l)ove named Canal Com»»nv. Kern Countv Land Comrmnv's offlce liuildini'. corner 19th and II streets, naken-'deld. Calif. DIVIDEND NOTICE. 10-24' •lourned nieetiriir of the rectors of tbe S. \V. and 13. At an, Oil'Co. held"Oct "2S." iiiosr'n' was declared of four cents a share on the stock of the com/win v. iniviible No- vemlier 13. 190S. at the offlce of the ,'"'Li Chester avenue. 13ak- J.''\V. THOMAS Secretarv. r c tcCartnev. IcCartnev., u c .,j California Home L.xten- sion Association. triistee or McConnell. .1. a. ..: ckfnnie. J. . J. •.aughlin. Wm id. Win, R ler. W. T tor Myron Ravmoiu Mullen. ROM. Jr. ..t Aiujjen. Rol)t. J. . .r Mu en. liobt. J. ,..n | bettor that, an y other writer or datic- j ™ ^^^ ^^^. °i'. I (,(] to the highest bidder at. the time No, dear reader, "Parsifal" is not land In the manner hereinafter set 1 ii-'.•,! as a sai-nisli for meat. It is ajfcil ' tn . namely: Sealed bids will be firand opera. I received for said franchise up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the 5th day "Tin 1 Devil" having lost ii?, novelty i,,f vx'cemiier 10(18; 1 eilhet&l aylor FOR The best that fall offers to eat Is apples and we offer the h»st apoles you can get any :k;c:. Thery'i-s sound, c:-,cd atjd •i-icy. Phcne rn order":? tcdav f- - r;r.d .-;:.-/;- •-. ,- . ;;, ; sv f T'-irg. u:3 19th St. ' Phone M?in 401 in this country, Henry \V. Savape will •••.•:ihably return to Vienna and look for some other sulphurous output. "Mnrri'ise is a Failure" would lie a ID id title for a play in which Nat c.o'idwlii, James K. H'ackelt ami E. II. RoUiern might all play leading roles. I'rii/i Scheff complained to the authorities that the smoke from the 11- l'::o!': Central eiiKines entered her rar- ri-'s • window. A. Toxin won,), pluase write. bids to be filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, at his offlce in tbe court house of s'lid county in the City of RaUersfield, California, and the successful bidder for said franchise, and his assigns, must, during the life of said franchise, |ay to ( ' 16 ^"""'y of Kern 2 i>er cent ' ; of the gross annual receipts of the person, partnership, or corporation to whom said franchise is awarded, arls- IUK from its use, operation, or possession. No percentage, shall be paid 1 for the first five years succeeding the date of the franchise. Kach sealed bid must be accompanied by cash or ;iven that the an:' stockholders of nipuny will be of said corporation STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. Notice is lierebv uiv nual nieetinu of the Kern-Utah Oil Co held at (lie o.fflcc: ^ „ at the sheriffs offlce. in this citv. on Tlmrsciav. tlio :jrd tlity of Deceinl-- lilt's, at the hour of x n. in., for t nuniOBe of electlnir directors for t.._ etisuinir vear. and Tor the transaction nt ;iich (itner luiMlne.-is a.s tuav nroner- Iv collie bi-lore the ineetiuir. .1. \\'. KRi.LV. President. T. A. Ilakei\ Secretarv. 1 l-U •(•r. ho Ihe r, Braney .-....'ornli Home~Fxieri-" sionAssociatlon. trustee Myron. Ravmoiid . .151 *~ no cert, no cert. ullen. Kobt. J. cert. Caliiornia Home Extension Association, trustee For Nelson, (ieo. F. ...192 Nolson. Janips J. 4«5 Olsen.FranKA.andGraco ^MJ I'ardee. Wlllard Cjjlifornia Home Bxten- sion Association, trustee for Pender Ceo M. .. 