The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 2, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFORNIAN MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, I90S. • * L _r_- >» T Monday, Nov. 2 Kvery KvninK luit Sundays at ' MI Coinu. Ciilifornla. City and County • KM n ;IH v Official Paper ;;t. Hiikersfield, Midi in Tomorrow's the day: Vote for Mercney's t place t buy cigars and can- J. B Berges Company ALFRED HARRELL. Editor and Prop. | We'll win' Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liciuors And Cig s Main 31 r - J- For President. WILLIAM J, BRYAN i - ^ - 1 * Fcr Vice President JOHN W. KEHN II LT^ rf -^B^ -*— I BTV For C'-r"fjrcssman—Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON BILL -- * —i i • —. " r*-^' — *•- ' —-^ »»---^. n •• i i ^^fc dispiitahle proof that there was something wriniy with tin- eoun- !try; that lo'jislfttion wi^ needed and that it was up to ('onirress (o irive the people I'eliel'. Not onee hut three times did the oJliel' ex-i eentive return to the suhject and' * t , Th .m ang s serve in sampe room Quotations and samp Phone Main 237 i application 1623 Nineteenth Street i I ahsunl elaiins relation oi' taxes (in For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH in ;i"i. Lei well I'Momrh ' (lnN< l( > V* I . • I alone, did not a[»pe;d to him, and| ;itm ' lo lf " very plainlv he set forth that; 1lh> Standard <>ii tanks to raise things Jtre 'm.t well enough, ,, n «| ;N(»« f «'i«i *''nhN in a district in whieh thnt. he wanted aetion. " 1h^ tanks are r t .,t looted. The I)e!iHM'|'aey of t lie COUIltv lias nimle a rlojin fi.irht. H ntiined its ticket at open primaries. Its eandi(iates are hei'orc the people as men and not as partisans, and it seeks no undue advnntaye of the opposition. There have been Fifth District, J. A, JASTRO The Democrats in (lonirivss were ready, ami when the majority purposed to smother the recommendations in committees, John Sharp Williams took the floor with a petition signed by 1GG Democrats and made the statement that if TALKS THINGS 1 1 * • am t MONDAY. XOVKMBKR 2. 1<M)8. A LAST WORD. Tomorrow the policy of the government for the next four years will be settled. You who read this will be factors in determining what that policy shall be. The Californian, with all its en^& only thirty Republican congress- m> l"'i'sonalities from the Dem- men would stand with the Demo- ««''«*»« *"'''• '""I the result is crats, the committees could be instructed to report hack bills on the subjects covered in the message. Not thirty, NOT EVEN practically determined now. (iood party methods, >r,»od men for office, and a clean campaign \vin in n local fight, as the result, as it'"f (jr lhe • **•_* _. ' • ^t .. _ i n' n o t ji 1 K in'." miid Colonel ittoot a * h « leaned ov e r f h ( }{ e r ni i t nu har. mi?$v, *^ut unity, ;>V,F l rjVTjA ., ^•••' •• - »v.»,«.,, «.