The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 14, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1971
Page 3
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'THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1971 TIPTON * < • It- Cjueit .Speaker THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE LIBRARY NOTES TRIBUNE- FAMILY AFFAIR Nancy Softong 8 HOURS: a.m. to 4 p.m. * H Romance, Suspense are Factors In Phyllis Whitney's New Novel 675-2115 . # $ Life is Worth Living Where Will You Walk? "For long ago you broke your yoke and burst your bonds; and you said, 'I will not serve.' " . (Jeremiah '2:20) ' >It is recorded all through the Bible, -where individuals defied the first call of God to serve. Jonah believed there was ah easier way to live; Peter thought betraying of friends was. the answer and many others raised ques-, tions with rebellous attitudes towards the call of God. . As time elapsed each of these : persons realized God was the source of all life and to walk a• way from Him meant eventual despair gloom and destruction. We are each born with a spiritual need which must find ful- - fillment if we are to know and experience the abundant life. Many persons go a lifetime and never know the wonderful fellowship of God simply because they refuse to believe or accept God's ways. . Life is beautiful. . .even in trying times,, when you walk in God's presence with Christ as % WJ , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Delaney ; - of Green Hill announce the approaching marriage of their daughter Marlene Kay and Marvin Timothy Nash, son of Mr. and Mrs.- Robert. L.~ Nash, route 5, *J Angola, formerly of Tipton, route 1.: • Dr. Greg Dixon Rev. Bob Richey, pastor of Grace Baptist Chapel of Elwood announces that Dr. Greg Dixon, pastor of Indianapolis Baptist Temple, and television and radio minister will speak at the Chapel on Saturday at 3 p.m. The Temple Trio will also be singing as they launch their First Radio Anniversary for the Chapel. ! Dr. Don Camp ; of Grace Baptist. Church of Anderson will be the featured speaker on January 17th at 3:00 p.m. A one hour live radio broadcast of the service will be heard over WBMP FM in Elwood. The "Gospel Four Quartet** will be providing the special music. There will be an "Open-House" to follow each of the services with refreshments being served. Everyone is invited to attend these services., friend and cohcellor. It is in this perfect relationship that an inner peace and joy continues to flow. We can not earn' our way into this wonderful way of life but it is given to each of us through the sacrifice on the Cross wherein God proclaimed His love for each of us. As we walk hand in hand with Christ, life jis truly worth living each moment of the* day and when dusk comes, we have the hope of eternal life with the Master. | RETURNING and now taking appointments | Carol Leininger Wegner Nu Image 675-2783 PRE INVENTORY SALE 20% Discount SLACKS. SKIRTS , SUITS, CASUAL AND TOPS 20% Discount SWEATERS-BLOUSES-PURSES NINA'S SHOPPE 126 North Main By Waneta I. Collins Romance and suspense are the predominant factors in the plot of Phyllis A. Whitney's newest novel, "Lost Island". The backr ground for this story is an is land off the coast of Georgia, an island that is ruled by familial heads, as though they were sovereign. Phyllis Whitney is one of America's leading author's of romantic suspense, her writing being comparable to England's Daphne- Du Maurier's novels, this new book, of which we have duplicate copies at the Tipton County Public Library, is an absorbing novel of high excitement and memorable characters. Ask. that "Lost Island" be put on reserve for you -- you won't have long to wait. Favorites Re-Issued , Do you remember the poetry of Edgar A. Guest? It was never profound, but it was extremely popular a number of years ago. We had two or three small books of his poetry collections, which some patron borrowed several years back and refused to return to us, inspite of overdue notices and even threatening letters. Now, fortunately, his "Coir lected Verse" has been republished and the Tipton Library lias 937 pages of the most notable and beloved of Mr. Guest's verse, selected by himself. Edgar Guest wrote of. the things we all feel, but are unable to express for ourselves, and he wrote in a simple manner, easily understood by the common man. Those of you who remember the poetry of Edgar A. Guest - and would like to re-read some of it will want to borrow this new Tipton County Library book. "Soap-Opera" Novel Some of the recent reviews of the Erich Segal book and movie, "Love Story" have delegated it to the level of soap-operas. Idisa- gree, but we do have a number of women's novels at the Tipton Library that are of that quality; Of course, there are the nurse and doctor romances, in which the bad are punished and the good are rewarded. Then, there is a little more complex tope of fiction such as that writtea^EUz- abeth Cadell, who seems to have almost one new novel each month. Her latest book is "The Friendly Air" and the book Jacket shows a tile-roofed villa along a sea coast with two handsome young people lolling beside a swimming pool. This is a romantic, fast-moving tale with mysterious and unique characters, and even though it is Mrs. Cadell's twenty-fifth novel it will be sure to hold the interest of her following of women readers. This sort of novel is especially appealing to persons who want to read something light; but entertaining, and since the Tipton Library is a public library we aspire to supply all types of books for the. diverse