The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 17, 1977 · Page 57
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 57

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 17, 1977
Page 57
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INFILTRATION? -- Dave Rosello of the Chicago Cubs points out the change he's made in Bernie Millan, son of New York Mets 1 Felix Millan. ·^ Rosello replaced Millan's soiled Mets cap with a ···brand'new Cub hat and Bernie didn't mind a bit. ,'i .(AP ' ; Norton Seeking Shot at Crown NEW YORK (AP) -- Ken · Norton has shaken off the ira-l . age ot being "that heavyweight who acts" and now is being publicly . recognized- for his , fighting skills alone. ! But despite his :'newly-won · status and the financial drawing power that goes with _ it, Ken Norton has : a nagging worry. ,.' . Sprawled on a sofa in a Waldorf Towers suite on a recent . rainy morning, Norton; haying just won a struggle^over the desire for more sleep, .answered 'the question, softly: ; --"That really would be disheartening, if someone else knocked him off before / get to ' him. That really; would bother me." -. ^Norton Is worried about someone beating Muhammad AH before he I gels another chance" to win the title, "which he feels he won from Ali last September. .-"When an individual chooses a field and becomes recognized · as the best in that field, it does great things for tre ego," said Norton. His confidence as a fighter was bolstered by public acceptance of him ns a top fighter alter his controversial decision loss to AH in Yankee Stadium. - His No- 1 contender ranking was further solidified when he stopped Duane Bobick in a . stunning 53 seconds on national tehmsEon last May. ; ' °It is really gratifying to be 10 Ali title fight, $500,000 for obick and 51.75 million for ifoung. "For Ihe first Ali fight (a 12- ounder which Norton won in D73), 1 got 550,000," said Moron. "My biggest purse before hat was $10,000 against Henry Clark." Norton came close to drop- ing boxing In favor of acting-e has been featured in. two movies--after the loss to Ali in girl a lot RMIeener JUST SPRA VOW- SPONGE OFF ' LEAVES HARD FINISH! Specialty lorroubted I rribcrgtoi.t.pbilieV Wumiru fTjH suria - Non-Abrasive »Disso/^es Grease V YOUR DEALER DO£5fiT STOCK ORDER TODA? AOS PVs 90C jhippine etog* T^* 3 ttrf^hve in U S A. Send fc eJi«h M rxxKy cider lo2Zc;.jg wilh order. Conn resi v»1ri?j«s(^a/ OAU.OH I GtKon Ctetm MinI4 TTm WIEMER'SINC. l FlWT*M Af*,BJM( (port, C jicognlzed as one of the best, ot the best," ^said Norton wh ill put his new boxing reput on and his chance for anolln, lot at Ali on the line when h ghts No. 2-ranked Jimm oung fn Las Vegas Nov. 5. A robabty will fight someone b ire then. Norton iiot onjy Is thmkir ke and being treated like op fighter, he is being pa ke one. The Young fight will brii is purse total for three fighta almost $4 million--$1.6 for Nicklaus Likes Challenge BUTTON, Mass. (AP) -- Jack icklaus, the greatest player ol time, is under attack by om Watson, facing possibly ie strongest most determined hailenge of his unmatched ca- eer. NicWaus welcomes U, "It's healthy," he said. l lt rings a new face to the game, ew interest to golf. It gives ou something to write about nd that builds Interest In the a me. v "It's, good for golf and, it's ood for me." Nicklaus habitually plays Ms est golf when bis role as the ame's premier performer is nder /ire. ' ' C h a l l e n g e competition lat's what the game is al bout," said the man who has emptied a list of 14 major pro essiona) championships, owns tniost all the records "worth aiding, has ruled .the world o ro'golf with an iron Jiand for 5 years. . ; "How many" times have I. an wered this .puestlon?" he sip led when a newsman asked his eacdon to-Watson's emergence is a threat to his No. 1 posi ion. . - .' · "there's ".always been chal enges--Palmer, Player, Trc vino', Weiskopf, Miller . .." Kiel the sentence *ail off untin shed, as if the Ust Is unfinish ed. He has handled them al Faced and beaten back eac and every challenge. His poor est seasons--poor only by hi iwn standards--have occurrec when there was no challenge vhen he'd subdued Arnol Calmer ond Gary Player, he ore the later threats of Lc Trevfno and Tom Weiskopf an Johnny Miller. Now there's Watson, at 2 Nicklaus' junior by 10 year; possessing all the qualities 3 o t e n 11 a I greatness. He' strong, intelligent, determined, fearless, able to fearn from his mistakes, use his