The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 6, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER li, 1 in is. No. 83 ROOSEVELI MAY BE SENATOR WASHINGTON, Nov. G.— That President Roosevelt may be the successor of Senator Platt of New York Is considered by many Washington people as now probable. It Is declared that they have assurances from the President himself that he would not be entirely averse to the acceptance of a senatorial office. His general attitude was that he did not want to enter the senate because as a member he might antagonize his successor, but he does not feel that way about Taft. It Is sugested by some that his absence In Africa would relieve his friends of embar- assment In urging his candidacy, an embarassment that might exist were he In this country when the matter was to he determined. Capital Will Not be Moved While the returns on capital re-! movel are alow, that matter having I been bunched with the sixteen various amendments voted on last Tuesday, the returns on which are still nebulous, enough is definitely known to warrant the announcement that capital removal has been voted down by a vote of more than two to one. Three counties In the state appear to have voted In Its favor, San Francisco, Alameda and Santa Clara. Even the other bay counties are against removal, as witness Napa's vote and Sonoma's.—Sacramento Bee. FIFTEEN YEARS IN XEW YORK, Nov. 6.—Charles W. j It lasted only for a moment, for Elder Morse, whose sensational rise in the I continued: world of finance dazzled all America, ] "Qn the charge of the mlsapplica- was sentenced today to fifteen .vear.-s, n on of ti , ( , f,inds of the bunk we find imprisonment !'or vi'.i 1 misapplication Bo tii defendants guilty. On the charge of the funds of the National Bank of (1 f mi ,i;j n <., false entries In the books of North America, of which he was dl- ti, f , |, iin i< wc , j\ n ,\ | )0 t n defendants Four hours of pleasure were spent j at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. | Davis at 2Sl!i ft .street last evening , the occasion being a reception ten dered • Rev. A. L. Paul, the new pas tor of the Methodist Chuixh, South,', and his wife. The number present including the ministers of all the city ch'irches, taxed the capacity of the AII i .. i . _. ...„ ... ,,.,,, .„,,,, ,.,.,...,„.,,., spacious re.slde.ncC7 ' rector anil the controlling owner. Al- j SU Hty. In the case of Alfred H. Cur- Rev. T. G. Patterson, lite retiring | fred H. Curtis, the former president, j t j s ,),,, j m . v w j Kn( , s ( 0 mi ,ke* a strong pastor of the church, acted as master Hearty Welcome to New Pastor A LESSON IN ADVERTISING and THIEF CAUGHT WITH THE Flower Carnival By Ladies of the Club The Chrysanthemum Fair to b« ] given next Tuesday afternoon and j evening by the Woman's Club bids j fair to be a success socially and oth erwlse. The ladies on the different jointly Indicted with Morse, also found nuilty by the jury, granted clemency as recommended by the jury. Sentence was .suspended in his case. A stay of ten rtnys in tin- Morse case was granted upon the application of counsel, and H is expected recommendation to the merc\ I court." A stifling HO!) of relief escaped Mrs. Curtis as she heard the recommendation for mercy for hor husband. Curtis took the verdict like a stoic, but Morse of the j of ceremonies, ' happv manner. plication of counsel, and H is expected wftg unab)e ^ conceal n , 8 ^appoint- the case will be appealed Immediate- tm . m wm)) , h)s v . 1|e show0i , „„ Hlt , ns !>'• of emotion. She kept hor eves on her A thief of the first water was cap- ( The ladles on the different com- tm-ed this morning by Officers Brlggs - m ittees are working hard, and de- and Bowen on Seventeenth street, ser ve the recognition of the public west of Chester. In a gunnysack he i at tne i r annua i festival. There will I had an assortment of three dead chickens, two planes, a draw knife, hammer, a pair of high rubber boots, a feather pillow, ft lady's white dress booths. Flowers, both" cut and~ pot'ted" and a lady's shirt waist. Some of the j w m t, e for sale. The home cooking goods have been Identified. Mrs. Abe booth will be especially well worth be 410 admittance charge In the afternoon and all are Invited to visit the flower show and the different Meyers called at the Jail this morn- Ing and took away two of the chickens, while It was established that the planes, draw knife a nt ' hammer were