The Waterford Mirror from Waterford, Waterford, Ireland on May 22, 1824 · Page 1
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The Waterford Mirror from Waterford, Waterford, Ireland · Page 1

Waterford, Waterford, Ireland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1824
Page 1
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- X f : ; . . . : :. - . . . ,. . . .. ... . . . .-.- ,.-'. ! r ; ' fl ' J -a ... 7 -.- : rT"i.-r.-r:mT .- - r-.-. -tt-.-.-:-n-r- .--n rrr:-rre-n rTrvmr7i i"i.-'j! '.' JVq 3608. SATURDAY, MAY 22. 1824 Trice M. 1 i ', it 'V 1 l wr Snirit Vault I A TO BE LET, AND IMMEDIATE: POSSESSION GIVEN, tOK ANY -TF.KM OP Y EAHS NOT XCRF.DINO i ' Off H IWNOHBD, , LARGE slid Convenient BACON CONCERN in Thomas-sthrf.t, lately occupied by Messrs. WILLIAM wniibsuj. inn v.uncern is in perfect Repair,, being recently liullt with llie most durable Materiuls, unit fnii.hed in the bent Manner. Ita Situation Is particularly adapted for Trade. Also, an Extensive VAULT capable of containing upwards of 100 Puncheons of Spirits. 1 " Var( Particulars apply to Abihur Bklchcr, or 1'tTKB Gibbons, Quecu-stree.t. Watcrford, April. 7, 1824. Ki To be interted on Saturdays only , Ld atlas FIRE and LIFE OF LONDON. 1 ffT-rr-- 1 Instituted 1808, and empowered by an Act of Parliament of the 54 Geo. HI. Capital 1,200,000. . FIRE DEPARTMENT. RETURNS TO THE ASSURED, At the rate of TWENTY-FI VE per Cent, on Policies of Five Years standing at Christinas last, will be paid on and after the 25tlr Instant at the Office in Cheapside, and by the several Aircnts in the Country. In addition to the benefit of Returns, (as evidenced in those now making,) this Company offers to assurers the further advantaged" allowance for the loss of Rent of huildiugs rendered untenantable by Fire. LIFE DEPARTMENT. ' : ADDITIONS TO POLICIES. Persons assured for the whole term of Life, will have an addition made to their Policies every seventh year, '-on the principle so beneficially practised till lately at the Kqnllaule Assurance Office i or the amount thereof may be applied in rtducitim of the future ycymentt of Premium. Policies may also be effected for the whole term of Life, by a limited nuniberof yearly payments. Tables applicable to tins mode of Assurance may be obtained at ilie Office.. SEA KISK. This' Company allows certain Passages by Sea in decked Vessels, mthuut extra Premium, as set forth to the Conditions of the Office Proposats. Proposals fullyexptanatory of tbcPrinciples and Rates of the Company, may be had at the princiial Office in Cheapside, Loudun, and of the several Agents in the C'oantry, who are authorized to take the appcarauce of Uvea proposed for Assurance. ' ( . HENRT DESBOROUGH, Jus. . . : .. . j i Secretary. ' Cheapside, London, 1 1th March, 1824. ,, RICHARD FARRELL, Mihror Omce. , Agent for Waterford and its Vicinity. ; TO BE LET, OR SOLD, ' TUB INTEREST OF THE LATE MRS. WALSH'S HOUSES AND PREMISES, IN TRAMORE. For Particulars apply to Mr. Minciiin, Tramwe ; oi at the Office of this Paper.' ' Walcrlpra, Aprils, lo'-M. TO BE LET, ' AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVF.N, Woodbine Lorfye, COACH HOUSE, STABLE, FIELDS,, &c, ,S.c, on the Graccdicn Road,, commanding a delightful View of the River. County Kilkenny, &c. &c. ALSO TO BE LET,, - A large YARD, S'I'OHE.&c. opposite tlie CiiaVino-Bans a good DWELLING HOUSE, adjoiniiigMessrs Pkkiiosk's Concerns and a STORE, STABLE and YARD opposite the Nkw Glass Hovsr. APPLY AT THE. MIRROR OFFICE. Waterftwd, AprH 17, 1821. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 22. 2J, 24, H. 11 12 1 M. S9 4$ 41 HIGH WATER AT WATERFORI) BAR. Morning, Evening, H. M. 11 8 12 11 1 14 Depth of Water on the Bat Highest Flood 20 Feet. Lowest Ebb 13 Feet. High Water is 45 miuiitcs later at the Quay, opposite Tim Mi Klio it Offick. than it is at the Bar. RISING AND SE'lTING OF THE SUN. NEIGHBOURING FAIRS. COUNTY WATERFORD. Tuesday, , Friday, ; Saturday, Friday, ; Monday, Tuesday, Monday, - 25, Lismore 28, rioncgain June' fi, Druinana, 11, Kilgobenet 14, Tallow 15, Carrickbeg 21, Wmdigap COUNTY KILKENNY. Tuesday,'' ; Thursday, Monday, Monday, '. Wednesday, . i:ouNTY TIP1 H'ednesilay, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday,' Thursday, Friday, Monday,. 23, Ihomastown 27, Bawn SI, ('owerstowit June 7, Coulinanta Knocktophr Listcrltng Rosiirreou . 9, Innistiogiie :rary. 20, Calur 27, Cloghecd Glynn SO, Kiilin . Neiiagtt 1, Thutles ; i, Mullinahone 4, Cappagh 7, Baltiugarry . Toomavara COUNTY WEXFORD.- Sunrise. - Sunset. V. V. t H. M. Saturday, 22.. 3 5S. ............ .8 S Sunday, 23 3 54....... 8 7 Monday, 24 3 53 8 8, 2i 3 52 .8 9 Wednesday, 26. 