The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 2
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\ THE BAKERSPIBLD CALIFORNTAN SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, c Bakenfieid Issue.! K\"i-y Kvenin-j but S'IM<!.IVK nt City and County Official Paper Saturday, Oot 31 TUM:- Onl-y a matter of in Od , S«f'oi)d-(.'];is- V !',(!•;. :• *! M..' 1, 5n ('• nt •• ,i month; Y- • i \ i lift ALFRED HARRELL, Editor nnd Prop. '('elcohone Main 31 Christmas, so if you have a friend to whom a pipe would be acceptable, a ttend the special sale of pipes at Meroney's. J. B. Berges & Company * —• • i • i ^ ^HIJ^F ... „ — • **-—.———. •—^——•—.— .... ^^^ ..Wh Win, OlS ale L ealers in And Cigars m For Pi WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KEP.N -. \T _• For Congressman — Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY 40 orr i a goo s serve BILL Quotations and samp in fli bor i which our nei'dj- \ but imt in exactly the Phone Main 237 I sampe room * i application 1623 Nineteenth Street \\ r Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRW1N For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A, JASTRO ire rather inclined to the l hat t lie scissors slipped , \vhen that panmraph found its j wjiy lo Ihe compositor in a Republican newspaper ofliee. JOHN D. FOR TAPT The local origin of the trusts i not find room this morning" jto print the most important item of political news of the day, the announcement yesterday that 'John I). Rockefeller is fo/Taft for WHY CKEFELLER GENERAL TAFT opnrtunky to the young m(*n of the country? Is it industrial progress to destroy industrial Independence mid establish despotism of monopoly? The Democrats have reason to be grateful to Mr. Rockefeller for tearing the mask off the Republican campaign (and revealing the duplicity that has i characterized It Instead of openly at- i tack the evil of the monopoly, the 'Republican organization has kept up pretense of reform and Mr. Rooae- INKRR CKNTEUS TO UU INFLUENCE THOSE BUSINESS MEN WHO LOOK TO THE BIG FINANCIERS FOR ADVICE. "Before taking up another question," he said, "I want to say that we have had another favor *. SATURDAY. OCTOBER HI, 1'JOS THE ISSUES THAT AFFECT THE WORKERS. The isues of the national campaign which particularly affect labor are these; Good times and general employment nt ftood wanes, The protection of wage earners from reduction of wages. The continuance of u progressive government at the national capital which will recognize the rights und interest B of labor in legislation and administration.— Morning paper. It is only too true. And it is most appropriate that our neighbor should give prominence to the | President. It questions the Cali-| The fnlj lt ' xt of the s^tcment made first clause says "if for no other rea-, velt rushed into the arena and allowed the charge that the trusts were opposed to Mr. Taft to stand. I challenged him to name one trust officer that was supporting me and not being able to find an official he named a St. fornian's sincerity because, this| b >' Wm J - Bl 'y ftn on the Rockefeller ' printed the tele^nuns of the ainillssiou lnnl ne la for Tnft ' Is as fo1 ilny, but its own readers are left'' OWH: in ignorance of the fact that the Thc papers published a head of the most notorious of all statement from Mr. Rockefeller giving the hiir trusts has come out in the hi8 <' p <' isons for supporting Mr. Taft. open Tor Ucixjnil Taft. He sa >' s: " Jf for no otner reason I Rockefeller's reasons fop I support Mr. Taft because on compar Mr. supporting Taft are ahly discuss- htm personally with Mr. Bryan, JRHUCS in advance of the Lot us examine them in detail. t. Good times and general employ ment at good wages. Does the Republican party I'd by Mr. Bryan, ami the Califor- h ' s chlef °i>P°nent, I find the balance nian invites every reader to peruse! 