-, Jt OX*! Republican toed the mark, w ! be known on Tuesday ni^ht, {£11, " and the Williams petition died WI 'J ergy, nas given tne most n< support to Bryan because this paper believes that the best interests Of the country will be subserved by his election, The principles for which Bryan stands are those that should .appeal to the raises, and if the are thinking, Bryan will wn. then and there. The majority members were all standing pat, were all "letting Ayell enough alone." Vote no on Senate Amendment No. 1. The* corporations arc all for It. i Mojave Raises John D. Rockefeller, Andrew v e and every millionaire trust magnate in the land is for Taft. Every tariff fattened baron is for Taft, Is YOUR interests _ theirs identical, Mr. Voter? j ( ' (:n f|| ,, ti|no Are you for progress in the af-' fairs of this nation? Do you wan't Joe Cannon to be continued in a position where he can block ever move in the interest of the people? Do you want that standpatter, 44 ^4 * * 1 ^ * u A _ __ Mr. Smith opines that the country is even now prosperous, and airly explains away the panic of 1007. The men who work, the man with his prune crop or his wool clip still in the warehouse will take issue with -their lawmaker on this point. And it is ., _ . t TT iiot u fact Tho coimtrv is notJ M< ke l ° He ™ an Rkldle < national ;iui u met, int, foimiiv is noi treasurer, and the receipt has been prosperous, and it is the argument (acknowledged. The contributors were: I fc • * * * • ' W^ . ., . fc Bryan Fund The enthusiastic supporters of Wm. J. Bryan in Mojave raised $25 for the Bryan fund, forwarded it through J. been pur- ty d »i m busy a Kittin 1 things lined u p Or tomor- rer. They is a heap o' thincs vet to be * looked after and J pot ;m app i ritment m e n t with r Vote for Shepherd for Congress If you vote for Bryan. Bryan can do nothing as President if he has a stand pat Congress. that is being used in every inanu- Dave Crichton ........ ........ $ 2.00 fiictunng center iu the' I'nlfecl,)^ & St<?*r»s .............. ... j,oo M ' • A ........'....'.. Stntes, that If Mr. Taft Is elected. f M ' • A ............'.... 2.00 James Harkins ............... 1.00 tin.' mills will open, or will run * * Many are not now open, ami many more arc not run- full time, ninny thousands of men who formerly found employment * t * - ^ . * * C. F. MOBS 1.00 James Stradal ..... ............ 2.00 J. R. Redd 2.00 nuitf on H. W, Parker ................. 1.00 James S. of the Presidency? within one step with the railroads of Hie countr have lost their places since .Jan- 1 of this ear. Let Mr. Smith as- A. Goldberg ; H. E. Coleman Will Reel If you do not, cast your vote to^_ • ~ 1 eertnin tin- number in Kern county, jjnd Ihen make an estimate for 1.00 1.00 1.00 Wm. McMarma 1.00 Wm. Concannon 2.00 A. Smith 2.00 .John Harkins U. W. Foster .1. K. Franklin • * r the entire eonnlry, il' he h;is noli-I. F. Glover . r* t> .50 1.00 the figures at hand. The sljilemi'lli eolll innes \\ v illl ;! ' Jin- Vree];nnl hill \vhieh j H, A. Chandler 1.00 ' A. i). roHill 1.00 tal $25.00|, n ^h m I _ • . ^A > > ' 1 I I C morrow for Bryan. Are you for genuine revision of the tariff, that breeder of all trusts? Do you believe that yourj, Nls ' ',',;.;,„ ( | ( . M , ( ,, fl( . ( . 4 | bank account ought lobe insurcd| (hlirilv . IS | rL , ts i ;i ti< m m t hr in-! just as is your life and your house? | / . r ,, N ,' /) j' u,,, !J1(t|J w | m ,..,„ ..vmlih-e i If yOU do VOte for Bryan. ., .,...,:,. ...i.:^. V(tt , .....:/ [\^ national rommittee from the fol Areyouinfavoroffaborhavingl 11 !;;; 1 ^: 11 :^ n!