The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 14, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1971
Page 2
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The Tipton Doily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson.Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 •'-.]'. Phone 675-2115 , By carrier in city . . . .... 45f per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; i 1 year . . i.. $11.00 1 6 months..... ..... 6.50 3 months ,3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as' Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POST ABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLEHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY w n an i J With tire 3rd, tune By RD. Money • 300 Attend (Continued from page one? continous flow.troughs are located at both the back and front of I each cage. Water flow is controlled by solenoids and time clocks. • Eggs are conveyed from the cages on plastic belts to the main cross collection belts going to the Diamond Automatic Egg Packer. 'This unit, located in the egg collection. room is capable, of automatically packing eggs into flats, points down, at the rate of; 30 cases per hour. The flow control units, located on the cross conveyors automatically switch off the cage row supplying the cross belt should too many eggs accumulate at one time. This eliminates pileups, thus reducing cracks and checks. The new operation is a joint venture of Clifford Eller, Carroll Morrow and Lee Eller of Arcadia and is located east and south of Omega. 3 i NOTICE. .1. . ' The annual meeting of the members of the ' First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Tipton will te held la the office ofthe association at 108-110 W. Jefferson Street, Tipton. Indiana, on Wednesday, January 20, 1971, at 7:00 P.M. •I MAURICE F. THOMPSON -.' I SECRETARY-TREASURER L-7 C-5-1I CONSERVATISM VS LIBERALISM AFTER LISTENING to the interview of a man who tabbed himself a "Liberal" on the tribe this morning... we are wondering just where most of the people of thiSj country stand on the subject . .... also wondering whether they have themselves tabbed correctly .. . or whether some, if they believe in their position, are not just at least a SHADE OFF in one direction or the other, in their political beliefs. . LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE are just names after all. It is the person himself or herself, who actually determines to what extent, one way or the other, the stand really happens to be. THIS LIBERALISM .business, guided by persons to a CERTAIN DEGREE, without going off the DEEP END, may, have its good points. Conservatism can be too conservative, although we wouldn't exactly say the course we have followed in this country in the past several years, is exactly conservative, although.ultra liberals have tabbed anyone not in tune with them asOLD FASHIONED . . . or stiff backed conservatives, who refuse to change for any reason... and are against progress at any time. TO THE WRITER Conservative thinking is thinking in terms of . what is best for the country, moving ahead but with much caution, not recklessness.. Liberalism, as shown by some of our moderns, seems to get the go-ahead signal without respect to what may happen. It is... as it were, like 'revving up* a GOOD CAR with a good or so-so motor, just to see whether the car can stand the gaff! . - \' . • , CONSERVATISM, according to our- thinking on the subject might be likened to taking that same car, testing the motor, body, etc; then gradually, stepping on the throttle, not wishing to overheat, or cause a rupture in the motor of that car, without a tune up! . VERY FEW PEOPLE no matter what their station in life maybe, is attuned to the'American Way of Life ... .and believe you roe, it is far better than anything anyplace else in the world. However, a part of that° life is determined by the fact that each person individually, may determine his or her own destiny to a certain point.... naturally within the law. IN THIS COUNTRY we may have'far outs* on both sides of the fence, but they are 'far outs' who will not try to agree with others on any subjects . ... hence they pursue the same course all the wayl. This is stupid I There are changes that can and must be made, however the 'far outs' try to Liberalize or Conservatize to the 'nth degree.. .and this won't work in either case. | LOOKING; BACK through the years one can see where it all started ... and from that time on Liberalism has crept up until it threatens the monetary stability of the country. In our book it is better to be a little off center of both; One will blunder us into monetary bankruptcy, while the other, too conservative, might just hold us back from progress-along some lines so badly need at this time; It seems to us, that if we had fewer 'experts' and 'advisers' in Washington, we just mightbebetter off with our regular elected officials .. ... .and whatever additions we might need. Democrat and Republican alike, it would seem that it is the THING to take men who have LOST elections... .and hand them special . titles at taxpayer's expense, and grant them salaries ... with perhaps not much to do to earn them. It is a political way of life, although they are forgetting the people who voted. If they had , wanted it a certain way, they would have voted it that wayl MERELY AN OBSERVATION. We don't expect, all people to agree with us, we merely like to have them think things out, then agree or disagree as they wish, on their own! • MANY-MANY BILLS! NO MATTER how long a legislative session may be, there