population of our county, in order to satisfy all of your needs. If there are books thatyouhave heard about on the radio or TV, ask us if we have them on order. Then if we do we can put your name on the reserve list. H we have not ordered the book, we will watch for one or two reviews and probably will try to order it for our: growing collection. We aim to please! . Mrs. Melson "' Hostess for Homecraft Club Homecraft Extension Homemakers Club met Friday afternoon, January 8 at the home of Mrs. James Melson. Mrs. Don Clouser, vice president, was in charge of the meeting. Mrs. Grace Ackels gave devotions and closed with prayer. The project lesson, "The Uses of the Blender" was presented oy Mrs. Melson and Mrs. Don Hinds. The meeting was dismissed with the club prayer being sung in unison by the group. Mrs. Lloyd Brinson received the hostess prize. Refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon by the hostess to 11 members and two guests. ' " j The next meeting will be February 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Gtenna Powell. j THURSDAY Weight Away Tops - 7:30 p.m.",, j GAR Room ! FRIDAY Merry Matrons & Priscilla Club - 2:15 p.m„ Mrs. Bertha Graves, 533 West North Merry Builders, Live Wirt Classes - Mrs. Alma Carter, 302 East North Twilight Club - 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Richard Burr is MONDAY • iWestMinister Circle - 7:45 p.m., Mrs. John McNeal, 225 North Conde TUESDAY 'Helping Hand Club - 1:30 p.m., • 4-H Building Tri Kappa Associate Chapter 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Waneta I. Collins, 345 Green Street Goldsmith. Jollyette Club - 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Loretta Lee Two Local Men -i. • - If - • • To-Receive J • j • Military Training f • ' i .1 ' : ' •• Two men of the Tipton area have! been assigned, as Army privates, at Fort Knox, Ky.. in the jUnited States Army Armor Center, where they will receive their initial eight weeks of military] training as members of Company E, 10 Battalion, 5 Brigade. They are: Donald R. Gibbs, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. S.-Gibbs, 304 South West street, Kempton and Dana G. Askren, grandson of Mr; and Mrs. Charles Askren, 835 North Independence street. j They will' spend the next two months learning all the fundamental skills of a soldier in today's modern, action Army. They will | fire more than 500 rounds of live ammunition under simulated combat conditions, including those encountered at night, during a three week course with the soldiers basic weapon-the M-16 rifle. These men will also be taught protective measures and first- aid lor chemical, biological and radiological attacks, and will be schooled in the use of hand grenades, bayonet and band-to-hand ] combat. Much of the instruction. is vividly illustrated by the latest visual-aid techniques and live demonstrations, and by living under actual field conditions for several days, j Interspaced with constant emphasis on proper physical conditioning, diet, rest and health habits, j will be ample time to utilize the Armor Center's many and varied recreational land religious facilities. Upon completion of basic training, these men will receive at least an additional eight weeks of either advanced or on-the-job training to qualify each man in a specialized military skill. ^ago 3. Previews Tri Kappa Assoc. Chapter Mrs". Waneta I. Collins, 345 Green Street will entertain members of Tri Kappa Associate Chapter in her home at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Victor Camren will be assisting hostess. . WestMinister Circle WestMinister Circle of Presbyterian Church will meet at the home of Mrs. John McNeal, 225 North Conde Street on Monday at 7:45 p.m. by Helen Bottel Living Up to Image is Tough . This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help UsI, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send, your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, cafe of Helen Help Us! this newspaper. . Dear Helen: Boy, do I have a hard life I Just because my Dad is a policeman, Pm not trusted to do anything. Like once I wanted to go downtown |with five of my girl friends, but-my parents said, "No, hippies hang around, down there/' I can't go anywhere unless an adult takes me. It's bad enough that my dad thinks all kids are like the ones he busts, but it's always being brought up that I "have to set a good example — what would people think if a policeman's kid did this or that..." j { . - I love my folks, Helen, but I wish I could be just an ordinary kid and not —DADDY'S LITTLE ANGEL - j j Dear Angel: i Preachers' kids, teachers' kids, politicians' I kids. .; .advice columnists' kids — almost every child must live up to an image, unless he has the kind of parents he'd rather live down. Your father is more aware of dangers because he must deal with them every day. And so perhaps he's over-apprehensive. Also, he may. be hitting the "What will people think?" button too hard. (Don't we all?) j ' ! * How about writing him a letter that gives your side while understanding his? - You'd be surprised how often the pen can loosen up the tongue and get real conversation going.