Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 5, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles. 8 DBWBNTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoeg solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buyn Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oiford Ties, pat tent leather tips, 73 Cents BuyaHLadies' Low CaU Skin Shoes just the thing (or Garden. 29 Cents Bays LadieB Serge Slippers, tolid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children'* Tan Shoes, button or l»ce. 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoe*, patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for bouse wear. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FIRSI nATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA, CAPITA"- msrso.ooo A. ). Murdock. Preii, W. W. Ron, Cash. ). F, Brookraeyer, Aut. Cash. DIBECTOE3 «. 8. Viet, A. j. Mnidocx, B. f. Itntla, W, a BrlDgnnrat, Dtnnll 0nL If. M. Haiwood, W. I. wuion. Banking In ai: lt» Departments promptly und carefully done. 8*foty to Cmtomeri and ..Stockholders •ought for. _ •tronc Hetervt Fund maintained. Business Change. James B«moor baa purchased the Pelton meat market. H« now occupies the ww-room Just erected to the west of the old stand, and Hie his Intention to run a flrat-dass shop and handle a full line of fresh and' salt meats. DAILY JOURNAL gig^^^*" 1 ™*^*^^^"^ 1 ^^^^" 1 ^^^^^^^ •WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 180C Geo..Harrison tow the flnwt line of hammock* In the city. Watets! Waists! Learn prices. They must be sold.—Trade Palace. The slrirt you have got, the pants Otto wl'll sell yon for 50 cents. Try. It. Every pair of duck panta is,sold at n loss price; price GO cents at • Otto's. They are worth $1.25. Bead, the itemized big ad. o-C Harry Frank; it will pay any :: man to lay in his .winter' supply at half price. "What you want when you are- ailing Is a medicine that will cure you.-. Try Hood's SawaparHla and be convinced, of Its' merit. Go'to the lawn fete ; tonight at W. T. GinVs... Hear the band and be refreshed. . Proceeds -to go to the Home for^ *hc Frlendlew. Lost.—Between Asylum and Electric Light works, basket satchel containing • pocketbook,' 'order book and other articles. 'Reward"win be paid for returning to this .office. Awarded Highest Konoi*—World's Fair. •DR, it. POWDtR MOST PERFECT MADE. • pwe Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free | 9. Ammonia, Alum or «ny other adulterint 40 Yean tbe Star.dwi TiiEASURY DEFICIT. The excess of expenditures over colpls in tlic Treasury for the mouth ot July was ?i:),125,790.G7, and yet UK. ailtivltiistnttion Democrate say the tarilt Is uot an i.ssuc, and request tlio Ilopub •lleati niaiiaKcrs to Icive it out oC rhis yoar's canipnlgn,'Th'm Is tlio largest monthly deficit tliat has occurred umlei any tariff law. The receipts for. July were ouly i?4(l, 000 in excess of Hie rccol-pts for (lit same mouth of 1SO">, but the cxpeudl nires wore nearly $4.000,000 more. Thin Indicates thnt many payments that should littve been made before the close of'the last fiscal year were held back 'in order to make A belter showing for tho year and keep'the deficit clown somewhere near, the amount that flic Secretary .of the Treasury had guessed at. At the beglnn-ins o£ Uila month a prediction was made by some of the Treasury ofllclals that the deficit would uot exceed that of July one year nso. A comparison of the records that the excess of expenditures over receipts £01 the mouth Just passed was i?3,(!47,42-l more uliau.lt was one year DRO. WORSE THAN A YEAR AGO. The deficit for the mouth or July I was .fO,478,3r,C, and according to the Treasury statements there was a larger Interest payment made In July a year ago than there .was in tue present month. The receipts from customs duties have fallen oft very perceptibly, while those from Internal revenue have Increased somewhat. In July, 1893, the reports from customs amounted to ?14,07(J,08-1. For the same'.mouth thte year'Hie receipts from flic same course wore $12,15.7,330, thus showing a decrease lu customs' receipts under 'the operations of the Wilson-Gor- man'tariff law of $1,919,054, as compared with the same period last year. One year ago the receipts from tlic internal revenue were J?12,8D5,40r>, while for July oC this year they were $14,302, 532 showing an Increase ot $1,404,127. This- condition of- affairs does not bring: much encouragement to those Democrats who were hoping and pre- dicting'that the-i'p'resent tariff law would eventually 'bring In sufficient .revenue to meet the expenses oC the Government. .The prospects are for large expendituresjdurlng August, as the sugar bounty has not all been paid, .ami the receipts from various sources arc not likely to Increase. This .enormous deficit of over $13,000,000 for the month o£ July is considered by Republicans at headquarters as proof thnt a. .revision of' the tariff Is needed, nnd that It refutes the declaration by ihe Democrats Hint tariff to not an issue hls'.year. It Is not only the general Government •that Is suffering under the operation of tho tariff law, but letters are received dally at headquarters here, showing that business has been Injured In all sections of the country. There Is a very large.demand for tariff literature, nnd In many Congresulonnl districts the fight will be engaged on that. Issue, HERE'S A MYSTERY. • Richmond Item: One day last week while Ed Hunt was engaged In. removing the corner pillars .'tirat once supported n ba.m o.n the, Sowers Ifiml near Cambridge, City, , -lie found a gold wretch under n large ."nigger head." Tine case'of solid' gold was- perfectly jiresorved, but the works were decayed to dust. Who placed It there and Dow long It was'in :tb»t position will probably evcir.remain n. mystery. The ease is numbered and by that metins only could lit be Identified. Therba'rn was built onitlmt'plac'e morc.amn flfty years ago, and. Jhas long since .disappeared. If the watch, wax Btolen. ami placed there, the 'thief..must.have dug.down under UieTOck.. - . . -' •• . REPUBLICAN MEETING. Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton Saturday: Aug;u»t 8th. : Hdu. w; !>.- Owen, Secrotnry of State, will addres* the -citizens of Walton and victolty, Saturday evening, August 8th. There'll be 'other good speaker* present, 'musie. and a good Republican lime for.al'i. Remember tie date. Saturday, August 8th. v....'"' ' : Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents.a month. Lorge Crowd at^ ,Sjp|encer Park Last Night/ Tho park'was a scene of'iiotlvlty•!.•)« night almost rivaling-the more -pi'dtcn vious metropolitan places' of like resort The Military baud 'concert 1 attrac fully llftoen hundred people, and th< cool breezes from 'the Northeast chasu the heat from as inaiiy fluchod face*. The ladles werylurgel'y In evidence-am there were many children. Tlie'latte: enjoyed the sport hugely. "Ring-around the-rosy," "I *py' andv'jh'lde-and-scck' wore favorite gnmevvtfth: t.:ie young stcrs during . the taterini's«lons. In-tlr imislc nnd the "hot popcorn,..;man' drove a thriving trade trom S until 10 o'clock. -';•" ''••J'- '•'•• The concert was "enjoyed ;n_-n- thoi ongh -manner by tbe : pe<>pie~vvho.iirnved the discomforts of cro 1 w.cied\"(:ars'and .In adcqua'te transportatlontfncilittes... Jo< Hembnsch's trombone solo'.wns'lieartilj eucored and the "Couu't'.v''F'iiir"."aIs6 .re ce'.ved continued applause. The;..MIli tnry bniul hn* a well.selected-. lot ol music nnd plays it asriveTI; ' •;"'•'•'.. • PERSONAL. 'f , G. GoeU k« here from ^o.a.tlv Bend.'£01 a vlsl-r. .'{'•'•'.'< ••••. ••• Miss Maggie Kennedy "is .vMtln. lu the city. i "'.,-V '•''•• "'.-.. J. Keller of North Judson-ia'vlsitin, Ing In t'he city, ;;; : . '. '' . A. E. Reynolds of Cra"wf6rd«villc wa here yesterday. .'.'-• Deii-uis McCarty, t-l&niall carrier, I, taking a vacation. • ; -.-'• - : ; Johu Guard is spending' h inbhlh's va cation In the West. ' ' Will Loree of Indiii-nnpolis. was in t-he city yesterday. M-Iss Gertrude Ha,iues,;of Hnntingtoi Is visiting In the clt'y.'.'"' - Cott Barnott is attending a/stocl show In Clinton county:" ' - ';.,;' ; 'v, . P. C. Burns' of .Kokorao"was in th< city yesterday on business. -..-. • • . M. A. Ryan of Delphi-was fn-'the cltj yesterday ou legal business.