The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 3, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN LEGAL. I The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES ; era Savings Hank building, Bakeri sficld, California on Monday, Novom- ! her J'tli. I!i08, at 4 o'clock p. m, of said day, for (bo election "of a board of di| rector-: a:id ->,ich other business us 1 may l.e !,rou;ht before the nu-etini;. ! C. BROWER, Secy. ... room No. '.in", Producers Hav- •.nk but! lin.','. corner 1!Hh and H :. Hakersdeld, California, lo-t'fi NOTICE OF~M¥ETING. LEQAL. LEOAk Brewars of Celebrated Bottled Beers Red Ribbon Wurzburger A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfield and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. iiv clvcn that , tin the stockholder canal companv ectini; directors s-uch other busine>v liet'ore the meeiiim. oitice iif said Co; Krirk. \ricl; <rick \rick Krick Krick I' I'll l>h PI i . Keiii • bu-1 !ii . -\^. liaUei-sfiold. California, at tlu< and hour -ot onnoHite the name: .11 River Cna-il ami Irri^iiiiir., SIT- to above mimed Canal Companv. Ki"n Count v I,:ni I Conin.inv's olllce lniildini.-. corner 1','ill an I II street •. K'kerslield. Calif. _ 10-2-1 DIVIDEND NOTICE. ! A i an adjourned nieellni; of the I Uo.irl of Directors? oi the S. \V. and II. Oil Co. held Oct. 2S. IfjtiS. a dividend .was declared ot four cents a share on 11 the <tock of the company, pavable No- I veniber i:',. 1'inS at the office ot the I coriin.iiiv. Hit',} Chester avenue. Bilk- I erstli-M. Cal 1 11-2 H. \V. THOMAS. Secretarv. . for Keenev. J. W 151 California Home Extension Association .trust ee for Keenev J. W. . . .173 20 California Home Kxten sioiiAssoclatton. trustee for Keenev. J. \V ] C.ilifornla Home II.MI p. s n ill Association trustee .tor Klas.s -n, Hem v ... 1.";) b-rick. Phi in II. in H. . li> II. IP II. . IJ H. . . ... ID II. . KM I 111 M. . . Edith M. . Cluis. H. . . Cbas. It. . . ..rtlipv. Han v | MeCartiiev. Heni. i ' ':• liiorni.i I It.he . .... sion.Association, trustct for .M<'Connell. ,1 S. ' McKinnle. J. K I MeKinnie, .1. H. . McKinnle. .1. •• ! McKinnle. .1. |{. . Mel.iuurhlln. \Viu. Mcl.aiidilin. Win. Mead. Win. U. . . Miller. \V. T fi2!j lillor. Hranev Ann . .. .t">2(i alifornl-i Home I xlen- sion Association, trustee lor Mvron Raymond ..151 lullen. llobt. Jr. cort. lien, Kobt. J. . .no cert, lien, tiobt. J. 20 20.00 an- 1 Kri or Kifor i Kr and i McC DELONEGH---. MOT SPRINGS. Most •'Ua'm'e mineral springs IB California. An aosoiute cure for HHliUMATIBM Fort> vu«- trues trom BaKersfleld In :\>v;uia Mountains. Fin* «um chrLMtt;. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleid 'I'hurscluy mornings between I and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Metropole ID Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- ATMS, BARBEAU & ROQUBTTB. Proprietor! H. C. HARNESS With J. W. Brocxman Eeal Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakerstteld. Cal NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. Under the old management, at the old location, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect 150 Rooms. Private Baths, Steam Heat. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial ravelers. Pioneer Hotel of San Francisco. MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST ll is iiiiun- here in (.'alil'or- nia and beinir made here it follows I hat il is best adapted to the climate i-otiditions. Then iiH'ftiu it costs no more than imported paints, that are made to suit any climate. Costiir_' so littl (iffoi'd to let ji'o unpaintei cay 1 I'ov.ic in and let us figure ,.n tin- .!'