The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on April 24, 1964 · Page 21
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 21

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1964
Page 21
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THS BRIDGEPORT POST, FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1964. TWENTY-ONE FRIDAY SATURDAY J^. INttEDIBLE BUY ON IP RECORDS AND AIM TOP VOCALISTS AND VOCAL GROUPS , OUR / OUR · f · . OUR SIRHS ^J SERIES ,CJ SERIES #0398 . *^.f #0498 . · ANbYWitUAMS · JRANK SINATRA · BEATLES I* BARftRA STREISAND · KINGSTON TRIO Find fxciting favorites and the newest hit tunes in this fabulous Finds you'll want tp acoop up for your own collection! HIGH SENSITIVE 3-BAND TRANSISTOR RADIOS *.; 8 trwuutor, 2 dkxfa.. .10 portion p*ri*cop* ant*nn«, CBW, bftttirlM, Mrpwc* , TUBULAR EXTENSION, SPEAKER - «** wU t jach! Ftu aaat any tnnaiMor radio. 5 TUBE f ABLE RADIO Compact cabinM aiaal CUar ton*! Good racap- tieo! WESTJNGHOUSE STEREO TILT-DOWN PHONO ( ermtatmed phono f*-v n 2 PM tpecken, 4 ipaad chanfat. * tnw aria. Itareo 9 VOLT TRANSISTOR RADIO BATTERIES 1.5 VOLT fer PLASTIC SHOE BOX COMP. VALUE FAMOUS MAKE TOYSGAMES ; Hurfo's Trtm^ogrsms ''Outdoor MM aami". , - · IhMMr L S«rvi«« »HrH«ii ;A»Oian«ic daiigW S. .'..«...·...».....'.....-...::....· .1 [pbrictr'a Klm^ Gam* Ejcitinr fancing fan*'. iUtaMth WMtkif'i Cryita! Croft 1 Sati to maka aMCt) Oray»l M Wah Dinwy^ Ctodto Art Set Caa»plit» art CTOT»»! - KnttkarfaockaVt HockUbury Hovmi li' ntmh Sound 4a«! LtttwHi WMHng's Sewing Spaxtocwlor FXrttrm and Mt fat aawtef (unl |»ark*r Brottffrs' Kwkla A OIK. Ent*Tt«.mn| pr*-»«*hool ««m«! ,,. P»r» nuM«li and eryrtaU kill moth* ·nd lairr* for tunv Slidinc draw atyla ia eonvanlant to ·at. Pratt; aparkla tonal 4-TRACK STEREO TAPE RECORDER ; Selling below whol*»»l« cottl 7* TM!, 2 *pe*d* Twin channel ·»r, piith button control* TMt VIIH! output (or aupar powac, footac* cooatar, oaon etmrit Totaina lava) inOcattrl REMOTE CONTROL MIKE TAPE RECORDER Four tTatniinorv, micrc^phon*, ^ou ·* · dictatinf moKhirw, h«« tin knob control. Compkrt* with b*tt. ·nd c«rphon«. RECORDIO HI-FI TAPE RECORDER Karorof and playi at J ipaadi! 7 raala gtra up to * houn of music! Faanrx aatra (aat forward, ctyit.1 micropbena, raaat cord, rahima control, compact ta**t indicator! LOW, LOW PRICES ON FILM WITH FREE PROCESSING* 8MM ROLL KODACHROMI MOVII *J rolls *5 MOVK FILM WITH PROCISSttlO + ** 127-42O tlACK · WHITE 9 hr AQt ROLL FILM ..'. * ^^ 35MM KOOACHROMI FILM £ rolh *4 'Processed by · /··dint' New York Ltt ·no' rerurnerf directly to you IN THE CONNECTICUT POST CENTER MILFORD BOSTON POST ROAD-CONNECTICUT TURNPIKE EXIT 39E NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS-OPEN DAILY 10 A M TO 9 30 PM SATURDAY 10 A M TO 6 PM Ed Begley Loves Life By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK-(AP) Lite didn't exactly begin at C2 for bit Ed Begley--but it brightened considerably. TRIPLE PLATED SILVER HALLOWARE 7.98 COMPARABU VALUE MUSS OK WOOD DECORATOR WALL CLOCKS · WIU A TMI HATTMt · COVUID VMITABU DISH · OtAVY tOAT · SUOAKBOWtCMAMHIONTlAY · OAUMY TIAY . MUNT MmtR $16 COM". VALUU 9 aWjr and battary operated rloekt lit many baautiful ·tylet! Rich w o o d and alaamins braia cloelra! SWEATER OR SHIRT BOX DELUXE GUEST CLOSET HANGERS 1.95 COMP. VALUES D«luxa whita 1.98 COMP. VALUES Plutie box kaapt thin«i fraah, ctean. Slidtec drawtri Stack on! fin* wood ftiatt ' h«nf«n hav* fold decoration,' aon-rutt hooktl TUBULAR INDOOR DRYIRS Vmyleovarad wood dowab to pntact your iaundiy! Alao, plaatte eftpa on faat Draw .hanfan «ra in art of 7; tkirt in aat tt S, aufc la 0/3. EXPANDO WALNUT HAT COAT RACK 1.95 COMP. VALUE D e c o r a t i v e uteful in elegant walnutl SIT OF 3 WALNUT