\^\^^ its full nghts, the rights guaran-; sll ,,. M , irs ()V (Hnii . t vot(1 ,, r t , ; u V4 : t ()) ll( . hi , Hnl fro - * . • L • . * At. A 1 /^ 1"^V% I * * * ' nle White and somo of our fellers for to see what we air a goin' to do while the votin 1 is goin' on. 1 ain't favorin* puttin 1 nobody on guard but them as is shore enough fer tho Mn.ior fer supervisor, and I'm a bavin' some trouble in gittfn enough men to j:o round. The Major, bcin 1 a military man, is a goin' to expect pinty stood dis-cip-Hne at the polls. • I jrst bad one drink", resumed the Colum'l. "but 1 ain't no ways agin' takin' another. \ been purty abste- o' late count o* bavin 1 so much a svcc or -What's a mmblin' nerves, bavin' to re-fute all this Democrat fooliahnoss/ I says. 'Smithy has a hard time of it/ I says, 'explalnin' I that banks had orter be protected agin' the depoHitors/ I Hays, 'and show- in' why the fruit and wool fellers ain't able to sell their pro-ducts/ I says. Then they's a lot o' people,' I goes on, 'as is wantin' to know whatever was the matter that none of our fellers in Congress jinea in to make up 30 votes to go with the Democrat members to git bills through like Roosevelt is askin 1 fer,' I says, This ain't no full dinner pail campaign,' 1 tells the feller. "This ain't no,full dinner palJ campaign;' resumed the Colonel as he measured out his refreshments, "its a heap more strenuous 'n when ever feller had a job and was workin' full time. What with these railroad men wantin' to know why (heir bills ain't been passed, and wool no more 'n 5 cents a pound and these farmer fellers not even gittin* an offer fer their dried fruit, it's mighty hard on the Uiroats of fellers as is doin' the oratin', and I ain't wonderin' none that Smithy's! gets sore, "It's surprisin* to me," resumed the Colonel as he studied his liquid In (he red rays of light that poured through the stained-glass windows, "that U ain't sorer 'n what it is and I reckon it would a been if Smithy hadn't conserved his vocal powers, as you writin' fellers puts it, by not try- in 1 to explain how all them mills come to be shet up, and why the paper trust ain't been busted and thing's that away. "I might take .lest one more and that '11 be all before I eats my lunch. d d m. ,, be done they ain't no lime fer Tin* to • d^AM* 4 _ HORSES. We always have on hand safe* and gentle t.orses that ladies can- drive. Yon will find everything spick and spat: about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, e&l>s, surreys, etc, etc., in- good running order all the time.. W. T, RATLIPP TeK Main 88 Cor 21st and K Sts Capita! Paid Up, 0001 nmums o aie count o navm so mucn , , _ . ; :. , ,•; , , ' "V • »«*-•• to look «fii.r. but I reckon a few ex- **™ * een talk n Tto , J«*ge Black an tras ,-iln't K oin' to hurt a feller what's ****** Kaye anil Jedge 1 homas am h;el his nerves a workin' overtime lor / .