The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 5, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 7
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HURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN The Victor Line — ~.,^ of =_^_ Dining Tables All the requisites that make for a good table are found in the "Victor": Dry lumber, perfect construction and accurate adjustment. These, with the superior finish and neat designs have made this table the most popular seller. Trade us Your Old Dining Room Suit For a "Victor" UEQAL. 51011 Association. trusiet> for CoolervChfts. M. .. 37 California Home Extension Association, trustee lor Crowton. CvniH ...;,-,« 10 California Horn. Bxfen- may BO coMlnue until finally said franchise jjii.Ml be struck off, sold, ami awarded hy said Board of 3upervls- or? to the highest bidder therefor in cold coin of th" United States. Dahd this day of October, 1908, nt BaKersfk'Ul, Kern County .Callfor- "' ;l - I. I* MILLER, . ,... ini-itiiitiuij. 11 m. ll. j;i Her); of the P, :ird of Supervisors of ' ftj"" 1 ')^J\l ichi " ' •>! '".,.,, f ., ,,-. ... 1 1 O i *•"'( I . I I tl lilt i),, .via (_ouut\. 11-2 . i-amorum Home Kxten- - • — sionAssociation, '-iiMee NOTICE. for Kvans. Lumix A. "., 07 To wl,o m i, „,,;, ,„»„.•.„: .,«c.,,i, ^j'WaJlome-,.:,,,,„ '. .iii.c.i.I. my WHO. naviiiK u-j.'ndonM \ for Kvans. Liimis A <KS i day of October, HHIS. I California Home I'.xten- LEGAL. Chrlstten. Wm. F ...... 527 10 10.00 cause be publishe C«ats. J. 13. S. ...... .380 5 800 "Hd Calf fqrnian. n (Juliiornia Home tfxten- vtul published In the CUv o - ' ' tiolrt. Countv of Kern. State ot newsiwDer »i CUv ol HI 5.00 In. ( 'ti Association, trustee I.iicklnspii. \Vm. I /.,] !)l •nstiflcatlon or any reas- if 'i. trustee' DYER & JONES. Ui'lioilt ;-ir. .isiincauou ur SIH.V; i' o r"Fv.YnTT ui'iYu "\" ' rm '.,. this is io .unify you that f will not j California Worn,' lixleri-' '" let-iiniisih 1 ,. for ony debts contract- -.--•-.. ! >y her \\ 'iaU;oever from said last ii.eiitionad -I; ie. PIERRE ORIMAtMt. MiK-orsljeh:. (.';,!.. Oct. , n >0, 1!)OS. XS , x.,- .jion -;HKociatiuii. trustee . (l) , r . '''vnua. f.tiiiiis A. .. NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROP.ERTY. . In iho Superior Court. Stnte of Cil- i.Oiiiia. in and for the Countv ol Kern. i:i ill,' matter of the Estate or Ralph -- Is hereby given, that In pur Ktiiiuce of an. order of the " to in ol the County ot Kern.lSti Caliiornia. nmde on tne 26th dav p/'toher. A. D. 1SIOS. • Superior O til It* Ol Isle of Spice" Will be Here on Saturday Night Next H. H. Frazee's company of seventy people will be seen at the Baiters- field Opera House on next Saturday evening in the musical extravaganza the "Isle of Spice." Thtfl production comes comparatively known to a great many theater goers through this sec. tlon of the country. It Is said this extravaganza created a sensation in Chi* work throughout the entire performance. "Checkers" Coming. "Checkers," the rattling character comedy which will be seen at the Bak- ersfleld Opera House, Tuesday, Nov. 10th, is known in the theatrical profession as one of the luckiest plays on the boards. Last season, snow storms cago, where it ran for 26 weeks. It „„,, «„„,, . . . • . . .. . . , „ . ' and floods and train wrecks played was then produced In Boston, where „„,„ „,.. .. " ' .. . .. . . . . . . *• "- havoc with more than one company. It delighted music loving audiences j uiww, fourteen weeks and thence to New | York City, at the Majestic Theater, in which place it quickly established itself as a prime favorite among the