The Ponca City News from Ponca City, Oklahoma on July 1, 1952 · 1
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The Ponca City News from Ponca City, Oklahoma · 1

Ponca City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
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Register Now Through July 22 For Runoff Primary Vol 59—No 236 rrza ! EARLY EWS rflIE reporter had some real news for P S Badaml acting postmaster When Paul Ostrander News scribe saw Badami in the Post-Once he said "Congratulations!" "Congratulations yourself" said Badami "What for?" "On being nominated postmaster" said the reporter "What?" gasped Badami "Why it came over the wire today that President Truman had nominated you postmaster Didn't you know?" "Well I certainly didn't" exclaimed Badami "I'm glad you prepared me—the shock of reading it in the paper might have been too great" Gary Buchanan 3 grandson of Mrs Earl Carter and son of Mrs Joyce Buchanan has developed an "original" vocabulary for his age Recently he returnexi to his grandmother's home after a trip to town and proudly displayed his "loot" which consisted of several candyroated gum balls remarking "Look 'Ma" (grandmother) see what me sind mother got out of one of those "sewing machines" up town!" VD ROUND 304 North Birch says 1-4 "Everything is biting" at the creeks and ponds within the Oklahoma' area" "Ile has evidence for he was bitten by a copperhead snake last week end when he was fishing on Pond Creek near Pawhuska with his sons Round says he knelt to pick up some fishing gear when he felt a burning sting on his hand across his knuckles Looking down to see what bit him he saw the snake coiled Immediately his son Jack cut across the holes the snake fangs had made with his knife and sucked the venom out of the wound Then they walked to the car together for a distance of 11'4 miles Round received medical cate in Sedan Kan and is recovering without tiny ill effects lien the Jefferson Cub Scouts challenged their dads to a baseball duel during a picnic Tuesday the dads were handicapped by being assigned the same positions played by their sons and were allowed to bat with only one band It was reported that the boys won 5 to 4 bit it is the opinion of some that they won 2 to O This may be explained by the fact that the umpires were Mrs Harold Fisher and Mrs Harold Forcum mothers of two of the Cubs On the other hand this may not explain anything since they are also wives of two members of the other team All boys participating in baseball were presented with a certificate by Harold Fisher Jr in honor of their winning the Cut) championship title this year Another Week Of Hot Weather Seen for State By The Associated Press Another week of above normal temperatures was forecast today for Oklahoma However there was a note of relief in the latc prediction which calls for thunderstorms tonight However the moisture is not expected to be enough to aid parched fields The extended forecast calls for five more days of temperature 6 to 12 degress above normal with "no rain of consequence" Scattered thunderstorms fell on Eastern Oklahoma last night with McAlester reporting 19 inch to relieve the city's water shortage Chickasha's water supply continues dangerously low with the Washita River running dry A low dam has been built in the river to raise the water but it is now only a toot above the pumping level Yesterday's high temperature was 105 degrees at Beaver and Geary All sections had readings around 100 The overnight low was 63 degrees at Boise City THE WEATHER The following data furnished by the Interstate Airway Communiezilions Station Ponca City Airport Temperatures 7:30 p m 93 1:30 a m 79 7:30 a tn 80 1:30 p m 97 Today's maximum up to 1:30 pm 97 Yesterday's maximum 100 Minimum past 24 hours 74 Relative humidity 42 percent at 1:30 pm Max wind velocity 15 mph Time 12:26 pm Barometric press 1:30 pm 2893 Barometric press reduced to sea level (for setting barometers) 2999 Fire Station No 1 Temperatures: Today's maximum 100 Yesterday's maximum 102 Minimum past 24 hours 71 KANSAS OKLAHOMA AND NEtRASKA — Temperatures 'Wednesday through Sunday will average 6-12 degrees above normal: continued hot over most of the period with only minor day to day temperature chances: normal maximums 89-90 Nebraska lower and middle 90s Kansas and Oklahoma: normal minimums upper 50s western Nebraska elsewhere lower to upper 60s: rainfall will be below normal averaging inch or less In Nebraska and Jortheastern Kansas with little if any elsewhere and no precipitation of consequence In Oklahoma and extreme southern Kansas occasionally widely scattered and local thundershowers will occur during the period confined mostly to northern section of district 1 THE (IP) Leased Wire and Features Steel Workers Smaller Firms Sign Contracts 31 Companies In Agreement PITTSBURGH (JP—The CIO United Steel Workers plugged away today at the steel industry's small companies while top producers continued to ignore the union's demands for settlement of the 30-day steel strike So far the union has come to terms with 31 steel-p r oduc in g firms1 allowing more than 50000 to resume work The bulk of the union membership — about 600000 —is still waiting for a new contract Latest to sign is Harrisburg Pa Steel Corp which employs 1250 workers The plant will resume production immediately The firm signed a pact last night calling for a wage increase of approximately 15 cents an hour modified union shop six paid holidays and three weeks vacation annually for 15 years service Union Shop Issue The modified union shop means new employes must join the union but can withdraw between their 20th and 30th day of employment Meanwhile leaders of the union are meeting with other small companies across the nation but the sessions are closely guarded secrets —none of the companies has been identified One big reason for the secrecy is that the steel workers' chief Philip Murray fears the big producers will bring pressure to bear on the smaller firms and block possible agreements The big companies such as U S Steel Corp the nation's top producer are bitterly opposed to the union shop issue It was one of the recommendations the Wage Stabilization Board made when it attempt ed to avert the costly strike Letters to Employes Only yesterday U S Steel sent letters to all of its employes saying It is not trying to wreck their union but it fighting the union shop issue because "voluntarism freedom o choice is the backbone of our society" The 31 companies which have signed contracts are only a drop in the bucket The Big Six of the industry U S Steel Bethlehem Steel Republic Steel Youngstown Sheet and Tube Jones and Laughlin Steel and Inland Steel turn out approximately 75 percent of the total normal production The paralyzing strike which began June 2 is biting ever deeper into the nation's economy in general and the national defense program in particular Idleness in industries dependent on steel for raw material has already passed the 250000 mark and is mounting rapidly Many of the steel workers are seeking financial assistance from welfare agencies Tulsa Heiress' Trial Slated September 29 WICHITA FALLS Tex (iP)--Mrs Mary Jean Parsons Tulsa oil heiress charged with the murder of her army officer husband will be tried in district court here Sept 29 The date was set yesterday b3r Judge Arthur Tipps who said a special venire will be drawn District Attorney William E Clayton of El Paso asked that a panel of 350 jurymen be called Mrs Parsons' trial was ordered transferred here May 28 after a district court jury at El Paso ruled she was sane at the time of the fatal shooting of her army officer husband in their El Paso partment last February 16 Woman Jumps in River Goes Over Niagara Falls NIAGARA FALLS N Y VP)— Scores of tourists watched helplessly last night as a woman plunged into the Niagara River and was swept to her death over the Amer-- can Falls - The woman Mrs Josephine Stachowiak of nearby Cheektowaga was identified through several notes found in a purse left with a coat at thc scene of the jump near the cataract's brink Contents of the notes were rot disclosed Relatives told police that Mrs Stachowiak had been despondent over the death of her husband last fall Army Unveils Plans For New Medium Tank NEWARK Del (P) -- The Army today unveiled what it called the first completely new medium tank to be developed since World War II streamlined more powerful and almost as easy to handle as a new automobile Designated the 31-84 or 'Patton 48- it is being produced at the Chrysler tank plant here and at two other arsenals Officials said sizeable deliveries are expected before the end of the year The tank in the 45 to 50 ton class has several notable new features Bulletins WASHINGTON — The Senate today ratified a four-nation peace contract to end the occupation of West Germany and provide a large measure of Dovereignty for the West German Republic IVASIIINGTON al—The Treasury announced today the government ran up a budget deficit of $1 0166037810 in the fiscal year ended June 30 PONCA PONCA CITY OKLAHOMA TUESDAY JULY 1 1952 4w$:16ormsallib:44AA NAci5kIK4421"i"1 4 FLOCK TO BEACH TO BEAT HEAT—Thousands of Chicagoans jam the beach at Lake Michigan over the week end as they try to escape the heat as temperatures climbed between 95 and 100 degrees This scene at the North Avenue Beach was typical—(AP Wirephoto) Slate Television Stations Become Part of Network By The Associated Press Oklahoma's two television stations became part of the national TV network at 7 am today WKY-TV at Oklahoma City and Kan" at Tulsa joined the coaxial cable and microwave t elay network so that programs from New York Los Angeles and other sections could be aired live The two stations have been using film recordings of network shows for delayed broadcast At Oklahoma City E K Gaylord president of the Oklahoma Publishing Company which owns WKY-TV pressed a button to hook the station up with the network Eight engineers were on hand Four minutes before time for joining the network something went wrong but it was cleaned up in time for the event Gaylord called the new service "a magic A c a r p et that will waft you from your living room to the scenes of events thousands of miles away" There was no formal ceremony at Tulsa but a previes of programs to come was held before KOTV joined the network at 7 am The inaugural