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Bridgeport, Connecticut
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FORTY-TWO NORAD TO CHECK SANTA'S COURSE By EDWAHD M. M'MAMJS COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo Dec. ZO--(UPI) The deadly serjl ous business of scanning the northern skies for hostile aircraft will lake on a happy note again this Christmas eve. For (he eighth year in a row, the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) will keep American and Canadian kids posted on Ihe progress of Sanla Ctaus as he journeys southward from Ihe North Pole wilh his ha" of goodies and eighl reindeer. Sanla has a mysterious way of avoiding being seen by children hut the NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs says the Did boy shows up with amazing regularity each year on its big display Ecrecn.

NORAD plots his course ami issues hourly dispatches lo United Press International and other Colorado news media, which flash them out across the rest of the comment. The men of NORAD, who soon will more into a huge new combat operations center dug out underneath Cheyenne mountain near Colorado Springs, are not accustomed lo frivolity. And Iheir activities here in keeping a 24-hour defense watch are strictly serious business. But a boy with an Innocent appreciation of the happier side of life got an important message through Ihe i NORAD ivall by telephone one day In December 1955 and that Is what started (he traditional Christmas eve project. The boy was phoning Santa Claus, responding to an advertisement by a Colorado Springs store which installed special telephone lines to lake calls from youngsters.

One of Ihe phone numbers was a single dijjit different from (he i number NORAD center, and one little finger went astray on the dial, ringing (he defense post instead of the slorc. Cot. Harry Shoup, the director ot the center, answered the boy, after a moment of hesitation, asked, "Are you one of Santa's helpers?" First Shoup thought it was a practical joke, but then he re- Renamed to Board Joseph H. Roberts, president of Edgcomb Steel of Mew England, of Milford, has been reflected to a three-year lerm on the board ol directors of Ihe Connecticut a Chamber of Commerce, Inc. MARKET MOVES UNEVENLY LOWER NEW YORK, Dec.

20-(AP) The slock market resumed an irregularly lower trend early this afternoon with volume slackening. Gains and losses ol key slocks ranged from fractions to a point or so. The profit-taking aspect of yearend transactions appeared to be uppermost for the lime being. The list was continuing the same kind of behavior it displayed yesterday. Issues Recoup A number of issues recouped some of the sharp losses taken in yesterday's decline but the general picture was one of losses.

Standard Oil (New Jersey), advancing more a a point lo a new high, reflected renewed investment buying following the company's prediction that cam- called hearing of the phones at the department store and recaptured his Christmas spirit just in time. "I no helper," he said with a ho ho ho. "I AM Santa Claus," A long conversation followed and the boy's principal request was not for a toy for himself but a a i machine his mother. After he hung up, Shoup looked up at the big display screen where aircraft tracks are plotted It shows all of North America and its seaward approaches--and the North Pole is clearly marked. That is when he conceived (he idea (hat NORAD, wilhout detracting from ils vilal job of defense, could lake a few lo quicken the heartbeats of hundreds ol thousands of children by in- struciing to listen for Ihe sound of sleigh bells on Christmas eve.

If all goes well as it has Ihe past, the firs! sighting will come about noon next Tuesday, Dec. 21, from the Thule, Greenland, site of Ihe ballistic missile early warning system. When the sighting is reported to Colorado Springs, a gong will sound in the operations center lo indicate an "unideniified air object" in NORAD territory. At lhe same time an orange track indicating an "unknown" will appear on the theater-size display screen. As the track develops and identification is made, the color will change to green, indicating "friendly." Brig.

Gen. Lewis W. Stocking, lhe current director of the combat operations center, has alerted all 200,000 NORAD personnel in the United Slates and Canada and cautioned them to be sure lo permit safe passage for Santa Ctaus. After all, it's as important to General Stocking as lo anyone else that Santa makes his rounds. The general has four children of his own.