—H. Helping Hand Club Helping Hand Extension Homemakers Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. at the 4-H Building on Tuesday. An act of appreciation is an emotional contact between people. When appreciation is shown, the contact is made. When it is not shown, the contact is lost. It is the sort of contact that all people desire. It is a natural instinct in human nature to craVe appreciation. When appreciation is shown or expressed, it creates profound power to strengthen friendships or family ties. When, through indifference, neglect or casual attitude, appreciation is not shown, friendships and family ties are weakened. An act of appreciation actually represents a gift of yourself to the other person. Words of praise, .a kind thank you, a pat on the back, a warm smile, a friendly handshake - are all modest gifts of yourself. It is a gift of kindness which inserts itself in the heart and mind. It Is a gift that stimulates spiritual growth and genuine happiness for both the donor and recipient... PHIL NICHOLS. Young-Nichols Funeral Home Phont 679-4780 \ fU W. JeffersonSU Egg Production— Working in the egg room, which is located east of Arcadia are from left to right are Mrs. Eleanor Eller, Mrs. Denzel Eller and Mrs. Bonnie Morrow. This is what could be called the business end of the egg room at the new semi high rise fully automated multicage laying house. (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) Dear Helen:: ' | Our teacher says he was a linebacker for the-Green Bay Packers^ We don't know whether he's kidding us or not. Could you please tell me if Mr. -—-—- was on that team between 1960 and 1965?--THIRD GRADER Dear T.G.: • < A morning at the library netted this information: The Green Bay Packers once had a player whose last name was the same! as your teacher's. Whether he's your teacher or not is for him to prove — and he easily can if he wants to. —H.| (The things I do for my correspondents!!) ! l .t'L mud *luin* Iron) small s(>l;islii-s <lr\. Thru brush off Jit -forr \\;^liiii|t. j District Officer Guest of Goldsmith WSCS Goldsmith WSCS met Thurs, at the home of Phifer with Miss as co-hostess. Smith, president, Q. What is the name of this cut of meat? A. Beef Sirloin Tip Roast: Q. Where does it come from? How is it identified? A. The beef sirloin tip roast is cut from the thin side of the beef round and contains a small portion of the sirloin. The only bone is the knee cap. Frequently this cut is retailed with the bone, k cap muscle and thin layer of outer fat removed, making a compact, easy to carve roast. • day, January 7| Mrs. Berniece Edna Leonard Mrs. Clyde welcomed members and District Officer. Mrs. Lucy McCorkle, of Tipton as their special guest. Mrs. Smith also read the poem, ""I Am The New Year" and offered prayer, j Worship center of open Bible and statue of playing hands was placed on an old-fashioned round table. Devotions were given by Miss Leonard who used Psalm 16 and also quoted Robert Burns' ''To a Louse", j Mrs. Ralph Hutto presented a ' lesson about [ "The Middle Years". It included the.thought that during these years the days could be full helping someone , else and keeping active and hap- 'py. She also discussed the possibility of rest jhomes and described the private trailer nursing home. Pleasant View, RR 2, Wabash, which has many advantages over the usual-type nursing home. A discussion period followec and Mrs. Hutto closed- by reading "Better • Light", -'.'-'..j' Mrs. Fred Miller, vice president, presentedmaterialon"Call to Prayer and Self-Denial" which has as a themej in 1971 of "Yes, Lord? Yes, Lordl" She asked us to sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth.and Let It Begin With Me" which she plans to use all year. She suggested that we think about it in terms of "Let there be Peace with me j and let it begin in Goldsmith." Accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Robert Smith, members started learning this theme song. * During the business meeting, roll call was answered with a proverb and the secretary's report given followed by treasurer's report by Mrs. Bob Phares. Mrs. Pbares also read the proposed budget for 1971 which was adopted. Mrs. Phifer reported on the cheer boxes fat shut-ins and Mrs. Robert Smith on the gifts for Bashor Home for Boys. Mrs. Smith gave a brief report on the history of the Bashor Home which is near Goshen. Mrs. McCorkle answered questions and gave information helpful to the group. She mentioned that Green Stamps and Betty Crocker coupons were welcomed as gifts for Bashor Home. Mrs. Emma Bitner closed the meeting and all repeated the Lord's Prayer. Members present were Mesdames Emma Bitner, Ralph Hutto, Fred Miller, Bob Phares, Clyde Smith, Bob Smith, Rupert" Watson, Berniece Phifer, Earl Thomas,. Miss Jane Tyner and Miss Edna Leonard. The lri:nd toward a lighLrr breakfast I 'ouplrd with dietary COIIOTII about animal fats is likely to result in a continuing deeline in per capita use of i'«s - uml some dairj^firodurls in the decade ahead, report marketing experts *al ('.liasi- Manhattan liank. PUBLIC AUCTION Friday Night 7:30 P.M. SHARP •_. * ••!..•:•--; Appliances ; • I '.; Household Goods ANY ITEM NEW OR USED!* HURRY! HURRY! J.T. Earlywlne AUCTIONEER 1st - Main Sti. Elwood, Udiinftl Famous For Chinese And Cantonese Dinner Served Ail Hours AMERICAN FOOD Special Prices on Chinese, American Foods, home or parties. All orders freshly prepared, KOKOMO Monday to Thursday 227 N. Buckeye GL9-9066 China Clipper "Restaurant 1 FARMERS LOAN TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana Being a new parent isn't easy... ; Hostess brings useful£iftsjor both parents and baby. Call her today! Phone '55.2r752a . m This ad brought results in short order USE TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS for your needs. Ask Bob Woodruff - his ad brought results. LOST - Small female pup.' Br.own, lot of white on.face and tip of jail. Reward. 52866 after 5 p.m. C-218

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