Nashville Journal from Nashville, Illinois on August 30, 1900 · 2
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Nashville Journal from Nashville, Illinois · 2

Nashville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1900
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THE lOlTfLYHE Sc him ill A Wall Ttaflaj Evening August 30 1900 Tbhms $! 50 Per Year Entered at the Post Office at Nashville Miaou as second class matter REPUBLICS TICKET NATIONAL For President william mckinley For Vice-President THEODORE ROOSEVELT STATE For Governor RICHARD YATES For Lieutenant-Governor WILLIAM A NORTHCOTT For Secretary of State JAMES A ROSE For Auditor of Public Accounte james s McCullough For Treasurer M 0 WILLIAMSON For Attorney General H J HAMLIN For Trustees of Illinois University 8 A BULLARD ALEXANDER McLEAN MRS CARRIE ALEXANDER CONGRESSIONAL For Congress W A RODENBERG For Member of Board of Equalization W W NEAL SENATORIAL For State Senator JOHN OTTO KOCH-For Representative W F BUNDY COUNTY For Circuit Clerk THOMAS J VERNOR of Nashville For State’s Attorney J PAUL CARTER of Nashville For Coroner DR J McILWAIN of Okawville For Surveyor WM B ANDERSON of Nashville McKinley and progress After Bryan’s defeat in November the disturbing bands in the Philippines will settle to profound peace The Democrats watched the Presi dent’s Chinese policy for a chance to cry “imperialism” The watch was all in vain The Democratic hirelings are hav ing a sorry time in their attempt to make the Germans believe that Me Kinley is an imperialist After failing in every prediction and with the folly of their former stands on issues exposed it is not sur prising to see the Democrats running away from former platforms Financially the Democrats are ex periencing better times It is said that the Bryan crowd will raise campaign fund of 32000000 this year which is three times the amount they had in ’96 In Sunday’s Post Dispatch appeared an article showing the little interest in and little betting on the coining election That is just one of the many signs that the people are satisfied with the McKinley administration and are considering no change of policy J L Pickering the Republic’ paid-by-the-column political reporter who writes most all articles on the frail foundation “it is represented to me” evidently found little comfort on his visit here The “it is represented to me” article from Washing ton Co has not appeared The Navy Department has awarded contracts for six Holland submarine torpedo boats all to be delivered in eleven months These boats are to be stationed at Boston New York Philadelphia in Hampton Roads San Francisco and in Puget sound The price to be paid is 3170000 each Are the Democrats conducting campaign of education or a campaign of cowardice? In view of the fact that they attempt to obscure the free silver plank from the voters of the East and the plank antagonistic to the tariff from the voters of the South and West it looks like a campaign of cowardice The Democrats are now saying that there is a marked improvement in business over the country but that it is not caused by the McKinley admin istration Had depression instead of business revival followed McKinley’s inauguration what would have been the cry of Democracy ? Upon whom would they have shouldered the blame ? Bryan declined an invitation to at' tend the encampment at Chicago this week McKinley not being able to at tend being his reason for declination Bryan’s antagonistic record on the plan of the government in rewarding with pensions those injured in the service of their country may have something to do with his desire to he absent And now the Democrats are demonstrating anew rule in mathematics They take the second man Adlia from their national ticket and fill the vacancy on the Populist ticket caused by the withdrawal of Towns and still claim a Democratic ticket They may be working on the principle tliat the subtracting of a political nothing from a cipher ticket does not alter the first sum The silver trust the sugar trust the round bale trust the Tammany ice trust the school book trust the St Louis streetcar trust and so on almost to infinity are in full control of the Democratic machinery of the country They contribute money to fool the people Into voting the Democratic party into power upon the false assertion that It is opposed to trusts— Benton Standard The new census gives the six great cities of the Union a population aa follows: New York 3437202 Chicago 1698676 Philadelphia 1293697 St Louis 675238 Boston 630892 Baltimore 508957 The Democrat seems to be considerably disturbed over the fact that Congressman Rodenberg by unavoidable circumstances was prevented