The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 2, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1908. THE BAKfiftSFlflLD CALIPORNIAN DEVILISH PLAY WAS GOOD WILL 'CELEBRATE ANOTHER DlVIDENUiBIG MEETINGS ON 'S BIRTHDAYj FOR S. W. AND B.| THE WEST SIDE " | Tomorrow Is the Mikado's birthday His Satanic Majesty, the Devil, was 1 ? nd ^ local ?* p * n ?**. C ° lo l >( ? 1U •at the Bakersfleld Opera House last i hol « ltB a " nlla , 1 cel , ebratlon : ™* fes " night, and a fair sized audience-? men ! " v » e B »"» .^e pace at 320 Twen- predominating, was on hnd to greet ', eth , street a " d " m ft i, »S « Ln him. Although the version of * the Wg dinner, folowlng which there will play presented was a comparatively 1 1)e te ncln Z> Sword dancing singing maculated one, those who were look- for sensations found plenty of I Bnrt m " 8lc and theatrlcal -"O »*•»• ww««Ht*«4O J.VSUU14 1J1 VUli J V* i 1_ Huggestiveness, and there were many | ««* year observe quiet smiles and reddened faces their ruler's birth. A number of prom- among those who left the playhouse. I !" ent local cltlisena have been Invited - to be present during the evening. W. E. Shepherd Is for the bank guarantee plan. Vote for him and for protection of your bank deposits. Some i here were who said they did not like the piece. Perhaps It struck unpleasantly close to home. Artistically considered, the play •and its production were both good. _ . ... m _ Harry Leighton l n the title role was' FOWL c R vTcTlM OF excellent. The subtle combination of i DR> F° WLER VICTIM OF . .symbolism and reality he displayed! HALLOWE'EN PRANK. was wonderful. Miss Laure Hudson ] made a most beautiful and natural nr - w - s - Fowler fell victim to a wife J. D Wray as the artist the Hallowe'en prank late Saturday night, third of the Important characters, was j which cost him a new pair of trousers also very good, and the work of this an<1 a badly skinned leg. He was '•riding near the Land Company's barn I on his way to make a call, and In the darkness collided with a step ladder placed across the sidewalk, evidently by one of the numerous gangs of small boys and some large ones abroad on trio, which practically constituted the entire drama, was above reproach. Elmer Ballad as the husband, and Miss lone Bright, in the ingenue role* were fair. Although the play was advertised as a "morality play of the highest type" The a. \V. rind I). Oil Company, op- eratlnt; in HIP Coallnga nel.l. the latter part of last week deeHred its second dividend, which it i« said amounted to more than $10,000. The co.n was the big crowd that greeted Rowen Irwln and Mat- Hi' » si. Platz ,-u Maricopa on Friday nm-lit. The hall was Jammed, and the — . . , ni"rting was in marked contrast to pany Is now pumping from four wells | t | liit |, e [ (1 t)V , ne Republicans tho ulclit before when there was but LEQAL. LEOAl for Keenev. J. W. .... Ciillfornia Home Extension Association, trustee for Kocnev. J. VV 173 California Home intension Association, t rustee for Keenev. J. VV 174 Ciillfornia Home I;.\HII- slon Association, t rustee 151 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 and work is about to be begun on the fifth. R. .1. King Is In charge of operations. L. P. St. Clair is president of, asm the company, Elmore King, vice president and Harry Thomas, secretary. Tejon Company Organized. Orsanization of the Tejon Oil Com sdint attendance and little enthtisl- pany was effected last week to take. .,..1..., ,,, over tho property of the Hart Crude | Ma , ' n ' *" Oil Company in ;!6-2S.27. in the Kern j ? *' | "?