* 7 ° c ' °. OUI . Ultlors - »ntl if I'i .. ,,.,,,.). , jr so to e jt ever thing done as has got t< cl >N ' " 1\ VI l tJ\J * l i .1 . . ^^ To . . Certificates Received. H<vHpt reriifirate.s have boon re- sa>> you? Morf'n I cfiul<l talk about in nw sittin. I dunno whatever our purty is a oomin' too. Mere we JJ;OPS phi in thrnimh tliis ram pa ten with nothin' doinu in the speakin 1 line e\<•»•]»(in' that Sam Shortrid^i' meofiii 1 , d Sam a doin' us more it arm 'n all aloiitf o' tryiu' to answer them Hack in Lebanon, be Mlin' here. If you see Major Crites you U-ll him I sonn it feller ove in the Borgwardt track as is fer him but he ain't no vote in this to none pie, Mr. Smith s«ivs lie is i'or ! A - w - A V U * V* * A * * W »»VtJ^ v»*^rf »«^^*-i^ •>! «,-. ** •»«-**. N ! I I teed to it by the constitution? The ] IHM) Denver platform so declares, andj lU illM 1M 1)i;i1 rnMniM . lln(li it | (H)ks Bryan is so pledged, ! i, kr thr KN-puLliran le:ul.-rs ..u-lu And above all do you believe ln ,_,,., , ((l()1 ,| lr| . ;ilu \ ( . onil . tu suni( that the people and not the Rockefellers and the Hammans, the Cannons and the Aldrichs should j s rule in this nation? i le* 'it el' ;is tn iliiv. til I l oll ' \, J. Crawford ('. K. Heal A. .1. Hunter Hoht. I'uhner Onivh'. U. Casey * t i Sjihi i lol.l Hie pe (M ,ie oi Un- Dr. V). ,!. rralhov ,luo. 1 l-:'-rsli*'l<l lliji! Ihc IJi'iinlilii-jin jtar- \ M lainos If you believe that the power, 1v is nul iol , Mlis tvr , inn } . (MM '' should be vested in the people, vote for Bryan, and vote for u Democratic congressman lo uphold his hands. . (V A." Uarlow Washington an.I .IrlV.-rsou t rain-' Hon. H, Wilson '-.I Ihr rnnsiitmi.m iltxl ' ' 1 lie V I | j!' I1( ' st ^* , . 4 •, i \\ , A. .Mcdinu Ktu'\\' wh.'il \v;is «r<">i — v I'") 1 llto country I )o)ooi'i'ii1 tr I ruly ! slaiuls Cor mil llV lilt' pl'tlpK "lei \vi-ll Mint int'.i'li. Il 1 Ml' deserl (if stand pal ean he I'nuinl and it i* I I THERE HAVE BEEN NO "ATTACKS." STAND PAT IS THE ISSUE. The KcpiiMiran nmnincc I'm 1 '.ss, in a Irnirthv i-ouiiiiiiiiica- 3 ' -f ^ lion t(» the voters u|' his home comity, delitp's the "im|n»r1jMil i«sues'' (»T the einnpaiun. 'I'lie ar- tit'lc '.-. iiineiy in ihiii M slnito ;»» t bo votors. ;ts nn lli'Ut i'l'uMi the I : i 't| have dniio, that in thi t in- eon j i osmium 1 bo p'l i* •inly 'it' a lii'|titl»lieun la\\ is \i» tin JU^l \vh'tt tin- l;;st ('onyress did ihat iv, nolhinu. "\Ve better let \\'o|| Jilone," says Mr. Smith, in <'!»sitH_! smith his t'tnir eolumn arliele. Now ihal is not an original stal'-inoMi. NVho was it that said it lief't>ro .' \Vliy Miirk Ihinna. tit be sure, Mark llan na, the tnosi jtijuresivo tative of the law dol'yi of the special i meres i» that this country has ever known. And Mr. b'vu made <»n the Hanna was likewise the author oi oven nioiv emphatic and more r.xpressive. and that was to "stand pat." And n KiTUtin.v id' Mr. Smith 's loads to Iho ine\itaht" t llfM \\ (liJ.'l l!t oleeti'd h ^K ^ T ^ ^F T . will follow exactly the ,-tdvioe oi uival Ohio boss. eti'Miu'li ;done and stand ; well as the lint we annul 1 ouii-n ssman rol'orm demanded I'hat limns t t lie alone'' ido;i bv • s I ho <»id \' oasis in R. I,. Sl J. \V. 1 .1. u*. . Kainl I. L. -Miller. Henry Klipstein J. T, Taylor 1 H <;ienn C. 1C. Day C'lias. A. Lee .1. W. Kelly (I. A, .fastro C. K. Haer .1. A. .1 \V. AV. W. \V. T. U Balizet J. T. liasye H. \V AV. S. A. Tioss dam questions, lad., where me T from, they wasn't uovor nothin' like ; mo H _. t l t. i t t * i * . r lllivtlllift. o, I don l l\oer it 1 do take A toller 'ud be plenty jesti- ii' lie was to p;it iuebriaied over way thlnus uoos. Hero wo air the