Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 15, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1891
Page 5
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We are Headquarters for I SPORTING GOODS. Our Line of Fishing Tackle is Unsurpassed, and at Prices that will Astonish You The Grand Bazaar. PATRONIZE TAILORS' UNION LABEL. Dr. CORBETT,y,y.S. A veterinary surgeon' crt many years' 'experience Is now permanently located at Diehls Livery Stable 209 Market street, Logansport, Ind. Dr. Corbett will be pleased to waltupon all who may favor nlro with a call. DR» E.M. HATCH, Physician and Surgeon. Office, McCatrreyjBlock Broadway Cor.- Sixth St. Residence, 1122;High Street, Eoga'n sport, Ind. aprlditwSm M O w fc, Y, O^neral l&nuraac* and Lo»n«. All kinds of In- luranoe pi»ci»cl la first class companies. Km4ov- oaont pollolai porohaeed, Bond* of roretj-si.. written for parties holding positions of trnn •here a bond IB required. 319 FEABJU ST. S. M. Ciosson. MONEY TO LOAN, n any mun Mthe LOWK8T rut«>. PnvBin tundi only, > Money alwuyd In h«ud. • No re 1 tape or daisy. Interest, and principal payable In Logansport. Special, arrongvinonte as to payment ol principal and Interest, made to suit t*\e wlahei ol borrower. For further particulars apply to Fred. W.'MunsoD, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 2H Fourth street, opposite Court House. MONSY- TO LOAN! Ana Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Xarge amounts 6 per cent, GEO.Bi.FORGY. F. M. BGZER, D. D, S. DENTIST. Office Over J. Hcrz' Tailoring £»tab- llHlirnent, 409 Market Street. aprlld&wlf Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING-, MAY 15. New wool challies.—Golden Rule. Read the Bee Hive's new advertisement . -....-.• Get your blouses and shirt waists, at the Bee Hive. . Mrs. P. . Domeneck has gone to Philadelphia on a visit to her former home. The-largest'-stock, .of black; dress «tuffs for summer wear, at the Bee Hive.:,•••;, ;,:.}..; •;-• -.-• -._. Y-, , As I defy'any one to detects its use; B. F. Keesilng sells ''Blush of .Roses" to nearly^every young- man 1 in Logansport. "-."•• .-'-" . - . 8— Camden , Expositor: Miss Lillian Parks, of Logansport, and Miss Ida McCormick, of Flora, were the guests of Geo. McCormick and lady, Sunday. Mr. Bert_Wright and bride departed yesterday morning for Louisville where they will enjoy a portion of their honeymoon before returning- to go to housekeeping on the West Side. Monticello Herald: Henry Jox, now city "circulator" for the Logansport Journal, was in town over Sunday renewing acquaintances with his friends of former years here, of whom he has many...: " , . . Rev; H. J. ^JTorris, of the Broadway M. E; church,-made atrip back to his former home at Noblesville this week,. having been called there to officiate at the marriage of. two young- persons, members of his former congregation. Frankfort Crescent: Dr. '.-W. H. McGiiire has'just returned from Lo- ganspprt, -"w.here he 'attended the funeral of his father, John McGuire of that city.; '.Mr. McGuire was an agediand, respected citizen an'd died Sunday—•morning 1 of'..-. paralysis, - his Richard Floyd, of this city was elected a member of the board of councilors of the National Brothernood of Boiler Makers in session at Indianapolis this week. G. A Stemler also of this city was appointed on a responsible committee. An excursion train bearing the Sophomore class of Purdue university and their friends will pass through the city to-morrow morning en route to Maxinkuckee where the class will enjoy a pleasant outing. The party will be joined by a number from this city. A telegram was sent from the Western Union office in this 1 city yesterday afternoon to San Francisco. In exactly 65 minutes the Answer came clicking into the office. This is considered to be rather speedy time among old telegraphers. Major James M. Watts and Mrs. Amelia Gonzales were united in marriage at the home of the bride, in Delphi, on Tuesday evening. Major vVatts is one of the most proimnent men ol Northern Indiana. He is at present Clerk of the United States Court of Arizona, and will leave for the West early next week. Mrs. Campbell, who for the past year, since the establishment of the W. C. T. T. free reading -room on. Pearl street, has