-!>. Pioneer Mercantile Co ;; Phone Main 98, Scbamblin can von your buildings 1 ami into de- LOCAL 8ETS ON ELECTION There was much talk of betting on the election last night and this morning, but not much money was wagered on the general result. Tony Rice had a thousand dollars to bet two to one on Taft, and there were other amounts of smaller sums said to be ready to wager at like odds. A. D. C. McKay phoned from Paris to place a bet at 10 to 7'/6 on the Ohioan, but there were no takers. On the state and county there was more activity, however, In the betting line. A good many wagers were made, even, money that Taft would not carry California by 20,000, and one or two bets went at 15,000. On the county a few wagers were made on 300 majority for Bryan, but generally Democrats were compelled to give a larger margin, and In one Instance the stakes went up on GOO for the commoner. In IMS Angeles, it was reported last night that the betting was even money on New York and Indiana, with no Republican money on the last named state. One local bet was made 50 to 30 on Taft carrying the Hoosler state. Charley Metcalf, the cigar man, appears to have made two very lucky bets. In Kern yesterday afternoon he Idly remarked that he would bet 10 to that Kern county would go Democratic an. I he got a t.-.!:ci-. A moment later another Republican approached him and offeied to liel $.">. "Even money?" enquired Metcalf. "Yes," was the reply. Metcnlf said he was almost ashamed to take the wagers. "While In the army In 1863 I was •H'MI with chronic diarrhoea," says f.or.rco M. Felton of South Gibson, Pa. "I have since tried many reme- lies but without any permanent re'!• f until Mr. A. W. Miles, of this •.lace, persuaded me to try Chamber- Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea .:;:.. v.ilM'. ; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * LEGAL. forth, namely: Sealed bids will be received for said franchise up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the 5th day of December, 1908; said bids to he filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, at his office In the court house of said county in the City of Bakersfleld, California, and the successful bidder for said franchise, and his assigns, must, during the life of said franchise, pay to the County of Kern 2 per cent of the gross annual receipts of the person, partnership, or corporation to whom said franchise is awarded, arising from Its use, operation, or possession. No percentage shall be paid for the first flve years succeeding the date of the franchise. Each sealed bid must be accompanied hy cash or a certified check payable to the Trees urer of said County of Kern for the full amount of such hid, and nb seal ed bid will be considered unless said cash or check Is enclosed therewith; and the successful bidder shall deposit at least 10 per cent of the amount ol his bid with the County Clerk of said County of Kern before such franchise shall be struck off to him. Said bids will he opened and considered on Monday, the 7th day of December, 1908, at 10 o'clock, a. m., and said franchise will be struck off, sold and awarded to the person, firm, or corporation who shaM make the highest cash bid therefoi; provided only that at the time of the opening of said bids any responsible person, firm, or corporation present or represented may bid for said franchise or privilege a sum not less than 10 per cent above the highest sealed bid therefor, and said bid so made may be raised not less than 10 per cent by any other responsible bidder, and said bidding may so continue until finally said franchise shall be struck off, sold, and awarded by said Board of Supervisors to the highest bidder therefor in Kold coin of the United States. Dated this intb day of October, 1908, at Hahersflc-ld, Kern County .California. I. I'- MILLER. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County. H-2 STOCKHOLDER^ MEETING. Notice Is lierebv elren that the annual meetlne of the stockholders of Kern-I'tah oil Company will be held at the office of snld corporation at the sheriff's office. In this cltv. on Thursdav. the 3rd dav of December. ;'S. at the hour of 8 D. m.. for the nurnnsp of electfnir directors for the ensnlne vear. and for the transaction oi such other business as may proper Iv come before themeetinE. .1. W. KEMJY. President. T. A. Baker. Secretarv. 11-2 im Com; place ot ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and AsDhaHu panv. Location of nrmciDal business. Oakland, California. Notice Is hereby ejven that jit a ree- ulnr roeetlne of the Board of Directors held on the 15th dav of October. 1908 an assessment of one cent ner share was lpvied~UDon the subscribed capita stock of the corporation payable immediately In United States eold coin to the secretarv of said Company, ai Its office, room i2. at 908 Broadway, in the Cltv of Oakland. California. Anv stock UDon which this assessment shall remain unmid on the 1.7th dav of November. 190S. will be delinquent and advertised for s.ile at miDUc auc tlon. and unless uavment IB mjdi fore, will be sold on Monday, the _.- dav nf December. 1908. to nay the de llnauent assessment, tocethe- with the costs of advertiHlne and expenses o 30-23 J. ENNIS. Secretary, sale. NOTICE. To whom It mnv concer is hereby clven that sicned. have this ifith 1908. entered ment and co-nartnersh oncern: we. ill dav of t a: of into articles rshiu ' :—Nolle le under October ._ of agree for the nur H tJ 0 52 in lulleii! llobt! .1! ..nii cert. California Home Extension Association, trustee for Nelson, Ceo. F. ... 192 S'elson. James .1 llsen.FrankA.nndGrace •ardee. Willard ., California Home Extension Association, trustee for Fender, Geo. M. .. 38 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Dickerson. C. A. ..188 California Home Exten- SlonAssoclation. trustee or Prewltt, Edgar D. . , Jose. Walter . ^. California Home Exten- slon Association, trustee for Schlueter.,Freo W. 'cnroeder. Rpbt *«n«-&„%,;•:;;: Home Exten I LCI II If K . I IterilniE. ( Jallrornta tor Terre. California !^6anlel, l $?. e .269 20 20.00 iome Bxten- Elvlrn W. Percy, Clarence (a minor), and John Doe. cl v ------^ You are hereby reauired to nnpe* In an action brought nealnst YOU l> •he above-named Plaintiff. In the bC nerlor Court of the Slate of Calltornliu in and lor the Countv ol Kern, ana to answer the Complaint filed therein. within ten davs (exclusive ot the daf of service I after the service on.YOU this summon:- it served within tile sal 1 Countv: or. if served elsewhere. \ \l\<\ { \ou''"r<< hcivhv notified that It vou fail to i-o ainiear and answer, yiw I'laintilT will" aindv to Ibe Court JOf the relief d-nialided in the Coll .. lilvi-n ui-,''-r inv hairl anil the seal nf the Sii;i' I'ii.r Court ol the Sl.atO California, in .mil l'or ( the Countv (So")'*"" " '' u '"'i' u'MhJ'.Rn^Clcrli, Hv Bedell Smith. Depute \Vm. Sinner. Jr., and D. ulioniovs lor nlalntllf. ~TAXCOLLEOTOR'S~NOTICaB Notice IR hereby Riven tbat th* taxes on all personal property, and ;iii.mi; one-hull' of the taxes on all real prop'-'"•"" j erty, will be due and payable on th* second Monday in