The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 12, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1971
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 12. 1971 TIPTON TRIBUNE- *§ » •V «* * > FAMILY AFFAIR y Nancy Sottong HOURS: 8 a.m.* to 4 p.m. •' . 675-2115 * * « H 4'* life is Worth Living Broken Cisterns that never, ceases but continues to fill us and overflow around us. Yet in our human ways, we are "For my people have .comit- ted two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of livingwaters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns, that can prone to forget the multitude of hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:13) marvelous blessings we have re- God was : disappointed with the oeived from- God. We can be- people of Israel and sent Jere- come spellbound with man's ways miah to remind them of the past and worldly goods that we turn Mrs. Wesner Entertains For Know How Club Know How Extension Homemakers Club met Monday even- . ing, January 4, at the home of Mrs. Robert Wesner. Mrs. Don Needier, president, opened the meeting with a poem "Happy New Year". Members sang ?'The More We Get together? with a record from Purdue. The pledge to the flags and club creed were repeated in unison. Mrs. James Adamson read for devotions "A Faith To Live By" and "A Patchwork Quilt" and closed with prayer. The secretary's report and roll call was taken by Mrs. George Stpup. New additions were tilled out tor the program books. Preview of next meeting was given by Mrs. Oliver Wheatley. The lessof "Use of the Blender" was presented by Mrs. Walter Burkhardt and Mrs. Raymond Stipp. They told of the "Do's and Dont's of a blender" and demonstrated two recipes for the club. Meeting closed with prayer sung in.unison. .The hostess gift was won by Mrs. Ed Meloche. The following members were present: Mesdames James Adamson, Walter Burkhardt, Robert Curnutt, Charles McQuinn, Ed Meloche, Don Needier, Raymond Stipp, George Stroup, Robert Taylor, Jtobert Wesner, Oliver Wheatley, Ray Wiggins, JackDu- vick and Tom Polley. The next meeting will be February 1 at the home of Mrs. Robert Taylor, route 1. There will be a valentine exchange. THE TIPTON (INDl/NA) DAILY TRIBUNE Engaged To Wed Kay Carter and Larry Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd G. Carter, route 3, Elwood announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their! daughter, Beverly Kay and Larry Joe Anderson, son of Mrs. Delores Anderson, 316 Oak Street and the late Don Anderson. .'•!'The bride-elect is a 1965 graduate of Tipton High School and a graduate of Apex Beauty College, Anderson. She is'employed at Jerry ?s Beauty Shop, Elwood. Her fiance is a 1963 graduate of Tipton High School and is employed at Chrysler Corporation, Kokomo.^ | Plans are being made for a June wedding, j " . • ' • •when God had delivered them out of Egypt. The people had turned their backs on 'God and taken up idol worship and wild living. They had become worthless in their ways, forgetting the help they had received from God during their trying times of escape from Egypt. our backs on God. Having once known the nearness of God and •received His grace and mercy, when we drift away into selfishness and greed, we soon begin to Realize that the living waters have departed and life becomes empty. God compared this feeling to broken cisterns which do God blesses our livesdayafterf not hold water. A thirst begins •lay . . . He' grants us Grao? to leave us parched and dry, TUESDAY Tri Chi Sorority - 7:30- p.m., Mrs. Jack Browning, route 5 Tipton VFW Ladies Auxiliary - 7:30 p. m„ Mrs. Ruth Sharp, 135-1/2 North Main . WEDNESDAY Redi-Maids Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Alan Schuleriburg, route •by Helen Bottel- when-we falter and Mercy >whefi^ we fail... He is ever-near ready to guiSe us through difficult times and fbr giving when we error along tlw way. His love is.' ' like a fountain of livine waters John Favors' Move LITTLE NEW YORK — Mr. and Mrs. John Favors have moved from the Butcher Farm to the Joel Shoe property. " Mr. and Mrs. Preston Ploughe received word-of the death of the former's sister, Mrs.LavieHal- berstead, near Pleasant Mills. j^sons who came from Mesa, Ariz., to attend'the funeral of their father Arnold Bailey, were Joe Bailey, Mesdames Hollis' Weaver, William BaugleandMiK dred Price. . ! KIRBY VACCUM Sales and Service Phone 675-2491 127 3rd St., Tipton longing for the fresh, cooling, fountain that we once knew. God in all His mercy, is ever-waiting for us to return to the.fountain and be refreshed by His love and nearness. \ WCTU Has Meeting Women's Christian Temperance Union met recently at the home of Mrs. Don Clouse with one guest Mrs. Sublett Mrs. C.C. Bryan, opened the meeting with a poem and the group sang, "Some Glad Day." The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved. Roll call was announced with a Bible verse. Flag salutes were led by Mrs. J Hattie Thompson. Alness was reported and a plate offering received. Mrs, Emaline Orr was devotional leader and her topic, was "Christian Growth through Useful Work". Scripture was from Colossians and Thess. '.'Honesty in Government" and "Be Involved" was theme of lesson given by