011 his sWe - The illeclion °* Mr - Taft liis statement elsewhere in this is- wil1 - ! Believe, make for law and order sue. It is not thnt the Inw would antl stability in business. He is not a he enforced if Taft were elected, j man Inclined to rasn experiments or because obviously this greatest of i to impede a return of prosperity by till the criminal combinations does not want the law enforced. Doubtless business (the business of the Standard Oil) WOULD be better if Taft were elected, but how about the business of the peo- advocating measures subversive of in duBtrial progress." There are several things about this statement that deserve attention. The A dispatch says that Mr. Hoek- sonic " of Himist'ment " at the guarantee this? And it' so, how Whin* Houso, Thon its ooounnnt does it propose to make its guar- AdmiteiHy times ante.e good? are NOT he very **«silv jimused. Most "As the Republicans were so fearless and resolute on the eve of a presidential election, in the face of the demands of the press, it is therefore reasonable to expect that if they are retained In power the paper industry will receive fair treatment in men with any .sincerity would be the revision of the tariff." ^r ^m at present, and deeply humiliated to find them have nut been for more than a year past. Loyally we feel the depression less than in other places, because, of our hin oil interests, but every financier, every man in touch with eastern bnsini'ss will selves in the position in which Mr. "Roosevelt is now placed. It was only the other day that he ascertained that some jiltonu-y for a subsidiary Standard Oil Company in St. Louis was for liryan, and tell you that we arc a lontr way [with no other basis for his statement, he told the people of tin I'nitcd Slates over fits own signature that here was proof that tin "i) (nisi was supporting Bryan. It con- from «rood times. Tln-rc is no **general employment " "f labor in the east, and during I he \n*\ . the number of uncmphivi'd i • { -concern to tin- authorities of j was (he smallest and tempt ihle utterance even y by a President of tin By "fair treatment" the trust of course means the preservation in the tariff of the existing high duties on paper and wood pulp, which gives it control of the American market and son," but there already IB reason. He is for Mr. Taft because Mr. Taft is for him. He is for Mr, Taft because Mr. Taft is in sympathy with trusts. Mr. Taft has been making speeches for many weeks and he has not yet dwelt upon the iniquities of the trusts or pointed out the tnjusttce done to th« American people by them. No wonder Mr. Rockefeller is for Taft. Again Mr. Rockefeller says Mr. Taft's election will make for law and order. That is false. Mr. Rockefeller's corporation is the most notorious lawbreaker in the United States and he Is for Mr. Taft because he does not want the law enforced. IF HE MR. TAFT WOULD ENFORCE THE bare the * alse Pretenses upon wnich LAW AGAINST THE STANDARD tn e Republican campaign has been OIL COMPANY AND FAVORED THE conducted. ENACTMENT OF MORE STRING- IF THE EXT LAWS AGAINST THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY AS I DO, HE WOULD NOT BE FOR MR. TAFT. Mr. Rockefeller also says that Mr. Taft's election will make for stability of business. What kind of business? Stability In the tnist business is what he means. He thinks that Mr. Taft's election will enable the trusts to get a tighter strangle grasp upon the American people and put their extortion upon a more permanent foundation. He us this morning, granted Mr, Carnegie has Louis attorney who in one case rep- his nomination." resented the president of a branch ol the Standard Oil Company. Mr. Roosevelt, in big eagerness to relieve the Republican candidate of the odium of trust support, accepts this as proof that the Standard O1J Company was supporting rae. Now Mr. Rockefeller, head of the Standard Oil, comes out openly in support ol Mr. Taft and gives reasons that 5ay come oat for Mr. Taft. Mr. Carnegie holds the largest block of steel bonds of any man in the United States, He comes out with Mr. Rockefeller. And it was the streel trust that went to the White House and got permission from the President to absorb a rlv; v * and the ateel trust is today support* fng Mr. Taft as it helped to secure \ . **.