The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 6, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 5
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Have You One of Our Catalogs Yet? By ;i iret on \\ i- !' niiiny !i ten Up l i!).';ins ilnii't fail lo . <_i:ni to SCO SO 111)111%' "o,.i( al'ti-r ilictn. tuni t.i It-iini Iin\v well i|il-i ciiifo ;) well M-( it- luiiil; lil-ic OHl'S. ilt.'l!".; 1 M'ill ))(.' a 1'i'V- yi'i - I'ur you'll bo 1d Sir- 1\OW 111 ill! J* i e;iii i;'et liere for ii'iiic.t <if money. ONLY 8 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS. Am3i ican Jewnlry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street (Kern City) Kern City C»O«OOOO»«OO<K*O<X«*0<ttSSC«H^ LEAGUE OF HELPERS CLUB HOLDS MEETING. The League of Helpers Club tnet ; (•£{< rday at the home of the ma-! iron, Mrs. Ed Radebangh. There was I i a full atendance and one new mem-1 'ier, Sitlla Adler, was admitted. The j afternoon was spent in dressing dolls, j T.-;!> young ladies have accomplished NOTES AND PERSONALS. Money to Loan We have unlimited fumls to loan en Improved farm property at 7%% per annum, and on long terms and easy payments. If you are paying a high rate of interest this proposition should Interest yoft. Bakersf ield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. members Is constantly IncreasltiK, due to the untiring efforts of the matron. Rev. Crahtree was present at j yesterday's meeting and upon his; suggestion it was decided to plant: flowers around the church grounds. | A week from Saturday WBB the day j chosen for the planting and each ; member Is to bring a bulb or plant of i some kind. At tbe close of tbe meet- Ing the matron served refreshments at prettily decorated tables. Besides the regular members Rev. Crnbtree, Mrs. J. D. Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis were present. , PROMENADE CONCERT. A promenade concert and danee given under tbe auspices of tbe St. "rnabas Episcopal Guild will be Riven In Kaar's hall In Kern on Thursday evening, November 12th. Admission 25 cents. Prof. Keuhn'p orchestra will furnish the music.' tf Two lady barbers from I.os Ange les are about to open a barber shoi in the Marsh building recently occu tiled by the Kern Fruit Company. F. W. Craig, who has been quite HI for the past week, Is Improving. Miss Edith Callagy, n sister of Mrs. O. V. McClure, accompanied by Miss Mowo, arrived yesterday from Oreston, Iowa, and will spend the winter with Mrs, McClure. R. K. nines has returned from an MANY CASES mm MAKES IN DECEMBER MIDWAY LEASE for Miss Mlda McCttllough leaves to- norntng for a short, visit relatives in Tulare. larjie number of criminal trials i take place in .Judge Mahon's ta beginning on December i, riK them being the Witt, case iininler and the Neusser case for, i.iy. A panel of forty Jurors was u today as follows: . i r. Willie;. H. F. Gregory, - Ready. |{. .1. White, John P. arlaiii-, .!, \V. Crosland, A. J3nn- i. .1. II. Stephens, Robert B. Me.- licorge Julil, .1. B. Cox, Mi'h. .iiiger. .M. K. Pearson, C. D. Old- ••rsiiaw, T. A Wells, T. U. Davis, H. Mttl". 1. W. Hull, Win. T. White, J. W liavics. H. 11. Speiire, C, F. Me- Harvey, A. Hurness, T, U Blackburn :-;iii: ennit HI , ,, f or (a Monica for a short L. M. McCr;:y just le;i.-ed for f.\ < l:;!u';i m.Milly III iii'iy ll;e northwest i;u:iv!i r of l< i'i.-i iiei lii nf the i.' c 1,'Mi i.l Oil ,'iim on Ilie same s.c'ii,,n. Tin i- iiM'!.-veln|ied b II |;;IH |n,i. uriiiiin) on the nnnh, ",-esi aivl riiiht against its line airl there ;ire many wells a little dis'aiiee oast. 'I'lie Simla Kc's W<'!!H a' 1 " i-n the wc-i. .i M. Mel.end in i,i is Alli'.(-ie is diilliuy; on ri20 acvs comprUlii'.; liie iri"ih half of the south h-ilf and the smith half of Ilie ,-OUlll hull' .111.1 tin; ii':''i li;ilf of the north half of SIMM]: 1 .. He 'nl.