metropolitan theater goers for a number of months. Absolute novelty. Is claimed for the construction of this musical mixture, and the chorus numbers are said to be marvels of stage invention. The musical numbers are of the singable, whistling kind, and there Is no doubt but what the most "Checkers" playing over led from St. Paul and olis to the Pacific, to Texas and New Orleans and back to New not miss a single 1 performence one Texas town the mccrri wao nearly ' 't' l tht- ns. In ph Bo the matte v of r of . . . of Ralph Bower., deceased. DELONEGH,'. :iOT irR Most remaflsat>le mineral springs a California. An aosomte cure for KHEUMATISM Forty-five miles trom BaKersfleld In >i*ira Nevada Mountains. Fine mm Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between t and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metropole n Kern. Returns Tuesdays Ad- Irws, BARBEAU & ROQUETTB. tt Proprietors mnlersicppd .ndininigtra Dl'iVIIti strator of "."the d will sell at SUMMONS. Kht In the Stiuerlor Court ' of Kern, State of Calle Complaint filed In said srn. in the office of the ?f the Countv .. la. and the iunty of Kern, in the .. Sr.k ol said Superior Court. e , e Peonie p.f the Slate of^California send Ereetine to Company. TJefendant. ,_You areTiereby re to Sliver Bow are cti in an. action hrpu . equired to aonear — ----the above-named Dlaintl airnlnst you _bv erior Itate o. _ Jomnlaint , York, did davs (exclusive of airalnst tiff. In . e Countv o tha. i K . 811- ern. and to answer the within ten came In on was so late that It looked for a time as if there would be no performance. The audience, however, refused to be dismissed, and had the unique pleasure of seeing the play's scenery brought into the theater and Court of th< if California. .„ lint pled therein. .... orK, did aavs (exclusive of the dav of service) ««« i P/ter service on you of this Summons, nee. In if served within said! Countv: Irserved <• TiPnrlv elsewhere, within thirtv 1 days. . nearivi And you are herebv notified that if >u ,"PU tp so aDDear and answer, the amUti S-U1 take fudcment for any money .or damaees demanded In the it as arlslne unon contract or streets long after the engagement here. Among the most attractive features of the "Isle of Spice" Is a 'pony ballot' composed of twelve little girls, not weighing over 1000 pounds for the entire lot, who do some very clever er MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST Tl is made hove in California nncl boiii^,- made here it follows that it is best adapted to the climate conditions. Then again it costs no more than imported paints, that are made to suit any climate. (.'ostinjr so little can you 11 afford to let your buildings <,'(> inipaiiitod and into decoy ? Conic in and let us figure j set up with a raised curtain. On every other night of the route*the CUP n time. , Few oth- have had so fortunata a record, and still fewer other companies have retained for so many | years an almost unchanged list. Most of the actors in the "Checkers" company have played the same roles since the play was first produced five years | goa. Hans Robert, who plays the title , role, is his fourth season with the the job. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Gii« Snhamblin ! company, but David Braham, the !n- jimltable "Push" Miller, has been with the organization since the flrst per- So have Lydia Dlckson, George Merritt and Joe Wllkes. Lydia Diekson has her old part of Cynthy. and Pauline Kberhard is Aunt neb again. Helen Ormsbee will have the _[ 1 1 formance. ii! f! complain will annl ill fiDU. ._ .. relief demairdei v to, t ne un he Court d In th for any other e comn any ot lalnt. . Witness rnv hand anJ the seal of said Sunerior Court of the Countv of Kern., State of California. U . 