from being present at the Oakdale picnic The Democrat might turn Ite attention to Mr Kern who failed to fill an engagement a few daj ago at Pinckneyville on the excuse that he missed his train at Belleville which was received with very little satisfaction at Pinckneyville Col O C Sabin who organized the Silver Knights of America in 1896 and edited their organ has deserted Bry-anism and come ont for McKinley and Roosevelt He said of the present campaign: “As to this cry of imperialism that is all balderdash It is not made with sincerity by the Democrats themselves Anybody who knows history knows that the Republican party has ever been in favor of those policies which have a tendency to upbuild the country The only question npon which I have ever differed with the Itepublicans was the question of money and I am satisfied that the results proved that the lead era of that party are right and we who went for silver are wrong It is a source of gratification and joy to me that thousands of old silver men are now coming oat in favor of the Re publican party and the standard of money which that party has estab lished” For the Farmers to Decide By the best figures obtainable it ap pears that the farmers of the country paid over 3800000000 in the shrinkage in the value of their live stock alone as a part of the price of the election to the presidency of Orover Cleveland on a Free-Trade platform in 1892 Most of this loss they have made good since Free-Trade received a knockout blow in 1896 and Protection returned to its own again If the farmers have more money and more prosperity now than they want and would like to get rid of some of it the surest way in the world is to vote for Bryan and Free Trade this fall What Does It Mean ? The St Louis Republic the leader of Democracy in the Central West is certainly not attempting to deceive its readers If not then the following showing the present condition in commercial circles is good evidence of great commercial revival Tuesday’s Republic said: There was anothv rush of buyers to St Louis Vrst-Tvi iy and the number of arrivals at the headquarters of the Interstate Merchants’ Association was greater than ever before As usual at this season of the year the majority of visiting merchants are from Texas but the other States are well represented and there is an unusual number or new buyers in the market who are making their first visit to St Louis Jobbers also report that they have sold more large bills of goods this season than ever before All of the wholesale dry goods houses are working their employes night and day to keep ap with their orders and notion dealers clothing manufacturers and shoe jobbers sre equally as busy Millinery jobbers are all doing tremendous business and say that collections were never better through out the South and West Cohlmeyer on Prosperity Gus Cohlmeyer who holds the official position of county sheriff having been elected on the Democratic ticket in ’98 is an auctioneer of considerable repute In speaking of the prices obtained on live stock and other personal property at sales he cried during the past year Gus in recent conversations has given some startling figures According to hia statements property at these sales have brought very high prices which is a great contrast to the condition of affairs in ’96 and the Journal know that Gus’ statements in this regard are the real facts The Sheriff proceeded farther and stated that if he could hold his sale now he would receiveover two thousand dollars for the stock and goods he sold a few years ago for about a thousand dollars Now this is very good evidence from a Democratic source as to the improved condition of times One don’thavetogoto Republican sources for prosperity utterances Democrats when found with their view unob-soured and in a reasonable and unprejudiced mood will furnish them Eventa Leaving Bryan Behind The editor of the Mobile (Ala) Register a Democratic paper viewa the present political eituation as fol lows: “Tbe people are marching slowly but surely out of the gloom of 1896 and are entering the land of the sun light once more Bryan may stand on the hill top confronting the great luminary of national greatness and with closed eyes cry again and again that it is night and tiiat those who say it is day are traitors to the cause but hour by hour there are more and more of the deluded ones whose souls are pierced by the rays of the truth and find that they must move forward or lose step with the inarch of the ages We can easily foresee the end Bryan He can never change With him there is a conviction similar to that of the inspired ones of old His sincerity is his worst trait it prevents his ever seeing