Student Life from Logan, Utah on October 13, 1932 · 4
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Student Life from Logan, Utah · 4

Logan, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
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a Hi Jsd Team Faces Western State Tomorrow 4i Lilians WiB Witness Man From Side lines rs Invede With Fast rlhro Tca Rcmsy Primes rrvcs To Open Encounter V" the Aggies returned L3t m bully crippled T were also m much i Tf£mUon Coach Romped severed weaknesses ijil Hw mast noticeable y the lech of capable re- Za preparation for the jUne State game Coach y baa beea spending a lot e with the leaervoe In an X ta babtar up this weakness : Btata ia considered one i weaker taama of the Con-a aad the Aggies are expset- f wtaa handily However ) rreten and fana alike r t ftargotttn tlw way this twenty points in two 1 r gainst the Aggies last V-y play a open decep- aad Coach Romney is 1 j defense to meet such -s Jlrady and Gunder- i 4 definitely out of the tjaup and will hot be - necessary This leaves I Lh In the Fanner ma e edally will Fry and ta snleeid AH ef the kick ag and most of the 7 was taken care of by 1 atalwaria ’ i - rry out of the game 1 r 'mi Is expected to take I Cs signal ealUag Job Al-i A as eflicient as the X ry at- blocking and de-i T y Nelson Is a smart l runner and a fairly JC Allaad Forgeon is ta play Briggs halfback v if J la reformed guard 'X nieeiy to his back a Fotgaan will like- 'delay Study’s guard i la trim ears of by A nr Gena Tuttle a 3 boys that are com- Let' ‘ Gordon Dixon a v ' a was Injured early in la doped to be in shape a wing position I Vranes Tolman Hull 4 ail received minor in- X’ week but are ex-f ha hi condition by game iy The rest of the squad 1 exeriknt shape aad all are ta give aH they have to gain A conference victory for i ta ta 1 V 3 TCI0I2Y US USE After the spanking the Frosh team was handed by the Ricks Junior college eleven the green-lings have settled down to serious business Freshman Coach “Bill” Reading has been drilling the boys on a few fundamentals of defense The yearlings have another week's lay off before the next game of their schedule According to Reading the boys are going through a series of drills to put them at a peek when they meet the B T U baby Cougars on October 21 in the Aggie stadium From all indications this contest should prove to b every interesting Tbs “Cats” are a wicked bunch when they get started On November 14 the Aggie youngsters play the part of hosts to the “Young Indians” from the University of Utah This will undoubtedly be the feature of the season With some of the cock-surednesa of their elders the papooses will enter Logan with only one thing in mind — down the Aggie greetings You can be assured of a headliner when these two games are played in the Utah State bowl FALL CROSS COUNTRY RUN T i3 campus tennis tourna-V I fir lift is going to be full " 4 hot competition Thirty mw nude entries — and all -lag hard for the medal D to be given to the " a I —we Interested will find t i 4 bet schedule of game's on i i '"ri door and In the P E b wry game must be play f to schedule because this 1 jtm must end before bad r interferes Look at the today - - - - fames consist only of r rbes No doubles will 1 -J For further informa ry Both' Parkinson who is I - of tennis sventa The cross country run between classes clubs fraternities and groups in intramural competition will take place November 11 Just before the Colorado-Aggie football game As this event is less than a month off track managers should get their entries listed in the physical education office These entires MUST have an O K slip from Dr Preston before they can be officially entered and before they can start training The course will be the same as last year with one exception — there will be only one lap around the track instead of the previous two This change will make it easier to keep track of the relative positions of the runners The course must be covered at least three times in actual practice and more if necessary Glen Pyper and Mel Burke will supervise the training and conditioning of the athletes ' Those expecting to enter should begin training at once FARMERS LOSE IIEARTBREAKER T0C0L0RAD0U Fry Whitehouse And Brady Injured In Mix-up Utah State “Aggies” received their first set back in the race for conference laurels when