SEABOARD LINE BUYS (810 FREIGHT A RICHMOND, Dec 20 -AP) The Seaboard Air Line Railroad, which won approval last week lo merge with the Atlanlic Coast Line, announced yesterday it has ordered 810 new freight cars at a cost of SAL Presidenl John W. Smith said the new cars are being purchased to fill prospective needs of shippers and receivers who will be served by the merged company. Included in lhe orders arc 100 aluminum covered ICO-lon hopper cars lo haul grain, 350 box cars of 50-foot length, 2CO covered hopper cars of 100-ton capacity for hauling phosphate rock from Florida, 10 100-ton covered hopper sir slide cars for Ihe bulk movement of sugar, and 150 90- ton flat cars for lumber and plywood hauling. The cars will be built by Magor Car Clifton, N.J., American Car Foundry division, Pullman General American Transportation and Thrall Car Manufacturing Co. Delivery is scheduled lo begin In April and completed in August of next year.

LAST STUDEBAKER PRODUCED IN U. S. SOUTH BEND, Dec. 20-(DPI) The last Studobaker car produced in the United States was scheduled to roll off the assembly lines at lhe South Bend plant today. The milestone car-ended 61 years of domestic automobile production by the company, which started in the highway transportation field making covered wagons.

It came in the same year other automakers were posting records as the best year ever. Studebaker closed the plant to photographers and planned no fanfare for the event, "We're still making and selling cars," a spokesman said, "and we're not really ending production." Automotive production in the highly diversified company now will be carried on at the Hamilton, plant, In the move lo Canada, about Studebaker while collar and hourly rated workers will be thrown out ot work at Ihe South Bend plant, Ihe firm's only U.S. cat-building outlet. However, Studebaker officials have maintained the nameplatc will not die in this country Instead, they said, dealers will receive cars built in Canada. Parts and other necessary items also will be supplied lo dealers.

The firm, which had 12 profitable divisions operating when it was forced to phase out its US auto operations this month, a laken ads in about 300 newspapers in the major marketing areas assuring the public it can "buy a new Sluoebaker with complete confidence." The ad said: "The only real difference is that future production will be concentrated in Hamilton, fi? miles from Buffalo It is geared perfectly for Studebaker's hie.h quality production standards, and future volume." Board Chairman Randolph Guth- THE BRIDGEPORT POST, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1963. street; Anne Elizabeth Hicks, 25 Elm Emma Goss, 19, of 47 lions and individuals for the pa- rie told newsmen in ference at Hamilton igs this year are expected lo reach SI billion for the first time. Motors, steels and rails were mostly lower. Utilities were narrowly mixed.

Tobaccos, mail order retails and electrical equipments also displayed a generally lower tone. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon was .3 at 285.4 with i i a off 6 rails off .3 and utilities up .1. The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was off .48 at 763.38. Both DuBois Chemical and W. R.

Grace were fractionally lower following news that DuBois shareholders had supported the management proposal to sell the company's assets to Grace. Martin-Marietta Martin-Marietta and Thompson Ramo Wooldridge each gained fractions. The companies were reported to be planning a jointly-owned electronics concern. An accumulation of buy orders delayed opening of Mclntyre Porcupine Mines. Power Corp.

of Canada is offering $57 a share for Ihe stock which closed yesterday at 48. On the Toronto Stock Exchange the slock opened at 57 for a net gain of SyJ on that exchange. Sperry Rand continued in heavy demand and made another new high on a fractional advance. Xerox recouped 3 points of yesterday's loss of IBM gained more''than a point. Similar gains were made by du Pont and Allied Chemical.

Ken- necott tacked on a full point. Chrysler slid more than a point and Control Data fell about 2. Pfizer was a 1-point loser as was 3 in ln "usijimi, mere win be a visit move are to olace Stude- from Santa Claus on Christmas baker's automotive division in i-nristmas profit-making stable Cana7ia7'm a ep 0 irbtm BETHEL FIRM PLANS it the United States tional market. SITE SELECTED FOR U.S. BUILDING By CAREY (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WASHINGTON.

Dec. 20 Sen. win mane Kan- Thomas J. Dodd has been in- ha lhe second largest employer In A Tl- American smelting Montecatini Steady Montecatini was steady and Royal Dutch fractionally lower. The two companies have agreed lo form a new company to op- two petroleum-chemical plants in ttaly.

American Standard, up nearly a poinl, and Penick Ford, more than a point higher, were in brisk demand. Atlas Unchanged First Charter Financial Bank sank 2 to on 25,000 shares. at 42 on 15,400 Corp. was un- Gimbel lost shares. Alias changed at 3V4 on.