3 60 H 11 ' Thursday, 27....'... 3 49 .....8 12 Friday, 28... ....3 48 8 13 MOON'S AGE. New. 28th ; First Quarter, June 4th j Full, Uth ; Last Quai ter, 1 8th. June , Tlinrsnay, 27, Ragorey Frida), , 28, Tsglinion, ' Monday, ' 31, Clonegal Tuesday, June 1, Uorey Slonday, 7, Liliiiirk : New-Ross Tuesday! 8. Killinick Wednesday, . , Cimnlin Friday, 11, Clahaman I Coolgreny ' Scar COUNTY MM I' RICK 20, lilllff 27, Adaro Ahington ' - Knockaderry 31, Glauogra June 1, Castleconnell Kilteely ' Rathkcale COUNTY CARIOW. . . Thursday, . ;iT, Clonegal wens Iihijj, June 4, KuuckaD Wednesday, '1 buisday , ' Monday, TuesUat Carrick-on-Suiii, May 20. About twelve o'clock onTuesJay night, one of live back window? in the house of Mr. John Greene, at Baliyrichard road, in the vicinity of litis Town, was taken out and the house entered and robbed of a qu?.ritity of wearing apparel. Early next inotning Serjeant Hall, with that promptitude which has so particular distinguished him as an effectual Constable since he has been stationed here, and which so highly met ihe approbation of the Bench -of: Magistrates Assembled at Petit Sessions at Corrick Beg on Monday last, having got information of the robberv, and Greene having obtained a search warrant from Henry Briscoe, of Tinvane, Esq. lost no time in diligently searching several suspected houses, but without effect. Greene then apprised the Pawnbrokers here of the robbery, described the articles he was robbed of, and requested thai they would stop any person that should bring any of the articles he Jost, to their offices. i Between nine, and ten o'clock lasl mgni as one of Greene's family was shewing an acquaintance lite window thiough which the robbers entered, they 1 discovered between the sash which was replaced, and the frame, a pawn-ticket from Martin Lanigan of this town, Pawnbroker, No. 5790, stating that he had lent six shillings on a siirtout coat to a man named John Sexton, the 18th of May, the day previous to the robbery. Application waa immediately made at Lnnigan's pawn office by Greene with the ticket, when the surtout coat alluded to was produced and identified as his property, but refused to be given up, unless upon payment of principal and interest. - Enquiry and explanation took place to which it is not ( necessary at present to allude, taither than to say, that Greene refused to pay any thing for his coat, but summoned Mr. and Mrs, Lanigan to appear before the Bench of Magistrates to be assembled here in Petit Sessions on Monday next. 5 . THE LATE DUEL.,..:' i SUDDEN DEATH OF LIEUT.-COb.' WESTERN. Saturday Night, 11, o'clock, May 15, 1824. . Sir I have only this evening seen in the Morning Chrunicic of this day, a letter with annexed documents, purporting to be a statement (.f ihe particulars of a recent correspondence be; tween Sir H. Hardinge and Lieut. Col Western, relative to a subject on which I felt it necessary to require an explanation from the Marquis of Londonderry, The sudden death of my gallant ftietid yesterday has placed me in circumstances 'of the most unparalleled embarrassment, for which T trust to the sympathy of every btave and liberal mind'. ' The speciuus representation of Sir , H. Hardinge contains mailer which, though totally at variance With (he Hue character of the transaction, and deficient in moat important pircuwsiances, I cannot, on the spur of the moment, as bearing the authentication of Lieut. Cul. Western's signature, deny cr refute. But I have no doubt ul being euabVd to prove llut my fiiuud's jijuaturewai obtained to documents which he had not thoroughly examined, relying on Sir II. Hardiuge being incapable of recording the particulars partially or untruly. While I eudeatour to rectify the impression intended to be conveyed bv the late statement, 1 entreat my friends, particularly my military friends, to suspend their judgment. . WM. BATTIER. Tbomnson'i, Hotel, Cavendish-square. It is rumoured that a' gallant Lieut. Col., who was conspicuous in a recent affair of honour in England, as second to one ot the parties, put a period to his own existence. Dublin Star. . 'DREADFUL SHIPWRECK. DiVdek,May6.