The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 31, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, October 31, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1WS No. 79 INDIANA IS ABLAZE Winchester, Oct. (liana is ablaze for 31.—All In- Bryan. Everywhere he has been greeted by great cheering crowds anil his vigorous denunciation of Rockefeller and Carnegie for their aid to the Republican party has met with spontaneous approval in every town. Bryan is winding up his tour today and he made a statement which Is an appeal to the public. He says the Democratic party is attempting to inaugurate n new are of honesty In poll- tics, by compelling the publication of campaign contributions before election. It seeks to bring the government nearer the people by the election of senators by direct vote; to make private monopoly Impossible; to reconcile labor and capital. It proposes the creation of n department of labor with a secretary of labor in the cabinet. It advocates the amendment to the anti trust lay to exclude labor unions from its application and to limit injunctinos. It proposes a plan to guarantee bank deposits. It advocates a reduction of the tariff. let Taft give a bond to stop the panic now on. The appeal denounces Roosevelt for "using his office as a party asset and dragging it Into the campaign." After his formal appeal to the people of the United States Bryan at this place renewed his attacks on Rockefeller, and Carnegie. Great crowds greeted him everywhere. Mr. Bryan's keynote was that "every trust magnate Is supporting Taft." Tonight Bryan will speak at a xreat meeting in Chicago. HAPPEliSlN POLICE CIRCLES Papers Filed in Clerk's Office In the case of the McKlttrlck Oil Company vs. the Callfornla-Pittsburg •Oil Company, answer and cross complaint has been filed. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwin are attorneys for the defendant. New Oil Company. Articles of incorporation of the Old Homestead Oil Company have been filed. The capital stock is $1,000,000. E. A. Weaver, A. G. Ackerden, C. S. Foltz, H. J. Bralnard and B. B. Weaver are the directors. Letters of Administration. Mattle J. Parsons has petitioned for letters on the estate of Julia A. Hart, deceased. The estate is valued at $1860. George E. Whttaker Is attorney. , Chas. Young has brought suit I against G. T. Nlghbert et al to estab-1 Ilish title to a portion of a piece of desert land. I Answer Filed. : In the case of Ira E. Smith vs. J. j W. Schtiltz, answer has been filed. i George E. Whltaker is attorney. Compact With Standard Oil NEW YORK. Oct. 31.—Chairman, Mack today authorized the statement j regarding the President's denials of) relations between the "SffmTnlstration and the Standard Oil. He declared that he has "positive proof that for ten days negotiations have been going on between Taft's managers and the jiff on hay has advanced tho price of W. WEAR LANDS A SOLAR PLEXUS Editor Callfornian: Is It not at least a little remarkable that the tar- Standard Oil to get the support of tho Standard Oil people all over the country and got a contribution of a million dollars, which Is the same amount the trust save In 1896 and In 1904." WASHINGTON, Oct. 31.—The gravity of the situation due to Mr. Rockefeller's declaration for Taft has caused the "White House" to Issue another statement In an effort to save the candidate. Mr. Roosevetl says he has many telegrams suggesting that Rockefeller's pledge to Taft Is a Democratic trick, but that it will fall. that product In the Midway oil field | to $20 per ton? And, again, Is it not remarkable that with that same tariff In existence prior to the present open, and I will now add for his benefit, at a very low figure, a fln« line of dried apricots and peaches. Perhaps ho can make something by riding on the tariff band wagon. I can not. And meanwhile, while all the gabble about the beauties of the tariff goes on, my dried fruit stands In huge stacks, without an offer be- time that the tariff has Just managed j | ng made for i' t , while I am anxlou« to work the price to the point that J. W. Degh, claiming to be a deserter from the Twenty-first Colorado It appeals Infantry, surrendered himself to Of- to the awakened conscience of the na-, fleer Mortensen last evening. He tlon. Mr. Bryan says mat the threat' will be held In custody until word N of a panic by Republicans if he is j received from the military authorities, elected has not succeeded in confus-: Degh says he is