15,000 shares. Joy Manufacturing rose to on 10,500 shares. Kansas City Power Light gained at 49V4 on 9,000 shares. Prices were mixed on the American Stock Exchange moderate trading. New Process advanced more than 4.

Martin- Marietta Warrants rose more than a point. Sperry Rand Warrants were heavily traded and fractionally higher. Helena Rubinstein added a poinl. Sherwin- Williams fell about 2 and Aqua- Chem lost more than a point. Synlex was an active fractional loser.

Other fractional losers included Israel-American Oil, Financial General, Cinerama and Teleregisler. Corporate bonds were irregular. U.S. government bonds showed little change in quiet dealings over the counter. Swedish experts eslimale the world's consumption of paper will be quintupled by Ihe year 2000.

lienls of Ihe Fairfield Hills Hospital this past week. The nelhlehem choral, a group of 30 mixed voices, gave a concert in Plymouth Halt, offering a program ol carols of other lands, under Ihe direction of Carl E. Richmond. Students from Andrew high school, Fairfield and Girl Scouts of New Milford and Drookfield, have sung carols throughout the hospital. A most popular parly for Ihe pslicnts was the "Toys for Parents" at which each patient was allowed to choose a toy to send home as a gift for his or her child.

The party was arranged by members of the Newcomers club of Norwalk who collected toys and brought them to the hospital for those patients who have a news con- Ont. Stude' shop baker's auto division has lost MO "ems win ahle tc million since I9S9 with ils head-lChristmas with their quarters in South Bend. "Our objectives in the but 'who cannot for Christmas gifts. Members ot Congregation Adath Israel of Newtown were hosts at a Chanuka parly for Jewish patients. Patients of Canaan were guests at a parly sponsored hy the Newtown Business and Professional Women's club.

A large majority of the patients will be able to families. IFor those remaining at "a-1 hospital, there will be a and, therefore, Guthrie said. jDay, followed by the I of a full course turkey dinner. and interna- A a Ul- formed by the General Services administration that Ihe site for a new Federal building in port will be at the southwest corner of Stale and Lafayette streets in the city's State street redevelopment area. (In Bridgeport, Redevelopment agency officials said today they had not yet received sucn word from lhe GSA, but reported Mayor Tedesco has been notified by the GSA.) It had been announced some time ago the Bridgeport Redevelopment agency had offered such a site lo the GSA, but the information given to a Dodd yeslerdav means ths GSA now has decided definitely on that location.

Last week the Senate gave linal congressional approval to a bill which includes $858,000 for site acquisition and planning for the proposed new building which will accommodate a U. S. District court for Bridgeport and some olher Federal agencies whose offices presently are situated in various buildings in the city. Overall cost of the project is estimated at The GSA said the building site, irregular in shape, contains 131,543 square feet. It measures 54S feet on State street, from Lafayette street to a point west of Warren street, and 230 feel on Lafayette street.

Redevelopment plans call lor closing off Warren street between Prospect and State streets. The proposed Federal building site thus will e.vlend westerly to the new Route 25 exorcssway west of Warren street. PROFITS TOP BILLION AT JERSEY STANDARD NEW YORK, Dec. 20 (AP) Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) will have a billion dollar profit this year, M.

J. Ralhbonc, chairman, predicted in his s'earend review. Jersey Standard would be the first oil company to clear the SI UCICLII billion level. Only American Tele- lock said phone and Telegraph Co. a year, the prospect for cnn- night.

tinued growth in earnings is very good," he said, -the ompany his car in million, clea, P'-s to spend wTuee- road, near next year. Capital spending this year amounted to about $1 billion. TO BUILD ADDITION BETHEL, Dec. 20-The Kanhai corporation plant located on Wooster street, building a 35 CM square-foot addition to ils irignal building, expected to be completed by next summer where approximately 100 additional persons will be employed. Erik Hagglund, Kanthal presi- "Ports will make Kan- oyer Bethel.

