The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 4, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN The Victor Line Dining Tables All the requisites that make for a good table are found in the "Victor": Dry lumber, perfect construction and accurate adjustment. These, with the superior finish and neat designs have made this table the most popular seller. LEGAL. may so continue until finally said Iran(•HIM- .-•';,,i| be .struck off, sold, and nvardvd 1'y said Board of Supervises to the highest bidder therefor in K'tlii coin of the United States. Dated tills 15! h day of October, 1908, !i' Haliersfleld, Kern County .Callfor- »'•'- I. U MILLER, ,Cii-rk (if tho Hoard, of Supervisors of K'eru County. 11-2 LEGAL. LIOAb Chrlstten. W"m. F 527 Coats. J. IB. S ;!tJO Caliiornia Home Exten- RioiiAsspclatloii. trustee Jfor Cooler. Chas. M. .. 37 California Home Exten- Trade us Your Old Dining Room Suit For a "Victor" DYER & JONES. NOTICE. 'i'" whom i; .May <-ancr.n: iu-enic '•••in-Hid, my wife, having a'l.tndoned ''•' ,"" 'he ixh dny of October, lilns. " 'liont atv. iusttflcntlon or any reas- | this !-; 1.1 notify you that 1 will not - H-: pi'ii'-iv.,. for any debts contract'"• her whatsoever from said last »>• "Monad ,!;-[,.. HEKRE ORIAIAW. I'l'.cii-fleM. c-i|., Oct. 30, 1908. SS sionAHSoclatlon, trustee for Crowton. Cirits . ..2,">.S California Home Kxtcn- Mon.Assoclation. trustee Jor Dickinson. \\'ni. li..l!H nonabiie. Michael Dorr. Prank Cajiiornia Home KMI- 51011 Association. 11 -list for Evans, humis A. ' alflornla Hom JO 10.00 6 S.oo 5 G.OO 10 10.00 ijii'l 5 20 20.00 l!0 20.00 20 20.00 cause be published in field CaT)' ' and fornia.^ accofdfi'if "to" TawT'lof tour weeks successively e oe ijuunsiieu lu J I Caflfqrnian. a.newsp imbllsiied Inlhe CU] I. Countv ol Kern. 8t la. nccordlLk' ' " nir weeks succ K tl-e dav of ht Dated this Bth 10-5 .... hearing.. 6th dav P f V Judce of the Superior Cowns." TO TAXPAYERS OF TtOS. ~~ BAKERSFIELD. NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. ... In .the. Superior Court. State of c :) l- Honirt. in and lor the County of Kern. ]}| [.^Hie.matter of the Estate of Halnh Notice is h'ereUy civen. that In pur- .ince ot. an t order of the Superior SANTA FE TO MAKE FRESXO, Nov. 4.—The Santa Fe Railroad Company has decided to expend one million dollars for improvements In the San Joa iuln Valley be tween the present time and the coming month of June, 1909, which is the end of Us fiscal year. The local office was so notified yesterday, and the decision was made at the last meeting of the board of directors held In Chicago recently. NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Street* FRED P. PLAGEMANN.Prop. Under the old management, at the old location, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect 150 Rooms. Private Baths, Steam Heat. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial '.-avelers. Pioneer Hotel of San Francisco. i i i i i i MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST It is made here iti I'alifoi'- y nia and being made here it j follows that it is best adapted to the climate conditions. Then ajriiiii it costs no more than imported paints, that are made to suit any climate. Costing so little can yon afford to let your buildings go iinpuintcd and into decay ? Come in and let its figure mi Ihe job. Pioneer Mercantile Co Pbone Main 98. Gin At the local office of the company It was stated that a good part of this money would be put into Improvements of the road bed. In fact, It is Intended to place 90 pound rails on every track of the system between Stockton and Bakersfleld, and the last appropriation will complete this as far south as Merced. When the 90 pound steel has been put in as far as Bak- ersfleld, It is thought that the run from Richmond to Los Angeles will be in less than 7 hours., With an 18-inch gravel ballast greater