The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 12, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1971
Page 2
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Page 2 The Tipton Doily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 By carrier in city . 45?per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year.. . ....L.. ...$11.00 6 months . . 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription . accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY ttvn ant J With ike DrlL tune; THE BIG HOAX? By R.D, Marie* WHAT COULD turn out to be the biggest HOAX'tof the 1971 Legislature might just be, the promise of RELIEF for the pro -j perty taxpayer. It is significent that much ado is being createdj about the relief at the start of this session. Could it be that the furore is being created to lull the taxpayer to sleep.. .as has been the case before, and the session end with no creative legislation being voted through, that might ease the burden on the man who pays the bills? And there is another case in point." What has been gained in favor of the 5 taxpayer if he is taxed just as much.] in other areas and pays out as much in total taxes? ( IN ANY EVENT the: BIG EVENT opens today at 10 a.m., and they have tabbed it one to be watched with considerable interest. •The Gross income tax will probably come infor some GRAFTING by the legislative surgeons. . .and a standby of blood for the DONORS had better be in order. , IN ANY EVENT, the meeting should prove to be a lively one, with much discussion, jprobably not too much relief for the property taxpayer. . .and one which will bring about an answer as to whether the 'longer sessions' of the body are a HELP or HINDER- ANCE for the man who pays the bills! | . YOUR GUESS 1971 MAY NOT bring too much change for the best to the general public, at least to those who like to keep holidays, especially National holidays, as special days. First they tempered with 4 Washington's' Birthday, then Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day. ' | 1971 IS the MAGIC YEAR, the year in which the UNIFORM , MONDAY HOLIDAYS LAW takes effect. Dates of these are changed from their'traditional :days to specific Mondays', thereby - providing, with Labor Day, at least five three day weekends for . workers in 45 states. ' THE LAW WAS PUSHED by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.. .after several years of trying to get the job done. Business members seemed to be very much in favor of the plan. , They felt that the change would give employees more time for travel or family recreation.. .and they felt it would prevent some absenteeism and midweek shutdowns. THIS IS IT AS IT STANDS, the law provides that Washington's Birthday fall] on the third Monday in February; Memorial Day the last Monday in May; Columbus Day the second Monday; Veterans Day the fourth Monday in October. The measure was signed into law by Presi -j dent Johnson in 1968. i THE LAW ITSELF applies only to the District of Columbia: and to FEDERAL employees, giving states the option of adopting similar laws. It brought almost immediate action from the states^ . and every state, except Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin enacted same. With legislatures of these states scheduled to meet in 1971. . .this making the possibility of 100% acceptance likely. ° • WHAT DID YOU RESOLVE? 1 SINCE WE ARE well into the first month of the 1971 year we wonder what is happening.. .have the resolutions been thrown out as passe? . ' M THIS SEEMS to be a time when the old resolves.. .and the standbys are gone. The Seal of Approval for instance; it looks like it has been replaced by a new one,, the RALPH NADER SEAL! TIME WHEN some teachers find they haven't covered 'viwythinfc they had planned for the first semester.,, .and students find THEY haven't learned everything that's already been covered. [ ; | TIME WHEN you putaway the Christmas tinsel...and along with them.. .your New Year's Resolutions. j j 1 TIME WHEN dad is injured trying to keep the kids from turning off the baUgames. . .to the comedy shows and the cartoons. TIME WHEN the sun is not strongenoughto keep you warm, but is bright enough to blind you as you drive your car in the late afternoon. ' / I - '! TIME WHEN you should be counting your