Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on December 3, 1946 · Page 8
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 8

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1946
Page 8
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Rice, Arkansas Put Three On All-Southwest learn : . . . .,,.. j. .1. ,t ************** * _.* A'.! Bobby Layne Is "Only Unanimous thoice For Spot t By HAROLD V. RATLIFF * Aiseciaied Pr»t» SporU Writer * DALLAS., Dec. 2. — Co-cham- pu'in^ Arkansas and Rice each pUireri throe men on the All South•.v'es: conference football team ~r>'ec'trd bv the coaches f<">r the A«,~onaicd' Press — but the only nou^ choice was bounding Lnync, the grc;it fullback University "f Texas._ seven of the mentors put „.,..., down for a spot on the all <rsV team, Weidon Humble, Rice ruf.rd' Clyde Scot!, Arkansas ••••piback. and C.T! Russ, Rice's raTimrrmi; fullback, each packed (in'- vftf of unanimous selection. ; B*chtol Edged Oul Texas placed two men on the ';r" team and s" did Southern i>rnodi!-.t while Texas Christian [jir.rif-d one. Haylor and Texas A. pnd M. rlidn'l rosiRSter. , v ." Balnw.n and Wilson were given * n i-au;:i number of vntcs »nd they J.-j-f/i Windell Williams, Rice's Krt-at pass-received, and Hubert j^^^rjjril^ defcnMX'p star of Tex^s, for the spots. The tackle jobs l^o were decided by close dccis- **,n, with Lively and Edwards t^tn-.inx ou ; Charles M.-ilberK of *R:ce and Monte Moncrief of Texas f A. snd M. ! yhfre was n(i doubt about the *v".i;i:d'. tlumbif and Wright fin- i:sn:!ig well out in front. • Harris had 'a tough task beating jny; Bill Thomns, the fine Arkan- center. f Jjm Canady, Texas wmgback, •put up a spirited scrap with Jkerney for the fourth bnckfield Ipns/.ii'iri. Kccnry went in by one • vn:r. ASSOCIATED PRESS-I946 ALL SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE IIANKIS, TBXIU, C.rntrr KUSS, Ki«c, Bncli Sfuvi COM.MKKCIAI. LKAGUK KicTi In C Luobocle . '«m Jin" Cl r* mi;h » ihr^ > \if fnr wlini rlub l«it nliht, i (rnnl fh' c^lUr-rtw'll' whi!" thf oLh^r flrst- ilhUffl rnndnu^il Ml^lr r-^Ainr win over Trxus vVn* 1 ! «trpn»ilt^ni>ri ih^lr hold on lhlr<l • tir l.-O'jnclni w»»t Tf«m O«« lhr«r :«hi. *nt! Hnuifhold Supply copped t»'o -Tmif h 1 , Kim's from B^nrii. .i nro^n hot TJI? pln-looplfr. ropp«tl viDui: nnnort »-lin > 321-SSI) Arrlr.i, «l- sn PMI: CYTK^tt of lloits^hoM hRfl i«i>' ''"-1 23s Th^ IJT plnm'n rom- o( 1753, lir.vlni hleh 11 33 H 3.1 in 3d . 0 30 H Guard Blake Williams is the ior.:y starter of Oklahoma A. and •fl.'s national collegiate champinn- jr.ifi basketball team of last jn\n:cr who is hack in school. Oklahom* A. Rnd M, 35; Tcxnn Wrslpynsi 30 west Tirxn.i Stnlc Tchrii. 45; ADll'-nt Chrlsllim « lovcrtlmri. Howard Pn>'im :IS; Sti-pl'.im F. Ausl.ln 3! Oklahoma <n: Win-mulium. Mo. Tclirs. 21. Oklahoma "B" Ml: nnswcll AAP 35. whrMpn US: vnlnnrnlmi n,i. Union Collcar 55: Hnimvrr «l. -,.on(t Inland U. »»: Borcm ,JC .15. Tcnnrw 00; Lincoln Mfmorlnl u. -1. IniUmiit HO: WabaMi 4H. Tcxmi 83; Norlh Tfx»« SLalr 41. ICtntucky CO: Port Knox 31. . ' Scion H»i: SJ; Catholic U, 27. Mnrouttte 65; Rlnon 41. Wisconsin 01; Lawrrncc ^3. Q-Backs Wind Up Grid Season Monday Night Downtown Quarterbacks wound up the grid season at Lubbock hotel last night, with movies of the Tcch-Amon:i game highlighting the program. Coach Dell Morgan showed the movies' after commenting briefly on the Raider-Hardin-Simmons game last Saturday. "It was just a case of not doing anything righl," Morgan averred. The boys had their instructions, but everything went haywire once they got on the field . . . and Hardin-Simmons- was ready for us. But we'll be after them next year . . . and the boys who played Saturday won't forget this yenr's licking. If we'd played the kind of bull we played against