38 Ciillfornia Homo Kxten- .Sinn Association, trustee for Ulckornon. C. A. ..188 California Homo Kxtcn- ylon A Hsociat Ion. trustee for Prewjtt. Rdear D. .238 Kose. Waller M. 422 Caliiornia Home ISxten- sionAsHOclatioii, tnisfen forScblueter. Krotl W. 78 Schrooder. liobt 532 Stcrlfnu. J. H. 500 iStrrlliie. Geo. V/: ..... 14 California Homo Kxton- 20 f.,00 20.00 relief "And you are herebv notified that! wufftilto^aanoei ' demanded iiiuW mv . urt of tn( ....„ for the i on AUKUHt 14. 1907. you fall to so annear and answer. 'latntlff .will aonlY to th ' landed In the _._. ind yi- _ tne Sta.tis ..... .»»- v ... JO tHfl demanded. In the . _nder my nand ai .. Suoerlor Court orniu. in and "— lie "relief'demanded, (n the Corn .OlVen under my nand apd [ell Sr _.,nser. Jr.. attorneys for lilaln S D lTv: County Ifirfc TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTId Notice .Is hereby given that OK taxes on all personal property, «.*• one-half of the taxes on all real prow* erty, will be due and payable on Km second Monday In October, and *KB be delinquent on the last Monday ** November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior tfcentt fifteen per cent will be added to <fe* amount thereof, and that if said MM* half be not paid before the last tta» day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. », an additional five per cent wlU hi added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half «H the taxes on all real property wltl Mi payable on and after the first Mo*lay In January next, and will be «•• Inquent on the last Monday in ApeV next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m. and that unless paid prior then** five per cent will be added to ttai amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be pftM ifi the time th first Installment, as tew» 'n provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in t*» office of the Tax Collector in OH ounty courthouse between the boon of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. to* 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and Asnlmu'" Location of yriurliml : ..... , . . ..... tinsinesi-. Oakland. California. Notice Is-' herein- clven unit at : ' •iniicii Califo nn Com nlact; Mme Marcella Semhrich has a skirt a certified check payable to the Treas- that is (lirectolre on both sides, ac- " r ' T of sal(1 County of Kern for the „ , . . , fn!l amount of such bid, ami no seal- (ovdlng to her dressmaker press (1(] l)U1 wll , bc c . onskloml un less said !1 R°nt. cash or check is enclosed therewith;' Isn't it about time Lillian Russell and the successful bidder sluil! deposit got a diver,,- or was married again! ?! least 10 P er cent of thf> n '» n " n «- of ot 1 J*f*l5' ular meet'liiir' of the'Bbn'nl'oT iVfrectors held on the liilh <lyv of October HinS an assessment of oti(^ cent ner sharp was levied upon the subscribed oabital stock of tlie conioration navable 1m- meiliiiteh' in I nlted States cold coin to the secretarv of solit Comounv. at Its o"lce. rnoin ,a. at i»0il Ilroadwa*'. in the Citv of Oakland, Ciillfornia. Anv stock