stolen from Lacey's blacksmith shop, which was broken Into during the night. As yet no owner has been found for the other chicken or the lady's wear, pillow and gum boots. The thief gave his name as Tom Flores He is a Mexican. When ac-, „ . . . . costcd'by the officers he attempted to! Blowing Is the list o f hide the sack as best he could. He claims to be a carpenter. patronizing, as many dainties prepared by the best housekeepers can be obtained there. Home-made candy, which Is always In demand, will be for sale in any quantity. Refresh- _ n iijtjix ui ,^,.,. ^, ^ ments will be served both afternoon j «Mhe"prisoner'sT;'md"their wives, but and evening, • ' The scene In the court room was most dramatic. The wives of the two prisoners who have been constant attendants, were present today. Morse like u stoic and heard hla sentence with scarcely a tremor of the eyell-.l. There was no shadow of a doubt that the "little man" has iron nerve. Curtis also showed lack of emotion. Mrs. Morse, hitherto "unruffled, collapsed at the fateful words, buried her face in her hands and sobbed convulsively. She was led Into the ante room, where her husband soon had her In'her arms and consoled her. Mrs. Curtis, who has been ill, fainted, and would have fallen had she not been supported. A large crowd had hurried into the court room last night to hear the verdict. Morse and Curtis stood before the jury while Foreman John Elder was reading the verdict, and their wives sat near them, leaning forward In tense attitude to catch every word. "We have agreed upon a verdict in the case of both defendants." said the foreman in a subdued voice. "On tin; charge of conspiracy we find them not guilty." A look of reiier came to the faces and did so In a very | His address of welcome w'as most appropriate, Iteva. W. H. Wleman, B. B. Fuller, L. C. Smith, and B. D. Snudden were called upon and each responded heartily and cordially in speeches of welcome to the _ ... new pastor. Professor Slmcoe, J. B. of emotion. She kept hor eyes on her! Payne, Dr. Fox and Dr. Davis re . husband, forgetting herself. There was a momentary hush in the court room. This was broken by a buzz of excited conversation and a tew minutes later the lawyers for the defendants were making the customary motions for a new trial, for bail and for permission to lake an appeal to the circuit court of appeals. OIL INDUSTRY GROWING IN THE WHITTIER FIELD. WIUTTIKR, Nov. C.—The- oil indu«- try in the Whlnier Hold i.s materially and steadily on the advance. Ne\v and The admission In the evening will be -5 cents. There will be dancing, in addition to the other attractions.! committees: j Flower Committee—Mrs. H. G. Stuart, Mrs. II. I. Tupman, Mrs. J. A .Hughes, Mrs. J. B. Wrenn, Mrs. Alfred Harrell. Mrs. Holtby, Mrs. J. M. Jameson, Mrs. C. I). Oldershaw, Mrs. I.. H. Glenn, Mrs. C. E. Christley, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Heard, Miss Williams. Music Committee—Mrs. H. R. Peacock, Mrs. I. Ikenberg, Mrs. Jas. Has Voted for 18 Presidents deeper wells are the rulo. The Central | Dloorn, Mrs. E. L,. Foster. Company now has five new "strings" | at work, making good pro:;riv-:;. Most of these will be deep wells. The one "brought In" by this company is I Candy Committee—Mrs. Erb, Mrs. 'Guard, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. May, Mrs. Me- .Williams, Mrs. R. A. Edmonds, Mrs. j liilflllan. , I Refreshments for Afternoon—Mrs. one of the best producers, and caused I p, g Rice ^ fs w H ^^ j lrs quite an advance in the price of stock. o a ,Uiy, Mrs, F. S. Benson, Mrs. J. B. The Murphy Company has started Payne, Mrs. D. W. Nelson, Mrs. Me- two "strings" more, both of which will j Leod.JMrs. Cor>pin, Mrs. Huffaker, be deep wells. This company makes deep wells the rult. Some of the other companies are preparing for more development. The Whittle" Ciude has a new rig up and will start work at once. Us location Indicates a depth of 2000 feet will be required, possibly more. The Home Company also contemplates putting down another well soon In their best territory, ure ranging a little higher. Refreshments, for evenlna—Mrs. C. A. Hare. Mrs. F. W. Tyler, Mrs. Oi!den, Mrs. B. Payne, Mrs. J. W. Tutuni, Mrs. C. N. 'Sears, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Murry. Mrs. Carrlere. Mrs. E. D. BUSK. Evening Entertainment—Mlas L. Condlct, Miss Timmons, Miss Weill, Miss Irma Weill, Miss Elwood. Miss Rice, Mrs. Travis. Poster Committee.