what others see namely that the world lives and learns The wise man lives with It and he too learns The political or ganization Bryan leads will go up once more but In greatly diminished numbers to the sacrifice on the mount and will again he cast down Tills is inevitable Even the most enthusiastic member can give no reason for the slightest hojie of a contrary result They go however as devotees of a holy cause and as such are ready to suffer martyrdom Then will come the dissolution-Bryan and the faithful few still standing in the clouds of their own creation shouting to the disbanding horde to come back and fight again for the sainted fiction of bimetalism There will he no answer The party organizations will be deed ” I Post’s Oross Misrepresentation A party or party organ is certainly in desperate straits when it resorts to willful misrepresentation in an attempt to mislead and deceive the people in an effort to advance the interests of their candidate The following hunch of that sort of tactics is taken from last week’s Nashville Post: “Yates the Republican gubernatorial candidate was a member of the Legislature when the so-called Edwards school law was enacted He spoke and voted for the notorious bill Should he be elected as governor and have the Legislature under his controls a like law could again be When the law above referred to was before the public Mr Yates the Republican nominee for governor was not in the Legislature In fact Mr Yates has never been a member of the Legislature On the face of these facts at what conclusion are the people to arrive Does the Post desire the public to believe that its editor is so stupidly ignorant that he knew no better? If nut then that editorial was a willful and malicious attempt to deceive the people with the object of injuring the Republican nominee Be fair and post up Post That sort of political tactics when the people know an attempt is being made to deceive will flag Aiscimler Our Washington correspondent says: President McKinley has notified the governments of the several nations which acted as our allies in China that the United States has accomplished the purpose for which it sent troops to Pekin— rescued its minister and other American citizens who were in peril— and respectfully asked them to state their future intentions toward China And as a hint of what he thinks they ought to do he has caused it to be officially announced that no more American troops will be sent to China unless conditions change That is diplomacy in plain English— they used to call it shirt sleeve diplomacy over in Europe— and it is up to the allied powers to answer as plainly In order that there may be no delay in dealing with their reply the President has given up his visit to the G A R encampment in Chicago which he had been looking forward to witli pleasure for months r The raise in wages at tbe mills here didn’t seem to attract the attention of the Democrat last week Abandoning Our Allies When Mr Bryan announces his intention of calling a special acssion of Congress to withdraw the American troops from thePhilippines he Ignores the wishes and interests of thousands of natives who have been friendly to the United States The shameful perfidy of abandoning these friends and allies to the tender mercies of Agui-naldo’s faction does not trouble him The fate of the pacificos if left unprotected apparently gives him no concern He has not said what he would do with the friendly Macabebes who have done excellent scouting work for the Americans because they dreaded and opposed the Tagal government He does not care what would become of the thousands of Tagals who have welcomed the American rule accepted office or citizenship under American protection or accepted American amnesty and de serted Aguinaldo Does anyone have a doubt of the vengeance that would be visited upon these people if the United States were guilty of the in credible baseness of deserting them? The great middle group of the archipelago called the Visayas la inhabited by a different race from the Tagals These natives have almost uniformly resisted the attempts of the Tagals to coerce them and have with few exceptions preferred the American to the Tagal rule Mr Bryan would betray them into the hands of their enemies The large Chinese population of Manila and other cities has sided with the Americans Mr Bryan would leave these to the vengeance of the Malays Manila itself founded and built by white men would be left to the Filipinos to do with it as they pleased All Spaniards would have to leave the islands for the insurgents would have no mercy on them These are the natural and logical results of Bryan’s policy There is also a Washington