The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 3, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1908
Page 2
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THE RAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1903, th« Bakcrificid Kvf-ry Kviilng but Sundays Kern County, r:il::"nrni;i. City and County Official Paper Tuesday, Nov. 3 DEAF TUM:- Stlll in doubt? Then vote again for (';;! <• nt S<"-oii'!-rI;!ss Mjill M;iM» r. t - * $ n f ' ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop M n i n Good Cigars, Good Candies. The one best bet! BILL erges & Compan M .*^^^^«MlZ^^^H^^^^^^^^M ••V • ^^^^^^^""•^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^•M Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liauors And Cigars v V. NOVK.MiiKK ALL OVER EXCEPT THE COUNT. 1 his \\ * im of all goods served in sample room. ^-^ X C uotations aa sampes sent on application 1623 Nineteenth Street , ,), nu-1 ' fV;t*|el'S tin s \viil lie ov<»r Ml will In- in .< * i i'.- >onJ, a rocord for rock tunnel- which uf HIM two ran- Ing was broken OP the Los e uri-iit political par- aqueduct In Ortol^r, wCcn the force ipy tin- White [tons,. of workmen omplo>ed at Elizabeth drove 4GG '<>et from the south Three Notable Attractions \vnrs, t I 1 I tl will ii<'«M*pt the verdict P0 rta], eajr? the Angeles Expn-ss. the Bakersfield of r ? ' iM It is n inultt'i' *»r This la at the rate of a fraction P™"'J more than fifteen foot a day, or al*" e '-mo8t double the amount of worH Those Jam-He Alexander, daughter of Mrs, Charles Alexander of New York; Miss Cecelia May, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Mnv; Miss Martha Bacon, daughter of Assistant Secretary Bacon; Miss ] Marjorie Aleshlres, daughter of Gen- j t»rnl and Mrs* Aleshlres; Miss Mallory in- 1 a couple of Hours , himself a master of melody and of ., church and probably the three de« Parker, who will be tho Roosevelt I Butt, tho chief aide of the President, house ufst for a short season; Mlaa expects to bo able to give an outlinQ F ) of them within two weeks. pri<U', Jjsvhlch it was estimated Could be done.! rest and n laxation from the cares of "The Honeymoonera" is good 1 bulantes from the that with u sitiKU- exception, ho; lnl WB8 $3G<50 foot papCT and no individual has done any mud slin^in^ in the national d diplomatic corps, The cost, including labor and mater- • tho busy world; those who enjoy pret. .humored throughout but aft E preset baroness Elizabeth Mounchelr and the with all the picturesque ' ration of rural vllage types U has tto two Misses Lagercrants. 'equal. The local engagement Will be ]!n . iJUJ about $12 of the tunnel foot more, ty pictures will cost'evironment that the delightful orle have utc to thf hi^h character of Mr. ryan, and no Democratic paper has saitl aught derogatory of Oen- eral Tnt't's worth as a man. The exception has been Mr Hearst, who has accused Mr. Bryan of having j tried to rob a Widow, of being the ( cost bf tie completed tunnel less; possiM Mhfln $50 a foot, against the estimate tiful femininity, with of |76.33, plus 15 per cent for engin- ! handsomely costumed, 11 cost environment that tne aeiigmiui orien-. i i n.iwi. * "*• *^»* *»*»******,— w*u uc the to-'tal Utility of the Japan Sea renders a notable theatrical event of the sea- 1 • • -L -^ ™ - ^b ^^m-^. 