ceremony was held last Thursday at the weekly Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Forum Oklahoma Center Cleared of Taking Tainted Blood OKLAHOMA CITY (JP)—The Oklahoma Def ens e Center was cleared yesterday of charges it is shipping malaria-c on t am ina ted blood overseas to Korea Dr W G Workman of Bethesda Mo who spent the day reviewing donor cards and checking procedure at the blood center gave the officials a "complete bill of health" He concurred with the findings of two Red Cross officials last week The Center was charged by its administrator William Cordell of sending blood overseas from patients who had known histories of malaria Cordell who was dismissed following the incident said yesterday: "At least some clarification from Washington to each of the blood facilities would be of great value in clearing up misconceptions which donor recruiters have been working under" Oleo Ban Lifted ALBANY NY (2)--Upwards of five million pounds of yellow oleo sped into New York markets today as the state scrapped a 66-year-old ban on sale of the colored spread DAV Benefits Hiked WASHINGTON (2) — President Truman signed into law yesterday a bill providing increases of about 15 percent for disability payments to war veterans WASHINGTON (13) — President Truman said today the new economic controls law "weakens our ability to hold down prices and stabilize our economy" In a statement Truman in effect seolded Congress for not giving him the stronger powers he asked and lashed particularly at provisions limiting the Wage Stabilization Board to advisory powers in the future The change as to the Wage Board Truman said "destroys the existing system without providing any substitute" In this respect he said "the Congress has opened a dangerous gap in the mobilization program" Truman got out a 1200-word statement of his views on the new law But at no point did he mention a provision requesting him to invoke the Taft-Hartley Act in an effort to end the steel strike 108-Year-Old Lives - To See Vote Count COALGATE (In—Crusty 108- year-old John H Shores voted an absentee ballot for today's election because "I might die before then and I sure want my vote to count" But today Shores was still living and able to watch for the election results Shores who lives in the Sand-ridge Community about six miles northwest of here brags that he has never been to a dentist but still has most of his teeth He doesn't use crutches or wear glasses He was born Oct 4 1844 near Denton Tex He has lived in Coal County the past 51 years Senate Votes Military Funds WASHINGTON (W)—The Senate last night approved a $46401400000 budget to run the armed forces for the fiscal year starting today nearly five billion dollars less than President Truman asked The measure the largest money bill before Congress this year carries a provision Sen O'Mahoney (D-Wyo) Said assured the Air Force it could finance a buildup to 143 wings by mid-1955 The present Air Force is a little over 90 wings The final total for the military services will have to be worked out in conference with the House which voted $46207000000 The administration had requested $51- 390000000 In approving the armed forces budget on a 66-0 roll call vote the Senate completed its version of all money legislation except a 10-billion-dollar supplementary fund now before the appropriations committee A vote on this is expected Thursday However both the Senate and House will have to reconsider eight appropriations bills—in addition to the military budget—which are in conference committees Congress has sent only one money measure to the President but legislators hope to clear all 11 bills before Saturday a target date they've set for adjournment in order to attend the national political conventions this month Crippled Father Saves Child From Drowning HUGO VP) A frantic f a t h e r crippled since childhood rose from his wheel chair at a family picnic last night to save his 11-year-old daughter from drowning Olen Petty however could not reach his son Joe 9 who sank within inches of his grasping fingers The body was recovered later Joe and his sister Lucille were wading in Schooler Lake 16 miles northeast of here and stepped into deep water "It was miraculous" said ' their uncle Cecil Garner in regard to Petty's attempt to save them' Petty he said is able to walk only on his hands and knees: Witnesses shocked by the tragedy were unable to recall how he reached his children from the bank so quickly The new law continued for 10 months powers to curb wages prices and rents and to allocate scarce materials But some of these powers a r e whittled down instead of strengthened as Truman had asked He also had requested a two-year extension of controls instead of the 10-months congress voted Truman signed the bill yesterday and it is now law as the old controls law expired last midnight Congressional leaders like House Speaker Rayburn of Texas said they found Truman unenthusiastic about the measure sent to him by Congress Saturday night He signed it reluctantly they said feeling it was all he could do The Office of Price Stabilization stll studying the legislation withheld formal comment Ore OPS chieftain who asked