- ' . G, W. Thompson of Wiuamac wn't hero yesterday on business. Mr. S, B. Besuore of Marlon is' ItftBC ci'ty for a day or two ou^hus'lne.^. 1 , Prof. Monrc of 'Hair's-B«s|ric*s College was 'at rortland yesterday: , C. C. Jamiesou of M-arlon,'-owner of the Fair, was in town yesterday.. Mrs. Providence Huffman, 'eon nnd daughter, are at Kokomo visiting. Hiss Delia Singer of M'dntlce'llo, Is Uio guest of Miss Enstend. Frankfort Times: Mrs, John 'Paden went to Logtmsport yesterday to; visit friends. . - '.... • • ; < : -.••.•^iivi t Walter. Baldwin, 1 ., of >tlie Baldwin- Melville theatrical 'company was-In th» city yesterday, Owen Dutchoss of Walton has been for some time the guest of friends at Maxlufc-uckee. •••;,-;" '•_•} •[' '••?• .M'l.sscs Myrtle and BrIs'nV'Swcet.'nayc returned from, a month's outlug at'East- ern- watering .resorts, • Manager.E. B. OvershlDerof-'-the Mutual Telephone company ;wn i s. ] ~ht Chlca.- go Tuesday on.business...; .^:.-<;- . Mr. Will Polleys, nlgJitt clerkvnt the lona' hotel'at Delphi was; Id"the 'city for n few hours yosterd'ayi.. ,,,;..'•,"'•Miss Alice Ross has ret-ur'ued; after, a vacation of a month,.nnd,resumed nor position -at H. .Wller : & Co,;?/".;: •Lafayette-Call: Miss JuUs"VJade'cnine dowji: from Ix>gnnsp.c-r.t; to uttuad the funeral of the Into~Roy^Mowera.^ "•••'.-J-•L. B. Beam of Twelffli; strjjetrl;ha* gone to, Plttsbu.rg anil ''.'other -eastern points for a business tr!p.':-_c;i-;;i'" , •, . -The Ilev. E. I>. Seman^'pf-tJQ^-Broad- way Methodtert chuA,-li;;; : lfltt^,..today. for Lake Wnwnsee',"- (ii ,p]>e.iid(--.,twp. weeks. - . ..•-.--.-.• ."""•• !*•'•= .}' The Rev. Frazler, who. filledjtlje : B|uJI; pit of -the Broiiclwayi:".P,roabyterliih :h'Urch -Sunday went, to jCo'iu-!n-l)Us".Mon- day night. . '... !:»>.-:J.~v -r.: .. Wabfwh Tribune: Mlss";Efa',.Ma'ckoy- went to Ix>gansi)oiit."Satjirdoj: -after ; noon where she' wlli.ibe-.thi;.. guest:0f Mr».:.T. T. MeNnry for- -the; 1 'ilex¥"two weeks.. ' • •' '• ' -.'-;-.'',".-.";'':V.-J-'i".•' Miss Jennie Guise, acepiaiHt.uwfl; by Miss Enphla Catlold, of'ithte'tCilT.;. returned yesterday to hcr' ; li'ome".-'at s liyon: Sta-tlon, aJtcr ft pleasnnr,.jlsjt,'wl.th the' family of Horace Crlanjonds,.-•• >.- ,:..- • ~ Frank Whltcomb;' trayelfn'sr'fprvn' 'St. Jo;, Mich., frulit house,'.Jiva*; ; Jni-,tlie.city. yesterday,' It'will be'remembered'that WhitcotBb disnppeared' some' dib.e 'bgp from 'this city; while "tra'v.eijiiB;,.fplV the International Wells racking Co;',", '";. , if Indy-rldors could be^nbsrhilto 1 occasionally lubrlcnto.the citUnftJJCre:-would be fewer hard-running; macjilnw, .,'antl the constant 'snapping an'tf-'jerkH)g.,or the.clin'lri.would bc'.rc'Qro^Ta.tlvjly' uh-' inown.—wniwi'ii-iipo. • ••;•'• .',,'.- ,C.-Zook, .. . . ,.,;_,... . , Boyer (ire"preparln-g.-'fo.r*'B;b i :<sutrn'g • j)n' he Tlppecanoe, to' begin after-the;ft-Uti, >f the month.". Thejvarg:;«o.TC;building^ canoes for use on'the trrp'. .'."'/,','• v ,,> The.weddlng of,-Jd'h^ff^/'jSrlines.-and Mtes Gertnjdc-A.;.noVs?l^%"rreJ ilon dliy night at aer: "•••.'•'•.'••.• There will he a • lawn -fete" he home of Mrs. Henry Webers, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. G. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR '" \ LBSSMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLET. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P.S If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing TRICKS OF MACHINERY. How People Hayo Been Caught In Elevators. Their Sadden RufaMl to Work CROiet - Consternation to tbe rmienueri— .-Tho Accident to the Ureat Loadoo r«rrU Wheel. Few of the thousimda of pereons who each day use elevators ever stop to think what would result if, for some reason, the machinery ehould suddenly cease to vtbrk nnd on elfi'vutor remain high up in •the «haft,-with its occupants as securely iknprlaoned n» if locked in the city prison. Su«h accidents arc,-however, not at all uncommon. The cosmopolitan citizen of New York is, as a rule, too busy to give such trivial matters n second thought, always provided heia not among the'unfortuna'te individuals who happen to be detained in a car. Such on accident recently occurred to .i.nnag'er Oscar Hominerstein, who was taking a party of.