28th ''•"• of Oct.. A. D. 1908. 1. L MILLER. Clerk. 10-4 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Xotice is hereby given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, State of California, for a franchise to he granted to him (his heirs, successors, or assigns) for the period of fifty years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances theron fo r the purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power, and other neccesary and useful purposes, over, along "and upon the streets, alleys and avenues nor thlr to "the esfaie""of ---..--, Bower, deceased: Three small houses: 1 casollne — trough: i barn; 1 corral on the wpst one-half (V£) west omirter (V* ) of three (3m in towns south of ranee thirty. .._.. fornia anrt "'•• ' n *^ ern e°u.ntv. Cal And notice Is herebv riven, that sealed, bids will be received by said I nld nrouertv nn t ereof. and that a, ^omnanlea bv cas ount eaua ... r (W) of section thlrtv- in townshio thirty (30) nee thirty-seven 37) east. sealed Olds will be administrator for si the hour of sale th< 5l d « .ffiSSl b« Jiccj or certified choc to ten ner cent Administrator «. , Bov.-er, deceased iock In, an nmount eaual it of tfieTblds nj«sle- , W. A. McGlNN. , of the estate of Kalnh ased. l7>-30 NOTICE OF MEETING. I the an- _____ Notice Is hereuy giveu nual meeting of stockholders of the McKittrlclc Oil Company will be held at Its office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, Baker- sfleld, California on Monday, November 9th, 1908, at 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BROWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner 19th and H Streets, Bakersfleld, California. 10-26 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereby elven that the an nual meetlhk: of the etockholdera of the below minied cnnnl comnanv for the nuroose of electing directors and he transaction or puch ol s.may he .hroucht before .•111 be held at the office other business I be h iV. .Ke the ce or said Coin" rneetlnft. panv. Kern County Land Company s office buildlne. corner of 19th and H dale and hour set onooslte the'name: Kern RJver^JSnnnJ and Irrigating 100 20 20 I'll 2" 10 If. L'O . Jmtte of tlieiiiteriur Couj1> 20.0U lor Kim on. , nedliuider. Max !• lister. John California Home Kxleii- sion. \ssQofntion. trustee 28G ?'l-l •145 s ion. \Hsooia tlon. trustee for (Jardiner. H. H. ...240 ('alllorula Home Kxton- 73 Ca —a home Kxten- sion Association, trustee for Creen. Alfred 27T Jaltfornla Home Extension Associatl- ' for Green. H Jallfornla HO fev r r ee .3io ome Exten- si bnAssQcl atlon'. trustee for .Harvey. J. M, 54 California Home Kxlen- sJonAssocfattpn, trustee Har I'd 10 20 10 5 L'H.(Mi HI.1)1) L'0.00 10.00 Ci.OO published In "Tire Si ie e iorii'ia.'"nccordfir* "to"TriwT ¥6r at Ii lour weeks successively next ur iiiir the diiv ofhearlutc.. _ . , onto Dated this 5th d«v pf OctQbe_r._WO» 10-fi NOTICE TO . CITY OF Notice is iieii'ijy uiven trial t'l taxes for the 1!)OH- are due iiavable on the List day ol Septein liiiAS. anil win i>t come dolinouent the ~d dav of .\i.>>(.aii>ei. mis. (axes are payable at. the office of City Treasurer and ex-olficio Tax ( (ector. JW2 Chester av £"'\fy pA p~- Citv Treasurer and tx-otfliJo'Ta lector. SUMMONS. Superior Court of the State of Ifornla. Countv of Kern. Southern Pacific Hailroad ComnanS. Plaintiff, vs. H. H. Coiinlisa. Jolin.lL Slouslmul. Henrietta N W. Percy. Clarence Vv. HODUK i .iliiorl. and John Doe. Defendants. Action in I he Superior Coui f the state of California, In ui»«L » he County of Kern and the Con ihiiiit filed in the office of the Clerk < laid Court in the said Countv. ,. Tho People of tlie State of Calif ila send (IreetliiK to H. H. .Count, lohn I. Stouslaml. Henrietta i Olvira W. Percy. Clarence,A... -.