—Mrs. Jones, Miss Oil prices | Williams. Miss Rice. Press Committee—Mrs. Minor. Social—Mrs. F. W. Mitchell, Mrs. E EFFORTS AT RESCUE OF D. Buss, Mrs. G. J. Plans;, Mrs. \V FOUR MEN ABANDONED. Morgan, Mrs Moncure, Mrs. C. H. Fair . child, Mrs. C. A. Barlow, Mrs. H. L CHICAGO, Nov. G.—All hope of res- Packard. . , , , ,l Home Cooking—Mrs. >\. L Dixun -ctilns lour men buried by an explos-;,, R w W( . bstol . Mrs . A> v /ei!l KERNVII.LU. Nov. 4.— Ill Kernvilh' on Tuesday Judge J. W. Sunnier cast bis eighteenth Presidential vote. In 1.S40 in Lubec, Maine, his first vote , cast for W. H. Harrison, Whig . audlilate, and so on down the long 1 line of Whigs and Republicans. In '49 he came to California and on July 4th, 1800, came to this county, where he has since resided, filling tha office of Justice of the peace for twenty-five years, always advocating sue* measures as were for the betterment of humanity, givng of his time and means unstintingly, till of late yeara deafness and the loss of the use o( Ills lower limbs have kept him from active work. He feels great satisfaction that his vote was counted in for such men LABOR WILL FIGHTjjpMPEItS WASHINGTON, Nov. G.—Samuel Gompers, head of the American Federation of Labor, declares that he will be ready to answer all attacks on him because of his recent course in politics, when the Federation convenes on next Monday. Gompers says he Is not a candidate to succeed himself, but that he will acept the office if elected. It is expected that a hot fight will ensue over the future course of the Federation with reference to politics, and it Is probable that a definite policy in that regard will be adopted. 'Among many labor leaders there Is much dissatisfaction over Gompers' advocacy of Bryan, and the coming) session will probably he a warm one. SAILORS BATTLE WITH STORM FOR SIX DAYS , . . sponded to requests for remarks by laymen and Mr. E. M. Roberts welcomed the new pastor on behalf of the city In a characteristically humorous strain. The welcoming speeches were responded to hy Rev. Paul In a happy manner. The evening was brightened by two solos from Miss Barber, accompanied on the piano by Miss Burnhatn Hunt, by an Instrumental solo by Miss Gloanna Ball and by two excellent readings by Professor Slmcoe. Refreshments were served and at the close of the pleasant evening the assemblage dispersed with heartiest appreciation of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Davln. Tin- popularity of newspapers in a community may lie JutUol I-;- llv r-v,-in--- of the peor>' n when those papers advertise to do tilings. The Californlan announced before election that it woul.l make public the returns on Tuesday night nt the Bakersfield opera house. There were other efforts along similar linen, but the people responded to the Califomtan's In- vltiition. The opera house was filled and hundreds of people came and went, while the main body of the crowd stayed until late at night—until all doubt was dispelled, and all curiosity allayed. WJscwhere n similar offorl m"t with but little response. There is a lesson In this to advertisers. What paper do the people read? Whose invitation was agreeable to the public? Which did the people accept? A newspaper that can assemble the people in response to an Invitation of its own, can benefit you, Mr. Merchant, In like manner.. Tuesday night It was a matter of readers, and of newspaper popularity. The sumo attributes are large factors when It comes to doing advertising for a business house. *v *\ * N * * * * * * * * * * * * + * + * * * * * * * * HORTICULTURE CAR I TO START ON MONDAY. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. fi.—The agricultural and horticultural demonstra- FOR INJURY ( , begun suit ••- , (ieorge Caesar nas negua nun, tlon train to be run through the ftll(;- I iiua lnst the Associated Oil Company ' up today by the officials. The w. H.' thorst, Mrs. Sherman, Rendlll Company made repeated ef-! der, Aliss Mary Buss, forts to effect a rescue. I «~^»— Mrs. Alexan Men Who Like Good Clothes Find this Store the Place For Them! If you are pnrticulap about what yon yet for your money; it' von an- willing to pay the' price' i.!' •,'ood t|iinlity if you can lie sure of irettinir it: you'll lincl no ulothinsr store iu town so much to your likiiij,' as this one. You can't g'et poor quality here; it's not here. Soiimls irood. doesn't it? You'll see how much better it is than it .sounds when you come here. We advise you to pay the highest price you can afford, not for what we can sM out of it, but for what you gut. You'll find fancy weaves; all the new colors and pat cms. THE C... .,i-M. CMS. i: I.. UJI.KK. I.I-... ., 1,0. ' TOGGERY NI-:\V YORK. Nov. ii.