October, and will lie delinquent on the last Monday la November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless l'«ld prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to th« amount thereof, and that If said on* half be not paid before the last Mott- day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will b« added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half ot the taxes on all real property will tX) payable on and after the first Monday in January next, and will be d* Inquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m n and that unless paid prior thereto flve per cent will be added to th» amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may he paid at the time th first Installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In th« office of the Tax Collector In to* county courthouse between the hour* of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. ant 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 190S. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. liO.OO ^H (in L'o.oO 20.00 20.00 20.00 10.00 6.00 20 20.00 5.00 for Yo," n e. Jas. B. ...,317 And In accordance with order of the Board of Dire dt on bf 20 20.00 10 10.00 law and an rectors made Aueust. 1908. s- APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL nianv sirares of eacK'narcel bT"such ck .as mnv be .necessary \jjll be *V Stock .as may be"neces¥ary \vll solo at nubile auction at the office _. the secreta.rv of .the company, on the 2Qth day of October. 1908. at the hour of 10 a. m. of said nay. to oav safd delinouent assessment thereon, together with costs of adyertlslne and ex- Wasco. Kern 10-3 POSTPONEMENT nose of conductlne a ueneral merchan- j dlse and store-k.eenine business at and In Tlw» Tnti.'n ot \1riln\'r» f'mmtv Of in the Town i Kern, and Sti' firm I Countv of ornin. under "Mo- unenie NOTICE. To whom it may (-OUCPV nrlmaiicl, my wife, haviiiu ..•i.Titlonod 'me on the ^ilth day of Oetobi r, I'.ins, without any justification or any reason. i':!s is to until' v you that 1 ivi'.l no; be' responsible for any ilelits (onM'act- i.'il bv her whatsoever from sai'l last nient'ioaail 1'11'HRK H.i:;i'rffieb:. Cal.. Oct. :', , j* a> -* — -. -*•'*"'**.j»'* *T' ieiihet&laylor FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas String Beans Green Onions Lima Beans Celery Cauliflower Head l-etUicc All kinds of ft'uits of acnnon. Bt. If.o-Aer Ar.;jles, $1.50 per box 1 .:.'_•>, ICth St. Phone Main 401 PAVNF ;; • --a! Directors Uiiibalmers AMbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Notice is hereby given that Edwin ] Alderson lias made application to the ' ( Hoard of Supervisors of Kern County, i >lnte of California, for a franchise to be granted to him (his heirs, successors, or assigns) for the period of fifty 'years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances thcron fo r the purpose of conducting and transmit.. ', tint; electricity, and electric current l for Ilyht. power, and other neccesary and useful purposes, over, along ~and i; P'lii the streets, alleys and avenues if the unincorporated town of Delano in said County of Kern, under such restrictions, '"id in accordance with Mich dive, linns as said Hoard of Supervisors shall, by proper ordinance in that behalf, provide. It is proposed to grant said franchise ealed bids will be received there. for, and snid franchise will he awarded to the highest bidder at the time and in the manner hereinafter set BAXERSF1ELD TEMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable belp of liny kind at no cost to you nail us up. We ilso supply Chinese and Japanese help. Phone 313. 