end as well as a Philippine end to this question At Manila we should be betray ing every friend at Washington we should be guilty of shirking the sacred obligations of the treaty with Spain By the terms of that treaty the good faith of the United States is pledged to admit Spanish ships and merchandise to Philippine ports for ten years on the same terms as American ships and merchandise to “guarantee the legitimate property rights” of all Spaniards and other residents of the islands to secure to all the free exercise of their religion and to admit Spanish scientific literary and artistic works to the islands free of duty These are some of the tilings the United States lias contracted to do in the Philijipines It is this govern mentis duty to Bee that these treaty guaranties are fulfilled The oblige tion cannot be shifted Mr Bryan now projioses that we shall turn over these duties to the Filipinos without pretending to maintain any control by which we can make them fulfill our obligations A contract between nations cannot be evaded in that easy style Such a shirking of promises might not bring any punishment from Spain for Spain is weak but It would bring down upon the United States the just condemnation of the civilized world M r Bryan stands in the position of urging the adoption of a treaty with Spain with all tlie duties embraced therein and then proposing to turn over the execution of the treaty to irresponsible Filipinos not retaining any power to compel the fulfillment of the obligations Americans are not accustomed to keep their pledges in that ityle Mr Bryan cannot reply that he would retain power to insure the fulfillment of the pledges to Sain lie cannot say that he would protect the lives and property of our friends and supporters in the Philippine Islands The only instrument through which such security can be enforced is the American army and Mr Bryan wishes to have all soldiers withdrawn from the islands That is the whole point of his outcry about To leave a single company of American soldiers or to retain any power of coercion over his proposed Malay government would be to deny the “independence” called for by the Kansas City platform A Mother Tells How She Saved Her Little Daughter’s Life I am the mother of eight children and have had a great deal of experience with medicines Last summer my little daughter had the dysentery in its worst form We tiiought she would die I tried everything I could think of but nothing seemed to do her any good I saw in an advertisement in our paper that Chamberlain’s Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was highly recommended and sent and got a bottle at once It proved to be one of the very best medicines we ever had in the house It saved my little daughter’s life I am anxious for every mother to know what an excellent medicine it is Had I known it at first it would have saved me a great deal of anxiety and my little daughter much suffering — Yours truly Mrs Geo F Burdick Liberty R I For sale by W L Troutt obituary— Marion Lee was born in Tennessee on November 2 183f and departed this life at his home south of this city August 17 last after a lingering illness He came to this county before reaching his majority and was 64 years 9 months and 11 days of age at the time of his death His remains were laid to rest in the Masonic cemetery at this city He leaves a wife four children and a host of friends to mourn his departure COUNTV NEWS The Point The Point will be done threshing in two weeks John Krom and Charley May are on the sick list Dan Erbar attended the Oakdale picni£ last week Gusta Krom is at home from East St Louis visiting her parents There will he a basket meeting at Dolivarden on Sunday September 2 Revs Critchfield and Davis will he and everybody is invited to attend The Democrats had & rally at Bolo but nobody was there That will be the same way on the 6th of November Hurrah for Carter and the Republican ticket I Johannlsburg Wheat threshing is about done Henry Recker has nearly completed his new granary Freddie Peters left for his home in St Louis Sunday evening There will be another wedding in the West End next Sunday Miss Lina Thurman spent Sunday at her home in Stone Church John Moeilman is suffering with a Bore hand and is nnable to work Farmers are busy plowing for wheat since the fine rain Saturday night Julius Stelnkamp and Miss Tillie Wolf spent last Sunday in Okawville Herman Buente is making prepara tlous to leave for his new home in Missouri Herman Vortman has purchased a new sulky plow known as the “Good Enough” Mr and Mrs Fred Jasper of Stone Church visited at John E Moellman’s last Sunday J Paul Carter candidate for State’s Attorney passed