The new addition will raise lhe total square footage of Other large plants in Beth. Consolida 'ed Conlrols, em housed approximately 300 employes in 4S.OTO square Manufacturing feet om inn" TM' I ua i-eieel and 100 employes; and Whitfield 1 ab oratories wilh square feet andTM? 1 'es. The Barton Rough Hat al a olher large coti- i the American out- BuU 6 rou P. a 6 Italy Germ-iny. It manu factures electric resistance a i a SlU lld repor(s a nha sold its Stamford plant con tuis of 15.000 square feet wo acres of Jand to the Fly Mrg-Flygt of Bethel Sweden, 5 before ddtl.on.

pump Fletcher-Thompson of Bridgeport, i architect for the DANBURIANS HELD AS SHOPLIFTERS Danburians terday on were arrested yes shoplifting charges COAL OUTPUT CLIMBS WASHINGTON, 20--(AP The National Coal association to day estimated bituminous pro- duclion for Ihe week ended Dec 14 as about 9,475,000 tons agains 7,872,000 tons for the correspond ing period last year. Production for the Jan. 1-Dec 14 period was eslimated at abou 433,688,000 tons compared will 405,028,000 Ions a year ago. Production for the week ende Dec. 7 was 9,585.000 tons.

PATIENTS HEAR CHORAL GROUPS mwseveii street; Thomas NEWTOWN, Dec. 20 Tradi- eadus, 23, of 17 East Pearl I Vl I r. i Anna 1 1 nr Is the 11 a.m. tot ot truuellmn Ike New DANBURY, Dec. 20 Einht Yark Slock report Cd bv The AiiaciifMf a after they were apprehended by Stale police with 8 Jarge number Abult of sweaters from the Bargain rai Barn, Brookfield, and two tran- sistor radios from Ramey's Television store.

eight, all being held on Jl.OOO bond for appearance today in Circuit court, were listed by police as: Calvin Rcadus, 26, of 17 East Pearl street; Larry Danzy, 44, of 12 Roosevelt street; Thomas Elm street, and Rosie Lee Drite of 64 Rose street. The men are being held overnight in Danbury State jail and lhe women in Bridgeport State An employe of Ramey's store called police at 1:50 p.m. to e- Port that three or four men taken two a i lios and left in a car. Thev re able to obtain the license number. State Troopers Bruce Albert and Stephen Grasso spotted the car on the Yankee Expressway and apprehended the fugitives Assisting in the investigation were Del.

Charles Lundberg and State Policewoman Lucy Boland, of Troop Ridgelield Police determined that the group had taken a number of sweaters from the Bargain Barn after leaving the television store lhe total value of the merchandise had not been determined. AWARDS MADE AT ST. PETER'S MILFORD. Dec. 20 Robert Jerkemeier, scout executive of 3uinnipiac council, presented an Scout award to Marshall Hitch, in, at court of honor ceremonies of Troop 4, St.

Peer's Episcopal church, last night 2.50 I A 2 Ulted 7i UIU CtiaL ilum U4 .60 r.20 Amerada 2 km Alrlln 1 (M pjr 6 Can 2 ttn i.eo YA Pvr i i Kp ,44 i Am MFrty .93 Am Jjiji la Am Gdi l.tQ Am Rmell J.fto Tel Tel 3.60 Am Tob Annrfmia J.jCe Ihe parish hall. Jack Dichkewich and Irisel) were presented Jack Life awards by Robert Miller, district commissioner. awards were made a Other follows: John W. Fike, III, Star Scout; As'asi, David Hitch and liomas Pyrch, first class; James vechols, tenderfoot; John Fike merit badge for personal i ness drafting and home repairs; I VB 23 ana Nicholas Pyrch, merit badge EI .33 7 or canoeing. rK Robert Miller presented a cer- for excellence to roop senior patrol leader Peter Today's Stocks MUh Assd a 1.20a 1 Cf I Unt 2a 1 Helm 2-40 Avco Owp A VC Tflrp 2 Bald Lima flail Oh Becliman 2 J.90 ,3 CI tn Tire .50 the Goody ar 1 ented lor the Navy.