• gents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES * If you need anything In the >> nursery line ?eo them at their ranch opposite Producers 1 Refln- * ery on Beardsley canal. Write them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or call them up. Black 611. •» ^_ — ^_ - A T IF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WERE HONEST IT WOULD ANNOUNCE THAT, HAVING MADE AR* RANGEMENTS WITH THE TRUSTS Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplut, 925.000 •r •i. FOR THE FU TO FINANCE THE CAMPAIGN AND HAVING PLEDGED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO PROTECT THE FROM PUNISHMENT, IT TRUSTS WOULD enables It to keep up prices to extor- i i says that Mr. Taft is not a man in- tlonate figures, while selling paper for f dined to rash experiments. He might export at much lower prices than it exacts from American consumers. As wlfh tliiH one trust, so with evcrv iiiu: eitv in tin* land. «. • i -. The protection ot' \vai;e earners from a reduction of wa^es. Now will pl J MM) ' Through tin Vise be don* turiiT? Let tlu* workmen out thf mamil'aet urinur districts of) New KiiL-lainl contemporary the dours d' ;i i ly Ji IV w iim:it Ii -, Were posled. t Hilled Stales, but iis full > . /.«,,.temporary- . ( ,|.|'*anee, perhaps, hits not heen ap- Itnw Tins'is |<M l tlvt ' illtl '<l Ulltil »"W now Hint the ! tft'eat trust UKiU'Ujile lins emne to i the i'rnut with ;i deehit-iitinn 1'or 'TaH. have omitted the word "rash." for Mr. Taft is not in favor of any kind of experiments in the way of remedial ,, , {station. Tie does not propose reme- I them nil. If there is a single trust fn j ^ h| . simp , y gloj . ios m ^ ftn(] (ho country not supporting Taft and wanls to |eave comHtlons U8 , ney uvo , .Me. Rockefeller Hays that Mr. Taft would not advocate measures subversive of industrial progress, What is (lie Republican ticket, it has yet to ho heard from. The trusts want the present nut rag- I la- our lh;>t t u '' pl;ii think, gentle of (li oi-nipanl reader, White eous tariff left undisturbed. So do Cannon, Sherman and other Republican leaders. And as for Taft, he has even su^ROsted that, some duties Mionld ho raised, as if the people were not being robbed enough now. Industrial progress? Is it the right to (TORY WEALTH RELEASE THE RANK AND FI OP THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FROM FURTHER SUPPORT OF THE REPUBLICAN TICKET. fB-E REPUBLICAN PARTY CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. ITS REAL MASTER HAS NOW ST I'KD FORTH AND ASSERTED HIS CLAIM TO THE PARTY'S SERVICES. NO REPUBLICAN NEED BE DECEIVED ANY LONGER AS TO THE INDISSOLUBLE BOND THAT BINDS THE REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION TO THE FREDA- OF THE COUN- A checking aeeotrnt with the First National Bank haa •o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affi aliow one corporation to swallow up TRY. IT WILL BE NOTICED THAT i or bankrupt all the other corporatloiiH THIS STATEMENT COMES OUT and then hold the country at its TOO LATE TO BE USED BY THE If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it yourself. mercy? Is it industrial progress to de- WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS CIRCU- Mroy competition and close the door of | LATED AMONG THE MASSES, BUT ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN Not SD li \ ;n - • • I IS, iltlcl ion pel' ei-|;1 I nisi '• to eoetvi 1" M • t • \ e l i • • r ••> )' ' > \V ' ' i -' I ) ^ ! ' J that Ihe I louse is •' amused. irds ' Voi| lu;,y se| M do\vn Ihilt with tln> wihiesi rat did t he M'| I' MSSel'l IVe, die i.'il"l"i;il .\Jr. K'ntisevelt 1'eeejve SlU'h :» .i"!( as he did u'licti John 1). / ii""k.