The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 13, 1971 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1971
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1971 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIJ3UNE CLASSIFIED RATES • • .1 insertion 5$ per word 2 insertions 8 r per word 3 insertions lOf per word 4 insertions 12? per word 5 insertions " 14? per word 6 insertions 15? per word ) .Minimum Charge $1.25 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. Service charge of 25? will be added after the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue in which they ap pear ' and report any error at once as no allowance can be made except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memoriam 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion next day. Satur . -day, call before 9 a.m. CANCELLATION- Pfecedingday CLASSIFIED DBPLAY- Classified per col. inch $1.10 \ inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch ~ $13,001 Rates Quoted Are Local Used Cars FOR SALE — Nice one-owner 1966 Ford, LTD. 4 dr. h.t. Phone 292-2383. C -12 FOR SALE ~ 1969 Torino, 21,000 miles, $1700. Call 6756402. P-15 WAMTED — Light hauling. Washer repair. Call 675-6123.. C-12 WANTED — Crib corn shelling. Phone A. Wanner, 675-4264 or R. Dell, 675-4019. P-ll WANTED — Babysitting in my home. 675-4582. C-18 For Rent FOR RENT -- 3 bedroom trailer. 919 N. Independence. 6754363. C-12 FOR RENT — 5 room downstairs apartment. Gas heat. Call after 6 p.m. 675-6290. References required. C-TF FOR RENT « 2 bedroom a» partment, beat and water furor jshed. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT -- Upstairs furnished apartment. 537 1/2 N. Independence. 5-4488. . P.-10 FOR RENT — Nice upstairs 2 bedrooms apartment. I Phone 675-6639. P-10 For Sale FOR SALE -- Trash Barrel. Will deliver. Dial 675-6916. P-10 FOR SALE — New Admiral color TV. 3 year pix tube warranty. Was $959.95. Save $400. Coop. ers Home Furnishings. TF jflpR SALE -'- 2 - 700 X 20 tires, : . tread fair, the pair- $25.00. \ Some; 8:25 and 9:00 x 20'S, smooth. LEVI'S P-16 i . FOR SAJLE « Complete CB CITI Fone 23 Base Station. Call 675-6647. P-18 FOR SALE — Like new G.E. washer and dryer., Nice 12 . x 12 carpet and pad. Call i 675-7241 after 5:30. C-14 FOR SALE — Electric dryer, i Caul after 4 p.m. .5-6174. C-ll FOR SALE — New G.E.bair setter. Christmas gift, half price. Mrs. Carl Aldridge ..j • 1 •:• '. c-ii FOR SALE — Three small heating stoves, coal or wood, one, a laundry stove. Phone 6756703. i P-12 - _ — — : — FOR SALE — Baled mixed hay. George Hartley, 292-2459. ! P-12 !•-. • 1 i • I- OK SALE --Aluminum siding. Storm windows-doors. Kool- v Veni Awnings. A. J.'Butz, • WANTED TO BUY* WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Past Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWINFS E. Edge, Tipton, Co. Wanted 675f2646.' C-TF PUBLIC AUCTION 1 mile W. of 37A on 146th St. or Easy Gray Road, S. of Noblesville or 5 miles E. of Carmel on 234 to 146th St., thence 1/4 mile W. beginning 11:00 A.M. Saturday, January 16th, 1971 The owner has been producing feeder pigs and has a good herd of meat type York 4 Harop sows: 8 Hamp L York sows due to farrow by sale day; 2 Hamp sows due middle of Feb.; 6 sows due last of March or first of April; S.P.F. Yearling Hamp Boar; possibility of some feeder pigs. j [ IMPLEMENTS- Ford Tractor with 2-bottom plow and grader blade; Tandem trailer and bed. ! L FEED: 100 bales, more or less, of mixed hay. . j' HOG EQUIP. 4 MISC.: 7 Bushnell farrowing crates; 10 small, creep feeders; 500 lb. creep feeder; all weather hog waterer; elec. fence 4 post; hog snare; hog and field fence; wooden and steel hog troughs; 8 metal barrels for feed; 3 feed and water stall compartments; fence post; 3 lite poles, - 25 ft.; water hydrant; bolt cutters; mineral tubs; elec. equip.; beavy-duty 300 gal. gas tank with stand; 275 gal. oil tank on legs; other property not mentioned. INSPECTION EVEN- EJGS. A very good clean sale. j TERMS: Cash Lunch. Not responsible is case of accidents. JAMES A. HINDS & WIFE, Owners Robert Foland & Sam SmaU, Aucts. Poland Auction Co. since 1910 . Noblesville 773-0780, Westfleld 896-2032 A Sheridan 758-5744. World's First New Man Made Cereal Services PORTABLE WELDING SERVICE and Water Line Thawed. 