1219 19th St. NOTICE OF p SAL| R 0 T F Y PERSONAL In the Superior Court. :-'!•!'•• " it'oinia. in and for tin- Coiini\ In tin- matter of the I-,st(ite Nollco is h.i-reiiv nix en, ibal suance of an order oi t ,i Court of the Count >• ol l\'-' Calil'ornia. inaile on the _ October. A. D. H'uS. in tin tin- estate ot Haln'u Uo;,v.-: the uiii',eysi::ned ad estate of said dece-e e private sale in the ollici administrator and coro Coillilv. situate, in In; i I lie Cilv of HnU.erstieli Colin! v. to the'!-"! bi-vful l.'ionev ol the I the '.Hli dav of Noveinl, hour of 'i o'clock P. n iirvei(>i-iv lielnn-lnu '(' said Ralph llower. ib-i small houses: I u:iso pump and nine: 1 -vaie tronirb: 1 barn: 1 corr on Ihe west one-hall i.' • vest (llfirler ( '< ) i three (:;:!) In town south of raniie t nrt\ \l 11. H. and .M.. In K ' °And notice is lierebv senled nlds will li'' .i, 1 ' 1 ' 1 administrator tor said i the hour of sale tin-lent , bids must In- accent,i-.Mi"or certified check in an. am to ten per cent ol i}"- "!•'- ' Administrator of tin Mower, deceased. Mo.iave the tirfn haiiie and stvle of the " lave Mercantile Comoanv." Dated this ItUh dav ot October, 1908. Hesidine at Moiave. Ciiiitorn\a Hi-27 Kesidine at Moiave'. California DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension '»Vater Comwanv. Location of nnncinal nlace of business. Wasco. Kern Countv. California. Notice.—There are delinnuent upon the following described stock, on account of assessmei\t (No. one) levied on the 2r,th dav of Aumist. 1/HiS. the its set opposite the respective shareholders. '"l.Vst'of "shareholders with No. of certificate. No. of shares and amount due: No. No. N^Tine Crt. Shs. Amt. California Home K.vten- ijion Association, trtuuee tor Aumist Anderson ..-i22 lames U. Anderson ..,..'!t!7 lames H. Anderson . ...a:iu Calilornia Home Extension Association, trustee for .1. E. Anderson .... 147 lari;er. John , 470 leard. Thos. Ceo f,64 Notice Is hereby elven that the date delinquent sale of the Fourth of of Comnanv Thursdav. o'clock, a. Bv orde. Dated Wasco' Extension stock Water has been postponed until November 19. 1908. at 10 •innies of the " 20 5 20 10 $::o.nti 14:75 20.00 5.0U fi.MII 2U.OO 1U.UU lieckett, Alice M -112 'lennelt. Mrs. Sarah ..IMS 'alifornia Home Extension Association, trustee for Bower. Samuel . . . ;',0 2'A 2.50 California .Home Extension Association, trustee fur llower. Samuel ... 71 10 10.00 California Home Exten- sionAssociation. t rustee for Hriuus. Warn u K. Caster. John A C.ilifornla .Home Extension A ssocia'!'"'. trustee for Chalos He/.i-kiah . California Home Extension Association t rustee Chrlstten. \S'm. F Coats. ,1. M. S Ciilifoniia Home Extension A .-social ion. trustee for Coolev. ('has. M. . . Calilornia Home Exten- sion.-\ssoc la I ton. trustee tor Crouton. Cvru.s . . . CaHfoinia Home Extcn- sl(iiiAssoci{iti<jn.triist«.-<! for Dickinson. \Vm. H..1IH 20 liiinaltni-. Michael ;,.':! 2fi Dorr. Kiank ;.:;-l 20 CalHnrma Home ICxten- sionAssociation. trustee for Evans, l.timls A. . . '.M 20 Caliioinia Home K,\ien- sion As social If fii. ti uslei,- for Evans, l.umls A. .. !)S 1C it'ornia Home Ex',(-n- in A Sisociat ion. trustee r Evans, l.mnis A. .. ii'.i 10 California Home Extension .- ssoelatloti,trustee tor Evans, l.iimis A. ..lnO 2n California Home Extension A u,sti.