1_ ^- ^h • B I ^^ f\ V% -. f^ and all those to whom beau sweet voices, appeals, are EOD. Checkers " \Vhen it is the good luck of a the- and Incidentals, made board of expert engineers, Yesterday almost twenty-one by the' promised a rare treat in that piquant atrioal manager to get bold of a great musical mixture, the "Isle of Spice," su ccess, nine times out of ten be will All these young girls are intimate at the White House and have been frequent guests of the young daughter of the house. During the last win* ter Mrs. Roosevelt allowed Ethel to give a luncheon party to her young friends once a week. At these times I • W • "' ^"^ ^AdAAft feet which R C, Whitney's musical com-, ruin it by sending out two or three the young # Tl p j anne d the menu and ...... of the tunnel were driven, and as a ' ody company will present at the BaX- companies, which in most instances Iv . . « . • j^j\« M ^h.>l^»Iv«r^l*l4^^k ^^ f* A ™ sult of the work about ersflold Opera House next Saturday , of the trusts, of being an seventy men employed at the south There is a charm about the piece that P° rtal wl]1 receive a bonus of $87 insinew mountebank, a 'Moose-.- ( That has aptece. General Chaffee has written most critical, and it is said skin man, etc., etc. never falls to win appreciation of the to be a rase of "Checkers t the only unpleasant feature | to C. Aston, the tunnel superinten. rare individual who, having seen this of the campaign and of course it may In- said that Mr. Hearst does in»t*hnnsflt' believe those things of Mr. Hry;m. II* 1 conceived the a that, to advance his own fortunes, Hrvan must be defeated, V K an<l having reached that conHu- HIOII, he was not over nice as to the methods he employed. The Californlau believes dent, notifying him that the board of attraction once, can resist the desire public works will order a suitable pen- to enjoy a second performance. The are inferior to the original, the conse- is, one hears very little of the success after a year or two. In the it is different. The management of this great sue- <-uss maintains the one company, which is the same seen in New York nant made as a token of tho city's ap- 1 music is of that refreshing quality of i and all the principal cities of the preciation of the energy and skill of , which one never grows tired, his force of workmen, and directing J stage business is new, the ladies who son? the United States for the past five sea- So when this charming racing that a staff be erocted nt the south t constitute the chorus are young, pret- porta] from which the pennant is to be ty. and said to be the best gingers flung. 'and dancers on the American stage at Tho nearest approach to the rocord the present time. The company, which that matlo at Runneth Lake last month is one of the largest in the musical neither of the great political par- was on tlu! r.unnlson tunnel in Colo.! comedy field, is headed by that clever ties has ever nominated a had i, ra(30i wl , en 449 foet man for the otlice of President. It j ono mon th this is quit** certain that Mr. Tatt and j roonr(lft aro aa follows: Mr. Krynn an- both men above tv- preach. The ('alii'ornian has op- tbe oni- and favored th*' oth- play from the book by the same name by Henry M. Bloeom, Jr., visits this ritv it will be presented with practl * rally the complete New York Com pnny that marked its great success wherever it has bfen. "Checkers" is underlined for appearance at the Bak- decorated the table with her own hands. Miss Roosevelt has already set the style of evening dress in the theater to the younger set and many of their dresses are being made decoliette. Details of tfce social arrangements for the White House have not been completed as yet, but Captain R. C. GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and span about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. EATLIPP Cor 21st and K SU Tel. Main 88 on on other. It lias spoken word of Mr. Tuft and that should ; he the rule on either snle aiuoML 1 papers. The verdiH, its it will in- noun*'fd. \vill l>e promptly Ceptl'd liV the Voters ' were driven In ' comedian. John Mylie, and he Is ably year. Other tunnel; assisted by Chas. Purcell. Harry B. | "r.fieUl Opra House on Tuesday. Nov. | Watson, Harry Williams, Sam Rose. Raton, Colo.. 412 feet, 1907; Kcl-, Edwin Lang. Roberta Wilson, Marie . Idaho, 34f> feet, ISftS; Stampede, i Watson, T^orette Broadwell and others 1 Washington, SOI foot, 1897-1900; Nes-1 who are well known In the musical ' quehoninsr. Pa., K,r, feet. 1S71; Sutro , comeily line. 417 fi-et. lfifi!M877; Mass., 1S-1 feet, lSf>r>-1S73. forro at The sonth portal of ^'>W M. f'ohan'u "Th.