<n leased p:irt of the north hall ol I. Threatened litigation over this is snld to have been adjusted. AGED MAN AFFLICTED. Constable Stroble received a phone message last night from Mrs. Ed ) Thompson, residing east of Offer's . ... T .... Resort, requesting him to come and f ter -, Miss _V 1U ! S get an aged man by the name of Le-j week8 ' land Neater, whom she said was paralyzed. Nester had been picked up on the road by some stranger and brought to the Williams place, it being the nearest farm house. The con- ana brouhgt him in to the county hospital. .» .«. . of IB friends In Kern. The Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis is quite ill. Mies Veldora McCullough expects to leave on No. 8 tonight for Los Angeles and will remain for a week or two. I hi've 2000 lots In Kern City for sale. Prices from $35 to $350. Terms en«v. A. .1. Woody. S16 Bakor at. tf M. B. O'Meara left on tbe noon train yesterday for Los Angeles i A , Am , )llrl j , Hoskings, Otto "BUTTERNUT BREAD You might as well serve the best bread on your table as an inferior kind—nnd "Butternut" Ftands first and heads the list us the finest bread made. You'll enjoy this bread, a:id we advise an early trial. Costs no more, but is far better in every way. AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. Scully, who has been father, O. Rlley, and sis- tor the past few returned yesterday to her home tn Oakland. You cnn pet a lot in any part of Kern. You have 2000 to riick from. Terms easy. Prices- $35 to $3.50 A. ,7. Woodv. 81B Baker street. tf NOTICE. Notice Is herebv uiven that Yee Lee has bought the Valley restaurant, situated at 1313 i&th street In the City of Bakersfleld and has assumed all owln^ by s-.ild restaurant. All •Get. a lot In Kern. Two thousand to pick fro,m. You can't miss getting what you wnnt. Terms easy, prices rijrht. A. J. Woody. gl6 BaUer st. tf J. D. Arana is quite ill at his home on M street. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Burdick of Sunset are in town for a few days. ^,«u us holding any such bills v:ill' Mrs. J H. Bruce has returned from please present them fo.- nayment to I Porterville, where she has been vis- the undersigned on or before Novem-i It!n S her parents for the past lew bet- 15, 190S. I days. 91 yKE LEE. I Mrs - Everett McClure returned yesterday from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Tolar ot San Whi taker, .1. M. Ak'ers, P. L. Jewett. CASE UNDER ADVISEMENT The preliminary examination of Johnny Alexander and Ernest King, the negro lads accused of the buglary of Winters & Bridges second hand store, was completed before justice Black this afternoon, but the decision was postponed until Monday at, 2 o'clock to allow the official time to consider the case. Both lads protest Innocence, claiming thai they know nothing at all of the burglary. They assert t'aat the goods found in the King house on O street were put there by some Mexican boys with whom they had been chimiming. The Kin boy's mother, while on the stand, told of another of the missing suit case*. She snld her son told her it was In the possession of Mexican boys in Kern. SUMM£NS In the Suoerior Court of the County of Kern. Sfte of I Pedro. I T. W. Jaynes 1 the Sacramento has returned frotn Hospital, where he . I Action brought In the ! Court of the County of " Suoerior State of como-vnia. nnn the cornnl'Unt Hied In said County of Kern, in the office of the Cle^k of said Sii'">ri-r Con>-t The Peonle of the State of Cfilifnr- was operated on recently for appen Is confined to his home i on account of illness. M;—a. . -»•>.• i-» O- F' Stroble made a business trip ..._ ... tne State of Callfnr-1 . , , «-i,i« * nrtn^nnnn nla send Oreetlnc to Silver Bow Oil' to tn e °'l nelds this afternoon. Comnanv. Defendant. YOU arp be'-env -pn to anueir in an action brought aeainst you bv tne above-named olaintiff ' of the Countv jerior four. _. ..„ __ _. State of California, and to answer the Conin'aint filed therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the dnv of service) ter service on vqu of this Summons. .. served within s-ild Countv: if served elsewhere, within thirtv <!;ivs. .'