The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 6, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA! FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1908. Wait For Geelan's Millinery I OPENING i Our Motto, Quality Style, and Moderate Prices. 1329 ISth St. ^^^^^^^""^^""••PMBPiBBBBB^^ ONL" EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE 'lN KERN COUNTY. Known the world over as tlie greatest piano. A. B, Chase, Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling and others. Also Player Pianos. Largest stock of fine pianos constantly on Imnd ever seen in Hukersfield. Low Prices. Easy Terms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish BJock-1820K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager NEW KISSEL 60 IS CLASSY l\li LOS AN'IKI'KS, Nov. f,.—Thi9 morning at daylight Dean Mclaughlin left for Kama Marin in the flrst six- cylinder Kis.-' 1 Knr that came to the coast. Tin; <av \~ a v.'i-y classy roadster type, done in .may with black fenders and a huge copper gasoline tunk behind (he s<-at^. The body design was niadt' a<-< onliin; to orders from Mr. Mcl.aim'hlin and reflects credit both on tin- deslsaer and the factory where the ideas were carried out. Willie in town the. owner of the "Kix" placed itn order for a four-cylinder Kissel forty in the touring type, which will be shipped soon from the factory. Mr. Mcl-aughlin expects to arrive in Santa Maria tonight by. taking It easy. The car will do 65 miles an hour easily where the roads permit, but It will be impossible to begin to use the speed on account of the large percentage of miserable roads between tos Angeles and Santa Maria. A Thing Your Tailor Can Hardly Do For You Too Late For Classificatio WANTED—By middle aged lady* position in country as housekeeper. Apply Harvey, 2205 Palm street, Uakersfleld. 92 !LBARING SALE of • monuments, markers, etc., at low prices at B. K. Stone's Marble and Granite Works, 1673 Chester avenue. Phone Main 964. Only a few left. Come early. Also spring wagon ' for sale. 92 FOR RENT—Newly papered and painted, modern four-room cottage. Permanent tenant wanted. Call at No. 17, Hopkins building, tele phone Main 1194 or Main 863.. 86 [[•re is a tiring that Slein-Bloch can do for ...n that you" tailor, proliably. cannot. Certain 'mo.l.'N aiiiuiii ihe Fall and'Winter overcoats ^"tvti in ".S'liarlness,'' the style hook, de- ].i'iid I'nr their correct (it and style upon exact- Iv llie proper adjii.sttnent of skirl to body, oi' i'uhl to skirt. To achieve this required the dose study oi' half a do/en highly skilled tnil- ..I'-i. The pro'ilein was properly solved after -.. veral Mimp'.e overcoats had been made and .'.•died and lested. When properly adjusted. ;'<>.<• patterns were made to corrcs|iond tuid the cnals were declared satisfactory to offer yon. II 1 you .should ask your tailor to duplicate one of these coals. would he be in a position to <ro about it MS Stein-Hloch went abi'iit it? Would he have the patience, or the time, or the staff, to say nothing about the skill and the knowledge? And when all was finished, what would it cost yon? Stein-Hloch do these things as a matter of course, as a pai*. o* the day's work. And because they have these resources, can afford to do it and still charge yon a jnst and reasonable price. WANTRP—Lady stenographer. In- 'quire at King Lumber Co. tf SKATING DREAMLAND RINK Cor. G and J9th. Street LOST—Lost Sunday, between Bakersfield and a point one mile west of the Tom Wells residence, girl's cloak of gray and blue mixed goo IB with velvet cuffa and collar. Kinder will please leave same at Dr. Victor's oflice and receive rewaid. tf Colds and Croup in Children. ".My little girl Is subject to colds," says Mrs. Win. H. Seris, No. 41 Fifth St., Wheeling, W. V. "Last winter BLUE RIBBON MEN VISIT THE SALOONS The Murphys, temperance advocates, accompanied by Rev. Snudden of the Kirst Methodist Church, made the runuds of the saloons this morn Ing giving the glad hand to all congregated therein. The flrst place vis ited was the Del Monte where John Hours 10 a. m. to 12 m. 2 P-iJE'J 0 JL 30 ?