Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1895
Page 2
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©I??." SHORT SPECIALS. Cornelius Jiyears, 19 months old, was burned to death in Van Huron town- mhip, near Greenville, 0. Mrs. Harden, wife of a prominent ntock raiser of Marovia, Ia.,w»s thrown irom her bug-py and fatally injured. Genie Gliuns, B years of ag-e, son of *n old resident of Oshkosh.Wis., was drowned in Fox river while swimming. John McNamara was instantly killed by a derrick bucket on Smith & Eastman's contract, section 1-), of the drain- •jfc channel, near Romeo, 111. " Michael Pitts, a saloonkeeper of Nashville, 111, who fatally kicked a man While ejecting him from his saloon, has been held responsible by a coroner's jury- Heirs of Joseph Bullock were given judgment at Edwardsville, 111., for 82,030.50 against the estate of the lato Octavius Lumaghi for coal rained under the Bullock 'lands. Joseph Wooding, a farmer near Mans' field, III., was ftitolly wounded by tho accidental discharge of a revolver. lie •was planting corn und had tho weapon on the planter to shoot ground squirrels. \Vhile Frank Vuletaki and John Stnidt, of Oconto, Wis., wore rowing up the river in a boat from a fishing trip in tho bay the bout capsixcd and they •were thrown in tho water. Staidt was drowned. Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, who murdered her two children at the Park lotel in Columbus, 0., on April 1 by catting their throats, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder iu the first degree. Insanity will be the defense. Corpun uud'l-urnou'lo stoat). ALLIANCE, 0., May 2.—The relatives. of Mrs. Hannah Sebrell, who died nine years ago and was buried in Lexington cemetery, reopened the grave for the purpose of removing the remains to ,tho Alliance cemetery. The coffin was opened and a remarkable sight met their gazo. The entire body was in a perfect state of petriflcation, being as hard as granite, and looked as if it had ^ .rtVUjaOjv-l rtnf. nt mii.rtllil. T HE BLOOD is the source of health. Take Hood's Sarsaparilla to keep it pure and rich. Be sure to get HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA. ].» <*»e Best Blood Purifier, Appetizer and "Verve Tonic. It cures That Tired Feeling SAYS KEELEY MUST TELL. federal Jn<'t:« Demand. Formula for Slaking tho "Gold Cnre." LEAVEywoiiTii, Kan., May 2.—Judge Myers, of the district court, has made a very important order affecting the rights of Dr. Leslie E. Keeley. W. F. Johnson, of Topeka, has sued Dr. Keeley for 8100,000 damages, the petition reciting that tho plaintiff has been made a physical wreck because of the gold cure. Judge Myers, in granting tho petitioner's request, rules that Dr. Keeley must make known 'the ingredients of his bichloride of gold compound. The court holds that the cure is not a property right nor a trade secret; it is unprotected by a patent, has been in use more than two years, and there is nothing to prevent Dr. Keeley testifying and that he must tell what it is. ; IlnUtend Huyn tli« Wonhlnc'on Tlmirn. •WASHINGTON, May 2.—-Negotiations are said to have been about completed by Murat Ilsilstead, o£ Brooklyn and Cincinnati, for the purchase ol the Washington Times, a morning newspaper about two years of age. Tho Times %vas started as a joint stock enterprise by members of tho Typographical union. It became tho property of Congressman Conn, of Indiana, and ho is sick of it. At present it is an anti-Cleveland democratic organ. If Halsteafl buys it it will bo made a republican sheet. EACI.VE, Wis., May 2,—Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman Warner, of Lake avenue, quietly celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage. They were married in New York state, and nave lived in Racine since ISM. '^r^f^r^p «• -^^f ^f » w w —^ ^ -~ -™- —^ "MOTHERS'FRIEND": CURES RISING BREAST. 1 have been a midwife for years, ' in each case where "MOTHERS' ) FRIEND " was used it accomplished i wonders, shortened labor and lessened »tho pains. It is the best remedy for rising of tho Breast known, and worth tlio price for that alone. ! Mns. M. M- BriEWSTER, Montgomery, Ala. . Bunt bj Express or mull, on receipt of prtco. f»1.00|ior bottle. Boole "To MotWs" , mulled Irco. ( BRADF1J5LD nEGULATOB CO., Atlanta, Qtt. SOLD JIT AU. DnUCOlSTS. IRON MEN UNEASY. Fear That Strikes May Interfere with Production. Ohio Miners in a Muddle—Situation in the McDonald District in Pennsylvania. YOBK, May 2.