unable to find work ing the public mind, and he says toi a nd wishes to be returned to his reg- i Iment, in which he says he was a '• 'musician. A complaint for forgery will be filed against E, M. Morton, who was arrested yesterday afternoon by Officer Mortensen. The prisoner has a number of aliases and was only released from jail a day or two ago for attempting to pass a forged check of FIGHTING FOR THE iiim- DOUBTFUL STATES. Two Signs on a Harness Shop Over at the • Stoll harness shop, or rather the shop of the United Harness Company, defunct, Is a flaring banner with the words, BANKRUPT SALE. Just below, some local trust party enthusiast has posted on a window a campaign picture of Taft and Sherman with the caption, "VOTB FOR TAFT AND SHERMAN AND REPUBLICAN PROSPERITY." The attention ol Judge Itlnck or Colonel Blood is called to the incongruity of the two signs. It is a condition and not a theory that confronts them. The condition cannot be well remedied, but It might be wise not to permit such an object lesson to knock the prosperity theory. Better move the picture to some position less suggestive. L. G. Sarnow. C. N Mosher He gave the name of then. He had two checks in his possession. One was •J. (for $31.50 drawn In his favor and *: signed E. M. Taylor. The other was * ,for $28 and was signed Cal. E. Stew* art. j Billy Kelso was brought to the hospital this afternoon by Constable Stroble from Kern, suffering from a . severe beating. Kelso us first churned | that lie was set upon find robbed by a ; L'aiiK of hoboes while coming from ; Mojave last night, but Marshal Badi Her has since disproved his story. ' Krlso was hanging around lv rii 'drinking last nlnht and was in two i fights. lie received a beatim; In each. ( NEW YORK. Oct. 31.— New York, Indiana and Illinois, with a total of £t electoral votes, said to be regarded as doubtful, are the scene of final desperate fighting on the last day of the last week of the campaign. On them Taft and Bryan are focusing their efforts. Taft continued Ills tour of New York, beginning at Elmira. He Is scheduled for speeches In Oswego, Blnghampton, Gortland, Ithlca and tonight at Rochester. Bryan is in Indiana after a busy day yesterday In Ohio. Kern also is In Indiana. Tonight a Bryan meeting will be held In Chicago. Sherman will speak in New York City today. it Is now? Of course, hungry horses or cattle <vith capacious maws have nothing to do with the price of hay. Of course, supply and demand are in no way responsible.—nothing whatev. or causes it but the glorious tariff. Wiiy should we doubt It? Has not the morning paper proclaimed It so? Now, Mr.. Editor, where In heaven's name, would hay come from to compote In the Midway, Marlcopa or other obscure mining sections of our county, with the local product of hay? Could Canada, producing one sparse crop, ship it to Kern County and sell it at a profit for $20 a ton, even If there was no tariff to pay on It? Could hay be brought from Australia M'CLINTOCK 'MAKES A fiOOUJECORD H. H. McCllntock. superintendent of the southern division of the Standard Oil Company, has written an Interest- Ing letter to the Diamond Rubber Company of San Francisco, stating that on his last set of Diamond tires he had and dumped Into "the Kern County to sell and need the money to pay for the investing of the fruit. And still the tariff falls to bring me buyers. What about the great financial depression of 1892, when laborers by the thousands, all over the country, from Maine to California, and froa the Canadian boundary to Florida were thrown out of employment, and when the few laborers who were employed In Kern county received but 75 cents a day for their services? That was during a Republican administration, and while so much has been said about the serious conditions during Cleveland's administration It should be remembered that those con- covered 14,'100 miles, having during all that time but two punctures and finishing this record with the. original air In two of the tires. He further * i states that he covers the worst roads TI In the stae of California, being of V i ... broken shall-, sage brush, mountain * passes, sand and oiled dirt, and local *lntito drivers know ibis to be the- facts. * | Erb & Drury this morning announc- ';' | ed that one of the new Cadillac mod Mother's Day at Woman's Club market at a profit, at $20 per ton? No, It could not. Then could Chill be a factor in holding prices down? Noj assuredly, no. The talk of protection to