The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 22, 1968 · Page 7
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 7

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1968
Page 7
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THE BRIDGEPORT POST, MONDAY, JULY 22, 1968. SEVEN Customs Head In Receipts Reports Gains at State DR. K. K. PANDA PRACTICE Ports BEGINS Duties and internal revenue taxes on foreign goods cleared through' the U. S. Customs service operations in Connecticut during the 1068 Federal fiscal period totaled $22,596,053, according to a report of frfrs. Gertrude M. Cwikla, district director. Mrs. Cwikla said the total tops by $2,893,237 the 1037 collections which were $19,696,765. She assumed leadership of the Customs operations in the state in December, 1961, and her initial report (covering 1962) showed receipts of $9,205,139. There are four "ports-of-entry" for the District of Bridgeport. Receipts Increased Here Bridgeport, which also is the site of the district's headquarters, had receipts totaling $8,987,492, an increase of 5254,576 over the $8,732,915 of 1967. The monih-by-month totals for Bridgeport follow: July $524,779.06; Aug., $537,361.67; Sept., $697,303,53; Oct., $792,277.04; Nov., $973,074.79; Dec., }905,332.11; Jan., $896,802.36; Feb., $675,004.35; March, $654,410.63; April, $885,528.81; May, $659,271.05; June, $786,346.68. Total, $8,987,492.08. Hartford, with its Bradley International a i r p o r t , is the .·t?V srcrmd busiest "port-of- entry." Collections for the year were $6,794,982.. The increase was $1,393,545 over the 1967 total of $5,401,438. Hartford's month-by-month totals: ' July, $305,245.60; Aug., 5290,166.97; Sept., $438,850.69; Oct., $594,585.22; Nov., $844,864,29; Dec., $676,267.50; Jan., 5425,235.61; Feb., $655,844.11; March, ?696,093.22; April, $557,303.58; May, $708,077.66; June, 5682,447.56. Total, $6,794,982.01. New Haven has its center for importing a Swedish-made auto where they are driven off a specially designed ship, along with a high tonnage of steel from Europe and the Orient, to account for $5,991,508 in collections. There was a rise f $1,321,443 over the 1967 total of $4,670,065. New H a v e n ' s total;! by months: July, $306,401.17; Aug., $425,207.48; Sept., $503,981.12; Oct., $398,772.66; Nov., $639,268.18; Dec., $725,168.88; Jan., $395,942.01; Feb., $525,416.07; March, $446,450.27; April, $612,051.81; May, $625,732.19; June, $387,117.14. Total $5,991,503.99. New London Income Dips New London has activity that Fluctuates from year to year. Its receipts (or 1968 were J822,- 070, a decrease of $70,276 from the 1967 total of $892,346 which had been higher than the $739,902 of 1966. New London totals by months: July, $52,321.83; Aug., $44,638.46; Sept., $56,330.36; Oct., $72,500.36; Nov., $51,872.7; Dec., $78,894.84; Jan., $96,917.70; Feb., $71,693.57; March, $153,541.11; April, $65,560:04; May, $62,263.34; June, $65,537.09. Total, $822,070.44. The Customs report further lists ship and aircraft activity as follows: Vessels i 19(7 1988 Bridgeport 65 59 Hartford 0 I) Neiv Haven .... 219 261 New London .'.. 87 102 Total 362 422 Planes Bridgeport 49 56 Hartford ....... S74 406 New Haven .... 2 4 New London ... 13 4 Total 438 474 , AUSTRIA 3-Week Excursion Fare S3 95 CALL Barnum Travel Bureau inc. 232 riirtield A«., Sjl. S67-53S1 Have your own garage sale! Just dial 333-OI6I lo place your crowd-bringing Classified Ad. Bridgeport Hartford New Haven . New London Passengers HI 3,381 7 138 203 3*937 10 45 Total 3,567 4,195 NEW BATTLING AT CONEY ISLAND Attack on Patrol Car Prompts It; at Least 5 Policemen Hurt NEW YORK (AP) -- A rock and bqttle-throwing attack on a patrol car at Coney Island prompted a second straight night of battling late Sunday between police reinforcements and young residents of the area. At least five policemen were reported hurt, not seriously, and eight persons were arrested by police. About 80 per cent of the 40,ODD persons living in a slum section of Coney island where the trouble centered, are either Negroes or Puerto Ricans. Police said Sunday night's battling began when youths pelted a passing patrol' car with rocks and bottles. Both occupants. Patrolmen Roger Swanson and David Nadel, were injured, police said. Other police sought to make arrests for the attack, and said an unruly crowd, some standing on tenement roofs along Mermaid Avenue near 25lh Street, began throwing more missiles and some firebombs at officers. Reinforcements from the riot-trained Tactical Patrol Froce moved into the area and brought the disorder to a halt shortly before midnight. 