.n.;.;'oii ;.TO he-eVv notified th.:^ i<" COMMENDATORY. Exchanges speaK in terms of v of Kej;n. j praise of the lectures of the celebrat *'"' . • ''* to ° ed Fra Lucius, who appears at A. O. U. W. hall Sunday night, Nov. 8th. The following Is a sample: Last night Fra Lucius, an eminent scientist and author, gave a highly CITY BRIEFS. BY OIJILD LADIES In conjunction with their carnival on December 28 and 29, St. Agnes Guild will give a ladles minstrel. Mrs. J. Benson \Ylrenn -is In charge and ma. terlal Is being prepared already lor a regulation minstrel show. •-*'- "The Honeymoonert." The New 5tor« Our Angelica and Muscatel- Wines ! ;iiv vciy popular now. You miH'inlii'i' we lind such a stiiTi'ssfu) run on them Jit the. Fair—everybody who sumpled it liked il, mid ninny hnvc hou^lii since. If you like sweet wines, .try wuiie of these line Angelicas arid Muscatels—they're splendid finality—superior, we think, to any wines you have ever bought at the prices! we're asking. Fred GuntherCo. Fnniily trade solicited. Store and warerooma 1511 1Sth street. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. H. Rice, repivsenlalilve of the set Realty Company, will be at (AM . Southern Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and will give JdB Information about 10 acres of land fur' Qeo. M. Cohan's latest and beet mu- 8n ] e at $25 per acre as per ad of Um slcal production "The Honeymooners," sunset Realty Company on the chu»- conies to the Bakersfleld Opera House slfled page of this uaper. next Sunday evening. So great was the popularity ot "The Honeymooners'; that for months the New Amsterdam Theater was packed nightly and seats sold throughout for $2. This splendid' production IB now on the road and the tour is proving to be as great a sue- cess as was metropolis, the summer run In tbe W. Ferguson was apprehended an* arrested, by Charles Scrlbner U*» morning while attempting to steal * quilt from the Walters Hotel. He » charged with petty larceny. answer, the j interesting lecture in the newly-fitted i on t tor ii nv ' ,,-.,., - ,».... . ,. ^dK.^llIuS^'IIe^^i-d-'in '&* -Vltology Hall" on I street, op- ('oinolaint as arising iiuoii Contract, or | posite the postofBce, to a remarkably yv'ii -ieti» t'»^»y. '.MI-! • •-•• -<nv nt'ie" ; nriro niul Intollin-pnt nnrUpnpp HlR relie? di-man n:! ;;i tin- Mojavan Dies Here—Thomas Claus- ley, a laborer who hag been at the county hospital for several months for treatment for tuberculosis, dien this morning. He wap ?8 years of age and u native of New York. Not McCutcheon Brothers—The, dispute whiclj Wrampelmier and > Strassburger are Involved In over certain Midway lands is with Ed Me- CuU'heon and not McCutpheon brothers, as has been stated before. * Had Good Plover Shoot—Al Thackery, Harry Dillon and "Pink" Hamilton enjoyed a good plover shoot on the plains yesterday afternoon. • Bert Shaw and party leave in a day or two for a auail shoot in the Templor country. , Marshal Had .Runaway.—W?ii!e Mar.slip: McKamy left his bugs:. 'his 1 to make an arresi \.\ isih i-tc- of C'jillforni". thi:i L'nd dav iiibi'!-. \. D. i"'is. I. I.. \U' ' ;-;;? (•;,.-• . VVIiitaker. Attorney for P'"'"11-5 YOUR DOUBTS WILL CRUMBLE wlu n yon s^e a suit of clothing or ."" '•vrrcoi't that we have- cle;tn".l ;mr in-t'ssfd H' yon think we can't n,. .;< yoi'.r !-'anin-v.'.= ! n oU just like new. our "prfic'^s "f fli.anfiiK IK Hie ticmo i.;' nr- tl.-'ic work on clothing, tine, dresses, :!ii::iiy waists and plume?. Our (ivr- ;!'.».' has all the rich colorings tliat '-ouies fu the finest goods when/nuu ,'t the Pioneer Dye Works. Mail or- '.erS'pr<U!;ptyl attended to. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers c a. C. Jaccbsen, Proprietor. V teresting by painting off-hand pfc- I tures In bright colors, of the chief' lecture topics as he talked. At the i close of the lecture he gave blindfold test descriptions of subjects from the audience that were truly remarkable.—Modesto Herald. 84 IS 1 '-' mth St., Phonp Mnln 17B . liy-133 iOth.St. Phiin« Main ui8 j A v Good Bed I Is not a luxury The Little Racket Store Til.