Colorado “U” bowled them over last Saturday at Boulder Play on a wet field handicaped both teams considerably and it was not until the latter part of the game that Colorado was able to capitalize upon her superior man power Score — No Indication The score of 26 to 7 may be an indication that the “Aggies” were far outclassed This however is not entirely true Colorado had on exhibit during the game 3 sets of very well trained back field men as well as unlimited line reserves This was too much for the “Aggies” to resist and of course we all know the consequences Grosvenor Counter and Staab of the Silver and Gold backfield were a constant threat due to their speedy ball carrying and interference running Fry Makes Sensational Run Although they were finally vanquished the Aggies gave Colorado a scare when Fry Aggie quarter snatched Grosvenor’s pass from the upper regions and raced 95 yards for a touchdown after which Briggs made the extra point via the place-kick route The security of a seven point lead was short-lived however for Colorado made a touchdown shortly after making the score 7-6 as it was when the half ended and well into the third quarter In the latter part of the third quarter Colorado again scored as well as twice again in the last period of the game making the final score 28-7 Aggies Fight Hard Picking individual players who were outstanding is rather difficult However Captain Johnny Vranes at center and Elmo Brady at guard are to be praised for their excellent work on the line Burke Fry must receive our admiration for his splendid passing and generalship at quarterback His “Paul Revere” act in the first quarter undoubtedly makes him a hero to many of us who are staunch supporters of Coach Romney’s “Fighting Farm- B3UBDLE EIASH BY SHERM LLOYD CZ Ocdicmtal college 0 (nonconference) ’’ C college 6 ' ' 5 13 Western State 7 ' - 'i U 20 (nonconference) T f ' Remttg ' ' ' ‘ ( ranference) ‘ Mines 0 0 University of Idaho southern r v v - ' T ':i‘ V X— L i- a 7 era” Many Injured In Fray Workouts during the first of this week will of necessity be quite light as the Aggies were badly crippled in the game Fry Briggs and Gunderson are sporting wrenched shoulders Vranes and Brady are favoring twisted knees and Elmer Ward packs a beautiful shanty on his right eye It ' is the sincere hope of ail “true hearted Aggies of Utah” that these injuries shall not prove serious and that the boys will be “rarin”’ to go Friday against Western States when they meet In the Aggie stadium COIORlffiO UTAH AGGIES Neighbors Ie Hull McLean it LaW Peate !g Brady Hartman Vranes Taylor rg Barker Drain rt Ward White re — Gunderson Grosvenor qb Fry Stensil ihb Osborne Gilbert rhb Briggs Oviatt fb Tolman Substitutions — Aggies: Forgeon for Barker Dixon for Gunderson Stuart for Law Nelson for Briggs Van Kampen for Fry Gutke for Hull Van Kampen for Briggs Tuttle for Brady Christenson for Vranea Utah Fails To Impress Nevada Utah queen of the Rocky Mountain Conference pride of the mighty Wasatch and riding on the erset of a red white and blue wave of cocksureness and fair football ability met its equal in Intermountain football last Saturday when Nevada University already defeated by a member of its own conference held the mighty Redskins to a 6 to 6 tie Of course Utah played listless ball Captain Christiansen was semi-injured and Knight a reserve end was out of the game so the Capital City team again had its alibi for the game which it did not win It’s a mighty good thing that there’s always something wrong with that team or any other football eleven that it met would be just out of luck Why nobody would play the Redskins except maybe Notre Dame and Southern California Farmers Badly Banged Up The Aggies returned from Boulder looking like they’d just returned from the front lines in hte battle of the Marne Burke Fry’e left shoulder is little more than a coat hanger and Atlas couldn’t very well use one of the shoulders Louis Briggs brought back either That makes three backs on the hospital list as Howard Schaub’s leg is still the shape of a Roman nose On the line Captain Vranes is carrying around a swollen knee but he’ll be OK Brady who played a bang-up game at Boulder is out until the Utah game at least with a wrenched knee and Whitehouse another guard who has been playnig great ball is also out of the Western States fray That