Oren Stevens was pre- certificate upon leaving Grace Co Ot No Ry 3 crhounrl L30b r.rum Airc 1.50 it on 1.40 .602 Homeslk l.iQ Snd .40 A STUDENTS AID NEEDY CHILDREN iTM DANBURY, Dec. 20 The iu i lie ludents of Danbury High school dug doTvn inl Sr their Dockets to A1 ir pockets to season brighten the I for hundreds Lear Sies My 5 Today, the gifts will be moved the Exchange club toy headquarters in the Main Medical -aboratory building. 397 Main le riygc slresl to be dislribuled by Ex- corporation, a subsidiary of Sten- cllan ge club members Monday. of needy children in Danbury. Each year since 1935, this proj- under the direction of Airc i.trt Student council, has accumulated oat i quantities of gifts of all descrin-i Le Isl ions TrV 1.53 Mar Mid 1.15 Marlin Mclxm Air I Metck MGM 1.50 Midi 111 1.16 i Mons Ch l.JCb Mont ut original Kanthal building onu me CLUD.

5quare A lhe dislribl li ng group, the beginning at 5:30 p.m. This is a combined project ofjiiont he Danbury high school Student council and the Exchange club. BM Mf)r of DANBURY MAN MISSING CAR CASE DANBURY, Dec, 20 A 31 yrar-old Danbury man has been released in $500 bond for his an in Circuit court Jan a i a vehicle without the owner's per- TMe n' 0 is a "uspend ed Merrill Stillson of'2 Park ve accused of Nat 3.25* NY Cntrl .508 12 nv, 6 56 1 52V, I 37V, It 56V, 20 21 25 1 II ti'f, 5 15 56V, 70V, 59V, I 70 30V, a 5 37 13 4 1 64V, 17V, 17 21 138 58 A3 66 19V, 28V, 67 22 36 73V, 22 'U fit V. 31V, 12V, 36 47 1 I 31V, 36V, 77, 10'A lty 1 -Mn X'ac 1.50 Jl Trae 1.20 Qilanrse 1.60 Cea SW 1.18 Certo CT 1.30 Cerl-letJ .60 fhes oh 4 FK .40 Chrysler CIT Finan 1.60 260 Coca Ola 2.70 Colsr Pal 1.20 Collini a .40 Colo Ir CBS I.EOb Consum IV 1.50 'I fan 2 Cam Oil 3 Corn Pd 1.50 Crane Co 2 Crow Coll .751 Cimi, Pub net-re lome .63 Afro l.30( ow Ohcm 1.60b Tonl 7.75d East Air East Kod 2-20a Hone 1 Food Fair ,90 'ot Jlol 1.60 oit Dynain ifa Klec 2.20 leji Fds 2 Gen Pub Ul 1.23 54 A 2311 53V, 1 II 10 57V, 8 25V, 68V. 70V, 30V, 5 V.

58 91', 18V, tav, 28V. 67 22 I2y, 34 22V, I 31V, 36V, 7V, 23 27V. '4V, oy, 114 21 Vi qy, 80 45 57 60 18 6V, "'A 90 90 62V, 62V, 114 40V, 2 1 2 1 Vi fiO f.O 42 57 60 1 5 17V. 72 21V, 6'V, 26Y, 69 2.19 15 235 2 25V, 9 120V, U9V, 120 2 357, 20V, '37, 22V, 24 32V, 23V, 31 4-; 57 4S 1 48V, 227, 3SV 20 22V, 24 32V, 30V, 7 38 Pap-r l.OSb 24 Tel Tel 1 1 4 47'2 43" 9 6 roy 11 433 say 15 32V, 537: 10 4B3 MM Id Oil KJ J.7JJ 61 Oi 1.20 34V, DX 33 2a Prod .50 Tex Sul .40 Tex J' IA 1,45 1,121 Oil C'onl 1,572 37 12 10 26 63V, 3 76 21 3 21 Tri cvn 33V, 75C, 34V. 6 69 31V, 2 i 33V, 3.60 Pac 1.60a it A i l.ln L'nll Airc 2 L'niled C'ti .358 L'nlt i .60 Co 1.60 US hub 2.20 ftnell 2 33V, 75V.

3 121 121 V. 6 41 10 5 22 I I 75V 34y 5 68 2 1 a 33V 1 2 1 40 41 42 21 3 5 2 84 25 i 2 Milch .40 Oil Fi .60 Un 1.40 Ul A Bk 1.40 11? El 1.70 U'crtlwlh 2,80 l.SO a Kh 5 ilh Rad l.20a 29V, 43V, 32V, 90V. 52V. 13V, 14 37 3 6 33 I 8 77 in lull. L'nieit d.

rit-t of ubtt in tuied on Uit or or or paymr iti iwi rrzular Dime, also announced new rates of 4(4 instead of 4 tat all savings Another, Dry Dock, said it will 32V, probably go to next week, and some other banks are expected to follow. Most savings and loan associations in New York state pay 4 per cent interest on all balances. A number of savings banks in Brooklyn and Queens had already posted a 4 1 rate since the Slate flanking board abolished last summer a ceiling of on new money. rat Atso or ipiui-nock dividttii. b-- A d--Declared or paid In 196: HOCK dividend.