speed Is possible with perfect safety, and an average speed, Including stops, of 40 miles per hour, will be readily made. Steel bridges will be put in In the counties of Tuolumne, Merced and San Joaquin, as well as a large number of gravel covered smaller bridges of cresoted timber, the life of which j Is calculated, at twenty years. But a good part of the appropriation will be expended right here In this county. The officials of ttfe road have their eye on Fresno, and Intend to exploit it. Additional yard facilities, new switches, side tracks and like improvements will be put in very soon, and the work of making these improvements 1" to begin almost at once. The work under contemplation at Bakersfleld will be begun immediately. DELONEGH.-. :1OT bFF.INGS. Most remarkable mineral springs n California. An aosoiiue cure for < RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BaKersfleld In iUrra Nevada Mountains. Fine •am aaer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- trsfield Thursday mornings between I and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metrcpole In Kern. Returns Tuesday* Ad- 1r»«a, BARBBAU & ROQUBTTE. tf Proprietor! MI. nee ot an order of the Superior Co ni of the Countv of Kern. State of J,a itoniia. made on the 26th dav of yciiii,,-,, .\. p Kins, jn the matter of estate of Halnh Bower, deceased. ••--•• • 11- of sel le public 'f Kern a p mis. in the matter of m r R . nl i'l? Power, deceased, tne uudcrKiuned administrator of the m- i' V '" i 5 "', 1 ' 1 iiwe&P'l will sell at .,1,1V 1 '-' . K;ll(> '" th ? office of the public ' SUMMONS. -... .— , oa .Action brouuh of tpe Countv 8 la send omnanv. You are pe'jrlof"Coiirtr e of the State of Califor- eetlne to Silver Bow Oil in an" action b~rp'iieh~t the. above-nam ' efendant. ~ereby required to annear lerior Court State of Call Complaint ', lavs (exclus brouirht uealnst you by ned Dlalntlff. in the Su., of the Countv of Kern. Ifornia. and to answer the filed therein, within ten jive of the day of service) ter service on you of this Summons. ,.. served within said Conntv: If served elsewhere, within thirtv duvs. I And you are hereby notified that if you fall to so annear and answer, the Plaintiff will take Hjdenient for any money or damaees demanded In the complaint as arisine: unon contract, or will anply to the. Court for any other relief demanded in the comnlaint. Witness mv hand and the seal of said Superior Court of t' The youiiK man picked himself pain- full up from the front steps and limped away. "1 wish I could get a poke at the duck who said 'all the world loves a lover.' " he growled.—Houston Post. e C'ountv of tiiis 10-4 I. L. MILLER. Clerk. leilhet&laylor FOR The best that fall offers to eat is apples and we offer the best apples you can get any place. Thery'ro sound, g:?d nnd juicy. Phone an order in t?dv/ for good apples to eat this evening. 1423 19th St. Phone Main 401 and by this you will p^lnly see the reason for always buying KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR There's as much difference in flours as there is in anything else— there is always a "best" and Kern Rlvsr Mills Flour la "it." At all grocers. PAYNE & 50N Funeral Directors Embalmers AMtiULACM: Phone Answered Day or Night H. C. HARNESS With J. W. Real Estate and Insurance Uom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 BakersfjeM, Cal •?• •!• •{• •;> * •:• •:• •:• * * t „„ ,BAKEKSFIELD * J; 1BMPLOYMENT BUREAU * » When you want reliable help of * r any kind at ao cost to you call 4 ¥ ua up. We ilso supply Chinese 4 r and Japanese, help. + «• Phone 313. 