200 BATHTUBS SAIL IN VANCOUVER RACE VANCOUVER, B.C. (AP) -More than 200 bathtubs and hundreds of escort boats gathered in Vancouver Island's Nanaimo Harbor for the annual international bathtub race Sunday. Stan Vollmers, 38-year-old Nanaimo sheet metal mechanic, ran rings around all the others. His plastic bathtub, named Nev-R-Make-R, made the 35 mile trip to Vancouver's English Bay in two hours and 12 minutes. DR. RAYMOND K. PANDA Dr. Raymond K. Panda, son of Mrs. Irene C. Panda, of 28 Bird- ·ey street, announced today his association with Dr. R o b e r t Friedman and pr. Richard Lund and associates for the practice of dentistry. Offices are located at 3872 Main street, and in the City Trust building at 955 Main street. Dr. Panda, a graduate of Fair- Held Prep and Holy Cross v col- 'ege, Worcester, Mass., received a doctor of dental medicine de- jree from New Jersey College of Dentistry in June of 1966. At Dental school, he was awarded membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a National Honor society and also received the scholastic achievement award of the Sigma 2ta chapter^f'Psi Omega Dental 'raternity and the Academy of Gold Foil Operator's award. Upon graduation, Dr. Panda entered the Navy, He is a veteran Qf the Vietnam conflict, hav- ng served with the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. During his last six months of service, he was stationed at the Dental Clinic, Naval Submarine jase, New London, Groton. He was separated from service July As of the end of 1965, the U. S. had 3,689,666 miles of graded roads, more than any other country in the world. ENROLL NOW! Enter Any Monday or Register Far The Fall Term Starting Monday, Sept. 9th STANDARD BUSINESS COURSES · Nancy Taylor Secret-aria) · Nancy Taylor Legal Secretarial · Nancy Taylor Medical Secretarial · Nancy Taylor Technical Secretarial (Thisi Count! tatludr the timoui Hincy Taylor Chirm md .Personality Tnininu with Gtm dr Spitdwriting Shorthand.) EUROPEAN STUDY-TOUR PROGRAM Available for Nancy Taylor Students · Pace Accounting and Business Administration · Office Machines · IBM Key Punch Training · Junior Accounting · Clerical-Machines * Day and Evening CUsaei Year Hound · Individual Instruction Permits Ranld Progreia! · Kre» Placement Servjc* for Graduate* · Approved tor Vetenn* * Brochures Upon R«que*t · Approved by th« StaU Board of Education · Moat Courses May Be Started Any Monday! PHONES: 333-3601 · 333-5924 BUTLER BUSINESS SCHOOL 211 Shit* Street "Our iSrii Year" Alr-Condirl«M( SEVILLA, Spain (AP) - Vandering around in the fields tf a big cattle ranch near this Andalusian city is a yearling leifer with clipped horns--a signature of bravery shown against Kennedy. The Kennedy who proved the heifer's bravery and worthiness o be considered a mother of one of Spain's brave bulls was 'oseph Kennedy, 15, son of slain U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. Joseph came to his first test as a bull fighter at El Toruno, he big cattle spread owned by he family of Salvador Guardio- a, one of Spain's more famous breeders of fighting bulls. In the What Makes A Man Old? By BETTY CANARY Businessmen have been asked vhy, with the older generation or he "senior citizen" group now comprising more than 10 per cent of the total population, they are not cashing in on that $40 bil- ion yearly income instead of concentrating on the youth cult. As one man said tt me in hushed tones, "Senior citizens spend about $850 million on hobble; alone." U seemed to me this man :hinks what this country needs is Jigger and fancier shuffleboard courts and his main concern is how he is going to get a piece of the action. Others think differently. Rabbi -evi A. Olan, a Texas religious eader, said recently that mandatory retirement at age 65 is 'one of the great immoralities of our times." Many Retain Their Vigor My opinion is that instead of tudying ways to cash in on. the 'senior citizen" income, perhaps by thinking up better play-group activities, what we should do is stop viewing older persons as a collective problem. As Olan has said, many retain their vigor and have much-needed capabilities. Nobody is denying that aches and pains are more to be expected at age 70 than at 20. And sen- "lity comes to some of us now as it has always come to some. Some older men and women will need nursing home care and no- jody is quarreling about putting ;rip-bars on bathtubs. But, what would like lo know is when did :he youth cult begin? When and by whom was it decided Hi every human being reaching,age 65 must stop physical and mental work and concentrate on checkers and fishing? In fact, who decided that age 65 was when a man ceased being man and became, instead, "senior citizen?" What I believe has been said so well by Samuel Ullman in "From the Summit of Years Four Score." 