blessings at times, instead of griping about your troubles. TIME FOR ME to end this, and let you concentrate on making 1971 a little different! • TODAY-THEN TOMORROW IN THE 'hustle and bustle' World.. .jusfremember that TODAY is with us now. It is a brief period of time to use as we see fit. You can waste it if you wish, this is your privilege. But/, .weall* should determine to get everything out of itwe can. It's more than just a day, it is a link in either a successful chain.. .or an un-' successful one. JUST REMEMBER. . ,TODAY may affect your TOMORROW! What we have done in the past does affect the future. If you do well today, you will probably have the confidence to do as good or better tomorrow. • THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUN TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1971 TELEVISION SCHEDULE News Disturbing to Political Figures 4:00 O <» Dick Von Dyke O Early Report O B'9 News Q Eyewitness Newt ED Wirt's New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Q Early Report (Cont'd) O Big Newt (Cont'd) O ABC Newt © Misterogert 7:00 CI Daniel' Boone '.Cont'd) O NBC Newt O CBS Newt . © Beat the Clock . CD <B) Origomi 7:30 O I.U. Basketball O Don Knettt O Beverly Hillbillies fQ Mod Squad GD <B) experiment 8:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) Q Don Khotts iCont'd) O Green Acres ID Med Squad (Cont'd) : GD (B) Forsyte-Saga 8:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) Q Julia O Hee Haw fQ Movie of the Week GD (B) Forsyte (Cont'd) ' 9:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Tuesday Movie ° 0 Hea How (Cont'd)" Q Movie of tba Week (Cont'd) GD The Advocates 9:30 O Purdue Basketball O Tuesday Mavia (Cont'd) O I" The Family f£) Movie (Cont'd) .GD Advocates (Cont'd) . 10:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) 'O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) O 30 Minutes CD NBA Basketball GD San Francisco Mi> 10:30 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) -O CBS News Special fD Basketball (Cont'd) S3 Thirty Minutes 11:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Final Report 1 Q Local Newt CD Basketball (Cont'd) 11:30 • O Local News O tonight O Late Show CD Basketball (Cont'd) Wed., O Today (Cont'd) O Cept. Kangaroo (Cont'd) CD Man Trap 9:00 O (B) Topper , O Virginia Graham O (B) Coffee Cuo Theater . CD Foul Dixon- Show. 9:30 O Jack LaLonne O Craham (Cont'd) Q (B) Theater (Cont'd) CD Faul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:00 Q Lucy Show O Dinah's Place O'(B).Theater (Cont'd)' CD Pol| l Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movie Gome O Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies CD That Girl . . By DICK WEST- .WASHINGTON (UPI) - Recent reports that Army intelligence agents had been collecting information about UJ5. political figures were disturbing to many people^,Particularly U.S. political figures. 'Everyone felt I a lot better after the Army j denied it had ever done such a thing and promised not to do it any more. But the specter of military meddling in the civilian political system isn't that easily ~ dispelled; T~Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr.', D- N.C., who made, public the allegation, plans, to hold hearings on the matter next month. Seeking an indication of what , sort of explanation the Army might give, I called up a fellow I know at the Pentagon. O O o CD 11:00 Girl Talk ° Century Sale Family Affair . Bewitched Jan. 13 6:30 O Today In Indiana O Sunrise Semester CD Consultation 7:00 O CB) Panorama O Today O CBS News CD Cookie Drive 7:30 O Kartaori Karnival O Today (Cont'd) O CBS Newt (Cont'd) CD Kindergarten College. 8:00 O Karnival (Cont'd) O Today (Cont'd) O Captain Kangaroo CD College (Cont'd) . 8:30 O Karnival (Cont'd) 11:30 V O News O Hollywood Squares O Love of Life CD Eyewitness News 12:00 fj Chuckwagon Theater O Jeopardy O Where the-Heart Is CD SO-SO Club . 12:30 O Chuckwagon (Cont'd) O Afternoon/Channel 6 O Search for Tomorrow CD S0-S0 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O (B) Hollywood Movie Q" Afternoon (Cont'd) O Local News CD SO-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:30 O (B) Movie (Cont'd) O Words and Music O At World Tumi C? Make A Deal 2:00 " 0 (B) Movie (Cont'd) 13 Days of Our Lives O Many Splendored Thing CD Newlywed Game 2:30 . a Movie (Cont'd) ' O The Doctors Q The Guiding Light CD Dating Game 3:00 O Gourmet O Another World O Secret Storm . = CD General Hospital . 