1219 19th 8t 4 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Notice Is hereby given that Edwin Aldevson has made application to the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, State of California, for a franchise to be granted to him (his heirs, successors, or assigns) for the period of fifty years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances theron fo r the purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power, and other neccesary and useful purposes, over, along ^nd upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano in said County of Kern, under such restrictions, and in accordance with i sin'li directions as said Board of Su-1 pervlsors shall, by proper ordinance in that behalf, provide. It Is proposed to grant said franchise and sealed bids will be received there- for, and said franchise will be awarded to the highest bidder at the time and in the manner hereinafter set forth, namely: Sealed bids will be received for said franchise up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the 5th day of December, 1908; said bids to be filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, at bis oHlce in the court house of said county in the City of itaUersftcld, California, and tho successful bidder for said franchise, and bis assigns, must, during the life of said franchise, pay to the County of Kern 2 per cent of the gross annual receipts of tho person, partnership, or corporation to whom said franchise is awarded, arising from its use, operation, or possession. No percentage sha!l bo paid for the first five years succeeding the date of the franchise. Kach sealed bid must be accompanied by fash or a certified check payable to the Treaa urer of said County of Kern for the full amount of such bid. and n'o sealed bid will be considered unless said cash or check Is enclosed therewith; and the successful bidder shall deposit at least 10 per cent of the amount of his bid with the County Clerk of said County of Kern before purh franchise shall be struck off to him. Said bids will be opened and considered on Monday, the 7th day of Herr-mber, 1908, at 10 o'clock, a. ni.. and said franchise will be struck off. sold and awarded to the, person, firm, or corporation who sha'.l malir- the- highest cash bid the-efoi ; provided 'iniy that, at. the time of the opening of said bids any responsible person, firm, or corporation present or represented may bid for said franchise '•:• privilege a sum not less than l n per cent above the highest ecnled bid therefor, and said bid «" made may ' •• raised not less than 1 fl per rent by :<'.>• other responsible bidder, and *iM bidding .,,(., : • ™" "' fiy "IIKJK ui iMt; ijuuiiu •'.'imtmstrator and coroner of Kern {>P ( "'U; situate in the court house.. In }!'V lv .ul Bakersfleld. in Bald Kern e.'i l .W, v •..<?.«Ae West WfferJPr cash. V\ "•**••••? I— -.»- --»-^».iv VJ«. Bower, deceased: Three ouses: 1 Easolfne enclne: 1 , rl , "I V'r> P: 1 water tank: 1 horse „„ »£"• ' harn: 1 corra,!. a situated on the west one-half (%) of the north$,'£' "'JiirA 1 '', t 1 ^) of, section thirty- annt? , } f " V WnSn l D thlrtV < 3 <>) fP u t? ,Q" ranirt- thirty-seven 37) east, fornia an ' 1 ^ 1 - " n Kern county. Call- And" notice sealr ' • • • ,dm al fe, Ice is hereby given, that H will be received by said Aor for paid nronertv no to e hour of sale thereof, and that all ,- , l) , e accompanied by cau ^ ount. eaua f certiflea c¥ecfi°fn" to ten ner cent of the ....... ».^. A(lrnlnlstrator of the estate ot Ri Uovver. deceased. NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice IK hereuy given umt the annual meeting of stockholders of the McKittrick Oil Company will be held at Its office, room No. ,">07, Producers Savings Bank building, Baker- sfleld, California on Monday, November 9th, 1908, at 4 o'clock |.. m. of said day, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BROWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld, California. 10-26 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice Is hereby elven that the annual meeting of the stockholders or the below named canal company for the purpose of electinE directors and the transaction of such other business as Uijiy be brouehl before the meetine. will be held at the office of said Com- nanv. Kern Countv Land Companys ':>!