through the West End last Monday Mrs F E Moeilman daughter and Josaphine Ewald visited relatives in Okawville Tuesday - Miss Mary Vortman celebrated her 16th birthday anniversary last Sunday evening Quite a number of her friends and many of our sports were present Refreshments of all kinds were served and all report a good time Hoyleton Fred Brener bought property for 31200 Fred Heinrichsmeier lost a valuable horse last Monday morning Henry Dohm of Centralia was the guest of Ernest Oestreichs Sunday Mr and Mrs Fred Tiemann made a pleasure trip to Sparta last Sunday Mrs Atherton is visiting her daughter Mrs McCoy at Washington Ind Fred Vogt of Centralia visited his children at our Orphans’ Home last Sunday A magic lantern show was given at the public school house last Tuesday evening Miss Ida Stallmann who has been visiting her parents left for St Louis last Sunday Mr and Mrs Henry Harding of Centralia visited Hoyleton friends last Sunday For the good of the community Sam Phipps was shipped out of Hoyleton Monday morning Ed Rixmann James Sikirski and John Weigel made a business trip to Centralia Tuesday The students from Elmhurst and Addison will leave for their respective colleges next week J 8 Schroeder nephew of Dr 8 P Schroeder left for his home at Carlisle Indiana last Thursday Mr and Mr Ferd Dohdt of 8t Louis are visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Chas Kirohhoff Ed Brink returned Monday from a visit with his brother-in-law George Cohlmeyer at Mascoutab Rev and Mrs C G Lieberherr left Saturday for Chicago where they will visit their daughter and attend the G A R meeting Wm Kleinschmidt formerly Evangelical teacher here now a merchant ut Adilieville visited friends here Monday and Tuesday Christ Kottkamp who lias been collecting for the Orphans’ Home in Westphalia and Freelandville Ind returned home last week Miss Lizzie Hchierbecker who has been employed in Centralia several years will remain at home with her parents this fall and winter Henry Hoidonreieh of New Minden shipped a carload of stock to Ht Louis on luesday and Henry Neuhaus of this place shipped a carload Wednesday Dr Smith the dentist from Okaw-ville has pernanently located here We hope that his energy and Intelligence will meet the succes he deserves Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Lillie Keller to Charles It Sehloetef next Humlav afternoon at o'clock in the Lutheran church Mr and Mrs Keller will celebrate the Mth anniversary of their marriage the same day A number of young people from Nashville visits! tlie family of Wm Weigel last Sunday evening Those resent were: Misses Ida and Clara tollman Bertha and Laura Brede-meter Ida Lou and Lizzie Lorens Time Wickline Mae Heherrer Pearl the Graban Courtney and Messrs Ed Hohnian Paul Pirman Fred Ahrens Irvin Courtney Fred Brueckmun and Hy Bretiiauer The soothing and healing properties imperialism” of Chamherlnn’g Cough Remedy its pleasant taste and prompt and jier-nianent cures have made it a great favorite with Lite people everywhere For sale hy W L Troutt Addleville Frank Vcrnor was in our burg Monday Fred Gewe of Nashville was in our town Tuesday George Seiffert sr and Mrs Aubel were in Nashville Tuesday Wm Kleinschmidt and daughter Annie spent Mondoy in Hoyleton Wm Oaebe shipped a car load of stock to the St Louimarket Monday Herman Zimmer ajd daughter of St Louis visited at Louis Flauaus last Sunday Henry Jasper a prominent merchant of Stone Church was hereon business Monday Miss Lulu Hemminghaus after a week’s stay with her parents returned to Sb Louis Wednesday Mr and Mrs John and C G Meyer and Mr and Mrs William Gratbendick were those from here who attended the funeral at Stone Church Sunday The Woodmen arc preparing elaborately for tbe moonlight picnic to be given on September 8 at which time the Hons Vv A Rodenberg and Fred J Kern will be the principal speakers Stops the Cough and Works Off the Cold Laxative Bromo-Qumine Tablets cure a cold in one day No Cure no Pay Price 25 cents 8W& 1 i binature is on every box of the u 'fixative Bromo-Quininc yi ' w iLbuHiy that cure n told an vof 1 County Board Proceedings Special session August 26 1900 At a special session of tlie County Hoard of Washington county culled at written request of one-third membership of said Board for purpose of considering proposition to move County Jail and such other business as might properly come before their body Board is called to order by Chairman Schemnetzler and roll call shows all present Written request for special session this date stating purpose is read and on motion of Mr Lueker speakers are limited to 10 minutes each in addressing tlie Board Upon Invitation of Chairman