uiifin which (bin shall remain uun-iid on of November. llfliS. will lie de'tti and advertised for sale at tniblic auc lion, and unless oavmont Is mad. ' fore, will be sold on "" r- i'i assessment s I on A ssocfa t Ion. t ru Ht oo lor Terrell.. Daniel F.. . California Homo K 2C» 20 siori Assocjat Ion. trustee tor Tift, nor t '72 10 Tnideen. Reuben F. ...535 20 Tramlen. llueben F. . ..53B 20 \Varrer.kor.Otto 4.'M 10 U'elsel. P. .1 , 420 20 Ci|lifornla Home Bxfon- MOII Association, trustee for U'llllamg. Mrs, C. f'. 44 5 ('•"llfornla Homo Kxten- sion AsKoclatlpn. trustee for Wolodarskv. Mever 202 California Homo Kxten- 5.00 20 20.00 i-lon *Rfnriatli)ii. triislno : Vmit, . .(as. H. ...,317 10 10.00 31 .) men wltli law ami an •"•• !'''iiil of iJirectorH made ina.'and"iiniVss"iiavmon'f v |s''m, : ^r"be. i' 1 '' u>e lifuli dav of AiiKUst 1!)(W.. so •ore. wll be sold on M( dav he 21st ' " l!1 », v shares of each rmrcnl of • -- •• ' -' .•'.'"!""'*• '"-' - 1 - r " stork aw jiiav be necessarv will i>o sold at oiibltc auction at tho ollice of secretarv of tho coinuaav on the. (lav "f December. 19nK. to ua'v th/- (lo<\1\\ the liniment asscssitieiit. tduetber wit.. .... costs ot. Hdvertislnif and expenses of 10-2I! .1. ENNIS. Secretarv. sale. PAYNf & 50N Directors Embalmers \Vluu is the matter Lillian? I NEVADA MAKES GOOD j SHOWING FOR ! RENO, Nov. 5.—Reports M) far received indicate a majority for iJryan in Nevada of IfiOo to 1800 out of about IS.iitifl votes cast. i United States Senator Newlands AMbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night , (Dem.) was ^lected by popular vote at|on (with a majority of 2000 to 3000. Con- n)ay bld for 8al(] franchise j gressman Bartlett (Dem.) was i elected by a majority of 2000 plete returns will not be available uutil late tonight. his hid with tho County Clerk of said County of Kern before such franchise, j .s'k'iYejrii'avt/tJii's V , shall be struck off to him. Said bids) 11M ' K - entered into , will be opened and considered on i Monday, the 7th day of December, IftflS, at 10 o'clock, n. m . and said franchise will bo struck off. sold and awarded to the person, firm, or cor- ' i-oration who shn'l make the highest leash bid therefoi; ;m>viil<"1 wily that. 1 »t the time of the opening of said present, or represented . nr prlvl-[ NOTICE. To whom It mav concern:—-Notice is lierel.iv triven tbat ' hat we, the iimler' 6th dav of October. articles or auree- the (Use and Rlorf'-kei'tjini: business at and in the Town ol Mo.lave. Countv of l\eru and Stale of California, under "• "711 name and stvle of tlie "Mo- rlercantile Coiruianv." id this itlih dav of October 1908. Residing at Moiave'. 'r'allfornla. HI T K'VAPP l\ei tbe V( Dated tbe 2'ith ecreta 2'ith dav of of 10 n. m. of sa (or. l!i id (In !i08 . . __ ..... at tho hour to wav anid . . ay. (U.