3:30 O (B) Lone Ranger O Bright Promise O Edge of Night CD One Life to Live - 4:00 O Popeya and Janiu O Another World . O Gomer Pyle CD "ark Shadows 4:30 O Popeya (Cont'd) O Mike Douglas O Early Show CD Big Valley GD Sesame Street 5:00 ' O Batman Q Mike Douglas (Cont'd)' O Early Show (Cont'd) CD Valley (Cont'd)' GD Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 O IB) Addamt Family O Mike Douglas (Cont'd) O Early Show (Cont'd) CD Dragnet GD Misferogers HOUSTON: Famed artificial heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey held a news briefing January 5 to explain new advances in the development of artificial hearts. DeBakey, holding a part of the latest artificial heart, said although development is advancing with experimental animals he could not say when the heart could, be used successfully in humans. Other parts on the table before DeBakey represent 10-years of research in artificial hearts. UPI TELEPHOTO "What use did you plan to make )f the information you were, gathering about U.S. political figures?" I asked. They Vote Too "We wanted to enlighten ourselves so we would be able tg cast our. ballots more intelligently. I Those of us at the Pentagon are voters too, you know."i . '"j •' 'j '' I said, "Well, why don't you just listen to the j candidates' speeches on televisionlike the : /restofius?"- j-• "Unfortunately, some political figures cannot afford to buy television! time. We certainly,, would not want to go to the polls without knowing how they stood, j f - . "Thexe'also-is a question as to whether; television really LIVESTOCK Hogs' 6,800;* barrows and gilts unevenly-50-1.00 lower; I and 2, 200-235-Ibl 16.00-16.50; 1 to 3, 19C 250 lb 15.50-16.25; 2 to4,240-270 lb 15.00-15.50; 3 and 4,260-280 lb 14.50-15.00; 280-325 lb 13".50-14.5 sows steady to 75 lower; 1 to 3, 320-600 lb ; 12.00-12.50; boar steady at 9.50-10.00. „ Cattle 2^150; calves 40; steers weak to 25, instances 50. lower; heifers! steady to weak; cows steady to 50 higher; bulls mostly steady; choice steers 27.7529,00; good | and choice 26.2527.75; good 25.25-26.50; standard and loi good 24.00-25.25;. choice heifers 26.00-27.25, few 27.50; good and choice 25.25-26.00; good 24.50-25.50; standard and low good 23.25-24.75; utility and commercial cows 18.50-20.50 high)dressing utility 21.00-21.50; cutter 17.00-18.50; canner 14.5017.00; | utility and commercial bulls 22.50-25.50; high dressing utility 26.00-27.00. ' \ • . presents a candidate in his true light. So we felt that if we collected. as much additional information as possible we would be in a better position to make wise choices on election day." I said, "That is a very commendable attitude. But why did you have intelligence agents collecting' the information covertly?" Naturalness Plays Part "We feel that naturalness plays an important part in appraising a political figure. Many politicians tend to put on a false front in public. If you observe them unawares you can get a better line on what they are really like." "That makes sense," I said. "But aren't military intelligence agents only supposed to be used on assignments that have some military significance?" "A soldier doesn't divest himself of the duties of good citizenship when he puts on a uniform," my Pentagon friend replied. "Then all you were doing was conducting a voter Education program like any other civic- minded group, right?" "Exactly. It's the sort of thing any civic-minded group w.ith a vast intelligence neto- work would do." Security Car Care will keep your motor running Dial 675-6118 for Quick Service HENRY'S STANDARD ' Service Station Corner N. West & Jefferson CARROL'S IS ON NOW! CPO COATS 25% OFF WERE $2.45 TO $28.00 NOW $17.20 TO $21.00 SHIRTS WERE $5.50 TO $7.50 NOW $6.50 to $3.49 h Men's Store "For your apparel - - See Carroll" Brick Bradford ® I'M WAUUEP IN 1 MUST STAV CUEAR. OP THOSE R050TS. feUT TH*T5£EMSr By Paul Norris •STANP BACK 1 . CON'T CCME NEAR ME) KEPAIR THE MASTER THEV K.EEP'CO*MNG! TH6V RESPOND ONLY ^ TO THE VOICE OP THE MY UNCLE MUST HAVE SEEM AM EVIL BEAST TO 0URDEM ME WEALTH.' i

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