* «'" River Held. Work bus already been I .'" '''H'ljmd commeiiced. The directors are all lo-|"" M M»'rviaor Messrs. Plat?! and Irwln discussed the Issues in a manner that brought forth much applause and the party I vas greatly strengthened by the All reports agree that roll up a big majority Kern and for Jim Bush cal residents and are as follows: H. R. Peacock, president; C. L. Taylor, vic< At McKlttrlck. On Saiin-day night there was a fine president;"jmige"J.'\v; Mahon,"j.'War-!'»""''''« at the McKlttrlck school ren Tattim and J. W. Kelly. Leroy; house-, the voters also being addrsss- Peyton is the secretary. Five thous- <'d by Messrs. Irwln and Platz. Tho and dollars have been subscribed. The j speakers were given the closest atten- eapltal stock is $2(1,000. """ ; »'<l their remarks were fre- Supply Officials Here. I quently applauded. McKlttrlck has F. IS. Clohari and T. D. Boyce of San | been Republican heretofore, but for K! c (. ck. ok. fk. m. j n n n o p th <ro] , Cpas. B. .. Krol . Chas. ii. .. McCartney. Harrv McCartney. Benf. i-.lTfornla lAten- MonAssoclntlqn. trustee tor McConnell. J. ~ cKinn cK - » earl, Mil!' 11 "Miller. Calif or S: : 8: ? J: L ilin. Win lln. Y that night. Francisco, officials of the Associated i partial Supply Company, are here today. In have a company with Storekeeper Phillips of; the Kern River store and Superln-l J. ..„ .„.„ __ temlent Worthington of the S. P., they . eiicn The doctor made a fear-1 went to McKittrlck this morning to dale there is a doubt as to whether the play, coming as it did on a Sabbath evening, formed a fitting substitute for the Sunday evening sermon. But be that as it may, the production was good, all that could be desired, and there were few who attended, what•ever their motives were, who were not fully satisfied. store. the local clergy was noticeable by its ! fu ' '« n se forward and when he pick- absence. It might also be stated that! c 'd himself up to consider the damage \Vestern : found his wheel fully thirty feet In the vv • "• Isaacs or tlie btinset \\ ( su.ui ! rear and his pants' leg torn almost | Haliroad, is in town^today. beyond repair, badly skinned leg and "*"""* several minor bruises and scratches. a poll shows that Bryan will majority this year. Rosedale Meeting. \V. P. Laird addressed an audl- of Interested farmers at Roseon Saturday night and among arrange for trackage for the west side j others things he explained the const!- The cost of LIVING has advanced Bankrupt sale of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies and everything pertaining to the harness and saddle business now on at the corner of Chester avenue and Twentieth street. tf Do you Want a capable and competent lawyer In the assembly. Vote for Rowen Irwln »-•-* tutlonnl amendments. His talk on the guarantee of bank deposits was given the closest attention, and even the Taft men In the audience expresod the heartiest approval of the Democratic iiinuk. 48 per cent? 4 H. C. HARNESS With J. W, BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Oaltes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal friends of the trusts? NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. Under the old management, at the old location, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date in Every Respect 150 Rooms. Private Baths, Steam Heat. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial 'ravelors. Pioneer Hotel of San Francisco. DELONEGHr. MOT arRINGS. Most remarkable Armeral i California. An ansonue cure for RHEUMATISM Korty-flve miles trom Baljer=fteld in <l«rra Nevada Mountains. Fln« «um Her climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between J and 9 o'clock from Arlington and iccidental hotels, and from Met/opole " Kern. Returns Tuesdays Ad- Iross, BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. it Proprietors For Her Children—Little Girls Suffered with Itching Eczema Which Simply Covered Back of Heads— Baby Had a Tender Skin, Too, ALL PROMPTLY CURED BY "WONDERFUL OINTMENT" H. A. Jastro is one of the leading factors In the best governed county in California. Here Is a good place to let well enough alone. Vore Than Enough Is Too Much. To maintain health a mature man woman needs just enough food to ;?p-iir the waslo and supply en^rgv »ad body heat. The habitual con- •umptioa of more food than Is necessary for these purposes is the prime :ause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise youi llet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doaes of Cham- oerlafn's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you will soon be all right again. For sale ty Daer Bros., Btkersfleld; ..... . ranev Ann ... -..lilornl'i Home 1 xtcn- slon Association, trustee for Mvron Ravmond ..151 Mullen. Robt. Jr. cert. Mullen. Robt. J. cert. Mullen. Robt. J. cert. Ciilifornla Home Extension Association, trustee for Nelson, (leo. F. ...192 20 20.00 Nelson. James .I. , 469 2i> 20.00 plsen.KrankA.andCirace 490 20 Pardee. Willard .,. 452 10 Callfor ' " 20 20 20 20 20.00 ao.riij 20.00 . . . ..... rnia Home Extension Association, trust for Ponder, (!eo. M. al sion Association, trustee for Ponder, (!eo. M. . . California Home I'.xten- . rence W. Hobbji Doe. defendants. Klviru W. Percv. Clarence ta minor i. and John Doe. You are hereby required in an action broil, '.he above-named nerior Court of the in and tor,tho_C lo answer tho . within ten days , v — .- -- — - ot service i after the service on you this Hummons If served within the ar Countv: or. if served elsewhere, w! in thirty days. , . ,._ . .. , And vou are hereby notified tha' • " o annear and answer, ,. ..I annlv, to the _Cou L demanded. In the ... under niy hand and the s uperior Court of the State O in and for the County ol rn on Au,ust 14. 19 r OJ rk Wm n %1npe»-a|"B tV v ei a r8 attorneys for plaintiff. if the State of gartronfl% he county of, Kern ana • Comnfalnt filed therein. vs (exclusive of the attK 70U pi e said hat if r. the t .tor , rt omnlamt ftft TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the taxes on all personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on the second Monday In October, and will bo delinquent on the last Monday In November next therafter, at 6 o'clock sionAssoclation. triiHteo f,... I\l*ilm».., nn t* A sionAssocl; __ for bickorson. C. A. ..1SS 20 20.00 California Home Kxten- • slon Association, trustee for Pro wilt. EdWr B. .2,'!S Rose. Walter M. California Home Pton A asocial Ion. t rustee for Schlueter.. Fred W. .7 n. L,. .~,>n 20 go.nn .... .422 20' 20.00 Exten- p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per -cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that if said one- half be not paid before the last Mon- 20.00 fiay | n April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. r>M 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the flrst Monday In January next, and will be delinquent on the last M9nday in April Schroeder. lueter. _er. Ro St crlmi?. J. R. Stc-ri 1 " 1 -'! & California , . Fred obt Homc'Bxten- on Association, trustee „_ •>rrell,. Daniel F.. .269 ' " Ex s for T.. California H slonAsHocliilion. trustee for Tlft. Bert .... ____ 7 Trodgen. euben |. 20 20.00 Tracdon. Ru Warrecker.O Weisel. P. J. ' " 44 6.00 . 