A--Paid last year, I--Payable In itiirlnj 1963. otl cd caih value on cx-dlvldeM or dlsirtbuilon date, or mid. year, h--Declared or paid mnn dividend or ipllt up. k-- er paid Ihli year, an iccurnulallve alvidendj In p--Paid Ihle dividend omitted, deterred or lavee at last dividend meellai. r--Declared or raid In 1963 plus alocl dividend, t--Paid in nock during 1962, estimated cash on eg-dlvidend ol ex-dlilribution date.

xd-- Ex dividend. duirlbulloo- dfhli. sw--Wilh. Vitien dlitrlbuted. wl--SYhen HliietL nd I day (n--Mrelin Its to propoKd Inlcreie rquallzjtl Us.

I--In bsnkruDlcr. or recelvennls reorganiierf under Bankruptcy Act or hr juctt I tOCAL INDUSTRIES (From Francis r. duPonl co. lnc.1 If 61 Aerosol Tech 2.50 American Chain BuHard Company 1.60 Carpenter 2.00rrane .50 Harvey Huhhell -A' .60 a Huhbell -R' .70 Locke Plecl 1.5r) McKeison A Robbins 1.40 AI-M-M 3.6O Rtfbtslns Inc Sinter 2.00 Vniiea Aircraft .64 Warner Broj 19V, 60 a 18V, i iv. 44V, 24 37 63V.

AMERICAN EXCHANGE (From I. 4uPont A Inc.) 49V 66V 697 30 35V. 32V, 73 Exchange club adds ils stockpile of gilts to that ol tha Stu- council. Lists are procurrcd from ous charitable agencies in Am AV j.Vo" bury. Children from infants to 121 2 years of age are included.

Carmen Mclillo, George Van'Pac a r.i Wie, Emil Kalil and Edward Bor A 20 16 5 37V, 3 31V, 41 20V, 4 6 6 26V, 33 22 77 2 8 33V, 1 75V, 7 56V, 4 66 4 24 2 I 65V, 37V, City Tru 0 QM Nat (5) QM Nail Bk QM Bankers Trust QJ Hank ol NY Cjl e-AlanhaCr, QK Bk-XY TT Q.I Kirst CKv Bk Irvma Trusl QJ Mlrs mover QJ Ufrzsn-Giiar Tr US Tjujt CJJ head the Exchange club committee. Student council officers include Thomas Daragan. president; Kodncy Mailloux, vice president; Mark Goldman, treasurer; Ann Lee Cole, secretary; and Pamela Richard, corresponding secretary. Param Ticl Pa Pw l.t I Pa. RP.

and to the theft of a car owned by Danbury Mr Fink said The typical super market today carries 6,800 items, compared to 6,000 items three years ago, reports Super Market Institute. MUTUAL FUNDS irroni Dacrv i nr M'd AIMiated Fund iq roles. Physics. Pclprre Fd. 4 74 5 3 Inveittnent 10.06 Cnrtvmonweallh Income Fund 69 1058 Dividend Mreylus Junil Fundamental i $3.90 a by troopers frorn Detcclives ice said.

43 SIV, 46V, 31 1-40 2 29 3 0 3 9 31 P.iulheon Kty Wei .50 rrvo 1.60 nui i.n: ni. Pan la ss, Trust Meis. InvestorK Urovtih Kfllional Investors National Scnes a 3 7 7 i Al, 1.60 70.3? scart Tfwh 1.60« 11.77 Xltell Oil 1.30 i-'ou Cal Kd 1 OS Fouthn ro 1.70 14-13 I3.47SM Oil Ind 36 1982 HIT. Chemical .15 I-'elmnnt rettoleum a i Rteves Inrtustrin Tfchnicclcr United Aircraft Products .20 Valve Corp of Am STOCKS From Carrcau. Smith.