— ,. a minor), and John Doe. defendant; eionAssocfatlon. trustee for Herrman. p. M. ... 92 Jerrman, i. If. 462 lerrman. D. M. 468 California Home Extension Assoc atlon. trustee , Jor Herrnmn. A.Ju ...10B Cuiforam ,-tomf Bntt.en- jion Assoc ation. trustee for Herrinan. A. J. ... 106 . California' ioine Kxten- S lonAssoc atlon. trustee • _ or^Herm n. B. W- ... 211 California riomo Extension ASBOC a tlon. trustee Jo^Aerpan.^W. ..., Hovfe. J. California sionAsspi Jor Huddleston. Chllfornfa Home - AsBocfatlr- 20 20 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 ome ation, trustee has. xten- ustee , trustee . Chas. 239 Exten- stee ....161 , . , fornia Home Exten" ' ....173 issocfation.trustee „ pn**" «" < ^* la nev. J. W. ....174 a Home rixttn- 20 20 20 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 acCartnev. Beni ...... • Calltornla Hoine Kxten- Sec. to ni)ove named Canal Company. Kern Countv Land Company's office liufldlne. corner 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld. Calif. 1i»-24 DIVIDEND NOTICE. ; At an adjourned meeting of the 1 Board of Directors of the S. W, mid H. 0 of the unincorporated town of Delano J 9i, 1 = ( 'i t i,.i l "i- 1(I i 9? t fc,n,V 1!l , l i- S '~ ? 4 lv '< loml 'n said County of Kern, under such th'e Htocl- of tl°e com pan v p"v" i.lo N'C" ' ' " " " vember 13..,.1fl/i(, the 'office of the in restrictions, and In accordance with such directions as said Board of Supervisors shall, by proper ordinance In that behalf, provide. I It is proposed to grant said franchise ! and scaled bids will be received there- for, and said franchise will be award- . , . coniiianv. Hti:: CheKter avoiuie. Bali- iian. rrsfleld. Cal. . H. \V. THOMAS. Secr etary. leading woman's part this season of' 01 ' to th * highest bidder at the time and in the manner hereinafter set jii'-Pert" the sweetheart of "Checkers." j forth, namely: Sealed bids will be "The H;ncymooners." >f. Cohan is prndlgal with '. received for said franchise up to 12 noun on Saturday, the 5th day , lf nul . Pmbt . r . snid bids to be . his wc-mlerinl RIIIS of liuuior, musical fl!p ( ] with the Clerk of the Board of npo.-.iiion and dialogue. Tie lavish-' Supervisors of Kern County, Callfor- riche.s upon his productions and ula - al his office in the court house of . I!,i'ioymnonor«" his litest nnd "' ; ' W f '°" I!t >' '" thp Oit >' of Bnkorsfleld. i.o.i. >mnoneis, his latest and C ; ; ,| f o rn i a , ani , the succpsprul bidder •Host sent; -how which comes to for paid franchise, and his apslsns, HHHHf+i************+*+*•*** : tlu> Bakors-'fiold Opera House ou next must, during the life of snid franchise, Sunday ovonine;, contains no loss than ' )a - v t() ihp County of Kern 2 per cent v i "v KOII"S Ii \""'.v •(!••! "^ l ' ie P ross annual receipts of the "'' ''•••..• UK pprpon, partuerslilp, or corporation to crisp, fascinating dialiisuo, and,,, horn said franchise IK awarded, aris- 'Iv.o score of the prettiest girls who i ins from its use, operation, or pos- j have over loft Broadway under the K(JS * io ». No percentage sha',1 ho paid | Cohan banner. "Tho Honeyinoouers" ; . , ( , rs , ' ^? ais sl '^' ( ' c ' o ''"" ; ^"J 1 : •co:v.c 3 direct from the world famous . bia must be accompanied^'by cash or : New Amsterdam Theater in New . a certified check payable to the Treas- JYork, whore it played all last summer '" rPr nf sa| d County of Kern for the i to rooorrt making business, seats sell-' ", ,. , a . m ^,V, n *. °' 8nC ^.i^! l ] ( 'i B " i"-? s ^IJi !"