\ '' c '. I'lilldinir. .corner, of. l»tn and.'.H 11 t't' aje Ko !»7 ,;lon.\.ssocfation. trustef for Rvans. Liiinis A. . OS ( alifornin Home Kxlen- s ion.\ssocla tlon. I rust eo for Kvana. Luiuis, A. .. 99 ( a.llloruia Home Kxten- sion •• HHoclation. trustee for Kvans. l.umls A. ..100 C ahtorum Home Kxten- suinAssoclatlo?!. tnisifa ..for Khutor.. •..„!,( ; .. .2SC V ! ''illander. Max 444 !• outer. John 4-15 California Home Kxteu- '•• ion Association, trustee or (iardlner. H. H. ...240 Cnlitornia Home Kxten- JWTMT^W 1 ??. 73 California Home Exten? ion Association, trustee or Green. Alfreil 277 California Home Exten? ion A ssochitlon, trustee or Green. HenryW. . .310 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Harve •. J. M, 54 California Home Extension Association, trubtee .for Harve '. J. M 30-] Haves & R urrnv Bit Haves & Murray Bit Hayes ,& Jv urray oQ4 He()rlck. C ark 398 l.ul'fornln Home Fixlen- atton. trustee Clailfornra^rtome Exten- sionAs8O.clatlaq. trujtee 2" 20.00 If! 1ii. 00 1C 20 20.00 NOTICE . . CITY, OF —...._.- — . N'otfce is lien-by uivon -tunt taxes for the veir 1908 are due payable on th«? -ist. day of I SKIS, and will liecnme de . the 2d dav of November. P,)U8. taxes are navalde at the office or Citv Treasurer and ex-oftlclo Tax: lector. lf>22 Chester aveilU 1 Citv Treasun lector. U " ;i " t-r '"TtyBAJBK •er and ex-ollloio Tax SUMMONS. Siiuerlor I'oiirt of the State ifornia. Countv of Kern. fi Ol 20 I'll.00 10 10.00 20 20.00 10 10.00 5 5.00 '.144 20 20.00 j. trust* iw. T. Southern Pacific Kailrond Compass;. I'lalniltT, vs. ]{. H. CountiHB. John, L Stousland. Henrietta N, HoMm..liivir* W. Percy. Clarence W, flobbu tft minor), and John. Doe. Deleudaflta. .Action brouulH In the Superior ComC of the statu of California,* Jnr the Countv of Kern, and the. Catjfc nlaint filed in the office of the Clerfcat said. Court i)i the siiiujCountv, The People of the State of nia send (U'eetlne to H. P- V 1 John 1. Stonsland. HenrietlajN. Elvira W. I'ercv. Clarence W. (a minor), and John Doe. de i on are hereby required t in mi action brouehl aKalne •he. above-named ' B Of C of I t Ale end .. to avow it against iro» S PlalntHT..1i -_. r . ...e State and for tne Countv ifer the Comnlaint ten days (exclUHive or Ice) after tne service this Htimnions If served with •on Jn the >ere. or Hevde errman. 1,. „,. ialnornla Home Exten- X. trustee 179 20 20.00 374 20 20.00 eionAssocfatlon .for Herrnian. Herrman, D. I Herrman. p. M. 468 California Home Extension Association, trustee Jor Hernnan. A.J. ...105 CSimforala pome'Hxten- slon Association, trustee for Herrman. A. J. ...106 California Home Intension Association, trustee for.Herman. B. W. .. .211 California Home Extension Association, trustee 'or flerman, B. W. .. .212 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 perior Court of t in and for tne County to aiiHwer t " within ten da> of service) art this summons ., _, Countv: or. if served elsewl in thirtv days. And you are hereby notified thal.K vou fall to BO anoear and answer." " Plaintiff win anulv to the • ha relief demanded. In the """ 'or Court of Mtiiiii/i Kia. jn and for tj] Kern, on Aucus ;a ^Bedell Snihh. Den ..m. Slneer. :lr., and attorneys for plaintiff. ijovie."j:w..::u:::::; Jallfornia H°me Bxten- J tonAsspcfatlon. trustee or.Huddleston. jCnas. 239 20 20.00 tllfornla Home Ext F,ion Association, trustee lor Keeney. J. \V. 151 Ca.llfo.rnia Honie Exten- 20 20.00 sion Associatlon-trustee for Keenev. J. W. ____ ome Exten- een California H 173 20 20.00 gionABsocfatlon-trustee for Keeney. J. W. ....174 California Home mten- sion Association, trustee Fqr.Klasspn. T 20 20.00 jth stri'i-ts. Biiker'sfieiilTCaiifofhia. 