the Kern County hay growers by the tariff Is about as unwholesome rot as the American people have been called upon to shock their olfactory sense with for a long time. Now, the drowning man cites the for which fj. TB. Gotchell Js agent,! hard times that existed during Clevo- and attributes that, condition to a Democratic admin- ditlons were handed cracy by Benjamin year. So It will bo Cleveland went, into j will be shipper! by express from tho . lamn , snpon , tern | factory in Detroit, November -I 1 ami' ! received here four or five da\n later. •.I for domonstra- Istratlon. But those who harp CLAIMS MADE BY Monday will be Mothers' Day al tin- Mr. Scrilmer went lo i.he oil lie],Is this FIGHTING IN TURKEY. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 31.— A threatened outbreak by a company of Turkish troops In the garrison at Yllrtlz Kiosk was promptly put down by a single volley from a loyal battalion from Salonlkl. Three of the mutineers were killed and many wounded. The surrendered mutineers •were made prisoners and later were tied together and exhibited In the public square In the presence of the assembled troops as an example. MORLEY'S THEATER HAS A GOOD PROGRAM. Morley's Theater this week is showing a funny picture entitled "His First Frock Coat." It is without a doubt one of the most lautihnble ever shown by a moving picture show. The funny film Is the feature number of a fine program. "FORCED PAYMENT" IS A PERFORMANCE. \ thoroughly enjoyable performance was given last night by the Cunningham company. "A Forced Payment" Is a strong piece and requires more acting than In any previous bill. Miss Cunningham was very clever In the part of Mrs. Brooks and deserves much praise for her emotional work. She really had her first opportunity to display her ability since opening here and proved to the public that she Is more than a very clever actress. At the climax of tht third act she and Mr. Brackett were forced to respond to many curtain calls. _ __ CHICAGO. Oct. :;i.—Tho national Democratic committee claims 2!ir> votes for Bryim. 1SS for Taft, with 110 doubtful. It says .the only states that are safely Republican are Maine. Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and eVrmont. Hayward. for the Republican committee, says there are but four doubt fill states. Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Missouri. He says Bryan will lose Nebraska. WILL FLASH RETURNS ON ELECTION NIGHT. George Parker, proprietor of the Monte Carlo saloon, announces that he will receive full national and county election returns Tuesday night. Ar- •angements have been made with the i In charge. All mothers ar dially Invited to attend whether th :iro members of the club or not The exorcises will henin pror.iptly .'it :; o'clock. Following Is Ihe pro^ I. Problems "A Problem In Olie Hence." .Mr.-,. W. W. Kaye; "A Problem in the Rlulu-i of tho Child, Mrs. W. Moi^an: "A Problem in Purity." Mrs. W. H. Wieman; "Some of the Wrong Methods in Use," Mrs. W. L. Dlxon. II. A Quiz on Deflations, Theory and Practice. What is implicit obedience? is respect for authority? What, in the development of the child, Is sought by each? Which do you prefer and why? individuality cor- morning in (U-tcIiel's car. BAKERSFIELD BOYS OEFEATKERN By Edwin Alexander. tho first shipment' (hose hard times fall to cite tho great j '%> u 'l'tva!o October's]' 1908 rt- """^' -l raisfinfii[EO U DUCKS | The car will he IIH tlon purposes until I accrues. Ii will c< i express the car. j g. scril of Hie Associated oil ( thousands of wealthy men throughout ! Company is here, having driven down, the union were completely wlpod out ' J.',".'"•''",', ",'|e'-[!,,i" ,''''? o ' (lsl ""' ll!l '- '''^'tof prominence. But why should our p : !irs'1oda'r ; !| Ll u!^Bakersri('l!l 'i'miKe. Republican spielers refer to that? It occurred during a Republican admin- I istration, and was the most disastrous j date In our history since 18(15. j Now, a writer In tho Kcho tells of how ho sold hay In the stack during Cleveland's administration for $3 per ton. Why, bless his Innocent heart, I sold hay at Ihe same price during Harrison's administration. Then, he bought potatoes at 25 cents per sack during Cleveland's administration. ., ., He was fortunate. I ootild not sell After an evenly contested game ol , nboill flfty (ons of po , ftto08 , mt , ,„. tootball this morning between the Kern and Bakersfleld grammar school elevens, the Bakersfieldans triumphed ' vory"ha'rd"to do'so' in