Schen-metzler Messrs C M Forman Col Krughoff and Chas McCracken address the Board in favor of moving of County Jail Replies in opposition were made by the chairman and Messrs Maxwell Meentomejer and Lueker followed by recess of half hour Upon reassembling Mr Stanton offers tlie following resolution: Whereas the present meeting of the Board having been called for the purpose of considering the proposition to move the Juil to an adjoining lot and whereas tlie Smith Construction Company propose to move the same for 32600 ana the cost of the lot being 31000— it is evident that the legal county levy of 375 on the 3100— under the present law will not produce revonue sufficient to meet the usnal expenses of the county therefore resolved that we do not consider the question of removal at this time resolved further that the Building Committee be hereby authorized to have proper lattice work erected leading from tlie vault to the court house walk and if possible improve the condition of the vault by additional ventilation Moved by Mr Stanton that tlie foregoing resolution be adopted Mr Lueker demands a vote by yeas and nays and the following vote is had: Ayes— Hy Koclling J W Stanton W R Woodrome Ignatz Szperra Wm Meentemeyer Wm J Walker Geo Slahetka Henry Kurz G II Sander F W Lueker J A Chesney J D Maxwell Aug Klasing Chas Barkau T M Gillespie Nays— None Mr Gillespie presents petition by J Phillip Knecht and others in favor of county aid to build bridge acrosB Mud Creek on Sparta ami Venedy road in town of Lively Grove — referred to committee on jjetitions with instructions to report at September term next On motion of Mr Maxwell Board adjourned H F Reuter County Clerk Some Reasons Why You Should Insist on having EUREKA HARNESS OIL UiicdiuieU by any other ft c riders hard leather soft Especially prepared Keeps out water A heavy bodied oil Harness A! excellent preservative Rcdiues cost of you harness f4"Vor burns the leather tu Efficiency is increased t euircs best service inches kept from breaking Oil sold in all localities Manuto'tared by Standard Oil Ctanar w QS&jti Hallaville illlaola Learn Bookkeeping from an Accountant of niuHccii yrs practical experience We have the beat system it ia chfapol FeDinanship Arithmetic Hhorthand etc taught Htutienta may enter ans tune Day aewMtoiia beam (September 8 W rite for catalogue STUDYatHOME We are giving Instruction la both Shorthand and Bookkeeping by cor response oce TEN DOLLARS PAYS for either course complete with hooka bitty lesson in fehortbsad thirty lea- uni ia Bookkeeping Head fur circular giving full lnfonua tion Addreaa Barnes’ Business College ST LOUIS MO NASHVILLE MARKET REPORT (Corrected every Thursday by T L Reuter Whpat per buH)ifl ('orn per huMhel OaU per buHhel Hay per ton 1 - Flour per luu jkmiiuIh HhipatufT pr 100 pound Hran por 1 00 pound Horh per 100 pound Hanot per pound Hhouldfr per pound Haooit pur pound Idird per pound Butter (country) r jjound F PR per dozen Hide green - - 64 - 40 25 -10 I1MO- 2 00 76 66 $460 Otll Ji J WAOK President IflTfLE I nvn fifa ' 8th and Loci’ t CAPITAL J750 00000 Sts DIRECTORS: Itorenro K Anderson 2nd Vice Prsst lieu WtiTieii Brown Prest BrowiHhoe i lumps W Hell 8L Louis Hale hepoot c Fniti Kruvu Mr Toixioou a Ju ButUtr Capitalist Junit a ( Muippei U-iiiSpr C If' OttUfi Pres Gauaa-tibeiloi Hat Co Henry tinesdck Jr Prea NaLoual Brw rj C-C fl McMillan Secretary Kmcnkfii Mililu Banker pr annum allove I per annum on ciit'li' jt 4 on certshcuUs o 4 er annu u u i det- JMAccountfi ni 1 ion' T' y bo uja i - m or1 KRUGHOFF & THEE DEALERS IN Wagons tfc Buggies and all kinds of Farming Implements HtiiHS! 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V VIAZlWiro fliev M Id Olive Htreet or of the General Passenger Agent tit Louis B HARTMAN PRESI DENT W HARTMAN SECY Ano THE AS STAR BREWERY CO BELLEVILLE ILL Best Quality of Layer Beer always on Baud WASFSiHGT&N UNIVERSITY hr Louis Ntxt Term begins Srptf 97 lSuO fiPBH'U PKPABTMFNT (St Ixfuisstxl Missouri Meditii College Fttilj esiujvtiwl Uli-THioritiS iai tn dlnkai t cUiu lUrt tour curs' 4VU1M J B 8H -U'llsHJii M JL Secy rmi DtPARTMUT (Missouri LwnuU College) Fally Ubomoiifti Urge dlnical (a- tiiu - - - - - BEFORE buying real estate of any kind or making loan 1 on laud have the title examined by the 1 Washington Co Abstract Co The office contains a complete abstract of all 1 mailer ul record fleeting land title the re- suit of about 30 years of careful labor Tbe Ab i stract Book show many transfers etc that can ' not be found by searching tbe iudex of the Rc corder'a office LEVIS BEBX3E0TEB manager NAHHTIIlt II L The Chicago Tribune lag newspaper for bright and intelligent people It ia made up to