The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 5, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1908
Page 5
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HURg •STCRSDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN u .Have You One of )ur Catalogs Yet? x ' tty all ni"!His don't-fail to fret one. AVe'ro triad to see so many tnaiiy pe();i|i> after them, and pleased tit learn bo\v well they appreciate, a well trot- ton up b(in|< li!<e ours. Our cntii'.ot.'- will be a revelation to yon--for you'll bo surprised to see how tunny things you can (rot here for a small nr.ionnt of monev. ONLY 8 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS. Am 3f lean Jewelry-Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street I Kern City I NOTES AND PERSONALS. The Golden Hour Club will give party tomorrow evening at the home of,.Mrs. J. P. English, 6)7 N street. Nlghtwatchman Selna and Pascal Pierrou wont hunting yesterday at Connors. Kern City | iX«5C«K(Od««««X»OOO«C8X» LIQUOR LICENSE IS IN OH DELANO NOW THE SEAT SALE BASEBALL CENTER OPENS TODAY !« pniii-}.-; to be the real baseball these days. With at II the i.'isbaiulfng of the Tehachapl team That IJelongs,' 1 the benefit play wliicli n< young people of St.'Paul's Church Money to Loan We have unlimited funds to loan on Improved farm property at 7Vz% per annum, and on long terms and easy payments. If you are paying a high rate of interest this proposition should interest you. Bakersf ield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. pects to be gone about a week. Bernard Sartlat Is down from Salt Qreek with a load of fine apples. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neal returned yesterday from an extended eastern visit. Get a lot in Kern. Two thousand to pick from. You cau't miss getting whn*. you want. Terms e"sv, prices right. A. .1. Woody, 816 Baker st. tf A party consisting of Dr. West. Chris Johnson and M. Qillesple went hunting today at Buena Vista Lake. E. S, Garrett bas gone to Midway to remain about a week. You can get a lot in any part of Kern. You have 2000 to :>lck from. Terras easy. Prices $35 to $3.50 A. J. Woody. 816 Baker street. tf S. D. Thomas went to Tulare yesterday on the afternoon train and will re turn this evening. H. H. Morris of the Standard Wood, enware Company of Los Angelea was in town today. Mrs. K. Frembllng has gone to Tulare to visit friends. F. E. Shoemaker of Los Angeles was in town today on business. •4* 'BUTTERNUT' BREAD You might as well serve the best bread on your table as an Inferior kind—and "Butternut" stands first and heads the list as the finest bread made. You'll enjoy this bread, ajnl we advise an early trial. Costs no more, but is far better In every way. AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. At (lie Board of Town Trustees' meeting last night the principal subjects of discussion were the liquor II- easy* A. J. Woody, 816 Baker st. tf j cense ordinance, which was to have Mrs. Lee Stancllff left on the noon j come up for its last reading, and the train today for Los Angeles and ex-1 Sacramento Exchange saloon, against which complaint has been made. The ordinance fixing the saloon license at $75 a quarter was laid over until the next meeting and will be amended to provide for the transfer of licenses is. sued after the ordinance goes into effect and also to fix the license limit at twenty. * As there has been complaints lodged against F. S. Sarnow, proprietor of the Sacramento Exchange, for con' ducting a disorderly place, Marshal Badger was ia'imieted n •>( to issue him another license, but to refer him to the board. Sarnow was given a It cense on the 31st of October and his time will not be up until six months from that date, There was some talk of revoking his license, but no action wns taken and It is not probable that anything further will be done until the expiration of his present license unless there