•th Lake i* under Hie dlrm rnn- ' 11(l( ""^'" *M<* '•»"" * "' Tli( ""-jtrol of Superintendent Aston, a^fed , fi " 1(1 °" ora Hnnso " n n " vt jtlayinc all COMING EVENT Hoosnr. "The Honeymooncrs. Hor.« THE WHITE Mil , i M..n.],.m,n. In flf „„. just as |»n»n(pi I y About soitn't l result of mi!' ormnenl. And t! day'^ for i'o heart«- t |. theory nt United the wo Mr. Mryan i.r ever may \\ :n. t'lM i> t<> t That is Ih fiil'ln nf 1 J ..r in -v "i nt A iTeT |';n ' '"ttlielit • •r A -i t v, - MI v t! of the amJ office. is due to fhe wonderful organization | Mini team wftrk of (he men that HIPS" ofl'irer^ in f-hnrpo ean lay r'aiin fo an : Ani'-ri<an rerori] in hard rocl\ tunnel i .excavation. The footasje ma'le is ev- ; * n more remarkable when viewed in k'ht of die bruo si'/e of the head arid the r omparalively .small Ut n-r < T ,, men ;it work thereon, flfty-flve miners, muckers Sunday has heen jtlayinc all summer iff » at fhe N'ew Amsterdam Theater New York, af $2 (trif «-s, If wouM Iff thej-o s'ill did not previous force it upon the road. After the present road tour "The Honey- rnooners" rettjrns to The New Amsterdam for a lone sprlntr ejiuai-'enK-nt Of nil the Cohan ponu shows "Tlie Hon- rymooners" has proven the most snc- cessfnl anil the hest s= cleared a fortune for the youiiL- nnd )d;i(ed his erent r*-VM»:uion \VASHIN<ITON, Nov. 2.—Plans for of Miss Kthel Roosevelt are not completed, hut it is certain that hall to introduce her into society rtuled for the 20th of Decemher, is to be more of an affair for her ynunp friends than an elaborate function. \\ \vi th.- I'- ll an.I shift hosscs Mutually at and th.' tunne] is 11x12 feet. '). t upon Hi m Tli . ! " «'•' t J * 4 I 'nl li t.. ll > t ( 1 i < i - V(>r t lie 1" .rsri latter 1 u >; (i t Iti rvhn n, 1 ber • ;i t 5 1 I'll t \ id will I" \ .. \ PT tunnel, when win h-- ::7.::2u feet u a - lM'j,Mjfi in October, i- r driven from the "Mth porMN. Conslderablo at !"'i i;i! mi aer-duut of >utd tr in- r \V tbn,' that f > le of prrturess at th Inrn-aseil. t;rtt 1,'eMb'e i i I! < 1 ll M ( '! ' ^!*-;t,Iily i ' • n - - p 1 - ialty I'linini 'tra' ion i ( liaise las! Ma. il Had he lie would !-e •amaHst and composer stars. "The lloru-ymoon*.rs" rnnv 1 ?, on the road wi'h its rr if'in prodiiriinn and with a company of Hroadway f.'tvoritr-w. No ]e.-.- tlian I'ortv \vin~onie chorus i- T ii'- ; who -in- V and dance equally w*-ll aid nnd abot the twenty mu.sU ft) n'inibers. Tho pieco lias a l.iir plot of lovr jtnd polities and sport am] mistaken identity in :v Vermont town. Cohan proves The date will be just the time most I of the omcials arc- out of town, Deo em- has i her 20, and it is certain that a larger ball will he uivt n her by her mother a few weeks later to introduce her dfUiuht'T to official society who.n sho will have become somewhat used to the giddy whirl of fashion. So th first bnll. in point of ['art, will din>r very little from the enter, tainmetjt nivrn to her y'nnic: friends by Miss Rof.sovelt d'lriti^ few years. Only th,. hoy* ami ^irls will be present. the inMm.'ife Roosevt It who 'A ' Will ],e friem's of a^sist her in - Hli/abet]) prr-setitatlve Aston j \ ' 1 th a \ J. s s:\vinu to the lax '.