strict, f was plum disgusted when I finds out whore UK- feller lives. And if you run across that oil Teller what j wo t;i\'es tin* job o' chairman too, you toll him Colonel it Iood is a wan't iu' A checking account with the First National Bank has •o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in year financial afft d;tv election with nothin' did liim. I ain't reconsilin' mysoll of this business about thorn We'd oner had a speaker 'Tin' Sam Shortridue and it as important to git one after nthy's throat gits sore as it was bet'oro wo knowd it. H ain't playln' no jetlgmont to. go de-peudin' for the party, l was a countin' on ;> Mu rally when Smithy nits home, and ! '' , . 4 . 1 was rfiorely disappiiHed \vhen I I ^ eech ° tho campaign in OID- oriran Him ar-ti<-lo about i l ! iro< ' us '' nn - v (1 < mi Jlf -' :ir ''PPydomlc in t on one man for to make the last with sore • i i in a ha '.in' a snre throat. a lin )« ilic pai'iv. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo* yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN '' J. fvi. Bush and Wm. Houser good men for supervisors. are :* eii- is '.MMiiii ma Ui h'il 1 tei in KM; i lie \ pill ill much <i!' 1 heir O'i ill*' iti this 'in!' 1 \\V ;»!••' 4'la.l in /..iv that ncith in (his C(ttiM!\ nor in \Vntnra, tin in- oi' (h« Di'iuiH'i'iiMc nmnint't', ;ir» R'-uuh!u',iu spt'.iK'M-s ret alia tin;:, H" I null Mean spcaUfrs discuss issiU's ami' M i, Sinitii would I«» lit licit displi'asi'd i! an\ i»i-rs»>iuil nUaek wore made on RANDSEURG IS ALL FOR WM. HOUSER. Mlandsluirn Mhu-r.) Wm. M, Uouper. candidate for PU pet*visoi\ t'oniriicf! Tm-sdny from a ten days' (rip owr on Keen Hirer. Tip reports that hr thifiKst lie will hreali evou with his uppont at over ill and If that is so, nor, aw ho \vi!I lU'IU'v V*)U» lUTr. *• il hard to opp' 1 ^' 1 him. at'tt-r a lenco. and ho will unquostlonnhly manly Ueuuldlcnii votes. >,f ;i cure win ^ a HIM*, u tin-* same." ctjn- j fi »iuui--l tt^- ''oJoiK-l N, iho man )>ohhid,t\ "and you needn't mind sottln* out. no glass of water with it. 1 Leon a drink- iii ni this houso loru^ fhoimh !"*•!• \ ou "* « u» know that Coin no I Washington Hloo-1 aiu'i ovor .driulua 1 uothiu* lhat av.ay with iiis stimulaiifs. 1 jost lias a TJilU wi'!». a lollor." writ on iho ','olouoj. "jiliout tills moctiu' SiniUiy was a JMiin to hold and di-du't. and I sa\s to him, puny friendly liko, 'It's too bad,' I .-;iys, 'that Smithy's sot a HOVO throat', I says. 11 'Air you shore, Colonel, it ain't hits :'< et as is troubliu' him, 1 says the t'ol- )or, a \vinUiu' Iiis e\ e. " 'Air you a ju'etoudin' to say Smithy irei's cold foot alom; o' siioaUin' iu his own town,' 1 says, purty on 'Air yon n thinkin' they was an of his liurtin' his.-,.'I; 1 by in ech ;it liomo?' 1 asts him throat is puny dum SM>V.' l •.-' follr-r. *TJiis has bt-ou .. ' ' '%«$ Corner 19th and •:- t t ft ft A **• CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY p ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. -* (• First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, *• Shrubbu, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flu- al Designs. Orders promptly filled *• Corner Sixth St. and Chester A^c. •!* >• 'Phtne, Main 745 f. .'