anonymity CITY Communists Claim Allies Are Planning To Create Incidents MUNSAN Korea (A)—The Communists today accused the UN Command of "seeking pretexts for creating new incidents" as truce negotiators returned to Panmunjom following a three-day Allied-imposed recess North Korean Gen Nam Ii lambasted the UN for insisting that the Reds pinpoint the location of four prison camps in North Korea His charge was included in a letter handed to Allied liaison officers a few minutes before negotiators began another futile attempt to break the long armistice deadlock Maj Gen William K Harrison Jr told the Reds "if the prisoner of war issue is settled an armistice will result without delay" He pointed out that the Allied draft on prisoner exchange 2 eads that !'all prisoners of war held in the custody of each side" will be released and an exchange made according to "lists which have been checked" by each side Presumably captured Reds who refused to go home would not be included on the list turned over to the Communists for checking Nam promptly rejected Harrison's suggestion and insisted that all North Korean and Chinese prisoners of war be returned He reiterated that the only way to reach an armistice is for the Allies to accept the Communiest proposal of May 2 which calls for the repatriation of all military prisoners Allied refusal to repatriate any prisoners who do not want to go home has deadlocked the armistice talks for weeks The meting broke up after 29 minutes The negotiators agreed to meet again Wednesday Crude Oil Production Increases During Week TULSA (11))----Dai1y average crude oil and condensate production in the United States increased 4560 barrels to a total of 6164325 barrels during the week ended June 28 the Oil and Gas Journal reported today Michigan jumped 5000 barrels to 34900 and Wyoming 4000 to 189000 to lead the increases Colorado was up 1100 barrels to 81500 and Indiana up 1000 to 33700 The big losers were Illinois down 3400 barrels to 170500 and Oklahoma off 2100 to 508600 Porpoise Stops Texan's Bid To Swim Channel 1 AVALON Santa Catalina ' Island Calif (W)—Injuries received in an encounter with a porpoise proved too much today for a Texas chicken rancher's hopes of conquering Catalina Channel - Roy Sutter bruised and scratched by the attack during his first try spent six hours getting patched up and entered the water again But he gave uk complaining of trouble with his breathing and co-ordination also pain from the bruises and salt water in his scratches said: "Every change in the act is calculated to raise prices substantially" Many legislators who voted for the bill contend inflationary pressures are slackening making tight controls unnecessary The House originally voted to end all price controls in effect but this was dropped by a Senate-House conference which worked out the compromise finally accepted The new law keeps the lid on prices and wages generally for the next 10 months until April 30 1953 It continues authority for allocating scarce materials for a full year until June 30 1953 Federal rent controls will last three months until September 30 except in areas certified as critically in need of defense housing or those in which local authorities request their continuance NEWS 12 Pages GOP Officials Shun Television In Key Meeting Battle Opens For Delegates CHICAGO (JP)—The Republican National Committee walked out on television cameras today as it took up the question of deciding contests between rival delegations to next week's convention The fight between Sen Robert A Taft of Ohio and Gen Dwight D Eisenhower for the GOP presidential nomination was at the heart of the delegate dispute Meeting nearly a half-hour late the 18-member National Committee suddenly shifted its meeting place from a third-floor ballroom to a second-floor room at the Conrad Hilton hotel leaving TV lig hts blazing and TV cameras with nothing to photograph Convention sergeant-at-arms Charles Hacker roared out the announcement of the change of plans No Cameras Mikes "Cameras and microphones will not be admitted (to the new meeting place) until there is a decision by the committee" he shouted Other officials said it was possible the National Committee itself would change its mind and allow telecasting Obviously those running t h e meeting didn't want to argue about the television question with the debate itself being televised Some of Taft's supporters had been cool to televising the row over delegates although Taft himself yesterday abandoned his earlier opposition and said TV would be all right with him if it was all right with the National Committee Demand Television Eisenhower forces strongly demanded that the whole thing be televised The first contest to come before the committee for decision was that of Florida's 18-member delegation A "regular" delegation turned up to defend its selection by Florida's State GOP Committee last February The self-described "grass roots" delegation marched in to contest the group's right to speak for Florida Republicans The rival delegation is publicly uncommitted but in a statement handed out today its members accused the Taft forces of "steamroller" tactics Blackwell Veteran Three