9473832. TF SEPTIC TANK Cleaning.. Raymond Tragesser. Call 552-; 7162 or 675-2163. C-TF FOR RENT — Half of double. Call 675-2458 after 6 p.m. TF FOR RENT — Modern one bedroom apartment on street level, unfurnished. 415 West Madison Street. Phone 675-6142. C-14 • i FOR RENT — 2 bedroom apartment, carpeted, modern j kitchen. Mature adults, i 404 North Main. Upstairs. 6756014 or 675-6283; "... C-19 FOR RENT — Modern 3 jbed- room home, carpeted, ; $80 damage deposit, $110.00 per month. 804 Poplar, Tipton. Phone 453-5930, Kokomo. P-ll Mobile Homes FOR SALE* --. Owner occupied nicely furnished 12 x 60 mobile home, 10 x 20 patio cover. TV 'antenna. On a 52 1/2 x 145 ft. lot. Two-fear white cement, gas heated garage, 2 floor drains. 25 x 25 ft. parking area. Sidewalks and shurb- bery. Located at 710 Poplar St., Tipton, Ind. i P-10 HaaaaaaaMaMMMMafir Wanted Tb}Bay WANTED — Mature lady would like live-in housekeepingposl- tion. Please call 675-2416. c-12 WANTED — Typing to be done" in my home. 675-2820. C-13 FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCE TUNE UP EBERT'S ARCO SERVICE DIAL 675-7125 SINCLAIR IS ARCO IF YOU want efficient and honest tax work come to Mrs. Louise C. Jones, 410 No. West St., Tipton. 46072. P-ll SMILEYI POST BUILDINGS Commercial - Farm ^ ; i Call Collect 317-985-2541 FRONT-END ALIGNMENT — Smith Tire Service, 115 N. ,Indep. St. Phone 675-6165. TF HANNAH'S husband Hector hates hard work so he cleans the . rugs with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampober $1. Carn-, ey*s Drug Store. C-13 IS INTERIOR Decorating your thing? Give decorating shows for Home, Interiors and Gifts; Inc. N*ame brand merchandise hew area. Call Elwood, 552- aaaaaBaaaaaBaaaaBBaBaaBBaaaaBBaV Personal CARD OF THANKS Pd like to thank the person who found my truck tailgate in the road Tuesday morning and was thoughtful enough to set it up by the fence. May God bless you. Sincerely, William E. Baker By DEAN C. MILLER UP! Business Editor NEW YORK . (UPI)- Even .though all the evidence isn't in, Jim Foster, manager of the Hodgkins Charolais Ranch in Alvarado, Tex., wouldn't complain if you called triticale a "miracle grain," a possible answer to the world's hunger problem. Foster got amazing results a . year ago when he planted 30 acres of the ranch in this new grain, the world's first manmade cereal. (. Derived from, the crossing of i wheat and Tye, triticale can produce as much as 50.per cent more grain in each head than wheat and each grain is usually twice the-size of a plump wheat kernel. Its protein content is more than- twice as much as corn, almost twice as much as barley, and 33 per cent more than in wheat. : "And it's the most winter hardy plant I've ever seen," said Foster. "I checked one plot of it after two mornings of 15 degree temperature and not even the ends of the leaves- were curled." Cows Prefer Triciale Foster says his cows and calves preferred triticale over oats and wheat in grazing. Those were his conclusions after the first planting. Checked after he'd planted a second time, Foster said, "I stand by everything I said before. It's an amazing grain." Actually, even though Dr. B. Charles Jenkins has been- working with triticale since 1953 and has developed many varieties of it at his Foundation: for Research in Salinas, Calif., : the grain still is in the experimental stage. And that's primarily-because there wasn't, enough of it around for wide- scale testing. But that has changed. Some 200,000 acres of (FasGro) triticale were planted in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana and North Dakota last; summer.'