takes care of the center and guards at tackle Elmer Ward left Boulder with a zipper on his eye which helps to keep it together On the ends Dixon and Gunderson are still favoring shoulder injuries and somebody dug a hole in John Hull’s knee Guess we might as well change the school song to “Head shoulders knees and toes" and have the gridiron gladiators chime in on “shoulders and knees” in the chorus j? Where Did The Lead Go? We’re wondering what happened to the Aggies during the half at Boulder They were leading 7 to 6 at halftime and Logan fans started to figure how much we were going to beat Utah Of course it’s only rumor but dame gossip has it that the boys turned out the lights and told ghost stories The wails of the injured added atmosphere and the sinister glances of Dick Romney provided timber to light the fires of mystery and stark drama Somebody else has started a story around that John (third string center) Hull retired to his hotel room and wrote a letter Add to the list of Who’s Who in America Meryl my office girl She laughed when I sat down to typewrite and told her the one about “Who was that lady I saw you with last night?” Yo UoO sn© VAOtfbNi Nbo Need More Than the chamge- You AiEEPA Bankroll LfliA HOKUM 'ies PEAR-i'll be home oNTRE 5" 15" Barbs Cry Oat For Support Join Now IpAUKS To OLD BRPKErti&K CLEVELAND O RICKS COLLEGE DEFEATS FROSH Green lings Shine Muddy Field Hampers PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY Remove Temptation Let Us l'ut Your Name On Everything You Own! Fountain Pens Brief Cases Books Note Books Purses Bill Folds Etc Distinctive Gold Stamping At Reasonable Prices! Special Rates For Group Orders 24 Hour Service! CITY DRUG CO 5 NORTH MAIN Yaa Get What Yea Ask For” LC3AN ’ UTAH All Interested Urged To Get In Touch With Managers Ever since the birth of intra mural acUvities on our campus there has been “a cry from the dust” so to speak Not because the participants have been unfair or failed to show good sportsmanship as winners or losers in the various classes It has been because our organizations have not been inclusive enough When the advent of giving out trophies has taken place someone has felt slighted and maintained that they have had no chance to avail themselves of such honors This yeai is a “day of reckoning” the cries from the dust have given impulse to a new organization one willing to claim our “social outcasts" as its own and the large body of unorganized students may avail themselves of all the opportunities that an organization can afford their abilities have at last found expression upon a firm basis The Barbs organization has arisen to perform the functions of promoting non-fraternity stu dents in social political and in tramural activities It extends I vigorous undiscriminating “hand” to you non-fraternity men who are interested in any form of class activities are urged to speak to Rew Lowe who has been placed In charge of non-fraternity in-tramurals If you will join us in these activities with vigor and determination you will have a great lot of fun and bo able to capture some of the rewards Every student should participate in ome activity for the promotion of health social prestige and inter et in school work Watch tho bulletin board In the gymnasium for information Lot our motto bo RIGHT FOR THE RANKS — Rex Lowe Big Dance at 9 P M r!rw Affcrth!! AH athletic managers of fraternities aad independent - bImIm and organisations who are derir of entering team in tho various Intramural games win neat Thursday at a o’clock in BmPil office for men D A A SELECTS INTRAMURAL The executives of the Women's Athletic association have selected the general managers for the different activities in the intramural program of Women’s Athletics Four class managers have also been named The success of the athletic program for the year now depends on the leadership of the girls selected It is expected that much interest will be shown by all the girls through the work of the able and ambitious managers The managers selected are as follows: Volleyball Julia Green basketball Bertie Mae Evans swimming Ruth Wiser tennis Arthella Baker archery Eva Pouisen horseshoe Vaughan Harshbarger hiking Iola Hickman Class managers are Freshmen Francis Fowler sophomores Grace Madsen juniors Elmoyne Ward and seniors Rio Cran-ney ATHLETIC CARDS AVAILABLE ROW Membership cards