victory, 16 to 10. | In the first half Kern fairly rushed]., the Bakersfleld boys off tholr foot, i to the Demo- Harrison. The Homestead troubles In Pennsylvania occurred In 1892. The military was brought out and private property Into the millions of dollars was destroyed. Tho Buffalo strikes occurred the same seen that when office for hU second term the country was In a demoralized condition, and to the credit of the Democratic party it can be said, that It succeeded in restoring order and getting the affairs In a substantial and satisfactory condition. It. was tile result of Rotipubltcan mismanagement that brought forth the Coxoy army of unemployed, the Couer d 1 Alone disorders and many othor deplornblo affairs of magnitude might L'C mentioned, and despite IV" Republican criticism of the second Cleveland administration, he succeeded, taking In band a shattered condition of affairs, to restore order and C,EO. W. WEAR. during McKlnlcy's administration for 25 cents per sack, though I tried Tho Echo gives what purports to be experience of J. E. Bailey in a Why do you punish? What is I maM n K two touchdowns, by Carlson, nt , tU ; (1( ' al ' lllrl " s Mr j C!ev eland's sec- illlty In a child? Has your ..„,, ..n rlf . k " Farrls. At the close of oml torm .. nf " mc( ''. ' waB not ft n ad- Postal Telegraph Company and the returns as received will be thrown on a screen by a slereopticon which will cmNA he Installed on the Arlington porch. » » *—•• he has? How ought destinctive characteristics to be managed? Are children naturally pure minded? How do they become otherwise? How can we keep them from becoming 1 .' and "Brick" Farrls. At the close of i , ,. .. ... . ,, .. the half Bakcrafleld waked up a lit-1 n .' lr . or ..'" Ml l- ( -IfvolaniU policy during tlo. making a touchdown, but. falling to kick tho goal. Score 10-5. In tho second half It was all fiak- FALSE ALARM CALLS OUT THE FIR EDEPARTMENT. NO SAVY" THE AMERICAN FLEET BUSINESS. PEK1N, Oct. 31.—The presence of the second squadron at Amoy was hardly noticed at Pe.kln. It was completely ignored by officials and others. The fire department was called out. this morning by an alarm runu In _ _ _ from })ox (52. A search In the vicinity . Neither the foreign office nor tho failed to locate a fire. "Some Elks American legation had any knowledge minstrel still cracking jokes," is Cliiet of t ] le arr { va | o f the fleet. (iiindlach's theory. A MARRIAGE LICENSE. A marriage license was issued today to Eclw Turner Rose, ago 22, and a resident of Oilcenter, and Eunice. Louise Sarrott. a native of California, age 20, and a resident of Kern City. ALL FOR BRYAN. Myron Holmes has, returned from San Diego, and he reports u wonderful enthusiasm there for Bryan. W. W. HARRIS WILL HAVE A PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT ersfield, the ball being for tho most part of tlie time In Kern territory. By continual line bucking Bakersfield managed to increase Its score to 10. The features of the game were the lino-bucking of Wieman, fullback, for Bakersfleld, and the long running uailis from the middle, of tho flold to touchdowns by Carlson and Farrls. The final score was 16-10. A return game may be played In two weeks. PRINCE VON BUELOW IS SAID TO HAVE RESIGNED. Hint time, for r thought It i too strongly of Republican doctrines, but the conditions here that enabled Mr. Balloy lo purchase cattle at an extremely inw price were not occasioned by Mr, Cleveland, but they were ihe direct handiwork of tho Creator of this universe. At that Deputy Pedlar of the California Fish Commission, after investigating the condl'lon at Tulare Lake and examining the ducks that died there by thousands during the late summer and early spring, has reported that the birds wore poisoned. Mr. Pedlar found that they had eaton seed wheat treated with parls green for rust. Ernest Heliaofflo, a deputy Fish Commission, who was of tho here a month or two ago to arrange for the stocking of fish In Kern County streams, in writing to Doptity Fish Commissioner Alf Tlbbots, says that Professor Fitzgerald of tho state university, who examined the ducks, fall- to find poison and because of that ha (Schaeffle) felt, fmtlafled that an epidemic wns prevalent, until the report of Pedlar was made. PARADE FOR SHERMAN NEW YORK. Oct. SI.