The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 3, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, November 3, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER :i. lims. No. 81 ELECTION RETURNS AT THE BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE Conic to the Bakersfield opera house tonight nncl hear the election returns from the nation, state, and county. A wire will bring the news directly to the stage, and the results will be announced as fast as they are made known. Tabulated records will be kept on the stage by states and for the county by precincts so that spectators may see at a glance just how the battle lias gone. There will' be good seats for ladies and a cordial invitation is extended to all. Jfc LOOKS LIKE A BRYAN VOTE BATTLE OF BALLOTS HEAVY VOTE BEING POLLED IN THE DOUBTFUL STATES NEW YORK, Nov. -There was a Up to 2 o'clock, the election locally was singularly quiet and except for the closing of the saloons, and little knots of men gathered about the poll- Ing places, there was little to In4i- cate that the qnadrlennlal contest waa* in progress. In precincts 1, 2 and 5, the voting went with a rush, each of the registers showing over a hundred names by 10 o'clock. In the other precincts, the votes came In much more slowly. • There was little challenging except In precinct 3, where c. E. Christley stationed himself and challenged the vote of a number of people. The usual number of autos and •wagons were in service. One team bore a flaring banner "Vote the Republican ticket", but for the most part It was not overworked. A number of banners were displayed for H. A. Jastro, Arthur Critew and S. C. Smith, and Fred Maunell. At the polls the usual number of workers were out, the great majority being in the interest o r II. A. .Taftvo and of Bryan.. Forecasts within a short time of tl'.o closing of the polls are dangerous, but it may be said that all sign.- point to a heavy vote for Bryan In the Tiakersfield precincts. Many Republicans openly stated that they iia.l voted for Bryan, and In some instances, "straight Democratic." At a late hour this afternoon, It may be safely PRIEST IS FIRE . HERO IN DENVER. rush of voters to all polling places this morning as soon as the booths opened. The Tammany organization seemed especially anxious to vote early because of fear of complications later in the day through operations of the new registration law. which extensively questions Illiterate voters. The vote in Erie county will probably be the first counted in the country, as voting machines are used. A very large proportion of the to- tal'vote was cast before noon, There his voting before noon, but he said he would vote late this afternoon. HEAVY VOTE BEING POLLED IN SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3.—There is ideal weather throughout the state. A heavy vote was recorded in this city this morning. j FIRST PRECINCT SHOWS A REPUBLICAN LC3S. | BOSTON. Nov. H.—First complete „ , ,. , , f ,. I voting precinct In Massachusetts hear-1 was very little disorder, and > ew - wal ' f,. om rests. In several Albany districts a' said that H. A. Jastro has been elected by a big majority, that Rowen Irwln has carried the city handsomely, and that the Shepherd vote will be well up with that of Bryan. At 3 o'clock this afternoon the vote third of the vote wad polled in the first two hours. Buffalo is a center of interest. Chairman Mack voted at 7:45 and departed for New York. ; The Republican county chalrjjian in the several precincts In Bakersfleld ' Predicts that Taft will carry Erie ! county by 10,000. The Democrats was as follows: Precinct Cast Number 1 241 Number 2 238 Number I! 209 Number 4 IDS was in the town of Norwell which gave Bryan 40, Taft 164, Gov. ELECTION RESULTS TONIGHT Listen Tor the cannon in front of the opera house tonight. It will announce the result of the poll as it is determined by that hour. One shot will mean the Presidency in doubt. Two shots will 'moan election of Bryan. Three shots will mean election of Taft. The hour when the signal will be given cannot now be foretold, but the cannon will be in action by 12 o'clock at any rate to announce whether the result is still in doubt, or whether Bryan or Tuft 1ms won. .217 .14f> Number 5 Number G Number 7 t08 Total 300 216 198 207: Draper. Republican, Hi. Vahri, Democrat, 57. The same precinct in 1904 gave Parker HJ, Roosevelt 151. DISORDER IN ST. LOUIS AND MANY ARRESTS MADE. ST. LOUIS, Nov. 3.