for tho W A A are hot off the press and In tho hands of the officers for distribution W A A sponsors all the women's athletics on the campus This year an extensive program i going to bo earried out Volley ball basketball baseball tennis swimming hiking skating socker archery and horse ehoe pitching contests will be sponsored during the year Point on tho W A A word are given for every event participated In If tho girl la a member of tho association Ouda for membership may be obtained from Vsnioe Cartoon Pearl Williams Gertruds Wo H hr tad Mrs Cai-UsM for tho -urn of twwtGvo ooats Although the Frosh squad was defeated Saturday by Ricks Junior college 19 to 13 does not mean that we haven’t a snappy bunch of freshmen gridders However we must admit that Ricks is a strong contender for the Junior college championship From what can be learned of the game tho frosh must have had a little more tough luck than onp team can handle decently and still win The field being half sod and half mud and rain during the whole game slowed things up considerably When such conditions prevail the team that gets the breaks is bound to win and this is about the way it went the frosh kicked off and after an exchange on punts Ricks pulled a sleeper who went over for the first score but failed to convert The frosh then received and Floyd Rasmusson taking the pig skin ran 90 yards for a touchdown He then kicked a scoring goal making the score 7 to 6 Ricks scored again when they completed a pass over halfback Dockums head and waded over the goal line The rest of the game was fought pretty evenly Rasmusson at quarter and Joe Mabey at guard played exceptionally good ball Rasmusson is a good triple threat man and takes delight in making 90 yard runs Other good varsity material coming up is Lockyer Dockum Jeffery Worley and Wilson Many others are beginning to show good development and Coach Reading should have an excellent squad in fact a championship squad before this season ends The lineup at the start of the game was: Left end Cruwton Left tackle Burgeson Left guard Bell Center Hendricks Right guard Mabey Right tackle Randquist Right end Tripp Quarterback Rassmusson Left halfback Hatch Right half Warden Fullback — Lackyer Substitutions: Worley Wilson right half Jeffery left end Dockum Dunkin left half Cougars - Redskins Will Battle For Supremacy Interest is running high in the annual B Y U-Utah fray that is scheduled for Saturday in the Ute stadium Aggie fans especially will look with intense interest in an effort to gam some que as to the relative strengths of the two teams and the chances for an Aggie win over either or both The Utes are seriously concerned in the Cougar eleven's strength which is reported to be exceptional It has been said that the champions are faced Saturday with the first real challenge since the Colorado Aggies toppled them in 1929 to a 12-0 score The Cougars are optimistic in their forecasts of the game They feel that this is the year for democratic distribution of R M C laurels and they are planning to start the revolution in Saturday’s game In 1928 B Y U held the Indians to a scoreless tie and they are preparing for more this year B Y U showed promise in their 46-0 victory over Occidental college at Pasadena Occidental college is rated along with the “little six" schools of the R M C and therefore gives some idea of the Cougars’ power Utah was apparently suffering from the loss of Tedesco when they were held to a 6-6 tie by Nevada’s "Wolves" last week-end Probably a slight decline in team moral also had something to do with their rather mediocre showing In the Cougar battle Tedesco will again be out which will give the intact B Y team an added advantage Utah State enthusiasts who feel that Thanksgiving day is not complete without a football game will find their answer in the Aggie-University of Idaho game at Boise on November 24 Although this game will not have the traditional air of the usual Turkry day encounter it ought to bo a real classic Reports from the Idaho school bring the news that the Vandals have one of the best teams in their history They held a strong Universicy of California at Los Angeles to a 0-6 score in their opening game After the showing made against the Aggies last week Colorado university stamped itself as a real contender for the conference crown They are now looked upon as