is further complaint. The raising of the dog license was also discussed and it was decided to raise the license, on female dogs from $2 to $3, and to keep all female dogs and bull dogs off the street. The trustees are going to see the supervisors in order to gain permission to erect a dog pound on a county lot. Engineer Martin O'Meara's resignation was accepted and F. E. Waldon appointed to succeed him. Marshal Badger's report for the month of October showed $1228.73 collected for taxes and licenses. Chief Sheridan was Instructed to install a heater for the fire engine. The followings bills were rendered and ordered paid: Power, Transit and Light Company, $190.92; Ardlzzl-Olcese Co., $62.50'; A. J. .Woody, $22.95; J. F. Dugan, $230; M. B. O'Meara, $13.30; Wm. Hand, $52; M. B. O'Meara, $100; F. E. Wai- drou, $11.65; Sumner Water Co., $10; Scott, $25; Labor Journal, Badger, $110.50; A. J. Woody, $162.25; Dan Jaeomini, $2.50; R. H. Robinson, $1.25; A. H. Karpe. $9; S. Selna, $40; Union Cemetery, I $15; \\~rn. Harmon, $4; King Lumber Co., $84.25; H. F. Murdoch, $35. and interment of the game In Bakers- 1!' 1 ! long ago, tin,' northern town Is tin 'mly place in the county where the f.i'.,. seem to bo reaily to play ball. Tlu> Delano nine has played twlco 'IIIIIIH: the 1'iiM two weeks and has an- | GEORGE CALHOUN | TO TAKE A BRIDIE. On Wednesday evening, I 18th, at Hie Southern Hotel, George Calhoun, Inn well known man, will take HS Ills bride Mrs.; Madeline Rogers, a charming Los Kelps lady, and Invitations are out for the hnppy event. Following the ceremony, there be u reception fioni 0 to 11 in to present In Scrllnier's Opera' parlois of tin- hotel. Mr. Calhnnp ' -its were plnr-nl miles' drug store on sale today for "The Girl llouM' on the evening of November 11th. for the benefit of the church debt fund. Excellent work Is being done at rehearsals by the amateur •Hn'duled for Sunday. Thespians, and a irnod house is <>x- the Old River team was peeled. Sunday li:i.:iy f|</Vatc.1 by the Dplanollew, L'O/ to .".. ainl the Sunilay before the Pop-] Ill- well known here by reason of his < nectlon with the rcfin inn business he is the recipient of many con grift*" latlons since the coming event made public. Pioneers Visit Here— Dr. and ' '" S ' :{<)1 ^" I ' S ' I'l"" 1 ' 1 ''* °>' K<>rn Cou«il»» Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bernard and Mr am from Pnrtervllle likewise and Mrs. P. A. Boyce went to Lindsay lmt now rewl(lln S nt Slln P cur °. was beati-n 9 to 6. Sunday the Kern | today in the later's automobile. City team journeys to the northern L Mr. and Mrs. Fasnough and family visitors here for a few days. X**. Rogers is Interested In the project 1 * border oi the county with a strong ng-1 who have been living In the oil field's i C8tttU " 8nl "i t a ""miner BakorafieSi gregation but the speedy Delano | for the past few months, expect to re-i colcmy llt Sa " Pl ' (lvo ' wiho ^ e clWMfl * bunch is confident of victory. The j turn to Kern to reside. Annett'sBakery WE SERVE HOT DRINKS AT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. COME IN WHEN YOU'RE UP TOWN AND TAKE A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE OR BULLION. THE BEST OF MATERIALS ARE USED IN OUR SERVICE. WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH A TRIAL. 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 northern team is attired in natty blue uniforms with red stockings and trimmings and make a handsome appearance. The Delano boys are managed by T. A. Robertson and line-up as follows: E, Tlmmons, catcher; G. Dyar, _ pitcher; G. Grainger, first base; C. „ Nelson, second base; F. Ceuvas, third base; Newell, short stop). D. Turner, left field; Ed Valencia, center field, and G. Turner, rifeht field. ARP 111 S .THE CONIRACT James Arp was today awarded the contract by the supervisors for build- Ing the addition to the hospital, the figure being $5600. A bond of $1500 was required. The bidders were: R. H. Redstone, $6319, and Uu cents per foot for veneering. M: T. Kean, $5890 and 25 cents tor veneering. .lames Arp, $5000 and 24 cents for veneering. Expert Appointed. Celsus Brower was appointed official expert for the year ending June Jit, liJiijj, at a salary of 150 a day. j Thos. '$37.75; C. P | WOMAN'S CLUB PLEAS- j | ANTLY ENTERTAINED, j . , + The Woman's Club was most hospitably entertained yesterday at the home of Mrs. William Upton in the The Christian Endeavor Social to be held by the Congregational Society tomorow (Friday) evening, will be at Miss Ruth Rice's home, corner of G and 18th street. Please noto the change in place. A general invitation to the young-people Is extended.. [nnd environments t;he thinks are *n~ • perlor to those of any other Bonttac* beach locality, P. Hlce, reprcBPiitntllvp of the Sn»set Realty Company, will be at tl*s Southern Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and will give M information nbout 10 acres of Inni tar sRle fit $25 per acre us per nd of tt* Sunset Realty Company on the .«.•!*»• RAKFRMFIR OPERA HOUSE Uni\L.IIVl ILL.U ROBT ft. BARTON, fl.naarr SATURDAY NOV. 7th. H. H. FRAZEE'S PIQUANT MU8ICAT. MIXTURE Isle of Spice FAMOUS i FOR MUSIC FUN AND BEAUTY 1 u. i P 1 E Ha LJ m Ha M flo Lo NO COMPLAINT AGAINST BOLENDEE Contrary 10 Announcement 'made yesterday. •* is now said that no complaint will DC made against J. B. Bolender for an alleged infraction of the ejection laws. E. L. Willow will not swear 10 the complaint, un.J those in- teresteil in the election row that oc- cuiTBil in Hie Third precinct a re disposed to drop the matter. YOUR DOUBTS WILL ST. PAUL NOTES. The Junior Choir meets 011 Friday afternoon at 4. I A, party for all the young fol\i' of i (he church, Saturday night at 8 o'clock at the Guild Hall. Dancing Virginia Colony. The ladles, about and a good time. This is an Invita- CRUMBLE when you see a milt of clothing or an overcoat that we have cleaned r:. " l>refc-s<?rl if you think we can't, -r Vc your Knnnents look just like new. Out- process oi cleaning is the acme o!' artistic work on clothing, fine dresses, dainty waists and plumes. . Our dye- inn bas all the rich colorings that conies in the finest goods when don- .it the Pioneer Dye Works. Mail orders proniptyl attended to. eighteen in number, were taken to I the Upton home in a hayrack, return. I Ing last evening by the light of the moon. An interesting business meeting at wiiiili two new members were brought in, Mrs. Greemore and Mrs. Gibson, was held, after which all partook heartily of the grand feast their hostess had prepared for them. SUMMONS In the sSuoerlor Coirl of the of KI-VM. St-H(, of rs|ifn">< ; , J. O. Ho.Iirenrf. Plaintiff vs. How (111 C<r.i:it v Silver tion to all our young people from sixteen years upward. These parties will take place each month from this on with the hope of getling our young folks better acquainted with each other. The ladies of St. Paul's and St- Agnes' Guilds will alternate in taking charge of the refreshments. The vestry met last Monday night and reported progress on debt raising pledges. Friends of the church are coming forward generously. There is bright prospect for clearing off the Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobsen. Proprietor. v ^ ISJ'd l«th St., Phone Main 175 •>«. 1.20-UJ3 20th St. Phono Ma<n ifiS .•• , .-. • Ueieii-ii'iii., ..entire lebt January 1st. ction .brought In the :- >i"'i"», i „ ,. „„>. Court oi the Countv ot Kern and t'>e ConiDliiini /i >" llin said 'Countvof Kern. In tin — the Clerk of Kuiil Suiierlor C'oun. The Peonle ol the Sf'te of Cull 1 ' ".. n'n sen-l Orpptine to Silver Bow oil Company. Defendant. You are hereby required to annear In <in union brought aualnst vou i>\ cue above-named olaliiinf in thi;. >"- pcriov Court of the fount v ot Knu Rt'ite of California, anil to iUHv.i-r rYrriHiIaint file.'] there)!), wfthiii "-n •lavs (exclusive of the ;U\' <>' f-'Tviri-i jiher service on von of this summon;-. I 1 ' .;el've 1 wltl'ln xalil Count v: i! s.