• ra 7:30 p. m. to 10:30 p. ra. TUESDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS LADIES NIGHTS Mv.iic by Prof. Carriere's Orchestra LADIES NIGHT LUCIUS Tonight is ladles' -night at Dreamland skating rink and a line time is anticipated. The rink has been running; for a week past and the attendance has justified Mr. Smith's belief that skating is still popular in Bakersfiekl. The floor tonight will be reserved for ladies and their escorts. Profess or Carriere's orchestra will' furnish THE EMINENT SCIENTIST AND MASTER ADEPT PUNDIT. Special Professional Visi* of New York Physicians and Surgeons I had a severe spell anil a terrible sough ' ">' Coulbaugh was presiding over the I but I cured her with Chamberlain's .refreshment department. Johnny iCough Remedy without the aid of a!l"okc,i interested when the visitors | doctor, an.) my litile hoy has been : rushed in and prepared for business. ;••<". eiue.i IIKII.V t'nie-* from having' His countenance fell, however, when | p':, ci'iaj) by (be timely 'use of ibis i there was nothing doing except in: V. r->|i. Ylii'.i i.i fur Siile l.y Ha'.' Bros., l!;il,ei siit -Id; Kern Drug ( 'o-, K"Ui. * ; apron, "the way you came were going to buy something, - to Treat a Sprain. haps the whoio s hop." MvHl'nirs mid bimeness are] But the i in i g ht 8 of temperance said the music. Dreamland again is a most popular place. Mr. Smith is an able manager and the public is receiving the best of treatment. Tomorrow night the polo player: the hand-shaking line. j will assemble and a practice game, be"I thought," said the man with the j ginning at 8:45 will be played between apron, "the way you came In you | Uvo plcke( | teams. .Mr. Smith is anxious to organize a local team and secure games with outsiders shortly. per promptly •lieveii by Chamberlain's re-ince.i in- no, they only wanted to give Johnny j The personnel of the local team will i'n- til!..' iv.iuii'e-l i in ahoui iine-thir.l l«y t'n" usual treat- iu siZ'-s for sale by >!'.ebl; Kern HIT.'.: Granada Hotel Slitter and Hyde Sts., San Frr.n- Cisco. Absolutely Fireproof Anieric-in plan, ?•', ">i for er.e. $i; fd! 1 tv.o. Y'-n .-it'ii'b .-: of t'oll'.t Cd'iil'dvt. Coiia'.rv trele (.'"Melted. i a cordial invitation to came to their ; be meetings, and Johnny .sold maybe he ! would. i Prom' the Pel Monte (ho visitors i descended upon the Majestic where .the genial .lop Carroll was In charge. ! The glad banders could not oiitshakc Joe, who greeted them just an cor- I T!:o fir,c-.';t rcntcur c. a ft in?! dially. determined by practice games. A WOMAN TO S£ P«ET1 i- Mont Hart- Lnsurlr.nt ot»!l '.i.'n icy Junlr No Matter Yi'biit Color. i r,vo, t". ' and accepted with thanks an i ' iveetr-.-t Emiie of a;il» n-«uih, io. o. ; li'.t THIS WEEK ONLY We give fi'e i c.'.i -'.LVr.i.ij, < -.:.:.;.; '.- :i ;f, at once—TODAY. We \\ vor to UK us ailinsr. Electro-Medical and Surgical Institute. Grand. Hotel Bakersfield Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Office new open. 10-1, 2-5, 7-9, and by appoirtt-rtents. RIVtR FLOUR tn corn 1 ? around to the •hurch. j The crusaders from the .Majestic i went straight down Nineteenth street 1 to the Teddy Hear, from there into Firm en Sliva's. am' then across the way to the Owl and tin- Palace, the ; Poppy and other resorts, greeting i men and women alike arid pressing ' NV -' I all to come and bear them plead the \ sll!t l cause of tempera!:'.'