the best team on the eastern slope and the team that Utah will have to defeat for the championship The ‘Y’ Cougars have been progressing very rapidly since the opening of the season They looked anything but impressive in their first fray with Montana State college Since that time however they have defeated Western States and Occidental quite handily They should reach their peak when the Aggies meet them on November 19 The Denver Pioneers have placed a much improved team on the gridiron this fall under a new coach Percy Lacey They defeated Colorado college last week and are preparing to upset a few of the big boys Fred “Feets” Tedesco flashy Utah quarterback who was slated to do big things this year is still recuperating from an injured leg received in the Southern California game According to reports it is doubtful that he will be able to play again this season The last game of the season in Logan will be the big “Homecoming Day affair with Colorado Aggies on November 19 During the past decade the Farmers from Colorado have been a jinx to Utah State Last season however - “ the tables were reversed and the Coach Ott Romney has beenBlue and Whjte Wm trying diligently to bols er his line of 60 Th ugua lhrij against the smashing plays of the is expected whe thege tw against the smashing plays Utes and has succeeded in greatly strengthening the Cougars' defense Tho looking over of tho two teams reveals advantages on both sides There is going to be determined aggressive attack and equally determined defense The result will not be decided on paper before hand meet again U OF U COMPLETES INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE Intramural competition in tennis and horseshoes will open Wednesday at the University of Utah according to Student Manager Roland Funk Fourteen organizations o nthe campus have entered 18 teams Following are the schedules: Horseshoes — Wednesday 4:15 p m Sigma Pi vs Pi Kappa Alpha 4:30 p m Beta Kappa vs Barbs Thursday 4 p m Phi Delta Theta vs Beta Theta Pi 4:30 p m Delta Phi vs Phi Pi Phi Tennis — Wednesday 4 p m' Davis Alumni vs Beta Theta Pi Sigma Nu vs Barbs Delta Phi vs Sigma PI Thursday 4 p m Sigma -Nu No 2 vs Sigma Chi No 2 Beta Kappa vs Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta vs Faculty (Courtesy Salt Lake Tribune) COEDS INVITE STUDENT BODY TO MT LOGAN All ye hikers both fellows and girls are invited to join W A A in their hike to Mount Logan Coach Jensen seemed to think it too dangerous for the girls to try alone so he has prefered ths services of ail fellows who would like to go The hike will begin Sunday morning at 6 a m They plan on leaving the Smart gymnasium promptly on time Take your own eats and dress warm Snowball fights and snow slides will feature the' hike All invited and remember girls this counts 25 points toward your W A A sweater Pill DELTA PI SET PLANS EON AQUATIC PARTY Phi Delta Pi the national physical education fraternity held their first meeting Oct 6 Mar garet Egbert and La Veve Petty were named as a committee to plan a ewimmlng party for the physical education majors The party is going to be held soma-time next week ae far as has been arranged Mm Venice Carlson will have tho Phi Delt profes-ioul Meeting U ho held ta tho 1 Latest efforts at the University of Leyden have - succeeded in reaching the record low temperature of minus 272 29 degrees centigrade 71 degree above absolute zero ''"""" " ----- l-irL--JJ near future These professional meetings are held every month Everyone is invited to attend They are very interesting and educational Watch for further notice Rally— Tonight 7:30 HARDmiES PARTY SLATED The W A A will entertain ths women students of the school in Hard Times party on Thursday October 20 at seven o'clock in the women's gym The officers of W A A assure us that it wont be necessary to purchase new clothes of any kind to wear to this party as it ia to be strictly a hard times affair Music game and refreshments will be a few of the features of tho evening Gertrude Wadley Venice Carlson and Pearl -Williams are in charge of tho arrangements Student Body Dance I TEIIIUO riACEIETO SPECIAL DALE FALL CLEAN-UP PRICES 33 Elcoconfl OFF ENTIRE LINE An Excellent Opportunity to PurchaNe a POPULAR RACKET - Brtng Your Rackets to US for Reatringing Lccca CbritTcro Go S4 v

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