attract people who think Is not neutral or colorless constantly trim HTATK OF ILLINOIH i miuf lu au enduaror to please both aides but Washington County j it is independent in tbe heat sense of the word ' It has pronounced opinions snd is fearless to expressing them but it is alwsys fair to its opponent Matters ol ostlonsl or vital public Inters 4 get taors apace in THE TKItiUNJt than is any other paper is the It rat for these remans it ia the newspaper yog abonld read during tbe fontuwoiiQf political campaign Th K TKIHl’NK‘3 fiusucisl columns never mislead the public !u ficihti for gathering sew both local and foirlpu are far aUjterHr U tbosa of any Othr nevrapn fr in the it vst fi prtueiiU tle news In as fairs way as ikm ibli and lei It readers fwiai their opiidous While it publishes the ntoft compiniieaxlv articles on all news feature if you are busy th '’Nummary uf THK DAILY IRltilNg" puMiucd 011 ou tbe first page givea yui briefly nil the sews of tba day- wtlbto cos ot-umu Its -ioiir’g news is always tbe best and iu fiuudny V ns bportisg Hectlua t belt t o any sporting paper In tbe country It la the "vlcaoesi” daily printed ia tbe Weak n tollHOA n: TRUST S3 1 ST 1 mile 5! ST LOUIS -SURPLUS $800 00000 Will! m Maffitt Baffin B ate Peter AO Neil Capitalisi Vlle Kriytniru Attorney at Lav Jonalbati I're HieeHtix Dry Hood Co Harry gcuilln V e atitibiiHjMlligser SL-ei Co Curwio 11 Spencer Cupiitili-i JS duiliVio Pre- J 3 Mjlliv r sa -idle Tree Co l I) Walker Pres i ly-Wnt r lf jr (Joode t Meo W Wiisifu'1're isurur ritoiij J W President n a coiiul riije t to check t for six uion’ha Jvc tuoiitha I' Jut ' acciUii 1 -Lstiv made by t(nu fl opiPitnl i&'tited nquent soMera fTTjo SO I TO the qutftkm of ftbot I 1 1 1 Economy for Children if Ho-dtnM'a Little Red School Ktouee Saost are alway purchased They wear the longest lit more com fortnbly mud look hotter than any other make HENDERSON'S SHOES arc the Substantial Kind Henderaoa'a M American Beauty" and M£mpreaa" for women and their ‘Quorum’ and “Director for men give the greatest aatiafactioa in wearing qualities comfort and ftyle HENDERSON’S SHOES TEACHERS EXAMINATION 1900 Examination for teachers’ certifl-at Nashville cates will be held at Nashville be ginning on the following dates and continuing two days: April 6 May 4 July 6 ana September 7 19K) Hours 9 am to 4:30 pm J T GIBBS Sirpt Washington County CALL AT j aasi'o On East Main Street John Teel Prop FOR I Pip Wine Liquor spit CiKrs CVlbri Star Beer always on tap i An elegant lunch tened every morning fttNWK tTndirwritorp ah m m insurance eiiccm Onl v flrtd oIauh Pnnmnnroa 'j 1 UOntpames re ire SBnt-Ba rTOIilpt fllUl liberal adjust nmiltd guaranteed Ottlce WUHt of Public Square Naiilivilla 111 j ADJUST WENT MITH'E Estate of Mary Rhine deceased j All persons having claims against the estate t Of Mary Rhine deceased late of Wush- ington county Mate of Illinois are hereby requested to present the same Ui the county court j of said oountv sitting for the transaction of I probate butmunts Hept trm IWU to oominem-e ' at the court bouse in NaNiniile in said count v on tlie first Monday of said month when and' where! will attend on Wedneduythe6thday of Hepfce ruber 1HUU for the adjustment ofsitiii claints i All persons indebted to the estate must make t immediate payment to the undersigned I w n m xff APY KOUNrUKK KauwutHw Nashville 111 July 26 IMftb Nolle of I’nliliratlim Is Attachment Id the circuit Corn of Whlntoo Cuunlv lllm1 Ocwtfer Term A U mu ‘ u ly' C'hsrles Henry Obermeyer AS Henry Riechmana In Attachment demand 1130 it Public mdue is hereby given to yon the said Henry Kleehmiin thni writ of An haa been sued out of tbeoffi-e of the ( -rk of tbe ( trend iourt of said county ol ttanhiiigton at the amt of th sstd harlea ifenn meyersnd against Uie' et7lVof youTbeinid Henry Kierbmann for One Hundred and niriv Niue Dollars and KleAcn (Vnts be “!e tXl et directed to tbe tiiienfl of said WasloiiKtoa county tu execute " " No unlc you lliuld Henry Blwhmn '!! Trr'r(V i'ir inr u“ ’tislly county on tiie find day " the neat term thereof U be hoUlwn at Nqiu m is said County on the ind Monday bmg tits 8th day of October A II 1kai giro s peels! hail and judgment ol said I to aatisJ ia! hail and niesd to such action wlllb enu mhI against you m far ilntifl and the property aUaubwi pIsiniiD and the property aUaehml 'sold fy the same with ousts ZAtl THOMAIIJ VKHNOK Hark Nashville Illinois June M A D ivuu Js A W atts I'iitutijy 'i Attorney -a v- n 3 A 'S WTiTfl j T 6J V11 I ' STONE STEPS sad SILLS For overytl first - class in the above line the public should call at the marble works of li where skilled work-4 a manship quality V and reasonable