. Officials of the FasGro Seeds, Inc., a subsidiary of ProChem- co, Ind., one of the companies in the race to develop suitable strains of the grain, said this particular variety of the grain equaled or outperformed all small grains planted in the same area. .While there were no fantastic yields such as Foster reported .from the Alvarado Ranch, there were no complaints and no failures, according to company officials. Dr. Jenkins, a quiet-spoken man, told United Press Interna­ tional that "there still is much to learn and know about this grain." And' then he added, "but when, I see continuing evidence of its potential, what it can do for mankind, I know that I'll be' working with it for the rest of my life." Some Instances There have been some instances where triticale has been less than \ a rousing success. Some researchers have encountered problems of sterility, shrivelled grain and susceptibility to ergot. But to men like Jim Foster, the rancher, or Dr. Jenkins, the researcher! ... those are small matters compared with the advantages| of this man-made grain. J . Aside from yield and' high protein content, triticale protein ; contains moe lysine 'and me­ thionine-amino acids essential in human and animal nutrition. In tests |as a feed..grain, triticale equals wheat as a poultry feed, equals barley as a hog feed,! and grazing cattle show a preference for it in the field. | I n ~ . As a .food grain, it lacks gluten, essential for making; light textured bread. But it does produce a good leavened loaf when; mixed with an equal amount of hard wheat flour. 0*2 Trouble Sleeping? Do Not Worry!! By CHRISTOPHER B. OGDEN ' j LONDON (UPI)-Early to bed, early to rise may make a man healthy , wealthy and wise but if he's over 30 it also may find him still sleepy the next morning. I Dr. Ian Oswald, a psychiatrist of Edinburgh University, excluded from this finding the jteetbtaling extrovert who falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. It is not for this comparative rarity hat Oswald Wrote a new booklet, "Sleeping land Not Sleeping," published by the Family Doctor Unit of the British Medical Association. ; Oswald found, not surprisingly, that people with "worrying dispositions" have the most (trouble sleeping while those, who are "sociable and gay in personality" have the least, j Older age groups complain more of delayed sleep, frequent waking and tighter sleep than younger folk. . .' And at all ages, said Oswald, women complain more about sleeping difficulties than men. He said laboratory tests had proved that once past 30 sleep does inded become more and more broken. Oswald said there was no rule on the amount of sleep the average adult needs, but tests show slightly less than eight hours a night- seems to be the norm, with children sleeping more and older people less. Any. departure from what is normal for any given person—for example, less sleep—builds up a "sleep debt." "They can adjust to less sleep," he wrote, "but only at a price—a slower pace of living. They are duller, slower, less jovial, less capable in every way. So we cannot learn to do with less sleep. "A sort of chemical clock makes us sleepy every 24 hours but the clock setting is difficult to change. People get disorga- CROSSWORD 47. Roll call reply 48. Fall into sin DOWN 1. Grazing land • , 2. Theatrical . performer 3. Augment (2 wils.) 4. Apuleius' .-' "The Golden 5. Meteors (2 wds.) 6.Beof value to 7. Ward off 8. Balances . 9. Costly fur • serve 28. Military . order (2 wds.) 29. Gave the evil eye 31. Up .till now . (2 wds.) Yeiterdav's Astwrr 33. Mend 34. Worship 36. "—-on Sunday" 42. Maiden name designation 44. War of Jenkins's Page 9 DAILY ACROSS 1. Spanish article 4. At a j-.- distance . 8.Choose! 11. Feather one's nest 12. Invent I 13. Rebuff) . 14. Candlenu't tree 15. Make a » choice 17. Recline 18.