errors as things. "Re's got it all. ,tMs ktd," said Trevino. "He's, the right size, has the game, has the guts, has everything. I call him '(he Teddy Bear'," as opposed Golden Bear." He's bright-faced, pleasant, to Nicklaus' nickname "the carbful to put forth the rignt image, make the proper response, avoid excuses. He lels " is clubs do the talking. And his game has become ab- olulely awesome. He's won more money, $269,00, at this time of the year ,an anyone--more than Miller i his record 19J4 season (tat etted him $353,000, more th-in Nicklaus in his two biggest sea- ons. He's won a total of six nternational titles this year. VIosl important, of course, !,, , ! CHA . Mtp S'-The Our Lady of Assumption Softball team recent- .ly concluded an undefeated season in the Fairtiela Parochial softball league rirl Pat\v a r6 '""r-TW °t? n ' en She ' ia Br ° derick ' Sus * n ScuUict bat 6 r- t ' P n h r 'n , y S ",y der ' Klm S:hmidt, Beth Hamilton. Also (back row) Coach Carrnene Carolan, Kllen Ford, captain Cheryl Carolan, Jo Ann Shannon from h f ' C °- CAap ' am A " n Ford . Susan Procaccini, Team members missfng Maw Ar?n°rr · Andr ! ne K ° roSy ' Cathy McCarth '. **" Harry, Jodi ColKn* Mary Ann Connell and scorekeeper Mary Agnes McCarthy. , Enfield Juniors Lead ' State Hockey League The En tie W Juniors, coached ty former LaChan Hockey Moiloy, who figures very strong ly in coach George Crowe's plans BRIDGEPORT SUNDAY POST, July 17, 1977 £--9 Youngsters In Tennis Spotlight WASHINGTON (AP) -- The accent will be on youth In the $125,000 Washington Star International tennis championships this week, with the two top inked players In the world, Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Con- nors,-mis sing. . Heading the wave of youngsters In the ninth annual tournament, which offers }20,000 to Ihe winner, will be John McEnroe, the no-longer-obscure 18-year-old Irom Douglaston, N.Y. It was McEnroe who this year became the first player ever to come out of Wimbledon's qualifying tournament and surge to the semifinals. Other players giving Urn tournament a youthful flavor are Billy Martin, the 20-year-old from Palos Verdes, Calif., wiio made It to the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, and recent high school graduate Larry Gottfried, brother of tour pro Brian and the No. 1 ranked player In the United States In the IS-.-.nd- under category. Players such as Larry Goltf for the next season In Hanover ried -and Van Wimtsky, this year's junior Wimbledon cham- been " a standout for --.. Haven Blade scoring leader Claude Boileau, feels that eptebmer. I talked to my jbout it and I talked to Bill trainer Bill Slayton) and Dob manag'er Bob Biron)," he r ailed. "We agreed that if . quit at that time, I would be hawing that I thought I lost," NoLon also felt like qulting early in his career "because I md trouble getting fights." But he Californian, now 32, stuck with it and in 1973, with a record of 29-1, which was much letter than his reputation, he ought Ali twice. He won the irst one and gave Ali, who was using Ihe light as a tiineup, broken jaw, then lost a 12- round split decision to Ali. Tim was enough to earn Norton i title shot against George Fore man in 197-i. Norton was destroyed by Foreman in two rounds. Bui this time he did not think-aboui quitting. Instead he set aboul rebuilding his boxing career, . task made tougher by the fac that he also was launching his acting career. Morton reads books on posi tive thinking and talks about it but critics felt he didn't bad up his positive thinking wit) positive fights. . . ', The fighter himself feels he ./as physical enough in his titl shot against Ali. "In the stadium T .tried t outsmart him and outbox him, 1 sai d Norton, ' 'I shou] d hav been more physical. The ncx light Is going to be very physs" cal." ' Colorful Canvas Bags Duffle-Laundry-Ditty Reg. $3.85 to $24.95 NOW 30% DISCOUNT STRATFORD MARINA New Ship's Store Foot of BroadStrwt Stratford, Conn. Phon« 377^477 vere his "/amatic ver Nicklaus in md British Open. Those victories, tht triumphs Masters among the thrilling the game has in many years, brought he inevitable comparisons with Nicklaus, raising the inevi'ible question: has Nicklaus' -ra ended? Is It now the time ol the Teddy Bear? "He's a whale of a player," Nicklaus concedes. But he concedes-nolhEng'else. "So were .Palmer and Player and WeiskopI and Trevino and Miller. "There are a lot more good Jlayers on the. tour now than here ever have