'at "the V and hour set onnoHlte the name: --ern Tllver Cflnal and Irriuutine Co.. .Nov. 7. 1908. at 3. «. m. f. G. MUN55RR. Sec. to ;ibove named Canal Company, Kern Countv Land Conmanv'H office bniblinir. corner 10th and H streets. JO-24 Hakersfleld. Calif. DIVIDEND NOTICE." T At an ndlourned meetlnir of the Board of DfrectorK of the S. W. and U. Oil Co. tiehl Oct. 2S. 1,'MiS. a dividend wns declared of four cents n share on the stock pt the coniDiinv. imvablf .Vo- vernber 13. IftfiS, at the office of the comnanv. l|n:'. Chester avenue. Bak- H.''w. THOMAS. Secretary. 11-2 STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. Notice is hereby clven that the annual nieetini; of the stockholder's of Kern-ttah Oil Company will be held sit the office of said corporation "J the sheriff K office, in thlH citv. on Thursday, the 3rd dav of December. P.tos. at the hour of S D. m.. for tho uurnpse of electinsr directors for the onsiiimr vear. ami for the transaction ot Hiich other business as may urouer- Iv come before the meetina. T ^ 11 i 1 ' w - KKl-l'Y. President. 1. A. Baker. Secretary. 11-2 Oakland Oil and Asnhaitmii Com- lian.v. Location of nrlncitial niace of business. Oakland. California. Notice Is herein tlvi-n that at a reu- jilJir niei'tiiiB of Ihe Hoard of Directors In-Ill on the 1,-ilh dav of October liniS an asseKsnii'iit of one cent Her share wa.s levied nnon the Kubsrrlbed canitai stock of the cornoratlon navalde immediately in rutted States irol<l coin to Die secretary of wild Coniiiiinv. at lis ottice. room 7J!. at '.ml. Hroadwav, In the Citv of Oakfiind. California. Anv SJOCK iinon which this assessment -ihall remain tinuald on the 17th dav oi November. 1'mS, will )>•• drdliuinent iV.".l ". l . l J'.V r . l ' s , (J ' ! ... r °. r . Kale ill rjiiblic anc- lic aiio- ade bee :'ls( he de. ue with the oKts of advertising and expenses of '-.",•1 J. KNXIS. Sfcrt-tarv. ,,>,.| (.• t > r-l I lnl-(( ntl ,>,IJ1.' ti L IJIJUIM all(- linn, arid unless navment is made lie- lore, will lie sold on Monday the :'ist day "' December. P.)l)8. to pay the de- lltinuent assessment, touether with the NOTICE. To whom It IIKIV concern:—Not Ice is hereby iriven that we. the under- Muned. have this l(Hrt dav of October . ,,; onl , ei 'ed into «rl.lcl«s of auree- inent and co-Dartnershit) for the mir- iiimo ol condiicuni: a ircneral merchan- V^'^-jnd store-keei)ine busiiu-ss at and h^ rn ,i alKl State 'of CalifornlV under lie linn nnrnn ( mrl ntvlc of the "Mo- '"r ! , M ',' r . Cl l ntll , e ,Comtiany." Dated tills ICUl dav of Octobe Ilesldlnir at M T Re.sidine at Motive! :ornla. 10-27 D E LIN Q U^E NT "8AILE~NOT1CE7 . Fourth Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Weil Tools and Supp lies : PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET . «>'£„. " uw l"« iii-scriDeii BIOCK. on ac- nn u W,/ ) V H , ! i st '¥ HnK ' 1 i t I* 0 - ( ""', 1 levied on the 2;ith duv ot Auiiiist. iftos, tli" several amounts set onnoslte the "'""jes of ih,. respective shareholders. u» roiiows r ,J-is' of shareboldors with No of cer- [.inciite, .No. of bhares and amount due: ._„ No. Mo. ,. Name Crt. Shs. A nit. California Home Extern- - enrv r c ;. Ed th ro] . Chas. roi , onas. cCartney. ilcCartne'y. "8'e'n'l! !!!!!• Cp.liiornia Home I..\ten- sionAsBpcfatl arrv M. f'aiiF6i'riT'i"Home"Y xten- ilonAssociaflon.trusteo 'or. Mvron Ravmond ..161 en. Robt. Jr. cert, ujlen, Robt. J. . .no cert. len. Robt. J. .. no cert. Jullfornla Home Bxtcn- fjlonAssoclatlon.tniBteo lor_ Nelson. Geo. F. ...102 90 20 SO 18 58 , Geo. Nelson. Jaiiics J. OlKcn.PrankA.andGrnco f'ardee. \\ Illiird . California Home Extension Association, trustee lor Fender, fieo. M. .. 38 5 L'ulifornfa Home hxten- sion Association, trustee for.Dloliersou. c. A. ,.1SS 20 California Home Kxten- for Prewitt. Kduar D. 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20,00 90.00 2HS Waiter "M. ".","'. !422 rnlii Home Exton. .onAssociation.trustee for Schlueter. Fred W. 7S §i^W!i!