JlcUovrell, mnionrt. Inc.) A a ras Eur OJ Aetna Ijtt QJ Conn Gen Life QJ Harllord Fire QJ fire QJ Eccunly QF Q.1I JUr. 1.00 .90 1.3? ftlrf .124 ,167 .162 66V, 65V, .115 BAfSfK STOCKS Smith. JJcDoRcll. Dimond.

Inc.) 7.05 1-CO 2-CO 56V, 55, 141' 2.60 92V, MO 79Vi 62V 3.00 ..302 314 300 I 2.00 53 4.00 2 JO 73 5 5 112 Connecticut Issues CONNECTICUT INDUSTRIES Wire tlArl i O. K. K'aiSer Co) BM 7 55 INTEREST HIKED AEBOSOL VOTES BY BANKS IN 5 PCL NEW YORK, Dec. 20 (AP) ler day the of Aeri- The New York Bank for Savines Techni( 1739 state says its new 4.4 interest rate on long-term deposits is Ihe highest of any savings bank in the slate -ince the 1920's. The bank was one of several in Manhattan that announced higher T-.

and nrofift Three other savings banks, the $545.861, equivalent to 90 cents a Central Greenwich and Union share ol common stock outstartd Business Briefs NEW YORK, Dec7 20-(AP) Americans are tossing 100 million greeting cards into the mails this holiday season. This is the estimate of Exchange Magazine, publication the New York Stock Exchange. It says that last year Americans purchased $616 million worth of greeting cards--about half of them during the yearend holiday season--compared with $80 million annually before World War 11. NEW YORK (AP) Warner- Lambert Pharmaceutical Co. of Morris Plains, N.

purchased the West Indies Bay Co. of St. 7Tiomas, Virgin Islands, for an undisclosed amount. The West Indies firm manufactures and markets men's toiletries under the St. Johns trademark.

NEW YORK (AP) American Mela! Climax, purchased a one-third interest in Eastern Schokcrete Corp. of Bound Brook N. a producer and marketei of concrcle products. Terms'call for the purchase by American Metal Climax of per cent of the outstanding slock of Eastern Schokcrete at a cost of Jl million and of approximately SJ.S million of the company's convertible notes. NEW YORK--(AP) Courtaulds (North America) Ltd.

will invest 510.5 million in increasing the capacity of Lemoyne, rayon staple plant. The expansion will bring capacity to more than 200 million pounds a year. TO HIKE OH. OUTPUT AUSTIN. Dec.

20--(AP) The Stale Railroad commission yesterday set January allowable oil production at 2,856,818 barrels daily compared with December's eslimated allowable of barrels per day. live per cent on common slock was declared yesterday by the directors of Aeri- treel. Tho ine dividend is payable Jan 4 to stockholders of record as close of business on Jan 7 mg. INDEPENDENT APPRAISER Real Estate Consultant and Analyst 35 court exptrl- type of property, tonridtntial rtcl.iiltd reports FREDERICK E. PRATT A I Member ol Mal 8S5 Main St.

367-7849 Retldeflca Ist-I7tl FOR QUOTATIONS AND INFORMATION ABOUT MUTUAL FUNDS VISIT, fHONI 49 PLAZA 335-3103 BRIDGEPORT COLLATERAL LOANS BORROW UP TO OF MARKET VALUE ON SECURITIES LOW INTEREST RATE NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS Passbook loans also available eoples SAVINGS BANK VISIT ANY ONE OF OUR 12 OFFICES rlr Bennnr Corp Tonn dy A Harms Kenle Vitrlm Rnckwril i a i I'cier Pflnl ifej- Works Vender Ttooi rihlrfrmf MI. fre PUBLIC UTIUTV STOCKS (From Caneau, SmiLEi, AfcDowfll. HIM Klfc i Gas Kne Mh Sv Ump QF oulhn QJ to discuss a plan of investments designed for your special requirements may be Saturday! On Saturday Mornings, our registered representatives are on hand in quiet, agreeable surroundings, to offer their experienced guidance to new or experienced investors alike. Come in CHAS.WSCRANTONCO, I Mimttr, Sloit Etthiagf 1016 Main St. (corner all), Bridgeport 1 368-6791 1 INffSTMEXTS SIXCr.

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