Texas A&M and Southern Methodist, we'd have won the Harriin-Sim- mons gnmc." lech Cagers Open Against Oklahoma Aggies Tonight Wilh smoke still settling from the football season, Texas Tech's baskcl.ballcrs launch their 1S46- •17 bnskclbnll campaign lonigh! when they tangle with Oklahoma A&M. defending national c-agc champs, at. Stillwalcr. Wednesday n i K h t Coach Bed Huffman's Raider quintet moves on to Norman for >an encasement w i '. h Oklahoma university, co- favoritc with Kansas in the Big KmVAKDS, TCU, Tackle CARL POOL <GEKU!NE HORSEHIDE SPORTS JACKET * 32 INCHES LONG • ZIPPER FRONT i'S '«c fc «> v {^ yaw cV yo-j RAYON LINING TAILORED FIT f CARL POOL iforn «nri tr? iif—a lofllher JflcV^t thut will ^eny I00Sont, p t*%,!*i to c^ooin frofti, Jeo, t If Your Local Dealer By CHOC HUTCHESON Avalanche Spori« Wriler In one respect, Saturday's 21-C loss to H.nrdin-SirnmonK provided a fitting finale for Texas Tech's IfMfi football campaign, for it showed once again—for the benefit of nny remaining "doubting Thomases"—that the Raiders were an In-and-out ball club. It's loo bad lhat they were "out" against Ihe Cowboys. We're one nf those rock-skulled dichiirds who still believe that the Tcchsans could have won that one, although we realize that there arc plenty of folks—including, probably, most of the 13,000 who snt in on Saturday's setto—who would argue this poi nt until the Panama Canal freezers over. « • * But the Raiders didn't win. In fact, they didn't even come close tfi winning, and for almost 45 minutes we had our _ own personal doubts as to whether they would escape a 1 ' whitewashing. In case you missed Sund-Vs account of th e game, we'll save you a lot of reading lime by saying that the Cowboys rocked Tech for three first-half, touchdowns- two on "high school" passes and the third 'following a fumble recovery—then coasted in as Tech's running game rambled over all of Fair Park stadium's turf except the double-stripe (and that, for the benefit of you readers who , don't follow football, is where they pay off!). * , * * To usl it looked like a case ,'oC some foxy scouting by H-SU, The Cowboys' first scries of downs following the opening kickoff obviously were pre-arranged, and someone on the Cowboy staff had spotted a gaping Tech. weakness nn defense against deep passes. For on the second down from scrimmage Al Johnson wound up and heaved a "cloud buster" to Bullet Cook to start the touchdown drive. That punch—followed by another scoring aerial by the siimf combination .five plays later —rocked Tech back on its heels, and Ihe Raiders never fully recovered. Johnson went on to hit four of the five tosses he tried, and might h;ive kept right on pitching strikes if he hadn't decided that 21 points was enough for one afternoon. * * • A few observers have told us they considered those H-SU pass completions as "lucky." _ We're- inclined to disagree. We think those plays were planned and developed perfectly, for Tech in earlier games— against Rice and Oklahoma A&M—had exhibited n leaky defense against lengthy passes. The surprising point to us was thnt more learns didn't try the deep passing game against the Raiders during the course of the season. * tf * On ihe Tech side nf Saturday's Irdger, Roland (Tirfry) Nabors checked in Ihe best defensive performance we've seen this season, with , r >a minutes of football that left even Cowboy rooters marvcl-i ling. The entire Tech line kept Rudy Mobley in check from scrimmage, allowing him an aver- ago of two yards in 29 ball-carrying efforts. In Ihe backfield. Roger Smith, Lecte Jackson and Krnest Hawkins displayed spurts of running brilliance! and the punting of Smith, Jackson and.Xack Henderson was above par. . . But the one glaring offensive shortcoming of the 104(5 Red Raiders became