The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 4, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1008. No. 81 LANDSLIDE CARRIES GEN.TAFT INTO PRESIDENCY THE DEMOCRACY OF AGAIN MAKES A CLEAN SWEEP TAFT'S VOTE EXCEEDS TDAT OF ROOSEVELT NEW YOBK, Oct. 4.—General Taft is elected President by a vote of 298 to 192 for Bryan. NEW YORK BY 75,000 Taft has a plurality in New York of 75,000. For the first titte in the history of Greater New York a Republican nominee for the presidency carried the city. OHIO AND ILLINOIS AND INDIANA. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois are all in the Republican column by heavy majorities. COLORADO DEMOCRATIC DENVER, Nov. 4.—Indications are that Colorado is Democratic in both the state and national contests. BRYAN WINS IN NEBRASKA. LINCOLN, Nov. 4.—Bryan won a brilliant victory at home. He reversed a majority of 2000 in the city, carried the county by a handsome plurality and will win the state by 10,000. The Democratic governor is re-eelcted also. The legislature is Democratic by a decisive majority. THE HOUSE REPUBLICAN. The house of Representative will be Republican again by a heavy majority. • -, . OTHER CONTESTED STATES ---- - •• - , ' Maryland cast its vote for Taft as did Deleware, Missouri rejoining the solid south. Kansas is strongly for Taft. GENERAL TALF TALKS. CINCINNATI, Nov. 4.—In an interview today General Taft said "I believe I was elected by the business men of the country, Democrats as well as Republicans; that I received my share of the labor vote, and that the fanners generally stood by me." THE LESSER PARTIES The result shows that there is a slump in the Socialist vote over that of four years ago. The Hearst cide-show cut no figure in the election, the vote often being among the "scattering". The Prohi- 'litionits show a gain. THE STATE 6IVES TAFT A REDUCED MAJORITY returns for California Uiafin 2367, Debs SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.— Incomplet uia give Tuft 95,286; Bryan 62,104, Hisgeii Never before has such difficulty been encountered In collecting returns in this state. The Federal law prpvtdlng that railway telegraphers need not work more than nine hours, ev- SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.— la. ery county of the state Taft left Bryan far behind. Tatt's total plurality will equal, If not exceed, 75,000. . California will send to Congress probably a solid, Republican delegation. The Second district alone Is In doubt. 298 electoral votes. Returns from the west are increasing in fullness and tht\v may reach 325, is claimed by Hitchcock. One result, surpassing the most sanguine of Republican hopes is Taft's carrying of Greater New York by li/,6-15. His plurality in New York will greatly exceed Roosevelt'3 of 1904. Hughes was re-elected governor of New York by an estimated plurality of 75,000. New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are Taft's by notable majorities. It appears Bryan narrowly carried Maryland. Colorado and Montana are subject to counter claims, with the former a probability for Brvun and the latter for Taft. is decisively for Brynn. E<irl.v indications give the following votes closed two hundred offices In the state last night and as there were no other telegraph offices In these placs, no returns could be obtained. It will probably be two days before anything like a complete count of the vote can be finished. Indications are that the Republicans will elect sixteen state senators and fifty-four assemblymen, and this with thirteen holdover senators, gives forty-six majority In the joint ballot for United States senator. LOCAL TICKET The Kern county Democrats have: — i, Carried the comity for Bryan. Given Shepherd, Democrat, for Congress, a pluratlity. Elected a member of the assembly. Elected a judge of the Superior Court. Elected a supervisor in the First district. Elected a supervisor in the Fourth district. Elected a supervisor in the Fifth district. Not bad for a landslide year. With some Democratic territory yet to be heard from, the Democrats of Kern, In the face of a national and state landslide, have carried the county for Bryan, by a small plurality. Shepherd defeats Smith In the county by a still heavier vote, and the Democracy elects Its entire local ticket, consisting of judge, assemblyman and total of 291. The Bryan states are Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South NEW YORK, Nov. .4.—Taft has been elected the 27th President of the United States and John S. Sherman, Vice President as the outcome of one of the most re- markable political campaigns in the history of the republic. Bryan's third defeat put down his life's ambition. The returns indicate that Taft will have at least Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and \Vest Vir™ _,,... gina, a total of 192. Significant Nebraska °^ tno resn ' tH an ' tnt> re-election of Cannon, Chairman Payne of the ways and means committee, John- to Taft: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana! I though Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mnssachu- lu ' sot « setts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota. Ohio, Oregon,, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. South Dakota. Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wvojiiing, a son, governor of Minnesota, al- Taft's plurality in Min- 7i>,00(). Ilisgcn n*«s given comparatively meager support. Then? was little indication of Socialist and Prohibition strength. In the House. CHICAGO, Nov. 4.—in the entire list of members of the House of Rep A Stylish New Fall Suit For Every Man at the Toggery S ELECT your clothes to harmonize .with your personality and occupation. If you are of a serious temperament choose conservative styles and neat patterns or solid colors, If you are blessed with a jovial disposition wear clothes t o correspond—smart models and the new color effects. Then again, your clothes should be adapted to your business or profession. And right novv we're glad to tell you we have a swell fall suit here to please the taste and the occupation of every man at the price he can v\ ell afford to pay. THE TOGGERY LOWEU. * •LOOM vllle section, the farming region south of town and the northern part of th« county going strong for Taft. Judge Magon, though without opposition, was complimented by being the recipient of many Republican votes, hundreds of members of that party taking the trouble to vote a split ticket In order to cast a ballot for him. THE RETURNS BY PRECINCTS For For For President .Congress Assembly PRECINCT Hakcrsfleid No. I Bakersfleld No. 2 Bakersfleld No. 3 Bakersfleld No. 4 Bakersfleld No. 5 Bakersfleld No. 6 Bakersfleld No. 7 South Bakorsfleld Stockdale Frultvale Oil Lake San Emldlo Poso Button Willow .. Amalle Callonte Midway Marlcopa Canfleld • Fairfax Keene , Sumner Adobe Woody Havilah Petroleum ...... Rosedale Antelope Linns Valley North Ker n South Kern Paleto Roekplle Panama Kernvtlli! Weluon Hot Springs Dulano Aaphalto Tejon Canyon ... Solodiid Old Town Tehachapt Greenhorn 16 17 20 0 15 55 35 13 13 55 27 3 12 87 29 13 14 135 ion 14 4 03 37| 40 21 87| 95 4 131 3! 40; fi; Totals 11054! 1211 140 9o| 62| 106 S3 56 36 16 33 116 155 136 147 59 116: 87 52 26 21 53 100 5 12 23 9 21 9 19 88 23 4 7| 57) 18! 26 7 62 15 6 36 120l 109 26 5| 331 27j 47j 83j 41 11) 151 74i •I 1 1902' en cr B. ? tn 19 12 15 201 22 32 18 120 140 fil 56 115 «*74 42 32 13 31 11' 15 18 20 j 15 55 34 15 I 13 12] 54 3j 26 3 13 23 •28 14 17 133 16 100 2| 14 152) 91 133i 107 47 44 91 54 25 29 11 27 110 8 166 63 111 93 57 27 23 54 95 5 12 22 10 21 0 18 81 23 4 7 60 18 26 6 56 15 10 33 121 1081 25| 7| 62| 341 33| 26 34! 16 20 31 45 78 4 87 89 4 6; 13] Hi ! 3| 15 11! 3fl| 76 i 6! 4 17 21 15 44 33 15 13 47 23 3 9 84 7 14 13 128 91 8 2 53 20 15 20 83 78 4 13| 2! 43| 51 1!84!I884|2008| 1668J 196 174 187 48 138 118 78 27 25 62 103 5 12 21 7 9 19 96 24 6 7 67 22 27 9 63 17 10 87 124 117 31 7 44 21 40 21 50 96 4 11 16 75 5 2319 three supervisors. The heaviest majorities for the Democratic tlckot wor<> xlven In the more populous precincts, tho Kern- resentatlves elected, there are very few changes In political complexion. The net result Is favorable to the Republicans. Reports received from 316 Congressional districts out of 391 Indicate the election of 177 Republicans and 139 Democrats. There will be many familiar faces at the next Congress, Including Speaker Cannon and his chief lieutenants, Payne, Dalzell, Towney, Burton and McCall. On tho Democratic side Champ Clark. Dearmond and Clayton will be returned. A special to the Omaha Bee this morning nays returns from two- thirds of the Eighth Iowa district Indicate tho defeat of Congressman Hepburn by Jamlsson, Democrat. COMPLEXION OF CONGRESS. CHICAGO, Nov. 4.—The Senate will show practically no change aa to the political complexion, as the Republl- Owlng to tho fact, that he had no opposition, those sending In the returns did not take tho trouble to forward tho vote on Judgi', It Is evident, however, that ho received a vote nearly 50 pet- con! heavier than that of his party. For the assembly, Rowen Irwln de- Teals Mannell by something over 700 votes, the returns up to 2 o'clock show-Ins 2348 votes for Irwlu and J601 for Mannell. For Congress, Shepherd, up to 2 o'clock, on the precincts heard from, had 1908 votes, with Smith 1819. From these figures, It appears that the Ven- (Contlnueti on page S.) TAFT~AND DENEEN SWEEP ILLINOIS. CHICAGO, Nov. 4.—The Republican national and state tickets hare gained a complete victory In Illinois, although the pluralities probably will fall short of those obtained by the party in the Roosevelt campaign oC 1904. Taft haa carried the state by approximately 170,000 votes,

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