. ft ft .». .t . ., ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ,« ** 10 NEW YORK THROUGH n \\ '!' , poll a pa | Kn on throats. 1 i THE REAL Orange Groves of Soiith ern California; Cotton F I , • ^ It n Tboiu REMEMBER N»> r lui s i\\\ Of Kerplcld* !M outfit Trial. There is only cue- tost by which to hittge of tho t'tneifu •.. "f any uitir]« \\;.\ that IH by It,-, iiMtity t. ( a-f that .vtiloh it Is Intmd'-d tu d". .Mncy ).;iir • ^ M ^ 9 nut Fields of Texa? iaua. PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting IB my specialty. I use nothing but tne beat material^ guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. - D. MEREDITH, Contractor »bt Pnnne Main 172. ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft tll"V e Let: Wi'. pat may .';>peai to rh.-n the lips t - i\r- !JJi''llil' d 'S of \Yr-dum Mi;.i! I'ail ' .loe t fluiiito hy any fount N', IVrsonalit io-, tin « o in 1 lie 1 )eini»i t i'jil ie oum n Ilofil IfU'O, ol' Coneross of lilt { t r,,;_.{'osvi\ o type, is an issno in 1 lie (list :-h-[ in \vhiclt ho .seeks re• leei ion, and I'or 11) ; - fiiilur-o iu l lio reform le^Klat i< -n pi'o- IP- is in |»;irl rospM^sjlile. 1 )o!t|(MTa1 •'• speaker^ h;iVo nil n» Isaiah \ho ileonit iVil; ,",nd wliero caeies of may u»'K ^ point is—dt .:nd Htop f.. they di> uot. v.:: I!. :•]. :e H poOS tO till- I'uut ' ;j'*s tin: K'-rm that :.'. from whenco tlu; h.:ir i > > > r lift*. l^ttfTH frnm n in re art- daily if"v!:.u (!,r;t FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. o\-cr\ ih t of • It Hctrclt. Midi. u, told poOpl. . 1 Mm . and I')"'-- ^ ;:nd v t r > * i -" * k • * * p . 1 1' i;i\v '(' e;t\ |i) 'atii'on. thai t-st ohstnu'tionist ,\mei'i<»aM ry has ever known. h;it up that win-j;. and who ae- the inottoe.s of llannn and the tcuelun^s oi' Tannou tmltl ojtinio»is widely at van a nee \vilh the expressions mid the purported ei ? - Kern forts of Theodore K6ose\V|t. Tho in th-.- closing ilny.s oi' niix('ef»rM^fj ei 1 lie ]'. •} <} ; I 1 * 1 * 1 -] ! ii'ii i I )eniurl';ieV • hat I'' i ;i1 tire D ^ Jn lllose CATTLtt CAN Be CUnTER'S BLACK LEG Cah(nrniQ t & fuvorite, the most sue- ce^ful, ea? used and lowest r;c*»J reliatie vaccine made. 'ow^lcr. firu,< nr pill tornv Wriw for Iree BUck Leg Liu^klcl, THE CUTTi:n LABORATORY UVL V P U V t'tl. L * r r\ |*L C.* _ & l i W f\ *m P I!" v air c!ru s \ii->i '-*v*^ tMt ^tock out t:i;;f i. order direct from uic ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED STEAMERS ASK ANY AGENT -t .. .. DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld, v * * » . *:* • <"'"f l th thai Mf. .I:i»tt'o hail hand * » tho litiiMiriir "i' roads: or In tin to party which has endeavore Annell'sBakery 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 T w *™^ ^•"^~*»«*W* '• SWEET BROS. J« Are Agents for > THE ALBANY NURSERIES I* If > *''i need ;in;. tliliiL; in ti,.. •;I* nursery Hue .-oe Ui'-ui ;it their •> :» ranch opposite Producer*' Helin- •!* t' ery on ReunUley canal. AVrlto •> V them llural No. l, t Box S. Or *> t' call them up, Black* 511. *.( eiaSty, OLD MLLIABLE Painters JACKSON ling in all branches ationa a JBpe -u^j. it 'AINTIN to injure the Democratic cundi- 8ION* Phone Main 1136 1527 Wall 8t »ak«r»f1«ld, Gal. --r

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