20 20.00 o'clock prior added p. m., thereto to the H. A. JASTRO Regular Democratic Nominee. FOR SUPERVISOR, Fifth District MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST It is innde here in (.'iilii'or- uiit and heiti'jr made here it follows that it is liesl iidiipt- c(l to the climate conditions. Then attain il costs no more Hum imported paints, that are nuidc to suit any climate. Costing so little can you afford to let your buildine-s yo uiipaintcd nnd into decay '! Come in and let us figure on the job. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. OTIS lohunblln pdlden Gat6 Coffee "Some years BRO my three little girls had a very bad form of ec/ema. Itch- \t\H eruptions formed on ilia backs i f tl.n-ir lieud.s vh k'h w e r is si m n 1 y covered} I lizard ef Cuti- cura, I used to try a 1 in o s t everything, v but they failed. Then my mother recommended the Cuticura He me dies. I washed my children's bends with Cuti- cura SSoap nnd thi>n applied the wonderful ointment, Cutiedra. I did (his f<.ur or five,titnes and I can say that theybnvo been entirely cured. 1 liii\'e nil"!her bnby who i.s"so plump tbnt the feld.s r.f pliin on bis neck were br<.ken nmi even bled. I used Cutieurn Kn.'ip nnd Cuti- cura Ointment and the next morning the troulilo iifid disappeiireil. I r,m lining the C'utieura Heiuedie- yet whenever uriy of juy fiimily liuve nnv n-n-s. I can ne'ver recommend Cutieuni s>:ITi- cient is indispensable in every hom- 1 . Icnnfiot find its equal. Mni". \t\|,n!"<>n Du<ep|ie,-II DuluthSt., Montreal, Quo., May 21, 1U07." HOT CHICKEN DINNER. The ladies of the Christian church will serve a hot ehipken dinner ;it A. O. U. \V. hall on election day. Tuesday. Nov. ISnl. from ll::;o to 2:SO o'clock. Price :}.") cents. SO t_tGAt_ »TT;IQ*;I« '• «i California Home Exten- sionAssoctutlon. trustee for Williams. M™, C. P. California Home Exten- sionAssoc.lntlon. trustee for Wolodarskv. Mever 202 California Home Exten- HlonAssoetatlon.trustee for Younc. .las. B. ....317 10 10.00 And in accordance with law and an order or the Board of Directors made on the 25th dav of Audist,, 1808. so manv shares of each narcel of such stock as rrmv be necessary will be sold at nubile auction at the office of the secretary of,the comnanv on the 20th dav of October. 1908. at the hour of 10 a. m. o! said day. to nav said dellnouent assessment thereon, toceth- er with costs of advertising and ex- nouses "( "ftle JOR OAN. Secy. Wasco. Kern jCountv. Cal. 10-3 POSTPONEMENT Notice Is hereby civon that the date of sale of delinquent stock of the Fourth Extension Water Comnanv has been postponed until Thursday. November 19. 1908. at 10 o'clock. ;i. m. , ,,-.,, Bv order of the Board of Directors. Dated October 1!(. 190R. AlKftED B. .IORDAN. Sec. Wasco. Kern Countv. Cal. next thereafter, at 6 and that unless paid Ive per cent will bo amount thereof. 2. That all taxes mn? be paid at the time th first Installment, as herein provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector in the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. leilhet&laylor FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas String Beans Green Onions Lima Beans Celery Cauliflower Head Lettuce All kinds of fruits of season. Bellflower Apples, $1.50 per box 1423 19th St. Phone Main 401 Quality—clean—perfect Your grocer will grind it— better if ground at borne—not too fine. A 4 Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order Fruit Tecs or for TCP Cream, Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY. From S a. in. to (J p. in. T. 0. COPPIN, Prop. PAINFUL ULCER On Foot for a Year. Healed by. Two Sets of Cuticura ' "I had an ulcer on my foot for a year or more and it was very painful as it was a running son;. I hud a doctor, but his treatment did not heal it. About eight months ago I commenced to use Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment, and Cuticura Pills. 