pri- J ces are features tKST WAIN STREfiT N IsliriJLK II I JAMES 1 WATTS imirn it uw 0(Hct in Uruhs Huihliug at of Court Hona LEWIS BERNREUIER Office over Washington County Bask Attorn 7 at Law Nashville - - Illinois Till: KOlIOIt CIGAR The exeellHU’j tif HAVOR ud k?M" wal iiiiikr-itp will refoiiimpnd till i'lUAK uk line nf l he btst in MatkH FOaW RiOBOR- CALL AT THfi DEPOT SALOON f-OT - Seasonable ami Predi Drinks Sandwich-ami Lunches uIwjh ou IihiuJ rK Located ju’it uctohh south uf L A N Depot ’ Wni L’l u ‘M 1 musmmj 1 4H PtKU it V Vropitelor AW Hutchings RBSTRHCTOR Rciil Estate Loans and Insurance East Mam St J Nashville Illinois WASHINGTON COUNT? BANK - trims tmiormo Nashville - Illinois BANK OF DISCOUNT’ AND DEPOSII Collections made on all accessible points Exchange bought and sold at current rate T B NBEDLEM PaitsiDKNT— LOUIS KRUGHOFF Cashibb Louisville & Nashville R R OOINO WEST No 54— Fast Line a m M — Mt Vernon Accommodation 6:65 a m 62— tit Louis Fast Mail 5:06 p m OOINO BAJfT No 51 — Southern Fast Mail 1020 a m 63— Southern Flyer 10:46 pm 66— Mt Vernon Accommodation- 716 p m 67— Through Freight 116 p m 50 — Fast Freight -11 47 pm 63— Through Freight 1246 p m 70— Block Express 0:06 pm Coupon ticket sold to all points at lowest rates and baggage checked through la Bohwioju Aoawr Illinois Central R R at Ashley OOIXO NORTH No 24— Local Mail 8 63 a u 22— Northern Express 8 46 p m 26— Ht Louis Express 6 56 p m 2— Last Mail 226 p m 4 — Chicago Limited 426 a m 04— Local A'raight 4:00 p m OOINO sooth No 23— Local Mail 547 p m 21— Southern Express 6-46 a m 26— Fast Mail 0 52 a m lNcw Orleans Special 8 16 p m 8— N w Orleans Limited flag 1230 p m 03— Local Fragbt 6:00 a m No 6S and 04 run daily except Sunday otb At daily except that No 23 and 24 do not run Tg Sunday Coupon tickets to ail principal poioxa and ba gag 4 checked through L Poos Agent Illinois Central R R St LouisDivisiun south bound 17-40 am 4 26 pm ff 304 -7 66 am 4 43 pm 7 46 pm 8 40 am 6 21 pot i 16 put 9 40 am 6 32 pm 9 J4 pta 10 26 am 720 pm 9 36 pin 10 46 am )0 00 pm - - 11 46 am 850 pm 3 30 pm NORTH BOUND Lv Paducah til 10 am I arbondale 6-50 am v pm DuQuom 6 06 am 18 r7 out Piiwknevville 626 am 6 26 ain 4 26 pm Cotilten tile — 8 49 am 6 62 am 4 60 pm Belleville 0 56 am 6 40 am 6 52 put fi Ht Louis 10 34 am 7 24 am 6 30 pm Ar Ht Louis to 12 am 7 44 am 644 pm 'Daily 1 Daily except Hundsy Close connections with C A C trains at Coulterville C C McOastt District Passenger Agent CHICAGO and ST LOUIS Via SPRINGFIELD ('MAMIE OK KOUTK ILLINOIS CENTRAL R R T he Uliiioiq t'ent rat’s ‘hlrago-Ht Louis Hoe tle Daylight Hpecial and Diatouud Hpccia trams are run has been changed between Clmum and East Ht Louis the new hue v' Hprmgflrld and Litchfield insledd of via Decatur and fan a as furiue rlv This is brought about by the recent acquisition by the Jihnoia I antral Railroad tonpiinyofaportionofthe Ht Louis Peons & Northern Kuilwav It gives to the “4VntmlM a i first-ciass through line over its own tracks for the entire distance between hicago and tit Umw rmhoea by an miles and briuga Hpriug-toat I mo i H lu M 1 1 a I of Illinois on the i h i" lnmi t’hieagu to I iiu- tou the hue continues to be v is Gilman Giboon and farniert ity tin this line the "Daylight SiT’Ln i "TnM w a'‘l elegantly einp-p L and ha? had udded to it two new features of radical interest namely a lluffrt lllirarj Smoking (ar (‘onqilel Itiiilinr l r '"""K'ou i-hsir comenint d wll ' “'‘I well lbrnry of II current books of the day and file of the lead ing monthly and wet kly periodicals and a desk supplied with tul louer) and other fa Utile for writing J he dining ear has s capacity ol tlnrtfir at a si ting and taken the ulaeeof the tampai-i-Uieht-t life and the INiHiiro-Huffet feature previously maintained on Una train It is opus for llteulw I l I r nr is isened laenrtej during tbe ei run from Mt Louis to fbitago ' Rev Local Line Eelveci SI LOUIS and I’REEPUaI A through eoa h is now run between Ml Louts am Krieportnu o al trams leak mg fit !ou and leav mg hreeport In !h moriiing Ths is a first- Iasi Uni- (lr mi h xiinta iu Northern lllinom ua ItioomiiiKioii I-1 Paso la Malic M'tidota Forrestoo and lreert and as a Food ime? t ion is uiude ty tins ihroiigii sr at roef-irt with (iu t entrars through Iturdrd trams to and from l be hH it is aiMi a hut els hue for GaUma Ihibqui and U si point st in luwa t oiotri 1 ion is sieo ItiSflt luirili homiii w nh trunHfor Vioiiroa ioHlgevilic and Madison W t onsiii Full par if n Irtfo cun fni log I be afrtive can I hetd of ag iits ul ill- llioo-is i eiiiiai sod cou-ne I mg loo A H Hamsuv G P A- ( hie ago I As x V

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