— Producers have shown a commendable disposition to restore waffes when they have really obtained higher figures in their sales. But there, is evident impatience in labor circles,- and there is some danger of a series of strikes- The most significant report which has gained currency during the past week is that a consolidation is being- negotiated between the leading operators in the Connellsville coke region, and that when effected the price will be advanced to 81.30 for deliveries after July 1. Meanwhile the advance to 51-35 is not being realized since round quantities of standard CODnellsville furnace coke are being offered at S1.10 and Sl.in. The Newcastle furnace strike has put a little backbone into Bessemer pip, which has sold, for May delivery, on moderate quantity, at $10 valley. Steel is very dull. Buyers in the east at least cannot be tempted by offerings considerably below nominal quotations. In finished iron and steel the advance in bars in the west is pretty firmly established, there having been quite a good deal of business in Chicago. The higher prices for sheets decreed recently are not obtained on choice orders. The best that can be said of prices is that they are steadier. Miners In » Vlg Muddle. COLUMBUS, 0., May 2. — The Ohio Miners' association Thursday by committee informed the operators that a joint session of operators and miners cannot be held until Friday. The miners then went into secret session. They began work early. They are very reticent, more so than the late conference in January and more than usual. They are divided In opinion upon the question of asking- the operators to retain ten cents to go toward the support of certain Pittsburgh miners who are striking for terms which would give employment in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, but such retention and use of money would practically amount to illegal conspiracy and could not be accepted. The situation therefore, is that unless the miners in the secret session who oppose this effort can prevail upon the friends of the proposition to recede, the situation according to the operators and especially in the Hocking valley district presents a prospect -ot absolute cessation of mining. . . In a State of Bankruptcy — —is the condition of our system if the liver becomes inactive so that the geras and poisons can accumulate within the body. Keep the liver and bowels active and we're in a condition m of healthy pros- r/perity and have sufficiently well invested capital to draw* upon in the hour of need. The liver filters out the poisonous germs which enter the system. Just so surely as the liver regulates the system, so do Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate the liver. Keep this in mind, and you solve the problem of good health and good living. The "Pleasant Pellets" have a tonic, strengthening- effect upon the lining membranes of the stomach and bowels, which effectually cures Biliousness, Sick Headache, Costiveness, or Constipation, Indigestion, toss of Appetite, Bad Taste in Mouth, Sour Risings from Stomach, and TV-ill often cure Dyspepsia. The " Pellets" are tiny, because the vegetable extracts are refined and concentrated. .Easy in action, no prriping as with old-fashioned pills. As a "dinner pill," to promote di? cstion, take one each day after dinner, o relieve the distress arising from overeating, nothing equals one of these little "Pellets." . Mrs, MELISSA ATWATER, of Steubtn, Washington Co., Me., writes : "As regards the little 'Pellets,' I think I could not do without them. I do not lite to be without them in the house, I have spoken very highly to friends ana neighbors of them, and many are tat- i ng- them through my advertising- them. I will say they are the best pill I can take, especially for an after-dinner pill, I think they liave no equal." import colored Minors PITTSBURGH, Pa,, May 2.—The coal operators in the McDonald district seem more than ever determined to break the'iainers'strike. Thursday more than 200 colored miners from the south passed througli Pittsburgh en route to McDonald &. Midway. The advent of the non-union ;men caused no little stir among the strikers, who had been hoping for a settlement. Additional men, it is expected, will be imported and put to work in the mines, and an outbreak with serious results is feared. Thursday's importation caused intense excitement, which has by no means subsided. Not S»tl«Ued -with Their Waeet. SmiBOYGAST, Wis., May 2.—One-half of" the 350 employes of the 0. T. Eoenitz Lumber company walked out Thursday morning and asked for higher wages. The company voluntarily raised wages 10 per cent. Wednesday, but the men want the whole of the 30 per cent, cut made at the time oi the financial panlg. MRS. ATWATER. South Enjoyinc »~B1C Boom- ST. Louis, May 8.— The Southern Trade, a journal printed, here devoted to the general interests of the south, (jives an account of 30$ new enterprises inaugurated or projected in the south during the month of ApriL In the list are 31 cotton mills, 27 electric plants, 22 telephone systems, 19 mines, 15 waterworks. 10 ice manufacturing- plants and 357 of a miscellaneous character. . To L,ct In Ci»D»dl»n Cattle. SEW YORK, May U.