The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on June 1, 1990 · 22
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 22

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1990
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SHREVf PORT BOLSifll CITY LA IMRiVIPORT JOURNAL Guide 2 FRIDAY JUNC 1 tWO Today Melodrama: tn g laght piywi wfll prevent ’'Duty Work t th C'ossrtHKla" toddy amf Salty day ami June 8 D 15 and 1 5 in me Round Up Room a liter out to Nifich Memorial Cmvaum on tha fairgrounds For rassrvations call 635 8273 pOOKS: Tha Alumni Association of Parrsft Community Coney will utoiiMf book b turn at Peer bins LM today through Sunday at regular malt h GARDEN: Th Hamaroc ill SludyClub y4l Vfiontur fti nnua Region XIII meeting 1 lot of gdn today tnroigh Sunday L the Nmon Inn tn Bossier City Reg-itjn it $0 pm person For mot wtor- ntaiion cat Myi Grosbach at 929-7658 -LIONS: Th Kiast Act Lion Shorn a bon ahd tiger ahovy will b held twd daily though Sunday at Pm't Bon Mail A -MORSES: Raung teuton under way 4 Louisiana Down putt lime at 3 pmi today 12 30 p m Saturday and $un-day and 1pm Wednesday and Thiatday Movies JComplet movi kiting and move ratings follow with ratings tymbolt G (gan-eiA tuikencel PG (parental guidance lug-(le-iadl PG-13 (special parental guidance suggested or children under 13) ndR(ra skilled no on under IB admitted Without patent) Shram City T wm Cinema -v'Toiel Recall “ Arnold Schwarrenag-m Scient fiction thnlier about a ccm-sWuCtion worker who it plagued with recurring dream about living another tit in a Malian ookmy (R! "Bod on a Wire" Mel Gbson and Qradi Hawn Two former lovers rekindle tne romance when they ar thrust together a crott-country run for fhea live (PG-13) CLuait Creek Cinema "Fk Bed” Nicoiat Carja Tommy Lee Jon and Sean Young An aide group dj helicopter prlpit wag daring battle aannst the South American drug cartel C'3-13) "Pretty Woman' Richard Ger and X Robert A savvy businessman on-pVsively begin a relationship with a pretty Ureetwis prostitute (Rl m South Park Cinema r "Fir Bird Nicoias Cage Tommy Cr Jones and Sean Young (PG-13) “ 'The Guardian Jenny Seagrove (R) "Spaced Inverter Douglas Bam Ctimedy m which shipload of Martian mistake a 50th anniversary broadcast of JVson Welle' "War o the Worlds" at an order tomvede the Earth (PG) Eestget Cm me IV "Mountain of the Moon S'amatoation of the enpedition to locate The source ol the Nile River (R) -"Back to the Future Part RL" JVhael J Fok Chnttophar Lloyd and Mary Steenbur gen Delightfully satisfying Conclusion to tn time-bevel trilogy m which Marty McFly travels back m tone to Sie Old West to rescue hit friend Doc Jhown who is destined to be shot (PG) m "CadiHec Men" Robin Williams and JJim Robbmt A used car salesmen must cop with dwindling auto sales and a )e aligns husband (R) m "Tha Pistol" Film biography of th warty years of basketball great Pete JMaravich (Gl X Sl Vincent Sis Theaters 2 "Back to th Future Part lit" Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd and Zfvlary Steenbur gan (PG) 1 I MV f Lockerman finds right connection on ‘Hospital’ Z By NANCY M REICHARDT 1 NEW YORK — “In real terras it is 4ctnd of off the wall" admits Bradley -Lockerman of his role as the alien Casey Rogers on “General Hospital" " I never in my life thought Td have "this kind of part but I love it” Z Lockerman had originally tested Iur the pivotal role of the reconstructed Duke LaveryJonathan -Puget on "GH" (Greg Beecroft Eventually played that role before puke was killed off) "I went through a reading or two for eihat part” says Lockerman “I tested tilth Finola Hughes (Anna Lavery) §he is quite the performer I enjoyed the test because of the click’ between tus That's a nice thing for a performer 'io find with another actor”' £ In retrospect not landing the Duke -role turned out to be a blessing in dis-t'guise Producer Joe Hardy who obviously noticed that “click" between Hughes and Lockerman offered the -actor the challenging role of Casey Rogers i ‘‘They created Casey for me” says Lockerman "fn my career it’s twice -now that this has happened The first 'lime was over at CBS when I did L’Capitol’ I originally tested for the role of Dr McCandless but Michael i Catlm got that part But they brought fjne m and cooked up Zed Diamond" Over at "GH" the writers cooked up fCasey Rogers the “man” from the c-planet Lumina Lockerman recalls the 'character's ultra-dramatic arrival in £ Port Charles amidst a blaze of smoke £and an incredible lazer light display ef'We had a real good