Mrs. George Stroup. She also read Indiana report given by Mrs. Whttacre at the National Convention, "Men do less than they ought unless do all that thev can." j The closing prayer was given by Miss Dorothy Bunch. jThe hostess served refreshments. The next meeting will be February 4. Homemakers Club - 1:30 p.m., 'Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson, north of Windfall Circle 3 Christian Womens Fellowship of West St. Christian Church - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Carl Graf, 425 N. West St., Tipton Foster Class - 2 p.m„ Mrs. Mary Walker, 512 W.'Jefferson St. Country Tops - 9:30 ajn., GAR Room Plum Grove Club - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Phagan Carmichael, route 2, Tipton • WSCS of Hobbs United Methodist ,Cn"urch -.2 p.m., Mrs. Basil Swinford Arnica Sororis Sorority -7:30 p.m., Mrs. Kenneth Hungate, route 2 THURSDAY Jackson Community Club - all • day meeting, Mrs. John Edwards, 713 North East street Rural Needlecraft Club - 2 p.m., Mrs. Elf a Smith, 228 West Jefferson , Weight Away Tops - 7:30 p.m„ GAR Room FRIDAY Merry Matrons & Priscilla Club - 2:15 p.m„ Mrs. Bertha Graves, 533 West North Merry Builders, Live Wire • Classes - Mrs. Alma Carter, 302 East North Returns Home Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur George Pyke and family have returned to Pensacola, Fla. after spending two weeks with Mrs. Norman Pyke and the late Norman Pyke. Norman Pyke died while meat-potato Speedy Couples Champ Speed'dinner, to the table with individual meat loaves ' and instant potatoes. Baking time is cut when meat loaf mixture is formed' into serving-size portions. Top each "loaf" .with a. scoop of .hot, instant mashed, potatoes. If desired, add a-tasty crust by; topping with grated Parmesan ; cheese and returning duo to the oven Rev. Pyke and.bis family were here visiting. ; 1 for several minutes to brown tops lightly., " Wherever you move ... Call the Welcome Wagon hostess. She virtll bring her basket of gifts and friendly greetings from civic and business neighbors of the community. • .Phone. 675-4492 maybe we can Relieve the strain of unpaid bills TODAY! Let us help solve your financial problems, i : m a „Jl &j Bat LOANS Ed Meloche "your MONEY roan" 112 N. Main Phone 675-4433 There's Still Hope at Age 78 Dear Helen- the reasons you gave the 15-year-old girl who worried because she was'f ickle" fit me to a T. But I'm 181 All my girl friends are either engaged or married, and here I am, flitting from one to another, getting tired of a new fellow after the second date. ] ~ Am I terribly immature, insecure, or too particular? ^--REALLY FICKLE Dear R.F.: - Maybe you're just smart enough to realize tjat— so far — you haven't met a man you'd like to live with aU your life. Or maybe you're aimed toward a career first, but not quite willing to admit it. •-'•';. Stop worrying. At 16, you aren't an old maid! —H. Dear Helen: , I've been going with this boy for almost a year. He went in the Army and we were all so proud of him. Next thing we knew, he was A.W.O.L. and has disappeared completely. I haven't heard from him in a month. Helen, we were in love and planning to get married. Pve cried myself dry, because I probably will never see him again. You can't help me, but maybe this can persuade other guys not to go over the hill. No matter how they hate it, running away won't help. And how it hurts the ones left behind! HEARTACHE Dear Helen: I have three sisters and an old lady and old man and I hate them all. I wish they'd disappear. They act like Via a thing to blame all the accidents on. . j The other day I was standing at the door and my sister thought I was looking at her*through the mirror, so she slammed the door the mirror was on and broke it to pieces] When my old man came home, I got a bearing, not her. My sisters are always calling me tapeworm; that Just kills me. If I cry he calls me a big baby aind they laugh. . Before dinner my little sister puts bad things on my plate just to burn me up. Once,'she even went outdoors and got a worm to put on it. |. - . If I was old enough I'd get a job and leave, but a 13-year-old can't even run away.--SHELLY Dear Shelly: Someone in this family has got to stop hating FIRST. Pd guess j you're all at each others' throats because each of you (including! your parents) thinks the rest are "out to get her (him)". Your folks must be* as unhappy as you are with this constant fighting. To them I suggest: A few sessions at a Child Guidance Clinic might do wonders for everyone concerned. —H. Dear Helen: >. Pd like to know: Does love affect teenage boys as it affects teenage girls? I mean, they feel drifty and can't eat? And is all they want to think about that certain person? And they don't hear when someone talks to them, and they don't do * anything but sit and dream? Or write poems? '•.;.,.'