-e SI) 10 lu.Od 527 in lO.On ;aio 5 :;7 5 fi.on I5S 10 10. (Ml 20.00 l^o.on 20.00 let- of the Boat-dot Dl: AKFRETJ B'. .fOKDAN. >. Kern Countv. Cal. ot Directors. Sec. he Sunerlor Coart of the Slat* itornla. In und for the County ot i matter of the estate i _ . -. deceased. , W. A. McGinn, the administrator ot the estate or,Georee K. Ober. deceased, bavins filed his petition herein, nraylne for an order of sale of all th« real estate of said d.ecedent for th« mi/noses set. forth in his petition It Is tnerefore ordered nv the Jiide* of said Court that all persons lnterest> ed In thp estate of s/iiu. deceased, RD- iurt ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the iSunerlor Court of the Countv of Kern. Sta\o of Calif on Monday, the 2nd tlav or Novi 1908. at 2 o'clock, In tne aftern sain dav at the^ court room, o or CourL T)ei)artment. ' Itv or BukersTleld. <s< State of California. why nn Ot-tler should srnnted to the said administrator sell the whole of tne real estate of • said deceased m nrivate sale: and t of " ' eeneral lished in tbo Countv of Ker Datcd this this order be niiblls e ;i rl leaBt four siicceBBlvV week's Tn t' kersfleld Callfornlan. . circulation, Cltv ed at e Bo newsuaner nd -pub ersfiel State of C f Se rlntod an of nake rn. State of Californ 2£th dav of Sent,. 191 PA in, W. ^".-vVjin- •Tudue of the Sunerigr Thomas Scott. Attorney fw nakersfield. Cal. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE THEIR CLAIMS *GAINS1 'TATE OF J. M. ff TO ~ ON of In the ,Kern. Slate of Cali In the matter of the estate Sunerlor Court . .. Slate of .Cylifornin. In the mnltV-r o'" thfTnuniicatlon of the Hudiiut Driving Park Association. a corporation, to chant'; Its name to "Kern County Agricultural Association." It satisfactorily appearing to me that the, "lludnut Drlvlni: Par'c AKSOC;H- tion." has filed this dav an apidjciition to cnnnu'e Its name to "Kern Countv Agricultural Association." and that said application or petition is signed '-.v a majority of the directors of the said "lludnut Drivlui; Park Associa- PaVlVr'son'"deceaBe<r. lion." and that said petition states) , Notici," JH )i<;rehv civep bv the sufllclent reasons for the change of the !i ! 'me of the said corjioration, therefore. It Is hereby ordere-1, that the hear- inir of (lie anpllcatlon for chiince oi name in the foroKOfni: proceedings b<-. and the same Is hereby set for Mnn- diiv. fhe !»tli dav of November. 1'mS. al 10 o'clock n. in, nf said dav at dt;- iiarlmcnt one at Its court room thereof (n the Countv court house. Dnkersfield. I'alilornla. and that nnv and all persons interested In said matter to be •mil appear before this court at the urt. ) T B T E E Rl IATOR unl appear before this court at the ime and nlace aforesaid, and then 'mil here show caimo. If nnv. thcv have wbv the annlicatioii for the chantre of nriini- of the said corporation should not bo uranUd. and it is further or- ilen-d that a conv of thiH orrter t" -h"u can-" In- publlslied In "The linkers- field Californian. a nnwpnaner nrlnted •li'! |i"liljslied ill (he C|(v of Hakei-K- fiebl Cotintv of Kern. Stnte of Cali fornia. accord I i.u r to lnw. for at least four weeks successively next preeerl- liiL' tin- dav of bearlne. Dated this fith dav nf October. 1 ( >OS .1 W M.A MON Ida .Indue of the Superior Court. . M. Itors of ttie Countv of J. St. , of tiie estata ot Patterson, deceased to the cred- of. .and .all persons ImvlnK all the wit . claims against, the said exhibit them with the necessary deceased, to vouchers within lour months after the llrst publication of this notice to th administrator at the law office Thomas Scott, No, 1G09 20 Ba Thomas Scott, No, Ktreet. rooms 2 and 4. o 1G09 Bunk of . . rsfleld building, corner Chester ave> h street. In the Cltv of BS Kern. State , lino and ,20th street. In the Cltv of Uersflold. Countv of Kern. State <jt (.alliornla. the same helni; the nluce lor Die Iran.sactioii of of said . estate in said Kern Cou Dated October K!. l!iOS. unty. AP. r ,t r At. i r *>• for Flndor-.. Friedlander. NOTICE OF MEETING. I Notice is liereny m'.'