1 used two i-eU and it, is now ull healed up. Mrs. K. F. liydcr, West Brewster, Mass., April U'J, 1UU7. Compli'te Kxtcrnal unit Internal TrcMmpnl tor F.Viry Iliimi-r (il Infants, clilliln-n. uiul Acl'ilU emiMslH of cuilritrfi Soivp (2.-ir.j to Clt'nnsp th*' >hln. ClKlcuru Oinllliont (MH-.) lo H<-:tl (lur Skill, iilul Cunnirallosiiivciu (B()i-.),(orlntli«f"nnofi'i "n« C-mU-il ruin '.-.">(-. PIT vial ot 00) to l-iirlfv tin- I" ••"'•'• SoUl thtnuxh'-ut tlu^ world. Putter l>niB & cin'iu, C«rp.. Sole )'rt>n».. Boston, Must. qj-Mailed Free. Cuticura Bouk uu Sklu Dlw-une. ! DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. i Fourth Extension vvater Comnanv. i Location of principal place of Inisiness. : VY:isco. Kern C.ountv. California. | N'orire.—Tliere are d-'linnueiu, upon I the toHowinu describe.l stock, on ae- i count ot assessment i No. one) l(-vied i on tli- L'.'iih dav ol Auuust. 1!H)S. the ; sevi-r;il aiuounr.s se| onnosiie (lie i names of the n-snectlvc shari'luilders. : as lollnws: I List ol slian-holilers with No. <if eor- tincale. Xo. (it .shares and amount due: I , ._. No- No. | ' .Name Crl. .sfis. Amt. j California Home Extension Association, truiiice ! lor Anmisi Andernon .52J -in $,",0.0(1 James U. Anderson ....:jfi7 ."> fi.On Jami's li. Anderson ....;!'.t5 20 14.75 California Extension Association, trustee tor.]. K Anderson 147 20 20,00 Burner. John , 470 5 .1 00 Beard. Thos. Oeo ;di4 5 S.OO JJeckett, AJIco M 412 20 2U.OO Bennett Mrs. Sarah ..348 10 10.00 Lamornla Home Exten- tjlon Association, trualee tor Bower, .Samuel ... 36 2V> 2.50 California Home Extension Astioclat Ion. trusteo tor Bower. Samuel ... 71 10 10.00 Ciillfornia Homo Extension Association, trustee for BrluKH. Warren F. 1!»5 6 C.OO Caster. John A 528 20 20.00 California Homo Exten- 10 10.00 PETTY THIEF IN THE HOPKINS PAYNE & SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBULACNE Phone Aniwered Day or Night EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES AYlu-ti you wiinl ri'lialile help of nnv kind call up THE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. We also employ Chincsi- and Juptmi'se help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 BUILDING. A petty thief was abroad in the Hopkins building last night. Dr. W. S. Fowler this morning discovered the loss of his bicycle lamp anil a package belonging to Dr. Kellogg and left in the hall Is also missing. - - * + * * * 10 10.00 fl.OO 5.00 10 10.00 E. H! LOVE'LANP Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, Eggs, and all farm products. slon A HHociat'"!-. trust eo tor Chale.s llezekiah . HO California Home Exten- jdon Association, trustee Christten. Wm. V fi27 Coats. ,J 1!. S ,','6't) California Home Extension Association, t rustle, for Coolev Chas. M. .. I!7 Ci(llloruia Homo Extension Association, trustee for C'rowtoti. Cvrus .. 25S California Home Extension Association, trustee for Dickinson, Wm. H..19I Honaliuo. Michael f>:!l Dorr. Frank 534 Calitoruia Home Extension Association, trustee for Evans l.umis A. .. <)7 California Home Extension A ssoelat Ion. trust ee for Evans. Lumls A. .. OS 1C lfi.00 Ciilifornia Home Extension Association, t rustuc- for i.uniis. A. .. 'M California Home Extension.' 