been," ;. said. l The level of competition much higher. "\Valter Hagen used to say he figured to miss seven shots a round. If he missed a shot he'd just forget it, say, 'Well f've got six more misses com ing today.' "If a player misses seven shots a round today, he's getting out of lown on Friday. He can't compete. "This level of competition Is good for the sponsors, good foi the game. "It's good for me too. "To retain my position, what ever it. is, the leadership o golf, whatever you want to ca! it, I've had to improve, had to continued improve. "I'm a better player now than I was five^ years ago, I 1 years ago. "'There's no reason I can continue to Improve. I still like Rolf, 1 still like to compete. A my age, I should be In th middle" of the prime of my ca reer. "I have no intention of sur rendering whatever position hold in Jhe game." Oh"BlastsNoT738 TOKYO (AP) _ The Hiroshima Carp beat Ihe Yomiurt Glanis 4-2 Saturday fn a game shortened to seVen Innings by rnln. Sadahara Oh blasted his 2 3 rd home run of the season In the fourth Inning for the Giants. Tt was the 138th home run of Oh's career in Japanese baseball: Hank Aaron holds the American career record of 755. Former, New York Yankees outfielder Jim Lyttle hit his 12th home run of the season in tne first mning to start the Carp qn Its way to victory In the game played before a crowd of 49,000 at Tokyo's Ko- rakuen Stadium. - pion, are entered in the Slar qualifying tournament this weekend. Sixty-four players are entered and eight will advance to Ihe main tournament which begins Monday and continues to ·uly 25. 14,0*22 OFF When You Purchase Four Tires Dynaply 24 h'^h school hockey stars are par- nit nalllucll J U J U U L 3 , W L l D U U l l ' a win in the first round, will be Hamden. A78-13 Bln.ckwall, Plus F.E.T. No Trade in, Free Mounting 5 10 to $ 68 OFF wlicn you buy four tires RoadHandler Guardsman 4 Ply Tires CONTEMPORARY «Private Swedish Massage with an Experienced Staff of Masseuses · Turkish Steam Room · Finnish Sauna « Roman Whirlpool . Inhalation Room · Sun Room · Physical Fitness Gym Noiri: M«.-!«t. 10 A.H.-l A.M. S», 11-10 P.M. 179 Boston Post Road 6«moi Kut, Milford, 177.01*1 (Hwr Slwlo'j) STOP GO TRANSMISSIONS VACATION TIME. SPECIAL Prepaid Your Tiansmlsslon tor Summer Driving wHh a Tune-Up for SAFETY and DEPENDABILITY. * Mew Fluid ; - · Clean ornate Fillei « linkage lubrication · Qeneral , , ALL WORK '. GUARANTEED! FREE ROAD V TEST' FREETQWiNG .333-2770 AMERICAN FOREIGN\ CAR EXPERTS We can dlagnote repair-your trans- rnfpsion ,. Irom a simple ad/uslm*nt Eo a complete , overhaul. 947 STATE ST. Wntri Save on sound needs *4« OI'F A M - K M / J I P X 8-Ti-nck I'lavi Hcg. SUia.w.FLisiiKlashorrnosl I ate model GJ1 o: 1 Ford cars. 129 1 14k JLJ." 'HO OFF A M - I ' M / M l ' X Cassette Phiyei- Ucg. $149.99. Kits in dash of most · laic mode! GM or Ford care. *10 OFF AM-FJI Stereo Hnilio Hcg. SIOD.M. PiKli-biition tuning for5AM,5FM stations. S 0 OFF 6x9 in. or 5'A in. speakers Keg. $13.33. Woofers wilh coaxial tweeters, 20 02. magnet. 99 " 40 ,99 SAVE On Sears 42 Maintenance Free Battery 31" Sale prices in effect tin's week only with trade Ucg. J33.93. Sears 42 baltery provides 385 amps of cold cranking power plus 95 minutes ot reserve capacity for accessories. (Group 24CJ. Jtl.33, AfarlneBattery ....3S.93«ni,i r jSe Front End Alignment For most Amcr. cars *»on licgular 812.99 9 JJ "UWEATKtR \ S*£BW]I / \ mot« ol /, OFF Sears Heavy Duty Shocks 99 eacli 4 Regular $;.!» ea Fit most American-matte cars, imports, pickups, trucks and vans. Fast low costinslallalionavailable. 510 OFF Oil Scars Air Adjustable Shocks Reg.JIMSnr 39.99 $6 OFF On BoostcrSIiocks ncg.520.33pr.......... 23.99 25% OFF All Weather SAE10W-30 Motor Oil C 44 Regular 59« qt. Treat your car with an oil change today!! Case, 24 qtvcans 10.56 Scars Air Filter, Kcgular» 1,09 Auto Air Cool Cushion, Itpgular si.oj 3.89 | Scars Where America shops Satisfaction Guaranteed or Vuur Money Back BHIDOETORT.CONN. 1IAVUEN.COSN. ORANSE.CONN. EASTFIELD MALL. MASS. WATERBURY CONN I'lTT.SFIELD.MASS. CRKENKIELD.MASS. W. HARTFORD.CONN. W S P R I N G F I E L D M \SS ' MANCHESTER. COX\ WIODI.ETOWN.CONN. KEENE.S.H. WESTFIELD, MASS DANBURY CONN, jnl V.I..,*.*,., Ir^n. Mv.S-M Al SullTll.\\inn\.M VOi BRIUCEl-OBT AUTOMOTIVE CEKTER OPEN MONDAY-SATURDAY 8:00 A.M.-9;00 P.M. .HADLT.Y USAXrORD BUtSIOt, afiinf\.voRra*Mpra.vciD5*V8ROOK ROCKVELIE SOU HER IDCE WARE

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