. Nineteenth j street was reached at Tom Owen's j place, and the visitors entered all M- j quor bouses impartially, and every- j : where they were respectfully rec"iv- ; ed. | orr thins if the 'he .rrovr :r.f, the rc-.Ip to tl:e tort • r.!r. \.-:r:r.- it far 1 ' tm vitality. 7 patiMio Pint. • lit* Founder anil Director General o'l the Intprnationail Ini^Ui.te o7 Vlt-f oioyy, u,!''i;i;- "The Hook oil'e," "Vitolog>j the True Scienctl Life," "Life Hen I Heretofore a n i Hereafter." wil I by reques*'. lee tare on "VITOLOGY, HEALTH AND" SUCCESS," At A. 0. U. W. Hall, Sunday, November 8th at 8 o'clock, p. m. Admission free to ladies and gentlemen. No collection. Physicians and .scientists especially invited. He appears in the gold wove silken robes an f jeweled turban of a high (,'^ie Hraluun Master Adept Pundit, and rates each lecturo topic with bright colored p.iHitlngs, which he luaket-- oiT-han-l wliile you listen, MI-! gives ovculr d"n>on.--l rations and phychic life and character ; ', ! descriptions after (lie lecture. I. in uPT ;i»'..v. t):;.;.. sr.', >• hnir t!-nt ^::TI rr-<-;.•> ;,-. ro'n rirrricldo. nn er.'.ir.--!. f ih" rhcmicril Ir.borrit..:-.-. •.....„ the i::!ii-lriifr frcrm, niv.l. <•( c'...rr,\ ut.i ('•••• f.'ilMn;,' '.-dr. nml pfc-vpnts >.-.lilno.' ntnmp? for snmpH' to The- H«rpio!rt e O. ."Jetrolt. M!oh. I'i'.'um .'" said his wife. "Yi liy, I should say .-;u. 'i'he one I .Tf; . met l.nev. thi't- you cut v.-y I:air last. • "."' i'.nil. by Kpm, be never saw you in liLs •'!• li''e."--(.'!iii;ai;o News. j-^- ! : Piano Recital This Evening: Jlrs. Reed's piano recital will take ulnce at the Woman's Club hall to- iiijrtit. An excellent procram has been arranged, the feature of which •••Mil be the numbers to he rendered by Miss Gulberson of Los Angeles, w'ho has been here for some time past studying the Shephard system under Mrs. Reed. Miss Guiberson was for three years a student of Herr Becker and gives much promise of becoming an accomplished concert player. The other numbers will be given by .>lrs. Reed's pupils. Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. Hy heck, Cynthia," drawled old 'anner Hiij'ilapple, at'tj-r his visit to i'itvmc). "tiieiu thai' citv barbers are BRING YOUR HOBO FRIENDS HOBO REFRESHMENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT « w v w SOCI4L VEN|]NG 7., A.O.U.W.HALL Jim Jones, the '.eaves for Log Aagei< i nniiic-—Kln.llv "."P :hat elapses bei'i.:-, voice !•"•'(•;'(-• "«. •'• ' j Echo (few r.v>:j; Hello! Hello' Mrs. N'-vi'U!' - ' ••-•-.; jtor. ill'.-''!!'i'. '-•; Plillu'.lelp'.'-iii hi ;-i- <-r — •<•-*- Whnt Wcei-i you i 'S iil'e an 1 ev. ll.elll. -a a so!' 1 "1 • iiiiost Insii'iii iujary !••? a very s. v tbe pans to h'-i.l srur. field; man, n< ; i, v.-'ll r"liove 'h.-- is. a.'i-j unless ibi- . :e . w',11 cause For Bale by Bacr Bros./Bukt". s- Kern Drug Co, Kern. * Kahler Says Now is the time to buy Rubber Goods Buy them now and make use of them these cold mornings. An Absolute Guarantee for one year yoes with every Hot Water Bottle i>r Syringe fi-'.r:i us. <!"t one toilav. BAKERSflELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 10th & I Qt*. Denver Restaurant r Meals, 'Joe ami up. Eastern Oysters ami first- c.lns< Chint'.-'.e Xniiilles, ('linn .Mean, Pirieappl.-s, (,'hicken. mid Chop Suey. (iiiod Sei-viee. 1313 10th St., Bakersfield. Annett'sBakery WE SERVE HOT DRINKS AT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. COME IN WHEN YOU'RE UP TOWN AND TAKE A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE OR BULLION. THE BEST OF MATERIALS ARE USED IN OUR SERVICE. U'f- KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH A TRIAL. 1627 19th St. Phone M 390

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