are many bills which don't even belong in the hopper for action. Some solons seem to believe that if they don't act at once.... and push some sort of bill. . .they will be looked upon as non-producing • members, both by their colleagues and the public back home. It would be far better for some if they would forget this; stop, look and listen awhile . . . before they jump in with both feet... and add to the confusion. •• , JUST NOW, it is hard to conceive what action will be taken to RELIEVE the pressure on Property Taxes, if any. It seems that even the governor don't actually believe much will be done in the area of RELIEF FOR THE PROPERTY TAXPAYER. At least this is what we got from listening to a portion of his report. ONCE MORE we admonish PROPERTY TAXPAYERS to watch closely the Legislature .... and if they petty-fog along, as they, have done in past sessions, then fail to get this most important matter straightened out, they should be 'relieved' of duty! But before that happens, you - and you - and you - had better write your legislators . . . advising them YOU WANT relief in this department... and want it this session, without a TAX that might take- just as much away from you as the property tax is taking. It would seem that the better way would be to make it a tax boost for ALL - like an advancement in the SALES TAX.... and maybe one in GROSS INCOME. At least this would touch aU people who earn an income.... and would be more just than we have at this time. ! Manning Urged to NEW YORK (UPI>- Exactly one decade ago, a star University of Mississippi quarterback bad to choose between a career in football and baseball. Jake Gibbs decided to choose, baseball—and he's now in thi major leagues with the Ne< York Yankees ! although he's never been more than a journeyman and he's currently a second-string catcher. Now another Mississippi Take Baseball quarterback—Archie Manning- has to make the same decision. -. Manning, who finished third in the Heisman Trophy ballot* ing, was drafted by the Kansas ,City Royals Wednesday in the second round of the secondary i phase of the winter free agent • draft. 1 1 It Is presumed that Manning, expected to be a first-round pick when pro football makes: Its selections on Jan. 28, is! leaning toward a football; career. i NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana, ° jNotice is hereby given that Mary S. Teter was on the 5th day of January, 1971, appointed: Executrix ot the will of Basil M. Teter, deceased. | All persons having claims against said rea' estate, whether or not now due, must file the same in said court within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. . iDated at Tipton, Indiana, this 5th day of January. 1971. . Paul H.Jones Clerk otthe Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana Wilson Wbeatley, Attorney L'-« THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE College Basketball Results boutn Jksnvl 67 Manhattan 40 Virginia 86 Wake Forest 81 Ky St 131 KnoxviJie 90 Tularie 88 Florida St 69 No Carolina St 93 Duke 89 Midwest Bradley 88 Drake 85 Toledo 71 Marshall 69 Kent St 78 Ohio U 68 Miami (O) 61 W Mich 57 Evansville 104 So 111 91. Louisville 73 Dayton 68 • . ••——)•»••'- i Southwest Rice 93 Texas-Arlington 63 SMU 92 McMurry'75 Houston 106 Lamar Tech 88 INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION INDIAN APO LB' LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING .* Notice Is hereby glventhattheLocalAlcoho- . lie Beverage Board of Tipton County, Indiana, will at 1 p.m. on the 25 day of January, 1971 at the Commissioners Room, Court House in the City (or town) of Tipton, Indiana In said County, begin Investigation of the application^, of the following named persons...., requesting the Issue of the applicant^., at the . Inafter set out of the Alcoholic Beverage Permit... of the class... hereinafter designated and will, atsaMtimeandpbce, receive information concerning the fitness of said applicant..... and the propriety of Issuing the permit.... applied tor to such the premises named:' Ti-On Inc., by L. Richard Tragesser (Restaurant) TRANSFER OFLOCATTON. Beer, Liquor 4 Wine Retailer Permit from 120 East Jefferson St.. to 126 East Jefferson, Tipton, Indiana Wedge Bar toe.-, by Charles Denham Pres., ii Rebecca J. Denham, Sec, 912 N. Main St., (Restaurant) Beer, Liquor I Wine Retailer, 521 N. Main St. Tifton, Indiana Raymond F. L Winifred Joan Rlpberger dba The Bottle Shop (Package Store) Beet, Liquor t Wine Dealer, 212 East Jefferson St., Tipton, Indiana Said Investigation will be open to the public, and public participation Is requested.. INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION ". By MAX H. BRATTEN . Executive Secretary JOHN R. SMOCK Chairman THURSDAY. JANUARY 14, State Bank No. 79 "Published In accordance with the call made by the Federal Reserve Bank of this district pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act and a call made by the Department of Financial Institutions of the Stat* of Indiana." r -. •- • • • •• ' Consolidated Report of Condition ot "FARMERS LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY" of TIPTON In the State of INDIANA 4 £072 and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close ot business on December 31, 1970. . ASSETS Cash and due from banks (Including $ None unposted debits)..... U. S, Treasury securities.. Securities of other C. S, Government agencies and corporations.... Obligations of States and political subdivisions Other securities (including $13,500.00 corporate stocks).:™™......™.