been in charge of the room, has resigned her postion on the eve of taking her departure to Minnesota where she will permanently reside and her place at the reading room is taken by Miss Lizzie McCollough. Mrs. C. N. Graffis has been at Ann Arbor, Mich., for some weeks past receiving treatment for a serious .optical difficulty which threatened to deprive her of her sight. Mr. Graffis has received a letter from the opticians declaring that the final operation had been, successfully performed and thatMrs. Grams'sight would be fully restored. By a recent copy of an Anaconda, Montana paper it is-sees that Mr, Redmond, a brother of Mr. J. E. Redmond,,, of this city, was elevated to the honorable office of Mayor. Mayor Redmond is engaged in the smelting business at that place and the rattling majority he received attests his personal popularity. He headed the labor-citizen's ticket which was elected with a hurrah. Judge Burson was occupied yesterday in hearing the - arguments in the Barnett-Clark case. The arguments of D. C. Justice, F. M. Kistler and J. An Incident of the Inguuo Asylum. The concluding feature of the exer- cases attending the National conference of Charities and Correction at Indianapolis this week was'"An Incident of the Insane Asylum,' 1 given by James Whitcomb Riley in his inimitable manner. It was a character sketch, and the features and incidents' from whijh the story was woven came' under the notice of the story-teller himself. The narrative was that of .a. German- who came to Mr. Rily's native [town when Indiana's poet was- twelve yerrs of age. The newcomer was a shoemaker, with three children, Gustie, Frankie and Ji sie. Ha had an unpronounceable name and was called "Dutch Frank." There was that in him which drew the people to him, and with the children he was a favorite. He was thrifty and gradually added to.hi* possessions until he owned his workshop, dwelling and three tenement houses. Suddenly it was whispered about that "Dutch Frank" was insane. He would not speak to any one. Mr. Riley went round to his shop and found the German sitting on his bench sharpening shoe-pegs, but every device' failed to induce him to open his mouth. He had not a word for any one. A council of physicians was held, the result of which was that Dutch Frank was sent to the insane asylum. Fifteen years elapsed before he was restored to his reason and his work-bench. Five years ago Mr. Riley went back to his native town, and among the places visited was the shoe shop of his Teutonic friend. The latter gave to the poet an account of his hallucination and how he became possessed of -the idea that if he spoke he would be killed. At last his daughter Josie came to him and talked to him and he determined to speak to her and brave the wrath of the elements which he imagined were arrayed against him. With his declaration to his child of his unswerving affection aad devotion the strange spell •was broken and "Dutch Frank" walked out a free man. HOW RATS STEAL EGGS. Remnrkablo Intelligence of u Colony ot T«xa» Rodfnta. The town,.of Waco, Tex., is infested witTrrats in co'imtl'ess legions. They run through the.-streets, invade the stores and residences, devour grain, flour and groceries, and make themselves unmitigated nuisances, which -the application, of ordinary and extraordinary remedies has failed to remove. While they accept almost anything that comes in their way as edible, they burial takifag.;place,Qni'Mouday,-; : He was welLknown to-many residents of Clinton county;;:and.-yicinity,, r haying- Ideated in Carroll coanty r in 1832. C. Nelson,' were heard yesterday, and the case.will conclude this morning with the arguments of Q. A. Myers and"M. Winfield. There is a feeling- among- those who have watched the progress^ of this case that Mr. Barnett will reeorer the hotel property. The court has rendered judgment-on the finding of the jury in the injunction suit of. Caroline M. Barnhart ag-ainst August Gleitz and the city of Logansport, and the defendants are restrained from proceeding with the proposed improvement of Eel River avenue. This was a suit brought by the plaintiff to enjoin the city from widening the avenue at the expense of her property, the proposed, improvement, if carried out,, cutting into her