Others Die In State Crashes (By The Associated Press) Four traffic deaths were reported today on Oklahoma Highways—a fearful warning as the state prepared for a traffic-heavy Fourth of July The death brought Oklahoma's highway toll for the year to 241 compared with 269 for the same period last year The dead: Sidney M Young r 7 Tuha Everett Wright 50 Oklahoma City Sgt Ralph H Harris Blackwell Leon Welch 23 Idabel Young died early today of injuries received last night when his car struck a bridge abutment on U S Highway 169 3 miles east of Collinsville Harris who was on a pass from Ft Sill after returning from Korea with the 45th division was killed 7 miles east of Wilburton about midnight when his car failed to make a curve and overturned a half dozen times The death was the first in Latimer County this year Wright was killed northeast of Oklahoma City when a convertible in which he was riding and a truck collided Welch died in a Clinton Hospital yesterday from injuries received in a two-car collision 8 miles west of Frederick Sunday Mine Safety Measure Goes to House Floor WASHINGTON (fP)—A bill to give the government authority to close down mines under certain dangerous conditions was cleared for House consideration by its Rules Committee today House leaders plan to call it up tomorrow or Thursday—possibly under parliamentary procedure which would speed up debate but require a two-third vote for passage The house is working to meet a July 5 adjournment deadline Dropped from price control are processed fruits and vegetables— frozen canned and so on OPS officials complained this would bite into the housewife's food budget much of which they said went for such items Government curbs on consumer credit—the installment plan for buying things like automobiles and refrigerators—died with the old act last midnight Real estate credit restrictions were relaxed but officials announced there would be no immediate change in Regulation "X" which sets minimum csh down payments for home purchases The Federal Reserve Board and the Housing and Home Finance Agency which administer real estate controls issued a joint statement They said the Regulation "X" change—lilting it when the an Ent'd at Ponca City Okla postoffice as 2nd class mail under act March 3 1879 Single Coy--5c ' State Voting Ranges From Light to Heavy In Primary Election Congressional Contests Boost Vote Totals in Some Districts OKLAHOMA CITY (A)—Voting ranged from slow to fairly heavy today as Oklahomans selected Democratic and Republican nominees in congressional local and a handful of state races The weather was clear and hot throughout the state and should bring out the vote which however is not expected to exceed 400000 and may be considerably less Nominations are being sought in six congressional contests one Corporation Commission race four Supreme Court races most of the legislature and all county races There are no elections this year for governor US senator or dis- trict judges Very Light Votina Re-election attempts by two oust- Imo ed county commissioners in Okla- hv oo tme a C otuhnet ystwatile'ls bmostst poeputloousl Repotted in Check county Marshall County has a similar situation where W C Jester elec- Of City Precincts toiuosnt e ads aas state sheriff re p irse s es enet aktiinvge The county commissioners are Edd L Hisel and Charles A Litton Voting at 11 of the city's 22 All three are Democrats and were precincts was very light early Tues- removed by district judges Voting at 11 of the city's 22 precincts was very light early Tuesday afternoon with a total of only 645 ballots cast at the polls checked The number of votes cast and the cOmments of the precinct officials are: PC- 2 Launder-It 55 had voted very light PC- 4 Lincoln School 59 voters light PC- 5 Turner Motors 44 fairly light PC- 6 Edwards Motors 44 fairly light PC- 7 Pat Murphy Motors 40 light PC- 9 Jefferson School 65 light PC-10 Cobb-Pontiac 34 light PC-11 Parkinson Motors 42 light PC-13 Garfield School 82 very light PC-14 McKinley School 57 light PC-15 McKinley School 71 very light PC-22 Administration Building refused to give information South Carolina Chief Denounces Civil Rights HOUSTON Tex (JP)—Gov James F Byrnes of South Carolina scoffing at any "sugar coated" Civil Rights plat f or in said today his state might go Republican in November if the Democratic presidential candidate is unacceptable He left the inference at a news conference that other states of the traditionally Democratic South might split away from their party or even vote for some third candidate Byrnes a former Secretary of State and Supreme Court Justice indicated that Gov Adlai Stevenson of Illinois a possible "draft" candidate would not be acceptable because of his position on Civil Rights Stassen Is Concerned Over Party Platform President Arrives For Arkansas Visit LITTLE ROCK (P) — President Truman arrives here today for a scheduled 22 hour visit in the home state of at least six members of his party The President will dedicate Bull Shoals and Norfork Dams in Northern Arkansas tomorrow delivering one major address and two minor speeches during his brief tour He is scheduled to arrive in Little Rock at 6:30 pm this