1 ssoclatlon. trustee for Evans, humis A. ..100 Ciilifornla Home Bxten- 20 20 20 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 1 C.OO ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL LOTS BELONGING TO ESTATE OF GEO. K. OBER. DECEASED. •'Mil: ern. ? _ Superior Co'.irt of the Statq ornla. in and for the Countv of In the matter of the estate of Georee . Ober. deceased. , \\ . A. McOinn. the ndralnlstrator of the estate of (ieonre K. Olier. deceased, navintr filed his petition he ' rrraylne- for an oranr or safe of a! real estate of said rtece nurnosHB set forth in his v .«.. It Is therefore orderod bv the .Turtee nersons lnte rnaf Id deceased eceas- erein. ll the r the 3f said Court that aH r !d In the estate of s e estate of said deceased, an- near before the said Sunerlor Court on Mondav. the 2nd day of November. at 2 o clock, in the afternoon of t the court room of said ourt. Deiiartrnent. No. 2 In Hakorsfield, Bounty of .111 4» moi said duv at f unerlor Co ,e Citv of ern. State of California, to show cause wliv an order should not be granted to tlie siild administrator to sell the whole of the real estate of the siilil deceased at urivate sale: and that n conv of this order lie nubllsned at least four succespiv*- weeks in the Ba- kersflejd ("iilltornlan, a newsnaiier Of circulation, nrlnted and jnib- Bak(>rsneld, In the Sum-rior Court, or the Countv of Kern. StaU- of Cali!orrii;i In the niiilter o f the implication •')! the Iludmil Driving Park Avisocinlion. a eornoratioli. to rhaiu'e K« name to "Kern County Agricultural Assoria- Ifcill." It satisfaetorilv ntuiciirlii-' !,) ir.e \\\:\: the "Ihiduut llrlvintr Park AHSOCKI- linn." has tiled this dav ;in ai-nlieaiii-n lo rhaime lls name to "Kern Countv Agricultural A.ssoelation." ami that said a|iplicatlon or petition is si.uned by a majority of tl-f directors of Unsaid "Iludniit Driving Park Association," and that said petition states sufficient rf'HHons for the ohmrnf of rile n:imi! of Ihe said corporation, therefore. It Is hereby ordered, that the hear- inn or Uin annllcaUon for chance ot In the forceoffiir nroceodlnca b tho sjimn Is hereby set for lished in unlv o Dated thi . the Citv of Counlv of Kern. Slate (if California. s 'Jfii . . ih dav of Sent.. IftOS. PAI'l. \V. HKXXKTT .Indue nl the Sunerlor Ctuirt. Thomas Scott, Attorney lor Estate, NOTICE TO CREDITORso PRESENT THEIR CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF J. M. PATTER- DECEASED, TO ROBERT Court of tho Oountr .California. ho i ... tho Otji o'clock November, said dav .at mme. Is here 9t.h daV of Nova ock H. m. of said ..... „ nartment one at Its court room thereof in the Countv court house. Bakersfleld. Ciillfornia. and that nnv and all oar- Bald matter to be this court at the aid. and then nnd sons interested In and anneal 1 before I lino and place iiforesa. ............ ~.. ----there show cause. It any. thev have whv the annllciitlpn for the chance of name of the said corporation should not beerantfid. and It Is further ordered that a copv of this order to show cause he published In "Tho Bakersfield Callfornlan. a newspaper printed and puldfahod In the Cllv of Bakersfield. CoTntv of Kern. State of California. accordli.if to law. for at least four weeks successively next preceding the dav of hearing. he. th dav of October. 190S .T. W. MAHON. g the dav o Dated th s .. . . 10-r> Judce of the Superior Court. slon Association, trustee tor Finilon. Walter ...2KC, • rledliiniier. Max . .. 44 1 f,'osier. John ......;;; \.\\i, Crilltornla Honie Kxtt-n- 30 2o 10 20.00 20.00 10.00 * * * * * * * , When you want reliable helji of •» any kind at no cost to you call -t ua up. We ilso supply Chinese 4 »nd Japanese, help. * »• Phone 313. 1219 19th St + Bakersfleld Iron Works Sinn Association, trust (Mi for Gardiner. H. H. .. .240 California Homo Exu.