- The town was ihrown into consternation on Monday morning, by the distressing intelligence of a shipwreck. The bri-pontine Helen, of Dundee, commanded by Tlios. Erskine, well known for his skill and good conduct as a seaman, sailed on the 13th ult. for Quebec and Montreal, with a full cargo of mis cellanebiis goods and 17 passengers. The weather during the first lour days was agreeable, and the voyage pleasant; but on the morning of the 17th, a heavy gale of wind blew from the south. Between nine and ten o'clock, the vessel received a smart shock, as if from a strong sea: and the man at the hel:n exclaimed that the ves-sel had struck." The Captain honied upon deck, called the people up, and sounded the pumps, but there was no water. ( Ht then ran up the main rigging, and perceived breakers which they had come across, and Rockall W. by S. J S. "about seven miles distant. The pumps were again sounded, when it was found that the vessel had made two feet of water. The ship was wornc to E. S. K. underdose letfcd main top sail and fore sail, and and the wind blowing hard with a heavy sea. The forelopsail and mainsail v.ere set about eleven o'clock all hands exerting themselves at the pumps. About an hour afterwards, the first tier of casks in the hold was nearly covered with water. Tiny shortened sail, and a few ihands were called from the pumps to endeavour to stop ihe leak by means of a topsail which they threw over the bows and attempted to get under the ship's bottom ; but this' effort was defeated, by the , foot-rope getting entattalod, umu the pl.otr,', i of the keet, " Notwithstanding the most vigorous -exertions at the pumps, the water continued to gain upon thera very rapidly ; and by four o'clock p.m. eil hopes of being able to keep the vessel above wa-tcrdiiring the night was abandoned. Preparations were now made to leave the vessel. Provisions were laid put, and tackles fot theboats were got up, and the skifFwas landed on the lee Side of the deck. The 'women'tnid children, at lha request of the cap-,tain, put on their warmest clothes. About six o'clock; there we're eight feet water in the hold. The pump was kept going till ten; by which lime the water was within three feet of the hold beams. The crew then exclaimed that the vessel was sinking, and entreated (hat Ihe boats -should be put out. The. pumps were stopped, sail slackened, and the skiff got Out with the greatest difficulty, the sea rolling tiemendously. Unfortunately in hoisting out the long boat, it was driven with great force against ihe kedge anchor Slock, which went through its bottom. The boat was immediately repaired with sheet lead, and again put over the side of the vessel ; but having received some injury fiom the lushing giving way, it instantly filled with water, upset, and went to pieces.. The two small boats were then launched ; but they were incapable of containing all that were on board. The crew, and a passenger named Spalding, got into them, and cleared the vessel about midnight. The deck of the Helen, at this timepresented the spectacle of a number of human beings agitated with all, the terrors of impending dissolution. About three o'clock, in the morning (the boats being still at hand) vessel, with its shrieking inmates was ingulphed in the ocean. The boats" crews, after being tossed about for 28 hours, in circumstances. not calculated to create rejoicing at the difference betwixt their lot and that of their companions, were picked up by the Flora, of Elbing, from Danlzic to Liverpool, about 92 miles from the island of Lewis, . They remained on board, the Flora, where they experienced the greatest kindness for five days t and havuig'been put on shore on the island of .Tyrie, they have siucu arrived in Dundee. The sunkeu reef, hitherto, -unknown, on which the vessel struck, is in 57 deg'. 39 min. north latitude, and 14 deg. 13 min. west longi tude, and is about 300 miles W. by S from the Butt of the Lewis. The ship and cargo were valued at about 10,000. V V ' , ,,' , i ' : . . f ' I The passengers drowned were Miss Webster and her maid ; Robert Uobert-on, his wile, and iwo children ; Donald Robertson, his wife, two cliiidieii, and a sister-in l.iw; Malcolm Macpherson, his wife, and two children i a woman , named Thornton. Miss Webster was particularly, entreated to enter one of theboats; but she preferred encountering death, or finding delivcr-auce in the ship's cabin. Uouert Robertson was twice, before on the avo of setting oil' for America 1 once he was arretted hy an aged uncle, who made linn hit heir as the cuudiliuu of his staying at home ; ud the last liiuu Uy llie death of biulhcr. It nppears that this perilous reef is situated in lat. 57. 39. N. and long. 14. 