production going !!bn there” Lockerman says with a Jiaugh The actor was a bit nervous about Jhow the audience woeild respond to Casey because he is different from pother soap characters: “1 was trepidatious because it is daytime” he says “Daytime deals L'vith drama and human feeling And then this element coijies in this alien WATER: Walar Town USA it now open daily Hum t It m to 8 p m Mon-illy ttwauuh Setut day and noon to 6 p in Sunday Admiiuofl $9 95 ROSES: T American Rot Center located cat jetiwton Pag Road pitt 01 U S Mghwy 80 it now open daily from 9 am to 6 p m AJmittion it $3 Chiidwn under 12 and Rosa Society member admitted tiae Saturday SYMPHONY: Th Shravaport Sym-phony Orchestra wH present a Summer poit eonct Saturday it 7 pm in Epo hell 1H event tree and open to th pub-kc WRITERS: Th North Louisiana Romance WMI Will meal Saturday at 10 am at the La Bottler Hotel 4000 Initus-pial Dove m Boss Cdy Th Quail tpeaunr will b achesip'Octutar Karan Canton who will gw l tIX on ' Screenplay Th Selection Process" T n meeting apan to pobinhad and non-publ shad author at no charge MARKET: The tilth annual Downtown Farnwr ( Market ottering a variety of McClone (Roy Baker center) and Dr Lull (Rosemary Dunsmore rloht) employees of a unique travel service struaoie to subdue Quaid (Arnold Schworxeneooer) when a rnemory Implant procedure accidentally unlocks a completely separate personality suppressed In Quoid s mind In the science fiction adventure "Total Recall” "Body Chemistry" (R "Cadillac Man" Robm Williams and Tim Robbms (R) "The Hunt lot Rad October Sean Connery end Alec Baldwin American an Russian vessels search for high-tech Soviet submarine whose commander might be planning to delect (PG1 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Judith Hoag Those pura-lovmg black-belt reptiles star m their first live-action film in which they team up with beautiful TV reporter to rescue the rodent master who has been kidnapped by a terrorist cult (PG) Pierre Boitier Six Theater "Total Recall’ Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) "Bird on a Wire" Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn (PG-13) "Eraeat Goaa to Jail" Jim Varney (PG) "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Judith Hoag (PG) "Pretty Woman" Richard Gere and L’FO thing" So far Lockerman has been pleasantly surprised by the tone of the letters sent to him by “GH" viewers Tm happy to say that a lot of the fans are really glad that I'm doing the part” he notes “Some are concerned with the story line They are concerned about where the writers are going to go with it Is it really possible? Can this happen? That tells me how much they like the show "Our writers deserve laurels for the way they are handling this story" adds Lockerman "There's enough skepticism from Finola Hughes and Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones) for the audience to identify with They’re lending the believability quality to the story “And the writers are not making it Mork (the alien Robin Williams played on the nighttime senes “Mork and Mindy") They are not making it unbelievable They are not doing a lot of tricks They are not looking for campy dopey things" Lockerman believes playing it straight has added a light touch to the show and his story line “It adds a comical element to the heavy drama of daytime and makes for a more entertaining product" he says There will be plenty of time to get back into heavy drama now that Casey has gone home to Lumina and Lockerman has returned as a full-fledged human in the persona of TV news reporter Shep Casey Who knows? The new story line could very well have Shep turn out to be the next oh-so-serious love of Anna Lavery’s life Then the “GH” writers could really take advantage of that “click” between Lockerman and Hughes! (Send your questions about soap operas to Nancy M Reichardt “Tune m Tomorrow" in care of this newspaper Questions cannot be answered personally but those of general interest will be answered in future columns ) United Feature Syndicate Inc horn town produce wilt be held from 7 I m to noon each Saturday and Welnet-day under th Tt S treat Bridge bat wean CLyd Fan! Parkway and Commerce Sir eat HAMEL'S: Hamels Park located on I 70ih Sw 1 it th foot ol the Jrmmt Davit Budge m Shreveport it open from 1 to 10 p m Seturday and bom 1 to 6 pm Sunday TALK: "lat'i Talk" session art held every Saturday beginning at 2 30 P m at Coy Book Sima 1917 Crettwell Ad-mniuon it ftte SPEEDWAY: Boothd Speedway cm Cametary Road at Graenwood it open