'Youth means the predom- nance of courage over timidity, of adventure over the love ol ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than in a boy of 20. "Nobody grows old merely by the number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. "You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." . CrVTTAN SPEAKER Raymond Klein, office and sys terns manager at the Bridgepor Hydraulic company will speak on "data processing" at a meeting of the Bridgeport Civitan club to morrow at noon In United Hall Maplewood avenue. Battles Cattle in Spain-Young Joe Kennedy Proves Family Tradition With Bull Kennedy action tradition, Joseph fought the yearling svith cape and mulcta. with lance and, after the horn-clipping, in a wrestling match. Joseph and his uncle, U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass,, flew into Sevilla July 6 from New York lor a vacation on (he Guanlioia ranch, which lasted only a few days for the senator. Since t h e n , Joseph has been playing soccer, helping ranch caretakers feed bulls and ridins horseback. Then Joseph tried his hand as a torero, a f t e r some i n i t i a l reluctance. A f t e r the formal fighting with the picador's lane, with cape and with muleta, the red flannel a bullfighter uses with his sword in the faena or dealh stage of a fight, Spanish cowboys clipped the lips of the heifer's horns. She had been an obviously brave opponent. Young Kennedy then tried wrestling the a n i m a l to the ground, or bulidogging 'as they call it in the States. After a couple of minutes he managed to flip the bull but not until he had hit the deck once and cut a small gash behind his left ear. He bled a bit but only alcohol lo sterilize the wound was needed. Fascinates Him "All this is fascinating," he said afterward, a big grin on his face. Perhaps the sere land of Andalusia southwest of Madrid was a good place for younj; Kennedy lo vacation after (he death of his father. . For one thing, he was among longtime Kennedy friends, the Guardiolas, Both families have links w i t h tragedy. Salvador Gunrdiola once had 12 children. Three were lost in accidents, including the dealh five years ago of Salvador Jr.. f a m e d as a rc- joneador or bullfighter on horseback, who died in 1963 in Palma de Mallorca when he was performing. His horse threw him and his legs became tangled in the saddle. He hit the ground with his head and was dragged. A a f e w hours later he was pronounced dead, Far company, Joseph brought a friend, W i l l i a m McDcrmolt. but he has had other teen-aged companions. One has been 15- year-old Nina Guardiola, a pretty brunetlc, whose presence has provided a prime opportunity for journalists to hint at romance. Severe headaches a f f l i c t one out of eight Americans. HOTEL-MOTEL T R A I N I Men -- Women Couples Apt no Virritr, No nictiiary. APPROVED BY CONN. STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION APPROVED FOR VETERANS' TRAINING quality quickly for well-paid ever* increailnc opportunlllet In molelir hotel*, r 6 to Hi, etc. Study at hom« or Saturday resident clanes. Keep your preient job while training. Frea natlon-wtde placement service. COUNTY SCHOOLS 37B7 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT 6. CONN. Nntnc Address Phone Cily Mall coupon today for free Information. No obligation. Time Usually Home Stale ^ ^ I BUT YOU CHOOSE FROM THE MOST STARTLING BROADLOOM VALUES WE COULD GATHER! AND YOU CHOOSE FROM ALMOST UNLIMITED DECORATOR COLORS! YOU CHOOSE FROM FULL ROLLS OF LUXURY CARPETING ONLY...FROM BRAND NEW 1968 DESIGNER BROADLOOMS! NO . .-.--THIS IS NOT A CLEARANCE DESPITE THIS ONE LOW PRICE! BRAND NEW BROADLOOM BARGAINS! THESE PRICES ARE VALID FOR 3-DAYS ONLY! BIGELOW TWO-LEVEL LOOP ALL NYLON PILE 4. 99 MOHAWK RtCH ACRYLIC PILE MULTI-TONED 4.99 MONARCH BUBBLE TEXTURE ALL NYLON PILE 4.99 TREND 100% NYLON PILE IN SMOOTH VELVET 4.99 CABIN CRAFTS CONT. FILAMENT NYLON PILE 4.99 BIGELOW DENSEALL WOOL PILE PATTERNED ~4. 99 CORONET ALL HEftCULON OLEFIN PILE TWEED 4. 99' LEJES SMART 100% NYLON PILE SOFT VELVET 4. 99 BIGELOW DEEP TEXTURE LOOP ACRYLIC PILE 4.99 SWEETWATER ALL NYLON PILE LOOP TWEEDS 4199 OUTDOOR-INDOOR CARPET REDUCED! Allen-Andrews offers you what is probably the lowesf price anywhere for this exciHng carpet! Long-wearing and stain-resistant. In those vivid colors: Flagstone, Charcoal or Autumn Tone. saie price 299 Hi sq. yd. SQUARE YARD these prices in effect Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-- shop 10 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. EASY CREDIT TERMS FREE SHOP-AT-HOME SERVICE: IK BRIDGEPORT CALL 372-3571. * IN WESTPORT'CALL 255.2807 IN BRIDGEPORT: 4490 North Main Street, opposite Brookside Shopping Center Allen-Andrews IN WESTPORT: 1385 Boston Post Road 1 Mile West of Exit 19 on Conn. Turnpike (opp = Westport Golf Range) WE BUY BY THE M1LE...YOU SAVE ON EVERY YARD

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