evening He will leave for Norfork in the extreme north central section of the state about 7 pm aboard a special train Trial Is Resumed NEW YORK (W)—The conspiracy trial of 16 secondary Communist leaders is under way again after a two-week adjournment Truman Says New Controls Act Weakens Nation's Economy nual rate of housing starts falling below 1200000 about 100000 more than now—may take at least five-months to put into effect Considerable procedure must first be followed The Wage Stabilization Board is retained in the new act but somewhat altered in scope Its membership—one-third each from unions management and the public—must now be confirmed by the Senate And it may no longer make recommendations in labor disputes unless asked by the union and industry at odds The new act contains a request from Congress to the President asking him to invoke the 80-day no-strike injunction provisicn of the Taft-Hartley Labor Law in the steel strike The request has no legal effect however and can be ignored OKLAHOMA Generally r fair confirmed hot tonight and tomorrow: 11w tonight in the 70s high zomorroW 96-105 In Oklahoma City voting was reported above normal at a number of precincts called in a spot-check At Tulsa voting was reported running "fair to heavy" at midmorning The biggest turnout usually comes in the afternoon and early evening just before polls close Norman observers said voting was light there in the first few hours One possible reason for the early balloting was that voters were attempting to escape the heat later in the day Three congressional races the second third and sixth districts were active Those contests aided by counties with heated local races will largely determine the final vote total A light vote normally aids the incumbent who has had an organization and the benefit of a better-known name Republicans have a smaller ballot than the Democrats However there are seven GOP candidates for corporation commission The Republicans also have a heated first district congressional race Rep Page Belcher Enid is seeking reelection against four other candidates Candidates receiving a majority vote in their respective races will be nominated Where no candidate receives a majority vote the two high men will be in the runoff July 22 The winners appear on the general election ballot in November Crewmen Escape As B-29 Crashes In Oklahoma Wilds Over Party Platform I CHEYENNE (P)—An Air Force I 11-29 crashed in the wild country CHICAGO WY—Former Govei nor lOf Western Oklahoma about mid- Harold E Stassen of Minnesota I n!Iht but all 11 parachuted safely said today he is "gravely concerned' Sheriff Bob Leary of Roger Mills lest the Republican national con- County said the 11 men were able vention adopt a platform "so con- to walk to farm houses Leary said servative" that it would bring de- the crash occurred about 25 miles feat to the party in November The only candidate for the GOP north of here which Is next to the Texas line presidential nomination scheduled He said that he was told by to appear before the convention ranchers one engine caught fire and Resolutions Committee Stasseii said the men bailed out He said the his concern developed from a “trend plane spun to the ground skidded of recent comment" by some party about 300 yards and was demolish-leaders whom he did not name ed The party he said in a statement "There wasn't much left of the before the Committee must take plane" he said "The men sure a "liberal and humanitarian" stand were lucky to be able to bail out" on vital domestic and foreign issues The pilot Capt John Burkhart of San Antonio reported to the President Arrives Amarillo Tex Air Force Base that For Arkansas Visit - the plane was from the Lake Charles La Air Force Base and was on a night navigation train-LITTLE ROCK (P) — President mg flight Truman arrives here today for a scheduled 22 hour visit in the home wCapt Burkhart reported that they were flying at 25000 feet when state of at least six members of the No 3 engine caught fire He his party The President will dedicate Bull said he dropped to 20000 feet in an effort to extinguish the flames Shoals and Norfork Dams in North- but the engine kept burning and ern Arkansas tomorrow delivering he was losing power At 20000 feet one major address and two minor Burkhart said he ordered the crew i:— i i: i to bail out British Officer Named As Gen Clark's Aide LONDON (W) —The government announced today it has chosen a "senior British officer" to become deputy chief of staff for Gen Mark Clark in Tokyo Selwyn Lloyd minister of state in the Conservative government told a House of Commons the appointee had been approved by the United States and the commonwealth governments and that his name would be made public in the near future Lloyd said Britain had "considered carefully" whether to ask for represertation on the United Nations delelation conducting the Korea truce talks at Panmunjom but decided against it LITTLE LIZ -zI c N - 0185 T-1 I 101 The nicest thing about TV is that it enables you to entertain your guests while you catch up on ‘your sleep' N64" 1 MOPPE'''IPP' N°1 mufe!liWiJ''°- imti'ma - i 011 :- N 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