HANGERS Your choice of suit, skirt or trouter JUMBO QUILTED GARMENT BAG 5 IBS. OF PARA NUGGETS Full length with zipper, quilted top and front. ED BEGLEY For it was at that age last year th« h« finally reached the olyrn- pus of the theatrical profession. He won an Academy Award for hit role as a southern political bo?5 in the film version of the Tennessee Williams play, "Sweet Bird of Youth." Somewhat dazed, clutching th« Oscar excitedly, Ed Begley did an unusual thing. In a brief acceptance speech he thanked--of all people--the agent who had gotten him the role. The gesture was typical of Begley, one of the kindest and best- liked performers in ihow business. "Gratitude means a very great df»l to me," he said at lunch the other day in a booming voice that made waiters snap to attention 20 feet away. They turned, siared then smiled at Begley, a seam-faced craggy-featured man who looks like a gent!* grizzly bear. "I have been helped by so many people along the way. They say someone has to giva you that first chance. Well, » lot of people gave me first chances." Begley leeU be Inherited MB acting ambitions from bi* fa- Uwr, · Kerry county Irishman who mlgraUd .to Hut- ford, Conn., mod became · hod. carrier, "My lather eould mimic any dialect and knew hundreds o.f Mags and itoriet. He loved to entertain people-- · for Uw fop he got eat of ft." : Ed quit ·ctaool in Uw fifth (trade. Starting at the aga. ol 11, h* nude a tcrict ·( ran: away (rip* from hanae. H* · worked for carnival*, Mrs, · and small drcuae*. They gav* ' Urn n rough hot educational experience of We. Once bt waa held is n nmaway (or three days in n hoontgow. "I don't know why I made so much misery for my partnta," Ed remarked. "They were kmd to me and I had a good home, and I liked to come back to it. "I think I just wanted adventure. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an ac- lor. Bui. you know, I can't tell just where or when I really became one. It just happened." Ovtr the years he earned his way as a brush salesman, a milkman, served in the U. S. Navy, became a radio broadcaster. Stepping Stone Radio proved his first big stepping stone to fame. During the 1930s and early 1940s he appeared on more than 12,000 programs. He was the original Charlie Chan. He was the voice of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was doctor, detective, gansgster -- anything the program required. In J947 he went to Hollywood and acted in 21 pictures in four years. He also has starred In half a dozen Broadway hits, 75 or more television thaws, and made several phonograph albums. "At heart I'm a lazy man," said Ed. In his mo*t recent Him, "The Unalnkable M o l l y ' Brawn," Begley had to turn to slug aad dance. "I took ballet lesson," h* said, smiling. "ImnghM Man- lag ballet after M." Last year Ed married Helen Jordan, n HCntnry M yun his junior. He enb her "mama" now beCMM ah*'* ' expecting b*by -- and bc'st : happy about that, too. A etnial-aatnrtd man ia ' fove with work, Becky Ma the most important qnHtfe* ! nedad In acting nr* "(faceri- · ty, honesty and tnth." His philosophy is simple, too: "I love an awful lot of people, and I feel a lot of people kv« me--and that's a wonderful feeling. I believe in judging people not by what others say about them but how you get along with them yourself. And I belter* ia accepting them as they are." VIEW "NEW ENGLAND* NEW YORK. April 74 - (A?) Some 8,000 visitors MW the New England exhibition at the New York World'i Fair yesterday, with one of the chief attractions a tribute to the late President John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. The visitor* npnotat*d 2» states, aad Mv*ral fonign cowa- Itries.

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