«^v "l^ 11 ii! 5.00 20.00 20.00 " 00 e ree em Given under of the Superio California. In TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice la hereby given thct 9m taxes on all personal property, sBK one-halt of the taxes on all real fcw- erty, will be due and payable om ffcfc second Monday In October, and *tifc be delinquent on the last Monday ttt November next therafter, at 6 o'ctaat p. m., and unless paid prior fifteen per cent will be added %• amount thereof, and that if half be not paid before the last Ma»day in April next, at 6 o'clock PL «, an additional five per cent wiH In added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half «* the taxes on all real property wfll !• payable on and after the first day in January next, and will be Inquent on the last Monday fa ' next thereafter, at 6 o'clock 9, m* and that unless paid prior then** five per cent will be added to ttA amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid dt the time th first installment, as " in provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid IB office of the Tax Collector In county courthouse between the of 8 a. m. and 12 ra,, and 1 p. TO. ' 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax 10-1 Kern County, Californi&L Sterl ne. J. It. 5or, Strrlinir. Ceo. W 14 '• ""ornla Homo Exton- i Association, trustee KM- Terrell., banlel F.. .269 California Homo Exten- 10 10.00 20 20.00 2M, 2.r>0 2'X, 2.50 20 20.00 , of the Coauw ...v.... ^^..4,1- i/i uiuiiornla In the matter of the estaU ^ „. Notice /H hereliv' ifiven bv the Trfivwi- siiiried administrator of the cstattsTi* I J. M. Patterson, deceased to the owi- I lUirx of. iind all iiersons baruur I clalnis against the said decease!, t* I exhibit them with the uecesaarc I vouchers within lour months after firm, iiubllcation of this notlco mlmlnlRtratqr at 1 lioiuas Scott, U No7 l!V « ffi(5e , . street rooms 2 and 4. Bank of CrT . ersfleld bulfdinir. corner ue and 20th street. In Jhe CrTester e Ci . y of , Countv of Kern. State alifornia, the same belnir the irt or Hie transition of ImsltieHa of estate lii''sa'id Kern Coiintv. Dated October^ 13 % 1908. Aijrnlnlftnilor of the ICsliite' of I'atlerson. DecrMised. Thomas Scott, attorney for ostate. Ciililornia Home Kxten sloiiAssoctialioii.lrusten for Williams. Mrs. (.'. P. 44 5 F..OO C-ililornia Home Extr-n- stonAssocfatlpn.triiKtee for \\filodnrskv. Mever 202 20 2000 California Home Extension Association, trustee f- v - ii, .;a... n. .. 317 10 10.00 1 • !:;iu (• with luw and an i' ' " I!-'rd of [llrect.ors made on tin.- i.iin nav 'it Auuust IDOS. KO numv shares of each riarcel of Rtich Block as iniiv b(^ necessurv \vlll be sold at tnibllc auction at the office of '£ of, the com pan v. on. the ;he ry o Oct mpa 008. at the ho y. to nav .fjth dav of 'October. 19 of 10 a. in. of said da. lellnniiftil aKscHKinent thereon, to: er with costs of udvertlBlne and ex neuseH of sale. AK K D <fii Joni? - A ^- Secv - hour said peth- \Vasco. i;< i^</JVi^/>4>> "Jountv. Cal. . 10-3 POSTPONEMENT Notice Is hereby clven that the date of Hale of delinquent Rtock of tho Fourth Extension Water Company has been .postponed until Thursday. November 19. 1908, at 10 o'clock, a. in. Mv onier of the Board of Directors. Dated October lit. inns. AmiKf) Wasco. Kern . «. . Countv. Cal. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is lierenv civen to all sons ownlnc and keoolnir iltws, w the limits of the Citv of Bakers! that License Tairs tor the, year •.. lice of the City Clerk, In 1!ie baa of Producers Savlnirn ni-uk bu arid on after tho 15th day of iirv. 1 will proceed to Imnouni; found runnlnc on the streets Dated NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sm;int;rie,]d Ol! nomnanv. Locnttat nlace of bii ~ of .urlnclnu field. California. LiualnesB. Uakea Notice is hereby clven that at \. rneetlnK of the Directors held on «*. 