most evident Saturday. They just didn't have a passing game—and it's hard to get 22 poinls in DO minutes when you're picking up ground four yards at a clip. ' HORSE OF YEAH NKW YORK, Dec. 2 (IP}— Robert J. Kleberg, jr.'s Assault, triple- crown champion of the thrco year tlcl.", loclay was named by the ;taff of the Triangle publications, publishers nf Iho Daily Racing Pnrrn, as Hie horse of Ihe year for I.AY.NK, Tcxns, Hack . BALDWIN, Ark., End. AP 1946 ALL-SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE—Co-champions.Hice and Arkansas each placed three men 1 on the Associated Press 1D4G All-Southwest conference football team, selected by a composite vote of thc'scvon coaches In the conference. Southern Methodist University and the'University of Texas each placed two men, Texas Christian university the other. The team; Wilson tSMU) and Baldwin (Arkansas)'Ends; Edwards.(TCL) and Lwciy (Arkansas) tackles; Humble (Rice) and Wright (SMU), guards; Harris (Texas) center; Lnync (Texas), Scott (Arkansas), Russ • • (Rice), and Koeney (Rice), backs. (AP -- * * * * . *. * * '* • KEEMEY, Ric« Back All-Southwest Conference First Team PLAYER - SCHOOL Gene Wilson Southern Methodist Allon Baldwin Arkansas U'cldon Kdwurds Texas- Christian Charles Lively Arkansas Hj cc ' Southern Methodist Texas ' Tcxns- Arkansas Wcldon Humble Jim Sid Wright Dick Harris Bobby Layne Clyde Scott Carl Russ Huey Kcency Rice POS. ' End End Tackle Tackle Guard Guard Center Back Back Back 'Back WT. 180 195 ,215 205 2J5 ,220 200 .134 164 187 175 CLASS Senior • Senior Sophomore Junior Senior Senior Sophomore Junior Junior Sophomore Sophomore J.J'^XW-"^^ ^".(s-^ - .--.The second team: Ends, Windell Williams, Rice, and Hubert Bechtol, Texas; Tackles, Charles Malmbcrg, Rice, and Monte Moncrief Texas A&M; Guards, Harold Collins, Texas, and Odell Stautxcnbcrger, Texas A&M; Center Bill Thomas, Arkansas; Backs, Jim Canady, Tcxns, Ken Holland, Arkansas, Virgil Eikcn- bcrf, Rice, and Aubrey Fowler, Arkansas. •> ' Others receiving first place ballots .included Max Bumgarcl- ner, Texas, end; Jim'Minor, Arkansas, and Harlan-Wetz, Texas, tackles, and Thcron Roberts, Arkansas, guard, ' • _^ LUBBOCK,MOKN/NG PAGE EIGHT, LUBBOCK. TEX., TUESDAY, DEC. 3. 1946 Bobby Layne Chalks UpTkreeSWCTities (By The Aflsoclnlecl Prcs.1) Bobby Laync, Texas fullback, sacked up three titles in Southwest conference football, finishing first in total offense with tho amazing figure of 1,420 yards rushing and passing; was the passing champion by a .wide, margin and even closed out with the best average among the punters. Figures released -by -executive secretary James H. Stewart showed Layne to have thrown 140 passes and completed 77 for 1,115 yards—3R3 yards better than Virgil Eikcnbcrg of Rice, who connected 40 times on 120 throws Tor 732 yards. Lnyne carried the ball 82 times tor 305 'yards. Frank Payne of Southern Methodist was second in total, offense with 723 yards on 17B plays. . Carl Russ. Rice fullback, w;is the conference's leading ground- Floydada Tops 4-A Loop Team . MATADOR, Dec, 2 (Special) — Placing six men on the first team, Floydada completely dominated the All-District 4-A grid eleven chosen by conference coaches here tonight. The district champs placed four linemen and 'two .backs, while Spur, runncrup to Floydada in the district i-aue. placed' two on the all-star team. Matador, Lockncy and Paducah each' placed one player on the district eleven. Tho first team: Player ' Pot. School Bill Woinnck End Floydada Gene Messer End Lockncy Bruce Womack Tackle Floydadn Leslie Nixon Tackle Floydada Joe Bunch Guard Floydada Morris Denson Guard Spur R. C. Giesecke Center Matador Glenn Carmack Back Floydada Kelly Hagood Back Floydada Joe Sandiin Back Paducah James Sharp Back Spur' The second team': Bill