— Tutang' 19. Regret 20. Badly 21. Geraint's wife • L- : 23. Chessman 25. Mexican . title |-" ' •27. Splendid 30. Annoying' insect ' 32. Family that - ruled Ferrara 33. Mrs. Nixon 35. Heavy! ' weight •• 37. Linksman's item- j 38. Turmoil ' 39.Nether- land's commune 40. Swiss .' river 41. Hamlet 43. Not | disposed : to I" 45. Manitoba Indian 1 46. Tantalized DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE —Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X K is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used fofjthe three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. | A Cryptogram Quotation IT V F ATLF JBtlPF CFTUW TUS 1 P F! F U S NZHH ITVF ATLF JB 2 j W ;F- H B "Q X XT S-P 2 ' Yesterday's Cryptoquote: ALL BOOKS BECOME LIGHT IN PROPORTION AS TTOU FIND LIGHT IN THEM.—MORTIMER ADLER it nized, especially air travelers and shift jvorkers who have to relyNieavilyon naps." Sleep; induced by sleeping pills is I probably not as beneficial • as • ' natural sleep, Oswald wrjote, but it is better than no sleep at all. He said the research which . went into latest studies on sleep had not yet advanced science towards that dream of millions of wives (and some husbands) a cure for snoring. Blondie By Chic Young PUBLIC SALE I, the undersigned, on account of quitting farming and leaving the farm, will sell at farm located 11 miles east of Frankfort, Indiana, on SR 28 to' ScirclevUle Road or 9. miles west of Junction SR 31 and 28 to SeirelevlUc Road then north 2% miles, oh • ' Wed., Jan. 20,1971 Rip Kirby BEGINNING AT 10:30 A.M. IMPLEMENTS 1966 Oliver 1850 gas tractor with 1800 hrs.; 1964 OUver 1800 gas tractor with hydra-drive; 1961 OUver 550 utility tractor with front pump 1 loader, and 2 hydraulic buckets. All in good condition and on good rubber; t- Oliver heat housers; 1966 model 565 Oliver 6-14 semi-mount plow; 1984 model 565 Oliver 5-14 semi-mount plow; 1961 3-14 OUver mounted plow; two 1968 Casco harrows lor 5 & 6 bottom plows; pull type 10-ft. Graham chisel plow; 1968 AC 16-ft. 200 series fold-up disc, 20-inch belli with, sealed bearings; 1S64 AC 4-row wheel track planter with liquid herbicide and dry Insecticide attachment; 1967 4-row OUver 3-polnt bitch rotary hoe; .1967 JD 4-row 494A com planter with toU conditioner in front, liquid and dry herbicide and dry Insecticide attachments; 19M Gleneoe iz.5-foot 3-point mounted field cultivator; 1961 OUver model 7411 pull type ecru picker; two 1964 OUver 4-row rear mount cultivators; 10- foot power lift drill on rubber; 1966 6-foot Bushhog rotary chopper; 1963 AC Gleaner A combine with cab, 13-foot header, 2 reels, pick-up, header control, 2 row corn head, clean and In good condition; 1969 model 215 PTO New Idea manure spreader with liquid tail gate; 1968 JD wagon gear with flat bed and hoist; Grove wagon gear with flat bed and hoist; 1967 Kllbros hopper bed on JD wagon gear with Meharry unloading auger; flat bed wagon; PTO cedar 'cart; bog or Implement traUer; 52-foot (-Inch Speed King grain auger with S-hp electric motor or PTO; 2(Hoot Cub elevator with i-hp electric motor;'40-foot Viking elevator, PTO drive; JD 7-foot No. 5 mower. The above machinery Is In excellent condition and has been weU eared for. By John Prentice & Fred Dickenson TRUCK 1959 Chevrolet 2-ton truck with Marsh holit on good rubber. MISCELLANEOUS Lincoln 188 amp electric welder and accessories; emery stand: atr eompretsor; Vj-inch electric drUl; Z flberglai tanks and rack for moon tins: PTO pomps; chains; wrenches; hand tools; platform scales; lard press,sausage grinder; old cabinet; overhead gas tank; high pressure cleaner; general hydraulics; fuel tank; Monogram oU heater; Z other ell heaters; wheels and tires off of New Idea spreader; three 814x20 truck Urea; hydraulic cylinders; many other articles too numberous to mention. .. TERMS CASH. Not responsible In ease of accidents. | BILL HANKINS Mirphy and Wakefield, auctioneers Smiley, Clerk LUNCH WILL BE SERVED

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