—There is a very good prospect that theffrip of the-uieat trust will be broken within the next few days by the Cleveland administration- Inside advices received here are to the effect that the authorities at Washington arc about to remove the embargo on Canadian cattle which has be«n in operation for several years. Gordon Ont on BmU. LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 2.—Late Wednesday afternoon, upon application of Fulton Gordon's attorneys. Police Judge Thompson reversed the action of special Judge Smith in refusing- to release the prisoner on bail. Judg-o Thompson fixed the bail at 53,000 in each case, which was promptly furnished, and Gordon was released. To Cont.it • L»w. MUWCTK, Ind., May 2.—Robert Monroe, auditor of Delaware county, received 5 letter urgingr him to Join a combination to contest the fee and salary law framed by the late legislature. Filteen auditors in the stato have so far agreed to assist in bearing the expenses oi the suit. Ciuh for Pnrdo*. pBAXJuroBiylnd., May 2.—The greater amount of the 840,000 left Purdue university by the Into Amos Hoavllon •was' in Frankfort real estate. The .last piece, the Heavilon business block, has been sold to Paris Bros, for $10,000, The money will be used In building 1 an additon to Heavilon hall arorjfiinncia'a »-H»L rxujm vroiif. RICHMOND, Vu., May 2.—The supreme court of appeals Thursday refused a \vrit of error in the case of Charles Morg-anfield. alias Morgan, the Aquia Creek train robber, and the judgment of the Stafford county court stands. Morfi-anfteld must now go to the penitentiary. A HOP, Skip and Jump. An athletic cuper oi this sort would scarcely be considered indecorous In one, e?en of mature ago and sedate habits, impelled thereto by excess of jor on recovering hls.lleestlon tliroagn tHe Instrumentality of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, Tore- most among remedies for dyspepsia, blllounness and constipation, a trio of evils usually found In conjunction with each otper. As the stomach recovers Us tone, and the gastjic juice* are secreted in healthful plenitude through the agency of this superb restorative, nerve tian- Qulllty, appetite and alcep return, the body gains In substance and the muscles ID vigor. For the prevention and cure of malarious, rheumatic and kidney trouble the Bitters Is a most direct aud throuebBolng medicinal agent. Its effects are speedily lelt tmd comprehensive. Both the method and results \rhcnr Syrup of Figs is token: it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently ret promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of. its kind ever produced, pleasing to the,taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficiaHn its effects, prepared only from the most healthyaud agreeablesnbstances, its many excellent qualities commend it- to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles, by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist wha may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUtSVIUf. Kf. K£IH fOXK, H.Y. ••momentum!" for TourUti. As a rule tho relic seeker does a great- deal of damage to historical sites and places of interest, but it seems that it is sometimes possible to meet his demand without doing any liatm. A. Washington paper says that recently, as a lady who had been standing before the tomb of tho Father of His Country at Mount Vernon turned to go away, she stopped furtively and picked up a. pebble. She intended to carry it away .with her. Perhaps tho foot of Washington had pressed tiiis very pebble. As she started away she saw a workman approach with a wheelbarrow load of gravel, which lie proceeded to- damp on the very spot. "Did you— have you fixed up this place that way recently?" the. lady usked the workman. "Bless you, miss," answered tho man, "we have to do this about every twtx weeks, so's the tourists can have something to carrv awny as momentum*.!" THE Egyptian So'uCan has nearly 1,000,000 square miles. It is almost a*. largo as all Europe, excluding Russl*. $.7.50 for a $15 Suit. Black Clay Worsted, Blue Cheviots and Fifty pjther Styles! SUITS FOR $7.5O. »,.!„> it? Can vou believe it? Over-production the cause, also short of cash. We told you we had made an offer on SOO Canyou e a I, Z e,t? Canyoube^veit/ c ^ P and cutaways , medium long and extra long, fash.onably "S» J£-^^^ Choice of a,, $ 7.50. Just stop a moment in passin* our store. different styles as our space will permit, $7.50 for choice of any sui«in the lot. Th.™ ™ Whin St.™. in L«.n.p« *.,.»„» hold the above wonderful values. st Do It Or Trade Will Scatter OurMl^hS^eofRnf S ^at$950,ook 1 ikew,.d-fire i This sa.e wi.l be ten times greater, because it's right in season and the *•"" OTTO KRAUS, "OF COURSE." It naturally follows that we must reduce the Boy'sland Children's Clothing. Shoes and all Regular Stock in proportion.

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