—Disorder broke out early in St. Louis. Oliver R. Burk. hardt. a Republican election judge, was beaten near a polling place on Third street. There had been a score of arrests for various offenses made before noon. Among the prisoners Is headquarters are practically deserted i Felix McAdams, a Democratic noml- Regstrn ' clallu Bryan will carry the same coun- At 5000 ' and Chanter by MOO. Elmlra four Republican voters 415^ were arrested and charged with buying 184'off votes. The police have warrants I for a dozen others. The natlonr^l 1270 In Kern at 2:30 the totaV vote cast was 391, 221 in North and 170 in South Kern. INFATUATION CAUSES A DOUBLE TRAGEDY. SEATTLE, Nov. 3.—E. L. Uancroft aged "5, manager of the local branch of the Amos News Company of Los Angeles tills morning shot ;m<l instantly Killed Mrs. Minnie Coodnian, a widow, and then suicided. Me was Infatuated with the wo man. today. John D. Rockefeller stood In line forty-five minutes before he had a chance to cast his vote for Taft. Almost directly behind him was Parker. Seven hundred and fifty have been asked for for illegal voting. warrants nee for the legislature. MORE WOMEN VOTING THAN USUAL IN COLORADO. DENVER, Nov. 3.—During the morning voting proceeded rapidly arrests-for i throughout the state. It was observed that women were voting more gen- j ' <! orally than has been the custom. jTHE WEATHER CONDITIONS « THROUGH THE NORTHWEST-[CHICAGO VOTES EARLY- PORTLAND. Nov. ::.—The weather' BIG VOTE BY ELEVEN. conditions in Oregon, Washington and! CHICACJO, Nov. ,'{.—At 11 o'clock i Idaho, with the exception of the ' Puget Sound country this morning was ! Ideal. It is raining and storming at Piigel Sound, with indications of rain this afternoon in Northwestern Ore- it Is estimated that two-thirds of the registered vote of over four hundred thousand had been polled. DENVER, Nov. 2.—Fire during the 11 o'clock mass yesterday at St. Leo's Church proved Father J. A. Ryan, assistant pastor, for the second time to be a hero. In one of the most solemn moments of the service a candle, borne by nn altar boy, touched some of the inflammable decorations designed for All Saints' Day. The flames started up the side of the BURNS DECLARES HE IS GETTING HIS PRICE. son and western Washington. wall and the congregation started a mad rush for the doors. in "Men, be calm!" shouted Father WM. J. BRYAN VOTES | ' FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT. I CHICAGO, Nov. 2.—Tommy Burns LINCOLN, Nov.. ?,.— William .I. Hry- j likes Australia, according to a letter au \ V as about early this mornlg pe j received In Chicago yesterday from ritsiim the mass of telegrams giving | the heavyweight champion, but what hitn assurance of victory. At fl o'clock is of more importance, he tells about accompanied by his farm manager, his battle with Jack- Johnson for the Secretary Rose and the correspondent title, which will take place Decmber of the Associated Press, he drove m -f>, at Sydney. Henline's grocery store at the Huh "You know that I have signed to village of Normal, where be c;ist his meet Johnson," Burns says, "but you vote. I It- may not know that I am getting my price, as I always said I would. I get .CfiOOO ($30,000) and it is all put up In the referee's office in London. Johnson gets .C1000 ($5,000), win or lose, an extra .C100 ($500) for his end of the moving pictures and three round Ryan, tearing off his robes. Then he'trip tickets from London." beat out the fire with his bare hands. ONE KILLED IN A In a minute or BO the fire was out, and t lie congregation was again seat pd, while the priest resumed the service. During the Iroquois Theater fire he carried several safety. RIVER COLLISION. WASHINC1TON, Nov. 3.—In a collision early today on the Potomac River the steamer City of Washington from the building to "nd the ferryboat I^cUawanna, one person was killed. _^«_«^. ATTELL SIGNS TO LODGING HOUSES RAIDED FOR FALSE REGISTRATION. NEW YORK, Nov. 2.—As the result of a midnight raid on a dozen lodging houses In the Bowery and nearby streets, 129 warrants charging FIGHT FRED WEEKS. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2.—Articles for a fifteen round flght before the Jeffries Athletic Club o n Thanksgiving Day were signed today by Abe Attell and Fred Weeks. The men must PRESIDENT AND TEDDY JR. CAST THEIR VOTE. OYSTER HAY, Nov. I!.—President Roosevelt returned to town today to vote for Taft. He wits accompanied by Mrs. Roosevelt, who desired to s-ec Theodore, .)., cast, his lirst vote. It was 9:23 when the President and his sun appeared at the polling place The President deposited ballot 111 In the. box and his son 1 \-. HEAVY VOTE BEING POLLED IN CHICAGO. LINCOLN LABOR IN LINE TO VOTE FOR BRYAN. LINCOLN, Nov. 3.—Hundreds o£ voters were opened. Laboring men, out in force, declared a heavy vote would be polled for Bryan. BRYAN MAKES A JM.NAL STATEMENT. LINCOLN, No!.., Nov. 3.—Mr. Bryan today issued the following signed statement: "Our fight Is won and we await the verdict, with confidence. The people will not be deceived by the padded straw votes published by the partisan newspapers, by the shambles of Wall street gamblers or the boasting of the panic-stricken Republican leaders. "The Republican candidate has behind bim an army of office holders, the trust, magnates, most of the lead- Ing newspapers and an enormous campaign fund so tainted that he dare not let the people know where It comes from until after they have voted and that part of U that is contributed to the Republican Congressional commit. WASHINGTON, Nov. 3.—Compti- tors of probable election results, of whom Washington boasts of more than her quota, are not permitting the over-shadowing of the Presidential contest to close their eyes to the circumstances that a new Congress-will come In with the new President, and there Is much concern regarding Its political complexion. All concede that there is no possibility of a "Democratic Senate, but there is more room for speculation regarding the House of Representatives. Before the adjournment of the last' session, the Democratic leaders In the House made no effort to conceal their. Intention of "going after" that Important legislative body and while their . Republican opponents met these I taunts with a smile thex have not been unconcerned. They know that the present Repgbllcan control may be reversed by changes in compara lively few districts. They are awake to the fact that even a less disastrous revision than took place In 1906 would j cause the change they fear, for Demoi crats then captured twenty-six dls- ( triets which had been hold by Ropnbll- jeans, whereas only twenty two reversals would now lie necessary. The Democratic managers make no secret of the fact that they are giving special attention to the close districts. There are many such In he .Mississippi Valley states, and In those , wa.lting when the polls ( UlPV a ,. e (|o|ng „„,,,. most earnost i work. At the same time they are not slighting the labor districts of eastern states. Two Dead in Drunken Fight FRESNO, Nov. I!.— Deputy Sheriff Oliver Akers, District Attorney Denver H. Church and Coroner William A. Bean returned at 10 o'clock last night from the mountains of this county, with a full-blood, Indian of the Digger tribe, and known as Tom Bacon, In custody. The Indian was lodged In a cell In the county jail with a charge of murder against him. He confessed to killing Charley Joaquin, a fellow countryman, in a lonely canyon, 50 miles from this city In the Sierras, on what Is known as Pine Ridge, between Ockenden and Armstrong's. The deed Is thought to have been committed tbout G o'clock Saturday. The murdered was arrested by Deputy Akers and District Atorney Church at one of the rancherlas Inhabited by Indians, a few miles from the scene of the crime. He submitted to arrest without showing any sign of trying to escape and a half hour later confessed to the committing of the crime, but claimed self defense. Bacon was arrested yesterday morning about 10 u'clock at the door of his homo and was captured only after a clever ruse worked by the deputy sheriff. Earlier In the day, in company with the coroner and the district, attorney, Akers went from the Armstrong hotel to where the body had been lying from Saturday night, carefully guarded by hen Dennis, a mountaineer. When the officials reached the spot, whicli !:i about, half way be- ARDMORE. Okla., Nov. 3.