lot. The street is to be 52 feet :wide with an 8 foot pavement. State. Fish Commissioner Dennis can find.plenty '.of material for his detectives to work on up in this neck *f the woods. The miscreants who are killing fish in Eel river by exploding dynamite in the water should be and probably 'will be captured as Col. Dennis is "pizen" on such rascals. •If caught the fellows engaged in the unlawful and ; vandal practice will be put in a sweat box from wjiich they will emerge considerably improved as to their ideas ab.out the wholesale destruction of fish. The people up the /river should , hunt the pirates down. The military Band Concert. The concert being arranged by the Military Band for next Tuesday evening will call out a full house, the sale of tickets already assuring the boys that their efforts to get up a first-class home entertainment are being appreciated by the people. The object of the concert is to raise funds for the purchase of new uniforms which will be made in the full regulation army" style, and whieh will adorn this crack band in a manner befitting the rank it has attained among musical bodies in the State. The various parts of the program are well in hand and an evening of real entertainment is assured. Secure your tickets in advance. Electric Bittern. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove all pimples, boils, salt rheum and other affections caused by impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 50 cents and ,$1 pet- bottle at B. F. Keesling drug store. 5 HATS CARRYING OFF AX EGO. have a penchant for eg-g-s, and the waj they convey them fr«m the nests to their holes is thus related by Sam Whaley, the jailer, who has made theii habits a study: "I set an old black hen right up there," he said, pointing to the cornei of the jail-yard, -where Sheriff Dan Ford's horses are stabled, "and they carried off every egg, and broke, the hez up. She went to laying again in two weeks and made her nest in another stall. Two eggs were in the nest, and these remained undisturbed, but when the third was laid it disappeared, two still remaining. I watched and saw. the rats come—four of them. '•The smallest of the quartette straddled his four legs over the eg-g, hugged it tight, then rolled over on its back, holding the egg tightly pressed against his belly. One rat took the prostrate one by the ears just like a boy holding the handles of a wheelbarrow and kept him steady, while the other two tooi him by the tail, and away they went, pushing and pulling until they got the egg to their hole under the brick wall." A. Kischner, one of the largest liqvfor dealers in Waco, has observed that there are sober rats, who never touch a drop; moderate drinkers, who take just enough, and regular sots, who get drunk every day, and possibly go home and beat their families. The drip from the beer faucets is where the rats do their drinking. Tin pans are kept under the faucets to catch the waste beer and protect the floor, aad to these pans the rats resort. The moderate drinker takes a sip or two, then wipes his whiskers on his front leg and gallops off. The old toper drinks deep, reels off to the backyard, falls-clumsily-into his hole, and the squeaking heard after he gets into his cellar indicates either that he is whin- ping his wife or she him, or that he is making her rush after remedies. Black Cheviott Mackintoshes with Cape ..... .......... $4-98 Silk Umbrellas, Large Gold Heads ........ '..•.'. ..."..."; 95 Silk Umbrellas, Novelty Handles, equal in style and appearance to any $C Umbrella, for ............ j 5S Ask To See Our $15.00 Suite -for Men, $10.00. $20.00 Suits for Men $15.00.' Fine as Tailor Made. Further Great Reduction on Children's Suits, Knee Pants made from Ee»- nants by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., worth up to $1, Choice 25 Cents. Base Ball Outfits Free with Suits. Nellie Ely Caps, and Straw Hats! See our Ladies Kid Button Patent Leather Tip Shoes. Men's every day Shoes Dress Shoes *, 88 1 25 ALL STYLES, OTTO A KRAUS, OF COURSE. TAGGART'S BAKERY,, Bread, Crackers and Cakes. 