!•; throiiRhout at $2. It is precisely I ( . aa ?J or c heck is'enclosed "therewith; tho same production wlilch will ho I anrl the succeKsful bidder shall deposit Keen here " '"TW^ ] a '- least 10 per cent of tho amount of his bid with the County Clerk of said County of Korn before such franchise shall be struck off to him. Suld h!ds will be opened and considered on Monday, the 7(h day of nocemnor. IfiOS, at 10 o'clock, a. m., :md *=rild franchise will be struck off. ,-nl.l and awarded to the person, firm, er cor- porn I Ion who sha!l make the highest 1 eilhet&l aylor FOR The best that fall offers to cat is apples and we offer the best apples you can get any n'--.e. Thery're sound, good and .'.i.jy. Phone en order"''. t,.fty f.t- rjoccl apple's to eit (.\:\L c ' enino. 1423 19th St. Phone M iln 401 PAYNE & «ON F.".;oval Directors Enibalmers AMbULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night H. 0 HARNESS With J. N. BrocKr> Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 2:!?. Bakersflo) !. Cal Kern- held i. :it tho STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. I at tho .... loldors of Notice Is hereby trivon that tho an•-• — Betins:,of the stockl " held lit the ofllcr ... jit tho sheriff's office. . Thursday, the 3rd day Company "will" b'ti of said corporation in this citv. on of December. 1:108. at the hour of S p. m.. for tho imrppKO of electInit directors for the ensulnir year, anil for tho transact Ion jn such other business as may properly come, pofore the nieetinii. -,-, , T-, i • "'• KKI.l^V. President. P. A. Raker. Eecivti'.rv. Jl-2 ASSESSMENT NOTuT£ Oakland Oil and AspluiuTini <:o.m pany. Location of principal place sion Association, trustee for McConpeU. J. S. ..S12 c Cjnn e. J. H 457 *-*nne. J. R 4^8 «|nne. J. B 464 10 hlin. Win. - ^auehlln. ^Vm. jMef.W^T. 11 : MI er. Branev Ann Civitornl'i Home l-xten- 10.00 20.00 2 g_ 20. . il'.<»a o answer the Comt- v — r ...-„ within ten davs (exclusive or of service) after the service on yott) his summons If served within the i .'omitv: or. if served elsewhere, n thirtv davs. , ... Ami yon are hereby noli nod that 1C " to BO appear and answer. U will auplv, to uie Jjourt B ... demanded in the Comolaln Given under my nantl and tSe^se )f the Suuerior Qourt o( Ine. Btate California, in and for t ,ern. on AuKUBt 14. 190•.__ ;aU _ I,.t- MIU.ERj. t\ M U * VIII f 'Oii fail tc flainUft ,v the relief Give ,. — attorneys iet e County 1. L. Mirj;ER..Ch B«dell Sffiltu. Ueoutv Clerl . SlnKer. qr.. and U. V. Co 1 evs for plaintiff. TAX COLLECTOEJS NOTIOX Notice Is • hereby given that t** taxes on all personal property, ul one-half of the taxes on all real property, will he due and payable on tfctt second Monday in October, and wltl be delinquent on the last Monday Hi November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior •fifteen per cent will be added to amount thereof, and that if said half be not paid before the last Mwt- day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. •, an additional five per cent will ta added thereto. l. That tne remaining one-half at the taxes on all real property will b» payable on and after the flrst Mf*- slonAssoclat for. Myron ..trustee mond ..151 iilRen. .Robt. J. . .no cert. ... -Sxton- siotiAssooiation, trustee .for Nelson. Op. F. ...102 Nelson. Janies .7. 