™... Trading account C^IUHH.., ,, IIIL , .,, . ,, Federal funds sold and securities purchased Oder agreements to resell™. Bait |«mise6,.f»r»ltu»e.aa4 tUmtyaciHaiu assets representing bank i.K*raiewa^t£jw;~*.Jii^ /teal wattle ueuedT ^hertba«b «afct «eml »e»,~.. Investments tam*sldlarar»'»ot consolidated: Customer's liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding „, Other assets TOTAL ASSETS. LIABILITIES Demand deposits ot Individuals, partnerships, and corporations ........ Time and savings deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations _ Deposits of United States Government.. Deposits of States and political subdivisions _ Deposits ot foreign governments and official Institutions... Deposits ot commercial banks.. Certified and officers' checks, etc™™™.™-™™ _—••..„,. TOTAL DEPOSITS „ „ $I4,M(,74(.30, (a) Total demand deposits... .. $6,291,341.09 (b) Total tune and savings deposits ' $ 7,927,400.21 Federal funds purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase. Other liabilities lor borrowed mooey™....^......™.^...™....™™ «.™« Mortgage lndebt*dMss..„.„..._......_...„...™.._..._........ Acceptances executed by or for account ot this bank and outstanding ,,...„•„••• Other liabliities „_ i $ 1,941,031.93 ' 1.787,600.42 2,701,383.20 1,250.135.93 13,500.00 None None 7,461.572.42 ... 198.013.83 -• M.S30.57- -None None 30,350.85 . $15,435,476.15 $ 7,766,015.81 193.006.(4 1,112,120.36 Nona None 93,401.77 TOTAL LIABILITIES.. MINORITY INTEREST IN CONSOLIDATED SUBSIDIARIES RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES Reserve tor bad debt losses on loans (set up pursuant to Internal Revenue Service rulings)...... W — ..M..™..™...™..™™™. Other reserves on loans.....™.™.....,. ™™.™...™™..™...™~~ Reserve on securities.. TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES- CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Botes and debentures... Equity capital, totaL. Preferred stock-total par value... (No. shares outstanding None) Common stock-total par value.. . (No. shares authorised 2,000) (No. shares outstanding 2,000) Surplus ™™. ™~.™.™™™...™™....™...™™»™... Undivided profits- Reserve far contingencies and other capital reserves.. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS.. None None ' None None 201.075.37 14,419.823.67 $ None 142,552.65 2,000.00' None 144,552.65 . I None' ' 671.099.83 None 200,000.00 250,000.00 421,099.(3 None 371,099.(3 ,435,476.15 $15, TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS - ' . MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for iU IS calendar days ceding with call date .„. $14,330,300.00 Average of total loans lor the 15 calendar days endinf with call date._„„...„. 7.403.476.U , Unearned discount on Instalment loans Included In total capital accounts...™.. Nona. t, Ronald Brocket!. Comptroller of the above-named bank, do solemnly (swear, antra) that this report ot condition Is true and correct, to the best ot my knowledge and belief. - Corrod-Attest: Ronald Brocket! Hilton H. Hobbs ) Jo* F. Watson ') Directors. -.' D. V. Comptoa / ) State of mdiana. County of Tipton, as: Sworn to and subscribed before me this eleventh day of January, 1971, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires 9/1,1971 L-19 Vivian Bryant, Notary Public C-ll REPORT OF AN AFFILIATE of a bank which is a member of the Federal Reserve System, pahllalied l» accordance with the ProvUlana ot the Federal Res*rvt*Act • Report aa of December 31, 1970, ot Tipton - Hamittoi Gravel Corporation, Tipton, tadlane 46072, which la affiliated vlth Farmers Loan and Trust Company, TU^ton, fadlana. Kind of business ot this affiliate: To buy and e*U fjavel at wholesale and retail, to own and operate gravel pits for the purpoee ot obtaining gravel tor sack sales, and Us allied and interdepen- dant Unas of bualatfti; to buy, sail and taeae real estate accessary for the operation of the business of the corporation; b borrow money, emecete eoeu and mortgages, end own end sell real •state and securities of say and all kinds, take* at exchaogv, la the proper coarse ot business end to da any and all other things necessary and proper to carry on a general travel producing and sale busiaeaa. Manner In which abore-aamed organisation la affiUated with nember bank, and degree of control: AfflUiMm tbroqgh later locking directorate and stock ownerahip. Financial relaUona with bank: - StockofarTUlatedbankoe^tytaestBllat*flagnl»»).^ ro „..; ,. .None • Loans by the affiliate to affiliate hank..„„-„„—, m ' - None Stock otatrillalsreglsarred la tajne of affiliated bank or k^ • bybankcUrv^orswllrectly (parvalae) _„_„.„-_™__ . $».900J» Borrowings from afflllatad bank, loclad^ accwr'anoaa eiecwatd by affiliated bank for accoent or afflllani and •ecsrltlei sold to efflr_it*d lank eader re- raffchaae agreement ._.....„.^..,..„„^^.„._.„..._„..„„„. m __..™. Note Otter obligations ot the afflllat* to. or known to b* Uld by, affiliated bank.„ , Hon* Other Information necessary to dlscloe* rally relaUona with bank: . - ' None I, Hilton Hobbs, Prealdeat ot Tipton-HamiltonGravel Corporation, do aolemnly swear that the above ttaBment Is tree, to the best of mj knowledge and belief. I EUtoa H. Bonbt, Pres. Sworn to aid subscribed before me thla 11th day ot January, 1971 YlTlaa Bryaat, Notary Public . My Commiaalon expires: t/lftl 140 • C-ll. All M«rchandlM Cany A Foil Factory Wanranity BACKED BY THE FINEST SERVICE DEPARTMENT IN TIPTON COUNTY THE ONLY COLOR TV WITH A 3 YEAR PICTURE TUBE WARRANTY! SERVICE 675-6591 SALE 675-2211 HOME FURNISHINGS "where service comes first" 121 N. Main

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