-friends through his- theater, music ball and, roof garden. It was late at uife'ht, and almoste^ei-ybody hod left the theater.!. .'Mr. Hammerstein, after telling his friends of the.beautiea of the'ncw roof garden, sugge'eted that they go up and see'it." The. party.ea- terod; the elevator, : and Mr. Hammer- Btein started to actaselcvator mfzt. He pulled the rope, and the. car-moTcd PJowly upward. .,, ., , . '• •••' [When it reached the floor below tie roofv where there happens to be no door, it stopped. Mr:' Hummcrstein tugg«d at the cable; butwithout result. He shouted, but no^one 'answered. He aiidihis party, were .prisoners for nearly 50 minutes. , . >. .... . . Arthur Hanimersteia,.had.Btartcd for homo when.he.iheard stj^inge. noise*• frpm the' elevator shuft. Investigation revealed tbo.difficulty,' nnd, after a long search, onife" bi : fliei'eng-iiK'ers con- nictcd with- tlie-building'-waa 1 found. He.explained the.troubleby-Baylngthat Uie chief-engineer had-, gope for . tha night nnd the steam hadJjeen shutoff; lenvijip just enough in'_the chest* to lend the elevator r up the- shaft. Th« Biuchinist stnrted ;! ftie"elevator again, and o-very disfi:usted : party wosbrought dqwn without having*-had- r n glimpse of the roof garden; , .-.•'''. ..' . • '; In one of the..;iftrger down-town office^buildings recentay plic of the big elevators happened to get .stuck : be- ;ween the floors, just "as business was closing for theday .—M ore.than half the passengers in the elevator were worri- cni'and when, they raulizcd that, the car-was held fast between the landings nnd there, appeared 'tp.bb no prospect of- a'n Immediate 'rolense sorne of the most timid bog-an to-grow frightened. 1 They were reassured for the time bong, .hut when -the -janitor- appeared ith a s-sinll ladder a.nd told them that' e cor would stay/where-it was un«.| the mechanics could, be Rent for to l.x>it, nnd that tlie only hope of escape hat -night would 1 be' to elirab from the 'nr over the tbp-of 1 lie- door opening nio the elevator'well-to-the-no6rabov«i, ome^bf 'tiie pretty damsels vowed that 'hey'-would remain .in the'car all night ether than attempt.such an acrobatic ent.&s was suggested. After one or two if .the most cpuragefi3JB..ho.w.e.ver, hud mode the trip, in safety, nnd without -4 'inore display, of ^hosiery than on« KCCII bn 'tn« streets during' a rainy day,, bey'all' decided to risii tic short climb J,t^er than pass the night 1 In the car usipended in...mid-air.—-."—•-•• '.'•Aii ocaident 1 - which- was -very 'funny- or, B.U-but the unfortunates'..most in- eresled ocpurred. .recently, to-; about 400 pleasure-seekers in JJonaon wuo were enjoying 'he sensation of swinging around the circle in the big Ferris wheel at Earl's court. While the fun was at its beJg-ht the big wheel suddenly stopped. From 8:30 o'clock in the evening until one o'clock the following afternoon it remained stationary, and some of the experiences of its passengers were decidedly uncomfortable. . Every effort was put forth to make the- prisoners as comfortable as possible. Few of the women in. the' cars were provided with wraps suitable to the exposure at an altitude of 300 feet, and many suffered accordingly. Two of tbo attendants clambered around the rim of the wheel, carraiOfjf with them ropes, by means of which. 1 baskets. of provisions were drawn, up. The occupants of one of the cars, however, were tbe first to secure communication with terra fl ram, the result of an. Ingenious thought of Miss P. Lansdale, of Chester terrace. Thia young -woman possessed a reel of cotton, and carefully lowering it from the window of the car in which she was imprisoned, n stout string was attached. This, upon being drawn up, brought a rope, to which was attached a basket containing light refreshments.