4C9 Olson.Frank A.andtirace 4flO PiinliH'. u lllaM 452 California Home Rxten- sionAasociatlon. trustee lor Ponder Oeo. M. .. 38 California Horn" Kxten- slonAsBoclatlon. trustee tor Dfclcerson. C. A. ..188 Culifornia Home lOxton- s-ion A ssocln t inn. t rilstee for Prewitt. IJijcar 13. .?;t8 Hone. Walter ^i. 422 California " i>...~.. day In January next, nnd will be Unquent, on the last Monday in Apt* next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. »« and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to tft* amount thereof. 2. That all taxes moy he paid *ft the time th first insstallment, as bonr (n provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxed may be paid in tfc* office ot the Tax Collector In Oft cotmty courthouse between the Iravn of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. ««• 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, '- 1 ''FTnal" Account •"•'>—H .• i In the matter of the estate of C. C. 20 20.01.,. i ;-.;ii,ci;ton has boon entered .settling ft- gx *>o'0i- ''i;il riccoiiul and distributing the es- 20 Su.'O' Mate share and share alike to C. C. '' ; 'Stockton and Dan B. Stockton. jjO 20.01 j Answer Filed. til till. 1 Care of pA '*0 0' ( ' i nl '"'' Clt -e 'll f <f»q.ucH~ i4Hl|N«iipni i mi It) JO.'lir-I lllfl K;irma-Aji..\ Ci,u«oll(lateil Mining 5 20 20 20 ,ji o.i/' pany. Location of principal place ol businpss. Oyklaiiil. California. Notice is lierebv uiven that at a rou- l!ln v , "l': 1 ^ '"-''-'fJhe lJonr.,1 of Direct ore ular meetiiii.' <ir' the Honnl r hold on the l."ib dav of Go an assessment of one obe'r I ii cent ner share cap navalilo Im -tary.oi' suiij Comnanv. at oin iL'. at lioii Broadway, in Oakn.inl. California. Anv was levied upon the subscribed htiK'k of the corrioratlnn naya mc'liatelv in I Piled St;ites Kold coin to the secreiarv.di said ConiDnnv. at its ofllce. room TL'. at '.MM' " the Citv of Oakliind. C stock upon, which, tli.. shall remiiin niiniud on tho 17th day ot Novell!)''.,-, ".us. w jll be dellniiuent nirl advertisoil lor sale at public auction, nijd uuloHM payment is made lio- love, \yill lie sold on Momlav the 21st • !-iv ^*'.Decomher, 'liiOS. to PMV tho do- lliKnient. assesHment. touethor with the cost. l"-^ sale . ol ndvertlsina- . rtlsina- nnd expenses o J. ENMS. Secretarv. NOTICE. To whom it may concern:-—Notice is herein- stivi-n that we. tin- iin«|i-r- have tills lOUi dav of October- I'.ios entered Into articles of auree- inoni and I'o-Dannershln for the purpose of coudtietine a ceneral • * •* . .^^ WT?. PLOYMENT BUREAU * Wben you want reliable help of •» cash bid therefoi ; provliled f'ii!> that at the time of the opening of P^ I( ' iiids any responsible person, firm, or corporation present, nr r> '.H'enent'd may bid for said franchise lego a sum not less «ny kind nt oo coat to you call •» ,. ... - f» us uu. We ilso supply Chinese 4 j above the highest sealed k p nh '" lt ' a " eav he 'P- + and said bid so made non» 313. 1219 19th St •» not less than in per cent by any responsiblo biddr>r. and said •; . • • ,- -• ••'i««*.i.«t»i« ii ii\- in.-1 d i n 11* i i HcUl dli-e and store-ke-eninif luisineHs at and in i lie I own of Molave. County of Kern ;, n ,i State of California, under the firm name and ntvle of tlie "Mo)a V!! .^'.'ra'" e.Comnanv," TI r t r -. '••' ' •' •'' IJ ' ' J ' J ' Hefidlnc at Moiave. fVilifornla. nesidiiiir at Molavel Caiffornla. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. l,e r icount essment (No. U-vied Bakersfleld Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230---L, M AND 24 STREET "fi'VolIf w • "' l ' ( ' SDt!C '-' vc shareholders. 