-llnciuent assossment tnereon, tocc tri- advertiaine und er with iiellse with costH of ses Of sal(J. Al.FUI^D H. JORDAN. Secv. \\asco. Kern Countv. Cal. lft-3 POSTPONBMENT Notice. Is hereby of #Uo ot of the Fourth lven that tho dato Resldlne at Molave'. Cal 10-27 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE7 ,, ornla. "Water Companv, dotinquont stock Extension .Water Comoaiiv' lian been postiMined until TliurHdav. November 19. Ia08. at 10 o clock, a. m. B V order of the Board ot Directors. ated October 1». l.'WS ALFRED B. .fOUDAN. Sec. Wasco. Kern Countv. Cal. .as re- Jew a "«i,m"nor'io B B than 10 ,-t r cent r^catiorV orn'rlfJcloal plac'? ortusffess; ORDER TO 8HOW CAU8E> i. Com- above the highest sealed bid therefor w ^^.^?»^ {foffmiul.'ft noon In the Superior Court of the Countv v,Uahi« nni ' Fai(1 hi '' s " Iliai!( ' " liiy '' ra ., (1 Ul ° 'oljpwine described stock, on ac-: {J not less than 10 per rent b> uiy other responsible bidder, and *.•.:•! 1'ljjlog Bakersfield Iron Works: Oil Well Tools and Supplies: PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET , tlif >'' the : a In the SiiDerior Court of th it Kern. StaL 1 of California, In the mai'er ()' the the Hiidnut inivini; In the matter of the estate of J. It- Patterson, deceawed. Notice IB herebv Kiven l>v the aiuned administrator of tho J. M. Pattorson. deceased to th? It.ors of. .and .all persons hav; m aeulnsl th. >lt '* voucher; exhibit them with tne necei voncherH within tour months afte. first nubllcuUon of this notice ta deceased, t» ...s necegsM onths after Ij adminlstratpr "at" riioiiias Scott. the law'^officn No. _ 1509 street rpmiis 2 and 4, Hank of B*k- •rslleld bulhlinc. corner Chester sms- 11110 iirid 20jh Htroet. In tho Cltv of B*. •('^"lleld. Countv of Kern. State <* California, tho nanio beinir the »)*» e.s t a t e j n w i Id Ke rn ' Co'fi „ t ,. Dated October 13. KiOS. . , , , UOUIjnT PALMKH .nt.^ AdniinlKtnitor of the K.stale of J ) Piittcrwin. Deceased. Thomas attorne.v for estalw. ,000 LICENSE NOTICE. Notice ts herenv given to all K spun pwnlni: and keenlim doira. wltl the liinitH of the Cltv of RakprBrM- that License THUS tor tbe year 19> arc now nvidv for delivery at the flee of the Citv Cferk. in the basem* •f Proiliicfr.s SavlneH H ink bullrta and on ;ifter the Inth day of Jiu , . will itroceed a rv. j doits fo ar« no the vear Dated .Tiiriua'rv iiiy \ Impo — to imtJour.v. ~— OKS found nmnliiir on the Btreets thZ arw not '— '^~ " '• th J. k. CpX, n Poundmastwc. arv 9. 190S. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Snrinc f Drlncl nanv. Loc.ivtftBj iiHlness. Snrincfield Oil Com of Drlnclnal ulacc of b field. California. Notice Is hereby clven that nl * rnfifllnir of the. Dlreclora held on t3»» 24 tn «uv of Remember. liMi.H. an »»> of on^_nnd,one-oua.rter offlcp or the romnanv. ronjii Sav/rii;s Hank orstleld. Calil'omla. Anv Kiocli unon which this as incnl sluill ri'iiiain ijnimld on the v ijjiV of N'oveuilier. l(»0fi. will lie linn, tent mnl advertlseil for saw nubile aiictiiin a/jil unless iiuvnie made bcf/ire. will be, Isold on tbe dav of November. 1908. to Dav Hi fmoncnf asscKKinent. tocettK-r l iiclvenltilnK and Offlce. room No, 1. Producers Sa*; IIIKH Hunk biilldinsr, corner liith anA ^ Ktrt-eis. BakerHfleld. Californla. _HI*| NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. on the 2uth dav ot August. 1!»08. .... , neveral amounts set onnnslte the : a corooration. to r.ttnn>"f Hy iiamo l( names of the restn.