— I). B. Cook, constable from Mulkey, and J. A. Slmes, a farmer from Provence, were shot and killed at Ardmore today by John Hrazlel, a local character. James Billings, a farmer and a companion of thn dead men, was seriously wounded. Bra/lei was arrested. The men had been drinking. tween Thomas Ockcnden's postofflco and John Armstrongs store, saloon and hotel, the vein Ires ol' the deii-l man, including hi;; mother, who Is ov*?r 100 years of an:,>, i nd other Indians, numbering alx ut fifteen, had congregated around the corpse, and were j holding a pov -wow." The murder had been committed about a half mile from the Toll House or Shaver road on an old skid-road, leading clown Into a deep canyon, in which Cnnini'iK's lumber mill had several years ago been located. CHICAGO, Nov. 3.— In many pre- j t(1( , WJU not , )6 | <nown then. clncts twenty-five per cent of the vote nave party that can bring at once the re- me the awakened i forms which the people need, and I am was cast by 7 o'clock this morning, j conscience of the country and the j s "ro that reformers cannot be decelv- There was much scratching of the son timent In favor of popular gov- j ed by the leaders who, pretending to state ticket but the Republicans as- PrnmPnt which demands the election men with violations of the reglstra- weigh 133 pounds at 2 o'clock on the tlon laws were asked for this morning • day of the contest, Attell gets the sert they will carry Cook County. TAFT AT HOME AND WILL VOTE LATE. by state election officials. ' big end of the purse, win or lose. 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An accumti-, tV) tno depositors whose savings are lation of important matters prevented jeopardized by the carelessness of bank officials and the consumers who have been exploited by the beneflelar- PISTOL DUEL IN VIRGINIA. ROCKY MOUNT, Va., Nov. 2.— As the result of a pistol duel In the Norfolk and Western depot yesterday be- twen Dr. J. Semplo Cahlll and Robert Smlthers, both prominent, the latter probably will die, while Cahlll received a bad flesh wound. H. L. Davis, a bystander, received a wound In the ankle from one of the shots. ies of the high tariff. "All of these people nee in a Democratic victory their only hope of relief, and they know that with the elec. tlon of a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, elected by a popular verdict In behalf of Democrat- represent labor, are now trying to assist the Republican party, which Is the open foe of labor, and who, having posed as tho enemies of the trusts now join bunds with Rockefeller, Marriman and Carnegie In supporting tho Republican party, which Is today tho champion and bulwark of all tho trusts. "What a spectacle the Republican I campaign presents at its close, the Republican candidate trying to repudiate the support of the trust magnates, who are coming out from under cover and announcing their loyalty to him, and at the same time try- Ing to claim tho support of labor lead- Ic policies, the way open for remedial ers like Mitchell and Duncan and Mor- legislation. "Tho Republican leaders have been rison, who are openly repudiating them. Surely the hour has come for weighed In the balance and have been ' a return of the government, to tho found wanting; they have betrayed . hands of the people. 1*1 the people the rank and file of their own party j and have left, the Democratic party to j voice the honest sentiments Of the i honest citizenship of the country, Re| publican and Democratic. "And, I may add, we expect In thlis campaign the votes of all reformers, for the Democratic party Is the rule." George Hanna of Corcoran Is registered at the Southern. Mrs. Charles Llchenson Is In from Marlcopa. E. O. Burgo of McKlttrlck Is stopping at the Southern Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. ** You would hardly believe that such beautiful things could be made of leather as wo are now showing. The following goods can be found hero In variety. No better gift could he thought of than something from this line. Ladles' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Case*. 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