21th dav of September. 1H08. nn s* aeHsment of one and ono-uurirter ceMtt nor share was levied unon the caimia stock of the rorporntlon. payable i*- tnedlateiv in United Statos cold co»*«» thp secretarv ot said corporation «t office of the coinpain. room 1 f»n^, diicers Savlnus Dank bulldinK. H«S ersflcld. California. Anv .stock unon which this nsi the lent filial) n>m;tln niiniiid 01 av of November. Ilios. will tie *». lunieni and advertiser for KaV. Jf" public ,'eiiction ;ind inilcMH puvrnont «. jnade beiore. will be sold on the ZStSt (lav of November. 1!HIS. to pav the •" iliKinent iissessiinTit. tocether com of adveriislntr and expenses .It. y!ouAis«i>cla u.'itee for Aiiuust Anderson . r,^2 40 J,'!" On .(ami's II Anderson ....liOT 5 r, mi J/iWH'S H. Anderson . ...Jl!i5 20 14.75 Califorulu Home E.Men- slou A ssoc i at ion. trustee- lor.) K. Amler.son .,.117 r '0 -o 00 liaruer. Jobu -)7n f, "r, no Ijeard. Thus. Ceo ."iM fl foil) jlefliell, ^Ijce .\J -| 1-J O|' L'd.OO HI-niieii. Mis. Sarah ..:;!> ]n luon ( a.llloniia llniiii.- Rxieii sioii.Xs .ocialion. tni.-lee lor Hower. Sannii-l ... ;;t; "i:, •> f,.r l allfoi nia llnnie Kxleii- '•'I'ltlAs Jficial jl)||. trust,-e tor Itiin-ei SallliN-l ., 71 I'l ID (in Ciilil'oinia Home Kxtcn- sionAhS<rt-iatlOn.iniKlee for Hriu'KM, Warren F. 1!<5 Fi . r i.ini ''••«iei- John A ','IK 26 L'tt (in California Home Extfn- slon A. !isoc|al'«r..t for Chiik's Hezekiah . S3 10 lO.O'i Cdllfornlu Homo Exten..!— A ..... — .trustee n the. Superior Court of tho Countv of Kern. Htai.- of California. In Hie, mill'er o(' the anidication of I (In- llndiuii liilviiu; 1'arl, Association a corporation, to cbaniff its name to "Kern t'onniy A:;i iciiltnra! A.s.socla- lion." It satlsfactorlh 1 aiuiearimr to me that the "Hiidnnl MrivliiK 1'arU AHKOI :-HOP. has lllt.'d t .- iluv -MI aiiplli'Miii-M to cliant-'e (ts name tf> "Kern Count 1 A^ricniniial A> •-'ii'latlon." and tlrn said ii|i|i|icat,ion or petition is KlKii'-'l by a majority ot Hie directors of tin- said "Hudnut l)ri\ing Paris Associa Hop," and that -.ild petition Ktale- sndiei. nl rei'suns for the change of th<- I'l'odueera S«k«»- ner I:)th ana 8 fornia. 1WE reby iriven that nt t. Hoard «i Directors <B II (tile lore. It the -'aid c.or|iol'ii t if'ii, tlieie ol'dei'( . , -- Hint Hie oi tit'- aiitilicnliuii for ciKUiue ol i» in tin- foi-eiroln: 1 lir/K'( edintrii lie. llie H'Mii'- Is hetehv sel IDr St"ii- ilie :M|I ilnv of Novemlier. rins. j ^I'-nt one at iisroiin room thereof j ei'niin'\ court house. l(al;ersf)eld. ' 'alit'oMila, and lliut anv and all tier- sons InKiresled In said matter to lie and appear before llils court at the time and place nforeHitld. and thou 'ind there show cause, if any. ihey htivq .... , ^ •>n i Ofllce. rooin No. iiu's Hank bulldi.n'-r. N 6TTcii~ "OF" A?siFs MEN T," Mascot Oil Copipanv, Principal nlaao o( bn.-slness Camn on N, !•/. V, seirtlflt ..'.(.. Townshft) :'2 SiMith. RIIHKO 23 l!»«t. Kern COIIIIH ( iillfornlJi, N'ollce is In mei'tltm Of the the Mascot dil Coiunanv, ;i cornpt*- uori. belli on the Fifth dav of October. I! |||S -. an assessment of llv« cents wej 1 .-.hare was levied upon i lie c.utiftSj .;«)ck of )Ii.- corporation, imvuble IMr- mediately to the Secretary of the cot^- noratloii. at the ln-irich o/Hco of tl 1 <V)ippajiv,, Hoom 4K! fitl/.en's Natlnri Hauls llulldint.'. corner Third and Mafc sii-i-i':;. l.os Anireli-s. California. Anv slock npnn uliicb this asjnsjt pieiit snail remain nnimid op the 1-iiv. din nl November I.'JOS, will be tw\!*' ' •-- advi-i-tlred.for sale at 15Wr mvment k on Hie 5«: »nd , iJ nless mivment the the , . auulifatlon for the changes or wliv name of the Haul corooruMon should not be rrnntf.ii. and it is further ordered that a. couy ot thlB order to show atlo Haul OiaT

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