524 and 526 Broadway. OHASE OF THE ITATA. JUST And His A PLAIN SAILOR. JFew Quarters Belns Arranged. The Natural Gas Company is getting ready to move their office. Mr. Henderson is putting- the old postoffice buildiug on Pearl street in shape for offices and the Natural Gas Company will move into their new quarters about the 10th of June. The new offices will be commodious and cona venient and rather more aecessible-to the general public than the present office on Fifth street. This change is welcomed by the handful of business men on pretty little Peai 1 street. BrudfioJd'N Female Besulutor Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, aad at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co. for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co . to!6 Brother Ua.il Taught Htm to Be Truthful. A sea captain, who was going -P to Albany to see his friends, came out with us on the train, and a Chicago broker, who first discerned his presence, gave the boys the wink, and followed it up by saying r : "If we wcrk it right we can get some awful lies out of liirn. Let some one ask him about sharks and sea serpents." Four of us crowded him into a smoking compartment, and when we had become slightly acquainted the inquiry was made: "Captain, you have doubtless seen some very large whales. How .long would you say the largest was?" "Gentlemen, I never saw a whale in' my life," he replied. "I have been at sea for twenty-six years, but I never happened to see a whale." "Well, you have seen serpents in the warm seas?" "Never saw one there." "But you must have seen some extra large sharks?" "Gentlemen, I hope you will believe me when I tell you that I never saw a shark except in an aquarium." "But you have been wrecked?" ' 'Nevfr." . "Ever have a mutiny?" "No." "Fire at sea?'' • "No." "Meet with a pirate?" "No." "Tidal wave?" •• "No." "Humph! What sort of a sailor are you, any way?" "I'm sorry for you, gentlemen, very sorry, but the fact is I am only a plain, every-clay sailor, and my mother made me take a vow when I first went to sea that I wo:ild always speak the truth. Here are some good nickel cigars for you, but as for lying, I can't do it—not even about sea serpents."—N. Y. Sun. MANY FATAL FIRES. Judge Hammond, who .was called hereto hear the pleadings in the Huntington-Metzger case, returned to his home in- Kensselaer yesterday morning. This case involves the title to $50,000 worth of property in Minnesota and has been set for final hearing June 8th. Pennsylvania Line*. Excursion to Cincinnati, one fare for round trip May 18th and 19tb, via the Pennsylvania lines for the National UniOH Conference. Tickets will be good' returning until May 22d. For particulars apply to nearest ticket agent. to!8 A Great Number of Buildingg Burned and Some I.ivc« Lost in Various Prussian Towns. BERLIN, May 14.—A miner named Wildner and' |J his" wife and two sons have been arrested at Witten,. Westphalia, charged with setting fire to the Helene pit, A number of disastrous fires are reported from various parts of Germany. At Zempelburg, Prussia, twenty-five houses were burned and a large number of cattle perished in barns. At Schwerin, near Posen, thirty-nine houses were destroyed and the families deprived of their homes have'taken refuge in the churches. In a conflagration at fleick- ershausen, a suburb of Cassel, which destroyed twelve dwellings, a woman »ad two children lost their lives. Wild JZiimo- from Mexico That tlie Chilian Hoat Had Been Sunk by the Charleston— The Keport Discredited by the OIHcmls at Washington. ST. Louis, Hay 14.—A special dispatch from the City of Mexico says that persistent rumors are in circulation that the United States cruiser Charleston overtook the Chilian vessel Itata on the high seas and a naval engagement had been fought, in which thi latter was worsted and blown out ol the water. Various additions to the first rumor are current. One story is that the Charleston fired on the Itata because the latter refused to heave to when ordered, and that the Chilian warship anwered by firing some of her small deck guns. Only a few shots had been fired when a shell from one of the Charleston's eight-inch guns exploded in the Itata's hold, and tha whole cargo of powder stored there exploded, blowing the Itata to fragments. Still another report says • that the Itata on being overhauled by the Charleston endeavored to es- citpe and only fired on the latter with her stern guns. A running fight was then kept up for several miles, when, a number of shots struck the Itata and sunk her. The fate of the crew is not known. The authorities here deny that they have received any official reports of the affair. WASHINGTON, May 14.