••'. That's how love (or should | call it a crush because he doesn't know I exist) affects me, and I was-wondering, is it the same with boys? --CURIOUS j.' •y--- '• I ./J •• • Dear Curious: \ • ']' • [\\ According to my mail from lovestruck boysYESIU —H. RETURNING; and now taking appointments Carol Le'mihger Wegner Nil Image 675-^2783 Women's League Conducts Meeting - By Mrs. Arnold Redmon Women's League of Atlanta met on Tuesday evening, January 2 in the meeting rooms at the home of Alma Huff man. Election of officers for the new year was held. Named as officers were -Mrs. Iris Morris, president; Mrs. Kay Cook, treasur- - er; and Mrs. Irene Redmon, secretary. / Fifteen members were present. Minutes of last meeting were read and Mrs. Cook gave the treasurers report. She reported on the December 19 bake sale. ,'. :•• Several^baskets of groceries were distributed at Christmas time. Toys were also given where children were present. A big thanks was expressed to all who donated and helped in any way towards this project, which is hoped can be carried out annu-~ ally. Mrs. Huffman announced that anyone having toys to give that can be repaired should contact league members. It was decided to have another' bake sale on January 30, with Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Joyce Cline and Mrs. Marge Majors in charge. It was suggested they have more pies made for this bake sale. Mrs. Redmon discussed the March of Dimes, Mothers March to be. held on Sunday, January 2A and several members will be helping with the march. The Women's League will be in charge of the Mother's March in Atlanta this year. Ten new street lights will be installed in the near future with the League paying the toll for the year. The Light Company will install the lights. Plans were made to have a ham and bean supper sometime in March, a date will be decided and announced. The possibility of having a Bazzaar sometime in : April was discussed. It was decided to" have a White Elephant Auction at the February meeting. It. was announced that Mrs. Mary Stone of Tipton was the winner of the Afghan raffled off by the League members. Mrs. Leann Wilson and daugh- 1 ter, Robin, served refreshments to members, Gaye Walker, Joyce Cline, Marge liajbr's, Cecile Coopers, Retta Holliday, Inez Lee, Irene* Redmon, Kay Cook, Nellie Lee, Iris Morris, Linda. Parnell, Alma Huffman, ThelmaJ Huffman and Judy Buscher. Next meeting will be held on February 2 at 7 p.m. Ladies of the town are invited to attend. Each member is to bring a White Elephant article for the auction. Page 3 'I ' • . • • . 50th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Schildmeier The children of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Schildmeier will hold . open house' from 2 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 17, at the family residence, 403 South East street, Arcadia, in celebration of their parents 50th wedding anniversary. The couple have four sons, Donald Schildmeier, of Noblesville; Lewis E. Schildmeier, Atlanta; Glenis Schildmeier, Harold Schildmeier, Arcadia; two daughters, Mrs. Norman (Norma) Comer of JDahville and Mrs. White (Naomi) Johnson of Tipton. They belong, to Trinity United Methodist Church of Arcadia and are both active in church and community affairs. Mr. Schildmeier is- retired from Firestone Industrial Products Company of Nbblesville. j They request that gifts be omitted. ' o ,- Use imagination in selecting salad greens.- ~DiiiTl be afraid to try hew greens anil different combinations. You'll fii «l a greal variety in your supermarket - leaf, head, rumaine, butter, and hiiil> lettuce'- all mild in. flavor. Preyiews Arnica Sororis Sorority Mrs. Kenneth Hungate, route 2, will entertain members of Arnica Sororis Sorority in her home at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday. Merry Builders, LivejWire Classes Merry Builders and Live Wire Classes of First Baptist Church will meet Friday at the home of Mrs. Alma] Carter, ]302 -East North Street 1 •'•' '' I' ' I' ' Jackson Community Club Jackson Community Club will have an all day meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs.' John Edwards, 713,North East Street. M arriage Licenses Kip Goar, 27, route 4, employed at Chevrolet Garage and Paula Delph, 21, 505 Harrison Street. ' : [:' | Lawrencd Zauss, 21, route 1, SharpsvilleJ student and GailLe- ininger, 21, route 1, Kempton, teacher. • .'••'!•'''.' Saucy Beef Fatties Plentiful applesauce and ground beef can be combined for a flavorsome entree. Simply season, shape'and .form ground beef usual. Then ajfter browning on both sides over moderate , heat, pour off drippings and pour applesauce, spiced to j taste with cinnamon or oregano, .over the patties. Stir in a bit of instant onion, catsup. Worcestershire sauce and/or lemon juice for morje zip if desired. Cuts and'Costs Why do some cuts of meat cost more than others? Since the greatest demand is for cuts which the carcass has in shortest supply, these cuts cost the most.- For instance, only 14.1 per cent of the re- tail cuts from a beef carcass are the preferred - broiling steaks—Porterhouse, T-bone, club and sirloin. In contrast, 30.9 per cent are economical .round steaks, chuck roasts and steaks. Ground .beef, • stew meat, brisket, short ribs, flank steak, variety meats, shank', etc., make up 3S per cent. • The balance consists of such roasts as rib, rump, and sirloin tip. COATS price SPORTS WEAR to l!/' SALE off *1 2 Starts Thursday, January DRESSES $ 5 $ 7 $ 9 $ 11 BLOUSES price LINGERIE 2 $ 3 14th. Store Closed Wednesday.

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