'n'«!' is , 1 oL^i.'ir'-liolderR with No. of eer- "IK'ate. .No. of shares and amount due: IP*. No. No. Name Crt. Sh.s. Amt. -aliforniu Home Kxten- sionAssooiailun.t.niKiee ii n- Aiiitnst Aii.ler.son .n'.':! James H. Andersoti . .. .::r,V .rifnes Ii. Amlers-'on ;; i i.'i 20 l 'illl<irnla ll' Kxten- • : !on Assoei.-ilion, trustee tor .!. K An.lei-Kun 1 17 '-''i (tarter. .John .J;D r, I tea ril. Tims, fieri . •;(•,,( r, Heekelt. .Alice M '. Ill' !!'> |!..ii!iett. Mrs. Surah . . :MS 10 I .diffdlilii llui/ie Kxteti- :-ion. \sMoeiat Ion. trust ee fur J{oHer. Salnuel ... ,'ii; 'Jl, l '•'i i'l irnia '[(Mile Kxten- sii >n Assdciaf if iti t m s re,for Hower. Samuel ... 71 10 ('alitornia Home Kxten- ^-lonAHsorlailnii. triiHteti ^tor HtUM-'s, U'arren }•'. A. ^tilit'oriila Home ICxten- sion Association, trustee for achlueter. Fred W. 7R II) Scbroeder, Kobt f>?,2 20 ^torlinL'. ,1. 11 r.KS gi Sl< i-iiui:. Goo. \V 14 2', California Home Kxlen- .sion Association, trustee for Terrell.. Daniel F.. .20!) California Homo Bxten- 20.0 20.0 Company, answer has been made. J. VV. P. Laird and Kowin Invin art) at) torne.vs for defendant. Case Reset. In tlie case of Miller & Lux vs. the ! Associated' Oil Co. motion has been |i<iven of resetting of trial for Nov. 24 r ut in o'clock. •dl .20!) 20 20 20.U !) 20.'l.r- s, ai.ildt." sion Association, trustee for rift. Ren vg Trodten. Heujien F. ...TiftS —. Trauden. Knelien F. ...530 2H 20.(Ki, \Viirrocker.6tto -t;!-! 10 lo.ou' Weinel. P. J 420 20 2(Mi(i Culifornia Homo Rxten- 'fo'r n \\' ! Snianis. 0 Mi4"c t . l? P. 44 H ('•'lifornla Homo Kxten- sion A Hsocln tlon. trust eo. for \Voloiinrskv. .Mever 202 20 Cfillfornlii Home Extension Association.! ruslee f - ,,'.•.•:). .'•' 15 ni7 10 10.00 ' ""<• v,-'th law and an o- ' ••• r--rii of Directors made nir ii ni AniriiHt. 1HOX. HO . many sliaro.s of eaeli parcel of as niav be nece«sarv will stock sold at nii tion at the ollice of the secr(>ta.rv of tho company on tin 2rtth dav of October. 1!)D8. at, the houi •• • • s ..|i,] ,'eth- jth dav of October 1!)I)S. at, the hour . of si' " " or with eoFts ot "a'dvortlslnK and ex- }f 10 a. in. of said day. to nav •'ssment thereon. to« ictises of sale. AI.FRKD n. .lOaPAN. Soev. Wasco. Kern Count v. Cal. 10-'A POSTPONBMENT Notice is herebv clyen that tho date of sale of delinquent stock of the Fourth Extension Water Coninanv has beon i)ost])onod until ThurKdav. November 19. 1908. at 10 o clock, a. m. liv order of the Board of Directors. Dated Octpbor 19. 1!)OS. ALFRED H JOUDAN. Sec. NVasco. Keru Countv. Cal. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. Ill the Superior Court of the Countv ot Kern. .Stat>> of C.-oilornln. In the imii'er o'' Ibe annllciitlon of (he Hiidntit Drivintr Park AKHor-latloii. a eornoratlon. to clianun Its name to "Kern County Agricultural Association: 1 l! sutlsfactorilv :iiiiii>iirlntf t.j mi! that tj'.i- "Hudijut Inhiii;-' Park A.SNOf!n- tion" has filed t':'- d: '. an aiiidlciitlon lo rhailuo its name in "K<'ru (.'ountv AiM'Icintiiral Ai-sorlntinn." and llial said ii|j;iliciilloii or ;.etltloii is signed G r!(m| liy !l 'u:i.i<"'ify ••( th- dli'«;i;loi-H of tin- 20 14i?r, , said "Huilniu Drlviii-' Park As^oc'lji- jtion," and that K;IJ,I iietitlou t Mates '.'(i 20 {.n silfllclenl I.-:ISOIIK for 'lie chailire i,f ilie T, o'lni : name ol 'he said em poral ion. there..•• ,/'•"" i fore. *'"•"" It IK h. :--.!>v or.lere I, that 111 BUSINESS OP THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS At the session of the supervisors today A. J. Woody was elected chairman pro tern. Hearing of petition! for roads 273 and 274 was set tor Nov. 7th and road No. 275 was da"M"?