-r.v.i elsewhere, within thlrtv d;i\s. Aii'l vou are lierehv iv.'tH 1 D. M. CRABTREE, Rector. Best moving pictures), illustrated song, and speciHltles at the Associated hall, Oilcenter, Thursday night. I Admission 2f-c; children ibc. The | entertainment will be followed by a i dance, with the best local orchestra i obtainable. • ;>;', NOTICE. \ou fiiil to so unnear anil answer i'laintiff wijl take iiidirnient mow or .litmaees deniaii'i-' "'.'<",: Cpmnltilnt UH aflslne unon ( untrue, 01 v-Mf i||.;''v to tne Court tor anv. otnei reliel ilbiniiutlod In the t'oiiiDiarn ^ \Vhne«s mv hand iiml iii.*; ; '':'' '•'! <;:i|;l superior Court of t»e id'iti •• ot i lt)e undersigned on or bi Kmi. State of .CallfornUi, thi ^ :u,l .l-i\ u lr m , s orjv.ovenibcr.vb. ^. KR ,.., „ (leo. E. \Vnitiikc-r. Attorm-v !u. I'..,-;' 1 , i..... . — ,_»j. t|tY> i., _____ 1|1 _ >|iBB|||||i|| .Kiiiico Is hereby given that Vee Lee IIUK bouc;t)t the Valley restaurant, situated at 1U13 10th street in the City of BakersfieUl and has asfctimed nil bills owing by said restaurant. All persons holding any mien bills will , please prerent them to.- payment to 1 j the undersigned on or be-fore Novenv YEB LEE. Dr. J. S. Weiser Is not a luxury »»this <IH.V ft mi««.-, us a tieeessity of life. One of our famous Sanitary Iron Beds "»«i ^ < -' years is a necessity and still a luxury. \--\\ i-an'l afl'onl t-i lie without one. Philip W* NiederaiiF THt ONE PRICE STORE 1408-10 19th Street Phone Main 173 er of tlif Wei--r Optical Co.. Ki'W T street. I-'ivMKi is in P.alcc-rsnVM Iliis week eomendnsr, Monday. Xi.vemlier 1', 10<W. :tnd will .-.toji at the. New Soutli- ern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free AH Work Guaranteed The Little Racket Store The little ston; of L. T. Oodley & C'o., corner 18lh iind (,'hesti-r aveniH*, is still adding new linos of "i, 10, l"i iirul 2."ie dry piods and notion specialties. Our latent M'ill Ix- tin- KR'hnrdsoii i'in- hroidcry oidiits. wlii<'h i« the nuist popular enihroidery line in the world. We in vile 1he, ladies in call and inspect a few samples, already received. J'liii a Richardson Ohib ind k'arn the beautiful art of crnbroidcriii'/. W<? yive spr- (,-ial iii'i.'es on inariy useful articles. L, r i. GODLEY & 00. Book by Allen Lowe and Geo. E. Stoddard; Music by Jerome and Schln*-- ler; Staged by Gus Sohlke. ORGANIZATION OF 60 PEOPLE THREE SOLID MONTHS IN NEW YORK; FOUR SOLID MONTHS IN BOSTON; 221 NIGHTS IN CHICAGO. Prices 50c, 75c, $1.00 $1.50 Seats on Sale Thursday. ' SUNDAY NOV. 8th. < COMING! COMING! COMING! GEORGE M. COHAN'S FAMOUS SONG SHOW T HE H ONEYMOONER! With WILLIE DUNLAY as Augustus Wright. SPLENDID CAST AND BIG SINGING CHO&US THE COHAN HITS—"Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk"; "I'm a Popular Man"; "Make a Lot of Noise"; "Kid Days"; "The Myaterous Maid"; "Nothing New Beneath the Sun"; "In a One Night Stand";'' "Honest, Little Girlie, I'm Strong for You"; "San Francisco is My Home" "Don't Go Near the Water, Daughter," etc. COHAN SONGS; COHAN MUSIC; COHAN GIRLS; COHAN BOYS; COHAN ENTHUSIASM; COHANISTIC. < :.:: : . .; r BEST COHAN SHOWS EVER SEEN, DON'T FAIL TO SEE IT. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c, $1,00, $1.50 Seats on Sale Thursday. Tuesday, November 10th SECOND ENGAGEMENT OF KIRK LA SHELL'S Big Production of Henry Blossom's Character Comedy With the Same Excellent Cast, Headed by A . HANS ROBERT in the Title Role, and DAVID BRAHAM, JR., as "Push" Miller 'I'llis i-, the sanu 1 I'ompaiiy ami |H''ii|iii'ti'iii \\-hich opeiini (liii> Uleatcr two seasons an'«, a)nl Ilic only <nfjii|iaiiy which n;i-- ever presented this fasc-inatin^ Atne.rienu play ol' Lnve ami I.nek. Prices 50c, 75, $1, and $1.50 Seats on-Sale Saturday.

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