—There is no news of the Itata or the Charleston at the navy department. No credence, is given to the report that the Charleston 1 has sunk the Itata-. In the first place it is said that news of such an event could only be received through the arrival of the Charleston at some port connected with the telegraph lines, which has not so far occurred. In the second place nobody supposes that the Itata would resist the Charleston, for she is totally unprepared- to do so and even if she attempted it the Charleston could readily subdue her force without resorting to the extreme measure of ''blowing her out of the water," as it is rumored • she has done. . __ Horses JSurucd to Death. COLUMBUS, Ind., May 15.—ilestcr & Van Winkle's sawmill at Manilla, Ensh county, was consumed by fire early Wednesday morning. Three horses in a shed adjoining the mill were burned. The loss is SH.UOO. with no insurance. An incendiary earned -the fire. Claimed by a- Locomotive. MABIOX, inl. May 15.—James Mun- , hull, an Eust bt. Louis cattle dealer, was struck by a locomotive on the Clover Leaf railway. He had a .leg broken and was otherwise seriously injured. He may recover. Mr. Hu»tou Jn I/uck. COXXHRSVILLE, lud.. May 15.—A fine quality of blue marble and building sand stone has been discovered by ^ex- United States Treasurer Huston on his farm, near here. Killed Himself. MARION, Ind., May 15.—Simon Howry, an insane inmate of the soldiers' home here, severed his windpipe with a penknife and died m a few hours. COLUMBIA. S. C., May 14^— The"'1C' anniversary of the establishment of/the' capitol of the state-of South Carolina, at this city was celebrated here Wednesday. The festivities will last for three days. Five thousand members of the military organizations from all parts of the state are present, and, 3 parade and review was held Wednesday afternoon. • Ex : Senator Wade' Hampton was orator of the dav. Both tie method and results,-W!K| Syrnp of Figs is taken; it is pleasant, „ and refreshing to .tlie taste,.and act*,. gently yet promptly on theTIidneys," Liver and'Bowels, cleanses the system effectually; dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual' is constipation. Syrup of Figs is tl< u only remedy of'its . kind ever pro./, ., •duced, pleasing to, the taste and ac- u ceptable to the stomach, prompt in, its action and truly beneficial m its effects, prepared only Trom the mo«t " r healthy aucl : agi-eeable -substances, its' ' many excellent qualities commend it- to all-:uid have-made-:it-the..-most- j popular.runed-v known. -• , feyrup of,Figs is for sale In 50c -}t> and".$i bcttles fcr.'.-<<! lea-Hog- drug-] gists. Any refi;': 1 !-.- Oniirgf'^ "wh6 may not have ;.. -r/V 'Hsr! v.iil procure it prciajpli'y ; ''.""rnv o-v v.ho wishes to u-y a. -..V jj. a-coept any substitute. .- . *,**-• .<*""J f*"- *'- Vj^ • ? JJ i* *l "•-,* ij' • r jf?" "i 1 ". -Jf 5; r -f Torsale by B. K. Keasling iind :i!1 MAECHALL'S HOOF CTO1- \cures sand and quarter cracks, split hoofs, sore and contacted teet, corns and all hoof troab- les. .Stops cracking, shelling^ and scaling hoofs. Softens ^Micl toughen* brittle hoofs. ^Jtia better than aoaldBff ' with oil, meal, etc. hould be used on all, standing on floors or driven, on hard roads. It also, cure* .scratches, tetter, A r nr<ISfed His. Mother. , LITTLE ROCK, Ark.,. May 15.—Torn. Page, 12 years o],d, struck hi; raothei on the head with a garden ho*.-, killing, h.?r instantly, at Benton, Ark. -Mv«,Page was attempt ng to chastise-t3w boy. bruise*, etc. - TOLEDO, 0., April 6, 1891. I had a horse in my stables that had hoof* BO brittle thatitwas impossible to keep a shoe on his feet. I have used^one can of Jfaiv elmll'a Hoof Cure on Ws hoofg and the horsa has been shod forfourw«eks»nd l .tha,shoe3 Btay.oQ all right. I consider it the best hoot cure I have ever used. , . „.. • ...,. • ; . ^^ JOMPH PoppJ UveryiQAn. * ...-•<-.. :.. ,-...i ,i-.--Ki>- i-si ;-.i.e ' i , For safe by D. E. -Pryor, -L'%;ttis.poct. '

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