- lilllf store of 1-. T. (Ridley vie Co., cui'iii't 1 l. s th utitl Chester aveuiK', is slit! {tdditiir new lines ui' '•>. 11). \~> nnd - ; ">i' dry •..'fimls mid im- lioii spi-'-ialties. Our hili 1 -.! Will lie till.' Hit'liili'dso:) '"11- broidcvy nulflts. which i^ !!>.<• most I'opiilai' i>inlir"M''i'y lin-- in She wiifld. \Vc inviti- lli«' Indies to <';tll Jinil inspect t\ few sjnnpk's. already reci'iv- ed. Join a Tlichardsnu ('luh Hid le.'iru the ))";;'itifnl art of embroidering. V.'e '_-';vf spc- c.ial prices mi many nvrt'iil ai'ficles. L ',.. GODLEY & CO inn done. Mourns Loss of Dog.—Judge W. H. Thomas is monming the loss of his favorite dot; "liffl," whi(d) died thi-- niorniiig. The animal and his honor i have been faithful conni-'iiioiif for (he : jias't Ki jeari-r ::nd li.'c jild:;*' fe>'i.- Ihi I lows of the liltlo canine keenly. j Short Vi&;t With Friends.—OII!e I Woods, ibc pioneer transfe:' iiiaii. ul.u I is ir.iw raii.?!iili.-; :•! Woody, has '.ee:i spending the i> day or two with | frleii'.i.s in B.iliei'ri'ud.l, having bee n tin- j nie^Kont'er to bear the election ie|i;iris ! to the county clerk's otllce. Mr. i \\'oods will return to Woody today. | Gave Show in Fields,—Last nk-hr : Messrs. Para and Fiuwll gr'.vc anotlx-;• ) moving picture show and dance in tlie 'oil lield«. It wits well intended uud ;ill , had an enjoyable evening. Many people from Bakersfield were In attend- mice. I Giving Good Show.—Morley's Thea- I ter hist uiKht. began the hew |iioD:r.,n) ! and the show was very much enjoyed. i The pictures ure good, the songs n>e. loilious nnd a good sized crowd wis 1 In attendance. SATURDAY fWO DAYS— MONDAY Days of ^Bargains in ladies' hnts.—Not old ont of date goods, but ' The New* Large Flat Shapes trimmed in the most approved fashion, colors and shades blended to u "beeoHiin^iH'Ss" only possible by an artist at the profession. They will do your eyes HOIK! to look at them, and fit your purse to a nicety. Regular $l.ttt) values for Saturday and Monday—$5.00.. STEVENS The Leading Milliner. WE NOW HAVt STEAM HEAT UNION THEATRE ^======^-^. -:;:.z:MAIN 128 —— - '--"-'' t^/ic^ i PRICES 10c, 25c. 35c, 50c ' "''f•*•')' ' MATINEES SATURDAY, 10o, 25o. a nei-prisily of life. One of our fisiii'-n-- Sanitary Iron Beds ^ ye.-ivs is a necessity and still n Y"'i lie witilutU OIK', .1:1.1 ay;.-, its i«V ten 't iiiVurd in Dr. J. S. Weiser or ot' Iho \Veiser Optical Co., W3 1 street. Fresno is in Hakersfieid this week cdinc-ni'injr, M<>n-, day. Xov'nilicr 2. l!t«i>. ,",d will stop at the New Si. Mi- ern Hotel. Philip W. NIederaur THt ONE PRICE STORE 1408-10 19th Street Phone Main 173 Eyes Examined !'• c<e 1 AM Work Guaranteed How to Cure a Cold. Be as careful as you can you will occasionally take cold, and when you do, gf>t a medicine of known reliability, one that has an established reputi'tinn! and that Is certain to effect a uuick cure. Such a medicine is Chamberlains Cough Uemedy. It has gained a world wide deputation by its remarkable-] cures of this moft common ailment,! and can i'hv ivs be depended upon. It; acts ^on nature's plan, relieves the, lungs, aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthier condition. During the many years In wtilchl it has bf-cn in general IIHO we have! yet to lenrn of a single case of cold; or attack of the gvip hr.ving renilif--I in pneumonia when this remedy w,!t used w'nlch yhows conclusively that ii is a certain preventive of that dam en,us disease. Chamberlain's Oo:in!i I'.vu)-- dy cumulus mi o|i1urii or oili'-v narcntjc ,a!:d may be ^iven as conbdeinly to"a iiaby as to an adult. For «;(!<• by fj.e r linis., IlaKeivfield; Kein linig ( i, . THIS WEEK Friday, Saturday Matinee and Night and Sunday D Van Winkle Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Why Baxter itted in Office Telephone Main 731 Residence Telephane Farmers 18x1 20.";5 Chester Avenue. McCarons Art Store, Order« by Phone Attended to Promptly Picture*, Frames to Order, Latest Mouldings, Best of Workmanship. $20 Cash Prize Saturday Nov. 1 4.

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