—N. Y. Journal. A FRUIT EXCHANGE. California Oiowtti H»TB Foncd a TM- ful Or(anlt«tton. Each local exchange has its own packing house and is responsible for the packing and shipping of its own fruit; it atao receives direct returns for iu own shipment* hence a loss in one exchange -does not affect the revenues of another exchange, unless it be the rosult of a default on the part of a purchaser or from on effort to protect, the'interesf of the entire exchange uys-i* tern. The expenses of the general management are borne pro rata by each exchange. The system is a perfect one, a circle within a circle. The modus operand! istbis: ' -An order «omes from an enstcrn market direct to the state exihange hend- Ktsi ujreufc iv uic 3Lm«. bAvuu"^- -. quarters nt Los Angeles. That order, goods to sell in less tliau 30 days. . if large enough, is divided among th ten'tiistrict exchanges. Each district exchange redivides its own orderamoni; its local exchanges. The superintendent of the local exchange notilies-ench local grower how many and what kinds of fruit to deliver to the exchange packing: house, proportioning the order to the size of the various orchards thot belong to the exchange. The grower then fills the assigned cumber of "field" boxes (so palled to distinguish them from packed boxes) ami delivers them to the parking house. There his responsibility ends. As the fruit is delivered it is carefully weifh^J. und studied by itself, then passed .1 hrough the'"(j-radfr.". where the "culls""(dnmatfed fruit) are thrown oui .nnd'the oning-cs of various sizes distributed in dirTi-rejit bins from which they are wmppo/j aixl packed. The culls are sold to iooul dealers for'about 25 cc.ntH a bf>x. Th«?y are not spoiled fruit by, any' means, but ha-vc perhaps icwt their short green stems or have a smii!) bleni-. (sh on- the rind. The culling proows is extremely thorough, for the exchange !• very exacting as to the quality and appearance of its. 'product. After packing, the 'fruit is again weighed aod scientifically planed In refrigerator cars. (A practical suggestion to buyers—always "heft" an orange.) As o rule the fruit i« consigned tc a representative in the cast, who either receives it or directs its destination whfle en route.—Ch'autnuquan. ' ' A Stolen Bicycle Means a grest deal to the one that U-* loser. Why run an/ risk when you can have your wheel Insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get Its value when stolen? Insure »1 once and be on the safe side. ; Pondered Tires Repaird. From this date on cents at the Burgman Cycle Ct ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Will Grinor, the barber, is sick. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents* moutlr. The Third street meat market of W. X. Carney Is closed. The Republican drum corps met latt night at tho rink. Old men's finest manillas 50 cents. worth ?J.50 at Otto's. ^ Bert Ammons, the barber, is sUll confined to his room with sickness. There will be an excursion to RoW- >on park, Ft. Wayne, Sunday, over the Wa-i>a«ih. The little sou of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jenklnes of the-Soutl»Ule is sick with intermittent fever, We stiD have over $15,000 worth 61' CaB .nnd learn prices at 50c on the dollar. For snle,— One large Durham milch co-vr with fiil-f two weeks old at her sldt For- Information- call :it Keuued.vAr, Woslsldc bakery. The Good Templars will give an ice cream social at the home o-E Belle Johnson. No. 224 Spear street. Wednesday evening, .""th. Everyone invited. St. Bridget's council of the Catholic BenovelcDt Legioi). is represented nt the State convention of t'he order v-hlct opened yesterday at ElwooJ. Sheriff Adams has received word tlmt he will be expected to Ix; at tho jirisac doo,r at Michigan City. SeiJtcmbi'r.lt, and'also Soptwubor. IT. 10 mke charge .... Alfred Brooks and' .Tueob Martin, whose respective tei'm expire; to return then) to civilization. • .-.Tlin.contrivani'e'for the protection ot firemen while entwine .a burning fouiia- ing, was given a thorouph tost yestor-.; day by Fire Chief Sellers, and it i« claimed- the apparatus acted to the sat- isfaction.of all. A practloal'test will be Riven-at the-fli-st oi>portnnli.v.' The advance guard of the advertS^cre for the Wallace .shows, which will be here the '2-Jlh of. August, was In the city,, yesterday making arraugemcnU for-the paper "pace on which the flamets will soon blossom. Kobiiwon'* show will be here this year also.

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