The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1?, 19« ' """• ' , _. lOYLE'S COLUMN Lady Marine Colonel Sold on Corps Although She Retires Next Year ••«>• RELMAN MORIN • For Hal Boyle NEW YORK W Kathoi'lne °wle is one of those women who lake you look twice, even when pe bride is hanging on your arm. Sha Is taU. slim, grey-haired find some. Her eyes are a cool coo) and appraising. Being pmmine to her finger lips, she pldoni mentions her several unl- ,ersity degrees, nor what she lias jecn doing the past seven or eight ears. j In large part, this has been to |Ct as a walking advertisement for pe marines. j She is a colonel In the corps di- i?clor of the women marines Thev ^mounced (lie other day that she 'ill retire next year (o become the ean of woman at the University ( California. That's her alma later. She comes from Towle. |alif., a town founded by her jrandfaiher. i"Kay." as they call her out ill-re, was up to her eyebrows in Sterature 10 years ago when our pare of the war was getting under ay. nay Starts at 5 a. m. Their day starts nt 5 a. m., and /oilier, for the next U hour's, they sbor! They get discipline and they farn manners. You may have aticed that the average 'woman 4 uniform is al home in almost £V company. They learn how to jalk, and talk, and how lo be as pmplctely self-reliant as any of j ever can be. The marines lay before them a ture, in terms of education, and •en a career if that's what they aat. The colonel's niece, Clare lillitt. Is studying journaiism. As you probably know p there are ur general reasons why women Hist. For some, it Is purely a lestion of patriotism. For many, is a matter of financial security, hers, who have not been able to ford a college education, go into iform in order lo get it. Man.v Seek Hiubnnils Still others, frankly, are looking r a husband. And why not? A great many girls, oven work- girls, complain they don't meet any men, Or the kind they want. . J That problem, generally speaking, doesn't exist for the women In the services. They are in a post- tion to look over the boys and throw the indelible typos back in the uea. The marines needed women, and she went in. • Five years later, they put eagles on her shoulders. The new colonel was feeling pretty good about those chicken wings until a certain day in an elevator. A dear little old lady peered at the emblems and said: "I suppose Dial means you're a member of one of the bird-watchers societies. How nice! I just love birds, myself." Sold nn Armed Services Well, the colonel doesn't take herself very seriously, hut even though she is returning to her own chosen field, she still is sold on | the armed services as a career i for women. There are 2.600 women marines now. Their equivalent of "boot camp" lasts six weeks, and then they go on to greener fields. They have sotne Mtttude of choice. It's amazing what those six weeks do for p. girl. Does a tour in the service de feminize a girl? Nothing makes 'cm more angry than thai question. Definitely not. any officer in any branch—WACS WAFS. WAVES or iiminrs—will tell you. ^ They say that If "you put 1.000 women in a factory, or any place wher; they work with men, the percentage of personal disasters would be larger than it is in the services. Do the professional officers treat them as equals? ' "Most of them," says Col. Towle. "There are still a few old- timers around who don't. But they're learning." No one nas reached the top of Mi. El-crest and come back to tell the story. The world's highest mountain Is over 29,000 feet, jt is along the A'epal-Tibet border in i Asia. Putnam Says Ike Left GOP 'High And Dry' on Tax, Price Issues BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)'COURIER NEW» BOSTON «| _ Economic Stabilizer Roger L. Putnam said yesterday Gen. .Eisenhower left the majority o( Republican congressmen high and dry" when he favored lower prices and lower taxes Putnam spoke at ths 60th annual Convention ot the Massachusetts Federalion of Labor. The economic boss said In a prepared address lhat 15 per cent of the Republicans in the House voted in favor of an amendment to end all price controls. "That vote was a vote for more Inflalion. for higher prices, for cheaper dollars, for less real income." Putnam declared. "And now Gen. Eisenhower would have us believe that his p ar . ty stands for lower prices and low- laiics. It's very possible, of course, thnt a man who has devoted his lifetime lo military matters should be unversed in civilian ,„,* out affairs. Bui it's a little surprising' during a campaign year that a candidate should leave so many of his party's congressmen high and dry on the matter of prices." Putnam said Elsenhower, before the Chicago convention, "came out in favor of elimination of our direct economic controls. Then In a speech at Los Anctc-les ee (his same general said he proposed lo save American people from the double toU of high prices and high taxes." "It's going to be somewhat of a feat to lower prices und end controls at one and (lie same time " Putnam said. "Even if the gentleman in question exchanges the swagger stick of the general for the wand of a magician, his task will lie impossible. "It's not at ail surprising to me fxtended Arkansas Weather Forecast Extended Arkansas forecast for the period Aug. ja-16: Temperatures will average 2 to 6 degrees above normal. Normal minimum 68 to 16. Normal maximum SO to 86. No Important changes. Precipitation light to moderate] Widely scattered thun- nershoxvers. Acheson Lashes Czechs For Secrecy on E scope WASHINGTON M'1-Secrelary of State Acheron Inslwtl Communist Czechoslovakia yesterday for keep- Ing omct about the reported escape el John Hvastn. 