^ a public highway. i\otiee is '-,n-.«..j ..^v-j, .. *\auioFA() ta r fioiiw ciwnlntr and Kceiilnir (lo«yi. wtr«wl. tie limits of the City of BakerefleW. tlnit License Tajr« for tli<> year 19«w are now reach Jor dellve.-y at the of- lief of (lie City Clerk, hi ;',e bawniea ol Producers Savings Ii >i < bullnitu and on alter the lolh ' - A * tl ?v o iinnou streets Bfc arv. I will proceed to iinnound oM ilous nuitirl runnliiK on MS v'-'.'aV rlI1K lhe Date,! NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. pany. t.ocatJ«* s. Bakers Snrlricnejd Oil Com 9.' i", 1 ' 1 ".'-' 1 , 1 /? 1 " ;<cf! °' o field. California. Notice is hereby (riven tlint « iimotliiB of the Directors held on 2-1 111 dav of September, limfi. an sessment of one and one-nuarler e^nfi tier share was levied upon the canitM «t k tins an s» stock of the,eornornt.lon. pavabl*- i atelv (n Xlnlted States L-old coiiv i l. Pro- 'li-noratioii . uildlni!. Hate- medlatelv in United States L-old coiiv I* the Becretarv of Bald cut -miration at office of the comu-inv. dlieers Savinus Hank 1 ei-Hlleld. California. Anv stool; nno;i u)il<)i tills asse«» incut tshall reniain nnnaiil oil Ibe it* day of November. Km>. will be dfr- liiuiuent and ailxertise.l for sal» »4 Diilille. auclf"ii mid unless onvinent 'Ml made before will lie sold on the liStfe day of IIHiK. to unv llx' d»- Illidiient fi- -essineiit, tnL-ethor wlt» cosi of aili-'-rtl.sinu' and exiit-nses «8 rder of llm rtoanl o! Directors. •.IfMITNKR. aecretai'y Hv A. 'i Oliiee. n IL-S Haul. nn N( I. in .-.,1, i. Producers PH. .iildlii'-', corner l!uh am". Ii nakersfielii, California. 10.* NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Ma...c-ot Oil Comtianv. Principal I luiMiieiifi. C/imii on N. H. 'i s , 'I'luvnidiln :'._' Sontn. Kani.', n: 1 , • •: n ( mint v. Caliiorrila. \.itiec Is I'.erebv irlvn tl nu; of the Hoard cf I)ir. • ' Oil C'oninaiiV l-'iflh dav o; i, held 01) till -. U4) artsessmenl cif f!' ••• f Ms ix") i" was levle'l unon :'<• '-aiiiuu !•' of the fin Monition. ,,.-|.-.-il,|i' ii»- lial'-lv in tbe Secri'tai". -n 1 t'lf cor- .ttiiin. lit the lu'iinch ( "' c 'e of tli iiuanv. Room I i:i C!i : v.i : ', XMMOII • hear- |'..,i,l> Huil IIUL-. rornt-r Tlii-' and Matt, - ' II .-.•!«. !.(.-. All'jeles, f'a! !i'l Ilia, AllV Storlc 11111)11 wllii-i; ''^S aSW'jgl 1 - sliall remain nun i I •''! the l-'i'i of Nnveiuber l!nr-. will be ni-Yrfc- , -. ml ai|\e.rtlvi'd d.r -ale at nuit- . ,, iiaiMiK-nl one hi Us eourl room thereof! lie iiucilon. and. miles-• navnient i» I" 1 " 1 In the County court house, ltak(>r«flnld. j made before, will lie M'M on the fit* California, and that ,'(ijv and fill ijor-1 ilav ol Deeemh'rr. Un^. to nav the " 10.1" 1 I inn ,,|- d,,. iipMiiealiotl tor elian,;o ol tiaine ill the loie'.:oinir pro'eeijiji 1 .:" lie. and the satlif" is herebv set |or V'lii-.nieM dav. the Dili day of November. I'KIS. i|n\ i at 1" o clock a. in. of said dav 'it demien f, .-,.00 20 2U.OO 10 30.00 . sons Iniorcsted In said matter to lie ami appear before this court at the oresaid, and then and Hlon Association, trustee tfiere K!IOW cause, if any. tbev hnve why the aunllcatlon for the chaneu of name of the said coruoration should not he cruntf-d. and it IH further ordered that a couv of this order to show liniment jtsHot-t-iiieiiil. touether \vlt, costs of advcnlsini: and exnensr'n <> Mil«v W. M. WALLACE Secreturv of MiiFfot Oil Couinaiiv. \Jf. floe, room 41:! CltlKen's N*ationiB Hank bniidlnsr. cornijr Third atli Main streets. Los AnirelflR. Califot nia.

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