Blackwood (Crosbylonf and Junior Evcrs (Paducah), ends Bill Holiey (Paducah) and Bob Steclc (Spur) tackles; Bill Goodgamc (Paducah) and James Price (Matador), guards; Dean Wright (Spur), center; Virgil Lawson (Crosbyton), Lyndon Tatom (Paducah), Bonner Nelson (Matador), and Odcll Heathington (Rails), backs. The heaviest man on the Colgate football team of 1899 was left guard J. A. Williams, who came in at' 174, This year's line averages 30 pounds more than that. | gainer with S90 yards on 130 runs and Ken Holland of Arkansas was second with 397 yards on 132 carries. Lindy Berry of Texas Christian was third with 373 yards on 112 runs.. Gene .Wilson, Southern Melh- bdist end, caught the most passes | —18—but; Jim Canady of Texas j pained the most, yards, taking 17. | for 420, Wilson picked up 258 , yards. Windell Williams of. Rice gathered in' '12 throws for 291 yards and Max Buingardner of Texas caught '1G for 263. Laync kicked 12 times for an average of. 42.]. However, he was not the real leader of the conference in" punting. Bill Richards of Southern Methodist booted G3 for 'an average oC 'JO. 1 !,' Stan Holl- miK of Texas A, and M. averaged 39.8' on 31 kicks among the wen who punted '30 or more times. Frank Guess oC Texas returned 12 punts for 21,6 yards, an average-of 18,0 to lead in this department', Payne was second with 252 yards on 15 run-backs for an average of. 16.1.6. George Walmsley of Hice was third with .185- on 13 returns for an average of 14,2. Tractane The ill purpose fuel ior John Deote tractors, clean, high gravity, odorloss, OHUENBUSCH Oil Company 220 N. College — Ph; 6032 \dhoe The new "Thames Square" moccasin . . . with an English .accent on sturdy leathers and beautiful shocmakirig. On your feet you'll swear they're the finest footgear you've cvcr'worn. The costly full-grained calfskin, double 'storm-wcltcd. soles and cozy comfort of their exclusive Cradle Heel construction arc priccle.'is features in our -finest King's Guard styles. 50 $ d Q Clothiers Ncv Cradle Heel FITS IN THE RIGHT PLrACESt MoUid lo /it .vimr loot l^crt >DII'V« uev«r /<!l /itictl be/off. Yellowjackets, Akin- Cop Boys Club Wins Glen Akin, pouring in 10 points, led his Pec-Wee league quintet to a H-13 victory over the Ben Eskridgc cagcrs at Lubbock Boys club last night. Akin looped a field in the last 30 seconds of play to sew up the ball game. Connie Ray Andrews popped Kskridgc scorers with seven . In the Midget league. the Ycl- inwUickcts copped a 19-1(1 win over the holshols, with Tommy Ych'inslon o'f the' Jackets, and .Icral Pierce, hotshot forward, lending scoring with 10 pctntn ciich. The Juniors open their schedule at. ihe club tonight, with the Dudley Stanley crew taking on Jackie Conk's hardwood aggregation. Six rare this year. Huffman and 13 players left yesterday iii their initial road trip. The squad will be without the services of several t'ootball- bnskclball prospects who wound up the football season only last Saturday. However, several additions 10 the cage crew are expected jn time for the first home game, against McMurry on December fl. In the Oklahoma Aggies. Tech faces one of the nation's top learns. Coach Hank Iba's Cowpokes no longer have their great center, Bob Kurland. but most, observers rank the 1946 Ag quir.- lel. built around Icttcrman Blake Williams, as one of the country's lop ten outfits. Huffman, before his departure Friday, said he probably will s'.nrl "a team including: Wimpy Hill. Amarillo, and Garland Head, Clovis. forwards: Eugene Gibson, Liikevi,-w. i-enler: William Banks, Vermin, and Jay Kcrr, Odessa, guards. DIGGING AT YOUR SCALP WON'T HELP Goi real hrfp for dry itchy niralp with Ivforolino Hair Tonic. Aid" natural oil", helps remove !oo«« dandruff. 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