• nua! nieelinu 'il stocl-.h McKittricU Oil Cnni)iany at its (dti'e. room No - an- ibe CiMi'illf. , Walter . . . Max Foster, John California Home Extension Association, trust e< for C.ardiner. H. H. ... California Home Extension A ssoclat ton. trustee for Criflln. Edw. \V. . . California Home Extension Association, trust c-e for (Ireeu. Alfred .... California Home Exten; .slonAsKociatiop. trutjtee I for (Ireen, llenrv W. . . California Home Exten- I slonAKSociatlon trustee i for Harvev. ,1. M ...... C::!i!ornla il'^ine n\te:ii sioriAssf)cialio!i. t rut-, tee for Harvev. J. M ...... 20 on 2u.d(i 1 i.i.Ou 20 10 10.00 M COP OPOFR yo TAIN MINING CLAIMP •~ TO THE ESTATE or- 8. DECEASED. .trustee nrv \V. . .310 10 10.00 6.00 S Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET Ue'iliidi: 0 ..... niia Hoin tirrav urrav '..".'.'. '.504 2'X. 2.5 1 .' ark '.{US 20 20/pfi Ml 20 20.nO iave J.-n-e, lave ledil Rion AHSOC hit iVVn. trustee! for Hefner. Nelson . . . California MONK- l-'ytcn- slonAssoclation trustee tor Hevden. Kdw. T. . Hernnan. D ,\t California Home Kxten- >;ton.\h«ociation.lnirtti'i. for Hi i rinan, !;. M. . . Ili-rrnian. 11. M Hernnan. h. M California Home |-;\t"ii- slon A ssoi'iat Ion. tnistce for Herrman. A. ,1. California Homo Kx'en- 2% q.r. iti iC.ii 211. ( (Ki In (hi- Sunerlor Cmirt f>f the State of Ciilifiirnia. in and for the Countv ot 'in tin- matter of Ihe (-.state of Frank I,as-;, decease..!. . , \\'. A. Mcdinn. administrator of the e-Jtati. of Krank I ass. decease,!, hav- in-.- liled his netltlon her" 1 ", nravine for an order of pale of all the tnlnlni! claims belonulnir to said decedent, for the iiurposes set forth in his petition. It is therefore ordered bv the Judire of said Court (lint all persons Interested In the estate o! said Frank Lass, deceased, appear before the Said Superior Court on Mondav. (lie "lid djiv of November. I'.iuk. at 2 o'clock. In the afternoon of said dav at the court loom of Superior Court. Department No. •' thereof, in the Cltv of Ha- kerslleld. Countv of Kern. State ol Calilornia to show cause whv an order should not be irranted to the said administrator, to sell all of tin- niluin-; claims bPlomriinr to the estate of sail deceasod. at. private sab-, and that, conv of tills order be published at least four successive weeks in the BakersfH-ld California!!, a newspaper of L'eiiern! circulation, iirlnted and nuldisbed In the. of Hiikersfleld. Countv of Kern. Stale of California. Dated this L'Dt 1 : d;iv of Sept.. KtDX. I'AVI. \V. BKNNETT. JlldL'e of I lie Superior Court. Thus. Scoti, aliornev for .vlmlni.stra- ( tor. Hakerslleld. Cal. _ !K!'' 'NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF THE CITY OF P<VKERSPIEUD. . HOUIClit Adniinistralor ol th Patterson. Hi-erased. TiVjiii.i.s Ucoii. iiii(/nu-v . I'AI.MER. JR.. Instate of J. for fstate. 1(1-1 » DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice- ts berenv mven to till sons owning and hceninir dogs. w of the Cltv of Bn' the limits . . | ( that License TIIKS for the year It,,,,.. are now readv for delivery at the oi" fice of the Cllv Clerk, ill t?-r> basomont of Producers Sjtvliies l.t, nk buildlnK. and on alter the luth <! iv of •fanit arv. J will proceed to ,'mnound aft docs lound runtiinK on the streets that are not wearing the license tag foe the vear 1(108 J. k. COX. Poundmaster. Dated January !t. IfiOS. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Snrinu-neld Oil Comnanv. LocatlOt ol iirlnclnul place of business. Bakers field, California. Notice is hereby clvc-n that at k meet ins.' of the Directors held on th* 21th dav ol September. 1008, an assessment of one and one-quarter cent* per Khare waa levied upon the catntai stock of the corporation, payable irft- medliitplv In llnitod States cold coin (ft tne secret arv of said corporation at office of the coimianv. room 1. .Producers Savi.nus Bank buildlnK. Bak- crHfleld. California. Anv stork upon which this a8se,8»- sha I reiuiiln unpaid on the 7t« f .November, J/lOX. will be dent ami advertlHe.l for sale " nicni dav o . llninie .-. public auction and unless nuymont 1 d | made h.-iore, will be gold on thfi 2St a dav of November. 1008. to piiv the d<> • ilnuueiii assessment, together wlttt cost of advcrlltdnit nnd exoonses ol room No. 1. Producers Sa«> bulldlnL'. corner lilth and H akei-Hflehl. California. 10.5 105 20 20.00 .. for Ili-rrninn. A. .1 ... California flume K tension \s- ( inii.tru' lee tor Ili-rm.'-'!. li. \V . . . California Heine K.vtt-n- slonAsi'oclat Ion. triiritee lor lleriniin. li. \V. . . .212 ' Notice Is i\,- for i!.i- ayable on ib- 1 ii""-. and "ill a-.' of navali! i-iire'- ; '~- (.'lie- )ien I n liM-ii tnat > M Itins ,i|-e due ai"! -t tlav of Setiteinb' ' line delinquent en ovember, ItH'iS. All at the olllce ot tin i-l i-x-oHlrlo Tax Co! - ''•!• avenue. -in I i-.v-ojfi' io UMMONS. l of jln- Stal' t K • •' M 211 20 L'O.un Siinerinr Cm. i ! i irni.i ( 'omit Houiiicni I'a'-lflc H'i I'l-iintiff. \ •••;. It. II. C StoM-land. Henrietta .\ U . I'ercv. Chin.-nci- ininori. an-i .John D of i'iail CiJjnpauv. iillss. John I. . HoM^. Klvira W. jinbbs la efi- . Defi-ndants. Superior Court Cillil'ulllia Homo rxlen- sion A sKOi'iu tlon. trustee for Iluddl'-ston. Chas 230 California Home Slxten- Mon Association, trustee K) 20 20.1 Action broiiiiht In t.b ., ... - of the SlnN- of Cfillfcrnla, In and tin- Countv of 'Kern and the (,'om- piaint tiled In the ottin- of the ClorK of sai'l Court in the said Count v. Tin- Peojile of the State, of Califor lib) s(-nd GreetlnL' to H. H. CoiyiUHB. John I. StoiislfUKl. Henrietta N. Hobbs, sate. ; Ofllce. ro< I iiii.-s Hank b.. M reels. Make "NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot Oil Companv. Principal nine* o( liusitiesH. Camp on N'. Iv '.i sectloa I'll. TowtiKhlp 32 Soutn, Hani.'''' L'J! East, K.-III Countv. California. Notice is lierebv ulven that at a 'niefiintc of the Hoard oi Direi-iors of 'the Mascot Oil COMIDHIU. a cori)pra- tlon. in-Ill on tin- Firth .dav of October. ll'iis. au assessment of th e cents ner I share was levleil mien <i:c canltiU ! slo<-.k of the corporation. Kmildfj im' im-dlaii'lv in tin- Seeretii- ol the cor- iioriitlon al the liru)r!i i,(lice of ti I'oninanv, Room II:! i ii;/vus Nation Hank Miiild'iii'. eoriit-r Third and Mala .-,1 )•(.(-1- l.o- Alli;ele::, ( ' i i i.'ornln. \in toek upon »%liii ! i inlK assess- nil-tit shall remain iiiin.iid .on the "\-\i\ das of November. l:i"V will bo delift- (iiieiii and advertised lor sale al, public auction, ami. unless navmc-nt is Di.-i'le In-fore, will he sold on the 6th dav of December, lims. to nav the de! i( . liniment, costs oi sal . to to nav m-ther assesisinent. advcrtfB,,^ i retarv of Mascot. OU C'omunnv. ut- jice. room 41!{ Cltlzon'fi , NationirJ hank Tiiifldlne:. corner Third ana Main streets. IJOB Anircles. Call'oii nia. 104

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