— This aftertime one of tile worst drotiRhths ever noon II Is planned that a grunt Repub W. W. Harris, former editor of tl)<> Union Labor Journal, leaves n'-xt week for Oakland, where ho will take. up bis residence. He has purchased | a job printing establishment In tho < northern city and will devote his time to that business. Mr. Harris and hi-* j family have made many friend* .luring their residence here ami a!' , regret to see them leave Bakersflel'! LONDON, Oct. 151.—A special from Merlin says that Prince von Buelow, grand imperial chancellor, has resigned.' It IK said lie tendered his res IgniUInn because of the publica (ion in London of an interview with his majesty for which tin prince took the responsibility It !H announced the emperor re fused to accept the rosimialion Men's New Fall Hats of Styles And Becomingness A lint has everything to do with a man's nppoaranoo. No natter how stylish your suit is unless your hat is smart arid looks well on you, your general appearance, is greatly ma trod. In hat buying be particular—see that you get your hat here whore the assortment is very large and where you're sure of finding all the latest fall styles. „.,,». We've a splendid line of hats that embraces all the latest colors, including the nev ivy green. Especially fine hat for the money is our L. & B. hat ior sM.jji). Let us help you select a smart, becoming hat for fall—and now is the time for buying. THE TOGGERY MR. AND MRS. BALL CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY | With a most, delightful dinner party. i followed by cards, to a number of their ; friends. Mr. and Mrs. Fred \\'. Hull I celebrated thtdr crystal wedding last j ovi-iilng. The home' was prettily deco] rated, the Hallowe'en idea being car-i I ried nut In full. The color sellout" was i red In tho dining room and yellow land green In the parlors. Many "handsome gifts of crystal wore received. ! The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Chris j Helbllnt;, Mr. ami Mrs. Kahler, Mr. i and Mrs. Krb, Mr. and Mrs. Kolsom, i Mr. and Mrs, EdrnondH, Mr. and Mrs. 1 Hoy l.uonar.l. Mrs. Helen Wright of ; Los Anxeles, Charles Ball and Dr. CARD OF THANKS. Mrs. A. Stalny and family wish to known In California visited us. I saw at least Fiiiim sheep dead in tho rlvor bed and under the trestle of the S. P. R. R. where that road crosses tho Kern Ulvi-r. Cattle and horses by the thousands were slaughtered by, llielr owners from Del Norte to San j Diego, from the fact that thoy could ! not obtain food for them. But I will state that during that time of depression, hay, which we are told tho tariff It was the result of Republican mis | way field, was selling for fully as much horo; and yet I don't bollovo I that any one tried to cram the pro- Idncers thon with the story that the then existing tariff was responsible | for It. Occasionally the K( ho refers to what ttie tariff has done for tho rals- [ In grower. Bosh! The raisin grower is naturally an optimist, elso ho would lonjx ago have routed up his vines and thrown them away. The fact Is that for the past fifteen yoars tho raisin grower of California has ( made, nothing. | Tho Echo asserts dint I am not, suf.', ficlently experienced In farming to | give an Intelligent opinion on the matter of tariff and tho profits of the ! farm. I might retaliate by saying I that tho editor of the Echo in not suf- ' ficlently experienced In tho needs of j the people lo be entrusted with their' Interests In Congress, but I will j merely assort that even an Inferior : farmer might ho competent to know i when he receives good prlcos for his! products and when he can secure a< ready market for tho same. | I offered a nhort time ago to soil I my ralsltiB to tho editor of the Echo | at 3Vi cents per pound, and let him drop thorn Into the 4 cent market that ho had discovered the tariff had provided for us, but up to th llcan parade will be reviewed by Sherman. It is expected that between sixty and a hundred thousand men will be In line. The parade is holit under the auspices of the buslnoaa men's Republican association. Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. »* You would hardly believe that such beautiful things could be made of leather as wo are now showing. Tho following goods can be found bore In variety. No better gift could be thought of than something from this line. Ladies' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc,, etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices are most reasonable on everything. Come in and let UK show you the goods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Phonot

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