25-year-old former from a Czech sartor, prison camp. "If we wore necorded the rights' us nai ai an surprising to me i tllnt ovcr - v "''Hired country Brants-' that a Republican candidate should '• all< > th er," Acheson told a news con-i talk out of both sides of his mouth ! , fcra!Ce ' this government would' rf '"" 1 "" " - " '''••"•« known of (he escape months! Interior Decorator Finds Movie Stars Rooms Reflect 'Status By »0n THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wi-fn the movie judged by business, a star town the rooms. In Hollywood hns- cut lavishness of stars' drew.,,,,. ,„„.„,, In the old days, we might a star's room every two or three , „„ .- = years," she snid. "That doesn't loom ls - happen any more." When unknown players are Slie '"^ed back i-afher wistfully signed at a studio, they have vir-t'° lhe <la >' s whcn the MOM queens ..._„.. , . .... ,vi,, ( | fp r supremacy. Top K al was " " who had a suite :pensive modern design. Joan Crawford had an elaborate English 18th centmy affnir. Marion Dovies held court in her own building, two-story Spanish house. When she got mart at the sluelfo and left, she moved the bulldin" off the lot. "At first Garbo wouldn't talk to anyone but Adrian, who designed her rooms." Miss nenneche said. 'But in her last years here, the the slr.e of his roles or salary. It's how big and elaborate the dressing signed at a studio, they have vir-1 lo lne aa >' s whcn the tually no place lo hang their hats I vleti r ° r supremacy. M they succeed in becoming fea- y ornla Sfiearer, ivho turcd players, they are assigned m ex Pensive modern rooms in a building with their colleagues. If they make the dizzy climb to stardom, they are moved into a swank building with other stars and given fancy suites, Dressing rooms at the MOM star factory are the particular hcnd- ache of Miss Eli Benneche. She has been decorating interiors at the studio for over two decades. "I have to take care of 150 dress- Ing rooms and offices," she reported. "Most of them have to be designed and decorated individually. The actors aren't tiie only ones who have certain desires in color and decoration- the directors and producers can be just as particular, or more so. I suppose that's true of all people In show business, in which color and design play such an important part." Times have changed, she added, remarking that the economy wave aso. ?A<SB ELEVEN cnmc down (o earth a little. She let me clesiRn her dressing room but It wns a great problem, i couldn't get a decision from her on anything. When she did decide, sire would contradict hcrseH later! "She finally cntlcd up with everything dark-dark blue walls arid turquoise drapes, u was like tomb." They're here! 10 dozen Smart Solid Colors In Complete Sizes 495 |f Whil If T While they last! These Shirts Available At Both Blytheyille and Steele 100 NEW FALL SUITS Gabardines Sharkskins Twills '25 New Fail Colors HUDSON CLEANER - CLOTHIER - TAILOR Blytheyille, Arkansas Steele, Missouri GOTHAM'S CHOicE-Eisht" cen-year-old Joan Kayno wears Ihe crown that marks her ns "Miss New Yolk City of 1953" after she wns selected to represent tfie city in (he annual "Miss America" contest at Atlantic City, N. J., next month. The lowest spot m the Unilod j States Is Inyo. Calif. It is 280 (cut ' below sea level. STRAIGHT BOURDON WHISKEY THt AMtelC»H DISlltlING COMPANY, INC. • PEKIN,III. NEED SOME FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE 324 We Sf Ash Phone 2091 's the 'TWERE is a host of things that X endear a HEADMASTER to anyone who loves to drive. There's the might of its Fireball 8 Engine—niost powerful ever put in a Buick. There's the thrift of its Airpower carburetor-a four-barrel automatic that literally brings increased power right out of thin air. There's its hushed and luxurious silence —its poised and level ride that cost a million dollars to develop-and the infinite smoothness of its Dynaflovv Drive. .Out the thing that's won the most cheers for this big and obedient beauty is Buick's version of Power Steering.* Gone is the tug of turning, parking, maneuvering in small space. Power Steering takes over the effort of turning the front wheels — makes it a one-hand operation. JUo you have to learn to drive all over again if you have this new Buick feature? You definitely do not. On the open road, you have that same sure sense of command that you've always had. Coming out of a curve, you can loosen your grip, and the front wheels right themselves just as they do on every Buick. But you'll notice this: When you suddenly hit loose dirt or sand—or a stretch of rough road - Power Steering smoothly goes into action - helps take up the jerk - makes control of the wheel easier and driving safer. Wouldn't you like to try out this newest wonder — on a ROADMASTER or a SUPER? lou say the word, and we'll do the rest, Equifmtnl, accessories, trim an.! «o./,-.'j are subject to chunks without notice. *Oftt-)i:jl .j; extra cost on KooihnastCT and Super only. WHEN gETTtR AUTOMOIlUi ARt «URT >UICX Vml IUILD THIM LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Plione 4555

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