-j, as the re *' u- i <> < | progress af the south portal Is' 1 n lieUiill" I ii;il ;i hiXMi'v in th* I«wtt. It is n>»'l."~- ti» revert to i In- i'.iri t hat w <"«-, lost an oppurt\iuil>' t» -^i i--ii'e very litn^t site i'ur ;i ^1'Oltthl it!l ideal j'L'n't ]>nst unit i .M'iie, and liie next tliin-.' 1 t li IS The (\ that tbis by Ih future Will it" jiee. JH'epiM'ed tu 1I10\ ('UlelJt I'M* es » u:ht feet a tbiy, or 'J i^ fi-et for filth. In order to eiieoiiraue tho Uie i ji \ nays a bonus of forty u man fur every foot driven over ! ''<niir<'d amount. This month pay chff|-> a( ilie soul)) porlal will bn ll\e largest \\\ the history of (lie il'Kt. as the bonus eluM-ks will ( fhe tegular WitHe ehccUrt in amount. When Furnace i \ 1 1 SIMC* '' i r wit! In 1 tiiKen in I'i lillt |»eopie ill 1 li*' i*id Hlat sitnn ! In The ell \ • anv I'l't i « I a pnoiii' pary, CHANCE AND OVERALL SOON LEAVE FOR COAST. C}\\i\\t' f (>, Nov L 1 -Krank rhaiire and i »\ ie (Uerall will <>avc On many a cold winter morning you will wake to find the iirrs "out." What are you going to do about it—shiver ? Prepare noiv lor the emergency with a 627 19th Phone 390 NEW YORK THROUGH Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 C At ' * ' . .*, A checKiBg account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street^. * *** *> *> *> *« CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY «• ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, * Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers. Flc* 1 at Designs. Orders promptly filled Corner Sixth St. and Chester A*-e. *5» ft* 'Ph«ne, Main 745 * * * * ***** *:• *:* Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton SWEET BROS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything In the nursery line ,-ee them at their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Bo.ardsley canal. Write them Rural No. 1, Box S. Or * call them up, Black 511. •T* Fields of Texas iaua, ' • »/ FOUH AND ONE-HAUF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. .'*, ,»M ^. -jf lor n«-Nii;i tl' one \\.ek 1'roiti \\i-d- 'o .irrive ""ir* ; - of ERFECTI DEATH OF SMALL CHILD. Hiier!t. N"\v ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED t***ff The ilt'juh of months old son of ;ts ''or e 'net-.! li f I t, > Los of \n- hi- •TEAMERI Jain;.' in th • t''iin-i ; ! v. ill t •• !i>*! 1 * * I, . .1- EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES s E. H LOVELAND Wholfs.Tlc Produce Merchant Hay. r,r:iin. P'.tatoen, Hoaus, K«t r s. •!-) 4 A •?• (Equipped with Smokeless Device) and you'll have (jrnial. glowing heat—instantly—uhm-vrr you wan! it without smoke or smell—smokeless device prevents—turn the wick as high or as low as you like, tasily carried about. Brass Ion! holds *1 quarts ot oil- burns 9 hours. Handsomely finished in japan ami nu ktl tveiy heater warranird. ASK AG5NT *j DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakeriflcld. \Vln-n an VMM \v:mi » eal! re!i:i).!( * » 1"! *.* *:* The THE BAKERSPIULC ST-I'LC - T MENT HUREAl; m) - I WT^ T ^ ^""1 "I •-•" ••• PV ^ • m*ir\*?i t nt 4 f'rv M r li LrfZimp fvfnmfl l.rilluM. •»'«•, ^« iii > [i.M bg. M;n!r "i b;iis iniprovrJ rcjitriii ilr^tl II yoji ;ir.i!t7 Joe nailing »,r »uli the uur t,vuv lamp wa. ranted r.ny lU l'..!.-^^ Oil Htaltr and s Ql iuy lor tWrijiliw rticulir. STANDARD OIL COMPANY <lacorpor«u<lf •*? '1 *•-. tiu- ?**#•*# Tfl ' ' * •*--3* r»-- j __ w* --" vjV' .^ •• » • m -* UDJ f&flES OLD RELIABLE Painters BNYDEE & JAOKBON Painting in all branohea Interior Decorations a Bp oialty, OAEB1AGE PAINTINCJ BION8 Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall •aktrtfUld, Gal. V,'

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