-n- « s-ion Association, trustee or (irinhi Edw. W. ... 72 Ciilifornla Home Exton- jion Associat J'' 0 ''''' 1 " 20 20.00 73 10 10.00 APPLLCATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. DECEASED. In the Sunerlor Court of the State of California. In nnd for the Counlv of lu the matter of the estate of Frank l,iins, dcccaned. , VV. A. McCinn. administrator of the estate of Frank Lass, deceased, hav- inu tiled his tietltlon hflt 1 " 1 ". nravlnc for itn order of sal<- of nil the mlnlne claims bolouirlntr \o said decedent, for the nurooses set torlh In Ills netltlpn. It is therefore ordered bv the .Tudce of said Court that iill persons Interested In the estate of said Frank, j.ass. deceased, annear nefore the said Su- nerlor Court on Mondav. the 2nd dav of November. HlflS. at 2 o'clock. In the afternoon of said dav lit. the court room of suld Sunerlor Court. Department No, 2. thereof. In tlu! Citv of Ba- kersfleUl. Countv of Kern. State of n, trustee Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230---L, M AND 24 STREET ..... ......;i Homo Extension Association, trustee lor/Jreen. Henry W. ..310 Ciilifornla Home Extension Association trustee tor Harvey J. M, TA California Home Extension Association, truMeo tor Harvev. .1. Al :!01 [Juves 4, Murray .... 511, Haven & Murrav 51." Haves & Murrav , 50 Hcdrlck. Clark . . 39 i 'iMornla Home l-.yien- Jf^AS?!!Sv atl ' in ' tni8Use California j .277 20 20.00 10 10.00 5.00 2V. . Home ion. t Nelson ...141 I . t^lTI .. ... ,.. Home Exten- Hiou Assocfat ion. l ruslee ^ror Hoyden. Edw. T. . . 179 Herrman. D. M. ..... .;',71 California Homo Exten- BionAssocfatlon. trustee for Hen-miKi,. D. M. .. . 92 Herrnian. p. M IQ2 Herrman. D. M 4 OS California Home Kxten- 20 20.00 20 So 20 «0 2o 20.00 20.1)0 20.00 .sionAs.sociution.. for,Herrman. A. J. ...105 &|llfornla Home Ex'en- filonAssociat ion. trustee for Herrman. A. J. ... ('allfornia Home K.\ten- .sionAssoclation. trustee for Herman. B. W. . . .211 Calitorni i Honi'! K.vten- Mon Association, trustee for Herman. B. W. ... B8jfop-j.V/::::;:::::iB Qiillfornla Home Exten- mon Asswnation. trustee for Huddlesion. ChiiH. 239 California Home Bxten- lilonAsBOciatlon, trustee 20 20.00 toe 20 2u.oo 20 20.00 ierstieHl. Countv or Kern. Htato ."allfornla. to show cause whv an der should not be cranted to the si. ndminlstrator. to Bell all of the rrilnli|i; claims nnlonnlne to the estate oj said deceased, at private Side, and that a coov of this order bo nubllsbed at least fou/ successive weeks in the Biikersneld Callfornlan. a newsnam-r of Koneraf circulation, printed and published in the Citv of BaKerafield. Countv of Kf'!.'- State of Calitornla. Dated th s 20th dav of Sent.. 1908. In the Suin-rlor of Kern. State of In the matter ol the: estate of J. M. Patterson, deceased. Notice Is herehv ulven bv the under- simied adtniiiislnitor of the estate of .1. M. Patterson, deceased to the creditors ol. nnd all nersonH havlnir claiuiH acainsl the said, deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within tour months after the firm mihlloatlon of this notice to the administrator at tho law office of Thomas Scott. No. 1509 20th street, rooms 2 and 4. Bahk of Bak- erstiold bulldlne. corner Chester avenue nnd 20jji street, in the Citv of Ba- kersfleld. Countv of Kern. State of pallfornla. the same belr((r the 'itor o Patterson. Deceased. Thomas Scott, attorney for estate. lft-13 , DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is- lieretjv etven to all oer sons ownlne and keenlne doirs. within the limits of the Citv of BakersHejUT that License Tups ror tho year 1908 are now rendv for delivery'at the or- lice of the City Clerk, in the basemi of Producers Savines Blink bufldi and on nfter the ffith dav - r *- U ient &tng. of January. I will proceed to Impound all does found rtinnlnc on the streets that are not wearliiic tho license taa: for tho year 1908, J. K. COX Poundmaster. Dated January 9. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sririntfflejd Oil Comnanv. plneo of puBini of nrlnclnal fitld. California. Location ness. Bakera- Notice Is boreby elven^that at, s meetlnK of the Directors held on the 2Hh dav ot September. 1908, an as- B nt of one and one-auarter cent* are was levied unon the capital of the corporation, payable Im- telv in United States cold coin to sc.retarv of said corporation^ at UK- tin- cojnnanv. viijus Bank Heasment of one and ono-aiiarter conta oer Snare^as levied.upon the mediate ino secret ofllce of tb ilucers Savli . ... ersfleld. (California. Any stock unqn which this assess- ijienl shiijl reiniilu unuald on the 7th or Novemlier. 190S. will bo de---.-,.-- , .... ...:sea for sale at nub io.aijetioii iijjd, unless pavment Ta on the 28th v the dp nit dav "of "November. ,..,..0. llnniient and advertised nubile auction and unless made before, will be gold dav of November. 1908. to Ihiuueni assessment, tojfi cost sale. Hv • in assessment, toKether wit of advertising and expenses o Judee of tti Thos. Scott, attorney tor. Uakersflold. Cal. PATH, W. HKNNKTT. e Sutiurlor coin for admlmsjra rt. U-'- 9-2C NOTI' IE TO TAXPAYERS MTV OF BAKERSFlELp. jyen OF THE mat. citv Notlco IH horenv ulyi .. . tuxfis for the vear 1!»08 are duo and iwyablo on the 2lKt dav of Sontnmher. HlOS. and will neeonio delllifiui'iit o the 2d dav of Novenibor. lilOX. Al taxt'H are navabh- at tho office of th niili'e. room No. 1. Producers Sav- in:/ Hank bulidlnsf. corner 19th arid I] .-ii' ei.s, XakorsniJil. California. 10.a NOTICE OF ASSESSMElsTT. Mascot Oil Comnanv. Trlnclpal nlaca nl hiismeSH. Ciiran on S'. E. '/. seryon :•<':. Townshln 32 South. Ranee 23 BflHt. k-Tii Countv. California. .axes are naval Citv Treasurer and ex-ofllclo Tax lector, lx-2 Chester avon Citv Treasurer and ex-ofBc lector. the Col- Sunerlor, ifornia. 20 20.00 SUMMONS. Court of the State of Cal.,.,... Countv of Kern. Southern Pacific Railroad Comnanv. Plaintiff. v«, Jt. H. Cpuntiss. John 1. Stoukland. Henrietta N. Hobps. Elvira VV. Percv. CUirencii W. Hobbs (u minor), and John Dp«. Defendants. Action brouirht in tno Sunerlor Court of the State of Cullfornia. In nnd for the Countv of Kern, and the Coin; i)liU.nt.fll«d In the office of the Clerk of .saifi Cmirt In the said Counlv, _ The People of the State of Cal • w ' ••^. H. Notice Is horebv ttlven that at a of the Board of Directors of ieeilnit or the Board of Dirt lie Mascot Oil Comoanv. a ion. held on the Fifth dav of '."i*. an assessment of five c cortio Octofj .. cents the .cant share was levied upon tne cal stuck of the corporation, riiiyable mediately to tin- Secretary of the cor- miration, at the branch onjce or Uja roiiipanv. lioom 413 Cin?.en « NaugTBal Bank'Biilldinc. corner Third and Mam streets. Ixis Anceles. California. unon Jmirt 3 la "send Or~eetliiK~~6> onn I. Btoualana. Hen • stoi i/ieiit shall . dav of Move duent and nt.. .... HP unction, and, before, will ... .'aiitorn which this asa_ ... imiiald fflnthe l*»h r, infix, will be delir remain uniiald winner. l!)(ix. win oe oeii] and ndvertlBed for sale at pu made lav of , ecember. aKKestii ^vertl nquenj; asseRBinent. ttsi unless payment . be sold on the Bt 1908. to nav the ^ or- Secu'etary of MaacoL nee., room 413 Ci Bank ouildine,, coi Mam streets. Los nla.

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