-ctlvo shareholders , "Kern Cimiiti- Agricultural Atwoc-ia us follows: tii" U&°^WKl^^<W: ] 'rt'.at.sfyie,,,,, U.iioeaii-i.U.^tb,,! Mnncot Oil (Vul= ,>,!„,,;,;,, ,, 1f v, v, 'l |( - Hudnni I'fimiL' Par's AHS.X...i of fniKineK*. Cnmn on S K '. sectld «-- ' N "' - No ' j tiori." has fi/ed <rn ; '; .•ii.nljcaiinii y.f,. Townshlu h Soutli, Halite •_>:: KK.S-> Name Crt. jitis. Anil, i in etnpu'e its tn ' Kwrn Coiinlv Kern Coiinlv Calif<irn(a California Kxten- Agi-lciilMic:.: A ..rialx.a and iha x ot ji, fc j s hereliv elven '!.,•,( at " .... _..= , -|,,. ( .tin K ( ,f tlir- Board of IHrecioi-B < ho Mascot Oil Comnanv. u coni'iTi ion. held on the Fifth -l:iv of OeiolKv I'l-rf. an asseKHincnt of five eei;ta m* for AauiiM Amii r.^on .'*'> •jame.s I! Anderson !!.'!';!i5 Calllorala Kxteii- nlouAs'--iiclntifiii. tru.steo for .1, K Andc-rsou ... 1 17 Marirer. .lobn 170 leard. Tims. Ceo ::.:( llecki-tt. Alice M 411; MeiHn n. Mrs. Saruh . ,:HS I'allfiirnia Homo K\teie for Howrr. Sau'itiel' . . . :;0 '•'fill A ^^rir'i;(t'. tn | I-M.^I ( .,. for Bower. Samuel ... 71 California Horn.. Kxten- Fiori.Association, trustee for llrim;^. Wancti F. lnfi I'-iKli-r JM|»I A ",L'S California Home HxteD- ? lon A Bs<x,-fat'• -.; t rustee or Chalojj Iloi;nkliih a CfUlfornla Home Jixteu- tfBUQAttUOOkillOQ. t said !i|ii>licati(ii. by a iiiiijiirlly ' Kaid "Hu'ltiul I' tluii." Ilia' UO (K, i KtilTicieiii reasuf fi.ou nani'- of the s,. 40 $> Oti 5 r, do 20 11.75 20 ot (!;.• aid Mr tl ;/ <•<>< I'urk petition e cliaii-M Of fin tb( •.. . liaillfi- "l diiu;* lie for M"r. ,, , I' 1 On, r, r>.nii i (•„,-,, 'Jii L' ' ],-;., ti,,,., |,v ni.lerut. tlatt tlie lu.u 1C 10.OH IJIIT ,,i (tie a indication t«r ( liaillfi- "l n,Hue in the loreL-olii.' tiroce .,, , _, ' -inil thi' n:itll' J is b« " ''"•' s ' ' , J'.. 2.i<0iiiav. tile !Mli dav m .Novemtier. • •'».•». at t'i o'cliiek a in d KJiid 'lav ill <l«v ! iiartiiic-in one at its eoiirt. rooiti thereof , in tlie Count v coilit house. Itakerslleld. I (. alifnrnia. and Iliat a.iiv and all oer- I .sons intercsteil in KIIK! matter to [>o and anuear before Ibis ''.our/ nt UNJ tiirie and nlace aforemiid. and tlum nnd tdere ahow cau»«. if any, t/iev have , . why tho aoitHcatipn for the chance of le.uOnarne of uie said corporation should not bo ETimtMi. and It Is further or', Uiat •*. JOMV of IbJA order to ahxtw Aotlcfc is hereliv nlvei: jiH'Mtjru.' of tin-. Board (if IHn tl"' 1! , ... wan levl'ed UIUMI ... , m.wlf of file cori)orati ! ' nnvaiil'* Ivft- ineillatelv in the Seen ' :'v of Un-> cot» ooratloii. at the hriui. h (;e of tit '•omrMinv. Ijdiun 41H ciii/'-us Nntlniv TJank Huiliiinir. corner '1 bird and .""" strr-ets. Los Aimeh-. California. Am KtiicK ui>on \thii-b this 11 nient sball remain unnaiil nn tlw (lav i>( .Vovember l:i"^. will IKS out nl and advertIsed for sale nt Ik; ailctiyn. and, iinleytj tiavtneiu the Ik; tuii~tiijn~."~uHil, unless navment mad*- before, will be sold on the f (lav ot December, li'08. to nav the linoueiit BHsessment. toeether w costs of advi'fliKlne and extienao^ sale. W. M. WAliLAC'B, Secretary f/f] Commmv. ftco. n>oi/i . 413 Citizen B >)fitlo M ... corner I.OS , Connjan ens Nnt LT Third UKeles. Ca

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