—K.-ven shipwrecked seiinien were ;o- day brought Into piirl by the Austrian steamer Maria. They tell a thrillliu: tale of six d'lys battle with the K«le giile which buttered their little schooner, the R. D. Spear, until they were forced to abandon her on November ;;. The ship sailed from Philaclalphia October 20, for Calais and the storm struck hor on the 29t.h. rauiento valley, will start from Sacra nieuto on Monday morning next, the first meeting being held ut Woodland. The Southern Pacific is I'urni.shiug u train consisting of two baggage cars, fitted with practical u;i.! horlicul'iti-al exhibit.•>, .for deiuimM i -a- lion purposes, a roach for u.-e .,.-• .• Icctuiv hail, when,' thfii'C i:> luj'.ie --t: •<:!• aide, anil a priv.iii <-ii" : >r IV " : •• ' and lectun-ivs who will i!i.'coiiip:-;i> !;:• train. The I'lilvrrsily ol Ciiiil'ornla :iu I thi) .state horticultural coiiiiiiisslon are fur- IIO1 I 11 111 <11 I iiMiui in.-,../,, i.ftj .'« i 1B sclenlHlc and pracUca, „,,„ j C-omp,^answer nil not only be able to :-»>-:<k In- j |oruoys f ,, r ,.„,>,„, NEWLANDS ELECTION 18 NOW ASSURED. RENO, Nov. 6.—The local ticket who will l.plllgeritly upon farming topics, l.ui will also he able to denionMrile in ;: practical way how to meet the- ques- lions that arise. The following towns will be visiti-il In the order mimed between Nov. i» and 18, stops of from one to three hours being made at each point: i Woodland, Yolo, DnnulKan, Ari buckle, Williams, Maxwell, Willow. Oerniuntown, Orlund, Corning, Am!. > son, Red Hluff, Tohumn, Vlnu, Chlco, RENO, Nov. 6.-The local ticket »Jj B , UHdley. Live Oak. Marysvllle, more completely Democratic this year \"' hh . incnin than at any other political campaign Orovllle, Hogue. V\ heatland, Lincoln, In her history. The legislature, which Ro.seville, Sacramento. . has been In doubt until today, out to be entirely Democratic. vote was counted in tor sucn men ^ —- ^™at7 will be returned to the immortal Lincoln, Grant, uarneia, | tnfl Un ited States senate by a good turns New-! GIRL WITH HATPIN Roosevelt and now Taft. January 3d will be his ninetieth birthday; with Interest as keen as ever for the questions of the day, and with an honest wish to see his own and clean fair state lead In purity government. *• WALKING FROM LOS ANGELES TO SAN FRANCISCO. John Nordquest arrived h'-"' 1 !l 'i* morning in :i walking race ai;alust time between Los Anio'le* ""''• >s '- in Francisco. Tliis is his 10,11 ;li day from the Southern town ai^l he IHMU'S to reach San Francisco on tin' l"'h or eleventh day. He ciinie from Adobe Station this mornli;, rea 11 o'clock. After ri-gls Cullforniun ofllce, he i hour and then resumed ney up the valley. A MONTANA FAMILY , , the United States senate by a good I majority. Barttett wins by a heavy I plurality for Congress. Returns are very Incomplete and the ROUTS AN ASSAILANT. _ MOl , NTHOU , Y N J Nov. r,.- MUUNI mji,i.j, « .... f " mon have bcen ueiurns ure vuiy UIUUHIIIIKIC UIKI iii« ; _. . . , , latest returns show that the state ls / the countryside near Stanwlck today actually In doubt with regard to the' f 0r a white man who attacked Cath- vote on the Presidency. ( ,,. in ,, Dudley, 19 years old, daughter of MR. AND MRS. GUNN Robnrt Dudley of Borton's landing HAVE "FINE BABY GIRL. | road, this morning while she was , m „ C~.~~ t , o ,1. I walking home after having alighted W. T. Gunn, chef at the Southern;, , .. . „,„„„.•„,.. Hotel, Is wearing a broad smile these; from a trolley car at Stanwlck. days, for Tuesday the stork alighted | -with a hat, pin as her weapon, the on the, Onnn home In Old Chinatown j glr , fO i, Kn t off her assailant. When she (TL'Tnd a h b e°r UI |n l fant b ar 1 e y d'o'mg wnu! j reached home she fainted and Is now Tho marrlaRe of Gunn and the hand-, in a serious condition, some youg San Francisco girl who IB j Snorl | v a f| Cr Miss Dudley had left now Mrs. Ounn, was one of the big-1 . . ,, . »i^^.,i ., n-Viita f «e st events In local Chinese clrcleu ^ ^^' fiitr she notirort a wh , lt , e ' t ,j' ( , and the couple have many friends man, who had been a passenger, fol- t'nr •iii. amon K ^ ne American residents who! lowing her. She let him pass, but „ !' j,,;,,-. will bo glad to hear of the arrival of _ , far I)( , fo ,. 