Saturday at B p m Door open at B 30 P m Coat it $9 lur grandstand seat with Chilil an aya 10 and under admitted baa CARS: Th Rtd River Ratio Conti ol Car CM) meat every Saturday m the parking kit of Hemal t Park at th foot of th Jure mi Oavi Bhdg in Shravaport Regt-tin on i at 1 1 a m with racing at noon Spectator admitted baa Entry taai art $5 tor club member i and S3 lot non-mem-bi BIKES: Member of Th Shreveport Bcvct Club per ik pat as a bA nd tech Julia Roberts (R) Joy's Cinema City Seven "House Party" (R) "Flashback Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper IR) "The F Net Power" Lou Diamond Phri- LINDA MORE3IRAD DAVONNA FUGHI M REQUEST THEPLEASl'RE OF YOl R COMPANY AS TAP BALLET & ALL THAT JAZZ DANCE STUDIO PROUDLY PRESENTS ITS Dkxd cfnnuaf Ibanez ctsuc SATURDAY JUNE 9 1990 800 PM SHREVEPORT CIVIC THEATER NO ADMISSION CHARGE — OPEN TO PUBLIC REGISTER NOW! SUMMER DANCE CLASS ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED Raffle ticket available for I year Free Teition CAU TODAY FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION 688-2796 Saturday Tha group meet at 7 30 am at Racing Research 1325 Capias Shrava Drive Adiktmnal rides ar held at th Barnwell Canter on Sunday at 2 p m and Wadnatdayl at 0 p m Sunday CONCERT: The Shravaport Symphony will perform m a benefit concert Sunday at 7 p nt ns th Strand Theatre Proceed wiM be used to help tooiinitt Juanita Speck who it recuperating from t gunshot wound AdmttKys it open to th pubi with a (uggettad donation of SS par per-ton CARS: Th terond of frv atatewide ScJollCompaiitiurit sponsored by the Red River Regon of th Sportt Car Club of America will b bald Sunday at 7 30 rn on IheLOuitiana Stale F-ground Reg t-traiion and tech astpection will b held Saturday at 6 p m at the Super S Motel on Moofclsout Duv Entry tea it S 15 par driver For moramformation call Will Betel at 869-1875 or th SCCA 24-hog hotlm at877 3773 PIONEER Th Pioneer Her lag Canter featuring js histone structures on (HelSU-Shravaport c ampul it open to th public hpt (R) "Wild Orchid" Mickey Rourke R "Joe vs th Volcano Tom Hank and Meg Ryan (PGI "Madhouse John larroquett (PG-13) "Hard to KiH" Steve Seagal (R) on Sunday bom 1 30 to 4 3Q p m Ad-mission re $1 for aduhs wih ciuiiken unitor 18 admitted he Adddiunel tourt ar Available by appointment only for more uilijrnaton cell Mar guema Plummer 1 737 5332 BMX: Th Bayou Cdy BMX rat mg it held on Sunday at 4700 I 70ih St Caias open at 4 30 p m tacet ttert at Q p m Registration it $25 wdh $3 par racing day thereafter SpeUetut att aomtldd at no charge Next Week DANCE: Th Lota van Dane foundation will pretent ilt Summer Dama Fat-bvaf Monday through Am 15 at th Pm-forming An Camel Cfavei w H b held bom 9 a m to 4 30 P m weekday and bom 2 10 5 p m Salurdayt and Sunday for additional Nitqrmaiion cad th pm-forming Art Done enter PLAY: "Dhvmg Mi Daisy” wll be prevented at th Marpn Lyon Playhouse Thursday through me 9 and Am 14-13 at 3 p m and Am 1 7 at 2 p m Far reservation cad 863-5242 MALL: Pierr Bam' Summer timFun Videocassettes By Th Ateocleted Prate Th following th most popular vntoocassettet at limy appear m nest week t issue of Bilbo d mejajmt Copyright 1390 Billboard Publications Inc Reprinted with par mission Videocessett Sale 1 "TheUtlt Mermaid" (Disney! 2 "Teenage Mutant Nm Turtles Cow-abung Shradhead" (IVE) 3 Honey I Shrunk the Kids" (Disney) 4 "lethal Weapon 2" (Warner-1983) 5 "Teenage Mutant Nmyi Turtles Case of h Killer Pizzas" (Family) 6 "Indian Jones end th Last Crutaiie" IP amount) 7 "Harvey" IMCA) 8 "Sesy Lingerie 11" (HBO) 9 "Teenage Mutant Ninta Turtles: Hot Roddmg (Familyl 10 ‘ Teenage Mutant Nmi Turtles Th Shredder (Family) 11 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes' (Family) 12 "New Kids on th Block: Hangm' Tough Live" (CBS) 13 "Bsmbr" (Disney) 14 "Playmate Centerfold of Ih Year 1990" IHBQ) 15 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Inez a Abie (Family) 16 "New Kids on the Block: H an gin-Tough" (CBS) 1 7 "Barry Manilow Live on Broadway” (6 West) 18 "The Land Before Time" (MCA) 19 "The Wizard of Oz Th Fiftieth Anniversary Edition" (MGM-UAI 20 "Batman" (Warner) Videoceteett Rental 1 "Look Who's Talking" (RCA-Col-umbia) 2 "Sea of Love" (MCA) Beautiful Plants Without The Work At Deep Deep Discounts Save s30 On Grapevine Baskets With Greenery llandwovi-n grapevine basket with trailing greenm Requires no walering Available in a vanetv ol si vies Retail $60 CLOSLOUT $2999 C Tuitov M ntr(F I'M! 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