13. W. At the lima the vessel struck (between1 nine and ten o'clock, a.m.) the captain observed a barren islet called Rock nil or Rokol, beating W, by Ss JS. seven miles distant. This solitary roclc is directly in' the course of vessels quitting or making the Pent-, land Frith, in a voyage across the Atlantic ; but manners evidently know Utile or nothing of the sea in its neighbourhood, though . from natural deductions founded on ihe peculiar manner, in , which the Outer Hebrides are scattered to the) westward, it is most likely strewn with hidden reefs. The best of our Gazetteers have omitted to mention its existence, and our most accurate maps give no information as to the situation of so small, but at the same time, so remarkable a speck on the surface of a vast ocean. In sea- ' charts only is it laid, down as a point worthy , of note. According' to these, Rivka'l lies sixty leagues or 180 miles to the westward of Sl.Kilda, and about 300 miles W. by S. fiom the Butt of Lewis. To voyagers from the west it is the first land mark of Europe ; and considering that ft has more than once been the scene of memorable shipwreck, it is surprising that measures hav'e not been taken to obtain an accurate survey or the sea around it. We are aware that the task would be attended with difficulty and danger ; but these are obstacles of no moment to a country that has sent exploratory expeditions to nations where na- ' lure assumes her most terrific aspect. So far back os 1686, a French vessel was lost on Rock-all, thocrew of whichound their way "in a pinnace. ' to Si. Kilda ; and th recent disaster wliieh befel the Helen favours the presumption that the un- . known reefs enviioniug it have been fatal to many n vessel, whose late has never been correctly ascertained. , The necessity of a strict survey; not merely in the vicinity of Rookall, but of marly leagues of sea lying off the Outer Hebrides, appeals the more evident from the well authenticated fact, that a reef called Aitkin's Rock, the existence of which was disputed, has also been lately discovered in the mouth of the north channel, in lat. 55. 15. north, end long. II. 40. west. This important discovery was made by Capt. Falconer, of the brig Mary oi London, on a voyage from Seville to Bergen. The vessel was within a few-yards of llie rock before it was observed, and weailicied. .Aicc I,, tj . i very properly launched his boals and examined it. , He found its summit only three feet above )S water, and not more than one foorin diameler. At thiee yards distance from the apex, the sound-ing line gave upwards of six lathoius of water all round, and at 30 yards no bottom, with a line of 140 faihoois ; consequently it must rise from the bottom of the ea in ihe form of a pyramid. : The ipsignificaul surface presented by this rock, though it may in some degree uccomit for tba uncertainly thai has hitherto prevailed regarding it, is no argument why measures should not be taken to obviate future danger. , ,1c lies in the direct tract of ves sels bound fiom the Clyde to the United States, and, indeed, of-all-vessels entering or leaving the North Channel ; and hence we should think that the merchant of Glasgow, Liverpool, and Belfast would do well to give the matter some attention. True it is, that a century may possibly elapse before 'another vessel steers so near it as the Mary, but that vessel less fortunate, and perish, and her loss be attended with great waste of lives and treasure. , From its , peculiar form, we should think that a few expert quarry difficult matter to blow off thirty or forty feet at the summit. Edinburgh Observer. . . . : .; .f -.'i m' . '!.. ; THE LATE REV. QJt. O'MEARA. - i To the Editor of the Limerick Chronicle. Sin Having heard that Doctors M'Keogh, Dempster, and Quin, have been prevailed upon to give ex parte statements 'respecting the state of the late Doctor U Mearas intud, to be made use of by Mr. Therry, I request you will inform - the , public, in tlje same publication with his letter, that it is my intentiun to call on those Physicians for a joint, comprehensive, and intelligible report, respecting the stale of their patient during the two days of my attendance. -1 must afterwards be under the necessity of trespassing on your columns again; 1 ' iv :.:. i .-May 10. s . . ;' ;T . H THOMAS FALKINER, ' i :.'. ?"-.!., Curate of NenajU.". .' i ... To the Editor oftlie Limerick Chrquiclei, S.1U- When I last addressed you, I wa not aware that the Physicians would hive certified that .the , late Doctor O'Meara " fetaini d lha PERFECT USE of his mental' facultic, op to .three .o'clock, on the Saturday previous' to his death." , I have seen, howeyer, by your last publication that two of them have donj so.- To meet this new J'ea'ure Ol thu subject i.liVctimlly, so as to satisfy the public, it would beiiecew'aiy to call on several of the. very manyf highly .e-spcctable and truly credible witness who heird the declarations ol the Pbysiciansj in ide by diejj," (.rcvious to Saturday, on that day.atid sibi. Huently, to state ihepurlwulan ibis 1 aW;id-i .-- ''. ' " " y . . ' - ' . ''it ' ' i 1 Ml I" t ' .t ' i 1 M h - . '

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