0 the stranger 1 the little Miss Ounn. ' • • for isOO as damages for Injuries sustained while in the employ of the company. It is alleged that the com• ihiinant was hurt by the breaking of a guy rope, permitting a derrick W fall. -I. VY. '.'. l.alrd and Rowen lr- •Ain are attorneys for complainant. Final Account. In tin- matter of tile .-state of C. C. -:tocl:toii ha:> been entered si'ttlillg fl- inal account and illstrllmtlns? th'- 63- tiili; share and hhare alike to C. C. Stockton and Dan B. Stockton. Answer Filed. Karma-.\j.i.\ Consolidated Mining lias been made. J. Rowln Irwlu are at- lain Case Reset. In the citsn of Miller & Lux vs. the Aswoclated' Oil Co. motion has been given of reset i Ins of trial for Nov. 24, tit 1'* o'clock, BUSINESS OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS At the session of the supervisors today A. J. Woody was elected chairman pro tern. Hearing of petltloM for roads 273 and 274 was set for Nov. 7th and road No. 275 was d> clared a public highway. Liquor licenses were ordered IsV sued as follows: E. R. Barry, Oar- den Station; B. B. Barrett. Tehachft- pi; F. T. Tarpey. Marlcopa; J. A. Christy, Garden Station. CERTIFICATES FOR ALL CONTRIBUTORS TO FUND. Certificate* have been received and are now at this office for all who con-" trlbuted to the Bryan campaign fund through the Callfornian, and aggregating In amount $199—the sum collected. The certificates may be had on application. STUDENTS FLEE FROM HAS SIZE RECORD. 8POKANK, Nov. t!.—There a:" more tall people In Llbby, Mont., oast of here, than In any other town of Its ,slze on the continent. Ten members | of one family have a combined height of almost seventy-five feet. Tho father weighs 215 pounds and Is G feet 2% Inches tall, The mother weighs 225 pounds nnd Is » feet 6 Inches tall, follows: FLAMES IN NIGHT, WASHINGTON. Nov. fi.— A liuiKl- rod and flftv students | n their nl'jbt the ( H | r mtn smoke and nines in Hl|s« eU-r't rlc'il sc'u>ol which was vinnd o-'irK today. It was a three-story wooden affair. A defective wire caused the fire,. . - •-•-» --EVANGELIST REV. 8ETH COOK REES ARRIVES. „„..„„ -.. . Thn revival services will begin at The children si*, up as I £« Armory hall /"nl^L* 11 ?,, 11 ^: All are Both Cook Reps in charge. , cordially Invited and urged to bo First son, G feet 2 l ,4 Inches tall, 211 present at the opening sorvlcn. The years; second son, 6 feet 4 Inches, 19 years; first daughter, 5 feet 8 Inches, 17 years; third son, f> feet 4 Inches, 16 years; fourth son, 5 feet ten Inches, 14 years; fifth son, five feet, 11 years; second daughter, 5 feet 2 Inches, 9 years; sixth son, 3 feet 10 Inches, 4 years, seats are free to all. These meetings will continue for ten daya, two services each day at 2:30 and 7:30 p. hunting. Hpr ang from the woods. Sho her hat pin and began a series of stabs In the, man's body, and finally. he was forced to relax his hold. After that she ran away from him. THE PLAY AT SCRIBNER'S FOR SATURDAY NIGHT. The Oolden West has supplied numerous Ideas for the playwright but by far the bent melodrama with this kind of flavor In Hal Heid'B At > Cripple Creek." The principal scones , arc laid in the mountains of the mld-j die west. In the vicinity of this f a-1 moiiH gold mining camp. Tho characters are, nil typical and true to nature The effects are many and Hgtiirtllng. The plot Is powerful and real, with lots of comedy relief, and the story Is wholesome and sincere. During the action of the play niimer- . .-*.<_».. , ' ,,||H massive scenic mountings are T. A. Smith, the air compressor used. Walter Arlington brings his man, Is In town. I strong company In this unusually Clarence Borry, Hon Berry and good attraction to Scrlbner's Opera Frank Keller are on the West Side House Saturday, Nov. 7th, for one night only. Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. You would hardly believe that ich beautiful things could be made of leather aa we are now Knowing. Tho following goods can bo found here in variety. No hotter gift could be thought of than something from this lino. Ladle*' Handbag* In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases. Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices arc most reasonable on everything. Come In and let us show you the good*. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phone* Main 64 and 74.

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