-i. Her > ;i id " 1 am tW Tali.": . flu I r \ Mi 1 LL ii' T;ifi is . that there full WllL rs \i > ! ; 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 tl m v. 1 .]])•• ;• :u ' THE PAPER TRUST STANDS FOR TAFT AND SHERMAN. nt And iT . pultliean |'iirt> l'or t\Velve Veal's hv \\' tuis is it d Milt he t'u! Kl'e • MI l IP- p.-- -' ' i" i'l'iii'.: idiout • lie M pow-r dn, s It that ii 11..U thai ui v. i i i i i :anien(o the \UM-M iviul most .^ t)),. jjiijuT n \ist, (\vo vi-urs has put ut ui'Ws paper 1'rom $1 .s." p (i r !»"( ixuinils in carlouil Comer 19th and H Street*. >*, *> <* <* 1 CHESTER NURSERY «• ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop, fr First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, ^ Sbrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flo.'al DesigTis. Orders promptly niltsd Corner Sixth St. and Chester 'Ph»ne, Main 745 -4* i. # * 'M ' ' < r ll'i \ist '1'h is ol Is . i i' 111; 11 h ' • (11 govern; ,t \ \,<Which \S iii I'ei-nvMl/e Interests of lalmi- in ixdnilulst ration. ;;i i iotrt I I'M- ' I .' e;ipil.ll '-- :md i nr,:ia- n out Htioseveit in t lil'ei- i. senl t u ('niK: her, .Mai'ch ;ind with a vehemence the st I' i ;e<lial legislation t)f labor should he pjxM-d, a lessening of the power <M*nrts, and an abatement Mr. (lie-. - v.lii lf pril, insisted •• ha !';><• 1 . -ri s! i e -i t th th all ahuses arising from Mie use ( .f m-^ opjiosiiion anv sii'-fi l,iw ! victnrv 1 * ' l<t ' n - th jlinetlou, passed .' N'«»f al all. trary the la^i insi was nut iriveu even a effUct-'oiiN hv Congress. Mr. ( animn 4 and .Mr. S!»""'Man had iu> :^e r»»r and no s/ mthy willi any sue)) j s[ u .^ nn'onnneti' ;iion, Mid John Shar(>: wn)( | \Villiatiis. \vith h'-ti Di-m-M-rnis j . v • | i i * ' tlnrtv K' sanie Uirest-devourins niouop- " ]';uijri]larly ^ri'edy and oui- ti,:it President I "f aitarK In a tues- u>;ri ^s last \vinter. t'"' duty !H- iak'<i> ofl arid \\ouii imli», the mater- i ; 'I'-h paper is made, 'he way, is precisely Ihe 'i"iH which Mryan proposes 1 all iiustn, and l'or which has heett denounced by Tal'i, who i's liis Koo^eyelt cue now and then.' I'ln* paper mist is evidently not at' afraid or Tul'i or Hepnl)})! an sue- ; - ; . for it lias como out Imldly in Hryati and a Democratlo it declares would mean Cocoa PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting is my specialty. I use nothing but the beat material*, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor ..* > a bv Phrno Main 172. + i -e. i is a food k f or young and old that pleases the palate—strengthens the b d up tl mm ia d. W ic nerves—quic k th It instills*qualities in young and hich d perfect contentment pee:ly removal ot" (th paper and wood pulp. duiv oil ailf s)1|)j>on th( i-un national tickei ihe trust calls Ihe V,i',.i'S health and DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. While DRUG Cor. 19th and Q. Bakerafteld, to rally around Uuij &b T Hc«'t'|) van eornr tnr for\va)'d and join ->iihliea:;s liitn. inand tlntt \vould have insured th th tees. return oi' hills h 1 NOT A !>M':i' HI'ONDKU. "h\'i"> V ;jiii^]j ..i^the rights and interests of lahor* 1 i> ^ood. Just lunv labor eonsidej'i it lias been reeojj;iiixeil is juvlt/ well established by this time. It anv & man. iu liis hpt ei h ot' h: ( S (ine(|UlvocaIly expressed ii in lavor ot proteciion and ia 'ii.t 1 10 diserlminanou against i aMictilai' industry. Mr. Sln-r- candidate for vice president, lor (lie s.lUie principles." rrinu tn (ho defiance of public oniniori 1 v the ntiti/iiml Repuliliran J » t ~ T " »*T T fonveiiiion. and thut hody'y contempt for Hoosevc.H H roeommendaUvH In this matter, UK in ull other relforms Ghirardelli's Cocoa d bi nation ft! e cocoa ean. b It com- matl with painstaking care and after 50 years f manufacture stands to-day product, per fect fad drink 25c S.F. Painters & JACKSON Painting in all v+v.^^-..* Interior Decorations a Bpe-A! cialty. CARRUGE PA BIGN8 Phono Main 1136 1527 Wall 8t •«kerflfl»1d« Cal.

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